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Show Details:
Start date: Mar 1974
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): PBS (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 900+ eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 03 Mar 74The Making of a Natural History Film
2.1-2 10 Mar 74Where Did the Colorado Go?
3.1-3 17 Mar 74Whales, Dolphins, and Men
4.1-4 24 Mar 74The Search for Life
5.1-5 31 Mar 74Last of the Cuiva
6.1-6 07 Apr 74Strange Sleep
7.1-7 14 Apr 74The Crab Nebula
8.1-8 21 Apr 74Bird Brain: The Mystery of Bird Navigation
9.1-9 28 Apr 74Are You Doing This for Me, Doctor?
10.1-1005 May 74The First Signs of Washoe
11.1-1112 May 74The Case of the Midwife Toad
12.1-1219 May 74Fusion: The Energy of Promise
13.1-1326 May 74The Mystery of the Anasazi
Season 2
14.2-1 03 Nov 74Why Do Birds Sing?
15.2-2 10 Nov 74How Much Do You Smell?
16.2-3 17 Nov 74The Hunting of the Quark
17.2-4 24 Nov 74The Secrets of Sleep
18.2-5 01 Dec 74Inside the Golden Gate
19.2-6 08 Dec 74The Men Who Painted Caves
20.2-7 15 Dec 74Red Sea Coral
21.2-8 05 Jan 75War from the Air
22.2-9 12 Jan 75What Time Is Your Body?
23.2-1019 Jan 75The Rise and Fall of DDT
24.2-1102 Feb 75Take the World from Another Point of View
25.2-1209 Feb 75The Lysenko Affair
26.2-1316 Feb 75The Tuaregs
27.2-1409 Mar 75The Plutonium Connection
28.2-1516 Mar 75The Other Way
29.2-1630 Mar 75The Lost World of the Maya
30.2-1706 Apr 75Will the Fishing Have to Stop?
Season 3
31.3-1 04 Jan 76Predictable Disaster
32.3-2 11 Jan 76Joey
33.3-3 18 Jan 76Meditation and the Mind
34.3-4 25 Jan 76The Planets
35.3-5 01 Feb 76A Desert Place
36.3-6 08 Feb 76A Small Imperfection
37.3-7 15 Feb 76Ninety Degrees Below
38.3-8 07 Mar 76The Race for the Double Helix
39.3-9 07 Mar 76The Renewable Tree
40.3-1014 Mar 76The Williamsburgh File
41.3-1121 Mar 76The Overworked Miracle
42.3-1211 Apr 76The Transplant Experiment
43.3-1318 Apr 76The Underground Movement
44.3-1402 May 76Hunters of the Seal
45.3-1509 May 76Benjamin
46.3-1623 May 76The Women Rebel
47.3-1706 Jun 76Death of a Disease
48.3-1813 Jun 76Inside the Shark
49.3-1920 Jun 76The Genetic Chance
50.3-2027 Jun 76The Case of the Bermuda Triangle
Season 4
51.4-1 05 Jan 77Hitler's Secret Weapon
52.4-2 12 Jan 77The Hot Blooded Dinosaurs
53.4-3 19 Jan 77What Price Coal?
54.4-4 02 Feb 77The Sunspot Mystery
55.4-5 09 Feb 77The Plastic Prison
56.4-6 23 Feb 77Incident at Brown's Ferry
57.4-7 02 Mar 77Bye Bye Blackbird
58.4-8 09 Mar 77The Pill for the People
59.4-9 16 Mar 77The Gene Engineers
60.4-1023 Mar 77The Human Animal
61.4-1130 Mar 77The Wolf Equation
62.4-1220 Apr 77The Dawn of the Solar Age
63.4-1320 Apr 77The Business of Extinction
64.4-1427 Apr 77The Red Planet
65.4-1511 May 77Tongues of Men (1)
66.4-1618 May 77Tongues of Men (2)
67.4-1701 Jun 77Linus Pauling: Crusading Scientist
68.4-1822 Jun 77Across the Silent Barrier
69.4-1929 Jun 77The New Healers
70.4-2011 Jan 78The Green Machine
Season 5
71.5-1 04 Jan 78In the Event of Catastrophe
72.5-2 18 Jan 78Blueprints in the Bloodstream
73.5-3 25 Jan 78One Small Step (1)
74.5-4 01 Feb 78The Final Frontier (2)
75.5-5 15 Feb 78BaMiki BaNdula: Children of the Forest
76.5-6 22 Feb 78Trial of Denton Cooley
77.5-7 01 Mar 78The Great Wine Revolution
78.5-8 08 Mar 78The Case of the Ancient Astronauts
79.5-9 22 Mar 78The Mind Machines
80.5-1029 Mar 78Icarus' Children
81.5-1112 Apr 78Still Waters
82.5-1219 Apr 78Battle for the Acropolis
83.5-1303 May 78Road to Happiness
84.5-1410 May 78Light of the 21st Century
85.5-1524 May 78The Insect Alternative
86.5-1631 May 78The Desert's Edge
87.5-1707 Jun 78The Tse Tse Trap
88.5-1814 Jun 78Memories from Eden
89.5-1921 Jun 78A Whisper from Space
90.5-2028 Jun 78Alaska: The Closing Frontier
Season 6
91.6-1 04 Jan 79Black Tide
92.6-2 11 Jan 79Long Walk of Fred Young
93.6-3 18 Jan 79A World of Difference
94.6-4 01 Feb 79Cashing in on the Ocean
95.6-5 08 Feb 79Patterns from the Past
96.6-6 22 Feb 79The Invisible Flame
97.6-7 01 Mar 79The End of the Rainbow
98.6-8 08 Mar 79The Beersheva Experiment
99.6-9 15 Mar 79Einstein
100.6-1029 Mar 79The Keys of Paradise
101.6-1102 Oct 79A Plague on our Children
102.6-1209 Oct 79Life on a Silken Thread
103.6-1316 Oct 79Sweet Solutions
104.6-1430 Oct 79Race for the Gold
105.6-1506 Nov 79All Part of the Game
106.6-1620 Nov 79India: Machinery of Hope
107.6-1704 Dec 79The Bridge that Spanned the World
108.6-1811 Dec 79Termites to Telescopes
109.6-1918 Dec 79Blindness: Five Points of Views
Season 7
110.7-1 15 Jan 80The Elusive Illness
111.7-2 22 Jan 80A is for Atom, B is for Bomb
112.7-3 05 Feb 80Living Machines
113.7-4 19 Feb 80Portrait of a Killer
114.7-5 04 Mar 80Umealit: The Whale Hunters
115.7-6 11 Mar 80The Safety Factor
116.7-7 18 Mar 80A Mediterranean Prospect
117.7-8 25 Mar 80Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland
118.7-9 30 Sep 80The Pinks and the Blues
119.7-1007 Oct 80The Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian
120.7-1114 Oct 80The Sea Behind the Dunes
121.7-1228 Oct 80Do We Really Need the Rockies?
