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Love American Style

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1969
End date: Jan 1974
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 108 eps (358 segments)
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 29 Sep 69Love and a Couple of Couples
2.1-2 29 Sep 69Love and the Hustler
3.1-3 29 Sep 69Love and the Pill
4.1-4 06 Oct 69Love and the Living Doll
5.1-5 06 Oct 69Love and the Letter
6.1-6 06 Oct 69Love and the Joker
7.1-7 06 Oct 69Love and the Unlikely Couple
8.1-8 13 Oct 69Love and the Phone Booth
9.1-9 13 Oct 69Love and the Doorknob
10.1-1020 Oct 69Love and the Legal Agreement
11.1-1120 Oct 69Love and the Militant
12.1-1220 Oct 69Love and Who?
13.1-1327 Oct 69Love and the Modern Wife
14.1-1427 Oct 69Love and the Phonies
15.1-1527 Oct 69Love and the Single Couple
16.1-1603 Nov 69Love and the Dating Computer
17.1-1703 Nov 69Love and the Busy Husband
18.1-1803 Nov 69Love and the Watchdog
19.1-1910 Nov 69Love and Take Me Along
20.1-2010 Nov 69Love and the Advice Givers
21.1-2110 Nov 69Love and the Geisha
22.1-2217 Nov 69Love and the Burglar
23.1-2317 Nov 69Love and the Roommate
24.1-2417 Nov 69Love and the Wild Party
25.1-2524 Nov 69Love and the Big Leap
26.1-2624 Nov 69Love and the Good Deal
27.1-2724 Nov 69Love and the Former Marriage
28.1-2801 Dec 69Love and Mother
29.1-2901 Dec 69Love and the Dummies
30.1-3001 Dec 69Love and the Athlete
31.1-3101 Dec 69Love and the Shower
32.1-3208 Dec 69Love and the Mountain Cabin
33.1-3308 Dec 69Love and the Divorce Sale
34.1-3408 Dec 69Love and the Comedy Team
35.1-3522 Dec 69Love and the Positive Man
36.1-3622 Dec 69Love and the Other Love
37.1-3722 Dec 69Love and the Bachelor
38.1-3829 Dec 69Love and the Medium
39.1-3929 Dec 69Love and the Bed
40.1-4029 Dec 69Love and the High School Flop-Out
41.1-4105 Jan 70Love and the Pick-Up
42.1-4205 Jan 70Love and the Proposal
43.1-4305 Jan 70Love and the Fighting Couple
44.1-4412 Jan 70Love and the Boss' Ex
45.1-4512 Jan 70Love and Mr. Nice Guy
46.1-4612 Jan 70Love and the Gangster
47.1-4723 Jan 70Love and Those Poor Crusaders' Wives
48.1-4823 Jan 70Love and the Big Night
49.1-4923 Jan 70Love and the V.I.P. Restaurant
50.1-5030 Jan 70Love and the Nervous Executive
51.1-5130 Jan 70Love and the Hitchhiker
52.1-5230 Jan 70Love and the Great Catch
53.1-5306 Feb 70Love and the Banned Book
54.1-5406 Feb 70Love and the First Nighters
55.1-5506 Feb 70Love and the King
56.1-5613 Feb 70Love and the Co-ed Dorm
57.1-5713 Feb 70Love and the Optimist
58.1-5813 Feb 70Love and the Teacher
59.1-5920 Feb 70Love and the Safely Married Man
60.1-6020 Feb 70Love and the Uncoupled Couple
61.1-6120 Feb 70Love and the Many Married Couple
62.1-6227 Feb 70Love and Las Vegas
63.1-6327 Feb 70Love and the Good Samaritan
64.1-6427 Feb 70Love and the Marriage Counselor
65.1-6506 Mar 70Love and the Other Guy
66.1-6606 Mar 70Love and Grandma
67.1-6713 Mar 70Love and the Fly
68.1-6813 Mar 70Love and the Millionaire
69.1-6913 Mar 70Love and Double Trouble
70.1-7027 Mar 70Love and the Minister
71.1-7127 Mar 70Love and the Singles Apartment
