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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1998 to: May 2000 44 eps CBS 60 min stereo closed captioned


  • Sammo Hung Kam-Bo as Sammo Law
  • Arsenio Hall as Tyrell Parker [ episode 9+ ],
  • Kelly Hu as Grace Chen [ Pei Pei ]
  • Gretchen Egolf as Amy Dillon
  • Louis Mandylor as Louis Malone [ season 1 only ]
  • Tom Wright as Capt. Benjamin Winship [ season 1 only ]
  • Tammy Lauren as Dana Doyle [ episodes 1 - 7 ]

    recurring characters:

  • Julia Campbell as Melanie George
  • Ron-Ann Frey as Jane Donovan

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      1st Season 1998

    1. "Shanghai Express"
      gs: Mike Starr [ Det. Alex Portman ], Tzi Ma [ Lee Hei ], Michelle T. Parker [ Officer Yates ], Bob Barker [ Himself ]

      Sammo's comes to America to find one of his colleagues from China who has disappeared whilst infiltrating an international car theft ring. Sammo ends up taking part in a cop exchange programme between USA and China.

      b: 26 Sep 98 pc: _________ w: Carlton Cuse d: Stanley Tong
    2. "Diamond Fever"
      gs: Tzi Ma [ Lee Hei ], Dave Lea [ Nick Fabian ], David Leitch [ David Hasbro ], Peggy Jo Jacobs [ Patty Pansy ], Jean St. James [ Taffy Hubbard ], Rachel Winfree [ Woman ]

      Sammo uncovers a diamond counterfeiting and smuggling operation ran by a major Chinese criminal, Lee Hei.

      b: 3 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    3. "Dead Ringers"
      gs: Beth Toussaint [ Gabriella Zane ], Tim DeZarn [ Unknown ], Brian McGovern [ Unknown ], Stefanos Miltsakis [ Unknown ], Nils Allen Stewart [ Unknown ], Ryan 'Rhino' Michaels [ Unknown ], Joseph Cassano [ Coke Machine Fighter ], Rick Cetrone [ Oakley ], David Leitch [ David Hasbro ], Danny Rimmer [ Danny Baptiste ], Lesley Tesh [ Cheerleader ], Leslie Upson [ Rachel Baptiste ]

      When fighters start dying in an Internet based all-in-fighting competition the LAPD are called in. Louis goes undercover to see whether or not the fighters are being murdered

      b: 10 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Carlton Cuse, Alfred Gough & Miles Millar d: Whitney Ransick
    4. "Funny Money"
      gs: Dan Gautier [ Reese Paxton ], Dwayne L. Barnes [ Unknown ], Jon David Weingard [ Unknown ], Rikki Dale [ Unknown ], John Simon Jones [ Unknown ], Geno Andrews [ Unknown ], Robert Neary [ Unknown ], E.J. Callahan [ Unknown ], Julien Cesario [ Unknown ], J.F. Davis [ Unknown ], Steve Valentine [ Nigel ], David Leitch [ David Hasbro ], Jeff Wolfe [ Tony Moretti ], Tom LaGrua [ George Moncrief ]

      With the help of a federal agent Sammo and his fellow officers go after a gang who are counterfeiting money.

      b: 17 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Pam Veasey d: Deran Serafian
    5. "Cop Out"
      gs: Gary Basarabe [ Tom McNiece ], Brian Van Holt [ Unknown ], Christopher Stanley [ Unknown ], Randy J. Goodwin [ Unknown ], Lee Garlington [ Judge Mary Ruben ], Danny Cistone [ Unknown ], Richard Whiten [ Unknown ], Lew Knopp [ Officer Roger ], Timothy Dale Agee [ Officer Devlin ], David Leitch [ David Hasbro ]

      Using his status as a new and unknown member of the LAPD Sammo goes undercover to help the team root out a group of vigilante cops.

      b: 24 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar d: Whitney Ransick
    6. "Extreme Measures"
      gs: Billy Wirth [ Kevin ], Christel Smith [ Mica Pearce ], Jay Morren [ Unknown ], A.J. Tannen [ Unknown ], Marilyn Rising [ Unknown ], Ted Haler [ Unknown ], John Towey [ Unknown ], Anthony Leroy Fuller [ Security Guard ], Bodie Newcomb [ Eric ], Theresa Pink [ Carol Schott ], Anthony Punnett [ Charles Rigrod ], Nate Reese [ Harry Foster ]

      rc: Melanie George

      The murder of a DA leads to the Sammo and his colleagues uncovering a lawyer who hires a gang to steal prosecution evidence.

