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Knights of the Zodiac (1986)

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
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Show Details:
Start date: Oct 1986
End date: July 2011
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TV Asahi (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 171 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Drama, Fantasy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 11 Oct 86A New Era of Heroic Legends
2.1-2 18 Oct 86Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus!
3.1-3 25 Oct 86Swan, Warrior of the Ice Field
4.1-4 01 Nov 86Dragon's Invincible Fist and Shield
5.1-5 08 Nov 86Miraculous Rebirth and Cosmic Friendship
6.1-6 15 Nov 86The Return of Phoenix
7.1-7 22 Nov 86The Revenge of Phoenix
8.1-8 29 Nov 86Battle for the Gold Cloth
9.1-9 06 Dec 86The Black Knights Appear
10.1-1013 Dec 86Dragon in the Graveyard of Knights
11.1-1120 Dec 86Seiya Battles Black Pegasus
12.1-1227 Dec 86The Nebula Chain of Friendship
13.1-1303 Jan 87Duel of the Dragons
14.1-1410 Jan 87Defeat of the Demon
15.1-1517 Jan 87Phoenix's Secret Revealed
16.1-1624 Jan 87Docrates' Fierce Attack
17.1-1731 Jan 87To the Rescue! Saori's Crisis
18.1-1807 Feb 87Great Rage! The Ghost Saints of the Carribean
19.1-1914 Feb 87Life or Death! Bloody Battle at the Island of Spirits
20.1-2021 Feb 87Serious Battle! Shaina's Counter Attack
21.1-2128 Feb 87Catastrophe! Aurora Confrontation
22.1-2207 Mar 87Rebirth from the Flames! Undestructible Ikki
23.1-2314 Mar 87Silver Saint! Noble Assassin
24.1-2421 Mar 87Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet
25.1-2528 Mar 87Fight! Under Athena's Command
26.1-2604 Apr 87Friend or Foe! The Steel Saints
27.1-2711 Apr 87Seiya Turned to Stone! The Medusa Shield
28.1-2818 Apr 87Dragon! Sacrificial Punch
29.1-2925 Apr 87Kidnapped! An Army of Crows Attacks Saori
30.1-3002 May 87Burn Brightly! The Cosmo of Love
31.1-3109 May 87Demon Illusion! The Borderline Between Life and Death
32.1-3216 May 87Big Explosion! Death Queen Island
33.1-3323 May 87Fight! Dragon's Tears of Light
34.1-3430 May 87Farewell, Friend! Rest in Peace
35.1-3506 Jun 87Deadly Journey! Open the Dragon's Eyes
36.1-3613 Jun 87Amazing! Versus Twelve Gold Cloths
37.1-3720 Jun 87The Mask Screams! Either Love or Death
38.1-3827 Jun 87Fight! Gold Saint
39.1-3904 Jul 87Speed of Light! The Blow Exceeds the Sound Barrier
40.1-4011 Jul 87Go On! Our Departure
41.1-4118 Jul 87The Big Battle of Sanctuary! Athena's Greatest Crisis
42.1-4225 Jul 87The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses
43.1-4301 Aug 87Big Bang! The Battle of the Gold Bull Temple
44.1-4408 Aug 87Gemini Temple! Labyrinth of Light and Darkness
45.1-4515 Aug 87Fear! Adrift in Another Dimension
46.1-4622 Aug 87Call Out! Nebula Chain of Attack and Defense in One
47.1-4729 Aug 87Farewell, Hyoga! Sleep, O Noble Warrior
48.1-4805 Sep 87Dragon! Rebirth from the Land of Death
49.1-4912 Sep 87Love! Shunrei's Prayer
50.1-5019 Sep 87Rise, Dragon! Shiryu's Raging Cosmo
51.1-5126 Sep 87Why! The Golden Lion Bared His Fangs
52.1-5203 Oct 87Ares! Legend of the Demon Fist
53.1-5310 Oct 87What a Man! Cassios Dies for Love
54.1-5417 Oct 87Ikki! The Phoenix's Blazing Wings
55.1-5524 Oct 87Ties of Friendship! Athena's Call
56.1-5631 Oct 87Shaka! The Man Closest to the Gods
57.1-5707 Nov 87Fear of the Void! Shaka Opening His Eyes
58.1-5814 Nov 87Heroical! Ikki Dissolved Because of Friendship
59.1-5921 Nov 87Revive, Swan! Life, Death and Love
60.1-6028 Nov 87Hyoga's Resurrection! At the Risk of My Life