Season 2
72.2-1 25 Sep 70Love and the Father
73.2-2 25 Sep 70Love and the Motel
74.2-3 02 Oct 70Love and the Nurse
75.2-4 02 Oct 70Love and the Old Boyfriend
76.2-5 09 Oct 70Love and the Hypnotist
77.2-6 09 Oct 70Love and the Psychiatrist
78.2-7 16 Oct 70Love and the Blind Date
79.2-8 16 Oct 70Love and the Longest Night
80.2-9 23 Oct 70Love and the Visitor
81.2-1023 Oct 70Love and the Elopement
82.2-1130 Oct 70Love and the Eskimo
83.2-1230 Oct 70Love and the Nuisance
84.2-1306 Nov 70Love and the Decision
85.2-1406 Nov 70Love and the Haunted House
86.2-1513 Nov 70Love and the Fur Coat
87.2-1613 Nov 70Love and the Trip
88.2-1720 Nov 70Love and the Young Executive
89.2-1827 Nov 70Love and the Champ
90.2-1927 Nov 70Love and the Pen Pals
91.2-2004 Dec 70Love and the Lost Dog
92.2-2104 Dec 70Love and the Intruder
93.2-2211 Dec 70Love and the Understanding
94.2-2311 Dec 70Love and the Happy Couple
95.2-2418 Dec 70Love and the Man Next Door
96.2-2501 Jan 71Love and the Kidnapper
97.2-2608 Jan 71Love and the Wig
98.2-2708 Jan 71Love and the Only Child
99.2-2815 Jan 71Love and Operation Model
100.2-2915 Jan 71Love and the Sack
101.2-3015 Jan 71Love and the Triangle
102.2-3122 Jan 71Love and the Cake
103.2-3222 Jan 71Love and the Neighbor
104.2-3322 Jan 71Love and the Serious Wedding
105.2-3422 Jan 71Love and Murphy's Bed
106.2-3529 Jan 71Love and the Big Game
107.2-3629 Jan 71Love and the Nutsy Girl
108.2-3729 Jan 71Love and the Vampire
109.2-3805 Feb 71Love and the Arctic Station
110.2-3905 Feb 71Love and the Tattoo
111.2-4005 Feb 71Love and the Pulitzer Prize Baby
112.2-4112 Feb 71Love and the Rug
113.2-4212 Feb 71Love and the Second Time
114.2-4312 Feb 71Love and the New Roommate
115.2-4412 Feb 71Love and the Baker's Half Dozen
116.2-4519 Feb 71Love and the Pregnancy
117.2-4619 Feb 71Love and the Boss
118.2-4719 Feb 71Love and the Logical Explanation
119.2-4819 Feb 71Love and the Jury
120.2-4926 Feb 71Love and the Teddy Bear
121.2-5026 Feb 71Love and the Love Potion
122.2-5126 Feb 71Love and the Heist
123.2-5205 Mar 71Love and the Duel
124.2-5305 Mar 71Love and the Young Unmarrieds
125.2-5405 Mar 71Love and the Note
126.2-5512 Mar 71Love and Women's Lib
127.2-5612 Mar 71Love and the Fuzz
128.2-5712 Mar 71Love and the Housekeeper
129.2-5812 Mar 71Love and the Groupie
Season 3
130.3-1 17 Sep 71Love and the Loud Mouth
131.3-2 17 Sep 71Love and the Penal Code
132.3-3 17 Sep 71Love and Formula 26B
133.3-4 24 Sep 71Love and the Dream Burglar
134.3-5 24 Sep 71Love and the Monsters
135.3-6 24 Sep 71Love and the Conjugal Visit
136.3-7 24 Sep 71Love and the Anniversary Crisis
137.3-8 24 Sep 71Love and the Hotel Caper
138.3-9 01 Oct 71Love and the Neglected Wife
139.3-1001 Oct 71Love and the Artful Dodger
140.3-1101 Oct 71Love and the Traveling Salesman
141.3-1208 Oct 71Love and the Television Weekend
142.3-1308 Oct 71Love and the See-Through Man
143.3-1408 Oct 71Love and the Waterbed
144.3-1508 Oct 71Love and the Ledge
145.3-1615 Oct 71Love and the Guilty Conscience
146.3-1715 Oct 71Love and the Mixed Marriage
147.3-1815 Oct 71Love and the Wake-Up Girl