      b: 31 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec & Carlton Cuse d: David Carson
    7. "Trackdown"


      Sammo and his colleagues try to discover the whereabouts a group of White Supremacists armed with heavy weapons.

      b: 7 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    8. "Take Out"
      gs: John C. Reilly [ Nathan Babbott ], George Kee Cheung [ Unknown ], John D'Aquino [ George Young ], David Cowgill [ Unknown ], Chao-Li Chi [ Unknown ], John Billinguley [ Unknown ], Shannon Lee [ Vanessa ], Jim Law [ Waiter ], Alan Wayne Anderson [ Chad ], Joseph Patrick Kelly [ Curtis ], Johnny Lee [ Chinese Man ], Lydia Nicole [ Maria ]

      rc: Jane Donovan

      A friend of Sammo's owns a restaurant. He refuses to sell to Nathan Babbott, a big businessman, and then gets attacked. To help his friend Sammo begins an investigation into Babbott. Sammo has problems trying to open a checking account at the local bank.

      b: 14 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Patty Lin d: John Kretchner
    9. "How Sammo Got His Groove Back"
      gs: Michael Wiseman [ Andre Pitman ], Ernie Hudson Jr [ Floyd Cross ], Vernee Watson Johnson [ Unknown ], Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter [ Unknown ], Karen Austin [ Unknown ], Ginuwine [ Reggae band ], Keith Diamond [ Unknown ], Joanne Baron [ Elaine ], Ray Bumatari [ Unknown ], Scarlett Pomers [ Samantha ], Tina Lifford [ Unknown ]

      Terrell Parker, an LAPD press officer, sees his cousin, a rap artist shot by an assassin. His life saved only by the appearance of Sammo and Louis. Terrell tries to get himself involved in the investigation by partnering up with Sammo. Between them they uncover a CD bootlegging operation.

      b: 21 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Russell Friend & Garrett Lerner d: Larry Shaw
    10. "Bad Seed"
      gs: Peter Murnock [ Unknown ], John Wesley [ Unknown ], Jazmin Lewis [ Justine Winship ], Thereza Saldona [ Unknown ], Sonny Surowiec [ Unknown ], David Steen [ Unknown ], Ann Walker [ Unknown ], Ryan Holihan [ Duncan Tobeson ], David Masters [ Conor Hart ], Viveca Pauli [ Auctioneer ]

      rc: Jane Donovan

      Winship discovers that his niece is involved with a Triad gang and assigns Sammo and Tyrell to track her down. Terrell is now part of the department.

      b: 12 Dec 98 pc: _________ w: Brian Fuld d: Jesus Trevino
    11. "Lock-Up"
      gs: Cindy Guyer [ Bunny ], Randy Milkey [ Prison Guard ], Patrick Kilpatrick [ Corr Hessman ]

      Sammo and Tyrell go undercover to infiltrate a gun-smuggling operation run by prison inmates.

      b: 19 Dec 98 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    12. "Painted Faces"
      gs: Mike Starr [ Alex Portman ], James Hong [ Mayor Chang Yen ], Hank Stratton [ Unknown ], James Black [ Unknown ], Jack Ong [ Unknown ], James Pax [ Unknown ], Anna Deng [ Leut. Lin ], Del Shores [ Unknown ], Tzi Ma [ Lee Hei ], Roger Fan [ Jonny Lao ], Greg Fitzpatrick [ Clause Matzel ], Rainoldo Gooding [ Jamal Halsband ], Samantha May [ Reporter #1 ]

      rc: Jane Donovan

      Sammo's nemesis, Lee Hei, is back in the US and attempts to assassinate the mayor of Shanghai.

