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Masters of Illusion

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Sun, 23 Jun 2024 -1:00
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The world's greatest magicians and illusionists perform amazing feats for a live studio audience.
Show Details:
Start date: Aug 2014
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): CW (US)
Run time: 30 min/60 min
Episodes: 26+ eps
Genre(s): Reality
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 01 Aug 14Jaws of Death
2.1-2 08 Aug 14Blindfold
3.1-3 15 Aug 14Vanish in Mid Air
4.1-4 22 Aug 14Selbit Sawing
5.1-5 29 Aug 14Walk Through Steel
6.1-6 05 Sep 14Chained
7.1-7 12 Sep 14Levitation
8.1-8 19 Sep 14Under Water
9.1-9 26 Sep 14Evil Met His Match
10.1-1009 Jan 15Behind the Illusion
11.1-1116 Jan 15Twist
12.1-1230 Jan 15Close Up
13.1-1306 Feb 15Quick Change
Season 2
14.2-1 10 Jul 15Spinning the Classics
15.2-2 17 Jul 15Jet Engines, Magic Ducks and Missing Torsos
16.2-3 24 Jul 15Metamorphosis and Imagine Dragons
17.2-4 31 Jul 15Perception, Piranhas and Pendragon
18.2-5 07 Aug 15Big Cats, Dream Girls and Fun Physics
19.2-6 14 Aug 15Very Sharp Objects and Flying Pianos
20.2-7 21 Aug 15Quick Change Duo, Box of Knives and Floating Beauty
21.2-8 28 Aug 15Gravity Defiers, Compactors and Transformations
22.2-9 11 Sep 15Spinning the Classics... Too!
23.2-1018 Sep 15Deadly Desires and Non-sensory Sensibilities
24.2-1125 Sep 15Dancing Tables and Dodging Daggers
25.2-1202 Oct 15Razzle Dazzle!
26.2-1302 Oct 15Separating Mind, Body and Spirit
Season 3
27.3-1 20 May 16Techno Magic, Quick Change and a Guillotine
28.3-2 20 May 16A Magical Smorgasbord
29.3-3 03 Jun 16Classic Magic Mashups
30.3-4 10 Jun 16Beatbox Magic and The Human Beverage Dispenser
31.3-5 17 Jun 16Magical Metamorphoses and Masked Men
32.3-6 24 Jun 16Invisible Cards, Multipliers, and One Chipper
33.3-7 08 Jul 16Extreme Levitations, Mind Melds, and Water Into Wine
34.3-8 15 Jul 16Altered States, Great Escapes, and The Return of the Mask
35.3-9 29 Jul 16Money Matters, Separation Anxiety, and One Ninja Turtle
36.3-1009 Sep 16Body Piercings, Mind Over Matter, and Those Crazy Cards
37.3-1116 Sep 16Magic in a Flash, From Thin Air, and One Nail
38.3-1223 Sep 16A Loaf of Bread, A Magic Dollhouse, and Bound by Music
39.3-1330 Sep 16Magic Pup, When Doves Fly, and The Physical Transformations
Season 4
40.4-1 30 Jun 17Crazy, Crazy Cards and Silly Silhouettes
41.4-2 30 Jun 17Turbo Tech Magic and Card Connection
42.4-3 07 Jul 17Manipulation, Transformation and Two Impalers
43.4-4 07 Jul 17Maximum Separation and Chipper's Chipper
44.4-5 14 Jul 17Technological Beverages and Rapid-Fire Cards
45.4-6 21 Jul 17Warped, Wacky and Weird
46.4-7 28 Jul 17Dancing Broomstick, Fast Coins, and One Giant Buzzsaw
47.4-8 04 Aug 17From the Exotic to Defying the Law of Physics
48.4-9 11 Aug 17Spiked Table and Spiked Faces
49.4-1018 Aug 17Mirror Mirror and Money Movers
50.4-1108 Sep 17Old School with a Twist
51.4-1215 Sep 17The Things You Can Do with Umbrellas
52.4-1322 Sep 17Of Mice, Men and a Kidd
Season 5
53.5-1 29 Jun 18It's All in the Cards
54.5-2 06 Jul 18A Self-Inflicted Slice, Creepy Crawlies and Passing Glass
55.5-3 13 Jul 18The Fastest Illusion in the World... and More!
