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aired from: Sep 1998 to: ___ ____ 118+ eps CBS 30 min stereo closed captioned

An all-star cast heads this series made for the 1998-1999 CBS Fall Primetime Season. Timing for the cast could not have been more perfect. First, Kevin James was cast on the show after his recurring character performance on Everybody Loves Raymond became a hit, Kevin James was offered his own show as a character named Doug Heffernan. The show would be shown before his old show Everybody Loves Raymond. The rest of the cast came into place from other network shows. Leah Remini was cast as Carrie Heffernan, Doug's wife, right after her show Fired Up with Sharon Lawrence on NBC was canceled. Lisa Rieffel, better known as a small role on Empty Nest, plays Sara, Carrie's sister. Other cast members that play as Doug's friends were previously in other movies and guest appearances on other shows. Finally, one of the most important roles was recast at the last minute. Jack Carter was cast to play the role Arthur Spooner, Doug's father-in-law. He was bumped from the show before filming when the show Seinfeld was announced to be ending. Jerry Stiller, best known as the arrogant Frank Costanza on Seinfeld was perfect for the role of Arthur Spooner. Michael Weithorn is creator of "The King of Queens," originally developed for NBC.

The story goes as follows: Although he's the local package deliveryman, Doug Heffernan must be a really lucky. His wife, Carrie, just bought him a brand- new-70-inch big-screen TV in the basement. Doug's the envy of the entire neighborhood until his father-in-law and sister-in-law moves in his home. The sister-in-law, Carrie, takes the only bathroom in the house and the father-in-law, takes the TV. Doug Heffernan's house is under attack. Can he survive?

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    1st Season 1998

  1. "Pilot"

    rc: Sara, Spence, Richie, Deacon

    In the premiere episode, Doug comes home from a long day's work. His wife, Carrie, buys a big screen TV and puts it in the basement. Doug's friends come over to watch. It is the best gift for Doug. Until, Carrie's sister, Sara, decides to move in to save some money until she gets her big break. Then his father-in-law, Arthur, has a wife that recently died and also accidentally burns down his own home. Now, Arthur has to come over to live with them rather than move to a retirement home. This turns Doug's TV room into Arthur's bedroom. Can Doug survive a large family in a small house and a big television in a tiny bedroom?

    b: 21 Sep 98 pc: 100 w: Michael J. Weithorn, David Lith d: Pamela Fryman
  2. "Fat City"

    rc: Sara, Deacon

    When Arthur unpacks into his new room, he shows Doug a picture of Carrie's mother from an old photo book. Doug is stunned at how overweight she became as Carrie's mother aged. Struck with the fear that his wife could become into her mother in a few years, Doug decides to convince Carrie to go on a diet. The only way, though, is for him to pretend to go on a diet.

    b: 28 Sep 98 pc: 102 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Robert Berlinger

    NOTE: In this episode, we note that Deacon works at the same position / job as Doug.
  3. "Cello, Goodbye"
    gs: Albie Selynich [ Evan ], Lynn A. Henderson [ Employee ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Carrie's new job in a posh Manhattan law firm keeps her working late, and when her very handsome new boss gives her a ride home in his snazzy sports car, Doug is a little worried. When Carrie suddenly wants to go to the symphony rather than a softball game, Doug really starts to feel that he's losing his down home girl to the allure of the big city.

    b: 5 Oct 98 pc: 104 w: Michael J. Weithorn, David Lith d: Gail Mancuso

    NOTE: We find out that all of Doug's stuff from the basement is moved to the garage. This is probably where they hang out now.
  4. "Richie's Song"
    gs: Michele Maika [ Marie ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Doug can't understand why Carrie refuses to agree to a double date with Richie and his wife, Marie. It turns out that Carrie's reluctance stems from the fact that she can't stand Marie, who is cheating on Richie. Doug feels compelled to tell Richie the truth about his wife, but he just can't quite work up the nerve.

    b: 12 Oct 98 pc: 103 w: Tony Sheeman d: Robert Berlinger
  5. "Paternal Affairs"
    gs: Brenda Vacarro [ Aunt Sheila ]

    rc: Sara, Spence

    When Doug and Carrie's anniversary arrives, more than enough has happened. First, as an amusing gift, Doug buys Carrie a watch-ring for their anniversary. During the anniversary party, Spence takes pictures but has a crush on Sara. Then when Doug's favorite aunt comes over, he is "less than enthusiastic" when Arthur states to date her. Arthur takes a liking of her and will ask her to become the fourth Mrs. Arthur Spooner. Can Doug prevent Arthur from being his father-in-law and new uncle?

    b: 19 Oct 98 pc: 105 w: Jeff Sussman d: Brian K. Roberts
  6. "Head First"
    gs: Shari Albert [ Rhonda ], Lesli Margherita [ Debbie ], Jody Wood [ Pool Player ]

    rc: Sara, Spence, Richie, Deacon

    The family feels bad that Arthur has no friends. So, Doug lets Arthur tag along and discovers that Carrie is grateful for Doug's generosity. Doug starts taking Arthur everywhere, but Arthur is a bit of a loose cannon in public and Doug's friends and identity in public will start to take a toll with Arthur.

    b: 26 Oct 98 pc: 101 w: Michael J. Weithorn, David Lith d: Pamela Fryman
  7. "The Rock"
    gs: Robert Katmis [ Elliot ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Carrie takes her engagement ring to the jeweler to have it cleaned, the jeweler tells her that it is a rare and unusual ring, and worth a lot of money. The jeweler offers much more than what Doug paid for. Carrie and Doug remember when he proposed to her and both worry whether to keep the ring or cash in.

    b: 2 Nov 98 pc: 106 w: Stacie Lipp d: Pamela Fryman
  8. "Educating Doug"
    gs: Ken Weiler [ Jeff ], Frantz Turner [ Mr. Gillard ]

    rc: Spence, Richie

    When Carrie is afraid that her and Doug are getting boring and dumb as a couple, she signs her and Doug up for a class at the community college. The class on Victorian novels is very hard, so Spence decides to join them. Doug tries to understand the book "Jane Eyre" but Doug could not get past page 2! Now he has to try to answer ten questions in class the next day and impress Carrie. With Spence done with his work, can Doug pretend to be a scholar or will Carrie find out?

    b: 9 Nov 98 pc: 108 w: Cathy Yusa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  9. "Road Rayge"
    gs: Ray Romano [ Ray Barone ], Peter Boyle [ Frank Barone ], Brad Garrett [ Robert Barone ], Yvette Cason [ Mrs. Blanchard ]

    Part of the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond joins the show for this episode. Doug meets a new friend, Ray Barone, who happens to have season tickets to the New York Jets (Ray works as a sports reporter for the Jets). Doug gets caught trying to help out Ray on his driving test and has his own license suspended. Ray feels sorry by trying to make it up to him by taking him to a Jets game. While Doug drives Ray back home, he meets Ray's brother (Robert) who, of course, is jealous of Ray. Tables turn when Robert finds out that Doug does not have a license. Robert happens to be a cop. With no license and suspended from his delivery job, Doug tries to help Carrie study by playing with Arthur. Finally, Doug passes his drivers test only to have met Ray's father (Frank) who happens to crash into Doug's car outside the DMV.

    b: 16 Nov 98 pc: 107 w: Tony Sheeman, David Litt d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Ray joins this story of the show right before Kevin joins Ray in "The Lone Barone" episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. This was part of CBS's Shameless Crossover Monday. Kevin also delivered a package to Bill Cosby in the episode of Cosby that aired right before this episode.
  10. "Supermarket Story"
    gs: Dana Gould [ Guy ], Christin Rose [ Helen ], Parry Shen [ Stockboy ], Patricia Place [ Sample Lady ], Donny Osmond [ Himself ]

    rc: Richie

    After showing off her parking skills, Carrie has Thanksgiving all planned. She will just buy three turkey TV dinners. Unfortunately, her plans come to a halt when Arthur guilts her into preparing a homemade meal from scratch and Doug meets up with a long lost friend who Doug can't remember. Carrie has half a day to cook a meal for ten people and tries to ask people for recipes.

    b: 23 Nov 98 pc: 109 w: Cathy Yusa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: In a special appearance Donny Osmond was able to get the "bigger yams in the back of the store", instead of Arthur. The whole episode was only filmed in the supermarket and parking lot. The episode was part of CBS's Thanksgiving Monday. Also known as "Mondave" for CBS's Late Show with David Letterman's 5th anniversary show appearing in CBS Primetime.
  11. "Noel Cowards"
    gs: James Michael Connor [ Marty ]

    rc: Richie

    When the car breaks down, Carrie and Doug realize that they have to buy a new one, but can't afford to. In the Christmas mood, Arthur solves their car crisis. Unfortunately, Arthur's gift is not what Carrie and Doug expects.

    b: 14 Dec 98 pc: 112 w: David Mickel, Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller
  12. "Fixer Upper"
    gs: Constance Zimmer [ Jenny ], Shawn Weiss [ Teenager ]

    rc: Spence, Richie

    When Doug and Carrie go to the movies, Carrie finds out that Spence is very lonely. So, Carrie decides to set up a blind date with Spence with one of her co-workers. As the couple falls in love, Doug offers advice to Spence as he stumbles through his first relationship with a woman.

    b: 21 Dec 98 pc: 110 w: Tony Sheeman, David Litt d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Where are the Christmas decorations? This episode was originally planned to air on December 7th. In this episode, we learn that Spence works as a token collector for the subway.
  13. "Best Man"
    gs: Merrion Dungey [ Kelly ], James Castle Stevens [ Todd ], Jennifer Simard [ Paula ], Marc Goldsmith [ Alex ], Christina Cabot [ Jill ], Peter Tork [ Band Leader ], Anthony Powers [ Harlod ], Michael McCalre [ Waiter ]

    rc: Deacon

    Doug, Carrie, Arthur, Deacon, and his wife attend the wedding of a man that Carrie had a fling with, many years ago. Doug only learns of this news while going to the ceremony, creating a rather uncomfortable situation at the reception. Meanwhile, Arthur can not decide between choosing the fish or the steak.

    b: 11 Jan 99 pc: 113 w: Cathy Yusa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: The show was part of CBS's Tailgate Monday. Kevin and Ray Romano hosted the night, both rooting for the New York Jets, and promoting the NFL's AFC playoffs on CBS. The "Tailgate Monday" came in a great time since the New York Jets advanced to the AFC Championship Game the previous day.
  14. "Dog Days"
    gs: Bryan Cranston [ Tim ], Dee Dee Rescher [ Dorothy ]

    The new neighbors' dog barks right under their bedroom window, keeping Doug and Carrie up all night. When Doug tries to remedy the situation, he ends up playing right into the scheming neighbors' hands and walking the dog himself. Once Carrie finds out that Doug has been walking the enemy all night, the neighbors get into a fight about their dog. After numerous complaints, who gets to keep the dog? Meanwhile, Arthur is convinced that the "Peanuts" comic strip is based on his life and decides to come up with his own comic strip.

    b: 18 Jan 99 pc: 114 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
  15. "Crappy Birthday"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly ], Esther Scott [ Clara ], William Newman [ Herb ]

    rc: Deacon, Richie

    Carrie feels that she is getting old during her 30th Birthday. Doug realizes it's Carrie's birthday after ordering a fight being played the same day and plans a last-minute dinner.

    b: 1 Feb 99 pc: 111 w: David Bickel s: Kevin James, Rock Reuben, Gary Valentine d: Mark Cendrewski
  16. "S'ain't Valentine's"
    gs: Anne Meara [ Mary ], Grace Zabriskie [ Veronica ], Shawn Weiss [ Albert ], Amy Stiller [ Allison ], Janet Rotblatt [ Francine ], Steve Schirripa [ Maitre d' ], Sean Bergin [ Bartender ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    It's Valentine's Day and Carrie wants Arthur out of the house. At a St. Valentine's Day Dance, Arthur meets an intoxicating woman, whose daughter also wants her out of the house. Meanwhile, Doug, Richie, and Deacon get stuck at Spence's surprise birthday party planned by his mother.

    b: 8 Feb 99 pc: 117 w: Michael J. Weithorn, David Bickel, Nancy Cohen s: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Jerry Stiller was joined by his real life wife, Anne Meara. Here's a brief history of them from CBS.com:
    Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara started out in the early 1960s as a comedy team that was part of an improvisational group, The Compass Players (which later became Second City). They went on to play every major nightclub in the United States and appeared approximately 36 times on The Ed Sullivan Show.