148.3-1915 Oct 71Love and the Detective
149.3-2022 Oct 71Love and the Naked Stranger
150.3-2122 Oct 71Love and the Four-Sided Triangle
151.3-2222 Oct 71Love and the Awakening
152.3-2322 Oct 71Love and the Bashful Groom
153.3-2429 Oct 71Love and the Lovesick Sailor
154.3-2529 Oct 71Love and the Sex Survey
155.3-2629 Oct 71Love and the Mistress
156.3-2729 Oct 71Love and the Reincarnation
157.3-2805 Nov 71Love and the Sweet Sixteen
158.3-2905 Nov 71Love and the Married Bachelor
159.3-3005 Nov 71Love and the Well-Groomed Bride
160.3-3105 Nov 71Love and the Vacation
161.3-3212 Nov 71Love and the Jealous Husband
162.3-3312 Nov 71Love and the Old Cowboy
163.3-3412 Nov 71Love and the Baby
164.3-3512 Nov 71Love and the Big Mother
165.3-3612 Nov 71Love and the Free Weekend
166.3-3719 Nov 71Love and the Plumber
167.3-3819 Nov 71Love and the Lady Barber
168.3-3919 Nov 71Love and the College Professor
169.3-4019 Nov 71Love and the Eyewitness
170.3-4103 Dec 71Love and the Eskimo's Wife
171.3-4203 Dec 71Love and the Accidental Passion
172.3-4303 Dec 71Love and the Black Limousine
173.3-4403 Dec 71Love and the Tuba
174.3-4510 Dec 71Love and the Liberated Lady Boss
175.3-4610 Dec 71Love and the Hiccups
176.3-4710 Dec 71Love and the Check
177.3-4810 Dec 71Love and the Bowling Ball
178.3-4917 Dec 71Love and the House Bachelor
179.3-5017 Dec 71Love and the Particular Girl
180.3-5117 Dec 71Love and the Fountain of Youth
181.3-5217 Dec 71Love and the Waitress
182.3-5331 Dec 71Love and the Intruder
183.3-5431 Dec 71Love and the Contact Lens
184.3-5531 Dec 71Love and the Motel Mixup
185.3-5631 Dec 71Love and the Doctor's Honeymoon
186.3-5707 Jan 72Love and the Lady Athlete
187.3-5807 Jan 72Love and the Single Sister
188.3-5907 Jan 72Love and the Lady Killers
189.3-6007 Jan 72Love and the New Size 8
190.3-6114 Jan 72Love and the Happy Unhappy Couple
191.3-6214 Jan 72Love and the Topless Policy
192.3-6314 Jan 72Love and the Ski Lodge
193.3-6414 Jan 72Love and the Security Building
194.3-6514 Jan 72Love and the Big Surprise
195.3-6621 Jan 72Love and the Advice Column
196.3-6721 Jan 72Love and the Bathtub
197.3-6821 Jan 72Love and the Guru
198.3-6921 Jan 72Love and the Physical
199.3-7021 Jan 72Love and the Fullback
200.3-7128 Jan 72Love and the Anxious Mama
201.3-7228 Jan 72Love and the Boomerang
202.3-7328 Jan 72Love and the Private Eye
203.3-7404 Feb 72Love and the Plane Truth
204.3-7504 Feb 72Love and the Scroungers
205.3-7604 Feb 72Love and the Small Wedding
206.3-7711 Feb 72Love and the Old-Fashioned Father
207.3-7811 Feb 72Love and the Bachelor Party
208.3-7911 Feb 72Love and the Latin Lover
209.3-8011 Feb 72Love and the Test of Manhood
210.3-8118 Feb 72Love and the Instant Father
211.3-8218 Feb 72Love and the Lovely Evening
212.3-8318 Feb 72Love and Lover's Lane
213.3-8418 Feb 72Love and the Split-Up
214.3-8518 Feb 72Love and the Alibi
215.3-8625 Feb 72Love and the Newscasters
216.3-8725 Feb 72Love and the Happy Days
Season 4
217.4-1 15 Sep 72Love and the Sensuous Twin
218.4-2 15 Sep 72Love and the Know-It-All
219.4-3 15 Sep 72Love and the Perfect Wife
220.4-4 15 Sep 72Love and the Triple Threat
