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The Millionaire

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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A multi-millionaire picks deserving people he has never met to each receive a check for a million dollars.
Show Details:
Start date: Jan 1955
End date: June 1960
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CBS (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 206 eps
Genre(s): Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 19 Jan 55The Amy Moore Story
2.1-2 26 Jan 55Millionaire Carl Nelson
3.1-3 02 Feb 55Millionaire Joe Iris
4.1-4 09 Feb 55Millionaire Dan Mulcahy
5.1-5 16 Feb 55Millionaire Emily Short
6.1-6 23 Feb 55The Story of Margaret Browning
7.1-7 02 Mar 55The Story of Harvey Blake
8.1-8 09 Mar 55The Story of Nancy Marlborough
9.1-9 16 Mar 55The Story of Betty Jane Ryan
10.1-1023 Mar 55The Story of Charles Lamar
11.1-1130 Mar 55The Story of Ken Fowler
12.1-1206 Apr 55The Story of Pev Johnson
13.1-1313 Apr 55The Story of Quentin Harwood
14.1-1420 Apr 55The Story of Fred Malcolm
15.1-1527 Apr 55The Story of Luke Fortune
16.1-1604 May 55The Story of Jack Martin
17.1-1711 May 55The Story of Walter Carter
18.1-1818 May 55The Story of Merle Roberts
19.1-1925 May 55The Story of Uncle Robby
20.1-2001 Jun 55The Story of Sam Donovan
21.1-2108 Jun 55The Story of Vickie Lawson
22.1-2215 Jun 55The Story of Cobb Marley
23.1-2322 Jun 55The Story of Mildred Milliken
Season 2
24.2-1 28 Sep 55The Story of Rita Keeley
25.2-2 05 Oct 55The Robert Croft Story
26.2-3 12 Oct 55Millionaire Joe Seaton
27.2-4 19 Oct 55Millionaire Iris Miller
28.2-5 02 Nov 55The Story of Tom Bryan
29.2-6 09 Nov 55The Story of Peggy Demos
30.2-7 16 Nov 55The Story of Jerome Wilson
31.2-8 23 Nov 55The Story of Nora Paul
32.2-9 30 Nov 55The Story of Steve Carey
33.2-1007 Dec 55The Story of Don Lewis
34.2-1114 Dec 55The Story of Jeff Ellis
35.2-1221 Dec 55The Story of Wilbur Gerrold
36.2-1328 Dec 55The Story of Philip Sargent
37.2-1411 Jan 56The Reverend Hardin Story
38.2-1518 Jan 56The Cindy Bowen Story
39.2-1625 Jan 56The Jean Griffith Story
40.2-1701 Feb 56The Dr. Larry Evans Story
41.2-1808 Feb 56The Brian Hendricks Story
42.2-1915 Feb 56The Arthur Darner Story
43.2-2022 Feb 56The Story of Victor Volante
44.2-2129 Feb 56The Candy Caldwell Story
45.2-2207 Mar 56The Rip Matson Story
46.2-2314 Mar 56The Rita Hanley Story
47.2-2421 Mar 56The Eric Vincent Story
48.2-2528 Mar 56The Bedelia Buckley Story
49.2-2604 Apr 56The Tom Mead Story
50.2-2711 Apr 56The Story of Lucky Swanson
51.2-2818 Apr 56The Jane Costello Story
52.2-2925 Apr 56The Ed Murdock Story
53.2-3002 May 56The Louise Williams Story
54.2-3109 May 56The Todd Burke Story
55.2-3216 May 56The Captain Carroll Story
56.2-3323 May 56The Sally Delaney Story
57.2-3430 May 56The Story of Olivia Grainger
58.2-3506 Jun 56The Jill Mayfield Story
59.2-3613 Jun 56The Ralph McKnight Story
60.2-3704 Jan 56The Chris Hall Story
Season 3
61.3-1 12 Sep 56The Kathy Munson Story
62.3-2 19 Sep 56The Story of Jane Carr
63.3-3 26 Sep 56The Story of Anna Hartley