  17. "Court Date"
    gs: Daniel Roebuch [ Jeffery ]

    rc: Spence, Richie

    Doug realizes that Carrie's speeding ticket will cause their car insurance to double, so he suggests that she go out on a date with the cop so that he'll drop the charges. Doug, Spence, Richie, and Arthur help out Carrie by giving too much advice for the big date.

    b: 15 Feb 99 pc: 116 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: This week on the new Hollywood Squares, Jerry Stiller had the left center box, and Kevin and Leah shared the bottom right box. On one episode, Kevin and Leah could not agree on an answer, and still ended up getting the answer wrong.
  18. "White Collar"
    gs: Merrin Dugey [ Kelly ], John G. McDonnell [ Waiter ], Derek Luke [ Orderly ], John F. O'Donohue [ Jack O' Boyle ]

    rc: Deacon

    When his shift supervisor at IPS suddenly dies and Doug gets his job, Carrie is thrilled with the new found status and raise. Doug, however, forced to join the management ranks, misses the good old days behind the wheel of his truck instead of behind a desk.

    b: 22 Feb 99 pc: 118 w: Tony Sheeman s: Dan E. Fesman, Harry Victor d: Rob Schiller
  19. "Raymay Day"
    gs: Ray Romano [ Ray Barone ], Doris Roberts [ Marie Barone ]

    rc: Richie

    Richie and Doug want to hang out together, but Doug meets with his new friend, Ray Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond). So, Doug brings Arthur and plans to play golf with Ray and at 4 o'clock, meet Richie back at home to watch a game. Unfortunately a heavy storm delays Doug's golf game, so to save time, Doug and Ray play their golf game in the heavy rains. Meanwhile Ray's mom, Marie Barone (Also Everybody Loves Raymond), teaches Carrie how to keep a clean household, but ends up cleaning the house for her.

    b: 1 Mar 99 pc: 119 w: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: This is another Everybody Loves Raymond meets The King of Queens episode.
  20. "Train Wreck"
    gs: Julie Benz [ Julie ], Mason Canter [ Berry ]

    rc: Richie, Deacon

    Doug is disappointed when his beautiful young trainee doesn't make Carrie jealous. Arthur bought his headstone in advance and has to change the first two numbers of his death year from 19 to 20.

    b: 15 Mar 99 pc: 120 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith s: Ira Fritz, Neal Howard, Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  21. "Hungry Man"
    gs: Kevin Cooney [ Jack Brennan ], Robert Ito [ Mr. Fugita ], Phil Diskin [ Sid ], Elizabeth Storm [ Marion Douglas ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    Doug and Carrie are invited to her boss's cocktail party to try to impress a client. Doug manages to come after working double shifts by not eating anything during the day. Once Doug finds out that there is no food at the party, he embarrasses Carrie numerous times to try to find food. Meanwhile, Arthur and Spence are trying to plan a new business with an idea, but run into trouble at the drawing table.

    b: 5 Apr 99 pc: 115 w: Tony Sheeman d: Rob Schiller
  22. "Time Share"
    gs: Bryan Cranston [ Tim ], Dee Dee Rescher [ Dorothy ]

    rc: Richie, Spence

    Carrie has visions of surf and sand dancing in her head when she learns the neighbors, who have a vacation time-share in the Hamptons, are splitting up. She pushes Doug to buddy up to the husband and also wants Richie to date the wife in hopes of getting a summertime ticket out of Queens. But the Heffernans' new friends are soon grating on them like beach sand.

    b: 26 Apr 99 pc: 122 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith, David Bickel s: Nancy Cohen d: Rob Schiller
  23. "Where's Poppa"
    gs: Angelo Pagan [ Customer ], Bill Cosby [ Hilton Lucas ], Mookie Barker [ Doctor ]

    rc: Danny, Richie

    Doug and Carrie can't get a moment's peace with Arthur always hanging around the house, so Doug gets fed up and convinces his cousin Danny to take Arthur for the weekend and put him to work in his pizza restaurant. But Carrie and Doug's day of romance wasn't what they had expected. At the end of the show, Doug gets hit on the head by a foul ball at a game and ends up in Dr. John Becker's waiting room where he meets Hilton Lucas.

    b: 3 May 99 pc: 121 w: Kevin James, Rock Reuben, Gary Valentine d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Guest star Gary Valetine is the real-life brother of Kevin James. Bill Cosby was on the show because of CBS's Crossover Monday. Kevin James appeared in an episode of Becker that night.
  24. "Art House"
    gs: Ford Rainey [ Mickey ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon, Richie

    Doug's patience with Arthur's eccentricities is rapidly eroding, especially after Arthur almost gets Doug fired for using his IPS truck to move furniture. In a rage, Doug tells Arthur how he really feels about his insane behavior. So, Arthur moves out and gets his own apartment and Doug gets his basement back and all is well ... for a while, anyway.

    b: 10 May 99 pc: 124 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
  25. "Maybe Baby"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly ], Nadia Dajani [ Sophia ], Lyn A. Henderson [ Nicki ], Troy T. Blendell [ John ], David Moreland [ Doctor ], Philip Bolden [ Kirby ]

    rc: Deacon

    After Carrie finds Doug to be very playful with children, both contemplate having a baby. Both change their minds and have "cold feet" about the decision throughout the episode. Doug asks Arthur for advice, which leads to a flashback sequence to the day Carrie was born -- only to reveal their was a big fight he had with his wife during the delivery.

    b: 17 May 99 pc: 123 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: After good ratings and reviews, the series was renewed for the 1999-2002 Season. The show is expected to start off Monday night by moving to 8 p.m.

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    2nd Season 1999

  26. "Queasy Rider"
    gs: Don Harvey [ Dirk ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Doug starts to find out more about married life after Carrie disagrees with him on buying a motorcycle. Even with Carrie's decision, Doug buys the motorcycle, which causes a huge fight. Now, Carrie starts to smoke to try to get Doug ticked off after he finds out that his motorcycle is useless. Meanwhile, Arthur starts to embellish on his resume to find a job. After he was denied the job in Pediatrics at the hospital, he was given the job at the pretzel store.

    b: 20 Sep 99 pc: 201 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Some items to update on the 2nd season: For some unknown reason, Lisa Rieffel has been added off of the casting list. The show has moved to the 8:00 Eastern Time slot to start off the "Comedy Broadcasting System." The preceding show Ladies Man features Sharon Lawrence who with Leah Remini, was on Fired Up and also transferred from NBC. With Everybody Loves Raymond the night is filled with three straight husband-family comedies.
  27. "Female Problems"
    gs: Myndy Crist [ Jessica ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    When Carrie becomes friends with a new neighbor, Doug starts to feel left out and becomes an annoyance. The only time Doug can be with Carrie is when she is shopping for clothes at the mall.

    b: 27 Sep 99 pc: 202 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  28. "Assaulted Nuts"
    gs: Jeanine Jackson [ Rhonda ], Lillian Hurst [ Maria ], Nelson Mashnta [ Dr. Churnin ], Mason Canter [ Pete ], Brian Paul Stuart [ Orderly ]

    rc: Deacon

    Doug tries to get out of going to the bank with Carrie, by claiming that he is very busy at work. While goofing around at work, he accidentally fired a staple to a place where "no staple has gone before". Now Doug has to keep his painful secret to Carrie, which makes the situation even worser.

    b: 4 Oct 99 pc: 203 w: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller
  29. "Parent Trapped"
    gs: Merrin Dungley [ Kelly ], Frantz Turner [ Bill Gillard ], Joe Marinelli [ Neal ], Jeremy Guskin [ Kenny ], Al White [ Reverend Brown ], Manu Intiraym [ Zack ], Nancy Lee [ Rita ], Philip Bolden [ Kirby ], Seth Menachem [ Tony ]

    rc: Deacon

    Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to be the godparents of their new baby. The responsibility is to great for them so Doug and Carrie refuse. Joy turns to guilt so Doug and Carrie tries to get their offer back during the ceremony. Arthur is put in charge of the pretzel stand, which leads to his confrontation with the youths.

    b: 11 Oct 99 pc: 204 w: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller
  30. "Tube Stakes"
    gs: Marv Albert [ Voice of Himself ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    The big screen television is stolen after Carrie forgets to close the garage door. Until Doug forgives her, he and Carrie are in an awkward situation when they have to talk to each other. To make it even worse, Arthur can't forgive Carrie for destroying his record fifteen years ago. By the way at the end, take a look at Arthur's great exercise dance.

    b: 18 Oct 99 pc: 207 w: Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller
  31. "Doug Out"
    gs: Sandy Marks [ Refreshment Guy ], Richie Minervini [ Security Guard #1 ], James Wong [ Security Guard #2 ], Rock Reuben [ Drunk Guy ], Barbara Savage [ Waitress ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Doug and Carrie are caught imitating Arthur behind his back. Doug decides to give Arthur a ticket (Ticket in which Sepnce and Richie were fighting over) to a New York Mets game, in which Doug won being named IPS Driver of the Month. Trying to gain Arthur's respect, Carrie is caught fighting with a refreshment guy, and Doug is arrested trying to catch a foul ball on the field. Eventually, Arthur has to bail out Doug and Carrie at the stadium jail.

    b: 25 Oct 99 pc: 206 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: This show was shot on location at Shea Stadium, New York.
  32. "Get Away"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley ], Bill Willy [ Burt ]

    rc: Deacon

    Carrie and Doug take a weekend trip with Deacon and Kelly for their anniversary. When assigned adjoining rooms at the hotel, the Heffernan's quickly learn that their best friends have a very active sex life. Suddenly Doug and Carrie feel inadequate and although they try, they simply can't keep up with their more active friends.

    b: 1 Nov 99 pc: 208 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: The show now has a new title and theme song, "Maybe All My Life I Will Be Driving Home To You," performed by Billy Vera and The Beaters.
  33. "Dire Strayts"
    gs: Ray Romano [ Ray Barone ], Patricia Heaton [ Debra Barone ], Robert Brooks [ Chenz ], Jason Packam [ Eric ]

    rc: Richie

    Doug and Carrie invite Ray and Debra Barone ("Everybody Loves Raymond") to their house for dinner. After the party, Doug and Ray have to try to get the wives to talk to each other so they could watch sports without them. The wives finally have something in common when they talk about their husbands. It may be an easy plan to watch sports until Doug is caught stuck in the ceiling fixing the television wires and Ray's back going out.

    b: 8 Nov 99 pc: 205 w: Rock Reuben, Gary Valentine s: Kevin James d: Rob Schiller
  34. "I, Candy"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly ], Idalias Deleon [ Jill ]

    rc: Deacon

    When a beautiful new waitress flirts with Doug, he starts to be wear nice clothes and cologne. Carrie is starting to wonder what is happening to him and tries to find out more about the waitress. Doug finds out that the waitress stops flirting with him after she finds out he is married.

    b: 15 Nov 99 pc: 210 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  35. "Roamin' Holiday"
    gs: Ben Bode [ Friend #1 ], Melissa Samuels [ Friend #2 ]

    rc: Spence, Richie

    Doug invites Spence over to his house to try to get away from Carrie's irritating friends for Thanksgiving. Doug plans to keep Spence for a long time until he finds a new place. Now Doug has to find excuses to both Carrie and Spence why it is taking a long time to go apartment hunting.

    b: 22 Nov 99 pc: 209 w: David Bickel, Ben Wexler d: Rob Schiller
  36. "Sparing Carrie"
    gs: Robert Klein [ Bruce Degner ], Kymberly Kalil [ Annette ], Ellen Ratner [ Pam ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Financial problems have forced Doug's bowling team to win the next game, since the sponsor has changed owners. Carrie is the only bowler who cannot perform as well as the team so Doug has to try to get her to improve her performance or kick her off the team.

    b: 29 Nov 99 pc: 211 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  37. "Net Prophets"

    Doug receives a Christmas bonus of $3,000 and Carrie wants to invest it in a new Internet stock. The stock immediately gains but loses the next few days and cuts their bonus worth in half. Arthur is competing with the neighbors across the street on the biggest yard decoration. Throughout the episode, the stock goes up and down which changes the moods and hopes of everyone. Only Arthur could bring the house together and the real meaning of Christmas.

    b: 13 Dec 99 pc: 212 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: After the airing of this episode, viewers could go online at the show's CBS web site and play "Net Prophets," a stock-market "roller coaster" game just like the episode.
  38. "Party Favor"
    gs: Jon Manfrellotti [ Granni ], Maria Dubious [ Eva ], Marie Delprete [ Camaro Epstein ], Mookie Barker [ Klaus ], Billy Beck [ Joe ], Bas Ritter [ Emil ], Mia Drake [ Waitress ]

    rc: Danny

    Doug finds out that his cousin is getting married so Carrie convinces Doug to be the best man. The only unusual thing is that she will help him organize the bachelor party.

