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Judge Faith

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Thu, 9 Sep 2021 -1:00
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Traveling every walk of life from a Louisiana beauty queen to a Wall Street attorney to a tough New York City prosecutor. Faith Jenkins brings her tough no-nonsense style of justice into her own courtroom.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2014
End date: June 2016
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): syndicated (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 297 eps
Genre(s): Reality
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 22 Sep 14A Dog Eat Dog World/Runaway Bedroom Set
2.1-2 22 Sep 14Dodging Grandma/Horrible Neighbors
3.1-3 23 Sep 14You Sold Me A Dead Woman's Car/MMA Fight To Get My Money
4.1-4 23 Sep 14Harley Slam/Summer of 2013
5.1-5 24 Sep 14Cell Phone Scam/Brooklyn Zoo
6.1-6 24 Sep 14Irresponsible/Hit and Split
7.1-7 25 Sep 14She's a Slumlord from Hell
8.1-8 25 Sep 14Caught on Video
9.1-9 26 Sep 14Senior Trip Flip/Food Truck Fiasco
10.1-1026 Sep 14A Drone and a Dogfight/She's Not Flying the Friendly Skies
11.1-1129 Sep 14Bed Bug in a Bottle/The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing
12.1-1230 Sep 14Penetrating Numbers/No Good Deed
13.1-1301 Oct 14Big Chef All Talk/30 Day Notice
14.1-1402 Oct 14Let the Music Play
15.1-1503 Oct 14My Landlord Held Me Hostage/The Great Escape
16.1-1606 Oct 14Sugar Daddy Shakedown/Hit the Bottle, Hit the Pole
17.1-1707 Oct 14First Stage Play/Bringing Down the House
18.1-1808 Oct 14Blurred Lines/Fender Bender Flip-Flop
19.1-1909 Oct 14Odometer Setback
20.1-2010 Oct 14Facebook Phone Feud/Thought You Had a Friend
21.1-2113 Oct 14Abandoned RV/Cruise Control
22.1-2214 Oct 14Owned Not Operated; Beauty and the Birdseed Bone Collector
23.1-2315 Oct 14Florida or Bust/No Money, More Problems
24.1-2416 Oct 14Insta-Slam
25.1-2517 Oct 14Crushed/Dream House Nightmare
26.1-2620 Oct 14Bait and Switch/Feuding Neighbors, Dueling Dogs
27.1-2721 Oct 14Lock Your Phone or Live Alone/Friendship Doesn't Compute
28.1-2822 Oct 14Can't Play Me/Double Ended
29.1-2923 Oct 14High School Break-In
30.1-3024 Oct 14Daycare Dream/My First Accident
31.1-3127 Oct 14Cupcake Wars/Big Bear, Small Crash
32.1-3228 Oct 14Jackass: That Dog-Gone Rental
33.1-3329 Oct 14Play No Pay/Left Behind Bumper
34.1-3430 Oct 14Too Legit to Evict
35.1-3531 Oct 14Apartment Lies or Lust/Barking Up the Wrong Tree
36.1-3603 Nov 14To Hustle a Hustler/Strong-Armed
37.1-3704 Nov 14Over the Hedge/Gone to the Dogs
38.1-3805 Nov 14Rusty Whip/Condo Con
39.1-3906 Nov 14Baby Boy Tenant/Look What I Can Do
40.1-4007 Nov 14Not Fast, But Furious/In-Law Feud
41.1-4110 Nov 14Waterfall in the Bronx/The Shade Tree Mechanic
42.1-4211 Nov 14Model Mayhem
43.1-4312 Nov 14Baby Mama Bang Up/No Bunnies Allowed
44.1-4413 Nov 14Best Friend Betrayal
45.1-4514 Nov 14Who's Car Is It Anyway/Sasha Fierce
46.1-4617 Nov 14Living Free Off Me/Basket-Bull Tournament
47.1-4718 Nov 14Unlivable
48.1-4819 Nov 14Naughty Driving Behavior/Almighty Isis Took a Chunk Out of My Leg
49.1-4920 Nov 14Underage Impound
50.1-5021 Nov 14Family Loan Feud/Switch-A-Roo
51.1-5124 Nov 14Gambling Grandma/To Your Left
52.1-5224 Nov 14Unlicensed Driver on Board
53.1-5326 Nov 14Five Months in Hell
54.1-5412 Jan 15Diva Stomp/Bumper Battles