      b: 9 Jan 99 pc: _________ w: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar d: Whitney Ransick
    13. "Substitutes"
      gs: Tony Plana [ Chava Rocha ], John Hawkes [ Drew Simms ], Shawn Huff [ Unknown ], Joseph Ashton [ Unknown ], Dana Hardy [ Unknown ], Charles Nolan [ Unknown ], Mary-Margaret Lewis [ Unknown ], Kirk Fox [ Unknown ], Sandra Ortiz [ Unknown ], Andre Jamal Kinney [ Unknown ], Paul Robert Langdon [ Ahmed ], Jimmy Ortega [ Tino ], Jose L. Vasquez [ Enrico ]

      rc: Jane Donovan

      Sammo discovers that a legendary gangster and drugs dealer has left Colombia and come back to Los Angeles, looking for his ex-wife and son.

      b: 23 Jan 99 pc: _________ w: Patty Lin d: D.J. Caruso
    14. "Wild Life"
      gs: Olivier Grunier [ Dieter Vanderval ], Thom Barry [ Ralph ], Alex Carter [ Unknown ], Billy Gallo [ Unknown ], Susan Lee Hoffman [ Unknown ], Bianca Rossini [ Unknown ], Marla Gibbs [ Dolores Parker ], Garret Davis [ Unknown ], Tamara Clutterbuck [ Polly Zangwell ], Duke Moosekian [ Unknown ], Jennifer Lyon [ Unknown ], Tim Rigby [ Crossbow Thug ], Larry Wrentz [ Charlie the doughnut guy ]

      Sammo and Tyrell try to nail an illegal animal trading and hunting ring.

      b: 6 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Russell Friend & Garrett Lerner d: Whitney Ransick
    15. "Breakout"
      gs: Denise Faye [ Daphne Pierce ], Brad Henke [ Unknown ], Wayne Pere [ Unknown ], Scott Valentine [ Unknown ], Jordan Marder [ Unknown ], Kristine Diaz [ Unknown ], Mickey Jones [ Unknown ], Kevin Gage [ Unknown ], Royce Clayton [ Bomb Squad Officer ], Fielder Hall [ Uniformed Cop ], Charity Hill [ Rita ], Cynthia King [ Biker Chick ], Joe Rose [ Drunken Biker ], Rosie Tenison [ Charlene ]

      A prisoner escapes from jail and goes looking for the $3 million he and his colleagues stole 5 years earlier.

      b: 13 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Randy Feldman d: Deran Serafian
    16. "Captive Hearts"
      gs: Jeremy Roberts [ Nate Krill ], Natasha Pavlovich [ Nadia ], Paul Eiding [ Unknown ], Loren Avedon [ Jack ], Cathryn de Prume [ Unknown ], David Harris [ Unknown ], Mimi Craven [ Unknown ], David White [ Unknown ]

      rc: Melanie George

      Sammo and Terrell pursue a sweatshop proprietor suspected of selling babies.

      b: 20 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Del Shores d: Michael Lange
    17. "Trifecta"
      gs: Leslie Bega [ Unknown ], Nicolas Surovy [ Unknown ], William Locking [ Unknown ], Garrison Hershberger [ Unknown ], Kevin Fry [ Unknown ], Leslie Jordan [ Unknown ], Irene Olga Lopez [ Unknown ], John Arkoash [ Ike Horn ], Adam Gieraxl [ Groomsman ], Laura Tyler [ Judith Ann ], Randolph LeRoi [ Eaton Henchman #2 ], Fred Saldone [ Track Security ]

      rc: Jane Donovan

      Billy Rafferty, Terrell's former partner is found murdered. Terrell and Sammo investigate the last case he was working on, working undercover at a racetrack.

      b: 27 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    18. "Big Trouble"
      gs: W. Earl Brown [ Unknown ], Thom Barry [ Ralph ], Amy Carlson [ Cassie McGill ], Jan Eddy [ Unknown ], Marla Gibbs [ Dolores Samuels ], Frank D'Amico [ Bernie Salvador ], Diana Maria Riva [ Angie ], Troy Benna [ Crewman ], Cathy DeBouno [ Joy Waters ], Charles Dougherty [ Harold ], Richard Haje [ 'Mouse' ], Beth Taylor Hart [ Doctor ], Daniel Iorio [ Man ], Luciano Miele [ Fredo ]