56.5-4 20 Jul 18Fast Hands, Classic Tricks, New Twists
57.5-5 27 Jul 18Twisted Classics
58.5-6 10 Aug 18The One with a Floating Orb and One Nasty Power Saw
59.5-7 17 Aug 18Broken Glass, A Box of Swords and Cards That Really Cut
60.5-8 31 Aug 18The Mind Freaks and The Million Dollar Trick
61.5-9 07 Sep 18Smart Money, Smart Phones and A Rising Pianist
62.5-1014 Sep 18More Twists on the Classics
63.5-1121 Sep 18All About the Benjamins and One Switcheroo
64.5-1228 Sep 18A Symphony of Magic
65.5-1305 Oct 18Fast Hands, Loose Change and A Bird Out of a Cannon
Season 6
66.6-1 07 Jun 19Goth Magic, Deceptive Antics, and Water Submersion
67.6-2 07 Jun 19Dancing Objects, Neon Magic, and Ed Alonzo
68.6-3 14 Jun 19Card Darts, Speed Magic, and Figaro
69.6-4 21 Jun 19Human Voodoo Doll and a Seance
70.6-5 28 Jun 19Putting Our Cards on the Table
71.6-6 19 Jul 19Floating Fire, Quick Hands, and One Spidey
72.6-7 26 Jul 19Ultimate Mind Readers and One Big Green Bag
73.6-8 02 Aug 19A Kidd, The Wind, and Dan Sperry's Eyeball of Thread
74.6-9 09 Aug 19Perishing Piano, Mesmerizing Minds, and A Little Red Ball
75.6-1023 Aug 19Random Feats of Magic and One Fireball
76.6-1130 Aug 19Amazing Twist on the Classics and Spray Paint Designer
77.6-1220 Sep 19Going Mental, Stretching the Money, and Houdini on the Rope
78.6-1327 Sep 19Game Show Magic, Money Fun Box, and Breaking the Chain
Season 7
79.7-1 15 May 20Quick Changes, The Bird King, and Very Sharp Objects
80.7-2 15 May 20The Sphere of Fog, Crossbows, and More Ed Alonzo
81.7-3 22 May 20Alex, I'll Take Pickpockets and Monkeys for $1000
82.7-4 29 May 20Virtual Magic, Psychic Worms, and Hans Klok
83.7-5 05 Jun 20The Blind Magician and Floating Off a Barstool
84.7-6 12 Jun 20Crossbow Roulette and Magic Just for the Funovits
85.7-7 19 Jun 20Video Magic and The Magical Murder Mystery Tour
86.7-8 26 Jun 20Laughs, Levitations, and Lies
87.7-9 10 Jul 20Cell Phone Hack, Water Torture, and Alonzo's Shop of Horrors
88.7-1017 Jul 20All the Kings Clubs, Motorcycles, and Let's Get Small
89.7-1107 Aug 20The Sound of Magic and The Intrusive Rope
90.7-1228 Aug 20Copycats, Magical Matrimony, and Moments in Time
91.7-1318 Sep 20Insane Twists on the Classics
92.7-1425 Sep 20Brick Walls, Plexiglass, and a Fish Hook Endoscopy
93.7-1502 Oct 20Window Panes, Ring Crushers, and The Magic Earthworm
94.7-1609 Oct 20A New Twist on the Classics
95.7-1716 Oct 20Body, Mind and Transformations
96.7-1823 Oct 20Supercharging Your Very First Magic Tricks
Season 8
97.8-1 09 Apr 22Matters of the Head
98.8-2 16 Apr 22The William Tell Experiment
99.8-3 23 Apr 22The Classics Remixed
100.8-4 30 Apr 22Music and Tech Magic
101.8-5 07 May 22The One About a Chipper, Sawchuck and a Cook
102.8-6 14 May 22The Bed of Nails and the Magic Wand
103.8-7 21 May 22Of Mind and Body
104.8-8 04 Jun 22Body Transformation
105.8-9 11 Jun 22Cool Cards, Coins and Close-Ups
106.8-1018 Jun 22A Smorgasbord of Magic
107.8-1125 Jun 22Mind or Magic?
