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aired from: Sep 1998 to: May 2000 42 eps NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Christina Applegate as Jesse Warner
  • George Dzundza as John Warner Sr.
  • David DeLuise as Darren Warner
  • Eric Lloyd as "Little John" Warner
  • John Lehr as John Warner Jr.
  • Jennifer Milmore as Carrie
  • Liza Snyder as Linda
  • Bruno Campos as Diego Vasquez
  • Kevin Rahm as Dr. Danny Kozak [ season 2+ ]
  • Darryl Theirse as Kurt

    recurring characters:

  • Michael Weatherly as Roy [ episode 5+ ]
  • Michael Welch as Gabe [ episode 25+ ]
  • Jacqueline Obradors as Irma [ episode 30+ ]

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      1st Season 1998

    1. "A Side of Chile"
      gs: Christopher Darga [ Sleazy Guy ], Fred Stoller [ Delivery Man ]

      Diego moves next door to Jesse Warner and her family, and asks her out.

      b: 24 Sep 98 pc: 475141 w: Ira Ungerleider d: James Burrows
    2. "Goober Up the Nose"
      gs: Darryl Theirse [ Nurse Kurt ]

      Jesse and Diego go out on a date to the movies, but wind up in the hospital when Jesse gets a goober suck in her nose.

      b: 1 Oct 98 pc: 467404 w: Greg Rice s: Matt Martin d: Robby Benson
    3. "Bees Do It, Birds Do It, But Not in a Car"

      A nervous Jesse wrecks the romantic atmosphere of her date with Diego by mentioning his fatherhood potential.

      b: 8 Oct 98 pc: 467402 w: Ira Ungerleider & Stephen Nathan d: Robby Benson
    4. "Live Nude Girl"
      gs: Marci Brickhouse [ Marcy ]

      A jealous Jesse gets Junior to help her spy on Diego and the beautiful model next door.

      b: 15 Oct 98 pc: 467401 w: Ira Ungerleider & Stephen Nathan d: Robby Benson
    5. "Boo ! He's Back"
      gs: Angela Paton [ Mrs. Baum ], Fred Stoller [ Delivery Man ]

      rc: Roy

      While on a romantic pre-Halloween weekend, Diego and Jesse are forced to return home, when Jesse's ex-husband visits and wants to rejoin Little John's life.

      b: 29 Oct 98 pc: 467403 w: Nancy Steen d: Robby Benson
    6. "The Methadone Clinic"
      gs: Lane Davies [ Mr. Bergen ]

      rc: Roy

      Diego's artwork is shown at an art gallery that everyone thinks is a methadone clinic, but at the art show, Jesse manages to insult the owner.

      b: 5 Nov 98 pc: 467405 w: Tad Quill d: Robby Benson
    7. "The Kiss"
      gs: Phil Buckman [ Frank Carbone ], Wendee Cole [ Bar Patron #1 ], Kevin Berntson [ Patron #2 ], Tom Bailey [ Maitre 'd ]

      rc: Roy

      Jesse kisses Roy and realizes how torn she is between him and Diego.

      b: 12 Nov 98 pc: 467406 w: Dana Klein d: Robby Benson
    8. "The Cheese Ship"

      rc: Roy

      Diego is sick and cannot come to Jesse's Thanksgiving, but Roy can. Carrie tries to catch Darren's eye.

      b: 19 Nov 98 pc: 467407 w: Jeffrey B. Hodes & Nastaran Dibai d: Robby Benson
    9. "Barko, the Holiest Dog in the World"
      gs: Jonathon Osser [ Barko ], Marina Malota [ Mary ], Michael Galasso [ Santa ], Sam Kauffman-Skloff [ The Tree ]

      rc: Roy

      Little John is in a school play, Darren is in a commercial and Diego goes to great lengths to try to prove to Jesse that Roy is a jerk but Jesse won't listen.

      b: 10 Dec 98 pc: 467408 w: Peter Murrieta, Gabrielle Allan d: Kevin S. Bright
    10. "Boo! He's Gone"
      gs: Susie Park [ Laura ], Scott Menville [ Tommy O'Haver ]

      rc: Roy

      Diego decides that if Jesse wants Roy he won't stand in the way. So he goes to Roy's to tell him, but he catches Roy with another woman. He tries to tell Jesse but she won't listen, that is until Junior finally speaks and tells her it's true. She throws Roy out.