      A gang threatens the supermarket owned by Terrell's mum and step dad. He decides that he is going to help them out and enlists Sammo to aid him.

      b: 20 Mar 99 pc: _________ w: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar d: Jack Clements
    19. "Nitro Man"
      gs: Bas Rutten [ Unknown ], Tom Virue [ Unknown ], Frankie Jay Allison [ Unknown ], Kevin James [ Unknown ], Scott Allan Campbell [ Coach Cooke ], Sean Carberry [ Stevie ], Deborah Carson [ Abbie Michaelson ], J.J. Cohen [ Trevor ], Gregory Cunneen [ Uniformed Cop ], Oscar Dillon [ Doug ], Fred Estrada [ Steve ], David Paul Francis [ Vijay ], Jim Golden [ Assistant Coach Porter ], Carl C. Roba [ Tow Truck Driver ]

      rc: Melanie George

      During a robbery at Melanie's bank she ends up as a hostage and is kidnapped. Sammo is desperate to find her and save her from danger.

      b: 27 Mar 99 pc: _________ w: Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner d: Greg Beeman
    20. "Red Storm"
      gs: Samaria Graham [ Lisa Mulwray ], Mako [ Master Reng ], Guido Foehrweisser [ Unknown ], Suzanne Krull [ Unknown ], Nick Kusenko [ Unknown ], Greg Collins [ Unknown ], Bill Dearth [ Sarge ], Chris Hendrie [ Consul General ], Heinrich James [ Mueller ], Doug Kruse [ Felix ], Tim Rigby [ German Thug ]

      While waiting at the airport for the arrival of his teacher, Master Reng, from China Sammo gets involved with trying to stop a gang of crazed terrorists.

      b: 24 Apr 99 pc: _________ w: Mark Verheiden d: Greg Yaitanes
    21. "Requiem (1)"
      gs: Tzi Ma [ Lee Hei ], Elaine Lui [ Lin Pai Chin ], Billy Blanks [ Travis King ], Mako [ Master Reng ], Robert Lasardo [ Unknown ], Scotch Ellis Loring [ Unknown ], Lee Cherry [ Spider ], Jackie Gonneau [ Reporter ], Angela Norton [ TV Reporter ], Jen Sung Outerbridge [ Bartender ], Clive Pearson [ Chambers ], Gary Toy [ Thug ], Leslie Stevens [ Newspaper Reporter ], Jeffrey Vonder Haar [ Harland ]

      rc: Melanie George

      Lee Hei and his daughter, Lin Pai Chin, are back in America trying to set up a big drug deal to finance their other criminal activities.

      b: 1 May 99 pc: _________ w: Pam Veasey & Del Shores d: Greg Beeman
    22. "End Game (2)"
      gs: Tzi Ma [ Lee Hei ], Elaine Lui [ Lin Pai Chin ], Edward Albert [ Bain ], Kieu Chinh [ Unknown ], Robert Lasardo [ Unknown ], Jeri Gaile [ Toni Davis ], Timothy Di Pri [ EMT ], Frances Fong [ Kai Lee ], Ming Lo [ Chow ], Phil Nee [ Moses Chen ], Armando Ortega [ Eduardo ], Angelo Pagan [ Juan Hernandez ], Billy Rieck [ Ricky ], Con Schell [ SWAT Cop ], Jimmy T [ Chang ], Eric Whitmore [ Armored Car Driver ]

      rc: Melanie George

      Lee Hei and his daughter continue to cause trouble for Sammo and his fellow cops. This time though they are told that if they don't catch them then their unit could be shut down.

      b: 8 May 99 pc: _________ w: James Kramer & Mark Haskell Smith d: Michael Lange

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      2nd Season 1999

      Production Credits
      Executive producer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, Andre Morgan & Stanley Tong

    23. "Sammo Blammo"


      b: 25 Sep 99 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    24. "Thieves Among Thieves"


      b: 2 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    25. "This Shogun for Hire"
      gs: Byron Mann [ Ataru Nakamura ], Garret T. Sato [ Anakadai ], Dwight Errington Myers [ Gordon Ganza ], Allan Kolman [ Harold Russ ], Robert Treveiler [ Agent Connors ], Tony Haney [ Lloyd Wheeland ], Goh Misawa [ Yakuza #1 ], Yasuke Takahara [ Geisha ]

