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Lupin the 3rd

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Escapades of a master thief and his companions.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 1971
End date: Sep 2018
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Nippon (JP) / Yomiuri (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 278 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Comedy, Drama
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 24 Oct 71Is Lupin Burning...?!
2.1-2 31 Oct 71The Man They Called a Magician
3.1-3 07 Nov 71Farewell My Beloved Witch
4.1-4 14 Nov 71One Chance for a Prison Break
5.1-5 21 Nov 71The Coming of Goemon the Thirteenth
6.1-6 28 Nov 71Rainy Afternoons Are Bad
7.1-7 05 Dec 71A Wolf Calls a Wolf
8.1-8 12 Dec 71The All-Together Playing-Card Operation
9.1-9 19 Dec 71Killer Sings the Blues
10.1-1026 Dec 71Hunt Down the Counterfeiter!
11.1-1102 Jan 72When the Seventh Bridge Falls
12.1-1209 Jan 72Who Had the Last Laugh?
13.1-1316 Jan 72Beware the Time Machine!
14.1-1423 Jan 72The Emerald's Secret
15.1-1530 Jan 72Let's Catch Lupin and Go to Europe
16.1-1606 Feb 72Operation Jewel Snatch
17.1-1713 Feb 72Lupin Caught in a Trap
18.1-1820 Feb 72Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest
19.1-1927 Feb 72Which of the Third Generation Will Win?
20.1-2005 Mar 72Catch the Phony Lupin!
21.1-2112 Mar 72Rescue the Tomboy!
22.1-2219 Mar 72The First Move Wins Computer Operation!
23.1-2326 Mar 72The Great Gold Showdown!
Season 2
24.2-1 03 Oct 77The Return of Lupin III
25.2-2 10 Oct 77A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's Sunset
26.2-3 17 Oct 77Hitler's Legacy
27.2-4 24 Oct 77I Can Hear Nessie's Song
28.2-5 31 Oct 77I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold Bullion
29.2-6 07 Nov 77Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing?
30.2-7 14 Nov 77Tutankhamen's 3000-year Curse
31.2-8 21 Nov 77The Venice Superexpress
32.2-9 28 Nov 77What Do You Think of Ukiyoe Blues?
33.2-1005 Dec 77Steal File M123
34.2-1112 Dec 77Wager on the Monaco GP
35.2-1219 Dec 77A Present for the President
36.2-1326 Dec 77The Great San Francisco Chase
37.2-1409 Jan 78The Great Caribbean Adventure
38.2-1516 Jan 78The Great Detectives Take to the Sky
39.2-1623 Jan 78The Two Faces of Lupin
40.2-1730 Jan 78Go for the Oildollar
41.2-1806 Feb 78Black Panther
42.2-1913 Feb 78Can You Open the Ten-Year Vault?
43.2-2020 Feb 78Lupin Up Against the Wall
44.2-2127 Feb 78Goemon's Revenge
45.2-2206 Mar 78Search the House of Mystery Women
46.2-2313 Mar 78Witch of the Fourth Dimension
47.2-2420 Mar 78The Great Thief Nezumi-Koozoo Makes His Appearance
48.2-2527 Mar 78The Coming of the Killer Iron Lizards
49.2-2603 Apr 78The Rose and the Pistol
50.2-2710 Apr 78Where is the Cinderella Stamp?
51.2-2817 Apr 78Lady Detective Melon
52.2-2924 Apr 78The Electroshock Pigeon Operation
53.2-3001 May 78The Wind is Hot in Morocco
54.2-3108 May 78Face the Midnight Sun and Fire
55.2-3215 May 78Lupin Dies Twice
56.2-3322 May 78To Whom Does Orion's Crown Belong?
57.2-3429 May 78Lupin Becomes a Vampire
58.2-3505 Jun 78Chase the Gorilla Gang
59.2-3612 Jun 78Expose the Secret of Tsukikagejoo
60.2-3719 Jun 78The Buried Treasure of Genghis Khan
61.2-3826 Jun 78The Sweet ICPO Trap
62.2-3903 Jul 78A Diamond Disappeared in the Hong Kong Night Sky
63.2-4010 Jul 78Operation Missilejack
64.2-4117 Jul 78Find Princess Kaguya's Treasure
65.2-4224 Jul 78Lupin Becomes a Bride
66.2-4331 Jul 78Where Are Peking Man's Bones?
