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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1995 to: Jan 1997 46 eps FOX 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Thomas Haden Church as Ned Dorsey, an ambitious but zany advertising executive
  • Debra Messing as Stacey Colbert, a journalist who agrees to be Ned's wife in name only
  • Nadia Dajani as Amanda Moyer, Stacey's sister
  • Greg Germann as Eric Moyer, Ned's co-worker and friend, and Amanda's husband
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Spencer Haywood

    recurring characters:

  • Harry Goz as Saul Colbert, Stacey's father
  • Dori Brenner as Ellen Colbert, Stacey's mother
  • Andrew Aarons as Howard Moyer, Eric and Amanda's son
  • James Karen as Patrick Kirkland, Ned's boss
  • John Getz as Les MacDowell, an important client of Ned's
  • Ellen Albertini Dow as Mrs. Porter
  • Natalija Nogulich as Bernadette MacDowell [ season 1 ]
  • Arthur Malet as Cornelius, Ned's doorman [ season 2 ]
  • Cameron Watson as Alex Palmer, Stacey's entanglement
  • Ford Rainey as Nate, a regular customer at the muffin shop (2nd season)
  • Eddie McClintock as Chazz Gordon, Ned's friend

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      1st Season 1995

      Production credits:
      Hanley Productions in association with Tristar Television
      Created by/executive producer: Michael J. Weithorn
      Co-executive producer: Tony Sheehan
      Producers: Del Shores
      Produced by W.E. Baker
      Associate producers: James Tripp-Heath
      Executive story editors: Jill Condon, Amy Toomin
      Creative consultant: Jeff Stein
      Story editors: David Litt

    1. "Ned and Stacey"
      gs: Allan Wasserman [ Clergyman ], David Chisum [ Ted ], Tina Arning [ Feminist Woman ], Eric Drachman [ Bartender ]

      When a spitfire left-wing reporter (for the Village Voice) who wants to escape her parents' home to Greenwich Village meets a self-centered ad agency hotshot with a two-bedroom dream apartment, the result is a platonic, pragmatic marriage. But will the happy couple learn to stand each other?

      b: 11 Sep 95 pc: 100 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Andrew D. Weyman
    2. "Portrait of a Marriage"
      gs: Robert Ridgely [ Al Nolan ], Kathleen Noone [ Patrice Nolan ], Leland Orser [ Phil ], McNally Sagal [ Beth ], Aleidah Viera [ Woman ]

      rc: Les MacDowell, Bernadette MacDowell

      Ned and Stacey host their first corporate party, but Stacy is not impressed with the version of their fictional past Ned has invented for public recitation - while Ned discovers that their fake marriage is more real than many of the dysfunctional ones on display at the party.

      b: 18 Sep 95 pc: 101 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Lee Shallat Chemel
    3. "Take My Wife, Please"
      gs: Simon Templeman [ Nigel Danes ], Marta Martin [ Monique ]

      Stacy finds herself in the unusual position of "cheating" on Ned - after he encourages her to pursue an attractive Englishman she meets in a bar.

      b: 25 Sep 95 pc: 102 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
    4. "Cover Story"
      gs: Marta Martin [ Monique ], Helen Geller [ Woman ]

      rc: Les MacDowell, Bernadette MacDowell

      Stacey can't wait to sink her teeth into an expose on an ice-cream mogul who's being unfriendly to the environment - and who is a client of Ned's. Ned gives her to go-ahead, never dreaming that the expose will actually be printed.

      b: 2 Oct 95 pc: 103 w: Del Shores d: Rob Schiller
    5. "Model Husband"
      gs: Gregg Daniel [ A.D. ], Paulina Pirozkova [ Alexa ]

      rc: Howard Moyer

      Eric thinks he's being a model husband when he admits to Amanda that he's spending the night with the beautiful (and drunk) supermodel spokesperson Ned has hired for a new ad campaign.

      b: 9 Oct 95 pc: 106 w: Tony Sheehan d: Terri McCoy
    6. "Saul and Ellen and Ned and Stacey"
      gs: Steven Anderson [ Neil ], Allison Smith [ Veronica ]

      rc: Howard Moyer, Saul, Ellen

      Ned and Stacey have to do some quick shuffling when Stacey's parents Saul and Ellen drop by while the newlyweds each have a date over.

