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Show Details:
Start date: Aug 2002
End date: May 2007
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): History (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 100 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 04 Aug 02Tank; Gatling Gun; Samurai Sword
2.1-2 11 Aug 02Knight's Armor; WWI Backpack; Landmine
3.1-3 18 Aug 02Flak Vest; Medieval Crossbow; WWI Pilots
4.1-4 25 Aug 02Civil War Cannoneers; Night Vision; Clearing a Minefield
5.1-5 01 Sep 02Landing Craft, Air Cushion Hovercraft (LCAC); U.S. Cavalry Saddles; Gas Masks
6.1-6 08 Sep 02Mortar; WWII GIs' Personal Items; Native-American Arrows
7.1-7 15 Sep 02Re-Fueling a Fighter Jet; Naval Signal Flags; GI Chow
8.1-8 22 Sep 02Revolutionary WarMusket; Jousting; Foxholes
9.1-9 29 Sep 02The Pilum; WWII Radios; First Rockets
10.1-1005 Oct 02Ninja Weapons; Flamethrower; Military Dogs
11.1-1107 Oct 02Grenades; Dog Tags; Dinner in a Pouch
12.1-1221 Oct 02The Jeep; HIMARS; Hurricanes
13.1-1328 Oct 02Future Gear; Marine Camouflage; Army's New Armored Vehicle
Season 2
14.2-1 15 Dec 02Grenade Launchers; Grape Shot; Shrapnel; D-Day Paratrooper Gear; Jet Packs
15.2-2 22 Dec 02Civil War Rifles; 1st Missile Sub; Navy Divers' Gear; Field Strip; Bowie Knife;
16.2-3 29 Dec 02AVLB; Fulton Recovery System; Pilot Survival Kit; Trireme; Battleship Guns; Grapeshot
17.2-4 19 Jan 03Virtual Weapons; Greek Phalanx; MiG-29; Hellcat Tank Destroyer; Civil War Gear; Dazzle Paint
18.2-5 26 Jan 03Trebuchet; Troop Headcounts; BAR; Smart Bombs; Modern Parachutes; Boomerangs
19.2-6 02 Feb 03LAV; Landing Craft; Doughboy; OPFOR; Chain Mail; Military Salute
20.2-7 09 Feb 03Deuce & a Half; Vietnam Gun Truck; World War II Household Fat; Missile Silos; C-17 Loadmaster; Scottish Kilts
21.2-8 02 Mar 03Self-Propelled Artillery; Musket; Airships; Blue Angels; Pirate Weapons; Depth Charges
22.2-9 09 Mar 03Anti-Tank Rocket; Bazooka; HQ Tour; Tactical Operations Center; Downed Pilots Rescue; 21-Gun Salute
23.2-1015 Mar 03Medieval Weapons; Lewis Gun; Carrier Pigeons; Gliders in Combat; Anti-Tank Missile; Ejection Seats
24.2-1123 Mar 03AAV; Jeep; Medieval Battering Ram; Urban Warfare; Ball Turret Gunner; Nose Art
25.2-1206 Apr 03Unmanned Aircraft; Bogey; 1st Combat Helicopter; Forward Observers; Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife
26.2-1312 Apr 03Newest Coast Guard Ship; Carrier Battle Group; Tanks; Sherman Tank; XM-29 Rifle; WWII V-Mail
Season 3
27.3-1 06 Jul 03Live from the Gulf
28.3-2 13 Jul 03Super Stallion Helicopter; Flying Banana; Navy Hazing; Seabees; GI Jargon; Tank Ammo
29.3-3 20 Jul 03M-1 Garand Rifle; First Assault Rifle; JATO; Golden Knights Parachute Team; Barrage Balloons
30.3-4 27 Jul 03Rocket-Assisted Projectile; WWII German Gustav; Tent Tech; Pup Tent; Tomahawk; Slingshot
31.3-5 10 Aug 03M-16; Viet Cong Booby Traps; Super-Secret Ravens; Wild Weasels; Vietnam River Patrol Boats; Green Berets
32.3-6 17 Aug 03Marine Sniper Rifle; BlowGun; Mulberry Harbor; French Resistance; Frontline Medi
33.3-7 31 Aug 03Sniper School; Hand Signals; Ho Chi Minh Trail; Motorcycles; Loading Palettes; C-119
34.3-8 07 Sep 03Armored Scout Car; Water-Cooled Machine Gun; Fart Sack; Shuteye; Nazi U-Boats; Stealth Ship
35.3-9 14 Sep 03Claymore Mine; 1st U.S. Nuclear Sub; Resupply at Sea; Patriot Air Defense Missile; Jody Songs
36.3-1005 Oct 03WWII Half Track; Arctic Vehicles; Weird Weapons; Navy Hydrofoil; Combat Controller
37.3-1112 Oct 03Military Pilot Training; Flak; Doolittle Raid; One-Man Submarine; Military Radios
38.3-1219 Oct 03F-15 Eagle; Flying Platform; Atomic Annie; Army Missiles; Tommy Gun v. Burp Gun; Measuring Bullets
39.3-1326 Oct 03Avenger; Stinger & Red-Eye Missiles; Military Firefighter & Smokejumper; Kiowa Helicopter; Kilroy
40.3-1402 Nov 03Cobra Attack Helicopter; Sidewinder Missile; C-54 Skymaster; MPs; Flintlock Pistol
