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aired from: Jan 1997 to: 1999 52 eps TNT / syndicated 60 min stereo closed captioned


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    1st Season Spring 1997 TNT

  1. "Rage of the Mongols"
    gs: Keith Cooke Hirabayashi [ Kobak ], Paul Jerricho [ Bryndyth ], Zoe Waites [ Helene ], Erica Jennings [ Elisabeth ], Jack Bareikis [ Geoffrey ], Martyn Rimeikis [ Humbert ], Violeta Podolskaite [ Marta ], Uzdavinys Sakalas [ Romac ], Robert Aleksaitis [ Heinwald ]

    A village on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest is regularly raided by a horde of Mongols. Robin and his band rescue a maiden from the village who has been kidnapped, angering the Mongols. The village elders refuse Robin's help in fighting back against them, fearing too much bloodshed, but the younger citizens are prepared to fight for their freedom.

    b: 13 Jan 97 pc: 10005 w: Lee Watters d: Dimitri Logothetis

  2. "Attack of the Vikings"
    gs: Gilly Gilchrist [ Lars ], Shawn Lawless [ Soldier #1 ], Saul Siparis [ Evor ], Vytautas Paukste [ Monk Henry Dupont ], Zachary Bogatz [ Sean ], Kristina Savickyte [ Anne ], Grazvydas Udrenas [ Viking ]

    rc: Prince John, Barkley

    A band of Vikings capture Prince John, to hold him for ransom, and Robin, who is out hunting with Little John. Robin and his men enable Prince John's escape, but will he live up to his promise to pardon Robin and his men?

    b: 20 Jan 97 97 pc: 10009 w: Robert Gunn & Sandra Weintraub d: Harley Cokeliss

  3. "Robin and the Golden Arrow"
    gs: Catherine Kanter [ Lady Claudia ], Natalie Morse [ Ingrid Little ], John Turner [ Captain Delouche ], Darren Miniotas [ Lieutenant ], Frank J. Sharr [ Guard ], Steve Grossman [ Herald ], Dan Jauregui [ Soldier #4 ], Erica Jennings [ Girl #2 ]

    rc: Prince John, Olwyn, Barkley

    On Prince John's orders, Captain Delouche, an evil knight armed with magic, impenetrable armor, rounds up many young women from the Sherwood Forest area for a beauty contest, with marriage to Delouche for the winner and a sacrificial death for the loser. The abducted women include Little John's sister, Natalie. The magic armor can only be defeated by the Golden Arrow, which Robin has to take from Prince John's castle, and use against Delouche, to rescue the maidens.

    b: 27 Jan 97 97 pc: 10001 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Joe Coppoletta

  4. "A Race Against Death"
    gs: Paula Bacon [ Lady Pamela Sedgewick ], David Lumsden [ Sir Gilbert ], Alina Coleman [ Fiona ], Vitalijus Gruodis [ Lord Sedgewick ], Audrone Maliukeviciute [ Lana ], Peter Zigmantavicius [ Willy ]

    rc: Prince John, Olwyn

    The Saxon Lord Sedgewick owes a large amount in taxes to Prince John, and if he doesn't pay, his granddaughter, Lady Pamela, will have to marry Sir Gilbert. So she requests Robin's help. Robin enters a contest, The Race Against Death, devised by Prince John, with a huge sum of money as prize, but finds it is rigged against him. Robin ends up needing to be rescued by his men from inside the castle.

    b: 3 Feb 97 pc: 10002 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Terry Marcel

  5. "A Price on His Soul"
    gs: Mandana Jones [ Woman henchbeast ], Simon Merrells [ Baragon ], Laura Seryte [ Agatha ], Anne Jennings [ Christine ], Zachary Bogatz [ Sean ], Dan Jauregui [ Jack ], Vytautas Dambrauskas [ Timmy ], Onaldas Duskinas [ Peter ]

    Baragon is an evil creature, more than 300 years old, who has to keep drinking the blood of the innocent to keep him young and strong. To break out of this cycle, he makes a pact with the dark lord Orone to deliver Robin to him. His assistant captures members of Little John's family, and then Robin himself. Marion has to lead their rescue from the castle.