55.1-5513 Jan 15Two Weeks' Notice/You Owe Me, Now Pay
56.1-5614 Jan 15Smoke Shop Shenanigans/Full of Excuses
57.1-5715 Jan 15Daddy's Girl
58.1-5816 Jan 15Cruisin' for a Bruisin/Stop Snitching
59.1-5919 Jan 15Leaf Blowout/I Thought We Were Friends
60.1-6019 Jan 15Toilet Tantrums/Terror in the Dollhouse
61.1-6120 Jan 15Cancer Free/No Free Rent
62.1-6222 Jan 15Comic Relief
63.1-6322 Jan 15Brake-ing Bad/He's No Rhinestone Cowboy
64.1-6426 Jan 15Not So Brotherly Love
65.1-6527 Jan 15Vacation Rental Regret/Keeping it Cool
66.1-6627 Jan 15Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
67.1-6730 Jan 15Pay Up or Ship Out/Kitchen Nightmares
68.1-6830 Jan 15Transmission Fail
69.1-6902 Feb 15Sweetheart Scandal/Motor Mischief
70.1-7002 Feb 15Friendship Loan/Make-Up to Break Up
71.1-7103 Feb 15Ring Around the Roses/Friends or Roommates
72.1-7205 Feb 15Shady Surveillance
73.1-7305 Feb 15Motor City Madnes/Old Grumpy Men
74.1-7409 Feb 15Get Out
75.1-7509 Feb 15Repo, Eviction, and Destitute
76.1-7602 Oct 15A Kind Threat/Lover's Quarrel
77.1-7712 Feb 15Lipstick Lovers Shack Attack
78.1-7812 Feb 15Not My Brother's Keeper/Get Out, Tenant, Get Out!
79.1-7916 Feb 15Dead Woman's Goods/Car Crashed Credit
80.1-8016 Feb 15Hogging It All
81.1-8117 Feb 15Pay Your Own Student Loan/Urine or You're Out
82.1-8219 Feb 15Boat People
83.1-8319 Feb 15Single White Male/Rent-A-Crash
84.1-8423 Feb 15Bicycle Pitts Stop/Burning Down the House
85.1-8523 Feb 15Handing Out Chances/Who Let the Dogs Out
86.1-8624 Feb 15Roommate Run-Off/99 Cent Brick
87.1-8726 Feb 15Double Hit and Run/Busted Up, Now Pay Up
88.1-8826 Feb 15House of Lies/No Performance Motorcycle
89.1-8902 Mar 15Smoggy Sale/Tenant Robbery
90.1-9002 Mar 15One Less Brother/High-End
91.1-9103 Mar 15Flew the Coop/Hell on the Second Floor
92.1-9205 Mar 15Corrupt Contractor
93.1-9305 Mar 15Like Mike/Soggy Consignment Store
94.1-9409 Mar 15Mommy Money
95.1-9509 Mar 15The Finish/Deposit Dispute
96.1-9610 Mar 15Shower Head/Devious Driver
97.1-9712 Mar 15Bad Breeding/Bite Me
98.1-9812 Mar 15You Stole My Bedroom Set
99.1-9916 Mar 15Beetlejuice Bedroom/Love, Death and Taxes
100.1-10019 Mar 15Super Friends
101.1-10123 Mar 15Rental Cat-Astrophe/Taking Its Toll
102.1-10223 Mar 15Moldy Manor
103.1-10324 Mar 15Black Mold/Horse Trailer Hostage
104.1-10426 Mar 15I Should Have Bought an Italian Scooter/Down on My Luck
105.1-10526 Mar 15My Wedding: A Tale of Two Limos/Save Momma's Ashes
106.1-10606 Apr 15Movie Projector Madness
107.1-10706 Apr 15Tenant Tally-Up/And They Called It Puppy Love
108.1-10807 Apr 15You're in Carpet Hell/Return My Czech
109.1-10909 Apr 15Slip-N-Slide Basement/Threats and Stolen Property
110.1-11009 Apr 15Pregnant and Pit Bit/Craigslist Fail
111.1-11113 Apr 15Playing Dirty/Motorcycle Mayhem
112.1-11213 Apr 15Friend or Foe/Sweet Home Soured
113.1-11314 Apr 15I'm No Loan Shark/Rental Retaliation
114.1-11416 Apr 15Camper Con/Baby, It's Cold Inside
115.1-11516 Apr 15As-Is Junk/Family Money Pit
116.1-11620 Apr 15Home Is Where the Hunk Is/Hit and Tried to Run
117.1-11721 Apr 15Football Feud
118.1-11820 Apr 15Cell Phone Stalker/Man Overboard
119.1-11923 Apr 15Orange Is Not the New Black
120.1-12024 Apr 15Substandard Living/Lights, Camera, Action
121.1-12127 Apr 15Harleys, Loans and Stolen Booze
122.1-12227 Apr 15Petty Theft
123.1-12328 Apr 15Dog Bite Showdown/Swoop and Squat?