122.7-1304 Nov 80The Big IF
123.7-1411 Nov 80Voyager: Jupiter & Beyond
124.7-1518 Nov 80The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor
125.7-1625 Nov 80The Water Crisis
126.7-1702 Dec 80Moving Still
127.7-1809 Dec 80A Touch of Sensitivity
128.7-1923 Dec 80The Red Deer of Rhum
129.7-2030 Dec 80It's About Time
Season 8
130.8-1 06 Jan 81Doctors of Nigeria
131.8-2 20 Jan 81Message in the Rocks
132.8-3 27 Jan 81The Dead Sea Lives
133.8-4 10 Feb 81Anatomy of a Volcano
134.8-5 17 Feb 81The Science of Murder
135.8-6 24 Feb 81The Malady of Health Care
136.8-7 03 Mar 81Beyond the Milky Way
137.8-8 10 Mar 81The Asteroid and the Dinosaur
138.8-9 17 Mar 81Animal Olympians
139.8-1028 Aug 81Resolution on Saturn
140.8-1127 Sep 81Computers, Spies & Private LIves
141.8-1204 Oct 81Why America Burns
142.8-1311 Oct 81The Great Violin Mystery
143.8-1418 Oct 81Cosmic Fire
144.8-1525 Oct 81Locusts: War Without End
145.8-1601 Nov 81Did Darwin Get It Wrong?
146.8-1715 Nov 81Artists in the Lab
147.8-1822 Nov 81Notes of a Biology Watcher: A Film with Lewis Thomas
148.8-1929 Nov 81City Spaces, Human Places
149.8-2006 Dec 81Twins
Season 9
150.9-1 10 Jan 82Salmon on the Run
151.9-2 17 Jan 82Test-Tube Babies: A Daughter for Judy
152.9-3 24 Jan 82Field Guide to Roger Tory Peterson
153.9-4 31 Jan 82The Hunt for the Legion Killer
154.9-5 07 Feb 82Finding a Voice
155.9-6 14 Feb 82The Television Explosion
156.9-7 28 Feb 82Life: Patent Pending
157.9-8 07 Mar 82Palace of Delights
158.9-9 14 Mar 82Animal Imposters
159.9-1028 Mar 82Aging: The Methuselah Syndrome
160.9-1112 Oct 82The Case of the UFOs
161.9-1219 Oct 82The Fragile Mountain
162.9-1309 Nov 82Here's Looking at You Kid
163.9-1416 Nov 82Adventures of Teenage Scientists
164.9-1523 Nov 82The Cobalt Blues
165.9-1630 Nov 82Goodbye Louisiana
166.9-1707 Dec 82Whale Watch
167.9-1814 Dec 82Tracking the Supertrains
Season 10
168.10-118 Jan 83Hawaii: Crucible of Life
169.10-225 Jan 83The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
170.10-308 Feb 83Lassa Fever
171.10-415 Feb 83The Miracle of Life
172.10-501 Mar 83Asbestos: A Lethal Legacy
173.10-608 Mar 83City of Coral
174.10-722 Mar 83Fat Chance in a Thin World
175.10-829 Mar 83Sixty Minutes to Meltdown
176.10-911 Oct 83Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales
177.10-1018 Oct 83The Artificial Heart
178.10-1125 Oct 83Talking Turtle
179.10-1201 Nov 83Papua New Guinea: Anthropology on Trial
180.10-1308 Nov 83To Live Until You Die: The Work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
181.10-1415 Nov 83A Magic Way of Going: The Story of Thoroughbreds
182.10-1522 Nov 83A Normal Face: The Wonders of Plastic Surgery
183.10-1625 Nov 83Captives of Care
184.10-1706 Dec 83Twenty-Five Years in Space
185.10-1813 Dec 83Nuclear Strategy for Beginners
186.10-1920 Dec 83The Climate Crisis
187.10-2027 Dec 83Eyes Over China
188.10-2110 Jan 84Alcoholism: Life Under the Influence
Season 11
189.11-117 Jan 84The Case of ESP
190.11-231 Jan 84Antarctica: Earth's Last Frontier
191.11-314 Feb 84China's Only Child
192.11-428 Feb 84Will I Walk Again?
193.11-506 Mar 84Visions of the Deep: The Underwater World of Al Giddings
194.11-620 Mar 84Down on the Farm
195.11-727 Mar 84Make My People Live: The Crisis in Indian Health Care
196.11-830 Apr 84The World According to Weiskoff
197.11-902 Oct 84Space Bridge to Moscow
198.11-1016 Oct 84The National Science Test I
199.11-1120 Oct 84Fountains of Paradise
200.11-1230 Oct 84The Mystery of Yellow Rain
201.11-1306 Nov 84The Nomads of the Rain Forest
202.11-1413 Nov 84Farmers of the Sea
203.11-1520 Nov 84Frontiers of Plastic Surgery
204.11-1627 Nov 84Space Women
205.11-1704 Dec 84Jaws: The True Story
206.11-1811 Dec 84Acid Rain: New Bad News
207.11-1918 Dec 84Stephen Jay Gould: This View of Life
208.11-2008 Jan 85The Garden of Inheritance
Season 12
209.12-115 Jan 85Edgerton and His Incredible Seeing Machines
210.12-222 Jan 85Global Village
211.12-329 Jan 85Conquest of the Parasites
212.12-405 Feb 85In the Land of the Polar Bears
213.12-512 Feb 85AIDS: Chapter One
214.12-619 Feb 85The Shape of Things
215.12-726 Feb 85Baby Talk
216.12-805 Mar 85The Mathematical Mystery Tour
217.12-912 Mar 85Child's Play: Prodigies and Possibilities
218.12-1019 Mar 85Monarch of the Mountains
219.12-1108 Oct 85The National Science Test II
220.12-1215 Oct 85Seeds of Tomorrow
221.12-1322 Oct 85What Einstein Never Knew
222.12-1429 Oct 85The Robot Revolution?
223.12-1505 Nov 85The Magic of Special Effects
224.12-1612 Nov 85Child Survival: The Silent Emergency
225.12-1719 Nov 85Tornado!
226.12-1826 Nov 85The Genetic Gamble
227.12-1903 Dec 85Animal Architects
228.12-2017 Dec 85The Plane that Changed the World
Season 13
229.13-121 Jan 86Halley's Comet: Once in a Lifetime
230.13-228 Jan 86Goddess of the Earth
231.13-304 Feb 86Horsemen of China
232.13-411 Feb 86Life's First Feelings
233.13-518 Feb 86The Case of the Frozen Addict
234.13-625 Feb 86Toxic Trials
235.13-704 Mar 86Skydive to the Rain Forest
236.13-811 Mar 86Return of the Osprey
237.13-918 Mar 86The Rise of a Wonder Drug
238.13-1025 Mar 86When Wonder Drugs Don't Work
239.13-1122 Apr 86Visions of Star Wars
240.13-1214 Oct 86The Search for the Disappeared
241.13-1321 Oct 86The Planet that Got Knocked on its Side
242.13-1404 Nov 86High-Tech Babies
243.13-1511 Nov 86Can AIDS Be Stopped?
