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Magical DoReMi

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Feb 1999
End date: Dec 2004
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TV Asahi (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 49 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama, Fantasy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 07 Feb 99I'm Doremi! I'm a Witch Apprentice
2.1-2 14 Feb 99I Become Hazuki-chan!
3.1-3 21 Feb 99The Transfer Student from Naniwa! Aiko Debuts
4.1-4 28 Feb 99It's Not Scary If We're All Witches
5.1-5 07 Mar 99Grand Opening! House Of Magic!
6.1-6 14 Mar 99A Liar's First Friendship
7.1-7 21 Mar 99Aim For Level 9! Witch Exam
8.1-8 28 Mar 99Go to the Witch World!!
9.1-9 04 Apr 99Where Did You Go!? Fairy Dodo
10.1-1011 Apr 99Pinch! The Teacher Found Out!!
11.1-1118 Apr 99Early Riser Girl Marina And A Bouquet from the Heart
12.1-1225 Apr 99A Wish For A Precious Shirt
13.1-1302 May 99Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam
14.1-1409 May 99Laugh and Forgive Me!?
15.1-1516 May 99Majo Rika Goes to Kindergarten
16.1-1623 May 99Fishing for Love
17.1-1730 May 99Yada-kun is a Delinquent!?
18.1-1806 Jun 99Don't Use That! The Forbidden Magic
19.1-1913 Jun 99Hadzuki-chan is Kidnapped!
20.1-2020 Jun 99The Rival Makes Her Appearnce! The Mahō-dōu is in Big Trouble!!
21.1-2127 Jun 99Majo Ruka's Goods are Filled with Danger
22.1-2204 Jul 99The Road to the Level 6 Witch is Long!?
23.1-2311 Jul 99Big Turnaround!? Ojamajo's Training
24.1-2418 Jul 99Majo Ruka VS Level 6 Ojamajos
25.1-2525 Jul 99Ojamajo Pop's Arrival!?
26.1-2601 Aug 99We are the Pureleine!
27.1-2708 Aug 99Oyajide Arrives!?
28.1-2815 Aug 99Love is a Windy Ride Over a Plateau
29.1-2922 Aug 99The Tap Disappeared at the Festival!
30.1-3029 Aug 99I Want to Meet the Ghost!
31.1-3105 Sep 99Presents from Mongolia
32.1-3212 Sep 99Defeat Tamaki! The Class President Election
33.1-3319 Sep 99Much Panic at the Athletic Meet!
34.1-3426 Sep 99I Want to See My Mother!
35.1-3503 Oct 99The Transfer Student is a Witch Apprentice!?
36.1-3610 Oct 99The Level 4 Exam is DODODODODO!
37.1-3717 Oct 99So Many Magical Frogs!
38.1-3824 Oct 99Ryōta and the Monster of the Night
39.1-3931 Oct 99Doremi's Boyfriend is a Middle School Student!
40.1-4014 Nov 99Doremi Wins Easily? The Level 3 Exam
41.1-4121 Nov 99Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory!
42.1-4228 Nov 99The Ojamajo's Fight for Justice!?
43.1-4305 Dec 99Tearful Memories of Papa and the Fireworks
44.1-4412 Dec 99I Want to Be a Female Pro Wrestler!
45.1-4519 Dec 99Help Santa!
46.1-4626 Dec 99The Witches' Talent Show
47.1-4702 Jan 00Father's Arranged Marriage Meeting
48.1-4809 Jan 00Onpu's E-Mail was a Love Letter?
49.1-4916 Jan 00I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Placed on the Overnight Express
50.1-5023 Jan 00The Last Witch Apprentice Exam
51.1-5130 Jan 00Farewell, Mahō-dōu
Season 2
52.2-1 06 Feb 00Doremi Becomes a Mama!?
53.2-2 13 Feb 00Raising a Baby is a Lot of Trouble!
54.2-3 20 Feb 00Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam
55.2-4 27 Feb 00Doremi Fails as a Mama!?