      b: 17 Dec 98 pc: 467409 w: Greg Rice d: Joe Regalbuto
    11. "The Best Deal Possible"
      gs: David Faustino [ Dwayne ], Lisa Thornhill [ Dana ]

      Diego and Jesse pretend to be husband and wife while shopping for a car. Also now that Junior talks, he and Darren try and pick up girls.

      b: 14 Jan 99 pc: 467410 w: Dan Sterling & Zachary Rosenblatt d: Michael Lembeck

      NOTE: David Faustino used to play Christina Applegate's little brother (Bud Bundy) on FOX's Married... With Children 1987 - 1997. This is the first of her former costars to appear on the show. However, an entertainment news program did once show a clip of another Married... star, Ed O'Neill dropping by the Jesse set to surprise Christina, which he did.
    12. "The Mischievous Elf"
      gs: Jason S. Kassin [ Will ], Philip Pavel [ Terry ], Pauley Perrette [ Gwen Bates ], Glen Quinn [ Sean ], T.J. Thyne [ Seth ]

      Jesse decides to go back to high school. Her teacher asks her out and she doesn't know if she should say yes because he's her teacher. She finally decides to go out with him but finds out that he's a weirdo so she dumps him. Diego dates a student.

      b: 21 Jan 99 pc: 467411 w: Dan Sterling d: Amanda Bearse
    13. "My Casual Friend's Wedding"
      gs: Megan Ward [ April ], Charles Esten [ Tad ], Laurie Faso [ Bar Customer ], Maria Nunn [ The Wedding Guest #1 ], Lucy Reeves [ The Wedding Guest #2 ], Susan Yeagley [ The Wedding Guest #3 ]

      Jesse, Linda and Carrie go to the wedding of a former high school classmate and Jesse is asked to be the maid of honor because the bride's sister couldn't make it. Jesse agrees. Linda makes out with a guy in the coat checkroom only to find out later that he's the groom. Jesse goes to talk to him to set him straight but the bride walks in as Jesse is giving him a hug and she thinks that Jesse is the one that was making out with him. When Jesse tries to cover for Linda, Linda says that it was actually her that made out with him. Then practically every woman in the room says that they also made out with him.

      b: 28 Jan 99 pc: 467412 w: Nancy Steen d: Robby Benson
    14. "Hickory, Dickory, Death"
      gs: Pauley Perrette [ Gwen Bates ]

      Although they have split up, Jesse turns up for a date with Diego that they arranged long before, only to find him about to go out with his new girlfriend. Jesse deals with it by acting it out her fantasies of a forties film noir.

      b: 4 Feb 99 pc: 467414 w: Peter Murrieta & Gabrielle Allan d: Joe Regalbuto
    15. "Crazy White Female"
      gs: Cheryl Ladd [ Mary Anne Myers ], Pauley Perrette [ Gwen Bates ]

      Diego feels that Gwen is becoming increasingly clingy, but Jesse thinks she is just being nice, until Gwen transforms herself into a Jesse look-alike. John Warner Sr. dates an old friend, Mary Anne that he meets up with after thirty years.

      b: 11 Feb 99 pc: 467413 w: Jeffrey B. Hodes & Nastaran Dibai d: Joe Regalbuto
    16. "Bar Remodel"
      gs: Anneh B. Gabriel [ Kate ]

      John Warner Sr. decides to go off to Alaska to climb Mt McKinley with Mary Anne, leaving the bar to the care of his three children. When they fail to sell it, they have to decide between them how to fit in running it with the other things that they want to do in their lives.

      b: 18 Feb 99 pc: 467415 w: Tad Quill d: Gail Mancuso
    17. "Touched by an Angel"

      Darren suggests a Charlie's Angels theme for the bar. Diego invites Jesse round to dinner, but it is a disaster, capped by her being so fearful that things won't work out well between them that it ruins what is left of the evening. It takes Diego some time to convince her that things could work out better.