      b: 16 Oct 95 pc: 104 w: Amy Welsh d: Rob Schiller
    7. "Here's to You, Mrs. Binder"
      gs: Joanna Cassidy [ Lucy Binder ]

      Ned discovers that he shares an interest in horticulture with Stacey's childhood next-door neighbor Lucy, and romance soon blossoms.

      b: 23 Oct 95 pc: 107 w: Jill Condon & Amy Taubin d: Paul Lazarus
    8. "Halloween Story"
      gs: Scott Paetty [ Scott ], Kimberley Quinn [ Rhonda ], Marty Rackham [ Jack Kieter ], Karla Green [ Kid #1 ], Jack Johnson [ Kid #2 ]

      At a Halloween party, Ned and Stacey accidentally exchange a long, passionate kiss, then wonder what to do when they realize they liked it.

      b: 30 Oct 95 pc: 108 w: Del Shores d: Rob Schiller
    9. "Reality Check"
      gs: Olivia Newton-John [ Herself ], Lori Alan [ Teresa ], Loretta Devine [ Mrs. Duncan ], Michele Aimee Morre [ Hostess ], Monte Chambers [ Diner #1 ], Susan Morrison Canestro [ Diner #2 ], Phyllis Timbes [ Woman ]

      Stacey takes a job as a waitress when her enormous debts make her hopeless devoted to the bank - which wants its money tout de suite.

      b: 13 Nov 95 pc: 109 w: Tony Sheehan d: Alan Myerson
    10. "Thanksgiving Day Massacre"
      gs: Susie Essman [ Aunt Ceil ]

      rc: Ellen, Saul

      The family gathers for Thanksgiving dinner with almost all the trimmings, but it's a turkey of a day for Stacey, who gets depressed that "instead of a husband, I've got Ned!"

      b: 20 Nov 95 pc: 111 w: Jill Condon & Amy Taubin & Amy Welsh d: Lee Shallat Chemel
    11. "Sleepless in Manhattan"
      gs: Kevin Meaney [ Chuck ]

      rc: Howard Moyer

      Stacey badgers Ned into going shopping with her for a new bed, but when several hours pass and the only one she likes is already sold, Ned bribes the salesman.

      b: 4 Dec 95 pc: 105 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
    12. "Threesome"
      gs: John Slattery [ Sam ], Nick Busco [ Ray ], Bob Bancroft [ Larry ], Mark Thompson [ Gary ], Brian Phelps [ Earl ], Pat Summerall [ Himself ]

      Ned and Stacey's new friend Sam, who starts hanging out with Ned and dating Stacey, can't believe it when the couple begins fighting over him.

      b: 11 Dec 95 pc: 112 w: Michael J. Weithorn; Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
    13. "Accountus Interruptus"
      gs: Kathy Griffin [ Jeanne ], Claire Stansfield [ Jordan ], Eric Crachman [ Graham ], David Sheinkopf [ Bob ], Anthony Beninati [ Kyle ]

      rc: Les MacDowell

      Ned fears he'll lose an important account unless he gives in to a client who's trying to seduce him.

      b: 18 Dec 95 pc: 110 w: David Litt d: Chemel, Lee Shallat
    14. "New Year's Eve"
      gs: John Petlock [ Frank Stone ], Bibi Besch [ Mrs. Porter ], Robin Krieger [ Fran ], Thomas Calabro [ Don Morelli ]

      rc: Les MacDowell, Bernadette MacDowell, Cornelius, Mrs. Porter

      Ned hopes that Stacey is never brought to mind when she opts to forego the New Year's Eve party he throws at the apartment for his co-workers.

      b: 1 Jan 96 pc: 113 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Alan Myerson
    15. "Paranoia on the 47th Floor"
      gs: Tim Conlan [ Clay ], Cylk Cozart [ Doug ]

      rc: Les MacDowell, Patrick Kirkland

      Ned wouldn't be at all paranoid - if someone weren't after his job. That's how it look when the agency hires a young neophyte, then sends Ned on a two-week vacation.

      b: 8 Jan 96 pc: 114 w: David Litt d: Alan Myerson
    16. "A Tender Trap"
      gs: Farrah Forke [ Megan Foster ], Kimiko Gelman [ Kelly ]

