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Life with Boys

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
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A 14-year-old girl navigates her way through the turmoil of teen life while living at home with her single, overprotective dad and three brothers.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2011
End date: Nov 2013
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): YTV (CA)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 41 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 09 Sep 11Wrestling with Boys
2.1-2 16 Sep 11A Perfect Life with Boys
3.1-3 23 Sep 11Monkey Talk with Boys
4.1-4 07 Oct 11In the Principal's Office with Boys
5.1-5 14 Oct 11This Time the Problem Is with Dad and Not with Boys
6.1-6 04 Nov 11Social Death with Boys
7.1-7 11 Nov 11Set Ups with Boys
8.1-8 18 Nov 11The Big Kiss Off with Boys
9.1-9 09 Dec 11Chrisbus with Boys
10.1-1028 Dec 12Disarmed with Boys
11.1-1109 Mar 12Bathroom Battles with Boys
12.1-1223 Mar 12Misguided Motives with Boys
13.1-1313 Apr 12Trouble with Boys
14.1-1406 Apr 12Double Trouble with Boys
15.1-1518 May 12When Something Better Comes Along with Boys
16.1-1625 May 12Hitting the Breaks with Boys
17.1-1701 Jun 12Fashion Faux Pas with Boys
18.1-1814 Sep 12Birthdays with Boys
19.1-1921 Sep 12Smokin' with Boys
20.1-2025 Sep 12Nightmares with Boys
21.1-2102 Oct 12Driven Crazy with Boys
22.1-2209 Oct 12Blah, Blah, Blah with Boys
Season 2
23.2-1 23 Oct 12Do You Wanna Dance with Boys
24.2-2 11 Dec 12Naughty and Nice with Boys
25.2-3 14 Feb 13Girl-Entine's Day with Boys
26.2-4 19 Mar 13Promoting Change with Boys
27.2-5 26 Mar 13Getting Up Off the Mat with Boys
28.2-6 02 Apr 13Up All Night with Boys
29.2-7 09 Apr 13Being Superduperficial with Boys
30.2-8 16 Apr 13Working Like a Dog with Boys
31.2-9 23 Apr 13Chasing Rats with Boys
32.2-1030 Apr 13Carmageddon with Boys
33.2-1109 Jul 13Young and Stupid with Boys
34.2-1216 Jul 13Battling Bullies with Boys
35.2-1323 Jul 13Let's Duet with Boys (1)
36.2-1430 Jul 13Let's Duet with Boys (2)
37.2-1506 Aug 13Partners in Rhyme with Boys
38.2-1613 Aug 13So You Think Your Family Can Dance with Boys
39.2-1720 Aug 13Climbing the Walls with Boys
40.2-1827 Aug 13Say Goodnight with Boys
41.2-1902 Nov 13Turtle-Sitting with Boys
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