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The Jim Jefferies Show

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Tue, 5 May 2020 0:00
Show Details:
Start date: June 2017
End date: Nov 2019
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Comedy Central (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 70 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 06 Jun 17Worldwide Racism
2.1-2 13 Jun 17Unpacking Impeachment
3.1-3 20 Jun 17Criminal Injustice
4.1-4 27 Jun 17Health Care Unhinged
5.1-5 11 Jul 17Understanding the First Amendment
6.1-6 18 Jul 17America's Age of Unenlightenment
7.1-7 25 Jul 17Trophy Hunter Takedown
8.1-8 01 Aug 17The Fight for LGBT Military Rights
9.1-9 08 Aug 17The Threat of Nuclear War
10.1-1015 Aug 17Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally
11.1-1119 Sep 17Jim's Police Ride-Along
12.1-1226 Sep 17Trump's Anti-NFL Freak Out
13.1-1303 Oct 17Trump's Bungled Puerto Rico Response
14.1-1410 Oct 17Hawaii's One-Party System
15.1-1517 Oct 17Trump's Congressional Twitter Troll
16.1-1624 Oct 17America's Opioid Epidemic
17.1-1731 Oct 17After School Satan Club
18.1-1807 Nov 17Mark Cuban vs. Donald Trump
19.1-1914 Nov 17Roy Moore's Sexual Assault Allegations
20.1-2021 Nov 17Let's Talk About Guns
Season 2
21.2-1 27 Mar 18Jim Attends the March for Our Lives
22.2-2 03 Apr 18Day Drinking with the Press
23.2-3 10 Apr 18Scott Pruitt's Biggest Scandal
24.2-4 17 Apr 18Comey's Nasty Little Tell All
25.2-5 24 Apr 18Ireland's Abortion Ban
26.2-6 01 May 18Questioning Trump's North Korea Strategy
27.2-7 08 May 18The Exploitation of NFL Cheerleaders
28.2-8 15 May 18Learning About the Royal Family
29.2-9 22 May 18Why Scared White People Keep Calling 911
30.2-1029 May 18The Sex Robot Revolution
31.2-1119 Jun 18Jordan Peterson & Sarah Silverman
32.2-1226 Jun 18The Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border
33.2-1310 Jul 18Judging the Supreme Court
34.2-1417 Jul 18America's Number One
35.2-1524 Jul 18Comic Cons Problem
36.2-1631 Jul 18America Reaches Peak Outrage
37.2-1707 Aug 18The 1D Brain Behind 3D-Printed Guns
38.2-1814 Aug 18Life During Trump's Topsy-Turvy Presidency
39.2-1921 Aug 18What is QAnon?
40.2-2028 Aug 18Jim's Deep Dive Into Religion
41.2-2118 Sep 18Nike's Ad Campaign Stirs Up Controversy
42.2-2225 Sep 18Republicans Stand by Brett Kavanaugh
43.2-2302 Oct 18America's Racist Criminal Justice System
44.2-2409 Oct 18The Exploitation of Victimhood
45.2-2516 Oct 18The Downward Spiral of Climate Change
46.2-2623 Oct 18Why Healthy Living is Impossible
47.2-2730 Oct 18How Right Wing Rhetoric Leads to Violence
48.2-2806 Nov 18Third-Party Debate: The Best of the Rest
49.2-2913 Nov 18Trump Wages War Against Journalists
50.2-3020 Nov 18Jim Becomes a U.S. Citizen
Season 3
51.3-1 19 Mar 19The Rise of White Nationalism
52.3-2 26 Mar 19The Hidden Dangers of Vast Nuclear Arsenals
53.3-3 02 Apr 19How Chicago Became Central to the Gun Debate
54.3-4 09 Apr 19The Extra Hurdles for Trans Athletes
55.3-5 16 Apr 19Jim Goes on an Anti-Poaching Safari
56.3-6 23 Apr 19Jim's Guide to Growing Old and Dying
57.3-7 30 Apr 19Addicted to Everything
58.3-8 07 May 19Giving Kids in Foster Care a Leg Up
59.3-9 14 May 19Dividing the United States
60.3-1021 May 19The Cost of Trading Away Freedom
61.3-1117 Sep 19Americans Stopped Caring About Privacy
62.3-1224 Sep 19Jim Gives Socialism an Overhaul
63.3-1301 Oct 19Jim Takes on Cancel Culture
64.3-1408 Oct 19The Decline of Sex In Japan
65.3-1515 Oct 19Diving Into the Trump Impeachment Inquiry
66.3-1622 Oct 19Jim's Ride-Along with His Cop Brother
67.3-1729 Oct 19Legal Prostitution vs. Sex Trafficking
68.3-1805 Nov 19Why Americans Fear the Wrong Things
69.3-1912 Nov 19Are Japanese B-Stylers Racist?
70.3-2019 Nov 19There Are Too Many Choices
S01.1-0 08 Aug 17Bill Burr - Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness (18 min)
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