      b: 25 Feb 99 pc: 467416 w: Dana Klein d: Gail Mancuso
    18. "Cecil, The Angry Postman"
      gs: Scott Thompson [ Cecil ], Kate Asner [ Mail Clerk ]

      When Jesse writes a love letter to Diego she never plans to send and little John sends it she tries to retrieve it. But she angered the mailman because he doesn't put the mail in the right mail slots and now to anger her he refuses to give her the letter she wrote to Diego because it's addressed to him not her. She then tries to put her arm in the mail slot and retrieve it but she gets stuck.

      b: 4 Mar 99 pc: 467417 w: Greg Rice d: Amanda Bearse

      NOTE: Jesse's address is revealed to be 346 Macord Ave., Diego's is revealed to be 348 Macord Ave. and his last name is Vasquez.
    19. "The Parent Trap"
      gs: Liz Torres [ Rosa Vasquez ], Reni Santoni [ Pedro Vasquez ], Irene Olga Lopez [ Momma Vasquez ], Pepe Serna [ Pappa Vasquez ], Jim Bentley [ Maitre d' ]

      Diego's parents come to Buffalo and Jesse has to go pick them up at the airport but she picks up the wrong Vasquez's. When she goes with Diego to pick up the right Vasquez's they don't seem as happy to see Jesse as the wrong ones were.

      b: 11 Mar 99 pc: 467418 w: Dana Klein, April Pesa d: Kevin S. Bright
    20. "Momma Was a Rollin Stone"
      gs: Lesley Ann Warren [ Susan Foose ], Brian Posehn [ Terry ], Carlos Lacamara [ The Gate Attendant ], Shia Laebou [ Moe ], Lucy Concalves [ The Flight Attendant ]

      Another kid is beating up Little John at school so Jesse goes to talk to his mother. His mother is actually his stepmother and her mother. Jesse now has a stepbrother and Little John has an uncle his own age. She asks Jesse to borrow five grand because her relationship with her new husband, Fez Foose a member of the rock band "The Ass Police" isn't going so well. Jesse can only come up with 1200,65$ and her mother takes the money and runs out on her again to go to South America. Jesse goes to confront her mother on the plane and her mother decides to stay.

      b: 18 Mar 99 pc:467419 w: Dan Sterling d: Michael Lembeck
    21. "Finders Keepers"
      gs: Heidi Mokrycki [ The Woman ], Tom Lennon [ Ernie ], Joyce Guy [ Teresa ], Alex Russan [ The Teenage Boy ]

      While on a scavenger hunt Jesse and Diego find a baby in the park. Jesse wants to keep it but Diego and her family tell her it's not a good idea. Just as Diego starts to like the baby the mother is found and the baby returned.

      b: 25 Mar 99 pc: 467421 w: Matt Martin, Zachary Rosenblatt d: Shelley Jensen
    22. "I Do, I Think I Do"
      gs: John Webber [ Darrold ], Michael Winters [ The INS Guy ]

      Jesse gets a full scholarship for nursing school. Diego faces deportation when his visa runs out. He gets a job at UCLA which is California but Jesse doesn't want him to take it because it's so far away from her but he doesn't have a choice. Jesse goes to talk to him and to her surprise he asks her to marry him.

      To be continued...

      b: 1 Apr 99 pc:467420 w: Peter Murrieta, Gabrielle Allan s: Dana Klein d: Shelley Jensen

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      2nd Season 1999

    23. "Jesse's New Job"
      gs: Heidi Fecht [ The Woman ], Adam Borstein [ The Man ], Peter Murrieta [ The Janitor ], Jeffrey David Brooks [ The Student ]

      Jesse tells Diego she can't marry him. Then we go forward four months and Jesse gets a job as a nurse's aid but quits when she can't handle it. She does however get it back later. Diego returns having quit his job at UCLA because he got his old job back since funding was given for the art department. He surprises Jesse by popping the question again but she still says no.

      b: 23 Sep 99 pc: 225751 w: Will Calhoun d: Will Halvorson

      NOTE: Kevin Rahm and Darryl Theirse join the cast. New opening credits. During the end credits we now see an extra scene instead of the usual where a bus is passing by.
    24. "Driving Miss Jesse"
      gs: Glenn Lutz [ The Kid ]