56.2-5 05 Mar 00So Long, Oyajiide
57.2-6 12 Mar 00Lies and Truth in Flower Language
58.2-7 19 Mar 00Hana-chan's Health Examination
59.2-8 26 Mar 00Across Time, In Search of Onpu's Mama's Secret!
60.2-9 02 Apr 00The Search for the Herbs! Maho-dou's Bus Trip
61.2-1009 Apr 00High School Student Aiko is
62.2-1116 Apr 00Hazuki-chan Learns How to Dance!?
63.2-1223 Apr 00The Health Examination's Yellow Cards!
64.2-1330 Apr 00Doremi Becomes a Bride?
65.2-1407 May 00Pop's First Love? Her Beloved Jyunichi-sensei!
66.2-1514 May 00Mother's Day and the Drawing of Mother
67.2-1621 May 00First Time Crawling!? Big Panic at the Harukaze's!
68.2-1724 May 00Hana-chan's Crawling Exam
69.2-1804 Jun 00Dodo Runs Away From Home!!
70.2-1911 Jun 00Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight
71.2-2025 Jun 00I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion
72.2-2102 Jul 00The Misanthropist Majo Don and The Promise of The Herb
73.2-2209 Jul 00The Wizard's Trap - Oyajiide Returns
74.2-2317 Jul 00Using new powers to Rescue Hana-chan!
75.2-2424 Jul 00Fried Bread Power is Scary!
76.2-2530 Jul 00The Mysterious Pretty Boy, Akatsuki-kun Appears!
77.2-2606 Aug 00Kanae-chan's Diet Plan
78.2-2713 Aug 00The Herb from the North and the Precious Memories
79.2-2820 Aug 00Health Examination Full of Hidden Dangers
80.2-2927 Aug 00Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?
81.2-3003 Sep 00Seki-sensei's Got a Boyfriend!?
82.2-3110 Sep 00The FLAT 4 Arrive from the Wizard World!
83.2-3217 Sep 00Fly Away! Dodo and the Other Fairies' Big Transformation
84.2-3301 Oct 00Say Cheese During the Class Trip!
85.2-3408 Oct 00Takoyaki is the Taste of Making Up
86.2-3515 Oct 00Aim for the Top in the Sports Festival!
87.2-3622 Oct 00Aiko and her Rival! Sports Showdown!!
88.2-3729 Oct 00Hana-chan and Pop are Both Taking Examinations!
89.2-3812 Nov 00Hazuki-chan's a Great Director!
90.2-3919 Nov 00A Selfish Child and the Angry Monster
91.2-4026 Nov 00The Piano Comes to the Harukaze House!
92.2-4103 Dec 00Chase After Onpu! The Path to Becoming an Idol!
93.2-4210 Dec 00The Witch Who Does Not Cast Magic
94.2-4317 Dec 00Hana-chan's Our Classmate!?
95.2-4424 Dec 00A Happy White Christmas
96.2-4531 Dec 00Ojamajo Period Drama: The Young Girls Show Their Valor!
97.2-4607 Jan 01The Last Examination - Hana-chan's Mamas Will Protect Her!
98.2-4714 Jan 01Give Back Hana-chan! The Great Magic Battle
99.2-4821 Jan 01Hana-chan's Dying!?
100.2-4928 Jan 01Good Bye, Hana-chan
Season 3
101.3-1 04 Feb 01Doremi, A Stormy New Semester
102.3-2 11 Feb 01Momoko Cried!? The Secret Behind the Piercing
103.3-3 18 Feb 01I Hate You! But I Would Like To Be Your Friend!
104.3-4 25 Feb 01Welcome to the Sweet House!
105.3-5 04 Mar 01SOS Trio is Disbanding!?
106.3-6 11 Mar 01Challenge! The First Patissiere Exam
107.3-7 18 Mar 01Welcome Back! Hana-chan
108.3-8 25 Mar 01What Are True Friends?