      A notorious Japanese assassin arrives in America, brought in by Gordon Ganza, a top ranking drug dealer. He is there to make sure that a deal with the Bolivians goes through by killing a public official that is causing them difficulties. Grace, who is working undercover in the Ganza organization, tries to get close to Nakamura so that she can find out who his target is and get that information back to Sammo & Terrell.

      b: 9 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren d: Stanley Tong
    26. "24 Hours"


      b: 16 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    27. "90 Million Reasons to Die"
      gs: Sydney Bennett [ Alison Blake ], Michael Bailey Smith [ Unknown ], Mark Dacascos [ Steven Garth ], Julian Barnes [ Colin Parker ], Stanton Schnapp [ Carter Iverson ], Chausey LeBron [ Christine Jordan ], Homie Doroodian [ Shopkeeper ]

      A visit to the bank reveals that $6 million dollars has been deposited in Sammo's account. He is still wondering what is going on as he leaves the bank and is immediately approached and kidnapped by some men. They want to know how he knows Alison and where she is? When he manages to escape he is determined to track down this girl before his captors do and find out exactly what is going on.

      b: 23 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: Jacquelyn Blain d: Stanley Tong
    28. "My Man Sammo"
      gs: Charles Shaughnessy [ Charlton McCallister ], Francois Guetary [ Eric Devereaux ], Rolando Molina [ Christian Rudecki ], Kristen Eykel [ Josephine Collette ], Isaac C. Singleton [ Maggio ], Anna Scott [ Sequin Woman ], Lanier Edwards [ Armani Man ], Colin Campbell [ Intense Man ]

      Sammo and Tyrell accidentally mess up an Interpol undercover operation when they arrest some arms dealers. Charlton McCallister, the Interpol agent, knows that the female arms dealer he was pretending to work for has a very big deal coming up. Amy volunteers to go undercover, even though she has no experience of that kind of work. At her first meeting McCallister gets shot and injured and she has to carry on without him. Sammo takes on the part of her butler/bodyguard so that they can try and find out exactly what is being sold and who is out to buy it.

      b: 30 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: Jacquelyn Blain d: Ron Satlof
    29. "The Friendly Skies"
      gs: Rick Springfield [ Special Agent Stockwell ], Bret Michaels [ Ray Dorrell ], Tom Everett [ Unknown ], Dave Navarro [ Unknown ], David Silvera [ Unknown ], Clifton Collin Jr. [ Unknown ], John Doe [ Unknown ], Craig Kilborn [ Lewis ], Julius Roflin [ Pilot ]

      Grace and Tyrell take a flight escorting some of the worst criminals known to a maximum-security prison. One of the guards pulls a gun on the pilot and forces him to fly below radar level and then releases the convicts. The leader is a man Grace helped put away for murder and he wants to get revenge on her almost as much as he wants to complete his plan for a major crime. The MCU start to discover what he is up to and find that his plan is more audacious then they could have imagined.

      b: 6 Nov 99 pc: _________ w: Lisa Klink d: Bruce Seth Green
    30. "Call of the Wild"
      gs: Alexia Robinson [ Nicole Bannion ], Laura Cayouette [ Kay Morgan ], Tommy Hinckley [ Don Turlington ], Michael Holden [ Dr. Wagner ], Kim Rhodes [ Roxanne Cole ], Clayton Barber [ Grady Morgan ], Craig Watkinson [ Beach Vendor ], Traci Bellusci [ Secretary ], Deborah Vancelette [ Female MCU Detective ], Jennifer Palmer [ Young Woman on Beach ]

      A mild mannered man, with no criminal record, walks into an office and kills the man inside. When Sammo catches up with him he nearly kills him as well, with martial arts skills. According to his wife he didn't even know any martial arts skills. Tyrell's ex turns up with stories about her becoming a werewolf on full moons and going out and stalking someone. Are there any connections between these two occurrences? The MCU soon begins to think there is and start investigating.