244.13-1618 Nov 86Is Anybody Out There?
245.13-1725 Nov 86Mystery of the Animal Pathfinders
246.13-1802 Dec 86Are You Swimming in a Sewer?
247.13-1909 Dec 86Sail Wars!
248.13-2016 Dec 86Leprosy Can Be Cured!
249.13-2113 Jan 87How Babies Get Made
Season 14
250.14-120 Jan 87Countdown to the Invisible Universe
251.14-227 Jan 87Children of Eve
252.14-303 Feb 87Why Planes Crash
253.14-410 Feb 87Orangutans of the Rain Forest
254.14-517 Feb 87Freud Under Analysis
255.14-624 Feb 87The Hole in the Sky
256.14-703 Mar 87Confessions of a Weaponeer
257.14-810 Mar 87Great Moments from NOVA
258.14-924 Mar 87Will the World Starve?
259.14-1031 Mar 87The Desert Doesn't Bloom Here Anymore
260.14-1107 Apr 87Rocky Road to Jupiter
261.14-1206 Oct 87Death of a Star
262.14-1313 Oct 87Spy Machines
263.14-1420 Oct 87Hidden Power of Plants
264.14-1527 Oct 87Japan's American Genius
265.14-1603 Nov 87A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama
266.14-1710 Nov 87Volcano!
267.14-1817 Nov 87How Good is Soviet Science?
268.14-1901 Dec 87Ancient Treasures from the Deep
269.14-2008 Dec 87Riddle of the Joints
270.14-2115 Dec 87Secrets of the Lost Red Paint People
Season 15
271.15-119 Jan 88Top Gun and Beyond
272.15-1226 Jan 88How to Create a Junk Food
273.15-1302 Feb 88Buried in Ice
274.15-1409 Feb 88Why Planes Burn
275.15-1523 Feb 88Battles in the War on Cancer: A Wonder Drug on Trial
276.15-1601 Mar 88Battles in the War on Cancer: Breast Cancer - Turning the Tide
277.15-1708 Mar 88Mystery of the Master Builders
278.15-1815 Mar 88Whale Rescue
279.15-1922 Mar 88The Man Who Loved Numbers
280.15-2029 Mar 88Race for the Superconductor
281.15-2105 Apr 88Can You Still Get Polio?
Season 16
282.16-106 Sep 88Pioneers of Surgery: The Brutal Craft
283.16-213 Sep 88Pioneers of Surgery: Into the Heart
284.16-320 Sep 88Pioneers of Surgery: New Organs for Old
285.16-427 Sep 88Pioneers of Surgery: Beyond the Knife
286.16-504 Oct 88Can the Vatican Save the Sistine Chapel?
287.16-611 Oct 88Can the Next President Win the Space Race?
288.16-725 Oct 88Do Scientists Cheat?
289.16-815 Nov 88Who Shot President Kennedy?
290.16-922 Nov 88The Light Stuff
291.16-1006 Dec 88The All-American Bear
292.16-1113 Dec 88Can We Make a Better Doctor?
293.16-1217 Jan 89Hot Enough for You?
294.16-1324 Jan 89The Last Journey of a Genius
295.16-1431 Jan 89The Strange New Science of Chaos
296.16-1514 Feb 89Back to Chernobyl
297.16-1621 Feb 89God, Darwin and the Dinosaurs
298.16-1728 Feb 89Adrift on the Gulf Stream
299.16-1807 Mar 89Secrets of Easter Island (1)
300.16-1907 Mar 89Legends of Easter Island (2)
301.16-2021 Mar 89The World Is Full of Oil!
302.16-2128 Mar 89Confronting the Killer Gene
Season 17
303.17-103 Oct 89The Hidden City
304.17-210 Oct 89The Controversial Dr. Koop
305.17-317 Oct 89Design Wars!
306.17-424 Oct 89Echoes of War
307.17-531 Oct 89Decoding the Book of Life
308.17-607 Nov 89Hurricane!
309.17-714 Nov 89Will Venice Survive Its Rescue
310.17-821 Nov 89What Is Music
311.17-905 Dec 89Yellowstone's Burning Question
312.17-1012 Dec 89The Schoolboys Who Cracked the Soviet Secret
313.17-1109 Jan 90Poison in the Rockies
314.17-1223 Jan 90Race for the Top
315.17-1306 Feb 90Disguises of War
316.17-1413 Feb 90The Bomb's Lethal Legacy
317.17-1527 Feb 90The Big Spill
318.17-1615 Mar 90The Genius That Was China: Rise of the Dragon
319.17-1720 Mar 90The Genius That Was China: Empires in Collision
320.17-1827 Mar 90The Genius That Was China: The Threat from Japan
321.17-1903 Apr 90The Genius That Was China: Will the Dragon Rise Again?
Season 18
322.18-103 Oct 90The KGB, The Computer and Me
323.18-209 Oct 90Neptune's Cold Fury
324.18-316 Oct 90To Boldly Go...
325.18-423 Oct 90Poisoned Winds of War
326.18-530 Oct 90The Blimp is Back!
327.18-606 Nov 90Earthquake!
328.18-713 Nov 90Killing Machines
329.18-820 Nov 90Can the Elephant Be Saved?
330.18-927 Nov 90We Know Where You Live
331.18-1004 Dec 90In the Land of the Llamas
332.18-1118 Dec 90What's Killing the Children?
333.18-1208 Jan 91Return to Mt. St. Helens
334.18-1330 Apr 91ConFusion in a Jar
335.18-1405 Feb 91The Hunt for China's Dinosaurs
336.18-1512 Feb 91Case of the Flying Dinosaur
337.18-1619 Feb 91T-Rex Exposed
338.18-1726 Feb 91The Russian Right Stuff: The Invisible Spaceman
339.18-1827 Feb 91The Russian Right Stuff: The Dark Side of the Moon
340.18-1928 Feb 91The Russian Right Stuff: The Mission
341.18-2005 Mar 91Swimming with Whales
342.18-2126 Mar 91The Chip vs. the Chessmaster
Season 19
343.19-101 Oct 91Sex, Lies and Toupee Tape
344.19-209 Oct 91So You Want to Be a Doctor?
345.19-315 Oct 91Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls
346.19-422 Oct 91Suicide Mission to Chernobyl
347.19-505 Nov 91Taller Than Everest?
348.19-612 Nov 91Fastest Planes in the Sky
349.19-703 Dec 91Avoiding the Surgeon's Knife
350.19-810 Dec 91Skyscraper! A NOVA Special (80 min)
351.19-917 Dec 91The Fine Art of Faking It
352.19-1014 Jan 92Hell Fighters of Kuwait
353.19-1121 Jan 92Submarine!
354.19-1228 Jan 92Saddam's War on Wildlife
355.19-1311 Feb 92What Smells?
356.19-1418 Feb 92Can You Believe TV Ratings?