109.3-9 01 Apr 01Hadzuki and Masaru's Treasure
110.3-1008 Apr 01I Don't Want to Become an Adult!
111.3-1115 Apr 01The Unstoppable Teacher!!
112.3-1222 Apr 01Kotake VS Demon Coach Igarashi
113.3-1329 Apr 01I Want to Ride the Ship of Dreams!
114.3-1406 May 01An Up and Down Happy Birthday
115.3-1513 May 01Do you like Your Beautiful Mother? Or Hate Her?
116.3-1620 May 01Just Being Delicious is Not Enough!?
117.3-1727 May 01Her Destined Rival!! Harukaze and Tamaki
118.3-1803 Jun 01Scoop!! A Child Idol's Day
119.3-1910 Jun 01Nothing but Fights, Like Father, Like Son
120.3-2024 Jun 01A New Classmate
121.3-2101 Jul 01We're Out of Magical Ingredient!!
122.3-2208 Jul 01Pop Becomes an Elder Sister??
123.3-2315 Jul 01Clams By the Shore
124.3-2422 Jul 01Rock and Roll in the Music Club!?
125.3-2529 Jul 01A Lonely Summer Vacation
126.3-2605 Aug 01Deliver Her Feelings! Aiko Goes to Osaka
127.3-2712 Aug 01Break Through that Malicious Exam!
128.3-2819 Aug 01All Sorts of Dangers at the Witch Kindergarten!
129.3-2926 Aug 01Terror! The Curse of the Well
130.3-3002 Sep 01Please Give Us the Illusionary Recipe!
131.3-3109 Sep 01We'll Cure It! Her Hatred of Vegetables!
132.3-3216 Sep 01Momoko's Mama Training
133.3-3323 Sep 01Undefeatable!? Ojamajo Lends a Helping Hand
134.3-3430 Sep 01Remember! The Legendary Sweet
135.3-3507 Oct 01Tamaki, Taking Over!?
136.3-3614 Oct 01Hadzuki's Delicious Idea
137.3-3721 Oct 01The Fairies Want a Break!!
138.3-3828 Oct 01I Want to Go to School!
139.3-3911 Nov 01The School Performance! Who'll be the Main Character?
140.3-4018 Nov 01Hana-chan, Digging Sweet Potatoes!
141.3-4125 Nov 01Visiting the Village of Magic Frogs
142.3-4202 Dec 01Heartpounding! The Mysterious Magic of the Twins
143.3-4309 Dec 01The Ojamajos Cross the Ocean
144.3-4416 Dec 01Ai-chan's Going Back!?
145.3-4523 Dec 01Merry Christmas with Everyone!
146.3-4630 Dec 01A Messed Up Magical Year-End Celebration
147.3-4706 Jan 02Hana-chan's Big Adventure
148.3-4813 Jan 02No Hints! The Last Exam
149.3-4920 Jan 02Open Your Eyes! Manipulated Momoko
150.3-5027 Jan 02Goodbye Witch Apprentices
Season 4
151.4-1 03 Feb 02A Surprised Doremi! The New Ojamajo
152.4-2 10 Feb 02Hana-chan Becomes a 6th Grader!
153.4-3 17 Feb 02I Won't Lose to Hana-chan!
154.4-4 24 Feb 02Maho-dou is Falling Apart!?
155.4-5 03 Mar 02An Honest Onpu
156.4-6 10 Mar 02The Mystery Combo Of Class Librarians!?
157.4-7 17 Mar 02Open Up! The Door to Your Heart
158.4-8 24 Mar 02Did They Figure it Out!? Hana-chan's Secret
159.4-9 31 Mar 02Hadzuki's Shining Star
160.4-1007 Apr 02School Trip!! It's Tough Being The Group Leader
161.4-1114 Apr 02Nara! Reunion of Fate
162.4-1221 Apr 02Kyoto! The Never-Ending Night
163.4-1328 Apr 02Mutsumi's Retirement Announcement!