124.1-12430 Apr 15The Good Aunt
125.1-12530 Apr 15Renter's Remorse/Terror in the Doll House
126.1-12604 May 15Walking Dead Man
127.1-12704 May 15Rabbi Real Estate/Taking Charge
128.1-12805 May 15Instagram Flexing
129.1-12907 May 15Football Thugs
130.1-13007 May 15Fishing for Love
131.1-13111 May 15Bedbug Bedlam
132.1-13211 May 15Bus Driver's Buyout/Lover's Quarrel
133.1-13312 May 15My Grandbaby or Car
134.1-13414 May 15You Cheated Me Out of My Money
135.1-13514 May 15Church Crush
136.1-13618 May 15Love Don't Live Here Anymore/$24/Month Rent
137.1-13718 May 15Rock City
138.1-13819 May 15Cockroach Central/Family Friend Feud
139.1-13921 May 15Designer Bag Wars/Roommates or Thieves
140.1-14021 May 15Too Close for Comfort
141.1-14125 May 15Baby Mama Bang Up Part Two/Best Friend Fist Fight
142.1-14225 May 15Hair Gone Wrong
143.1-14326 May 15Taxi Lover
144.1-14428 May 15Credit Repair Fraud
145.1-14528 May 15She Let Gangbangers Crash My Pad
146.1-14601 Jun 15The Rat Zone/Our Friendship Is Fini
147.1-14701 Jun 15Rock N Roll Electric Bill/Laptop Catfight
Season 2
148.2-1 21 Sep 15Foster Daughter Drama/BFF Betrayal
149.2-2 21 Sep 15Beatdown in D-Town
150.2-3 22 Sep 15Hair Faux Pas
151.2-4 22 Sep 15Laptop Shower/Gigolo Broke My Heart
152.2-5 23 Sep 15I'm From the D/Blocked Friendship
153.2-6 23 Sep 15Flirting With Disaster/Massage Mishap
154.2-7 24 Sep 15Laundry/Stray Bullet
155.2-8 24 Sep 15Uber Madness
156.2-9 25 Sep 15Bad Boy Bailout
157.2-1025 Sep 15Gold Swagger/BF Identity Theft
158.2-1128 Sep 15Car Title Hostage/He Says, He Says
159.2-1228 Sep 15Do as I Say/Repairing Friendships
160.2-1329 Sep 15Serial Scammer
161.2-1429 Sep 15Dental Disaster/She's Holding My Keyboard Hostage
162.2-1530 Sep 15Angry Old Men/Duct Tape My Car
163.2-1630 Sep 15Money Hungry Sister
164.2-1701 Oct 15Photoshop at the Casket Shop/She Stole a Ticket to Ride
165.2-1801 Oct 15Totaled Re-Car/Poker Buddy's Bluff
166.2-1902 Oct 15Houseguest Theft
167.2-2002 Oct 15Booty, Booze and Bites/Boot Camp Betrayal
168.2-2105 Oct 15Peeping Tom/Fender Bender Backfire
169.2-2205 Oct 15Best Friend Brawl
170.2-2306 Oct 15Wheel of Misfortune/Television Tempest
171.2-2406 Oct 15Selfish Sibling/Throwing Shade in the Parking Lot
172.2-2507 Oct 15Church Pimping/Sick Puppy
173.2-2607 Oct 15Coming to America
174.2-2708 Oct 15Mr. Snowman/Landlord Catfight
175.2-2808 Oct 15Jailbirds of a Feather/A Beautiful Trashcan
176.2-2909 Oct 15Sublet Scammer/Bling Bling Gone
177.2-3009 Oct 15Bye Felicia
178.2-3112 Oct 15Disneyland Romance/The Mexican Dream
179.2-3213 Oct 15Not My Mother's Keeper
180.2-3314 Oct 15Roach and Rodent Rental/Pawned Friendship
181.2-3415 Oct 15Showroom Showdown/The Diva Tenant