357.19-1503 Mar 92Making a Dishonest Buck
358.19-1610 Mar 92Rescuing Baby Whales
359.19-1717 Mar 92An Astronaut's View of the Earth
360.19-1824 Mar 92Eclipse of the Century
Season 20
361.20-125 Aug 92Animal Olympians II
362.20-229 Sep 92The Genius Behind the Bomb
363.20-313 Oct 92Mind of a Serial Killer
364.20-420 Oct 92Search for the First Americans
365.20-527 Oct 92Rafting Through the Grand Canyon
366.20-604 Nov 92This Old Pyramid (90 min)
367.20-710 Nov 92Iceman
368.20-817 Nov 92Private Lives of Dolphins
369.20-901 Dec 92Brain Transplant
370.20-1022 Dec 92Can You Stop People from Drinking?
371.20-1129 Dec 92Sex and the Single Rhino
372.20-1205 Jan 93The Hunt for Saddam's Secret Weapons
373.20-1319 Jan 93Can Bombing Win a War?
374.20-1426 Jan 93The Deadly Deception
375.20-1502 Feb 93Nazis and the Russian Bomb
376.20-1609 Feb 93In the Path of a Killer Volcano
377.20-1716 Feb 93Can Science Build a Champion Athlete?
378.20-1823 Feb 93Diving for Pirate Gold
379.20-1902 Mar 93Murder, Rape and DNA
380.20-2030 Mar 93The Lost Tribe
Season 21
381.21-105 Oct 93The NOVA Quiz
382.21-212 Oct 93Wanted: Butch and Sundance
383.21-319 Oct 93Secrets of the Psychics
384.21-426 Oct 93Dying to Breathe
385.21-502 Nov 93Shadow of the Condor
386.21-609 Nov 93The Real Jurassic Park
387.21-716 Nov 93Roller Coaster!
388.21-830 Nov 93Mysterious Crash of Flight 201
389.21-907 Dec 93Great Moments from NOVA (90 min)
390.21-1021 Dec 93The Best Mind Since Einstein
391.21-1128 Dec 93Stranger in the Mirror
392.21-1218 Jan 94Codebreakers
393.21-1325 Jan 94Dinosaurs of the Gobi
394.21-1401 Feb 94Daredevils of the Sky
395.21-1508 Feb 94Journey to Kilimanjaro
396.21-1615 Feb 94Can Chimps Talk?
397.21-1728 Feb 94In Search of Human Origins, Part One
398.21-1801 Mar 94In Search of Human Origins, Part Two
399.21-1902 Mar 94In Search of Human Origins, Part Three
400.21-2012 Apr 94Can China Kick the Habit?
401.21-2119 Apr 94Aircraft Carrier!
Season 22
402.22-111 Oct 94The Great Wildlife Heist
403.22-218 Oct 94Secret of the Wild Child
404.22-325 Oct 94Haunted Cry of a Long Gone Bird
405.22-401 Nov 94What's New About Menopause
406.22-508 Nov 94The Tribe that Time Forgot
407.22-615 Nov 94Killer Quake!
408.22-729 Nov 94Buried in Ash
409.22-806 Dec 94Rescue Mission in Space
410.22-920 Dec 94Journey to the Sacred Sea
411.22-1027 Dec 94In Search of the First Language
412.22-1109 Jan 95Mammoths of the Ice Age
413.22-1224 Jan 95Vikings in America
414.22-1331 Jan 95Ants: Little Creatures Who Run the World
415.22-1407 Feb 95Nazi Designers of Death
416.22-1514 Feb 95Siamese Twins
417.22-1619 Feb 95Mystery of the Senses: Hearing
418.22-1720 Feb 95Mystery of the Senses: Smell
419.22-1821 Feb 95Mystery of the Senses: Taste
420.22-1922 Feb 95Mystery of the Senses: Touch
421.22-2022 Feb 95Mystery of the Senses: Vision
422.22-2107 Mar 95The Universe Within
423.22-2203 May 95Making of a Doctor
424.22-2323 May 95Fast Cars
Season 23
425.23-110 Oct 95Anastasia Dead or Alive?
426.23-217 Oct 95Venus Unveiled
427.23-324 Oct 95Hawaii Born of Fire
428.23-431 Oct 95The Doomsday Asteroid
429.23-507 Nov 95Lightning!
430.23-614 Nov 95Hunt for the Serial Arsonist
431.23-728 Nov 95Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef
432.23-819 Dec 95Race to Catch a Buckyball
433.23-926 Dec 95Can Buildings Make You Sick?
434.23-1009 Jan 96Terror in the Mine Fields
435.23-1116 Jan 96The Day the Earth Shook
436.23-1230 Jan 96B-29 Frozen in Time
437.23-1306 Feb 96Ebola: The Plague Fighters
438.23-1420 Feb 96War Machines of Tomorrow
439.23-1527 Feb 96Kidnapped by U.F.O.'s?
440.23-1626 Mar 96Flood!
441.23-1702 Apr 96Dr. Spock the Baby Doc
442.23-1809 Apr 96Warriors of the Amazon
443.23-1916 Apr 96Bombing of America
Season 24
444.24-101 Oct 96Einstein Revealed
445.24-208 Oct 96Lost City of Arabia
446.24-315 Oct 96Three Men and a Balloon
447.24-422 Oct 96Secrets of Making Money
448.24-512 Nov 96Top Gun Over Moscow
449.24-619 Nov 96Shark Attack
450.24-724 Nov 96Odyssey of Life: The Ultimate Journey
451.24-825 Nov 96Odyssey of Life: The Unknown World
452.24-926 Nov 96Odyssey of Life: The Photographer's Secrets
453.24-1031 Dec 96Cracking the Ice Age
454.24-1114 Jan 97Kaboom!
455.24-1228 Jan 97Titanic's Lost Sister
456.24-1311 Feb 97Secrets of Lost Empires (1): Stonehenge
457.24-1411 Feb 97Secrets of Lost Empires (2): Inca
458.24-1512 Feb 97Secrets of Lost Empires (3): Obelisk
459.24-1612 Feb 97Secrets of Lost Empires (4): Colosseum
460.24-1718 Feb 97Hunt for Alien Worlds
461.24-1825 Feb 97Curse of T. Rex
462.24-1908 Apr 97Cut to the Heart
463.24-2015 Apr 97Kingdom of the Seahorse
Season 25
464.25-107 Oct 97Coma
465.25-214 Oct 97Faster Than Sound
466.25-321 Oct 97Bomb Squad
467.25-428 Oct 97The Proof
468.25-511 Nov 97Wild Wolves
469.25-612 Nov 97Super Bridge
470.25-718 Nov 97Treasures of a Sunken City
471.25-825 Nov 97Avalanche!
472.25-902 Dec 97Danger in the Jet Stream
473.25-1006 Jan 98Night Creatures of the Kalahari
474.25-1120 Jan 98Mysterious Mummies of China
475.25-1227 Jan 98Supersonic Spies
476.25-1303 Feb 98Animal Hospital
477.25-1410 Feb 98The Brain Eater
478.25-1524 Feb 98Everest - The Death Zone
479.25-1631 Mar 98Search for the Lost Cave People
480.25-1721 Apr 98Warnings from the Ice
481.25-1828 Apr 98Crocodiles!