61.1-6105 Dec 87Surrender or Death! These Wings Are at Their Limit
62.1-6212 Dec 87Go On, Hyoga! The Noble Warrior
63.1-6319 Dec 87Resound! Sanctuary's Gold Cloths
64.1-6426 Dec 87Young Men! To You I Entrust Athena
65.1-6502 Jan 88Howling Sacred Sword! Shura vs. Dragon
66.1-6609 Jan 88Ah, Shiryu! You Became Lost Among the Stars
67.1-6716 Jan 88Farewell! My Teacher, My Friend
68.1-6823 Jan 88Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite
69.1-6930 Jan 88Demon Rose! Sweet Death's Scent
70.1-7006 Feb 88Peaceful! Shun's Last Smile
71.1-7113 Feb 88Extinguished Fire Clock! Pope's Invitation
72.1-7220 Feb 88Go On Seiya! Beyond the Death of Friends
73.1-7327 Feb 88Gather, Friends! By Athena's Command
Season 2
74.2-1 05 Mar 88Enemies in the Far North! Legend of the God Warriors
75.2-2 12 Mar 88Hilda! The Godess Who Is Imprisoned by an Evil Spirit
76.2-3 19 Mar 88The Giant Thor! Cosmo of Hatred
77.2-4 26 Mar 88Tears of the Giant Star! Dying Because of Hilda
78.2-5 02 Apr 88Bared Fangs! Northern Wolf Fenrir
79.2-6 09 Apr 88Alas, Shiryu! The Sad Fate of the Northern Wolf Pack Fist
80.2-7 16 Apr 88Lost in the Icefield! Sad Howling
81.2-8 23 Apr 88Freya! Life and Death Struggle Because of Love
82.2-9 30 Apr 88Dance Swan! Glowing Hell Within the Ice
83.2-1007 May 88Bewitching Harp! The Death's Prelude Tempts Shun
84.2-1114 May 88Death Sentence! Stringer Requiem
85.2-1221 May 88Hero's Sorrow! Frozen Hatred
86.2-1328 May 88Phoenix! Deep Red Shining Wings
87.2-1404 Jun 88Amethyst Demon! Grave of the Saints
88.2-1511 Jun 88Sword of Fire! Frightening Ambition
89.2-1618 Jun 88Vicious Sacrafice! The Forest of Spirits
90.2-1725 Jun 88Don't Turn Around, Seiya! Shiryu's Cosmo
91.2-1802 Jul 88Shine, Shun! The Hidden Mystery of the Black Fangs
92.2-1909 Jul 88Swirl! Shun's Final Nebula Storm
93.2-2016 Jul 88Bud! The Fate of the Double Star
94.2-2123 Jul 88Brothers' Bond! Syd, Rest in Your Fatherland
95.2-2230 Jul 88Noble Heroes! Rebirth of the Legendary Knight
96.2-2306 Aug 88Dragon vs. Dragon! A Split Second Chance for Victory
97.2-2413 Aug 88Siren! Beautiful Melody of Death
98.2-2520 Aug 88A Miracle Appears! Odin Cloth
99.2-2627 Aug 88Athena! Eternal Noble Prayer
Season 3
100.3-1 03 Sep 88The Ocean Emperor Poseidon! Holy War Once Again
101.3-2 10 Sep 88Smash! Mammoth Pillars of the Seven Oceans
102.3-3 17 Sep 88Mysterious Shine! Golden Bronze Clothes
103.3-4 24 Sep 88Dangerous Shun! Dreadful Fangs of the Demon Beast
104.3-5 01 Oct 88Death of the Demon Beast! Undestructible Golden Chains
105.3-6 08 Oct 88Excalibur! Shura's Soul Resides in the Right Wrist
106.3-7 15 Oct 88The Dream Left Nothing Behind! The Reunion Has the Scent of Death
107.3-8 22 Oct 88Hunter of Hearts! Heartless Lymnades
108.3-9 29 Oct 88Issac! A Cold Hearted Man
109.3-1005 Nov 88Hang in There Kiki! A Sorrowful Death Battle
110.3-1112 Nov 88Listen! The Beautiful Singing of Athena
111.3-1219 Nov 88Friends! Together at the Time of Death
112.3-1326 Nov 88Two Souls! Mystery of Poseidon's Resurrection
113.3-1403 Dec 88Shoot Poseidon! The Golden Arrow
114.3-1510 Dec 88Shine, Stars of Friendship! Legend of Youth
Season 4 Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Sanctuary
115.4-1 09 Nov 02Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: Beginning of a New Holy War
116.4-2 09 Nov 02Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: Lamentation Triad
117.4-3 14 Dec 02Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: The Shadow of the One Who Makes an Effort
118.4-4 14 Dec 02Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: Atonement of the Immortal One