67.2-4407 Aug 78The Vanishing Special Armored Car
68.2-4514 Aug 78Killing is the Smell of Wine
69.2-4621 Aug 78Lupin Will Fetch a High Price
70.2-4728 Aug 78Her Majesty's Slipshod Inspectors
71.2-4804 Sep 78Lupin Laughs While the Alarm Bell Rings
72.2-4911 Sep 78A Pretty Woman Has Venom
73.2-5018 Sep 78Lupin, Whom I Loved (Part 1)
74.2-5125 Sep 78Lupin, Whom I Loved (Part 2)
75.2-5202 Oct 78Emmanuelle is an Angel's Whisper
76.2-5309 Oct 78The Mad Fantoma Mark III
77.2-5416 Oct 78Detective Hanshichi's Ten-Year Promise
78.2-5523 Oct 78Falling Cherry Blossoms - The Mysterious Gang of Five (Part 1)
79.2-5630 Oct 78Falling Cherry Blossoms - The Mysterious Gang of Five (Part 2)
80.2-5706 Nov 78Will It Be the Computer or Lupin?
81.2-5813 Nov 78The Border is the Face of Farewell
82.2-5920 Nov 78The Mysterious World of Madame X
83.2-6027 Nov 78A Flower of Suicide Blooms in India
84.2-6104 Dec 78The Flying Zantetsuken
85.2-6211 Dec 78The Sound of the Devil's Bells Calls Lupin
86.2-6318 Dec 78A Trap for a Trap!
87.2-6425 Dec 78Christmas is in the Hands of the Goddess
88.2-6508 Jan 79Lupin's Enemy is Lupin
89.2-6615 Jan 79Shooting Orders!
90.2-6722 Jan 79Lupin's Big Saiyuuki
91.2-6829 Jan 79Casino Island - Inversions and More Inversions
92.2-6905 Feb 79The Woman the Old Man Fell in Love with
93.2-7012 Feb 79Classic Thieves and Mynah Birds
94.2-7119 Feb 79Lupin vs the Shinsen Group
95.2-7226 Feb 79The Skateboard Murder Mystery
96.2-7305 Mar 79Flowers and Storms and a Thieves' Race
97.2-7412 Mar 79The Terrifying Chameleon Man
98.2-7519 Mar 79Fujiko Doesn't Look Good in a Bridal Gown
99.2-7626 Mar 79Do You Know Shakespeare?
100.2-7702 Apr 79Arrest Lupin with Horoscopes
101.2-7809 Apr 79Diamonds Gleam in a Robot's Eye
102.2-7916 Apr 79The Lupin Funeral March
103.2-8023 Apr 79The Last Meal is Cup Ramen
104.2-8130 Apr 79Fujiko! Men Are Tough
105.2-8207 May 79The Old Man Hostage Rescue Operation
106.2-8314 May 79Lupin's Big Western
107.2-8421 May 79Leave Revenge to Lupin
108.2-8528 May 79ICPO Secret Directive
109.2-8604 Jun 79The Mysterious Nightlight Mask Appears
110.2-8711 Jun 79When the Devil Beckons to Lupin
111.2-8818 Jun 79Luipn's Big South Pole-North Pole Adventure
112.2-8925 Jun 79Play the Thieves' Symphony
113.2-9002 Jul 79Bad Guys Are Truly Big Villains
114.2-9109 Jul 79The Girl Who Travels Through Time
115.2-9216 Jul 79Madame and a Thieves' Quartet
116.2-9323 Jul 79Operation Great Wall of China Invader
117.2-9430 Jul 79Lupin vs Superman
118.2-9506 Aug 79From the Ghost Ship with Love
119.2-9613 Aug 79Lupin's Gourmet Heaven
120.2-9720 Aug 79Find the Treasure of Lupin I
121.2-9827 Aug 79The Day the Old Man Died
122.2-9903 Sep 79The Combat Magnum Scattered in the Wasteland
123.2-10010 Sep 79The Famous Painting Theft Ultra Operation
124.2-10117 Sep 79Versailles Burned with Love
125.2-10224 Sep 79Lupin is Fond of Chanel
126.2-10301 Oct 79The Wolf Saw an Angel
127.2-10408 Oct 79The Most Dangerous Golden Bed
128.2-10515 Oct 79Horror - A Woman Disappeared on Devil's Head Island
129.2-10622 Oct 79You're a Cat, I'm a Dried Tuna
130.2-10729 Oct 79A Wedding Ring is an Accursed Trap
131.2-10805 Nov 79Zantetsuken's Lament
132.2-10912 Nov 79Lupin's Toughest Battle Ever
133.2-11019 Nov 79Hot Shot: This is Fujiko
134.2-11126 Nov 79Is the Invader Safe Open?