64.3-4 03 Oct 56The Story of Charlie Simpson
65.3-5 10 Oct 56The Story of Fred Graham
66.3-6 24 Oct 56The Story of Virginia Lennart
67.3-7 31 Oct 56The Story of Joey Diamond
68.3-8 07 Nov 56The Story of David Tremayne
69.3-9 14 Nov 56The Story of Waldo Francis Turner
70.3-1021 Nov 56The Story of Jay Powers
71.3-1128 Nov 56The Story of Harvey Borden
72.3-1205 Dec 56The Story of Valerie Hunt
73.3-1312 Dec 56The Story of Salvatore Michaelangelo Buonarotti
74.3-1419 Dec 56The Story of Mildred Kester
75.3-1526 Dec 56The Story of Betty Perkins
76.3-1602 Jan 57The Story of Nick Cannon
77.3-1709 Jan 57The Story of Nancy Wellington
78.3-1816 Jan 57The Story of Russell Herbert
79.3-1923 Jan 57The Story of Anton Bohrman
80.3-2030 Jan 57The Story of Charles Wyatt
81.3-2106 Feb 57The Story of Jim Driskill
82.3-2213 Feb 57The Story of Professor Amberson Adams
83.3-2320 Feb 57The Story of Judge William Westholme
84.3-2427 Feb 57The Story of Jerry Bell
85.3-2506 Mar 57The Story of Jerry Patterson
86.3-2613 Mar 57The Story of Jimmy Reilly
87.3-2727 Mar 57The Story of Rose Russell
88.3-2803 Apr 57Millionaire Doctor Alan March
89.3-2910 Apr 57Millionaire Crystal Sands
90.3-3017 Apr 57Millionaire Maggie Sheeler
91.3-3124 Apr 57Millionaire Carol Wesley
92.3-3201 May 57The Hub Grimes Story
93.3-3308 May 57The Chris Daniels Story
94.3-3415 May 57The Josef Marton Story
95.3-3522 May 57The Ted McAllister Story
96.3-3629 May 57The Dan Larsen Story
97.3-3705 Jun 57The Diane Loring Story
98.3-3812 Jun 57The Bob Fielding Story
Season 4
99.4-1 18 Sep 57The Story of Matt Kirby
100.4-2 25 Sep 57The Pete Marlowe Story
101.4-3 02 Oct 57The Roy Delbridge Story
102.4-4 09 Oct 57The Story of Carl Bronson
103.4-5 16 Oct 57The Laura Hunter Story
104.4-6 23 Oct 57The Larry Parker Story
105.4-7 30 Oct 57The Ruth Ferris Story
106.4-8 13 Nov 57The Story of Hap Connolly
107.4-9 20 Nov 57The Story of Frank Keegan
108.4-1027 Nov 57The Story of Steve Logan
109.4-1104 Dec 57Millionaire Anitra Dellano
110.4-1211 Dec 57The Story of Hugh Waring
111.4-1318 Dec 57Millionaire Barbara Lydon
112.4-1425 Dec 57The Regina Wainwright Story
113.4-1501 Jan 58The Rod Matthews Story
114.4-1608 Jan 58The Marjorie Martinson Story
115.4-1715 Jan 58The Peter Barkley Story
116.4-1822 Jan 58The Jonathan Bookman Story
117.4-1929 Jan 58The Doris Winslow Story
118.4-2005 Feb 58The Michael Holm Story
119.4-2112 Feb 58The Story of Martha Crockett
120.4-2226 Feb 58The John Richards Story
121.4-2305 Mar 58The Johanna Judson Story
122.4-2412 Mar 58The Raymond Dupar Story
123.4-2519 Mar 58The Neal Bowers Story
124.4-2626 Mar 58The John Smith Story
125.4-2702 Apr 58The Susan Birchard Story
126.4-2809 Apr 58The Tony Drummond Story
127.4-2916 Apr 58The Story of the Thorne Sisters
128.4-3023 Apr 58The Rafe Peterson Story
129.4-3130 Apr 58The Story of Andrew Sterling
130.4-3207 May 58The Wally Bannister Story
131.4-3314 May 58The Jack Garrison Story
132.4-3421 May 58The Paul Taylor Story
133.4-3528 May 58The Russ White Story
Season 5
134.5-1 03 Sep 58The Betty Hawley Story
135.5-2 10 Sep 58The Norman Conover Story