164.4-1405 May 02Gotta be Prepared! Level 7 Exam
165.4-1512 May 02Mom, You Don't Understand!
166.4-1619 May 02How to Make a Rainbow That Doesn't Disappear
167.4-1726 May 02Protect the Secret Base!
168.4-1802 Jun 02Where There Are Woofs, There Is Love
169.4-1909 Jun 02My Father Can't Be Honest!?
170.4-2016 Jun 02Momoko's Search for Her Dream
171.4-2123 Jun 02I Love You! Oyajide
172.4-2230 Jun 02Don't Go, Kimitaka!!
173.4-2307 Jul 02I Quit Tanabata!
174.4-2414 Jul 02Love and Justice! We Are the Majo Rangers!
175.4-2521 Jul 02They Can Create Smiles? The Mysterious Glass Cups
176.4-2626 Jul 02Heating up With Camping and Curry!?
177.4-2704 Aug 02Nice to Meet You, White Elephant!
178.4-2811 Aug 02The Grandmothers are Invincible!?
179.4-2918 Aug 02Don't Let Go! Our Connecting Hands
180.4-3025 Aug 02A Suspicious Shadow!? Uneasiness Throughout the Witch World
181.4-3101 Sep 02Pao-chan Is A Troublesome Magic Elephant!?
182.4-3208 Sep 02I'm a Good Kid, But I'm Frustrated
183.4-3315 Sep 02The Lost Onpu
184.4-3422 Sep 02Baba and Forever
185.4-3529 Sep 02Level 4 exam is Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo?
186.4-3606 Oct 02The Bicycle That Goes Any Where
187.4-3713 Oct 02Disarray!? The Sleeping Wizards
188.4-3820 Oct 02Finally a Second Marriage!? Aiko's Decision
189.4-3927 Oct 02Wholeheartedly! A Happy White Rose
190.4-4010 Nov 02Doremi and the Witch Stop Being Witches
191.4-4117 Nov 02Pop Becomes a Witch Early On!?
192.4-4224 Nov 02I Have to Decide!? Hazuki's Road
193.4-4301 Dec 02The Level 1 Exam! Tamaki's Desperate Situation!!
194.4-4408 Dec 02Hurry, Urgent! Final Clue!
195.4-4515 Dec 02Brambles of Sorrow, Disappear!
196.4-4622 Dec 02Farewell, The Curse of the Witch-Frogs!
197.4-4729 Dec 02Even If You Go Far Away
198.4-4805 Jan 03Aiko's Number One Happy Day
199.4-4912 Jan 03Forever Forever, Friends
200.4-5019 Jan 03Good Bye, Troublesome Witches
201.4-5126 Jan 03Thank You! Until We Meet Again
Season 5
202.5-1 26 Jun 04Messed Up Cycling ~The Boys' Secret~
203.5-2 10 Jul 04New York's MAHO Dou ~Momoko's Secret~
204.5-3 24 Jul 04The Value of Swimming! ~Aiko's Secret~
205.5-4 07 Aug 04Non-standard ~Onpu's Secret~
206.5-5 21 Aug 04Someone Who Knows the Sorrow ~Pop and Hana's Secret~
207.5-6 09 Nov 04Sugar Candy Memory ~Baaya's Secret~
208.5-7 18 Nov 04I Love Taiyaki! ~The Parent and Child's Secret~
209.5-8 02 Oct 04Recorder Test! ~The Honor Student's Secret~
210.5-9 16 Oct 04Baseball Club ~The Witches' Secret~
211.5-1030 Oct 04Wedding Promise ~Childhood Friends' Secret~
212.5-1113 Nov 04Valentine's Day ~Hazuki's Secret~
213.5-1227 Nov 04The Seventh Witch Apprentice ~Non-chan's Secret~
214.5-1311 Dec 04The Doll That Leapt Through Time ~Doremi's Secret~
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