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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1987 to: May 1988 24 eps syndicated 30 min stereo ________________


  • Paxton Whitehead as Albert Dudley, the butler
  • Linda Thorson as Hilary Stonehill, Randolph's wife
  • Phil Morris as Jerry Stockton, the chauffeur
  • Rodney Scott Hudson as Dwayne Stockton, the handyman
  • Bob Fraser as Randolph Stonehill, Hilary's husband
  • Dyana Ortelli as Lupe, the cook
  • Humberto Ortiz as Elvis, Lupe's son
  • Michael Richards as Rick, the gardener

    Theme Song:

    It's a grand life. It's a grand life.
    It's a warm lump of coal in your hand life.
    It's a fairy tale land life.

    There's never any reason to wander very far.
    We're lucky to have landed where we are.

    It's a grand life. It's a grand life.
    It's almost more than you can stand life.
    Strike up the band. It's a grand life.

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      1st Season 1987

    1. "Diamond in the Roughage"

      Randolph buys a diamond ring to give his wife for her birthday and asks Albert to keep it out of her sight.

      b: 13 Sep 87 pc: 006 w: Paul K. Taylor d: Shelley Jensen
    2. _"Puppy Love"

      Rick secretly gives Hilary a pup named Albert and soon the entire staff thinks that she is having an affair with Albert.

      b: 20 Sep 87 pc: 002 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    3. _"Madame Butterfat"
      gs: Wendie Jo Sperber [ Unknown ]

      A visiting opera singer mistakenly believes that Albert has a crush on her after she receives an anonymous love letter.

      b: 27 Sep 87 pc: 005 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    4. _"Safe at Home"

      Albert learns to late that the rumor of his dismissal is unfounded, he has already submitted the Stonehills a caustic letter of resignation.

      b: 4 Oct 87 pc: 010 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    5. _"Good Impressions"
      gs: Ethan Phillips [ Unknown ]

      To entertain an unexpected guest Albert impersonates Randolph, unaware of the fact that the man is a potential business associate of Randolph's.

      b: 11 Oct 87 pc: 004 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    6. _"The Fondle Workout"
      gs: Kristi Somers [ Unknown ]

      Lupe learns that Mrs. Stonehill wants to have a baby and becomes convinced that Jerry is the chosen father.

      b: 18 Oct 87 pc: 011 w: ______________ d: Rene Auberjonois
    7. _"Full Dress"

      The body of one of Randolph's recently deceased cousin's is delivered to the manor as the staff is preparing for the Stonehill's anniversary party.

      b: 25 Oct 87 pc: 008 w: ______________ d: Bill Foster
    8. "I Led Three Wives"
      gs: Renee Jones [ Elizabeth "Liz" Spivey ], Wendell Wright [ Jack Spivey ]

      Having led the Stonehills into believing he is married, Dwayne talks Jerry into becoming his wife when they ask to meet her.

      b: 1 Nov 87 pc: 009 w: Ken Eulo and Barbara Azrialy d: Whitney J. LeBlanc
    9. _"All in a Knight's Work"
      gs: Tom Morga [ Unknown ]

      In order to impress Hilary, Randolph decides to stage a burglary in which he will nab the thieves.

      b: 8 Nov 87 pc: 016 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    10. _"Egg MacGuffin"

      Randolph decides to auction off a jeweled egg which Albert gave him as collateral for a loan he never paid back.

      b: 15 Nov 87 pc: 017 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    11. _"An Aunt Hill for Hillary"
      gs: Natalie Cole [ Unknown ]

      After a business venture fails Randolph asks Hilary and Albert to play host to his hostile aunt whose visit coincides with the arrival of his pet llama.

      b: 22 Nov 87 pc: 018 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    12. _"Ballet Ruse"

      KGB agents attempt to capture Rick who is the exact double of a defecting Soviet dancer they have been assigned to bring back to the USSR.

      b: 29 Nov 87 pc: 003 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    13. _"Tea for Tuba"
      gs: Raye Birk [ Unknown ], Judith-Marie Bergan [ Unknown ]