    b: 10 Feb 97 pc: 10003 w: Katie Ryan d: Joe Coppoletta

  6. "Marion to the Rescue"
    gs: Kate O'Mara [ Lady Isabelle ], John Forgeham [ Lord Garth ], Lucy Speed [ Iris ], David Morizot [ Thomas of Glockshire ], Dalia Micheleviciute [ Jen ], Vaidotas Martinaitis [ Smalley ], Adolf Vecerskis [ Overlord ], Sigitas Rackus [ Prisoner ], Eugenia Jankute [ Wife ], Frank T. Sharr [ Guard ], Shawn Lawless [ Thug #2 ]

    Marion sets out to save her young cousin, Iris, from a marriage arranged by her evil sister-in-law, Lady Isabelle, to Lord Garth. Isabelle has told Iris that her intended, Thomas of Glockshire, was killed in the crusades, but he is actually on his way back. He meets Robin and his men, who are on their way to help Marion. Marion saves Iris, and returns to Sherwood, only to find that Robin and his men are now catives in Isabelle's castle, and Marion must now return there to rescue them.

    b: 17 Feb 97 pc: 10011 w: Larry Felix, Jr. d: Keith Washington

  7. "The Legend of Olwyn"
    gs: Geoffrey Bayldon [ Merlin ], Gareth Marks [ Sir Hugo Longchamp ], Luke Marcel [ Patrick ], John Medlen [ Knight / Soldier ], Shawn Lawless [ Adam ], Michael Clifford [ Robin's father, Earl of Huntingdon ], Julia Anne Owen [ Lady Graves ], Jane Shreckengost [ Hildy ], Robert Fosset [ Bounty Hunter ], David Morizot [ Leader ], Matthew Porretta [ Young Robin ]

    rc: Olwyn

    Robin meets a young boy, Patrick, who leads a group of orphans on the run from Prince John's soldiers. On taking the boy back to camp he discovers that he is a real hand full. The boy knocks Robin unconscious, and escapes to reassemble his group in the woods. While unconscious, Robin recalls his encounter with the magician, Olwyn. He was then about the same age as Patrick, and also running for his life in the forest from the men who killed his father, the Earl of Locksley, and sacked their home, leaving Robin a penniless orphan. Olwyn offered Robin refuge, and told him he was the chosen one. Friar Tuck convinces Patrick to give all his booty to Robin's cause.

    b: 24 Feb 97 pc: 10010 w: Katherine Ashworth d: Terry Marcel

  8. "Witches of the Abbey"
    gs: Mary Tamm [ Aunt Alice ], Maria Lennon [ Winifred ], Chantal Marcks [ Hester ], Shayne Anderson [ Sister Beatrice / Brendan ], John Medlen [ Sir Spyder ], Zachary Bogatz [ Sean ], Christopher Leirer [ Aidan ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Bailiff ], Tom Kuhn [ Town crier ], Ruta Spelskyte [ Little girl ], Laura Seryte [ Aggie ], Darius Jarasunas [ Beatrice ]

    rc: Barkley

    Three beautiful, evil witches take Little John captive, and make him their slave. Robin's band cannot breech the catacombs of the abbey where the witches have taken him, because of the powerful magic they practise. Robin uses a magic potion from Friar Tuck to fake his own death, knowing that his evil Aunt Alice, the Abbess, will entomb him in the family crypt inside the abbey. He thus gains entry to rescue Little John and vanquish the witches.

    b: 3 Mar 97 pc: 10012 w: Susan Graham d: Terry Marcel

  9. "The Arabian Knight"
    gs: Basienka Blake [ Gitta ], Rachel Fielding [ Enid ], Anthony Hannan [ Roger ], John Medlen [ Prince Francisco ], Andrew Zebrauskas [ Donald ], Monica Stonciute [ Peggy ], Ignas Jonynas [ Thug #1 ], Henry Celencevicius [ Thug #2 ], Jolanta Dapkunaite [ Harem wife #1 ], Alicia Medlen [ Harem wife #2 ]