    b: 10 Jan 99 pc: 215 w: Kevin James, Gary Valentine s: Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller
  39. "Block Buster"
    gs: Pat Fin [ Tom Busterman ], Billy Gardell [ Billy Kelner ], Mookie Barker [ Coach Prudente ], Jason Beck [ Derrick Breadmax ], Mauricie Mendoza [ Michael Cedeno ], Andy Mackenzie [ Bill Dioyer ]

    rc: Spence

    Doug invites his old football teammates to remember the big game. Doug's memory of the winning touchdown play does not match the memory of his old teammates. Meanwhile, Spence tries to get revenge on what the football players did to him back in high school.

    b: 17 Jan 99 pc: 213 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
  40. "Frozen Pop"

    When the weather outside is frightful, Arthur moves into Carrie's upstairs office, which is right next to their bedroom. Once Arthur starts to bug Carrie and Doug, they decide to wait until Arthur moves back down to the basement when the temperature heats up. Though when the weather begins to warm up, Arthur thinks his move to the office is permanent.

    b: 24 Jan 99 pc: 214 w: Ben Werler d: Rob Schiller
  41. "Fair Game"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly ], Sandra Taylor [ Donna ], Madirim Lanc [ Young Carrie ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Doug catches Carrie cheating when they are playing board games with their friends. Once Carrie does it again, they both try to find out how Carrie started cheating. They trace it back to an incident with her father playing Sorry.

    b: 7 Feb 99 pc: 216 w: Marc C. Sedaka d: Rob Schiller
  42. "Meet By-Product"
    gs: Kara Zediker [ Lynn ], Laura Otis [ Nicky ], Jason Packham [ Patron ], Donny Osmond [ Himself ]

    rc: Richie

    Doug and Carrie remember the time when they first met. Doug was a bouncer at a club and Carrie was dating Richie, who was Doug's roommate. Although both find each other annoying at first, they do find that opposites attract. Donny Osmond makes a special appearance by being rejected by Doug to go into the club.

    b: 14 Feb 00 pc: 218 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
  43. "The Shmenkmans"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley ], Elisa Taylor [ Abby ], Tina Morasco [ Kim ], Bob Kirsh [ Gary ], Michael Caldwell [ Waiter ], Marc Goldsmith [ Russ ], Philip Bolden [ Kirby ], Sean O' Bryan [ Marc ]

    rc: Deacon

    Doug and Carrie meet new friends without children as opposed to their other friends Deacon and Kelley, who have children. After a mix-up of schedules, all of their friends are invited to Doug and Carrie's house for brunch, but after brunch, Doug and Carrie find themselves without any friends. Meanwhile, Arthur orders a package of his old cereal called Sgt. Salty and invites Doug to taste the salty breakfast treat.

    b: 21 Feb 00 pc: 217 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Tonight was David Letterman's return to CBS after surgery; once again, they called the night "MonDave". Throughout the night, Kevin James and Ray Romano talked about their appearances on the "Late Show with David Letterman."
  44. "Surprise Artie"
    gs: Harold Gould [ Irv ], Edith Fields [ Mrs. Hanley ], Jason Peck [ Waiter ], Trson Bean [ Carl Tepper ]

    Arthur is turning 75 years young, and Carrie decides to have a surprise party for him. Doug has to keep Arthur occupied while she sets up the party. After an argument at a buffet, Doug can't find Arthur. While Carrie looks for Arthur, Doug entertains Arthur's friends who all find out about Arthur's mysterious past.

    b: 28 Feb 00 pc: 220 w: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller
  45. "Wild Cards"
    gs: Gregory White [ Mr. Berenson ], Dom Magwili [ Manny ], Mary Margaret Lewis [ Mary ], Ralphy Ahn [ Foreign Man ]

    rc: Deacon

    After delivering a package early, Doug and Deacon go to Atlantic City to gamble in which Doug losses a lot of money. While Doug is away, Carrie is with her father at a musical in which Arthur starts to bother her.

    b: 6 Mar 00 pc: 219 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
  46. "Big Dougie"
    gs: Alex Skuby [ Lawyer Doug ], Brendon Ryan Barrett [ Jason ], Andrew McFarlane [ Eddie ], Hugh Holub [ George ], Cindy Lu [ Barbara ], Daryl Keith Roach [ Announcer ], Brady Corbet [ Stu ]

    rc: Deacon

    Following in the footsteps of Deacon, Doug signs up to become a Big Brother. After a terrible afternoon with Jason, Doug decides to run a 10K to support Heart Disease, since Jason's father died of the disease. Doug tries to "push the limit" as he runs the long race. Meanwhile, Carrie mistakenly tells another man named Doug that she loves him.

    b: 17 Apr 00 pc: 221 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith s: Ben Wexler d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: For the past two months, the King of Queens has been showing reruns, because of specials like the NCAA basketball tournament. Due to the numerous amounts of episodes, CBS shows the replays before and after the basketball games back to back with "Raymond". After the college basketball finals ended, CBS announced that the show, along with "Raymond" and "Becker" has been renewed for next season.
  47. "Soft Touch"
    gs: Bryan Cranston [ Tim ], Dee Dee Rescher [ Dorothy ], Ford Rainey [ Mickey ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon, Danny

    After a meeting with the neighbors, Doug is lured into his neighbor's pyramid scheme to sell water filters. Doug decides to get his money's worth by convincing Arthur to join selling the filters to family, friends, and strangers. After not getting one sale and finding out the filters don't work, Doug demands his money back only to find out that the neighbors are gone.

    b: 1 May 00 pc: 222 w: ______________ d: ______________

    NOTE: The show was part of the "Neighbors from Hell" lineup devoting all the evening's shows to neighbors. Also, this episode was dedicated to Howard Weiss.
  48. "Restaurant Row"
    gs: Cosimo Camale [ Carlo ], Nino Del Prete [ Antonio ], Mookie Barker [ Locksmith ]

    rc: Deacon

    Doug invites Carrie to his favorite Italian restaurant but Carrie thinks that the service is rude. So, Carrie forbids Doug to eat at the restaurant again. Doug ignores Carrie's wishes and goes back for lunch with Deacon and "gets more than he bargained for." When Doug gets back, he is belly rubbed by Arthur who happens to be complaining about a PBS fundraising gift.

    b: 8 May 00 pc: 223 w: Ilana Werlick d: Rob Schiller
  49. "Flower Power"
    gs: Melissa Chan [ Kim ], Christine Gonzales [ Amy ], Michael Blieden [ John ], Cynthia Szigeti [ Florist ], Mookie Barker [ Mookie ]

    rc: Spence, Richie, Deacon

    Arthur is called up to serve the country for jury duty and evaluates what to decide on the case, if he ever does. Carrie starts to think that Doug has lost his romantic side after recalling all the presents Doug has given her over the years. Doug tries to become more romantic but Carrie is still not satisfied.

    b: 15 May 00 pc: 225 w: Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller
  50. "Whine Country"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly ], Eric Keenleyside [ Roger ], Dan Desmond [ R.Y. Bob ], Tyler Hendrickson [ Young Doug ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    Doug and Carrie cannot decide on where they want to go on vacation. Carrie wants to go to Paris and Doug wants to travel and rent an R.V. because of his childhood memories. After deciding by flipping a coin, the family will go on the motor home, but Carrie invites Arthur and Doug invites Spence. Now when Doug and Carrie do not want the others on their vacation, the group must decide who will go on vacation. Shall we flip the coin again?

    b: 22 May 00 pc: 224 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: After its second season, the show has produced numerous amounts of episodes and still scoring high in ratings even after the tough competition year (a.k.a. ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire). The show is usually in the top 25 in ratings and has not been pulled from the Monday night lineup. Even though, Cosby and Ladies Man were cancelled in April, CBS made an agreement to renew the show along with the rest of the Monday night lineup, Becker and Everybody Loves Raymond.

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    3rd Season 2000

  51. "Do Rico"
    gs: Ford Rainey [ Mickey ], Angelo Pagan [ Rico ], Alex Dodd [ Sanjib ], Marie Caldare [ Francesca ], Ossie Mair [ Sanjib's Father ]

    rc: Deacon

    After reading a book, Arthur wants to chronicle his own life story, but tries to search for someone to write it for him. Doug imitates the accent of a hot new guy from work named Rico. Doug's imitation turns on Carrie, but finds out it is the only way to excite Carrie.

    b: 2 Oct 00 pc: 303 w: Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa d: Rob Schiller
  52. "Roast Chicken"
    gs: Tom Amandes [ Les Fisker ], Carol Ann Susi [ Ms. Deluca ], David Stenstrom [ Bill Davies ]

    rc: Deacon

    Even though Doug does not want to stand out with the crowd, Carrie convinces Doug to write a funny and thoughtful card to the head of Arthur's company who celebrates 20 years of service. Because of the being the only one who gave a card, Doug is roped into roasting the head of the company, a man he hardly knows, at the banquet. With some help with Arthur and Carrie, Doug manages to pull off the event but with one huge misstep.

    b: 9 Oct 00 pc: 302 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
  53. "Fatty McButterpants"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly Palmer ], Rey Gallego [ Unknown ]

    Doug, disheartened to learn that Carrie purchases his clothes from the "Big and Tall" shop, vows to lose 30 pounds. In an effort to support him, Carrie agrees to wear less makeup. Doug convinces Carrie her forehead is too big and her laugh and accent are annoying, all in an attempt to steer her away from the fact that he is "Fatty McButterPants". She spends most of the episode trying to "fix" her shortcomings and Doug begins to feel like a total heel. In the end he explains that all the things he told her were a misguided attempt to get her to feel as bad about herself as he feels about himself.

    b: 16 Oct 00 pc: 301 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Thanks to Brian Walker for providing this episode summary.
  54. "Class Struggle"
    gs: Ricki Lake [ Stephanie ], Melissa Marsala [ Kira ], Jennifer Tung [ Laura-Beth ], Maura Vincent [ Shelli ], Deborah Ostrowsky [ Woman ], Ari Green [ Rohit ]

    Carrie decides to return to college and realizes that she has no time to study and work. Doug turns to playing the guitar to occupy his time, which does not work out as well. To try to help him adjust to Carrie's absence, his sister Stephanie comes to tell him to help Carrie. So Doug helps Carrie with her late paper by running across campus to try to make the deadline.

    b: 23 Oct 00 pc: 307 w: Ilana Wernick, David Litt d: Jeff Melman

    NOTE: Ricki Lake debuts in her first of recurring guest-starring roles.
  55. "Strike One"
    gs: Fred Stiller [ Employee V.O. ], James Micheal Connor [ Marty ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    With a unfortunate incident at the drive-thru, Doug buys a truck without Carrie's knowledge. Meanwhile Deacon reports that their delivery company IPS rejects the worker's contract. When the union goes on strike, Doug starts to save every penny, even if it leads to an uncomfortable way of living.

    b: 30 Oct 00 pc: 304 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
  56. "Strike Too"
    gs: Ricki Lake [ Stephanie ], Al Pugliese [ Mr. Vosk ], Michael Yavnieli [ Delivery Guy ], Rachel Duncan [ Liz ], Jerry Ferrara [ Joey ], Kimi Reichenberg [ Samantha ], Eric "Ty" Hodges [ Ron ], Bobby Divito [ Janitor ], Larry Newman [ Teacher ]

    It's day two of the IPS workers strike and Doug becomes miserable with the fact that he is not working. So he becomes a substitute teacher at his sister Stephanie's high school. Only Doug takes his dreadful job too seriously.

    b: 6 Nov 00 pc: 305 w: David Bickel d: Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
  57. "Strike Out"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly Palmer ], Steven Houska [ Host ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ]

    rc: Deacon

    Both Doug and Deacon are tired, sluggish, and are annoying their wives because of the three-week strike. So Carrie and Kelly decide to organize a "play date" for Doug, Deacon, and Arthur. The idea made them closer friends, but after they "hit the streets" they become rude, gambling men. But when the strike is over, Arthur becomes the lonely member because Doug and Deacon go back to work.

    b: 13 Nov 00 pc: 306 w: Nick Bakay d: Lenny Garner
  58. "Dark Meet"
    gs: Florence Henderson [ Lily ], Merrin Dungey [ Kelly Palmer ], Madison Lane [ Young Carrie ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Jasmin Wynd [ Kimiko ], Derek Luke [ Delivery Man ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence

    After a great Thanksgiving, Doug and Carrie tries to recall their first Thanksgiving together who said, "I Love You" first. They consult Arthur who quickly recalls some other Thanksgivings and finally recalls 1993 when he was having a fight with his new wife Lily. When Doug arrives to the house to meet Carrie's family, Carrie, ashamed of her family, runs off and leaves Doug to have a dinner with each parent one at a time. Even though he physically engraves and rebuffs the bowling balls, Arthur criticizes Doug's job at IPS to be replaced by a robot in the near future. When Carrie comes back, they both express their love for each other as Arthur proclaims that her relationship with Doug will not last.

