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  Episode #    Air Date    Titles
_____ _______ ___________ ______________________________________________

1st Series 1988

   1.   1- 1   Feb 13 88   Up for the Coup (aka The art of leadership consists 
                              in consolidating the attention of the people 
                              against a single adversary and taking care that 
                              nothing will split up that attention)
   2.   1- 2   Feb 20 88   Felcherama (Frankly admitting a mistake, ascertaining 
                              the reasons for it, analysing the conditions which 
                              led to it, and thoroughly discussing it-- that 
                              is the earmark of a serious party, that is the 
                              way it should perform its duties)
   3.   1- 3   Feb 27 88   The Fifth Man (If we succeed, then the revolutionary 
                              conflagration will spread.  The revolutinary wave 
                              will convert an epoch of a few revolutionary years 
                              into an epoch of several revolutionary decades)
   4.   1- 4   Mar  5 88   Max Gut (Before everything else, we must save the revolution, 
                              and we can save it only by signing peace terms 
                              with the Germans.  Better a split than the danger 
                              of an overthrow of the revolution)
   5.   1- 5    unaired
   6.   1- 6    unaired

2nd Series 1989
   7.   2- 1   Apr  1 89   Ghosts and Goolies
   8.   2- 2   Apr  8 89   The Felchester Firm
   9.   2- 3    unaired    Apocalypse Des         
  10.   2- 4    unaired    The Final Solution     

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Series 1's longer episode titles were taken from the Radio Times and are not official. They were probably written by Alexei Sayle.

Ballard Berkeley died Jan 16 88 after recording episode 4. The series was announced as having 6 episodes, however episodes 5 and 6 were not broadcast either during the original run nor during the repeat run, 7-28 Oct 89. However they may have been used as the first episodes of series 2.

Episodes 9 and 10 were not broadcast as scheduled due to the
Hillsborough disaster. They were broadcast during repeats.


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