      b: 13 Nov 99 pc: _________ w: David Bennett Carren & J. Larry Carroll d: Max Tash
    31. "Blue Flu"
      gs: Amanda Pays [ Dr. Broderick ], Joel Berti [ Patrick ], Guy Siner [ Dr. Dreece ], Michael Wyle [ Timmy T ], Laura Wachal [ Missy Eubanks ], Daniel Kountz [ Tod ], Kenneth Choi [ Biohazard Driver ], David Saunders [ Bleeding Officer ], Michael Garvey [ Big Guy in Strip Club ]

      A biological virus is unleashed in a police precinct and the whole station is quarantined. Sammo and Tyrell investigate a student who stole the virus from his university by injecting it into himself. While they try to find out where the virus and vaccine is, and who is behind the outbreak, Amy and Grace find themselves quarantined in the MCU precinct when it to is attacked.

      b: 20 Nov 99 pc: _________ w: Gene O'Neil & Noreen Tobin d: Oley Sassone
    32. "Sammo Claus"
      gs: Christian Payne [ Unknown ], Nick Kokotakis [ Unknown ], Stephen Held [ Unknown ], Kari Coleman [ Rebecca Wainwright ], Michael Pasternak [ Faber ], Richard Molinare [ Bill Tyler ], Bobby Edner [ Zach Tyler ], Carlo Michael Mancini [ Thompson ], Peter Savarro Moore [ Bob Marsden ], Allan Kolman [ Harold Ruse ], Mike Kersey [ Peterson ], Kathy Byron [ Toy Store Manager ], Ted Lyde [ Brittany's Dad ], Nija Murphy [ Brittany ], Max Freeman [ Tommy ], Ashley Edner [ Little girl ], Cody Kaseh [ Kid ], Jack Montoya [ Spectator ]

      A group of robbers, all dressed up as Santa, hold up a toy store and get away with all the new Armando toys that had just arrived. Amy discovers that they, along with shipments of toys at the two other stores that have been robbed in the last few days, all came from the same lot number. Surmising that the robbers are after something inside the toy rather than the toy itself they investigate the toy firm and stake out other stores to find out what the thieves are really after.

      b: 18 Dec 99 pc: _________ w: Lisa Klink d: Max Tash
    33. "No Quarter"


      b: 8 Jan 90 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    34. "Scorpio Rising"


      b: 15 Jan 00 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    35. "No Fare"
      gs: Hal Sparks [ Unknown ], Troy Evans [ Unknown ], Monica Parker [ Unknown ], Patrick Dancy [ Eddie ], Sherri Howard [ Marilyn ], Matt Kaminsky [ Jason Benson ], Faline England [ Cheryl ], Robert Littman [ Taxi Fare #1 ], Daniel Groves [ Taxi Fare #3 ], Suzan Brittan [ Taxi Fare #2 ], Billy Ray Gallion [ Young Man ], Rod Tate [ Leather Guy ]

      Having not taken any time off for two years Sammo is told that he has to take a week off. It doesn't take him long to go stir crazy and he offers to help his neighbor, just out of hospital, by driving his cab for him. Meanwhile the rest of the MCU are involved in looking for a jewel thief and the murderer of a Marine Biologist.

      b: 22 Jan 00 pc: _________ w: Paul Bernbaum d: Chuck Bowman
    36. "Dog Day Afternoon"
      gs: Gary Sandy [ Martin Zelliger ], David Wells [ Unknown ], Frank Welker [ Voice of Homer ], Kevin Brief [ Kent Clayton ], Kim Little [ Angelina Erikson ], Jordan Mahome [ Arnold Wallace ], Ian Bradford [ Mason Talbot ]

      Sammo ends up looking after a dog after his owner is found murdered. While investigating the murder Sammo is attacked and the men try to grab Homer, the dog, in the process. The MCU team decides that there is more to this dog then first seems apparent and decide to find out as much as they can about it and his owner, Mason Talbot. They hope this will lead them to the reason for his death and who murdered him.

      b: 5 Feb 00 pc: _________ w: Jacquelyn Blain d: Bruce Seth Green
    37. "Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit"
      gs: John Beck [ Martin Deveaux ], Mario Van Peebles [ Jake Cord ], Brandis Kemp [ Unknown ], Steve White [ Unknown ], Lisa Long [ Alice Whitman ], Bobby Brewer [ Jeff ], Mario Opinato [ Cameron Thorpe ], Lee Brooks [ Reporter ], Bridget Previte [ Model ], Jim Palmer [ Robber ]