    b: 20 Nov 00 pc: 308 w: Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller
  59. "Twisted Sitters"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ]

    rc: Deacon

    Carrie and Doug volunteer to take care of Kelley and Deacon's kids while they can attend a funeral. After the first day of watching the children, Doug and Carrie enjoy an intimate celebration, but find out that one the children walked in on them. When the parents come back, Carrie and Doug try to stop the child from telling what he saw.

    b: 27 Nov 00 pc: 310 w: Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Surprise Ratings Update: With the show appearing in the last week of November ratings, it lead off the night to a 9.6 rating/14 share, which translates to 9,788,000 views and 20th rank for the week. Later in the night "Becker" was 9th rank and the biggest surprise, "Everybody Loves Raymond" received 3rd place, one hundred thousand less than Monday Night Football, and overall, beating all four nights of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and most NBC award-winning shows.
  60. "Work Related"
    gs: Dom Irrera [ Spero Demopolous ], Alex Scuby [ Pruzan ], Melissa Chan [ Kim ], Michael Blieden [ John ], Michael Sorce [ Mike ]

    rc: Deacon

    Arthur decides to be more of a part of Carrie's company by working part-time in their senior citizen program. Concerned about her father, Carrie becomes concerned that her father would humiliate her. Meanwhile, Doug and Deacon try to one up each other with their practical jokes while competing for a place in their company's calendar.

    b: 4 Dec 00 pc: 309 w: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Since Arthur recalls being heckled by his father while singing a special hymn when he was young, Arthur starts to sing while he's in the elevator at the end of the episode.
  61. "Better Camera"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley ], Lou Ferrigno [ Himself ], Alex Skuby [ Pruzan ], Ricki Lake [ Stephanie ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Miguel Marcott [ Salesman ], Christine Gonzales [ Amy ], Michael Blieden [ John ]

    rc: Deacon

    It's an interesting Christmas full of fighting. Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk) moves next door and Arthur vows to get Lou to read his own script. Doug and Deacon buy cameras for their wives but Deacon buys one that is cheaper. Carrie finds out Doug's present and so they agree to use it at the office party where the boss gives her a gift of a better camera. Carrie thinks that Doug is offended when he buys her another present of a horrible sweater. Carrie then gives Doug's camera to Merrin who finds out that her husband Deacon bought her a cheaper gift.

    b: 11 Dec 00 pc: 311 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: This week the show aired after the last CBS showing of the annual 1969 classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and as well as the last of the Peanuts animation on the network. Even though Charles Schulz, who recently departed after ending the Peanuts strip, wanted the strip to be retired, ABC bought the broadcasting rights to it. Kevin James has been announced as host of the 27th Annual People's Choice Awards on January 7th.
  62. "Wedding Presence"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley ], Eliza Coyle [ Lisa ], Michael Fairman [ Harold ], Jeff Witzke [ Scott ], Tom Chick [ Guy ], Michael Blieden [ John ], Davis Mikaels [ Bart ], Daniel Passer [ Photographer ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence

    Doug and Carrie, who must attend a friend's Maryland wedding, decide to RSVP, not go, and claim that they were there. Doug tells Deacon and Kelley to try to make it seem like they were there, only to find out that Deacon and Kelley won't be attending the wedding. Now they have to make a mad rush to the wedding to try to be seen before the couple leaves. Meanwhile Arthur plans a scheme in which Spence has to pretend that he is Arthur's son. Arthur takes the plan to far as emotions come out at the end of the show.

    b: 8 Jan 01 pc: 312 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: First timers Kevin James's hosting and Leah Remini presenting an award at the People's Choice Awards was a success. Kevin's humor along with numerous fans yelling from the balcony at stars "thanking the people," made this the best award show I have seen in a long time, better than the Oscars and Emmys. Some sources have mentioned that Kevin James, Leah Remini, and the show itself has been nominated for a TV Guide award.
  63. "Hi-Def Jam"
    gs: Alex Skuby [ Pruzan ], Lou Ferrigno [ Himself ], Nancy Cassaro [ Mrs. Horowitz ], Paul Willson [ Sales Guy ], Dick Enberg [ Himself ], Ricki Lake [ Stephanie ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    Super Bowl Sunday is coming and Doug wants to watch the game in fabulous High Definition Television (HDTV). Regardless of the 55" television in the garage, Doug, along with Deacon try to buy the TV and return it. After the plan fails, Doug tries to set his sister Stephanie with Carrie's boss so they could watch the game on his television. But when Stephanie dumps him before kickoff, the boss breaks remote to the TV and Doug is left unhappy as the gang adapts by watching Phantom of the Opera. Lou Ferrigno returns as part of the neighborhood gang and Dick Enberg's voice is heard on the television.

    b: 29 Jan 00 pc: 315 w: David Bickel, Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Here on CBS, "The King of Queens" is always broadcasted in HDTV. Airing the day after Super Bowl XXXV on CBS (New York Giants loss), the show was a "Super Monday" lineup, which featured shows with a football appearance or theme.
  64. "Paint Misbehavin'"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley ], Ricki Lake [ Stephanie ], Eric Roberts [ Jack Strohmeyer ], Bobby Divito [ Louis ], Katie Layman [ Mrs. Strohmeyer ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence, Richie, Danny

    Deacon's birthday has everyone in the show playing paintball. But before the war, Carrie confesses her attraction toward Deacon to Doug. With Richie going after Stephanie and Spence left out, it turns out to be one great war with Doug defending his true love in the end.

    b: 5 Feb 01 pc: 314 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: The show is also being aired on Wednesday night to replace "Welcome to New York" for the February sweeps.
  65. "Deacon Blues"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley Palmer ], Peter James Smith [ Joe ], Patricia McBride [ Angie ]

    rc: Deacon

    Doug finds out that Deacon has been lying to his wife Kelley about a relationship with an old friend. When Kelley puts Deacon on the street with no shoes, Doug and Carrie start to fight about the Palmer's marriage and their different views on "cheating." At the beginning and end of the show, Arthur and Doug play the phone answering machine war.

    b: 12 Feb 01 pc: 316 w: David Litt, Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
  66. "Horizontal Hold"
    gs: Pamela Gorden [ Judi ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence

    Doug and Kelly's separation leads to Carrie to read a magazine about marriage. Now Carrie believes that she and Doug have to stop their physical romance and start a relationship based on communication. Meanwhile, Deacon lives with Spence and starts to take advantage of Spence's generosity. Arthur starts to date a woman who knew Frank Sinatra.

    b: 19 Feb 01 pc: 317 w: Jaime Widdoes d: Ilana Wernick, David Bickel

    NOTE: This episode was aired against NBC's sudden airing of three hours of comedy shows replays of "Friends", "Frasier", and "Will and Grace". It seems someone is losing the "Friends" - "Survivor II" battle of Thursday Night.
  67. "Inner Tube"
    gs: Peter Bergman [ Jack ], Melody Thomas Scott [ Nikki ], Scott Reeves [ Ryan ], Pat Sajak [ Himself ], Vanna White , [ Herself ], Jimmy Shubert [ Jimmy ]

    rc: Deacon

    After lying to Carrie about going to work when in reality playing mud football, Doug becomes sick and dreams of being in numerous television shows with Arthur, Carrie and Deacon. First he becomes Jack Abbott on the "Honeymooners," then a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune." An appearance on a cartoon show, "Brian's Song," and "The Young and the Restless," make Doug realize his guilt as he tries to tell Carrie the truth. At the end, Doug's truth does not turn out to be like the ending he dreamed on "The Honeymooners"

    b: 26 Feb 01 pc: 320 w: Kevin James , Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: With the use of costumes, the cast could easily fulfill any of the characters they portrayed.
  68. "Papa Pill"
    gs: Ford Rainey [ Mickey ], J.J. Johnson [ Chick ], Pamela Gordon [ Enid ]

    Carrie tires to encourage Arthur to go to weekly theme dances at the local senior center, but after a few weeks, Arthur wants to go to a club instead. When Doug let him go Arthur starts drinking and now Carrie is relieved of duty when Doug takes care of "freedom" Arthur. After running errands all day, Doug tries to get Arthur to take his own medicine, but instead becomes drugged up and sees numerous colors when he was tricked into eating Arthur's medicine.

    b: 19 Mar 01 pc: 313 w: Nick Bakay d: Rob Schiller
  69. "Package Deal"
    gs: Lou Ferrigno [ Himself ], Craig Anion [ Mitch ], Sam McMurray [ Supervisor O'Boyle ], Michael Yavnieli [ Joe ], Steve Mosko [ Mosko ]

    rc: Deacon

    Feeling neglected over his hard work by not getting a better zone, Doug quits his job at IPS for FedEx. Doug finds out that the job at FedEx is not offered directly to him. So Doug gets a job as a metro courier that offers good pay and hours. Meanwhile, Carrie starts to begin using a tanning lotion that Lou uses. While Carrie goes overboard, Doug's job involves him bicycling around town through traffic with a whistle along with the fact that someone stole his bike seat. He successfully gets his job back at IPS along with an award for his years of hard work.

    b: 9 Apr 01 pc: 318 w: Marc Sedaka d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: I forgot to tape this episode because I went to see family in Queens, New York! (Forrest Hills to be exact, Ray Romano's home town!) It's a great NYC burrow with numerous tiny local stores and brick houses. I traveled on the Queensboro Bridge! Fortunately, CBS re-aired the episode for the summer, which includes some funny flubs at the end.

  70. "Separation Anxiety"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley Palmer ], Joseph C. Phillips [ Bill ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Andre Canty [ Mickey ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence

    Kelley and Deacon have another fight because he doesn't want to go to counseling. When Kelly joins Doug and Carrie to see a movie, she meets Bill who works at Carrie's building. At the end of the night, Bill gives Carrie his number to give to Kelley, Doug and Carrie fight over whether to let them go out. With Spence becoming the "temporary mother" of Deacon's children, jealous Deacon forces Doug to interrupt the date and tell Kelley how he really feels.

    b: 16 Apr 01 pc: 319 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Andrew Susskind
  71. "Departure Time"
    gs: Ricki Lake [ Stephanie ], Dakin Matthews [ Joe ], Jenny O' Hara [ Janet ], J.P. Manoux [ Clerk ], Roger Eshbacher [ Father ], Tyler Hendrickson [ Young Doug ], Jason Packman [ Ticket Agent ]

    Doug meets his parents at the airport as they are at a layover. Arthur feels that he gets no regard and takes a simple gift as an insult. As Arthur finds gifts, Doug is given the task to sign his parent's living will. As he refuses, Stephanie becomes angry for not giving the option to sign and Carrie tries to get the parents back in the air because of a manicure appointment.

    b: 30 Apr 01 pc: 321 w: Nick Bakay d: Rob Schiller
  72. "Swim Neighbors"
    gs: Bryan Cranston [ Tim ], Dee Dee Rescher [ Dorothy ], Alex Skuby [ Pruzan ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    Doug and Carrie meet the neighbors after a hurricane destroys both of their backyards. Carrie breaks their hearts by telling the truth and rejects the idea of a combined backyard. So the neighbors retaliate by disrupting their privacy by making an aboveground pool in a small space. But as Carrie tries to mount a lawsuit, Doug can't deny the temptation and joins the other side. But before the pool goes down, Carrie takes a quick swim and later, Doug tries to enjoy the lawn sprinkler.

    b: 7 May 01 pc: 322 w: David Bickel, Ilana Wernick d: Henry Chan
  73. "S'no Job"
    gs: Gavin MacLeod [ Uncle Stu ], Sam McMurray [ O'Boyle ], Jenny O'Hara [ Nancy Heffernan ]

    rc: Danny

    Doug's cousin Danny has lost his job and wife and is pressured by Uncle Stu to get a job. Doug is also pressured to getting a job at IPS for Danny. Doug gets the interview, but tells the boss in advance to not hire him. When Danny fails, Uncle Stu starts a fight and Doug regrets what he did and allows the boss to fire him. But when Danny quits, Doug uses his strength to stop him from leaving. Arthur takes a part in a focus group for a teenage film and completes a detail analysis only to find out that it was not necessary. When the movie is shown, Arthur expresses his comments, briefly, to the public.

    b: 14 May 01 pc: 323 w: Tony Sheehan, Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller
  74. "Pregnant Pause (1)"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley Palmer ], Sam McMurray [ Supervisor O'Boyle ], Gregory White [ Mr. Berenson ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence

    This turbulent episode begins when Arthur spends a lot of time in the house's only bathroom and requests a one in the basement. Carrie starts to feels sick and, from a pregnancy test, learns that she is pregnant. Because Carrie imagines a baby resembling Doug, Carrie tells Arthur and promises not to tell Doug, but Arthur tells Doug to come to Carrie's work as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Spence become worried when Deacon stays out late with Kelley. Regardless of Carrie's disappointment, Doug finally finds out but becomes very supportive.

    b: 21 May 01 pc: 324 w: Michael Weithorn, David Litt d: Rob Schiller
  75. "Pregnant Pause (2)"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelley Palmer ], Nicole Sullivan [ Marilyn ], Michael Corbett [ Executive ], David Manis [ Dr. Linhardt ], George Ives [ Manin Lirro ], Pamela Kosh [ Woman in Limo ], Sue Nelson [ Receptionist ], Chaz Wolcott [ 12 Year Old Arthur ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence

    To support the financial situation of a new baby and a new bathroom, Doug gets a limo job and meets some interesting people. Carrie meets Marilyn who sells more than everything that a baby should need. With Carrie asking more money, Arthur wanting the bathroom done, along with the loss of sleep and food, Doug visits Carrie at the doctor and faints, twice. Doug expresses his concern with Carrie and learn that they will be both supportive. Meanwhile, Deacon resolves his problems with Kelley and Spence starts to miss the company of Deacon. With the bathroom finally done, Doug starts to buy more baby items but learns to find out by the doctor that Carrie loses the baby.

    b: 21 May 01 pc: 325 w: Michael Weithorn, David Litt d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Specific cast listings may be switched because this two part season finale was aired as one full hour.