135.2-11203 Dec 79Goemon's Close Call
136.2-11310 Dec 79The Name of the Operation is Chuushingura
137.2-11417 Dec 79The Secret of the Mystery Painting, 'The First Supper'
138.2-11524 Dec 79Mona Lisa Smiles Twice
139.2-11631 Dec 79Have the 108 Bells Rung
140.2-11707 Jan 80The Chewing-Gum Disguise Operation
141.2-11814 Jan 80The Southern Cross Looked Like Diamonds
142.2-11921 Jan 80Lupin, Who Killed Lupin
143.2-12028 Jan 80Frankenstein Attacks Lupin
144.2-12104 Feb 80The Treasure My Grandfather Left Behind
145.2-12211 Feb 80Rare Find: Napoleon's Fortune
146.2-12318 Feb 80Paris is for Thieves
147.2-12425 Feb 801999: A Popcorn Odyssey
148.2-12503 Mar 80The Big Oildollar Plot
149.2-12610 Mar 80Together with Lupin to Hell
150.2-12717 Mar 80Direct Hit! Operation Dead Ball
151.2-12824 Mar 80The Old Woman and Lupin Thievery Contest
152.2-12931 Mar 80In Jigen, I Saw the Gentleness of a Man's Soul
153.2-13007 Apr 80Lupin vs the Mystery Man with Two Faces
154.2-13114 Apr 80Two Goemons - the Mystery of Zantetsuken
155.2-13221 Apr 80The Himalayan Holy Mountain Thieves' Cult
156.2-13328 Apr 80Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure
157.2-13405 May 80The Climactic Lupin Arrest Operation
158.2-13512 May 80Poison and Magic and Lupin III
159.2-13619 May 80Revenge of the Gold Butterfly
160.2-13726 May 80The Magnificent Team-Play Operation
161.2-13802 Jun 80The Treasure of Pompeii and Venomous Snakes
162.2-13909 Jun 80Steal Everything of Lupin's
163.2-14016 Jun 80Wolf, Run, Pig, Fall Down
164.2-14130 Jun 801980 Moscow Revelation
165.2-14207 Jul 80The Big Favorite Disappeared at the Grand Race
166.2-14314 Jul 80The Miami Bank Raid Anniversary
167.2-14421 Jul 80Fujiko's Close Call Rescue Operation
168.2-14528 Jul 80Wings of Death - Albatross
169.2-14604 Aug 80Lupin's Splendid Failure
170.2-14711 Aug 80The Mermaid That Disappeared in the Midnight Sun
171.2-14818 Aug 80The Target is 555 Meters
172.2-14925 Aug 80The Treasure of Mecca Wore a Veil
173.2-15001 Sep 80Piano Symphony 'Zoo'
174.2-15108 Sep 80The Arrest Lupin Highway Operation
175.2-15215 Sep 80Jigen and a Hat and a Pistol
176.2-15322 Sep 80The Bills That Came from God
177.2-15429 Sep 80The Hexagon's Great Legacy
178.2-15506 Oct 80Farewell My Beloved Lupin
Season 3
179.3-1 03 Mar 84The Gold is Beckoning Lupin
180.3-2 10 Mar 84Expose the Great Trap
181.3-3 17 Mar 84Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel
182.3-4 24 Mar 84Telepathy is Love's Signal
183.3-5 07 Apr 84Goemon Daydream
184.3-6 19 May 84Lupin Has Come with a Tank
185.3-7 26 May 84The Man is Called the Death Garb
186.3-8 09 Jun 84Virgin Mary's Getaway Strategy
187.3-9 16 Jun 84The Copy-Man Comes Expensive
188.3-1023 Jun 84Lay a Plot with the Treasure
189.3-1107 Jul 84The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears
190.3-1228 Jul 84The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace
191.3-1320 Oct 84Play a Joke on the Variation
192.3-1427 Oct 84Let's Play the Abduction
193.3-1503 Nov 84The Killer Comes Along Quietly
194.3-1610 Nov 84The Golden Apple Has Poison
195.3-1717 Nov 84Are You Really Getting Married?