      Jake Cord, international action star of the Deathfist movies, is assigned to follow Sammo and Tyrell. His latest Deathfist movie is going to involve the MCU and he wants to learn more about their work to make his film more authentic. The case Sammo and Tyrell are investigating is that of an arson attack at a judges' house. The arson was more than the normal matches and gasoline, there were traces of the fuel used in flame-throwers found at the site.

      b: 12 Feb 00 pc: _________ w: Lisa Klink d: Terrence O'Hara
    38. "Honor Among Strangers (1)"
      gs: David Keith [ Cliff Eagleton ], Brittney Powell [ Lt. P.J. Garrett ], Richard Tyson [ Cletus ], Chuck Norris [ Walker ], Tony Becker [ Sgt. Major Lloyd Monroe ], Lynn Maclean [ Kristen Burke ], Drew Butler [ Cpl. Nash ], Phil Abrams [ Jason Rutledge ], Pete Antico [ Tough Guy #1 ], Dan Campbell [ Medic Driver ], Jeff Campbell [ Brigade #1 ], Andrew Palmer [ Brigade #2 ]

      An ex-army man, Cliff Eagleton, and his men, The Freedom Brigade, rob a bank equipped with fully automatic weapons and body armor. A Military Intelligence Officer, Lt. Garrett, reveals that he escaped from a court and killed a Texas Ranger. She also tells them that the guns they managed to capture at the robbery were supposed to have been scrapped at an Army base. Grace goes undercover at the base to find out why they were not scrapped and who on the base is involved. Sammo meanwhile teams up with Walker, a Texas Ranger, who is also after Eagleton.

      b: 19 Feb 00 pc: _________ w: J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren d: Chris Nyby

      NOTE: Although this is a complete story on it's own the story of The Freedom Brigade continues in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.
    39. "Freefall"
      gs: Arye Gross [ Agent Wick ], Neal McDonagh [ Kyle Strode ], Jim O'Heir [ Unknown ], Tim Curry [ 'The One' ], Tim McNeil [ Spacey ], Joyce Guy [ Landlady ], Kenneth Cortland [ Mr. Lark ], Dwayne Chattman [ Ax ], Ricki Lopez [ Primo Martinez ], Carlo Michael Mancini [ Manager Thompson ], Cosimo Canale [ INS Guard ], Sam Ayers [ Strode Guard ], Alley Mercedes [ Eva Martinez ], Derek Cheng [ Chines Man #1 ], Ben Bray [ Gang Guy ]

      A new generation of spy satellite crashes down to earth in downtown LA. The FBI tells Amy that the only missing piece is extremely radioactive. If it is opened it could irradiate half the city. Involved in the bringing down of the satellite are the criminal cult Scorpio and their mysterious leader 'The One'. FBI agent Wick insists that Sammo and Grace are not to be allowed to participate in the case because they are both Chinese nationals and are probably Chinese spies. While this is going on Sammo is also trying to track down the whereabouts of his son, Lone Wei.

      b: 26 Feb 00 pc: _________ w: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin d: Oley Sassone
    40. "The Thrill is Gone"
      gs: Neal Mcdonough [ Kyle Strode ], Natalie Raitano [ Miss Bok ], Neil Dickson [ Unknown ], Daniel Roebuck [ Unknown ], Tim Curry [ 'The One' ], Tony Winters [ Agent #1 ], Ramsey Malouky [ Tyree ], Maz Jobrani [ Sneer ], Kevin Will [ Morgue Guard ], Otis Bell [ Guy #1 ]

      A new designer drug hits the street. It is called 'Thrill' and it breaks down your inhibitions and imbues you with a euphoric sense of invincibility. Sammo and Tyrell have to deal with a gang of 'Thrill junkies' when a traffic jam they are in is attacked. They stop the gang but Sammo's leg is broken in the process. He ends up in the same hospital as Ludlow Teale, the government's chief negotiator for the Middle East. Kyle Strode returns to town and Grace continues trying to get inside his organization so that she can find Lone Wei. The MCU investigations reveal that Scorpio has something to do with 'Thrill' and they plan a major operation to show it's potential.