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    4th Season 2001

  76. "Walk, Man"
    gs: Bobby Divito [ Leonard ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon, Holly

    Doug hire Spence's dog walker, Holly, to walk Arthur three times a week so that he could spend more time with Carrie. Instead of spending time with Doug, she finds other activities during the free time. While being entertained by the World War II stories of Arthur, Holly does not want to talk Spence's dog. Spence becomes mad and tells Arthur what is going on. Arthur really becomes a dog, but Holly is still interested in him.

    b: 24 Sep 01 pc: 402 w: Michael Weithorn d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: The season premiere of the show surprisingly beat the new game show competition, thus winning the time slot. King was ranked #20 in the week with 10,619,000 viewers, winning over NBC's "Weakest Link" and ABC's "Millionaire." Nicole Sullivan of "Mad TV" is back as another character, but could be a recurring one during the season.
  77. "Sight Gag"
    gs: Alex Skuby [ Doug Prutan ], Emily Kuroda [ Lily ], Melissa Chan [ Kim ], Christine Gonzales [ Amy ], Julie Mullen [ Receptionist ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon, Danny

    Doug finds out that his gifts to Carrie are not being admired. Carrie goes to the DMV and finds out that she needs glasses to drive. So for her birthday, Doug gives her LASIK eye surgery. But the surgery does not work and Carrie is blind. During her birthday, she is treated as "disabled" by her Arthur and cannot see her presents, friends, and cake. She then finds out that Doug took her to a discount vision place instead of her boss's recommended doctor. Doug is still upset of Carrie's attitude of the present and they both fight until she sees again.

    b: 1 Oct 01 pc: 401 w: Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: It looks like Gary Valentine (Danny), Doug's cousin, has replaced Larry Romano (Richie) in Doug's TV gang.
  78. "Mean Streak"
    gs: Sam McMurray [ O'Boyle ], Steve Robert Wollenby [ Eddie ], Ken Kerman [ Lenny ], Maurice Smith [ Tim the reporter ], "Miss Laura" Hayes [ Mrs. Merriweather ], Steve Yancora [ Duke ], Fred Ornstein [ Luke ], Jason Azikiwe [ Pato ], Will Albert [ Mac ], Anthony Powers [ Roger ], P.J. Marino [ Mover ]

    rc: Deacon, Holly

    Doug is about to break the record at IPS for the most days without accidents or bad deliveries. Unfortunately, breaking the record causes some resentment toward the other drivers including Deacon who claims Doug stopped his streak. So Roger Maris...I mean...Doug Heffernan continues to chase the record by even accomplishing the hardest challenge. When Doug comes back he gets a brief applause and sees his plaque on the wall, even though it is briefly obstructed by a soda machine. After years of hearing Arthur tell stories about every word that is put down, Carrie gets Holly to play Scrabble for Arthur's tournament. When Holly starts to enjoy Arthur's stories, Carrie wonders about herself on why she is always frustrated with the stories. So Carrie tells Holly off, only to find out that she is frustrated again.

    b: 8 Oct 01 pc: 404 w: Michael J. Weithorn, Josh Goldsmith d: James Widdoes

    NOTE: Yesterday, CBS cancelled the Emmy Awards because of the attacks on Afghanistan. Instead, CBS re-aired the season premieres of Raymond and King of Queens in its place.
  79. "Friender Bender"
    gs: Merrin Dungey [ Kelly ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Shannon Burwell [ Waitress ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence

    To watch a movie, Deacon and Doug drive in one car behind Kelly and Carrie. When Deacon distracts Doug when passing a strip joint, Doug smashes into Kelly's car ahead. Kelly gets an estimate of $1181 for the fender bender that Carrie pays for. Doug and Kelly angrily try to find a way to get even with the legal system. After that fails, Carrie decides to put friendship first until she finds a great birthday present for Kirby. Kirby tries to get his invincible babysitter Spence to eat peanuts, which he is allergic to.

    b: 15 Oct 01 pc: 403 w: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller
  80. "No Retreat"
    gs: Alex Scuby [ Doug Pruzan ], Victor Raider-Wexler [ Mr. Kaplan ], Steve O'Connor [ Mr. Richman ], Michael Kostroff [ Mr. Thompson ], Jackie Flynn [ Jimmy ], Jason Tobin [ Delivery Guy ]

    rc: Deacon

    Doug may have great time with his friends, but when he has to go to a Carrie's legal company retreat, he is bored. After a humiliating start, he convinces people that he enjoys mountain climbing. Doug claims that he climbed Mt. Everest, which was from a book that he was supposed to read. Now Doug has to lie to impress Carrie's hopefully future boss. Doug stops the whole act when Carrie decides to extend the vacation by trying to ride back on a horse. When Doug and Carrie come home, they learn that curious Arthur has stained their entire bedroom with soup.

    b: 22 Oct 01 pc: 405 w: Kevin James, Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller
  81. "Tricker Treat"
    gs: Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Randy Kovitz [ Dr. Davis ], Robert Catrini [ Sal ], Mookie Barker [ Mel ], Diana Mizota [ Jean ], Frankie Ryan [ Young Arthur ]

    rc: Deacon

    On Halloween, Doug puts up Halloween decorations to prove that Arthur can not forbid Halloween in the house. When Arthur sees a paper ghost, he suffers a minor heart attack by recalling the harsh times of his father. Doug decides to make it up to him by going to Gabe's Pizzeria and surprising him with lemon ice. Once again, Arthur is frightened again. During Halloween, we see Deacon's son wear a Power Puff Girl's costume, Carrie handle trick-or-treaters while on the phone, and the resemblance of Arthur as a young child.

    b: 29 Oct 01 pc: 407 w: David Bickel d: James Widdoes
  82. "Lyin' Hearted"
    gs: Chris Elliott [ F. Moynihan ], Lenny Wolpe [ Dr. Berger ], Randy Kovitz [ Dr. Davis ], Sharon Madden [ Nurse ]

    When Arthur has heart surgery, Doug meets his delivery customer (Chris Elliot) who is in the hospital. Since Chris paid for his snack, Doug offers his card, which Chris uses as a relative. After finding out that Chris has a twisted colon, Doug accidentally gave a $100 bill in Chris's pocket to repay the snack. Meanwhile, Carrie goes to Arthur's room to bring back items for his stay at the hospital. She finds an acceptance letter from Florida State, which Arthur hid intentionally. Furious, Carrie goes back to the hospital forcing Arthur to tell the truth, only having Arthur confess about another incident in high school, a phone call message that her long time boyfriend called. During the surgery of two people, Doug is trying to think of getting his money back, likewise Carrie wants revenge for the life she never knew she could have had. So, Carrie tries to throw away the presents of the sleeping Arthur. After a fight caused his heart to stop briefly, she guiltily ends up buying more presents. Doug gets caught stealing money and feeling guilty, fulfills Chris's request of visiting some newborn children.

    b: 5 Nov 01 pc: 408 w: Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Sorry for the delay in updating the guide. The past month, I've been watching too much playoff and World Series baseball. How was I supposed to know that the World Series would go to 7 games? During the Game 7, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, and Kevin James were presenters at last night's Emmy awards. According to Kevin, "King of Queens" is also the show known as "one hour till' ...Raymond."
  83. "Life Sentence"
    gs: Frantz Turner [ Bill Gilliard ], Gary Valentine [ Danny ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    Arthur comes back from the hospital only to find that his medication has caused him to fall and be caught in the bathroom. To watch over him from time to time, Doug installs a camera in the basement. Since the picture can be seen on all the screens in the house, Danny, Spence, and Deacon watch the excitement of this "reality show." While discussing life insurance, Doug and Carrie start to quarrel over what should happen to Arthur if Carrie dies. The drama goes to the basement where the friends watch the show.

    b: 12 Nov 01 pc: 410 w: Chris Parrish d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: News Moments: On the day this episode aired, a plane crashed from JFK into the borough of Queens, New York. When the episode began for the West Coast, CBS News flashed a news bulletin at the bottom of the screen with the evening news "music" concerning the event that the Taliban are fleeing Kabul, Afghanistan.
  84. "Veiled Threat"
    gs: Gary Valentine [ Danny ], Dakin Matthews [ Joe Heffernan ], Jenny O'Hara [ Janet Heffernan ], Joe Flaherthy [ Father McAndrew ], Greg Wrangler [ Coach ], Tyler Henderson [ Young Doug ], Andrea Sabesin [ Suzanne ], Jessica Alyce Merrill [ Becky ], Nikki Tyler-Flynn [ Wedding Coordinator ], Vanessa Kinan [ Rita ], Alexa Nikolas [ Young Carrie ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    A piece of their wedding cake creates a flashback episode when Doug and Carrie were married. Six years ago, Carrie constantly vomited before the wedding day until she found out that the priest remembered both of them meeting when they were young. Carrie starts to feel better because of the "fate", but Doug realizes that the person Carrie met was his cousin Danny. As Doug tries to get Carrie to not focus on the story, Arthur can not pay for the wedding and asks Doug's parents to be a silent partner and pay for it, but Arthur goes over board with the cost.

    b: 19 Nov 01 pc: 411 w: Ilana Werick d: Rob Schiller
  85. "Oxy Moron"
    gs: Brandy Lopez [ Elena ], Inny Clemons [ Edwin ], Christine Romero [ Flight Attendant ], Jacqueline Aries [ Silvia ], James Arnold Taylor [ Celebrity Voice Impersonator ]

    rc: Danny, Spence

    A hard airplane landing causes some oxygen masks to drop and Doug immediately puts on his mask instead of giving it to Carrie. So Doug must prove to Carrie that he would save her life. After watching a movie trailer, Doug becomes a hero when he pushes Carrie out of the way of a bus, only to find that the bus is not going that fast. Spence is searching for a new apartment and wants to be the roommate of Danny. Since Danny treats his findings like an audition, Spence finds a beautiful foreign student to live with. When Spence is treated as a friend and not a possible lover, he finally moves in with Danny.

    b: 26 Nov 01 pc: 406 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: This is a perfect connection to establish Danny as a recurring character by having him as Spence's roommate.

    Surprise ratings for the week of Nov 26-Dec. 2 had the CBS special of "Carol Burnett Show" reunion at number one for the week. Since it aired at 10 p.m. on Monday, Raymond came at #2, Becker #6, Yes Dear #17, and King of Queens at #19 tied with E.R.!