      A publishing bigwig promises to look over Stacey's qualification as a journalist, but it turns out to be Ned's talents that stop the presses.

      b: 15 Jan 96 pc: 115 w: Amy Welsh d: Rob Schiller
    17. "Promotional Rescue"
      gs: John O'Hurley [ Kyle Roberts ], Fort Atkinson [ Jack Slattery ]

      rc: Patrick Kirkland

      Amanda can't resist asking Ned to put in a good word for an ambivalent Eric, who's up for a promotion to head of the accounting department.

      b: 22 Jan 96 pc: 116 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
    18. "Friends and Lovers"
      gs: Lisa Edelstein [ Janine ]

      rc: Mrs. Porter

      Ned turns in the performance of his life when Stacey asks him to act like the perfect husband for her visiting high school arch rival.

      b: 12 Feb 96 pc: 119 w: Lisa A. Bannick d: Pam Fryman
    19. "The Gay Caballeros"
      gs: Stephen Kearney [ Brent Barrow ], Victor Alfieri [ Carlo ]

      A gay client of Ned's accidentally discovers that the couple has separate bedrooms and becomes convinced that Ned is not out of the closet.

      b: 19 Feb 96 pc: 118 w: Del Shores d: Rob Schiller
    20. "Gut Feeling"
      gs: Kellen Hathaway [ Jimmy ], Brooke Garrett [ Lila ], Peter Kluge [ Surgeon ], Michele Aimee Moore [ Nurse ], Iqbal Theba [ Doctor ]

      rc: Howard Moyer

      Ned has a gut feeling that his gallbladder is on the fritz; but when he enters the hospital for surgery, it's his lack of guts that may keep him from going under the knife.

      b: 26 Feb 96 pc: 120 w: Thomas R. Nance d: Alan Myerson
    21. "Pals"
      gs: Jason Bateman [ Bobby Van Lowe ], Jim Meskimen [ Bill Jenkins ], Lynn A. Henderson [ Camera Assistant ]

      Ned introduces Amanda to TV star Bobby Van Lowe, who's looking to buy property in New York; but after the meeting, Bobby has a different kind of move on his mind.

      b: 4 Mar 96 pc: 121 w: Tony Sheehan & David Litt d: Rick Beren
    22. "It Happened One Night"
      gs: Kenny Johnson [ Joey ]

      Tired of Stacey's constant whining about Ned, Amanda urges her to "stop complaining about your life and do something" - so Stacey moves out, and back in with her parents.

      b: 11 Mar 96 pc: 117 w: Jill Condon & Amy Toobin d: Rob Schiller
    23. "You Bet Your Wife"
      gs: Bill Macy [ Frank ], Brian McNamara [ Peter ], Greg Granberg [ Nick ], Tom Silardi [ Kevin ], David Cowgill [ Jim ], Barbara Savage [ Barabara ], Heather McPhail [ Ticket Agent ]

      You bet your wife it's an indecent proposal when Ned overextends himself at a poker game and wagers a night with Stacey to cover his bet on a great hand.

      b: 18 Mar 96 pc: 122 w: Jill Condon & Amy Toobin & Amy Welsh d: Rob Schiller
    24. "The End? (1)"
      gs: Elon Gold [ Nick ], Cameron Watson [ Alex Palmer ], Bevely Wiles [ Frances ], Porter ], Maggie Marshall [ Olivia Kirkland ], Fred Sanders [ Ken Barnett ], Kirsten Devere [ Katherine Barnett ]

      rc: Patrick Kirkland, Mrs. Porter

      Fifty bucks says Stacey can find a better woman for Ned than any man he could find for her. Ned wins the bet, but may lose his "wife" to the guy she's fallen for.

      b: 1 Apr 96 pc: w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller

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      2nd Season 1996

      Production credits:
      Hanley Productions in association with Tristar Television
      Created by/executive producer: Michael J. Weithorn
      Co-executive producer: Tony Sheehan
      Producers: Charlie Kaufman, Rob Schiller
      Produced by W.E. Baker
      Associate producers: Shana H. Fischer
      Executive story editors: Jill Condon, David Litt
      Executive consultant: Thomas Hayden Church
      Consulting producer: Jay Kogen
      Story editors: Jennifer Glickman