482.25-1912 May 98The Truth About Impotence
Season 26
483.26-106 Oct 98Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude
484.26-213 Oct 98Chasing El Niño
485.26-327 Oct 98Terror in Space
486.26-403 Nov 98Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond
487.26-510 Nov 98Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius
488.26-624 Nov 98Ice Mummies (1): Frozen in Heaven
489.26-724 Nov 98Ice Mummies (2): Siberian Ice Maiden
490.26-824 Nov 98Ice Mummies (3): Return of the Iceman
491.26-901 Dec 98Leopards of the Night
492.26-1029 Dec 98The Perfect Pearl
493.26-1112 Jan 99The Beast of Loch Ness
494.26-1219 Jan 99Submarines, Secrets & Spies
495.26-1306 Oct 99Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvin
496.26-1402 Feb 99Surviving AIDS
497.26-1516 Feb 99Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Fire (1)
498.26-1616 Feb 99Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Car Crash (2)
499.26-1717 Feb 99Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Plane Crash (3)
500.26-1817 Feb 99Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Abandon Ship (4)
501.26-1923 Feb 99Battle Alert in the Gulf
502.26-2030 Mar 99Volcanoes of the Deep
503.26-2113 Jul 99To the Moon
Season 27
504.27-105 Oct 99Fall of the Leaning Tower
505.27-212 Oct 99Time Travel
506.27-319 Oct 99The Killer's Trail
507.27-402 Nov 99Island of the Spirits
508.27-509 Nov 99Decoding Nazi Secrets (120 min)
509.27-623 Nov 99Voyage of Doom
510.27-721 Dec 99Electric Heart
511.27-804 Jan 00Tales from the Hive
512.27-918 Jan 00Lost on Everest
513.27-1001 Feb 00Secrets of Lost Empires: Medieval Siege
514.27-1101 Feb 00Diamond Deception
515.27-1208 Feb 00Secrets of Lost Empires: Pharaoh's Obelisk
516.27-1308 Feb 00Trillion Dollar Bet
517.27-1415 Feb 00Secrets of Lost Empires: Easter Island
518.27-1515 Feb 00Mystery of the First Americans
519.27-1622 Feb 00Secrets of Lost Empires: Roman Bath
520.27-1722 Feb 00Lost Tribes of Israel
521.27-1829 Feb 00Secrets of Lost Empires: China Bridge
522.27-1918 Apr 00What's Up with the Weather?
523.27-2025 Apr 00Stationed in the Stars
524.27-2109 May 00The Vikings
Season 28
525.28-124 Oct 00Lincoln's Secret Weapon
526.28-231 Oct 00Holocaust on Trial
527.28-314 Nov 00Hitler's Lost Sub
528.28-421 Nov 00Runaway Universe
529.28-528 Nov 00Garden of Eden
530.28-612 Dec 00Dying to Be Thin
531.28-718 Dec 00Japan's Secret Garden
532.28-816 Jan 01Sultan's Lost Treasure
533.28-930 Jan 01Vanished!
534.28-1006 Feb 01Nazi Prison Escape
535.28-1113 Feb 01Lost King of the Maya
536.28-1227 Feb 01The Cancer Warrior
537.28-1327 Mar 01Survivor M.D.: Tattooed Doctor
538.28-1403 Apr 01Survivor M.D.: Second Opinions
539.28-1510 Apr 01Survivor M.D.: Hearts & Minds
540.28-1617 Apr 01Cracking the Code of Life
541.28-1724 Apr 01Harvest of Fear
Season 29
542.29-102 Oct 01Search for a Safe Cigarette
543.29-209 Oct 0118 Ways to Make a Baby
544.29-323 Oct 01Secrets of the Mind (aka Phantoms in the Brain)
545.29-430 Oct 01Sex: Unknown
546.29-506 Nov 01Russia's Nuclear Warriors
547.29-613 Nov 01Bioterror
548.29-720 Nov 01Life's Greatest Miracle
549.29-811 Dec 01Methuselah Tree
550.29-925 Dec 01Flying Casanovas
551.29-1008 Jan 02Death Star
552.29-1122 Jan 02Neanderthals on Trial
553.29-1205 Feb 02Fireworks!
554.29-1305 Feb 02Secrets, Lies and Atomic Spies
555.29-1426 Feb 02The Missing Link
556.29-1526 Mar 02Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance
557.29-1630 Apr 02Why the Towers Fell
558.29-1707 May 02Fire Wars
Season 30 Spies that Fly
559.30-103 Sep 02Killer Disease on Campus
560.30-201 Oct 02Mysterious Life of Caves
561.30-308 Oct 02Lost Roman Treasure
562.30-429 Oct 02Galileo's Battle for the Heavens
563.30-512 Nov 02Volcano's Deadly Warning
564.30-619 Nov 02Sinking City of Venice
565.30-726 Nov 02The Orchid Hunter
566.30-807 Jan 03Spies That Fly
567.30-914 Jan 03Last Flight of Bomber 31
568.30-1021 Jan 03Ancient Creature of the Deep
569.30-1104 Feb 03Battle of the X-Planes
570.30-1211 Feb 03Mountain of Ice
571.30-1318 Feb 03Lost Treasures of Tibet
572.30-1425 Feb 03Dirty Bomb
573.30-1501 Apr 03Deep Sea Invasion
574.30-1615 Apr 03Secret of Photo 51
Season 31
575.31-130 Sep 03Infinite Secrets
576.31-207 Oct 03Who Killed the Red Baron?
577.31-328 Oct 03The Elegant Universe: Einstein's Dream (1)
578.31-428 Oct 03The Elegant Universe: String's the Thing (2)
579.31-504 Nov 03The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension (3)
580.31-611 Nov 03Wright Brothers' Flying Machine
581.31-718 Nov 03Magnetic Storm
582.31-818 Nov 03Volcano Above the Clouds
583.31-904 Jan 04MARS: Dead or Alive
584.31-1020 Jan 04Secrets of the Crocodile Caves
585.31-1103 Feb 04Dogs and More Dogs
586.31-1210 Feb 04Descent Into the Ice
587.31-1317 Feb 04Crash of Flight 111
588.31-1402 Mar 04Life and Death in the War Zone
589.31-1530 Mar 04Hunt for the Supertwister
590.31-1620 Apr 04World in the Balance: The People Paradox (1)
591.31-1720 Apr 04World in the Balance: China Revs Up (2)
592.31-1804 May 04Battle Plan Under Fire
Season 32
593.32-128 Sep 04Origins (1): Earth is Born
594.32-228 Sep 04Origins (2): How Life Began
595.32-329 Sep 04Origins (3): Where Are the Aliens?