      Jesse joins a car pool but Little John's red ants infest the car so she gets a ride back with Diego. Linda won't leave Diego's place.

      b: 30 Sep 99 pc: 225752 w: Danny Zucker d: Kevin S. Bright

      NOTE: Carrie works at the zoo. Back to the regular end credits.
    25. "Students Get Flu, Carrie at Zoo, Monkey Throw Poo"
      gs: Val Lauren [ Nick ], Randy Brewster [ Ben ], Regan Burns [ The Patient ], Susan Yeagley [ The Student ], Brandy Roderick [ Susan ]

      rc: Gabe

      A flu epidemic breaks out at the center where Jesse works. Carrie gets mad at Jesse for calling a monkey at the zoo stupid. Linda fears that Little John is becoming a geek.

      b: 7 Oct 99 pc: 225753 w: Dan Sterling d: Joe Regalbuto
    26. "Everything but the Grill"
      gs: Fred Stoller [ Fred ], Natasha Slayton [ Tori ]

      rc: Gabe

      Jesse's plans for a little barbecue are shot to hell when more people than are invited show up.

      b: 14 Oct 99 pc: 225754 w: David Hemingson d: Adrew Tsao
    27. "Jesse vs. Kurt"
      gs: Joe Finfera [ The Lunch Hole Worker ]

      Kurt starts a rumor that Jesse is a thief. Linda thinks that Diego is in love with her after he accidentally sees her naked.

      b: 21 Oct 99 pc: 225756 w: Mark O'Keefe d: Kevin S. Bright
    28. "Jesse's Flat Tire"
      gs: Jennifer Lambert [ Pissed Off Girl ], Jason Peck [ The Delivery Guy ]

      Jesse and Diego's relationship is fired up again while trying to change a flat tire on Jesse's car.

      b: 4 Nov 99 pc: 225755 w: Mark Wilding d: Andrew Tsao
    29. "A Woman's Prerogative: The Jesse Warner Story"
      gs: Vince Vieluf [ Patrick ]

      rc: Irma

      Jesse tries to win Diego back and gather up the nerve to ask him to marry her.

      b: 2 Dec 99 pc:225757 w: Peter Murrieta, Gabrielle Allan d: Shelley Jensen

      NOTE: This episode was dedicated to William "Skip" Norton.
    30. "L'Eggo My Diego"
      rc: Irma

      Dr. Danny and Carrie go out on a date and Jesse tags along when she finds out that Diego and Irma where once engaged but she left him at the altar.

      b: 9 Dec 99 pc: 225758 w: Liz Astrof, Leslie Snyder d: Alan Rafkin
    31. "The Christmas Party"
      gs: Natasha Slayton [ Tori ]

      rc: Irma

      Jesse has a Christmas party.

      b: 16 Dec 99 pc: 225760 w: Nancy Steen d: Gary Halvorson
    32. "Jesse as Nurse, Fills In: Diego Throws Ice at Children"
      gs: Fred Stoller [ Fred ], Michael Welch [ Gabe ], Natasha Slayton [ Tori ]

      rc: Gabe

      Jesse revives a squirrel and then it runs rampant; however, when they find it's dead. Diego has a snow fight with Little John and his friends.

      b: 23 Dec 99 pc: 225759 w: Dan Sterling d: Shelley Jensen
    33. "Kurt Slips, Niagara Falls"
      gs: Merrin Dungey [ Rosemary ], Dan Gauthier [ Dr. Jeff Hanson ]

      rc: Irma

      Diego gets passed up for a teaching position so Irma takes him to Niagara Falls to cheer him up but scares him off. She tells him she's going to change into something more comfortable but comes out in a wedding dress and proposes to him. That leads Diego to go back to Buffalo and apologize to Jesse for having proposed to her when he came back to Buffalo from California. He now knows how it feels to get asked out of the blue to marry someone. Jesse and Diego get back together but hold off on getting married. Kurt slips a disk in his spine while trying to lift a heavy box at work. At the hospital Jesse gets asked out by the attending doctor but passes on his offer when Diego shows up and wants to get back together. Dr. Danny feels uncomfortable around the attending doctor.