    Robin and his band encounter a harem of beauties owned by the wicked Francisco, a knight of Arabian descent, who is terrorising the local area and extorting money from its inhabitants, and who wants Marion to join his harem. He captures the young daughter of Enid, a local innkeeper's wife and an old friend of Friar Tuck's, and holds her to ransom - Robin and his men come to her rescue.

    b: 10 Mar 97 pc: 10013 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Juan A. Mas

  10. "The Birthday Trap"
    gs: Amanda Ryan [ Katherine ], Rachel Shelley [ Marcella ], Dean Williamson [ Graham ], Peter Fletcher [ Derek ], Mary Patton [ Lady Mary Tadcaster ], Julia Anne Owen [ Lady Randolph-Haynes ], Tania Jakovleva [ Maid ], Natasha Roland [ Kate ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Tax collector ], Edita Politaite [ Rowena ], Ramunas Cesonis [ James ]

    Robin goes to the fiftieth birthday party of his step-mother, where he encounters an old girlfriend. But a band of thieves enter the castle and interrupt the festivities. They round up the guests and steal all their money and trinkets. Robin is seriously wounded in the battle to recover the stolen items. Knowing the castle well, he relies on his cunning to separate the thieves, and lay traps for them in the rooms they find themselves locked in. But Robin faces his biggest battle high on the castle walls.

    b: 17 Mar 97 pc: 10004 w: Muriel Morrissey d: Terry Marcel

  11. "Miracle at Avalon"
    gs: Greg Porretta [ Sir Guy of Gisborne ], Annoushka Le Gallois [ Gwyneth ], Suzanne Andrews [ Mordrelle ], Terrence Cizas [ Bartle ], Vidas Petkevicius [ Smithy ], Emile Ruzele [ Young Robin ], Victoria Afanasjeva [ Young Gwyneth ], Ustin Subacius [ Young Guy ], Gediminas Gerulis [ Young Bartle ]

    The God of Healers sent her young daughter, Gwyneth, from Avalon to live amongst mortals many years ago. The beautiful young healer must return home before her twenty-first birthday, or all who have been healed by her hand will die. Unknown to Robin, he was her first healing when he hit his head as a child, an act that was witnessed by his sworn enemy, Sir Guy of Gisborne. Sir Guy, knowing the consequences if she does not make it home, enlists the help of the evil witch Mordrelle, who was banished from Avalon many years ago, to help prevent Gwyneth's return. But Sir Guy is killed in a fight with Robin, and brought back to life by Gwyneth, so putting him in the same position as Robin. Sir Guy has to kill Mordrelle to enable Gwyneth's return to Avalon.

    b: 24 Mar 97 pc: 10006 w: Claudia Lonow & Larry Felix, Jr. d: Roger Tucker

  12. "Dragon from the Sky"
    gs: Gavin Abbott [ The Creature & The Dragonslayer ], Catherine Kanter [ Lady Claudia ], Shawn Lawless [ Soldier #1 ], Al Zigmantavicius [ Husband ], Gail Honeystein [ Evelyn ], Inga Norkute [ Sexy wench ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Merchant ], Tania Jakovleva [ Servant ], Anna Galvin [ Seeress ]

    rc: Barkley

    Marion sees a giant fireball fall from the sky into Sherwood Forest, and rushes off in search of what it has brought. When she reaches the site, she discovers a strange, diamond-encrusted creature. She befriends him, and tries to help him discover what he needs to return home. Lady Claudia has also seen the fireball and sends Barkley to follow its path, and gather the untold riches that she believes it is supposed to provide. When Marion does not return to camp, Robin sets out to find her. Then he and Marion must fight to save the creature from the grasp of Lady Claudia's men, and help it return to its ship.