596.32-429 Sep 04Origins (4): Back to the Beginning
597.32-512 Oct 04The Most Dangerous Woman in America
598.32-609 Nov 04America's Stone Age Explorers
599.32-716 Nov 04Great Escape
600.32-823 Nov 04Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land
601.32-904 Jan 05Welcome to Mars
602.32-1011 Jan 05The Boldest Hoax
603.32-1118 Jan 05Supersonic Dream
604.32-1208 Feb 05The Viking Deception
605.32-1315 Feb 05Saving the National Treasures
606.32-1422 Feb 05A Daring Flight
607.32-1529 Mar 05Wave That Shook the World
Season 33
608.33-120 Sep 05Mystery of the Megaflood
609.33-204 Oct 05Sinking the Supership
610.33-311 Oct 05Einstein's Big Idea
611.33-401 Nov 05Volcano Under the City
612.33-508 Nov 05Hitler's Sunken Secret
613.33-615 Nov 05Newton's Dark Secrets
614.33-722 Nov 05Storm That Drowned a City
615.33-803 Jan 06The Mummy Who Would Be King
616.33-917 Jan 06Deadly Ascent
617.33-1007 Feb 06The Perfect Corpse
618.33-1114 Feb 06Jewel of the Earth
619.33-1221 Feb 06The Ghost Particle
620.33-1328 Feb 06Arctic Passage: Prisoners of the Ice
621.33-1428 Mar 06The Great Robot Race
622.33-1504 Apr 06Voyage to the Mystery Moon
623.33-1618 Apr 06Dimming the Sun
Season 34
624.34-105 Sep 06Building on Ground Zero
625.34-226 Sep 06Mystery of the Megavolcano
626.34-317 Oct 06The Deadliest Plane Crash
627.34-431 Oct 06Monster of the Milky Way
628.34-507 Nov 06Wings of Madness
629.34-614 Nov 06The Family That Walks on All Fours
630.34-726 Dec 06Underwater Dream Machine
631.34-806 Feb 07Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius (120 min)
632.34-913 Feb 07The Last Great Ape
633.34-1003 Apr 07Kings of Camouflage
634.34-1117 Apr 07First Flower
635.34-1224 Apr 07Saved By the Sun
636.34-1308 May 07Pocahontas Revealed
637.34-1419 Jun 07Bone Diggers
638.34-1526 Jun 07The Great Inca Rebellion
Season 35
639.35-109 Oct 07Secrets of the Samurai Sword
640.35-216 Oct 07Ghost in Your Genes
641.35-330 Oct 07Marathon Challenge
642.35-407 Nov 07Sputnik Declassified
643.35-513 Nov 07Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
644.35-620 Nov 07Master of the Killer Ants
645.35-718 Dec 07Missing in MiG Alley
646.35-808 Jan 08Absolute Zero: The Conquest of Cold (1)
647.35-915 Jan 08Absolute Zero: The Race for Absolute Zero (2)
648.35-1029 Jan 08Secrets of the Parthenon
649.35-1112 Feb 08Astrospies
650.35-1219 Feb 08Ape Genius
651.35-1326 Feb 08The Four-Winged Dinosaur
652.35-1408 Apr 08Cracking the Maya Code
653.35-1522 Apr 08Car of the Future
654.35-1613 May 08A Walk to Beautiful
655.35-1720 May 08Lord of the Ants
Season 36
656.36-107 Oct 08Arctic Dinosaurs
657.36-214 Oct 08Space Shuttle Disaster
658.36-321 Oct 08Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
659.36-428 Oct 08Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension
660.36-511 Nov 08Alien from Earth
661.36-618 Nov 08The Bible's Buried Secrets
662.36-725 Nov 08Ocean Animal Emergency
663.36-830 Dec 08Is There Life on Mars?
664.36-920 Jan 09The Big Energy Gamble
665.36-1027 Jan 09The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies
666.36-1103 Feb 09The Spy Factory
667.36-1224 Feb 09Rat Attack
668.36-1324 Mar 09Extreme Ice
669.36-1431 Mar 09Last Extinction (Megabeasts' Sudden Death)
670.36-1507 Apr 09Doctors' Diaries (1)
671.36-1614 Apr 09Doctors' Diaries (2)
672.36-1730 Jun 09Musical Minds
Season 37
673.37-106 Oct 09Darwin's Darkest Hour
674.37-213 Oct 09Hubble's Amazing Rescue
675.37-320 Oct 09Lizard Kings
676.37-403 Nov 09Becoming Human Part 1: First Steps
677.37-510 Nov 09Becoming Human Part 2: Birth of Humanity
678.37-617 Nov 09Becoming Human Part 3: Last Human Standing
679.37-724 Nov 09What Are Dreams?
680.37-829 Dec 09What Darwin Never Knew
681.37-905 Jan 10Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
682.37-1012 Jan 10Building Pharaoh's Ship
683.37-1119 Jan 10Riddles of the Sphinx
684.37-1202 Feb 10Ghosts of Machu Picchu
685.37-1309 Feb 10Extreme Cave Diving
686.37-1402 Mar 10The Pluto Files
687.37-1506 Apr 10Telescope: Hunting the Edge of Space - The Mystery of the Milky Way
688.37-1613 Apr 10Telescope: Hunting the Edge of Space - The Ever Expanding Universe
689.37-1727 Apr 10Mind Over Money
690.37-1804 May 10Mt. St. Helens Back from the Dead
Season 38
691.38-119 Oct 10Building the Great Cathedrals
692.38-226 Oct 10Emergency Mine Rescue
693.38-302 Nov 10Trapped in an Elevator
694.38-409 Nov 10Dogs Decoded
695.38-516 Nov 10Secrets of Stonehenge
696.38-623 Nov 10Quest for Solomon's Mines
697.38-728 Dec 10Secrets Beneath the Ice
698.38-811 Jan 11Deadliest Earthquakes
699.38-919 Jan 11Making Stuff Stronger (1)
700.38-1026 Jan 11Making Stuff Smaller (2)
701.38-1102 Feb 11Making Stuff Cleaner (3)
702.38-1209 Feb 11Making Stuff Smarter (4)
703.38-1309 Feb 11Smartest Machine on Earth
704.38-1416 Feb 11Crash of Flight 447
705.38-1523 Feb 11Venom: Nature's Killer
706.38-1630 Mar 11Japan's Killer Quake
707.38-1720 Apr 11Power Surge
Season 39
708.39-107 Sep 11Engineering Ground Zero
709.39-228 Sep 11Surviving the Tsunami
710.39-319 Oct 11Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone?
711.39-426 Oct 11Iceman Murder Mystery
712.39-502 Nov 11The Fabric of the Cosmos - What is Space?
713.39-609 Nov 11The Fabric of the Cosmos - The Illusion of Time
714.39-716 Nov 11The Fabric of the Cosmos - Quantum Leap
715.39-823 Nov 11The Fabric of the Cosmos - Universe or Multiverse?