    25. "The Other End (2)"
      gs: Fred Sanders [ Ken Barnette ], William A. Porter [ Old Man ], Kirsten Nelson [ Wife ], Emily Hoover [ Daughter ], Brittan Reese [ Son ], Harrison Young [ Mr. Palmer ]

      rc: Alex Palmer, Patrick Kirkland, Cornelius

      Stacey is confused by the fact that while Ned was throwing her out of the apartment, he also kissed her passionately. After staying the night discussing it with an increasingly exhausted Amanda and Eric, she moves into Alex's decidedly down-market apartment. Ned behaves bizarrely at work, and when a commercial for a "family values" product includes a husband hysterically berating his wife and children, Kirkland orders Ned to get his personal life in order. Eric persuades Ned to talk to Stacey, and they track her down at the home of Alex's parents - where a gathering is welcoming Stacey to their family.

      b: 17 Nov 96 pc: 201 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller
    26. "Dorsey vs. Dorsey"
      gs: Jacalyn O'Shaughnessy [ Lela Cooper ]

      rc: Alex Palmer

      Stacey moves in with her boyfriend and gets a lawyer to take on Ned - while he uses Eric. But when she gets kicked out of her boyfriend's apartment, suddenly Stacey finds herself back at Ned's place.

      b: 24 Nov 96 pc: 202 w: Tony Sheehan d: Rob Schiller
    27. "The Muffins Take Manhattan"
      gs: Mark L. Taylor [ Doug ], Steve Hytner [ Phil ], Amzie Strickland [ Bea ]

      rc: Nate

      Ned and Amanda buy into a muffin shop, and suddenly find themselves as business partners. Meanwhile, Ned and Stacey agree to keep everything separate, including food, which Ned seems to always have more of.

      b: 1 Dec 96 pc: 203 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
    28. "Computer Dating"
      gs: Timothy Fall [ Bob Gardner ], Will Shriner [ Host ], Andrew Craig [ Teamster #1 ], Mari Weiss [ Computer Voice ], Kirk Geiger [ Ray Niven ], Bill Hollis [ Executive ], Brian Blondell [ Teamster #2 ], Carol Wyand [ Well-wisher ]

      rc: Nate

      Ned gets bent out of shape when he sets Stacey up with a shy computer tycoon who falls for her - and for her idea for a cute kitten-and-computer ad, which he prefers to the ad Ned already pitched to him. Even worse, once produced the ad garners critical acclaim and a coveted award for Ned. Meanwhile, Eric falls for the sexy-voiced computer Ned installs in the muffin shop.

      b: 15 Dec 96 pc: 205 w: Charlie Kaufman d: Rob Schiller
    29. "Les is More or Less Moral-less"
      gs: Carole Ita White [ Mary ]

      rc: Les McDowell, Patrick Kirkland

      Eric discovers that Les has been running a scam and bilking the company of lots of money. But Les quickly turns the tables on Eric by blackmailing Ned with some information of his own. Together, Ned and Eric copy a scene from the hit film Mission Impossible to make things right.

      b: 22 Dec 96 pc: 208 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
    30. "Loganberry's Run"
      gs: Kathy Griffin [ Jeannie ], Robert Arce [ Customer #2 ], Michael Campbell [ Employee ], Tom Dorfmeister [ Jim ], Art Frankel [ Priest ], Jill C. Klein [ Customer #1 ], Ray Laska [ Ted ], Kelly Perine [ Thad ], Terry Rhoads [ Ray ], Ben Yeager [ Foreman ], Daniel Zelman [ Dave ], The Nickelodeon [ The Barbershop Quartet ]

      rc: Nate

      Amanda thinks there are too many cooks in the muffin shop's kitchen, so she walks out on Ned--but returns after he promises to remain a silent partner. Fat chance.

      b: 29 Dec 96 pc: 204 w: Charlie Kaufman d: Rob Schiller
    31. "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Eric"
      gs: Gregory Thirloway [ Danny ], John DeMita [ Bob ], Ted Davis [ Will ], Alex Trebeck [ Himself ]

      rc: Nate, Cornelius, Chazz

      Ned finally goes too far with Eric, and a melt-down fight may spell the end of their long friendship, especially when Ned tries to show he doesn't need Eric any more by throwing a party for all his other friends - only there don't seem to be any.

