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The Irregular at Magic High School

(Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)
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In an alternate univere where a century has passed since magic returned to the world, two siblings are preparing to begin their studies at the National Magic Academy's high school. But entering at completely different levels of the academic spectrum, the two bring the once peaceful campus into chaos. Based on the books by Tsutomu Satō. Followed by The Honor Student at Magic High School. Originally in Japanese
Show Details:
Start date: Apr 2014
End date: Dec 2020
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Tokyo MX (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 39 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Fantasy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 05 Apr 14Enrollment Part I
2.1-2 12 Apr 14Enrollment Part II
3.1-3 19 Apr 14Enrollment Part III
4.1-4 26 Apr 14Enrollment Part IV
5.1-5 03 May 14Enrollment Part V
6.1-6 10 May 14Enrollment Part VI
7.1-7 17 May 14Enrollment Part VII
8.1-8 24 May 14Nine Schools Competition I
9.1-9 31 May 14Nine Schools Competition II
10.1-1007 Jun 14Nine Schools Competition III
11.1-1114 Jun 14Nine Schools Competition IV
12.1-1221 Jun 14Nine Schools Competition V
13.1-1328 Jun 14Nine Schools Competition VI
14.1-1405 Jul 14Nine Schools Competition VII
15.1-1512 Jul 14Nine Schools Competition VIII
16.1-1619 Jul 14Nine Schools Competition IX
17.1-1726 Jul 14Nine Schools Competition X
18.1-1802 Aug 14Nine Schools Competition XI
19.1-1909 Aug 14Yokohama Disturbance Part I
20.1-2016 Aug 14Yokohama Disturbance Part II
21.1-2123 Aug 14Yokohama Disturbance Part III
22.1-2230 Aug 14Yokohama Disturbance Part IV
23.1-2306 Sep 14Yokohama Disturbance Part V
24.1-2413 Sep 14Yokohama Disturbance Part VI
25.1-2520 Sep 14Yokohama Disturbance Part VII
26.1-2627 Sep 14Yokohama Disturbance Part VIII
Season 2 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen
27.2-1 03 Oct 20Visitor Arc I
28.2-2 10 Oct 20Visitor Arc II
29.2-3 17 Oct 20Visitor Arc III
30.2-4 24 Oct 20Visitor Arc IV
31.2-5 31 Oct 20Visitor Arc V
32.2-6 07 Nov 20Visitor Arc VI
33.2-7 14 Nov 20Visitor Arc VII
34.2-8 21 Nov 20Visitor Arc VIII
35.2-9 28 Nov 20Visitor Arc IX
36.2-1005 Dec 20Visitor Arc X
37.2-1112 Dec 20Visitor Arc XI
38.2-1219 Dec 20Visitor Arc XII
39.2-1326 Dec 20Visitor Arc XIII
S01.1-0 17 Jun 17Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Movie: Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo (90 min)
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