182.2-3516 Oct 15Part-Time Lover/Sibling Tug-of-War
183.2-3619 Oct 15Boyfriend Bailout/Tenant Shocker
184.2-3720 Oct 15Repo on the Run/Neighborly Bite
185.2-3821 Oct 15Lovesick Landlord/Smooth-Talking Contractor
186.2-3922 Oct 15Check Cashing Con
187.2-4023 Oct 15Strike the Partnership/Dogrooming Nightmare
188.2-4126 Oct 15Nephew Nonsense/I Had the Hookup
189.2-4227 Oct 15Pistol Whips & Rent Slips/Wedding Ringer
190.2-4328 Oct 15Family Friend or Nah/Blind Ambition
191.2-4429 Oct 15Bio-Dad DNA Pt.1
192.2-4530 Oct 15Bio-Dad DNA Pt.2
193.2-4602 Nov 15Party Monster/Roll of Quarters for Rent
194.2-4703 Nov 15Boobjob Bestie/Without a Trace
195.2-4804 Nov 15Unfriended Cousins
196.2-4905 Nov 15Boss Better Have My Money/Damaged Besties
197.2-5006 Nov 15The Cat Lady/Bestie's Bang-Up
198.2-5109 Nov 15Thief
199.2-5210 Nov 15Cougar Bailout
200.2-5311 Nov 15And Your Little Dog Too/Beef With My Caterer
201.2-5412 Nov 15Waffle House Scuffle/Sistah Gotta Pay
202.2-5513 Nov 15Bogus House
203.2-5616 Nov 15Lingerie Swag
204.2-5717 Nov 15The Landlord Rules/Crash Test Cousins
205.2-5818 Nov 15Co-Worker Sideswipe/Too Spoiled
206.2-5919 Nov 15Baby Mama Drama
207.2-6020 Nov 15Pimp My Ride/Marijuana Condo
208.2-6123 Nov 15Nasty Tenant/VIP Sweet Sixteen
209.2-6224 Nov 15Under Investigation
210.2-6325 Nov 15Murder in the Fur-st/Miss Michaelangelo
211.2-6426 Nov 15Frat Boy Spat/Astro Love
212.2-6527 Nov 15Three's a Crowd
213.2-6625 Jan 16Hair Salon Showdown
214.2-6726 Jan 16Handyman Hustle/Grow Up
215.2-6827 Jan 16House Holding/Your Cheating Heart
216.2-6928 Jan 16Imperfect Pictures/Not Worth That
217.2-7029 Jan 16Prom Rags
218.2-7101 Feb 16My Right to Smoke/I'm Not My Brother's Keeper
219.2-7202 Feb 16Ratchet Neighbors
220.2-7303 Feb 16Blurred Landscape/Truck Dynasty
221.2-7404 Feb 16Leaks and Lies
222.2-7505 Feb 16Tax Fraud/Baby Mama Mayhem
223.2-7608 Feb 16King Sized Scandal/A Bronx Tale
224.2-7709 Feb 16Ex Stole My Heart/Yorkie Supercuts
225.2-7810 Feb 16Repeated Steps
226.2-7911 Feb 16Missing Food Truck
227.2-8012 Feb 16Fight Club
228.2-8115 Feb 16Scorned Vacation/Miss Piggy Fights Back
229.2-8216 Feb 16Saving a Friendship/Cracked Aquarium
230.2-8317 Feb 16Keep On Truckin'/Sticks and Stones
231.2-8418 Feb 16Scrap 'N Scam
232.2-8519 Feb 163rd Party Hit/Lost in Translation
233.2-8622 Feb 16Craigslist Queen/Virgin Hair Faux Pas
234.2-8723 Feb 16It's Hammer Time/Slowdown Grandpa
235.2-8824 Feb 16Dental Demolition
236.2-8925 Feb 16BFF Sold Me a Mess/Harassing Landlord
237.2-9026 Feb 16Punch Drunk Love/More Money More Problems
238.2-9129 Feb 16Three Way Wrong Way
239.2-9201 Mar 16No Longer Friends/Bad Roomie
240.2-9302 Mar 16Pole Dance/Hashtag This