      b: 5 Jan 97 pc: 212 w: Jay Kogen d: Rick Beren
    32. "Fifteen A-Minutes"
      gs: Michael Burger [ Skip ], Rachel Andersen [ Lindsey ], Bob Koherr [ Host ], Josh Adell [ Brad ], Johnny Cocktails [ T-Shirt Guy ], Robert Gallo [ Chuck ], Helen Greenberg [ Doris ], Pamela Kosh [ Fran ]

      rc: Nate

      Amanda gets her fifteen minutes of fame when Ned films her in a television commercial and, fed up with the stupid premise, she explodes and shouts "Just eat the damn muffins!" Ned edits her impromptu fury into what everyone agrees is a brilliant spot - too brilliant for Amanda, who finds herself celebrated by hundreds of fans who only want her to abuse them verbally.

      b: 6 Jan 97 pc: 213 w: Bryan Behan & Steve Baldikoski d: Rob Schiller
    33. "Prom Night"
      gs: Sara Rue [ Amy ], Jason Horst [ Barry ], Jennifer Lyons [ Alice ], Tara Boger [ Heather ], Dustin Voigt [ Jim ], Megahn C. Perry [ Janice ]

      Amanda finally has a competent staff member: super efficient and cheerful high school senior Amy. But things take an ugly turn when the teenager, smitten with Ned, invites him to attend a street festival with her, and he shows up four hours late with another woman, having forgotten all about it, and a tearful Amy quits. When Ned tries to make amends, she gives him another chance: escorting her to her graduation prom. A reluctant Ned shows up with an even less enthusiastic Eric; but when Amy is scorned by the snotty class beauty for bringing an "old man" as her date, Ned sets out to make her queen of the prom.

      b: 13 Jan 97 pc: 211 w: David Litt d: Rob Schiller
    34. "Saved by the Belvedere"
      gs: Christopher Hewett [ Himself ], Doug Ballard [ Warren Andrews ], Andrew Craig [ Jody ]

      rc: Howard Moyer

      Guest star Christopher Hewett from the long-running sitcom Mr. Belvedere reprises his role as the crusty butler with a heart of gold when his number-one fan Ned enlists the faded star to appear in a commercial he's producing. It's a heartwarming trip down memory lane. Everybody agrees it's a brilliant move... until Hewett starts losing touch with reality and starts believing that he really is Mr. Belvedere.

      b: 20 Jan 97 pc: 207 w: Bryan Behar & Steve Baldikoski d: Rob Schiller
    35. "Where My Third Nepal is Sheriff"
      gs: Megan Mullally [ Wendy ], Catherine Lloyd Burns [ Cynthia ], Phil Diskin [ Assistant Manager ], Michael Mack [ Customer #1 ], Pamela Kosh [ Customer #2 ]

      rc: Nate, Chazz

      Eric is mortified when he discovers he is afraid to accompany Ned on a trip to Nepal - unaware that the taunting travel videos Ned sends him are being filmed in a Manhattan garage. Meanwhile, Amanda takes a weekend off from the muffin store to spend time with an old friend. But when Amanda tries to leave her most competent employee in charge, Stacey lays on the guilt trip and insists that she be left to run the store. In the end, between Ned driving Eric mad, Stacey being the ultimate baby-sitting slob and Stacey flooding the muffin store, Amanda completely fails to impress her friend.

      b: 27 Jan 97 pc: 216 w: Charlie Kaufman d: Rob Schiller

      NOTE: The series was cancelled at this point. The remaining episodes have, to my knowledge, been aired only in Australia. Fortunately, Paulius Stepanas who lives there sent us most of the descriptions for those episodes. Now we just need the remaining details.
    36. "Sex, Lies, and Commercials"
      gs: Marcia Cross [ Diana Huntley ]