221.4-5 22 Sep 72Love and the Cheaters
222.4-6 22 Sep 72Love and the Love Nest
223.4-7 22 Sep 72Love and the Unbearable Fiancee
224.4-8 22 Sep 72Love and the Amateur Night
225.4-9 29 Sep 72Love and the Overnight Guests
226.4-1029 Sep 72Love and the Lucky Couple
227.4-1129 Sep 72Love and the Mail Room
228.4-1229 Sep 72Love and the New Act
229.4-1306 Oct 72Love and the Girlish Groom
230.4-1406 Oct 72Love and the New You
231.4-1506 Oct 72Love and the Oldlyweds
232.4-1606 Oct 72Love and the Wishing Star
233.4-1713 Oct 72Love and the Spaced Out Chick
234.4-1813 Oct 72Love and the Country Girl
235.4-1913 Oct 72Love and Dear Old Mom and Dad
236.4-2013 Oct 72Love and the High School Sweetheart
237.4-2120 Oct 72Love and the Confession
238.4-2220 Oct 72Love and the Old Flames
239.4-2320 Oct 72Love and the Disappearing Box
240.4-2420 Oct 72Love and the Hip Arrangement
241.4-2527 Oct 72Love and the Happy Medium
242.4-2627 Oct 72Love and the Jinx
243.4-2727 Oct 72Love and the Little Black Book
244.4-2827 Oct 72Love and the Old Swingers
245.4-2903 Nov 72Love and the President
246.4-3003 Nov 72Love and the Clinic
247.4-3103 Nov 72Love and the Return of Raymond
248.4-3203 Nov 72Love and the Perfect Wedding
249.4-3310 Nov 72Love and the Pick-Up Fantasy
250.4-3410 Nov 72Love and the Hairy Excuse
251.4-3510 Nov 72Love and Lady Luck
252.4-3617 Nov 72Love and the Christmas Punch
253.4-3717 Nov 72Love and the Mystic
254.4-3817 Nov 72Love and the Tycoon
255.4-3924 Nov 72Love and the Secret Life
256.4-4024 Nov 72Love and the Swinging Philosophy
257.4-4124 Nov 72Love and the Caller
258.4-4224 Nov 72Love and the Woman in White
259.4-4301 Dec 72Love and the Super Lover
260.4-4401 Dec 72Love and the Impressionist
261.4-4501 Dec 72Love and the First Kiss
262.4-4608 Dec 72Love and the Ghost
263.4-4708 Dec 72Love and the Out-of-Town Client
264.4-4808 Dec 72Love and the Secret Habit
265.4-4905 Jan 73Love and the Legend
266.4-5005 Jan 73Love and the Cryptic Gift
267.4-5105 Jan 73Love and the Family Hour
268.4-5205 Jan 73Love and the Sexpert
269.4-5312 Jan 73Love and the Impossible Gift
270.4-5412 Jan 73Love and the Face Bow
271.4-5512 Jan 73Love and the Love Kit
272.4-5619 Jan 73Love and the Old Lover
273.4-5719 Jan 73Love and the Missing Mister
274.4-5819 Jan 73Love and the Twanger Tutor
275.4-5926 Jan 73Love and the Unmarriage
276.4-6026 Jan 73Love and the Singing Suitor
277.4-6126 Jan 73Love and the Wee He
278.4-6202 Feb 73Love and the Laughing Lover
279.4-6302 Feb 73Love and the Hot Spell
280.4-6402 Feb 73Love and the Hand Maiden
281.4-6502 Feb 73Love and the Perfect Setup
282.4-6609 Feb 73Love and the Playwright
283.4-6709 Feb 73Love and the Trampled Passion
284.4-6809 Feb 73Love and the Anniversary
285.4-6916 Feb 73Love and the Baby Derby
286.4-7016 Feb 73Love and the Burglar Joke
287.4-7116 Feb 73Love and the Favorite Family
288.4-7223 Feb 73Love and the Crisis Line
289.4-7323 Feb 73Love and the Happy Family
290.4-7423 Feb 73Love and the Vertical Romance
291.4-7502 Mar 73Love and the Mind Reader
292.4-7602 Mar 73Love and the Soap Opera
293.4-7702 Mar 73Love and the Mr. and Mrs.