      While the Stonehills are on holiday the staff turns the estate into a hotel in order to raise money to replace a broken urn.

      b: 24 Jan 88 pc: 007 w: ______________ d: Lee Shallat
    14. _"Star Struck"
      gs: Jay Ingram [ Unknown ]

      A jealous Randolph arranges to chaperon a dinner that Hilary is having with an old friend who is now a Hollywood stud.

      b: 31 Jan 88 pc: 022 w: ______________ d: Rob Dames
    15. "The Lady's Not for Spurning"
      gs: Victoria Carroll [ Desiree Rhodes (lady stalker) ]

      Albert finds himself pursued by a vamp whom he once had a brief encounter with while on holiday in Hawaii.

      b: 7 Feb 88 pc: 019 w: Paul K. Taylor d: Rob Dames
    16. "Baby on Board"
      gs: Natilie Thon [ Clark "Baby" Beavington III ], Alexandra Thon [ Clark "Baby" Beavington III ]

      Rick is mystified by a toddler, that Lupe had agreed to baby-sit, which he finds wandering the manor.

      b: 14 Feb 88 pc: 014 w: Don Hart d: Rob Dames
    17. "Now, For a Re-Butle"
      gs: Ben Piazza [ Nigel Smedley (art critic for Affluence Magazine) ]

      With the Stonehill's expecting guests, Albert asks Jerry to fill in for him as the butler so he can attend a wedding.

      b: 21 Feb 88 pc: 021 w: Chip Hayes d: Shelley Jensen
    18. "Chinny Chin Chum"
      gs: Charo [ Cookie (Lupe's sister) ], Cliff Bemis [ Police Officer ]

      Rick returns with a pig stolen from a local college when Randolph sends him on an errand to pick up lunch for some guests.

      b: 28 Feb 88 pc: 001 w: Bob Fraser and Rob Dames d: Rob Dames
    19. "Randolph's Mom"
      gs: Carol Bruce [ Margaret Stonehill (Randolf's Mother) ], Bill Wiley [ Roger Asta ], Deacon Frazier [ Commodore (ghost of Commodore Stonehill) ]

      With their futures at stake, the staff must come up with a plan to prevent Randolph's mother from selling the manor.

      b: 24 Apr 88 pc: 024 w: Florence Peluso d: Shelley Jensen
    20. "Come Flu With Me"

      Hilary and Albert must run the entire manor by themselves when everyone else comes down with a bad case of the flu.

      b: 1 May 88 pc: 020 w: Harriett Weiss & Patt Shea d: Shelley Jensen
    21. "Amusing Grace"
      gs: Dee Biederbeck [ Reporter (camera operator) ]

      Rick decides to withdraw himself from high society after once again embarrassing Hilary in public.

      b: 8 May 88 pc: 013 w: Bob Fraser and Rob Dames d: Rob Dames
    22. "Button Your Beau"
      gs: Luis Avalos [ Juan Cabbarlos ]

      A old lover who shows up from Lupe's past turns out to also have once been involved with Hilary.

      b: 15 May 88 pc: 012 w: Ronald J. Fields d: Bill Foster
    23. "Gorilla My Dreams"
      gs: Carrotte [ Destructo the Gorilla (uncredited) ]

      Rick takes Randolph's place in an ape suit to attend the Stonehill's masquerade party, which Randolph wishes to avoid.

      b: 22 May 88 pc: 015 w: Courtney Burr and Frank Rehwaldt d: Rene Auberjonois
    24. "If You Knew Sushi"
      gs: Ernest Harada [ Asuo Asano ]

      Albert acts the part of a Geisha girl when the manor is turned into a Japanese teahouse to entertain one of Randolph's clients.

      b: 29 May 88 pc: 023 w: Harriett Weiss & Patt Shea s: Nick Gore & Jarry Jacobius and Harriett Weiss & Patt Shea d: Shelley Jensen

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