      A love affair between Ned and a rival advertising executive hides ulterior motives.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 206 w: Jennifer Glickman d: Rob Schiller
    37. "Scenes From a Muffin Shop"
      gs: Marcia Cross [ Diana Huntley ], Merrick Deamon [ Unknown ], Monica Creel [ Unknown ], Leanna Creel [ Unknown ], Joy Creel [ Unknown ], Suzanne Lanza [ Unknown ]

      rc: Nate

      Ned learns that his girlfriend is seeing someone else.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 209 w: Bryan Behar & Steve Baldikoski d: Rob Schiller
    38. "The Skyward's the Limit"
      gs: Daniel Zeman [ Dave ], Terry Rhoads [ Mr. Pace ], Peter Siragusa [ Unknown ], Shashawnee Hall [ Unknown ]

      rc: Nate

      Stacey leads a revolt at Skyward Magazine when her editor insists she turn her exposition piece on polluted lakes into a fluffy nature story. Diana flies to LA and Ned starts obsessing. But Ned's plans to fly to LA to join her come to a grinding halt when he finds himself helping Stacey get her job back. Luckily, Ned's rhetoric casts Stacey's abject begging into a prettier light and she can continue writing her pretty little stories.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 210 w: Jennifer Glickman d: Rob Schiller
    39. "The Errand Girl"
      gs: Marcia Cross [ Diana Huntley ], Keene Curtis [ Brent Nicholson ]

      With the divorce looming, Stacey is looking for an apartment. Diana offers Stacey a job as dogs body, then accuses Ned of having feelings for Stacey. To prove his love, Ned is forced to support Diana's cruel exploitation of Stacey, but an embarrassing bookworm costume finally causes Ned to crack and break it off with the evil Diana.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 214 w: Jennifer Glickman d: Rob Schiller
    40. "No Retreat, No Surrender"
      gs: Rick Overton [ Rod ], Shannon Kenny [ Miss Willoughby ], Janet Rotblatt [ Unknown ], Tirzah Schwartz [ Unknown ], Paul Keith [ Unknown ]

      rc: Patrick Kirkland

      Ned's agency is going on retreat to a ski resort. When Stacey finds out, she corners Ned by convincing his boss that she should come along, to give them a chance to work things out. But Stacey gets in the way of Ned wooing Miss Willoughby, the British office manager. Even worse, the whole deception backfires at the couples' seminar when they discover they don't despise each other as much as they thought. Only Miss Willoughby's sudden appearance in Ned's room prevents Ned and Stacey making hot, raunchy love.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 215 w: Roger Reitzel d: Rob Schiller
    41. "The Truth Shall Set You Back"


      Stacey finally gets up the courage to tell her parents that she and Ned are getting a divorce. Ned wants to ensure he stays friends with Stacey's parents, so he can join Saul at the boating regatta, but eventually agrees to help rather than hinder Stacey's efforts. When Ellen tells Amanda they won't be moving to Florida after all, in order to support Stacey in her time of need, Amanda accidentally lets slip that the whole marriage was a fake. The only way Stacey is able to rejuvenate her disconsolate mother is by telling her Amanda is pregnant (which she isn't). Meanwhile, Eric proves to be an inept sailor and Saul a poor ship-right, but Ned has stowed away and is able to make up with Saul before they all sink to the bottom.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 217 w: Jennifer Glickman d: Rob Schiller
    42. "I Like Your Moxie"
      gs: Jared Paul [ Mark ], Bess Meyer [ Jeannie ], Kelly Perine [ Thad ], Raye Birk [ Earl ], Mark Davenport [ Gary ]

      rc: Patrick Kirkland

      When the ad agency gets a new board of directors, Ned is worried. As expected they ask Ned to prove his worth by creating a campaign to sell a client's sponges. But as Ned and his creative team are struggling, they are forced out of their office by an accident. Meanwhile, Stacey agrees to baby-sit her nephew Howard while Eric and Amanda are at a hotel trying to get pregnant.

      Eric's refusal to cross a picket line at the hotel forces the couple back to their apartment, where Stacey's slobbishness has triggered a cockroach infestation. With everyone staying in Ned's apartment, they're all having trouble concentrating. The next day, Ned still can't sell his sponge, but an inadvertent outburst of cliches proves perfect for some of the client's other products, such as guided missiles.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 218 w: Jay Kogen & David Litt d: Rob Schiller
    43. "Please Don't Squeeze the Eric"
      gs: Corinne Bohrer [ Stephanie ]