716.39-904 Jan 12Deadliest Volcanoes
717.39-1011 Jan 12Bombing Hitler's Dams
718.39-1118 Jan 123D Spies of WWII
719.39-1225 Jan 12Mystery of a Masterpiece
720.39-1301 Feb 12Ice Age Death Trap
721.39-1408 Feb 12Separating Twins
722.39-1528 Mar 12Cracking Your Genetic Code
723.39-1604 Apr 12Hunting the Elements
724.39-1711 Apr 12Deadliest Tornadoes
725.39-1818 Apr 12Why Ships Sink
726.39-1925 Apr 12Secrets of the Sun
Season 40
727.40-110 Oct 12Secrets of the Viking Sword
728.40-217 Oct 12Forensics on Trial
729.40-307 Nov 12Mystery of Easter Island
730.40-414 Nov 12Ultimate Mars Challenge
731.40-518 Nov 12Inside the Megastorm
732.40-602 Jan 13Doomsday Volcanoes
733.40-709 Jan 13Decoding Neanderthals
734.40-823 Jan 13Rise of the Drones
735.40-930 Jan 13Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby?
736.40-1006 Feb 13Building Pharaoh's Chariot
737.40-1113 Feb 13Earth from Space
738.40-1220 Feb 13Mind of a Rampage Killer
739.40-1327 Mar 13Meteor Strike
740.40-1403 Apr 13Ancient Computer
741.40-1510 Apr 13Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Awakening
742.40-1617 Apr 13Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Life Explodes
743.40-1724 Apr 13Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Monsters
744.40-1801 May 13Australia's First 4 Billion Years - Strange Creatures
745.40-1929 May 13Manhunt - Boston Bombers
746.40-2029 May 13Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes
Season 41
747.41-111 Sep 13Ground Zero Supertower
748.41-209 Oct 13Megastorm Aftermath
749.41-316 Oct 13Making Stuff Faster
750.41-423 Oct 13Making Stuff Wilder
751.41-530 Oct 13Making Stuff Colder
752.41-606 Nov 13Making Stuff Safer
753.41-713 Nov 13Cold Case JFK
754.41-820 Nov 13At the Edge of Space
755.41-920 Nov 13Asteroid: Doomsday or Payday?
756.41-1008 Jan 14Alien Planets Revealed
757.41-1115 Jan 14Zeppelin Terror Attack
758.41-1222 Jan 14Killer Typhoon
759.41-1329 Jan 14Ghosts of Murdered Kings
760.41-1405 Feb 14Roman Catacomb Mystery
761.41-1512 Feb 14Great Cathedral Mystery
762.41-1602 Apr 14Wild Predator Invasion
763.41-1709 Apr 14Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius
764.41-1816 Apr 14Inside Animal Minds: Dogs & Super Senses
765.41-1923 Apr 14Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest?
766.41-2007 May 14Why Sharks Attack
767.41-2114 May 14Escape from Nazi Alcatraz
768.41-2228 May 14D-Day's Sunken Secrets
Season 42
769.42-110 Sep 14Vaccines—Calling the Shots
770.42-224 Sep 14Rise of the Hackers
771.42-308 Oct 14Why Planes Vanish
772.42-408 Oct 14Surviving Ebola
773.42-522 Oct 14Ben Franklin's Balloons
774.42-629 Oct 14First Air War
775.42-705 Nov 14Bigger Than T. Rex
776.42-812 Nov 14Emperor's Ghost Army
777.42-919 Nov 14Killer Landslides
778.42-1003 Dec 14First Man on the Moon
779.42-1114 Jan 15Big Bang Machine
780.42-1221 Jan 15Sunken Ship Rescue
781.42-1328 Jan 15Sinkholes—Buried Alive
782.42-1411 Feb 15Colosseum: Roman Death Trap
783.42-1518 Feb 15Petra: Lost City of Stone
784.42-1625 Feb 15Hagia Sophia: Istanbul's Ancient Mystery
785.42-1715 Apr 15The Great Math Mystery
786.42-1822 Apr 15Invisible Universe Revealed
787.42-1906 May 15Nazi Attack on America
788.42-2013 May 15Lethal Seas
789.42-2115 Jul 15Chasing Pluto
790.42-2229 Jul 15Nuclear Meltdown Disaster
Season 43
791.43-116 Sep 15Dawn of Humanity (120 min)
792.43-223 Sep 15Arctic Ghost Ship
793.43-307 Oct 15Secrets of Noah's Ark
794.43-414 Oct 15Cyberwar Threat
795.43-528 Oct 15Animal Mummies
796.43-604 Nov 15Making North America: Origins
797.43-711 Nov 15Making North America: Life
798.43-818 Nov 15Making North America: Human
799.43-925 Nov 15Inside Einstein's Mind
800.43-1006 Jan 16Secret Tunnel Warfare
801.43-1113 Jan 16Life's Rocky Start
802.43-1220 Jan 16Mystery Beneath the Ice
803.43-1327 Jan 16Himalayan Megaquake
804.43-1403 Feb 16Creatures of Light
805.43-1510 Feb 16Memory Hackers
806.43-1617 Feb 16Iceman Reborn
807.43-1724 Feb 16Rise of the Robots
808.43-1806 Apr 16Vikings Unearthed (120 min)
809.43-1913 Apr 16Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped?
810.43-2020 Apr 16Wild Ways
811.43-2104 May 16Operation Lighthouse Rescue
812.43-2211 May 16Bombing Hitler's Supergun
Season 44
813.44-107 Sep 1615 Years of Terror
814.44-214 Sep 16School of the Future (120 min)
815.44-305 Oct 16Great Human Odyssey (120 min)
816.44-412 Oct 16Super Tunnel
817.44-502 Nov 16Treasures of the Earth: Gems
818.44-609 Nov 16Treasures of the Earth: Metals
819.44-716 Nov 16Treasures of the Earth: Power
820.44-804 Jan 17Secrets of the Sky Tombs
821.44-911 Jan 17The Nuclear Option
822.44-1001 Feb 17Search for the Super Battery
823.44-1108 Feb 17Ultimate Cruise Ship
824.44-1215 Feb 17The Origami Revolution
825.44-1322 Feb 17Why Trains Crash
826.44-1419 Apr 17Holocaust Escape Tunnel
827.44-1526 Apr 17Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb
828.44-1617 May 17Chinese Chariot Revealed
829.44-1731 May 17Poisoned Water
830.44-1821 Aug 17Eclipse Over America
831.44-1913 Sep 17Death Dive to Saturn
832.44-2004 Oct 17Secrets of the Shining Knight
833.44-2111 Oct 17Ghosts of Stonehenge
834.44-2218 Oct 17Secrets of the Forbidden City
835.44-2325 Oct 17Killer Volcanoes
836.44-2401 Nov 17Killer Hurricanes
837.44-2508 Nov 17Killer Floods
838.44-2622 Nov 17Extreme Animal Weapons
839.44-2720 Dec 17Bird Brain
840.44-2827 Dec 17Day the Dinosaurs Died
Season 45
841.45-110 Jan 18Black Hole Apocalypse (120 min)