  86. "Depo Man"
    gs: Alex Skuby [ Pruzan ], Michael Blieden [ John ], Michael Crider [ Paul ], Rob Evors [ Gas Man ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon, Danny, Holly

    Carrie asks Doug to be an expert witness at her boss's trial. After an embarrassing practice, Doug is told by Carrie to be more serious. When Doug refuses, Carrie has to convince Doug to come back when she finds out the boss loves him. Even though Deacon is rejected three times to take Doug's place, Doug finally testifies, but only for one question. Danny and Spence are having a housewarming party where they meet Holly, the dog walker. To win her over, Danny and Spence both sit with Holly the entire day to stop the other from making a move. Turns out that the gas man they are waiting for is the first to ask Holly out.

    b: 10 Dec 01 pc: 409 w: Chris Downey, Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller
  87. "Ovary Action"
    gs: Dakin Matthews [ Joe Heffernan ], Jenny O'Hara [ Janet Heffernan ], Jane Lynch [ Dr. Foreman ], Christian Conelin [ Scott ], Elyssa D. Vito [ Lainey ]

    rc: Holly

    Its Christmas time and Doug's parents are coming over. The only problem is that Doug and Carrie are trying to conceive because of Carrie's "fertile time." After trying to not tell his parents, Doug finally tells them of the situation and leaves the house for one night. That night, Doug can't perform because he is under pressure by his parents and Arthur. Months later, Doug finally gets the call after seeing some Milano cookies.

    b: 17 Dec 01 pc: 413 w: Richard J. Feinstein d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Entertainment Magazine has named The King of Queens one of the best comedies of the year. Well known episodes that were re-aired for Christmas include "Sight Gag" and "Mean Streak".
  88. "Food Fight"
    gs: Christen Nelson [ Becky ], Michael Kostroff [ Mr. Thompson ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    Spence's new girlfriend from the Culinary Institute, Becky, introduces her food to Doug. Carrie tries to get him to stop eating Becky's food when Doug turns it into a "food affair." Regardless of Carrie trying to get even by jogging with another man, Doug finally admits to Becky's food obsession. He tries to prove to his wife that her food is better, but sees temptation and gets caught in the act....with a salad! Carrie finally puts an end to the affair by threatening both innocent Becky and her weak husband. While fighting, Arthur discovers some famous films he has never seen and gives his first-hand opinion. He praises by Casablanca, scared by Wizard of Oz, and wished George didn't have a Wonderful Life.

    b: 7 Jan 02 pc: 414 w: Chris Downey d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: During commercial, Kevin James promotes his hosting the People's Choice Awards again this Sunday.
  89. "Double Downer"
    gs: Sam McMurray [ Superior O' Boyle ], Angel Pagan [ Rico ], Sam Pancake [ Desk Clerk ], Jam Claire [ Ram ], James Wellington [ Croupier ], Katherine Disque [ Slot Hostess ], Anthony Albana [ Casino Employee ]

    rc: Deacon

    Carrie plans to celebrate the anniversary of their first date with salsa dancing, but Deacon wants them to go to Atlantic City. Carrie caves in and they both go to Atlantic City only to find that Deacon and Kelly could not come. Now, they have to spend a weekend with Doug's lonely boss who does not gamble or drink. All is saved when Deacon comes, only to bring news that Kelly has left him. At the most depressing time of his life, Doug and Carrie are there with support, even when they hit the jackpot.

    b: 14 Jan 02 pc: 412 w: Jeff Stein d: Bob Schiller

    NOTE: Kevin James did a superb job at hosting the People's Choice Award. Of the funny moments, he remembers hosting a year ago and asking the manager if he could host again. The manager said that you can't host again if you're nominated... Implied: (Kevin did not get the nominated.) Before the last musical performance, Kevin James was told that the show was going to fast and time needed to be killed. He decides to play catch with Tony Danza who asks "How can this happen?" Kevin: "I don't know, Reba sang too fast." While they are throwing the ball across the stage with their mitts, Kevin plugs on how's Tony's doing on Family Law, Tony says he wants to go on Kevin's show and loves that Leah. Kevin agrees and comments that Tom Hanks is here. Tony: "Yeah, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't know anything about WW II".
  90. "Dougie Nights"
    gs: Alex Skuby [ Pruzan ], Iris Bahr [ Megan ], Micahel Blieden [ John ], Sharon Brathwaite [ Wendy ], Jeff Bowser [ Dex ], Robert Vincenti [ Todd ], Bobby Divito [ Eddie ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon

    Depressed Deacon is not getting out of the apartment after the separation. So Carrie wants Doug to get him to go to a club. While Deacon slowly starts to talk to people, Doug enjoys the "night fever" and becomes the life of the club. When Carrie finds out that Doug is going to the club without Deacon, she finds him on a riding bull. But after she hears a pickup line, she decides to stay with Doug at the club instead of them going home in front of the television. Meanwhile everyone in the office claims that another secretary looks like her, only she has no resemblance what so ever. Even though Carrie tries to dress different, she will still be referred to as a twin.

    b: 4 Feb 02 pc: 417 w: Cathy Yuspa, Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  91. "No Orleans"
    gs: Peter Scolari [ Ron ], Susie Essman [ Marcia ], Rebecca Metz [ Lee-Anne ], Alex Dodd [ Sanjih ]

    rc: Spence

    While clearing out small appliances, Carrie finds a gravy boat given by third cousins by Ron and Marcia as a wedding present with a check for $1,500 predated 1995 inside. With them wanting to New Orleans, Doug tries to cash it with no avail, so they reacquaint with them and ask them to write another check. They do so, but Ron and Marcia demand that they must go with them back to "their city." Doug can't betray them because they might tell his parents, so Carrie thinks up a scheme to go to New Orleans without them. At the Big Easy, Doug is paranoid at everything thinking that Ron and Marcia will know and it will get back to his parents. After some humorous incidents with a camera, hotel phone, cell phone, and band, Doug is ready to leave uncaught when he cashes the check in New Orleans. Back in New York, Ron receives the copy of the cashed check from New Orleans and furious Marcia decides to call Doug's parents. Arthur wants to write a cartoon for Playboy having the words but not the talent to draw. Spence is a great drawer and is hired, but suddenly decides to change the "retro" cartoon to something "hip". Arthur fires him and later tries to get the deliveryman to draw as well.

    b: 25 Feb 02 pc: 416 w: Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: It's been one month of reruns due to NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics. But, CBS also put King in some timeslots throughout the week and the show did rank in the top 20.
  92. "Missing Links"
    gs: Angelle Brooks [ Leslie ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Zilan Mendoza [ Tina ]

    rc: Deacon, Holly

    Carrie and Doug are invited to attend the firm's country club, but they need to find a new couple to go with since Deacon and Kelly have separated. Doug finds a date for Deacon, but Carrie does not have anything in common with her. When Carrie finds another date for Deacon at the club, Doug becomes furious and Carrie steals the golf cart. This leads to a humorous chase with Doug trying to get on the cart. Since the babysitter canceled, Deacon hires Arthur's dog walker, Holly, who watches the children unaware that she has a crush on him. By telling war stories, Arthur grows to love the children after a rough start.

    b: 4 Mar 02 pc: 415 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller
  93. "Hero Worship"
    gs: Gavin MacLeod [ Uncle Stu ], Dakin Matthews [ Joe Heffernan ], Sam McMurray [ Supervisor O'Boyle ], Tyler Hendrickson [ Little Doug ], Ossie Mair [ Raji ], Mark Withers [ IPS Driver ], Christopher Gehrman [ Sandwich Delivery guy ], Carol Schlanger [ Customer #1 ], Michael Francias Clarke [ Customer #2 ], Steven Shaw [ Customer #3 ]

    rc: Deacon, Danny

    After experiencing his great sandwich, Uncle Lou will give money to Doug's dream of running a sandwich shop. This hurts Stu's son Danny who has been trying to get his dad to believe in his ideas. Also, Carrie feels that Doug does not know anything about running a business but must support him. So as Doug is about to sign the contract, Carrie interrupts him to stop the project and at the same time with encouragement from Carrie, Uncle Lou decides to give his son the money. In front of a stunned Doug, Danny thanks Carrie for her opinion. Doug tries to cope with a non-supportive wife and live with what could have been his dream. At the end, Danny's big idea is a cart in the mall selling photos on a hat.

    b: 18 Mar 02 pc: 418 w: David Bickel, Chris Downey d: Jamie Widdoes

    NOTE: Gavin MacLeod is known for The Love Boat and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  94. "Screwed Driver"
    gs: Dakin Matthews [ Joe Heffernan ], Jenny O'Hara [ Janet Heffernan ], Sam McMurray [ Supervisor O'Boyle ], Jimmy Shubert [ Jimmy ], Bobby Divito [ Owen ], Steve Tancora [ Duke ], David Appelbaum [ Pete ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon, Danny

    Everything goes wrong when Carrie is away. Doug's parents come over and he becomes a teenager. Spence is judged again and Doug fails an IPS driving test demoting him to loading guy for three months. With his mom beside him, Doug must study seriously in order to drive again and must not be distracted, regardless of his wife trying to call him up. Arthur decides to take a joke from Joe into an invention by creating the Arthur-head screwdriver. When a hardware store seemingly wants to buy his invention, Arthur slowly starts to manufacturing thousands of these screwdrivers, made from typewriters.

    b: 25 Mar 02 pc: 419 w: Rock Reuben d: James Widdoes
  95. "Lush Life"
    gs: Lou Ferrigno [ Himself ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence, Danny

    Doug starts to use too many seasonings and Carrie wants to put him on a diet. But Doug finds out that Carrie does not complain about his over-eating when she has cocktails after work. When Carrie has a feud with her "drink" friends after work, the old cranky Carrie appears so Doug starts to fix after-work cocktails at home. When Arthur starts to join in, Carrie becomes too drunk which neighbor Lou Ferrigno catches. After talking to Lou, Carrie realizes the plan and Doug is punished, while Arthur reminisces the drinking era.

    b: 8 Apr 02 pc: 420 w: Tony Sheehan d: Jamie Widdoes

    NOTE: For the first time in four years the episode is aired on a special time, off the lead night and placed after ...Raymond. There is no official report, but my guess was that it was placed on at 9:30 because of the promotion of alcohol and the subject matter is not right for the early "family" audience. CBS may take watch because this airing ranked 9th in the week with 10,885,000 viewers partly because of the ...Raymond lead-in and no competition. Also for the first time in four years, the show has been removed from the lineup until the end of April. Now, hopefully it's not because of ratings, but because of last-minute spring season testing in order to find out who goes to the networks' fall lineup. Yes Dear takes the place since the new hit show Baby Bob has took their spot with good ratings. Only on its third episode, the cute humorous talking baby sitcom had the same viewers with its lead-in The King of Queens.
  96. "Bun Dummy"
    gs: Benjamin John Parrillo [ Dave ], Angee Hughes [ Miss Berman ], Lisa Long [ Miss Manacini ], Jon Curry [ Jimmy ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence, Danny, Holly

    As his high school reunion approaches, Doug worries that Carrie's new "bun" hairdo will make her look like a librarian, rather than his usually sexy wife. Hoping to show Carrie off in front of his former classmates, Doug tries to find a way to tell her that he hates her bun without hurting her feelings. Although not listening to Doug and Holly to change, Carrie changes the bun for Doug's party. But after seeing a photo of a librarian, Carrie has a new perspective on the hairstyle. Meanwhile, Spence informs the guys that he's nervous about seeing one of his old teachers because he never called her back after the two shared an intimate encounter. Spence did have an encounter, but it was a different teacher than he described.

    b: 29 Apr 02 pc: 422 w: Tony Sheehan, Chris Downey d: Rob Schiller
  97. "Patrons Ain't"
    gs: Marla Gibbs [ Nana Louise ], Joe Flaherty [ Father McAndrew ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Nich Toth [ Jeff ], Nick Benson [ Richie ], Timmy Deters [ Kenny ], Nina Weithorn [ Scout ]

    rc: Deacon

    It's time to prepare for taxes and Carrie and Doug have not given a lot to charity. So they decide to make out a check for $500 and help out at Deacon's son's library in order to stop being selfish. The donation is made, but it is only accredited on the plaque with $50 so Carrie wants to acknowledge the mistake, but Doug wants to let things be. After Carrie asks the priest and Kirby, she finally tells Nana the problem and an extra zero is added, but the administration thinks they gave $5,000. With the library named after Doug and Carrie, Deacon is furious and Carrie wants to let it be. Doug gets them to change the mistake again, but that leads to Nana being fired for the mistake. Doug and Carrie's goes back to the Father trying to see where they are at morally and Doug tries to stop giving to charity.

    b: 6 May 01 pc: 421 w: Ilana Wernick d: James Widdoes

    NOTE: Guest star Marla Gibbs is known for her work in The Jeffersons.
  98. "Eddie Money"
    gs: Alex Skuby [ Pruzan ], Eddie Money [ Himself ], Victor Raider-Wexler [ Mr. Kaplan ], Amy Stiller [ Waitress ], Mookie Barker [ Masseur ], Stefflana de La Cruz [ Masseuse #1 ], Nicole Remini [ Masseuse #2 ]

    rc: Deacon

    Doug decides to lie to Carrie by stealing $100 for a boxing gambling pool with Deacon. When Deacon and Doug win $5,000, they can't use it because Doug would be caught for stealing and Deacon's ex-wife would get the riches through a divorce. So Doug and Deacon try to spend $5,000 in one day and live the high life. After a funny and overwhelming day, Doug finds that they haven't spent as much and includes Arthur into the rich life as well as hiring Eddie Money for music. When Doug spends all the money, he thinks everything is fine, even after recovering from forgetting to replace the $100, until Carrie gets a picture from the cops for a traffic violation of Doug in a sports car. Meanwhile, Carrie is hired by Mr. Pruzan's boss to become his new secretary. Just when she is about to leave the irritating and always sitting-on-her-desk Mr. Pruzan, she finds that the position is not available and will have to go back to her old job.