      Eric has a new boss and she wants him to help out with the annual fiscal review, just like he's always wanted. But she wants more than just his accounting expertise. Ned's attempt to divert her attentions to himself results in a sexual harassment charge, but at least the pressure's off Eric, as his boss realizes she's been making him feel the same way.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 219 w: Bryan Behar & Steve Baldikowski d: Rob Schiller
    44. "All That Chazz"

      rc: Chazz

      It's time to finalize the divorce. But there's still some sexual tension to resolve. While working on the paper work, Ned and Stacey find their games taking a more sexual turn. The next day, Ned tells Stacey he has a date to delay the divorce proceedings. So Chazz, Amanda's moron employee, asks Stacey out. After a disorienting trip to the Imax, Stacey is astounded to discover Chazz is the perfect lover. But Ned doesn't like Stacey's newfound happiness and tries to recreate the moment where they seemed to connect. Stacey instead goes to meet Chazz for another date, but he breaks up with Stacey because she's too smart. Ned and Stacey end up at home together, with a clown passed out on Stacey's bed.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 220 w: Jeff Stein d: Rob Schiller
    45. "Skippy's Revenge"
      gs: Lloyd Bridges [ Himself ], Ben Bode [ Skip Kirkland ]

      rc: Patrick Kirland

      Kirkland's son, Skip, is derailing Ned's brilliant advertising pitches. Stacey is being forced to write yet more fluff. And Amanda still isn't pregnant. All of which leads to copious (attempted) muffin squashing. As it turns out, Skip was sent to military school fourteen years ago when he was blamed for breaking an expensive vase actually knocked over by Ned the mail boy. And Skip wants revenge. When Ned finds this out, he forces the issue and walks out, taking Rico with him. Ned's bluff is called, and he's forced to make good on his threat and set up his own firm, stealing the account with his original pitch. Amanda's good news that she's finally pregnant is hence not as happy an occasion as it could be. In a stroke of fortune for a desperate Ned, Stacey is interviewing Lloyd Bridges for the magazine, and he's perfect for Ned's ad, but when Lloyd is caught shoplifting, the ad is pulled. At the end, Eric manages to get his old job back, and Ned's contemplation of suicide on the balcony is redirected when Stacey admits she knew Lloyd wasn't exactly an upright citizen, but didn't wanted to say anything because it was "off the record."

      b: UNAIRED pc: 221 w: Tony Sheehan & David Litt d: Rob Schiller
    46. "Best of Luck on Future Projects"
      gs: Tony Carreiro [ Burt Cooper ], Michele Scarabelli [ Elaine ]

      rc: Nate

      Ned's been working from the office in the muffin shop, though without a lot of success. His old employer for stealing an account in the last episode is also suing him, a lot. And to top it off, Stacey's found a rent-controlled studio and is moving out. In a flashback, Ned remembers how it all began, convincing Stacey to marry him, asking her not to lose the laundry room key... Ned wants to talk, but Eric keeps avoiding him.

      Ned bumps into an old client who's started his own firm and Ned invites him to a business dinner, but he needs Stacey to be there. When bluster fails to convince her, he uncharacteristically goes all candid and manages to talk her into this one, last night. The evening goes great until Ned accepts a further invite as a couple, and after insulting Stacey's ability to cope on her own, she storms out. The client is also less than impressed with being called a boring loser.

      A few days later, the divorce is granted.

      Ned is forced to sublet his apartment to a heavy metal guy. Living at the muffin shop, not all the customers are impressed by his morning bum scratching. With nothing to tie him down, Ned heads for Texas to rope cattle, but a flat tire in Hamish country gives him lots of time to think while they knit him a new tire (so he says). In the middle of the night, Ned shows up at Stacey's place, explains what's happened and confesses he loves her -- then walks out. Stacey is incensed at his casualness, but stops her rant to embrace Ned and tell him she loves him too. Stacey invites Ned to spend the night -- on a coffee table in the absence of a couch -- but Ned declines and they say goodbye.

      The series ends with Ned, Stacey, Eric and Amanda waving inanely at the camera through the final credits.

      b: UNAIRED pc: 222 w: Michael J. Weithorn d: Rob Schiller

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    Thanks to Torsten Kracke for identifying a couple more unaired episodes and to Paulius Stepanas for helping fill in the descriptions.

    The UNAIRED were finally shown in the US when the series was run on the USA satellite/cable network.

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