Season 4
41.4-1 11 Jan 04Golden Knights; WWII Army Air Force or Air Corps?; Flying Tigers; AC-130U Spooky
42.4-2 18 Jan 04Blimp; Miitary Shotguns; Navy Graveyard; Poop Deck
43.4-3 25 Jan 04Guided Missile Destroyer; WWI Aircraft & Aces; Marine Corps FAST Teams
44.4-4 08 Feb 04Grease Gun; Sten Gun; E-3 Sentry AWACS; J-Stars; Vietnam Fire Support Bases; Charlie
45.4-5 15 Feb 04Medieval Madness; National Technical Systems; Fabulous Flops; P-51 Mustang; A-2 Flight Jacket
46.4-6 22 Feb 04Heavy Support Vehicles
47.4-7 07 Mar 04Army Air Ambulance; 1st Special Service Force; Johnson Rifle; MiG-15 vs. F-86
48.4-8 28 Mar 04Fastest Army Vehicle; Uncle Sam; Tank Destroyers; Anti-Tank Rifle; Dive Bomber
49.4-9 04 Apr 04Navy SEALs; Frogmen; Kettering Bug; A-10 Warthog; Rommel's Afrika Korps Gear
50.4-1011 Apr 04Jump Gear; Weapons; Communications and Medical Gear
51.4-1125 Apr 04Nuclear-Attack Submarine: Diving, Steering and Sonar; Torpedoes and Tomahawk Missiles; Reactor; Chow
52.4-1202 May 04Mark V Special Ops Craft; U.S. Gunboat; German Paratroopers; German Junkers; M113 APC; K-Rations
53.4-1316 May 04Bren Gun & Carrier; Special Forces School Final Exam; Beasts of Burden; Predator; 1st RPV
Season 5
54.5-1 11 Jul 04Spanish-American War Rifle; Remembering the Maine; SR-71 Blackbird; U-2 Spy Plane
55.5-2 18 Jul 04MP5; Three Types of Automatic Weapons; Marine Corps Paratroopers of World War II; Flag Raisers at Iwo Jima
56.5-3 25 Jul 04The Navy Marine Mammals Program; The Chain of Evacuation in World War II; WC54 Ambulance; The Desert Ducks
57.5-4 01 Aug 04Gear of the French Musketeers; Fighter Planes of World War II; High Altitude Rescue Team; XR-8 Syncopter
58.5-5 08 Aug 04Marine Corps Marksmanship; The BAT; Maritime Safety & Security Teams
59.5-6 15 Aug 04Silencers; Flashbang Grenade; WWII Japanese Gear; HITRON Teams
60.5-7 29 Aug 04Javelin Anti-Tank Missile; Tankgewehr 1918; P-3 Orion; SOG
61.5-8 05 Sep 04The War of 1812
62.5-9 19 Sep 04Military Sidearms/Glock Handguns/MG42/WWII British Commando Weapons/Gun Truck Alley
63.5-1026 Sep 04XM8/Spencer/AC-47 Spooky/Small Diameter Bomb/Gotha Bomber
64.5-1103 Oct 04Rapid Fielding Initiative/Anti-Tank and Anti-Anti-Tank/Blimp Sub-hunters/Cloud Car
65.5-1212 Oct 04Zoaves/Flying Wing/ICBM/Swift Boats
66.5-1309 Nov 04Celebrity Golf Tournament, Gala Ball, and Auction
Season 6
67.6-1 04 Mar 05Ballista; Pedersen Device; Peashooter
68.6-2 11 Mar 05NORAD
69.6-3 18 Mar 05Afghanistan
70.6-4 01 Apr 05SS Lane Victory
71.6-5 29 Apr 05The Pentagon
72.6-6 13 May 0529 Palms
73.6-7 22 May 05Civil War Special
74.6-8 27 May 05Iwo Jima Special
75.6-9 03 Jun 05Gator Navy
76.6-1010 Jun 05B-2
77.6-1117 Jun 05Abrams M1-A1; Kasserine Pass and El Guttar
78.6-1224 Jun 05Benelli M4 Shotgun; 1st Air Cav in Vietnam; Germany's WWII ME-163 Komet & Kubelwagen
Season 7
79.7-1 16 Sep 05MK-19 Grenade Launcher; PPSH-41; WWII Weasel; Vertijet
80.7-2 23 Sep 05Beach Master; DLI; Hooch; Eureka MPTGS Type 3 Tent; Cabanatuan Raid; Arisaka Rifle
81.7-3 30 Sep 05German Renaissance; 9mm Luger P-08; AFN; Battle of Britain
82.7-4 06 Oct 05Hurricane Katrina
83.7-5 07 Oct 05DOD Firefighter; USMC Martial Arts Training; Little David
84.7-6 21 Oct 05IED; Guadalcanal; Sullivan Brothers; Rough Riders
85.7-7 28 Oct 05Army's National Training Center
86.7-8 04 Nov 05AAV; Wild West Guns; Merrill's Marauders; Screaming Mimi
87.7-9 11 Nov 05Ermey's Vietnam
88.7-1013 Dec 05Minot AFB
89.7-1129 Dec 05Knob Creek Gun Range
90.7-1207 Mar 06War in the Pacific
Season 8
91.8-1 08 Oct 06The Potato Digger; KP; John Wayne; The Wire Dogs
92.8-2 16 Mar 07Lockheed Starlifter, Project Bluebook
93.8-3 23 Mar 07Air Force Special Operations
94.8-4 06 Apr 07Special Ops Army Scouts
95.8-5 06 Apr 07Pinnacle Armor, Apache Helicopter
96.8-6 20 Apr 07M-8 Armored Car, World War II Scout Car; Mauser C-96 Pistol; War Dogs
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