241.2-9403 Mar 16Chains, Locks and Food
242.2-9504 Mar 16Car Wash Clash/Bogus Bailout
243.2-9607 Mar 16Broke Down Baby Daddy/Good Deed Gone Wrong
244.2-9708 Mar 16Boobjob Bestie/Drunken Cowboy
245.2-9811 Mar 16Scrap It?/You Stole My Tools
246.2-9915 Mar 16Handyman Sham/Broken Promise
247.2-10017 Mar 16Single White Female/Too Fast & Furious
248.2-10121 Mar 16Grey's Anatomy/Family Mechanic
249.2-10223 Mar 16Trailer Cash/Mustang Mishap
250.2-10325 Mar 16Kitchen Kon Artist/ATV Jerk
251.2-10429 Mar 16Fighting Like Cats and Dogs/Renter Retaliation
252.2-10531 Mar 16Biker Bites Back/Bird Napper
253.2-10604 Apr 16Death Grip
254.2-10705 Apr 16Ka-Boom Contractor/Friend on the Run
255.2-10806 Apr 16Misused Money/No Comprendo
256.2-10907 Apr 16Life Saving Thief
257.2-11008 Apr 16My Shingles/Shame on You
258.2-11111 Apr 16Realty Reality/Your Rent Is Due
259.2-11212 Apr 16Jacked Up Jaguar
260.2-11313 Apr 16Nanny Don't Play That/Giddy Up
261.2-11414 Apr 16Friends Have to Pay Too
262.2-11515 Apr 16Hit and Run Around/Runaway Roommate
263.2-11618 Apr 16Momma Grizzlies
264.2-11719 Apr 16Tobi/Salvage Title
265.2-11820 Apr 16Janky Awning
266.2-11921 Apr 16Impound Pain/Another One Bites the Dust
267.2-12022 Apr 16Love Hurts
268.2-12125 Apr 16Cycle Mess/Lock and Key
269.2-12226 Apr 16Micro Link Mess
270.2-12327 Apr 16Pay Back Slap/Not Funny Roomie!
271.2-12428 Apr 16Barbershop Brawl/Squabbling Siblings
272.2-12529 Apr 16The Grifter
273.2-12602 May 16Motorcycle Madness/Fishy Landlord
274.2-12703 May 16Old Friend of Mine/Rear Ended on 8 Mile
275.2-12804 May 16Hellraiser
276.2-12905 May 16Where Is the DJ?/Playboy Rivalry
277.2-13006 May 16Unpaid Promises
278.2-13109 May 16Living Room Crash/Limo Biz Bust
279.2-13210 May 16I'm a Survivor
280.2-13311 May 16In a Door Jam/Mama Don't Play That
281.2-13412 May 16Slow Down Kid
282.2-13513 May 16Where's My Music?/Hit From Behind
283.2-13616 May 16Cliffhanger
284.2-13717 May 16Knock, Rock, Let Me In/Back That Thang Up
285.2-13818 May 16Audi Scam/Sex in the Sublet
286.2-13919 May 16Falsely Accused/BMW Boomerang
287.2-14020 May 16Tummy Tuck Skinny Scammer
288.2-14123 May 16I'm Not Yours Anymore
289.2-14224 May 16Motorboat Blues/Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite
290.2-14325 May 16Fake Ticket Talk
291.2-14426 May 16Up Against the Wall/Your Fault
292.2-14527 May 16Show Me the Money
293.2-14630 May 16The Big Payback/Pay Me With Interest
294.2-14731 May 16Trashing History/Rescue Gone Wrong
295.2-14801 Jun 16We Do Cell Phones
296.2-14902 Jun 16Until You Use Me Up/Turn On the Lights
297.2-15003 Jun 16Friend or Boss?/Basement Burn
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