294.4-7809 Mar 73Love and the Postal Meeter
295.4-7909 Mar 73Love and the End of the Line
296.4-8009 Mar 73Love and the Growing Romance
Season 5
297.5-1 14 Sep 73Love and the Footlight Fiancee
298.5-2 14 Sep 73Love and the Teller's Tale
299.5-3 14 Sep 73Love and the Swinging Surgeon
300.5-4 14 Sep 73Love and the Plane Fantasy
301.5-5 21 Sep 73Love and the Lifter
302.5-6 21 Sep 73Love and the Lie
303.5-7 21 Sep 73Love and the Suspicious Husband
304.5-8 21 Sep 73Love and the Comedienne
305.5-9 28 Sep 73Love and the Heavy Set
306.5-1028 Sep 73Love and the Novel Life
307.5-1128 Sep 73Love and the See-Through Mind
308.5-1228 Sep 73Love and the Seven-Year Wait
309.5-1328 Sep 73Love and the Golden Memory
310.5-1405 Oct 73Love and the Stutter
311.5-1505 Oct 73Love and the Memento
312.5-1605 Oct 73Love and the Games People Play
313.5-1705 Oct 73Love and the Single Husband
314.5-1805 Oct 73Love and High Spirits
315.5-1912 Oct 73Love and the Bonded Separation
316.5-2012 Oct 73Love and the Fractured Fibula
317.5-2112 Oct 73Love and the Pretty Secretary
318.5-2219 Oct 73Love and the Hoodwinked Honey
319.5-2319 Oct 73Love and the Secret Spouse
320.5-2419 Oct 73Love and the Cozy Comrades
321.5-2519 Oct 73Love and the Flunky
322.5-2602 Nov 73Love and the Lady Prisoner
323.5-2702 Nov 73Love and the Weighty Problem
324.5-2802 Nov 73Love and the Fortune Cookie
325.5-2902 Nov 73Love and the Opera Singer
326.5-3009 Nov 73Love and the Unsteady Steady
327.5-3109 Nov 73Love and the Persistent Assistant
328.5-3209 Nov 73Love and the Last Joke
329.5-3309 Nov 73Love and the Clinical Problem
330.5-3409 Nov 73Love and the Eat's Cafe
331.5-3516 Nov 73Love and the Unwedding
332.5-3616 Nov 73Love and the Big Top
333.5-3716 Nov 73Love and the Odd Couples
334.5-3816 Nov 73Love and the Locksmith
335.5-3923 Nov 73Love and the Time Machine
336.5-4023 Nov 73Love and the Man of the Year
337.5-4123 Nov 73Love and the Blue Plate Special
338.5-4230 Nov 73Love and the Hidden Meaning
339.5-4330 Nov 73Love and the Model Apartment
340.5-4430 Nov 73Love and the Weirdo
341.5-4530 Nov 73Love and the Parent's Sake
342.5-4630 Nov 73Love and the Three-Timer
343.5-4707 Dec 73Love and the Spendthrift
344.5-4807 Dec 73Love and the Generation Gap
345.5-4907 Dec 73Love and the Awkward Age
346.5-5028 Dec 73Love and Carmen Lopez
347.5-5128 Dec 73Love and the Cover
348.5-5228 Dec 73Love and the Cryin' Cowboy
349.5-5304 Jan 74Love and the Flying Finletters
350.5-5404 Jan 74Love and the Extra Job
351.5-5504 Jan 74Love and the Golden Worm
352.5-5604 Jan 74Love and the Patrol Person
353.5-5704 Jan 74Love and the Itchy Condition
354.5-5811 Jan 74Love and the Competitors
355.5-5911 Jan 74Love and the Forever Tree
356.5-6011 Jan 74Love and the Image Makers
357.5-6111 Jan 74Love and Mr. Bunny
358.5-6211 Jan 74Love and the Phobia
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