136.5-3 17 Sep 58The Fred Morgan Story
137.5-4 24 Sep 58The Ken Leighton Story
138.5-5 01 Oct 58The David Barrett Story
139.5-6 08 Oct 58The Martin Scott Story
140.5-7 15 Oct 58The Ellen Curry Story
141.5-8 22 Oct 58The William Vaughan Story
142.5-9 29 Oct 58The Cat Story
143.5-1005 Nov 58The Dan Howell Story
144.5-1112 Nov 58The Newman Johnson Story
145.5-1219 Nov 58The Lee Randolph Story
146.5-1303 Dec 58The Frank Harrigan Story
147.5-1410 Dec 58The Pete Hopper Story
148.5-1517 Dec 58Millionaire Eric Lodek
149.5-1607 Jan 59Millionaire William Courtney
150.5-1714 Jan 59Millionaire Terrence Costigan
151.5-1821 Jan 59Millionaire Irene Marshall
152.5-1928 Jan 59Millionaire Julia Conrad
153.5-2004 Feb 59Millionaire Emily Baker
154.5-2111 Feb 59Millionaire John Rackman
155.5-2218 Feb 59Millionaire Father Gilhooley
156.5-2325 Feb 59Millionaire Hank Butler
157.5-2404 Mar 59Millionaire Angela Temple
158.5-2511 Mar 59Millionaire Charlie Weber
159.5-2618 Mar 59Millionaire Alicia Osante
160.5-2725 Mar 59Millionaire Marcia Forrest
161.5-2801 Apr 59Millionaire Henny Banning
162.5-2908 Apr 59Millionaire Sally Simms
163.5-3015 Apr 59Millionaire Ann Griffin
164.5-3122 Apr 59Millionaire Karl Miller
165.5-3229 Apr 59Millionaire Gilbert Burton
166.5-3306 May 59Millionaire Susan Ballard
167.5-3413 May 59Millionaire Bill Franklin
168.5-3520 May 59Millionaire Louise Benson
169.5-3627 May 59Millionaire Martha Halloran
170.5-3710 Jun 59Millionaire Charles Bradwell
Season 6
171.6-1 16 Sep 59Millionaire Mark Fleming
172.6-2 23 Sep 59Millionaire Harry Brown
173.6-3 30 Sep 59Millionaire Lorraine Daggett
174.6-4 07 Oct 59Millionaire Phillip Burnell
175.6-5 21 Oct 59Millionaire Doctor Joseph Frye
176.6-6 28 Oct 59Millionaire Jim Hayes
177.6-7 04 Nov 59Millionaire Maureen Reynolds
178.6-8 11 Nov 59Millionaire Jeff Mercer
179.6-9 18 Nov 59Millionaire Tom Hampton
180.6-1025 Nov 59Millionaire Sergeant Matthew Brogan
181.6-1102 Dec 59Millionaire Mitchell Gunther
182.6-1209 Dec 59Millionaire Andrew C. Cooley
183.6-1316 Dec 59Millionaire Nancy Pearson
184.6-1423 Dec 59Millionaire Jackson Green
185.6-1530 Dec 59Millionaire Timothy Mackail
186.6-1606 Jan 60Millionaire Elizabeth Tander
187.6-1713 Jan 60Millionaire Sylvia Merrick
188.6-1820 Jan 60Millionaire Whitney Ames
189.6-1927 Jan 60Millionaire Janie Harris
190.6-2003 Feb 60Millionaire Margaret Stoneham
191.6-2110 Feb 60Millionaire Jerry Mitchell
192.6-2217 Feb 60Millionaire Sandy Newell
193.6-2302 Mar 60Millionaire Larry Maxwell
194.6-2409 Mar 60Millionaire Karen Summers
195.6-2516 Mar 60Millionaire Jessica Marsh
196.6-2623 Mar 60Millionaire Julie Sherman
197.6-2730 Mar 60Millionaire Tony Rogers
198.6-2806 Apr 60Millionaire Susan Johnson
199.6-2913 Apr 60Millionaire Nancy Cortez
200.6-3020 Apr 60Millionaire Katherine Boland
201.6-3127 Apr 60Millionaire Mara Robinson
202.6-3204 May 60Millionaire Dixon Cooper
203.6-3311 May 60Millionaire Vance Ludlow
204.6-3425 May 60Millionaire Peter Longman
205.6-3501 Jun 60Millionaire Maggie Dalton
206.6-3608 Jun 60Millionaire Patricia Collins
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