    b: 13 May 02 pc: 424 w: Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller, Kevin James

    NOTE: One of the funnies episodes of the series. Noticing the cast on the list, Amy Stiller is the daughter of Jerry Stiller, sister of Ben Stiller, appearing later on this season. Nicole Remini, probably a family relation to Leah?
  99. "Two Thirty"
    gs: Tim Matheson [ Dr. Farber ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Megan Holloway [ Jessica ], Wesley Leong [ Mr. Huang ], Gary Sullivan [ Child? ], Tim Valentine [ Child? ], Nicole Matheson [ Child? ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence, Danny, Holly

    Doug needs a root canal that must be done over four sessions. When the doctor finds out that Carrie is his wife, Carrie remembers that she had a crush on him. When Dr. Farber finds out that she was obsessed, he starts talking to Doug how he wished he had known and Doug feels that he is getting more pain because of his marriage to Carrie. So Doug tries to set the doctor up with Holly leading to a painless operation, until the doctor breaks up with Holly and Doug gets more pain. Doug, fearing for the final treatment, tells Carrie and Dr. Farber about the situation. All is settled until the doctor receives a call that his daughter has been receiving fake piano lessons. Before the call, Arthur loses a bet to Deacon and offers to repay with piano lessons to his son. Arthur does not really know piano lessons, but makes it seem like he taught and Arthur starts getting more children for money to just pretend and entertain. When Deacon finds out what's really going on, he tells everyone including Dr. Farber that Arthur Spooner is a fake. After the call, the doctor he realizes that Spooner is also Carrie's maiden name and related to Doug, Doug makes the fastest mad dash out of the building.

    b: 20 May 02 pc: 425 w: David Bickel d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Episode aired back to back with episode 100 as season finale hour.
  100. "Shrink Wrap"
    gs: William Hurt [ Dr. Taber ], Ben Stiller [ Arthur's Father ], Tyler Hendrickson [ Little Doug ], Madison Lanc [ Little Carrie ], Erik Per Sullivan [ Young Arthur ], Tyler Cole Malinger [ Frank ], Kevin G. Schmidt [ Skitch ], Kaitlyn Gainer [ Allison ], Ashly Holloway [ Lucy ]

    Carrie and Arthur have been fighting and Doug starts to feel that he can not handle it any more. So Carrie and Doug decide to send Arthur to a psychotherapist (Hurt), to find why he is angry. This reveals back to a relationship with his cruel father (played by in-life son Ben Stiller). While Arthur is examined, Carrie is also sent back in time and finds why she makes people miserable. All of the characters go back in time with Hurt and meet their child counterparts and relate to them. Arthur-now runs fearfully runs away from his father-then, Carrie-now teases with Carrie-then, and Doug-now gets into a fight with Doug-then. Final diagnosis, since Carrie and Arthur can't stand their new personas; Doug will be the one going to therapy to try to change himself for Carrie and Arthur.

    b: 20 May 02 pc: 423 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller

    NOTE: Through its website and ads on the Internet, the show held a sweepstakes for the 100th episode with pictures of the cast. CBS has picked up King and has left it on the same time slot as a lead on. The fifth season could probably indicate that after the fifth, The King of Queens reruns will be heading into syndication.

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    5th Season 2002

  101. "Arthur, Spooner"
    gs: Steve Hytner [ Neal Morrensy ], Gerry Black [ George Barksdale ], Mary Lynn Rajskub [ Priscilla Stasna ], Ford Rainey [ Mickey ], Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Damani Roberts [ Major ]

    rc: Deacon, Holly

    Carrie is put in charge of getting documents and depositions in order for a major trial at her firm. The only downside is that she'll have to work from 8 P.M. until 6 A.M. Things go downhill from there, when she is assigned a team of incompetent people (Hytner, Black, & Rajskub), each with their own set of neuroses. She brings Holly, who has narrowly been avoiding sleeping with various people to get out of paying for things, to her office to try to get some real work done. One night, Carrie walks in on Holly impersonating her, and fires everyone, including the maid. Meanwhile at home, Doug enjoys being able to watch baseball in bed, and not brushing his teeth before going to sleep, until he realizes he can't sleep without Carrie. When his attempt to keep her home sick one night fails, the oatmeal and salad he made for her lures Arthur in, whose presence allows him to fall asleep. Doug takes Arthur wherever he wants to go, just so he'll stay in Doug's bed so he can sleep. When Arthur makes plans with Mickey, Doug complains, and his scheme of doing things for Arthur just to get Arthur to sleep with him is revealed. Doug apologizes, and recalls their good times and gets Arthur back in his bed, which is discovered by Carrie the next morning. In the end Carrie hires Mickey, who is as incompetent as the others, to help her with her project.

    b: 23 Sep 02 pc: 502 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
  102. "Window Pained"
    gs: Marcia Cross [ Debi Ross ], Michael Lowry [ Mike Ross ], Joe Sabatino [ Male Cop ], Lacie Harmon [ Female Cop ]

    rc: Spence

    New neighbors move in next to Doug and Carrie, and with the old neighbors gone, they declare the neighborhood freak free (except the boy with disproportioned eyes). The new neighbors turn out to be a stockbroker and a lawyer, and Doug's bad jokes and Carrie in a robe and curlers make a bad first impression. Later that evening Doug and Carrie have a fight, and when Carrie realizes the window was open she worries the neighbors will think they fight all the time. She ends up inviting them to dinner, and Mike brings Doug a bottle of Scotch. Things start out well, but then Doug, who doesn't like Scotch, pours his glass of Scotch down the sink. Mike catches him and confronts him, but Doug lies about drinking it, even after Mike says he saw him pour it out. Once Mike and Debi leave, the fight Doug and Carrie have leads her to realize they are the new neighborhood freaks. Doug tells Carrie he misses the old Carrie, who didn't care what people thought, and she comes to her senses. Meanwhile Arthur starts taking an art class, and expects Spence to let him use the subway for free. Even though Arthur insults the subway system, forgets Spence's last name and threatens him, he lets him through on more than one occasion. Once Spence stands up to him, Arthur turns to jumping the turnstiles. The next day, Doug overhears Carrie badmouthing him to the neighbors. Doug rips his shirt and drinks Scotch to embarrass Carrie, just as the police pull up with Arthur. They caught him for jumping turnstiles, and he and Doug argue and prepare to fight. To get back at Spence, Arthur puts an inflatable raft in his booth and pulls the cord.

    b: 30 Sep 02 pc: 501 w: Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller
  103. "Holy Mackerel"
    gs: Joe Flaherty [ Father McAndrew ], Marc Goldsmith [ Walt Urbanski ], Kenneth Choi [ Todd Ling ], Sung Hi Lee [ Katrina Ling ], Larry Dorf [ Jeremy ], Armondo Molina [ Father Santiago ]

    rc: Holly

    While shopping at a fish market, Doug and Carrie run into Father McAndrew, who says he'd like to see them at church sometime. Doug cracks under pressure, and says they'll be there on Sunday. Carrie is very opposed to going, and after Father McAndrew sees them, she wants to leave immediately. During the prayer, Carrie prays for the raise she's been waiting for and immediately gets paged that she got it. That night, Carrie prays by the bed, which Doug praises until he learns she prayed for shoes to go on sale. He gets angry when she actually gets the shoes, until shortly after when he prays for the Jets to win, and they do. Back at the fish market, Doug and Carrie pray that Father McAndrew won't buy the last piece of fish they want, and he buys halibut instead. He ends up getting food poisoning, and Doug and Carrie are worried it's their fault, but figure there would be a sign. While Doug and Carrie are away at church, a real estate agent comes to the house, and Arthur begins trying to sell the house. Holly comes to walk Arthur while he's conducting and open house, and she insists that she has to tell Doug and Carrie so they won't fire her. An oriental couple shows interest in the house, and offers to pay the asking price if some things are fixed up. Arthur tries to fix up the house, and ends up damaging the water tank. Doug takes this as his sign, and tells Carrie "See you in Hell."

    b: 7 Oct 02 pc: 504 w: Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller
  104. "Kirbed Enthusiasm"
    gs: Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Peter Berg [ Li'l Eddie ], Cayden Boyd [ Li'l Jared ], Jordan Green [ Li'l Nicholas ], P.J. Marino [ Ice Cream Guy #1 ], Andrew Reville [ Ice Cream Guy #2 ]

    rc: Deacon, Danny

    Carrie criticizes Doug for doing nothing for an entire weekend, but even then all he wants to do is lay around on the couch. Deacon brings Kirby over for dinner, and tells Doug that he thinks Kelly is trying to make Kirby gay. Deacon is trying to get Kirby active in football, and tries to get Doug to help him coach the team. After Kirby calls his football uniform a costume, Doug agrees. When Doug starts coaching the team, the kids criticize him for being fat and not making the semi-pro team he tried out for, the Rebels. He begins to explain plays to them, but they don't understand so Doug has to show them. Deacon finds Doug playing football with the team, and tells him Kirby is in the car listening to Dan Fogleberg. Kirby tells Doug that since Doug quit the Rebels, he can quit this team, and if Doug tries out for the Rebels again, he'll play too. Since he just dominated little kids, Doug thinks he might have a chance, and gets Danny to be his personal trainer. Carrie hates the idea, until she sees a picture of how good looking Doug used to be when he was in shape. She gets on board, and everyone thinks Doug is getting in great shape, until they find out Danny was using fake weights to motivate him. Dejected, Doug wants to go back to his old ways of not eating right, but Carrie persuades him that he can still make the team. He does try out, and after being humiliated time and again, he ends up running off the field, and Deacon lets Kirby quit the football team.

    b: 14 Oct 02 pc: 503 w: Rock Reuben & Kevin James d: Rob Schiller
  105. "Mammary Lane"
    gs: Rachel Dratch [ Denise ], Victor Raider-Wexler [ Mr. Kaplan ], Jimmy Shubert [ Jimmy ], Melissa Chan [ Kim ], Jamie Kaler [ Trevor ], Iris Almario [ Tanya ], Anthony De Marco [ Jordan ]

    rc: Deacon, Danny, Spence, Holly

    Doug's bowling team is getting ready to be in their annual tournament, and while they're practicing, they learn that Tanya, the attractive girl who works at the shoe counter, is leaving, only to be replaced by Denise, whom they all find very unattractive. Out of pity Doug flirts with her, but she is very unreceptive. A few days later, Doug breaks a lace, and has to go to the counter to buy some, and Denise makes a big production to bring out her boyfriend, who actually turns out to be her brother. Doug gets offended by the fact that she would go to that much trouble because he flirted with her, especially since it was just a "mercy flirt". At one of the tournament match-ups, Denise makes a point to get get the lineup from Deacon instead of Doug. He decides to show her he can do better by trying to get Carrie to kiss him, but she fight back, which gives everyone a worse impression of him. In the parking lot, Doug wants to find Denise and end it by telling her he was just being nice. It leads to a chase, and she maces him, leaving him screaming on the ground. At her office, Carrie agrees to babysit Mr. Kaplan's son in an attempt to get the job as his secretary. Before long, he stops playing with his toys and begins to repeatedly grab Carrie's breasts. It keeps happening, but Carrie can't say anything because he's her boss' son. She complains to Doug, who goes on a rant about women thinking all men are pigs. She decides to tell Mr. Kaplan she won't watch him anymore, but the child has already decided to be watched by Amanda, a busty secretary at the office. Meanwhile, Spence has just bought a Tivo, and starts bragging about it to Holly. However, when he goes through the shows it has recorded for him he realizes Tivo thinks he's gay. He tries to convince Tivo and Holly that he isn't gay by programming it for sporting events, but all it does is record men's ice dancing. He has a conversation with Carrie about how they're both being sexually harassed, her by a four year old and him by Tivo, although in the end he does choose to watch Queer as Folk.