      b: 6 Jan 00 pc: 225761 w: Mark Wilding d: Dana DeVally Piazza

      NOTE: New opening credits.
    34. "Small Time Felon: The Jesse Warner Story, Part II"
      gs: Tom Lennon [ Ernie ], John Mendoza [ The Fish Man ]

      When Jesse's car is stolen she goes looking for a new used car. Linda's mechanic gets her a good deal on an '84 Volvo so she takes it but while out driving it with Diego she notices her old car in an alley. She reports that she found it and when she shows a uniformed officer its location it isn't there anymore. While out driving again though they notice it again at a different location but it gets destroyed.

      b: 13 Jan 00 pc: 225762 w: Peter Murrieta, Gabrielle Allan d: Shelley Jensen
    35. "The Rock"
      gs: Peter Berkenhead [ Jamie ], Scott N. Stevens [ Scott ], Chris Bruno [ Rob ]

      Linda doesn't want to go to her high school reunion because she doesn't feel she's accomplished anything since graduating.

      b: 20 Jan 00 pc: 225763 w: David Hemingson d: Shelley Jensen
    36. "Jesse Gives Birth"
      gs: Grace Zabriskie [ Granny Rose ], Lorna Scott [ DMV Worker ], Brenda Isaacs Booth [ The Nurse ], Brad Koepenick [ Doctor ]

      Jesse recounts the events leading to the birth of Little John when Diego tells her he wants a big family.

      b: 3 Feb 00 pc: 225764 w: Liz Astrof, Leslie Snyder d: Gary Halvorson

      NOTE: Jesse wanted to call Little John - Axel Rose Warner.
    37. "My Boyfriend Went to Chile and All I Got Was This Lousy Moustache"
      gs: Matt Landers [ Security Guard ]

      Diego returns from Chile with a moustache and decides to shave it off when Jesse asks him but changes his mind when Dr. Danny tells him he's whipped. Linda gets a job as a campus security guard and takes her job too seriously.

      b: 10 Feb 00 pc: 225766 w: James Farrow, Sarah McLaughlin d: Gary Halvorson
    38. "Jesse's Coat a Useful Crutch, Diego's Kitchen Not So Much"
      gs: Brian Leckner [ The Big Guy ], Joe Finfera [ The Fireman ], Anil Raman [ The Student ], Alexia Roberts [ The Girl ], Paul Schackman [ The Delivery Guy ]

      Jesse earns a blue jacket at work. She wanted it because nobody believes she works there. Diego accidentally sets his house on fire but thinks it was Linda's fault because of the mess she refuses to clean up in the kitchen.

      b: 24 Feb 00 pc: 225765 w: Dan Sterling d: Gary Halvorson
    39. "The Dump"
      gs: Tait Smith [ The Dump Guy ], James Paradise [ The Guy at the Piano Bar ]

      Diego has the winter blahs and Jesse tries to cheer him up by buying tickets for them to Bermuda but Diego's passport was hidden in his old fridge and that was sent to the dump. They head to the dump to try to find but have no luck so Jesse gives the tickets to Danny and Carrie.

      b: 2 Mar 00 pc: _________ w: Peter Murrieta, Gabrielle Allan s: Liz Astrof, Leslie Snyder d: Gary Halvorson
    40. "Diego's First Sleepover"

      Little John accidentally sees Jesse naked when Diego spends the night and Carrie challenges Linda to a boxing match.

      b: 16 Mar 00 pc: 225768 w: Nancy Steen d: David Knoller
    41. "First Blood"

      Kurt tries to teach Jesse to be a phlebotomist, Diego doesn't get his professorship and he has to share his studio with a British guy who's really rude and doesn't respect his space. Diego gets fired for smashing a nude painting of Jesse over Dawson's (the British guy) head.

      b: 25 May 00 pc: _________ w: Wil Calhoun d: Gary Halvorson
    42. "My Best Friend's Wedding"

      Facing deportation again Diego marries Linda because Jesse didn't want to but then she changes her mind but it's too late.

      b: 25 May 00 pc: _________ w: Danny Zuker d: Kevin S. Bright

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