196.3-1824 Nov 84Show Time is Death Feeling
197.3-1901 Dec 84An Act of Betrayal
198.3-2008 Dec 84Cross His Name Off the List
199.3-2115 Dec 84Farewell, Golden Legend
200.3-2222 Dec 84The Fire is Not Suitable for a Diamond
201.3-2329 Dec 84The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery
202.3-2412 Jan 85Pray for the Repose of Your Soul
203.3-2519 Jan 85We Are Not Angels
204.3-2626 Jan 85The Ghost of New York
205.3-2702 Feb 85Code Name is Alaska Star
206.3-2809 Feb 85The Alaska Star is a Ticket to Hell
207.3-2916 Feb 85Let's Go to the Honey-Moon
208.3-3023 Feb 85The Name of the Cocktail is Revenge
209.3-3102 Mar 85Reversal. Reversal and Again Reversal
210.3-3209 Mar 8510 Million Dollar Key
211.3-3316 Mar 85A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game
212.3-3423 Mar 85Manhattan Crisis
213.3-3530 Mar 85Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field
214.3-3606 Apr 85The Eagle Alights on the Glory
215.3-3720 Apr 85Pops Boils Over with Rage
216.3-3827 Apr 85Letiethia Loved Me
217.3-3911 May 85Give the Gold to the Rival
218.3-4025 May 85In a Panic Over the Treasure
219.3-4108 Jun 85A Night Under Martial Law
220.3-4222 Jun 85Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance
221.3-4329 Jun 85Farewell, Cinderella
222.3-4406 Jul 85Our Papa is a Thief
223.3-4520 Jul 85A Toast to the Con-Game
224.3-4627 Jul 85Worn-Out Wings
225.3-4717 Aug 85A Famous Picture
226.3-4831 Aug 85Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes
227.3-4928 Sep 85Pops Was Adopted Into the Family
228.3-5006 Nov 85Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov
Season 4
229.4-1 30 Aug 15The Wedding of Lupin III
230.4-2 30 Aug 15The Fake Fantasista
231.4-3 30 Aug 150.2% Chance of Survival
232.4-4 30 Aug 15With a Gun in My Hand
233.4-5 06 Sep 15The Magician's Left Hand
234.4-6 06 Sep 15Venice of the Dead
235.4-7 07 Sep 15Until the Full Moon Passes
236.4-8 13 Sep 15The Zapping Operation
237.4-9 13 Sep 15Welcome to the Haunted Hotel!
238.4-1014 Sep 15Requiem for the Assassins
239.4-1120 Sep 15The Lovesick Pig
240.4-1220 Sep 15The Dream of Italy (Part 1)
241.4-1321 Sep 15The Dream of Italy (Part 2)
242.4-1428 Sep 15The End of Lupin III
243.4-1505 Oct 15Don't Move the Mona Lisa
244.4-1612 Oct 15High School Undercover!