    b: 21 Oct 02 pc: 506 w: David Bickel & Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller
  106. "Business Affairs"
    gs: Cameron Watson [ Curt ], Shawn Michael Patrick [ Ben ], Angel Boris [ Suzannah ], Christine Gonzales [ Amy ], Brooke Totman [ Hostess ]

    rc: Holly, Deacon

    Doug and Carrie are refinancing their house, and Doug selected a plan not knowing all the details. Doug finds a bowl of chocolate, and Carrie won't let him have it because it's for Curt, her friend from work. Doug gets jealous, but Carrie tells him Curt is gay. The next day, Doug goes to Carrie's office to drop off the papers from the bank, and when she comes back from lunch, Curt is with her, and they are talking about inside jokes, and Doug has no idea what they're talking about. One of Carrie's co-workers comes over and says that Carrie's work husband and real husband are in the same place, and Curt explains to Doug that it's just a joke at the office because they're always together. Doug talks to Arthur about it, who tells him, gay or not, a new guy spells bad news. Worried, Doug tries to make himself part of Carrie's work life, and eventually confronts her about her work husband. He says she's found someone who she shares things with that she should be sharing with him, and she tells him that's exactly like his relationship with Deacon and that Deacon is his work wife. When he sees Deacon at work, he thinks of them doing things together, and agrees to see a movie with him. Doug comes home, and starts bragging that he and Deacon are going to a movie, which prompts Carrie to ask Curt to go dancing. After the movie, Deacon and Doug go to El Diablo's, where they happen to meet Carrie and Curt. After an awkward conversation, Carrie says something about Deacon being Doug's work wife, which makes Deacon very upset. He leaves, and says if anything Doug is his work wife. When the times comes to sign the refinancing papers, Doug and Carrie decide to make a list to see if they have anything in common before they sign the papers. They get to number twenty, and decide to sign the papers anyway. Afterwards, they share their number twenties, which couldn't be further from matching. At the same time, Arthur had been impressing Holly with his stories, but then takes a back seat in her eyes to a new Jack Russell. Reminded of the advice he gave Doug, Arthur tries to one-up the dog in fetching. Holly continues to lavish attention on Pee-Wee, and Arthur tries to get another dog walker to walk him, who agrees. He tries to make Holly pick him or Pee-Wee, and she says Pee-Wee's owners pay her more than Arthur's. When the other dog walker says she doesn't walk people, he has to go back to Holly.

    b: 28 Oct 02 pc: 507 w: Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  107. "Flame Resistant"
    gs: Jenny O'Hara [ Janet Heffernan ], Lola Glaudini [ Margy ], Greg Vaccarello [ Customer ]

    rc: Danny

    While eating out, Doug and Carrie are served by Doug's high school girlfriend Margy, who they learn has been keeping in contact with Doug's mother Janet over the years. The next day Doug's mother, who is in town visiting, has Margy come to the house so she can help her do some shopping for her new apartment. Carrie immediately gets jealous of the fact that Doug's mother wants to spend time with Margy instead of her. Trying to better their relationship, Carrie goes shopping with Janet, who picks out a dress for Carrie that she doesn't like, and only buys to make her happy. While they're at the register, Margy calls and Janet goes off to meet her. Carrie tries to get Doug to talk to his mother, but he refuses and she makes him talk to Margy instead. When that doesn't work, Carrie tries talking to Janet herself. She thinks they have everything straightened out, but when Janet gets a call and leaves, Carrie follows her, and they end up at Margy's apartment. Carrie gets angry, and tells Janet to come with her, and Margy is out of their lives. When Doug goes to talk to Margy, he gets distracted and thay start talking about old times and about the song he said he wrote for her. She says he never wrote it, and they get into an argument about him never finishing anything. He looks through old boxes and finds a tape and finds out that he really never finished the song, so he and Danny try to finish it. He does, and goes to her apartment to sing it to her. She comes out on the balcony as he sings it, followed shortly by Carrie, causing Doug to run away through the bushes.

    b: 4 Nov 02 pc: 509 w: Rock Reuben d: Rob Schiller
  108. "Flash Photography"
    gs: Jenny O'Hara [ Janet Heffernan ], Joe Flaherty [ Father McAndrew ], Victor Raider-Wexler [ Mr. Kaplan ], David Eigenberg [ Jake ], Jennifer Aspen [ Samantha ], Pamela Kosh [ Flora ], Alan Charof [ Frank ], Mike Burton [ Gino ]

    rc: Spence, Deacon, Danny

    Doug goes to confession for the first time in 14 years, and tells the priest the story of a wedding he'd just gone to. At the wedding, Doug, Danny, and Deacon are all sitting around bored and Deacon remembers the story of a photo of someone's posterior on the disposable cameras left on the tables at he and Kelly's wedding. In an effort to liven up his time, Doug goes to the bathroom to take a similar picture. The next day, at the brunch at Doug and Carrie's house, the whole group decides to look at the pictures, and Doug starts worrying. Deacon tells him nobody would no it's his behind, but Doug tells him the picture is of his "befront". When they find the picture everyone, including Doug's mother who is still visiting, accuses Danny, who used to date the bride. Rather than confess, Doug tries to convince Danny that he actually did do it. Arthur begins to investigate, and pulls many of the guest's towels off at the gym, to no avail. Driving his mother to the airport, she tells Doug the image is burned in her brain, which makes him more reluctant to confess. After that, he goes to the church and it returns to the present, where he is urged to confess to those he's hurt. He first tells Carrie, who says it's not his best picture, and maybe they shouldn't tell anyone. Thinking she's ashamed, Doug decides to tell everyone, and after apologizing he asks if anyone likes what they see, which gets no response.

    b: 11 Nov 02 pc: 508 w: David Bickel d: Henry Chan
  109. "Connect Four"
    gs: Ford Rainey [ Mickey ], Eddie McClintock [ Eddie ], Jenica Bergere [ Elly ], Judy Prescott [ Simone ], John McCann [ Stuart ], Mark Phinney [ Clerk ], Angela Sargeant [ Nurse ], Christopher Dergregorian [ Jeff ]

    rc: Deacon, Spence, Danny

    Carrie wins 4 company seats to New York Knicks games for a month, and she refuses to take Danny, Spence, or Deacon. She wants to take another couple, so she'll have a woman to talk to during the games. She decides on Elly, a girl from her spinning class and her husband, who turns out to be an old man. Doug refuses to go with them anymore, and they decide to take Doug's co-worker Eddie and his girlfriend. This time Doug has fun, but Carrie is bored with Eddie's problematic girlfriend. They can't agree on which couple to ask, and because of other engagements, they get Eddie and Elly to go. After seeing them together, Doug and Carrie start to wish they were a real couple. At spinning class, Carrie finds out Elly and her husband are having trouble, and ends up breaking up the marriage. She tells Doug, who is horrified, although he breaks up Eddie's relationship too. They set them up, although the fight this causes between Doug and Carrie leads to them entertaining a similar idea of breaking them up. Meanwhile Arthur, who overheard Deacon talking about a parking ticket he got, offers to have his friend Smitty take care of it. When he goes to the parking bureau, he finds out Smitty hasn't worked there in five years. The new guy refuses to take care of the ticket for Arthur, so he ends up having to pay it. Deacon tells everyone that Arthur can fix tickets, and Danny and Spence want in on it too. Arthur can't resist the attention he's getting, so he agrees. As a result, they accumulate a number of parking tickets thinking that Arthur will get rid of them. After tabulating the tickets, Arthur realizes he can't pay them. He tries to sell his blood, but after realizing blood banks no longer pay for blood, he throws the tickets out. He tries to break the news that he can't get rid of the tickets, but he can't bring himself to do it, and their cars eventually come under harsher punishments of getting booted or towed.

    b: 18 Nov 02 pc: 510 w: Ilana Wernick d: Rob Schiller
  110. "Loaner Car"
    gs: Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Damani Roberts [ Major ], Lolly Ward [ Hostess ]

    rc: Deacon, Holly

    Deacon gets stuck working a late shift the week of Thanksgiving, even though he has his kids for the week too. While eating at Doug and Carrie's house, Deacon realizes he wants to give his kids a real family Thanksgiving, but he could never do it alone. He needs a wife, and Doug gets the idea of loaning Carrie to him. Carrie doesn't like the idea at first, but with an easy work week and Arthur out of town, Doug manages to convince her. Things go well at first, until Deacon has a taste of Carrie's cooking. Things continue to go downhill when Carrie tries to shut the kids up with cupcakes, continues to make terrible food, and complains about people at work constantly. Doug is enjoying the situation, playing golf in the living room and eating all sorts of junk food, when Deacon comes over and complains to him. One evening, Holly comes by Deacon's apartment and, having heard he's hosting Thanksgiving for his kid, gives him an apple pie. He loves it, and the way she acts with his kids, and he tells Doug he's going to end the deal with Carrie. Doug tells him not to, and that he will do it. Rather than tell her the truth, Doug tries to book a vacation to Massachusetts to keep her away from Deacon. She won't go, because she thinks Deacon really needs her help. Doug and Carrie show up at Deacon's on Thanksgiving, with Holly there preparing a turkey already. When Holly and Carrie both realize that they've been misled, they both leave with their turkeys. With no meal, Deacon ends up having to take his entire family to the bar for dinner.

    b: 25 Nov 02 pc: 512 w: Cathy Yuspa & Josh Goldsmith d: Rob Schiller
  111. "Mentalo Case"
    gs: Marshaun Daniel [ Kirby ], Adam Carl [ Kenny ], Jenny O'Hara [ Janet Heffernan ], Tyler Hendrickson [ L'il Doug ], Pamela Kosh [ Maragret ], Damani Roberts [ Major ], Daniel E. Smith [ L'il Deacon ], Steve Shaw [ Clerk ], Graham Phillips [ Winthrop ]

    rc: Deacon, Holly, Spence

    While Doug and Deacon are sitting around Doug's living room, Spence comes in with a vintage doll he paid $70 for. Doug starts to wax nostalgic about Mentalo, a future predicting toy, and how he wants to track one of those down, but Deacon tells him it was a stupid toy. Doug tries to bid on a Mentalo on an online auction, but Carrie stops him because they're already spending too much on Christmas. She asks him why he cares so much about it and he tells her it reminds him of a simpler time. Spence takes Doug to a toy dealer he knows who says he has a Mentalo, but when they get there he says he just sold it to a tall black guy, wearing an IPS cap. They find out it was Deacon, and Doug assumes Deacon bought it for him, although they agreed not to get each other gifts. He goes to Deacon's house to try and figure out what he can get him, and ends up telling him he knows Deacon bought something for him. He insists he didn't, and it turns out that Deacon bought it for himself. He only said it was stupid because he was upset about not having one as a kid. Deacon says that if Mentalo means more than their friendship, he can take it. Carrie tells him to give it back, and they argue, and Carrie tells him that she bought him one. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Holly she decided to get Arthur a cruise as a Christmas gift, instead of a robe or an "old man cap" as usual. When Holly finds out Arthur only got Carrie chopsticks, she tells him he may want to get her something nicer. He threatens to beat himself up and blame her unless she tells him what Carrie got him, so she does. Feeling he should get Carrie something nicer after all, he tells Holly to find out what Carrie wants. She makes up a ridiculous story about her sister having the same taste as Carrie, and she tells her she would like a leather jacket. Carrie assumes Holly is the one getting her the leather jacket and decides she needs to get her something nicer. She tries to scale down Arthur's cruise to save money, and ends up having to cancel it, and buys Holly expensive earrings with the money. She gives Holly the earrings, and find out all she got her was a mug. Carrie opens Arthur's jacket, and he find out all she got him was another old man cap. He takes the jacket back and says she can have it when he sets sail. Doug wraps Mentalo and gives it back to Deacon Christmas day. But when he opens his, it turns out to be the cheap knock off, Mental Man, and he and Deacon proceed to fight over the real Mentalo.

    b: 16 Dec 02 pc: 511 w: David Bickel d: John Fortenberry

    NOTE: Hey everyone. I just wanted to clear a few things up. Sorry about the recent lack of updates. There have only been two new episodes in the past month and a half, and between finals and the holidays, I got a little busy as of late. Rest assured that when the show resumes, which I'm pretty sure is going to be Monday, January 6, at least for one new episode, I'll get the summary done ASAP. Also, just to relieve any confusion on the part of visitors to this site, the first four seasons of this guide were written by psiongco, and starting with episode 101, I've been doing it.
  112. "Jung Frankenstein"


    b: 6 Jan 03 pc: 505 w: ______________ d: ______________
  113. "Attention Deficit"


    b: 20 Jan 03 pc: 515 w: ______________ d: ______________
  114. "Prints Charming"


    b: 3 Feb 03 pc: 518 w: ______________ d: ______________
  115. "Animal Attraction"


    b: 10 Feb 03 pc: 517 w: ______________ d: ______________
  116. "Golden Moldy"


    b: 17 Feb 03 pc: 513 w: ______________ d: ______________
  117. "S'Poor House"


    b: 24 Feb 03 pc: 514 w: ______________ d: ______________
  118. "Steve Moscow"


    b: 10 Mar 03 pc: 516 w: ______________ d: ______________
  119. " "


    b: __ ___ __ pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
  120. " "


    b: __ ___ __ pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
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    b: __ ___ __ pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
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  124. " "


    b: __ ___ __ pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
  125. " "


    b: __ ___ __ pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________

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