      b: 11 Mar 00 pc: _________ w: Michael Gleason d: Chuck Bowman
    41. "Heartless"
      gs: John Doman [ Governor Marx ], Rob Youngblood [ Dwight Cameron ], Philip Lehl [ Keith ], Don Snell [ Dr. Masterson ], Louisette Geiss [ Jewel Holland ], Ron Marasco [ Dr. Jonathan Claymore ], Tom Bailey [ Johnson ], Cory Tucker [ Andrew Dash ], Adam Danshik [ Paramedic ], Jack Worthen [ Man #1 ], Tommy Perna [ Man #2 ]

      The Governor's daughter is waiting in hospital for a heart transplant. Sammo is an old friend of the Governor, they met when they were both in China, and Sammo's job in LA is down to him. The heart is stolen when the ambulance transporting it is attacked and the Governor soon receives the inevitable ransom call. If he doesn't sign pardons for three serial killers then his daughter will never see the heart. The governor decides that his daughter is worth more than his career and signs the pardons, hoping that Sammo and the MCU can catch the criminals before they start killing again!

      b: 22 Apr 00 pc: _________ w: David Ehrman d: Ron Satlof
    42. "In the Dark"
      gs: Jeffrey Combs [ Anton Trimble ], Natalie Raitano [ Miss Bok ], Peter J. Lucas [ Unknown ], Connie Blankenship [ Agent Ellisen ], Neal Mcdonough [ Kyle Strode ], Christopher Neame [ 'The One' ], T.J. Storm [ Lenkoff ], J.T. Pontino [ Shep ], Richard Vidan [ Prison Guard ], Paul Savage [ Dewey ], Joseph Bucaro III [ Wingo ], Randy Hall [ Scorpio Agent #1 ]

      Sammo and Tyrell go to a prison to pick up Anton Trimble, the highest ranking Scorpio member ever captured alive. Scorpio tries to rescue him and show off their new weapon at the same time. They use an EMP weapon to disable all the electronics in the prison and the surrounding area. Sammo and Tyrell escape with Anton and are chased by a group of Scorpio agents. Meanwhile Grace is trying to find a way to get into Scorpio via her links with Kyle Strode.

      b: 29 Apr 00 pc: _________ w: David Ehrman d: Max Tash
    43. "Final Conflict (1)"
      gs: Sung Kang [ Xian ], Francois Giroday [ Mr. Payson ], Geoffrey Lower [ Denis Taggart ], James Hong [ Weng Chu ], Natalie Raitano [ Miss Bok ], Christopher Neame [ 'The One' ], Kim Lankford [ Dr. Geller ], Kimberly Restell [ Sally Milbrath ], Don Dowe [ Davy Lester ], Eugenia Huan [ Maya Chu ], Tania L. Peason [ Law Office Receptionist ], Allex Macormick [ News Anchor ]

      The MCU discover that Scorpio began in Shanghai and has a personal grudge against Sammo. 'The One' steps up his campaign to kill Sammo by first dealing with his friends and family. He already has his son as a member of Scorpio and next he kidnaps Amy and her fiancÚ and buries them alive in their limo. Sammo, Grace and Tyrell have to find out where Amy is before he targets the next one of them.

      b: 6 May 00 pc: _________ w: Paul Bernbaum d: Oley Sassone
    44. "Final Conflict (2)"
      gs: Sung Kang [ Xian ], Francois Giroday [ Mr. Payson ], Simon Brooke [ Mr. Gant ], James Hong [ Weng Chu ], Natalie Raitano [ Miss Bok ], Christopher Neame [ 'The One' ], Kim Lankford [ Dr. Geller ], Eugenia Huan [ Maya Chu ], Tania L. Peason [ Law Office Receptionist ], Butch Cain [ Pilot ], Aaron Brumfield [ Scorpio Guard ]

      Scorpio implements its plan to control the world by causing a randomly picked plane to crash. They know that they can now effect any plane, anywhere in the world and the governments of the world will soon be at their control. Meanwhile the MCU tries to find out where 'The One' is running his operation from. Sammo has a chance to capture his son but decides to give him the chance to choose the right path and lets him go.

      b: 13 May 00 pc: _________ w: Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin d: Oley Sassone

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