245.4-1719 Oct 15Lupin's Day Off
246.4-1826 Oct 15The Murdering Marionette
247.4-1902 Nov 15The First Supper
248.4-2009 Nov 15Dragons Sleep Soundly
249.4-2115 Nov 15To Hear You Sing Again
250.4-2215 Nov 15From Japan with Love
251.4-2322 Nov 15Non-Stop Rendezvous
252.4-2423 Nov 15I'm Going to Get You, Lupin
253.4-2529 Nov 15World Dissection (Part 1)
254.4-2630 Nov 15World Dissection (Part 2)
Season 5
255.5-1 03 Apr 18The Girl of the Twin Towers
256.5-2 10 Apr 18The Lupin Game
257.5-3 17 Apr 18The Killers Gather in the Wasteland
258.5-4 24 Apr 18Zenigata's Pride and the Desert Dust
259.5-5 01 May 18A Crook's Resolve
260.5-6 08 May 18Lupin vs. the Smart Safe
261.5-7 15 May 18His Name is Albert
262.5-8 22 May 18Who Has the Black Notebook?
263.5-9 29 May 18The Man Who Abandoned "Lupin"
264.5-1005 Jun 18Thief and Thief
265.5-1112 Jun 18Get Pablo's Collection
266.5-1219 Jun 18The Extravagance of Goemon Ishikawa XIII
267.5-1303 Jul 18The Bow, the Princess, and the Terrorist
268.5-1410 Jul 18How to Steal a Kingdom
269.5-1517 Jul 18Her Relationship With Lupin
270.5-1624 Jul 18Let's Talk About First Loves
271.5-1731 Jul 18Introducing Detective Jim Barnett III
272.5-1807 Aug 18Fujiko's Gift
273.5-1914 Aug 18A 7.62 mm Mirage
274.5-2021 Aug 18Zenigata, Gentleman Thief
275.5-2128 Aug 18An Outdated Master Thief
276.5-2204 Sep 18Answer me, Zantetsuken
277.5-2311 Sep 18Just Then, an Old Buddy Said Something
278.5-2418 Sep 18Viva Lupin III
Season 6
279.6-1 16 Oct 21Enter Sherlock Holmes
280.6-2 23 Oct 21Detective and Crook
281.6-3 30 Oct 21Adventure Along the (Bogus) Transcontinental Railroad
282.6-4 06 Nov 21The Killers in the Diner
283.6-5 13 Nov 21The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 1
284.6-6 20 Nov 21The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 2
285.6-7 27 Nov 21An Untold Tale
286.6-8 04 Dec 21Last Bullet
287.6-9 11 Dec 21The Jet-Black Diamond
288.6-1018 Dec 21Darwin's Bird
289.6-1125 Dec 21The Truth and The Raven
290.6-1225 Dec 21The Ghosts of Britain
291.6-1308 Jan 22An Invitation From the Past
292.6-1415 Jan 22The Mirage Women
293.6-1522 Jan 22Wedding Bells Ring with the Sound of Gunfire
294.6-1629 Jan 22Samurai Collection
295.6-1705 Feb 22Win or Lose in 1.0 Seconds
296.6-1805 Feb 22Fakes attract Lies, Part 1
297.6-1919 Feb 22Fakes attract Lies, Part 2
298.6-2026 Feb 22Two Terrible Ladies
299.6-2105 Mar 22Welcome to the island of Bubbles
300.6-2212 Mar 22My Mother's Documents
301.6-2319 Mar 22The Memories of a Beloved Witch
302.6-2426 Mar 22What Crooks Love
S02.2-0 16 Dec 78The Mystery of Mamo (102 min)
S02.2-0 15 Dec 79The Castle of Cagliostro (100 min)
S03.3-0 13 Jul 85Legend of the Gold of Babylon (100 min)
S03.3-0 26 Dec 87The Fuma Conspiracy (73 min)
S03.3-0 22 Apr 95Farewell to Nostradamus (98 min)
S03.3-0 20 Apr 96Dead or Alive (97 min)
S04.4-0 07 Dec 13Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan (108 min)
S06.6-0 09 Oct 21Episode 0: The Times
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The color of Lupin's jacket varies:
season 1: green
season 2: red
season 3: pink
seasons 4 & 5: blue

DVDs of the TV series are available:
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Most Wanted
Love Heist
Family Jewels
DVDs of the movies are available:
of Mamo
Mystery of Mamo
2.Castle of
Castle of Cagliostro
to Danger
Voyage to Danger
of Doom
Dragon of Doom
Harimao's Treasure
Twilight Gemini
The original comic strips are now becoming available in English:
Vol 1
Vol 2