119.4-5 11 Jan 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: Transient Meeting
120.4-6 11 Jan 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: The Ancient Warrior
121.4-7 08 Feb 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: The Herd of Black Cloaks
122.4-8 08 Feb 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: Moment of Hesitation
123.4-9 07 Mar 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: End of the Pride
124.4-1007 Mar 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: The Gold Confrontation
125.4-1112 Apr 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: The Sanctuary Shudders
126.4-1212 Apr 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: Athena Cloth
127.4-1312 Apr 03Hades Chapter - Sanctuary: The Fated Dawn
Season 5 Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Inferno
128.5-1 17 Dec 05Hades Chapter - Inferno: Cross Over! Acheron River
129.5-2 17 Dec 05Hades Chapter - Inferno: The Coutroom Becomes Silent
130.5-3 12 Jan 06Hades Chapter - Inferno: Legendary Saint Orpheus
131.5-4 12 Jan 06Hades Chapter - Inferno: Orpheus, The Sad Requiem
132.5-5 18 Feb 06Hades Chapter - Inferno: Hades! A Surprising Possession
133.5-6 18 Feb 06Hades Chapter - Inferno: Fierce Fighting! Road to Giudecca
134.5-7 15 Dec 06Hades Chapter - Inferno: God's Wrath! The Greatest Eclispe
135.5-8 15 Dec 06Hades Chapter - Inferno: Ikki! Sorrowful Punch
136.5-9 19 Jan 07Hades Chapter - Inferno: Athena! Offer Your Life
137.5-1019 Jan 07Hades Chapter - Inferno: Desperation! The Wailing Wall
138.5-1106 Feb 07Hades Chapter - Inferno: Reunion! The Gold Cloths
139.5-1206 Feb 07Hades Chapter - Inferno: Farewell! Gold Saints...
Season 6 Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Elysium
140.6-1 07 Mar 08Hades Chapter - Elysion: The Road to Elysion
141.6-2 07 Mar 08Hades Chapter - Elysion: The Gods of Death and Sleep
142.6-3 02 May 08Hades Chapter - Elysion: Golden Reinforcements
143.6-4 02 May 08Hades Chapter - Elysion: The Legendary God Cloth
144.6-5 01 Aug 08Hades Chapter - Elysion: Awakening from Myth
145.6-6 01 Aug 08Hades Chapter - Elysion: Towards a World Filled with Light
Season 7
146.7-1 24 Jun 09The Lost Canvas: Promise
147.7-2 24 Jun 09The Lost Canvas: Hades' Awakening
148.7-3 21 Aug 09The Lost Canvas: Sacred War Begins
149.7-4 21 Aug 09The Lost Canvas: Garland of Praying
150.7-5 21 Oct 09The Lost Canvas: Poison Roses
151.7-6 21 Oct 09The Lost Canvas: Procession of Funeral Roses
152.7-7 23 Dec 09The Lost Canvas: Mokurenji's Fruits
153.7-8 23 Dec 09The Lost Canvas: Day of Breeze
154.7-9 23 Feb 10The Lost Canvas: Great Star
155.7-1023 Feb 10The Lost Canvas: Descent
156.7-1121 Apr 10The Lost Canvas: Now Unreachable
157.7-1221 Apr 10The Lost Canvas: Sacrifice That Will Not Fade
158.7-1321 Apr 10The Lost Canvas: Setting Off
Season 8
159.8-1 23 Feb 11The Lost Canvas: The Forest of Death
160.8-2 23 Feb 11The Lost Canvas: If I Could Go Back to That Day
161.8-3 18 Mar 11The Lost Canvas: God and Pawns
162.8-4 18 Mar 11The Lost Canvas: Refuse
163.8-5 20 Apr 11The Lost Canvas: I Just Want to Live
164.8-6 20 Apr 11The Lost Canvas: Sword of Solitude
165.8-7 18 May 11The Lost Canvas: Prison of Dream
166.8-8 18 May 11The Lost Canvas: Beyond the Dream
167.8-9 22 Jun 11The Lost Canvas: The Path of Righteousness
168.8-1022 Jun 11The Lost Canvas: Sacred Sword
169.8-1120 Jul 11The Lost Canvas: Time of Bloody Battles
170.8-1220 Jul 11The Lost Canvas: How Many Months and Years
171.8-1320 Jul 11The Lost Canvas: Let You Be Yourself
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