108.8-1209 Jul 22Mystery Magic, Techno Time Travel, And Math Magic
109.8-1316 Jul 22Right Before Your Very Eyes
110.8-1413 Aug 22Up Close and Personal
111.8-1520 Aug 22When Goth Meets the Art of the Illusion
112.8-1627 Aug 22Funky Magic and the Dancing Flame
113.8-1710 Sep 22A Magical Musical
114.8-1817 Sep 22The Extreme Exotic
Season 9
115.9-1 11 Feb 23Deception, Heights, and One Crossbow
116.9-2 18 Feb 23Blocks, Crystals, and Cocktails
117.9-3 25 Feb 23Flash, Shine, and Wonderland
118.9-4 04 Mar 23History, Mystery and Hilarity
119.9-5 11 Mar 23Mind Tricks, Time Travel, and Sharp Things
120.9-6 18 Mar 23Love, Fashion, and Money
121.9-7 08 Apr 23Conjurors, A Darling, and the Most Dangerous Card Trick
122.9-8 15 Apr 23Fire, Crush, and the Wacky Tacky Box
123.9-9 22 Apr 23Science, Oracles, and a Twist on Houdini
124.9-1029 Apr 23Bubbly Pop, Magic Tech, and the Impaler
125.9-1106 May 23Old School Remix Volume I
126.9-1213 May 23A Very Sperry Cherry, Darling
127.9-1320 May 23A Carpenter, Endless Wine and ... Ed Alonzo?
128.9-1403 Jun 23Old School Remix Volume II
129.9-1510 Jun 23Twists, Turns and the Magic Body Shop
130.9-1617 Jun 23Fire, Bubbles, and Soul Mates
Season 10
131.10-106 Nov 23Knives Out and Other Strange Magic
132.10-213 Nov 23Giant Drill, Magic on Edge, Floating Objects
133.10-320 Nov 23Trial By Fire, Quick Change, and the Uncanny
134.10-427 Nov 23Real, Tech, and the Triple Threat
135.10-504 Dec 23Dark, Darling, and Twisted
136.10-612 Jan 24Cool, Crazy, and Close-up
137.10-719 Jan 24Pushing the Limits of Crazy Fun Magic
138.10-826 Jan 24True Magic, Lollipops, and Blades of Death
139.10-920 Jun 24Flames, Floating, and Out of this World
140.10-1027 Jun 24The Beauty of Magic, Through the Metal Door, and My Magic Robot
141.10-1104 Jul 24Mystic Roses, the Lucky Ring, and a Magical Romance
142.10-1211 Jul 24Pup Magic, Twisted Cards, and a Buzzsaw of Death
S04.4-0 01 Dec 17Christmas Magic 2017 (60 min)
S05.5-0 23 Dec 18Christmas Magic 2018 (60 min)
S06.6-0 31 May 1921st Anniversary Special (60 min)
S06.6-0 18 Dec 19Christmas Magic 2019 (60 min)
S06.6-0 08 May 20Impossible Escapes (60 min)
S07.7-0 25 Dec 20Christmas Magic 2020 (60 min)
S07.7-0 26 Nov 21Masters of Illusion: Christmas Magic 2021 (60 min)
S08.8-0 14 Dec 22Masters of Illusion: Christmas Magic 2022 (60 min)
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