842.45-231 Jan 18The Impossible Flight (120 min)
843.45-307 Feb 18First Face of America
844.45-414 Feb 18Great Escape at Dunkirk
845.45-528 Feb 18Prediction by the Numbers
846.45-618 Apr 18Decoding the Weather Machine (120 min)
847.45-727 Jun 18Rise of the Superstorms
848.45-826 Sep 18Transplanting Hope
849.45-903 Oct 18Operation Bridge Rescue
850.45-1010 Oct 18Volatile Earth: Volcano on Fire
851.45-1110 Oct 18Volatile Earth: Volcano on the Brink
852.45-1217 Oct 18Addiction
853.45-1324 Oct 18Flying Supersonic
854.45-1407 Nov 18Last B-24
855.45-1514 Nov 18Thai Cave Rescue
856.45-1621 Nov 18World's Fastest Animal
857.45-1726 Dec 18Apollo's Daring Mission
Season 46
858.46-102 Jan 19Pluto and Beyond
859.46-209 Jan 19Einstein's Quantum Riddle
860.46-323 Jan 19Kīlauea: Hawaiʻi on Fire
861.46-406 Feb 19Decoding the Great Pyramid
862.46-513 Feb 19Rise of the Rockets
863.46-620 Feb 19The Next Pompeii
864.46-724 Apr 19Saving the Dead Sea
865.46-808 May 19Inside the Megafire
866.46-915 May 19First Horse Warriors
867.46-1022 May 19Lost Viking Army
868.46-1110 Jul 19Back to the Moon
869.46-1224 Jul 19The Planets: Inner Worlds
870.46-1324 Jul 19The Planets: Mars
871.46-1431 Jul 19The Planets: Jupiter
872.46-1507 Aug 19The Planets: Saturn
873.46-1614 Aug 19The Planets: Ice Worlds
874.46-1716 Oct 19Why Bridges Collapse
875.46-1823 Oct 19Look Who's Driving
876.46-1930 Oct 19Rise of the Mammals
877.46-2006 Nov 19Dead Sea Scroll Detectives
878.46-2113 Nov 19Decoding da Vinci
879.46-2220 Nov 19The Violence Paradox (120 min)
880.46-2327 Nov 19Animal Espionage
Season 47
881.47-105 Feb 20Polar Extremes (120 min)
882.47-212 Feb 20Dog Tales
883.47-319 Feb 20Cat Tales
884.47-426 Feb 20Mysteries of Sleep
885.47-501 Apr 20Cuba's Cancer Hope
886.47-608 Apr 20The Truth About Fat
887.47-713 May 20Decoding COVID-19
888.47-920 May 20Eagle Power
889.47-1109 Sep 20Human Nature / CRISPR Gene-Editing Reality Check (120 min)
890.47-1216 Sep 20Secret Mind of Slime
891.47-1323 Sep 20A to Z: The First Alphabet
892.47-1430 Sep 20A to Z: How Writing Changed the World
893.47-1514 Oct 20Nature's Fear Factor
894.47-1621 Oct 20Touching the Asteroid
895.47-1728 Oct 20Can We Cool the Planet?
896.47-1825 Nov 20Saving Notre Dame
Season 48
897.48-113 Jan 21Secrets In Our DNA
898.48-203 Feb 21Beyond the Elements: Reactions
899.48-310 Feb 21Beyond the Elements: Indestructible
900.48-417 Feb 21Beyond the Elements: Life
901.48-524 Feb 21Looking for Life on Mars
902.48-614 Apr 21Picture a Scientist / Search Engine Breakdown (120 min)
903.48-721 Apr 21Reef Rescue
904.48-812 May 21Fighting for Fertility
905.48-919 May 21Hindenburg: The New Evidence
906.48-1026 May 21Great Electric Airplane Race
907.48-1102 Jun 21Ship That Changed the World
908.48-1215 Sep 21Bat Superpowers
909.48-1329 Sep 21The Cannabis Question
910.48-1406 Oct 21Particles Unknown
911.48-1513 Oct 21Arctic Drift
912.48-1620 Oct 21Edible Insects
913.48-1727 Oct 21NOVA Universe Revealed: Age of Stars
914.48-1803 Nov 21NOVA Universe Revealed: Milky Way
915.48-1910 Nov 21NOVA Universe Revealed: Alien Worlds
916.48-2017 Nov 21NOVA Universe Revealed: Black Holes
917.48-2124 Nov 21NOVA Universe Revealed: Big Bang
Season 49
918.49-105 Jan 22High-Risk High-Rise
919.49-212 Jan 22Butterfly Blueprints
920.49-319 Jan 22Alaskan Dinosaurs
921.49-426 Jan 22Ancient Maya Metropolis
922.49-502 Feb 22Arctic Sinkholes
923.49-609 Feb 22Secrets in the Scat
924.49-716 Feb 22Great Mammoth Mystery
925.49-823 Feb 22Augmented (85 min)
926.49-923 Feb 22Predicting My MS (30 min)
927.49-1006 Apr 22Determined: Fighting Alzheimer's
928.49-1111 May 22Dinosaur Apocalypse: The New Evidence
929.49-1211 May 22Dinosaur Apocalypse: The Last Day
930.49-1318 May 22Why Ships Crash
931.49-1425 May 22Ice Age Footprints
932.49-1513 Jul 22Ultimate Space Telescope
933.49-1628 Sep 22Saving Venice
934.49-1705 Oct 22Ending HIV in America
935.49-1812 Oct 22Computer v. Crime
936.49-1919 Oct 22Can Psychedelics Cure?
937.49-2026 Oct 22Ocean Invaders
938.49-2102 Nov 22Nazca Desert Mystery
939.49-2209 Nov 22Crypto Decoded
940.49-2316 Nov 22Zero to Infinity
941.49-2414 Dec 22Rebuilding Notre Dame
Season 50
942.50-101 Feb 23London Super Tunnel
943.50-208 Feb 23Star Chasers of Senegal
944.50-315 Feb 23Ancient Builders of the Amazon
945.50-422 Feb 23New Eye on the Universe
946.50-512 Apr 23Weathering the Future
947.50-626 Apr 23Chasing Carbon Zero
948.50-703 May 23Saving the Right Whale
949.50-810 May 23Hidden Volcano Abyss
950.50-917 May 23Your Brain: Perception Deception
951.50-1024 May 23Your Brain: Who's in Control?
Season 51
952.51-104 Oct 23Ancient Earth: Birth of the Sky
953.51-211 Oct 23Ancient Earth: Frozen
954.51-318 Oct 23Ancient Earth: Life Rising
955.51-425 Oct 23Ancient Earth: Inferno
956.51-501 Nov 23Ancient Earth: Humans
957.51-608 Nov 23Inside China's Tech Boom
958.51-715 Nov 23The Battle to Beat Malaria
959.51-822 Nov 23Lee and Liza's Family Tree
960.51-931 Jan 24When Whales Could Walk
961.51-1007 Feb 24Easter Islands Origins
962.51-1114 Feb 24Building the Eiffel Tower
963.51-1221 Feb 24Hunt for the Oldest DNA
964.51-1327 Mar 24A.I. Revolution
965.51-1403 Apr 24Great American Eclipse
966.51-1515 May 24Secrets in Your Data
967.51-1622 May 24Decoding the Universe: Cosmos
S47.47-015 Apr 20Blood Sugar Rising: America's Hidden Diabetes Epidemic (120 min)
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