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The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 -1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1988
End date: Oct 1988
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 15 min
Episodes: 23 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 10 Sep 88The Framed Freep (30 min)
2.1-2 17 Sep 88Radio with a Bite
3.1-3 17 Sep 88The Brotherhood of B.L.E.C.H.
4.1-4 24 Sep 88The Bad Guy Flu
5.1-5 24 Sep 88D.J.'s Disappearing Act
6.1-6 01 Oct 88Cecil Meets Clambo
7.1-7 01 Oct 88The Golden Menu
8.1-8 08 Oct 88Courtship of Cecilia (30 min)
9.1-9 D.J. Goes Ape
10.1-10Momma Cecil
11.1-11May the Best Man Ribbet
12.1-12On Your Mark, Get Set, B.L.E.C.H.
13.1-13"Cecil's Twin Brother"
14.1-14Rampage of the Robot Arms
15.1-15Bedtime for Beany
16.1-16Super Cecil Meets Thunderbolt
17.1-17Eggs Marks the Spot (8 min)
18.1-18Claws for Alarm (8 min)
19.1-19Who Tamed Looney Lemur? (8 min)
20.1-20Color Me D.J.
21.1-21Cecil the Singing Sea Serpent
22.1-22(compilation episode) (30 min)
23.1-23Cecil's Birthday (30 min)
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