    b: 31 Mar 97 pc: 10008 w: Margaret Sachs d: Terry Marcel

  13. "Nightmare of the Magic Castle", aka "Robin and the Magic Castle"
    gs: Paul Shearer [ The Engineer ], Mirabelle Kirkland [ Lysette ], Shannon Finnegan [ Theresa ], Arunas Zebrauskas [ Magician ], Elvyra Zebertaviciute [ Granny McCulloch ], Algis Dainavicius [ Farmer ], Michael Jevdokimovas [ Old man ], Henry Celencevicius [ Guard #1 ]

    rc: Olwyn

    A mysterious black castle, occupied by an evil creature, has the power to wreak havoc on the world and destroy it. Olwyn, the ancient magician, tells Robin he must discover the architecture of the old castle and learn its secrets in order to kill the creature and nullify the castle's powers. But first Robin has to rescue the family of the Engineer, who are being held captive inside.

    b: 7 Apr 97 pc: 10007 w: Sandra Weintraub & Larry Felix, Jr. d: Dimitri Logothetis

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    2nd Season Fall 1997 TNT

  14. "The Ultimate Army"
    gs: Frank Porretta [ Andrew MacGregor ], Sarah Wateridge [ unknown ], Gee Williams [ unknown ], Patrick Adamson [ Lord Malice ], Christopher O'Brien [ Nelson ], Eric Streit [ Rast ], Abbey Nayor [ Woman ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ Guard #1 ], James Panozzo [ Guard #2 ], Eric Gerleman [ Guard #3 ]

    rc: Kemal

    Little John feels worthless and second best to Robin, and leaves the camp to make his own way in the world. He enters a contest to join the ultimate army, not realizing it is being developed by the evil Lord Malice for his destructive ends. Meanwhile, Robin discovers that his former teacher, Andrew MacGregor, has been captured by Malice. He and Marion must enter the contest to win and be able to join the same army as Little John. They also discover their friend Kemal, a battle-hardened nomad, has joined the army ranks, and together they try to rescue MacGregor, and thwart Lord Malice's plans.

    b: 14 Jul 97 pc: 10014 w: Larry Felix, Jr. d: Terry Marcel

  15. "The Legion"
    gs: Richard Norton [ Rossamar ], Amanda Walker [ Mortiana ], Judy Green [ Harpie ], Sophia Crawford [ Harpy ], Tomas Ereminas [ Artegon ], Eric Gerleman [ LaFleur ], McKerrin Kelly [ Tavern owner ], Christopher O'Brien [ Gravedigger ], Peter Yak [ Alexander the Great ], Eric Streit [ Soldier #1 ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ Soldier #2 ]

    rc: Prince John, Kemal, Barkley

    When Robin humiliates Prince John by stealing his money, Prince John vows to kill Robin once and for all. He trades one year of his life to the sorceress Mortiana so that she may bring back to life three of Alexander the Great's dead warriors. When the warriors can't capture Robin, they capture Marion, to act as bait. Ignoring fear for his own life, Robin enters the castle to rescue Marion from the clutches of the evil men.

    b: 22 Jul 97 pc: 10016 w: David Sloan d: Terry Marcel

  16. "The Devil's Bride"
    gs: Robert Addie [ Brother Groliet ], Eric Gerleman [ Brother Winston / Madman ], McKerrin Kelly [ Sister Dorothy ], Nathaniel Charles Bulluck [ Tuck's Child ]

    Marion is abducted by Brother Groliet, an evil member of the God of Death cult. She is intended to become the bride of Balor, the Prince of Darkness, to have a child and give him the power of eternal life. Marion refuses, and is cast into a deep spell. Only Robin can obtain the horn of a unicorn, which is the only source of power strong enough to destroy the evil Lord of Death.

    b: 28 Jul 97 pc: 10017 w: Martin Ensbury d: Harley Cokeliss

  17. "The Prey"
    gs: David Kincaid [ Simon Asher ], Abbie Nayor [ unknown ], Sidney Liufau [ Master Ika ], Joshua Richards [ Lord Henry ], Patrick Leech [ Mr. Fox ], Wayne Federman [ Jester ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Thomas ], Phyllis Franklin [ Mrs. Turnbull ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ Spotter #1 ], Christopher O'Brien [ Craps dealer ], Eric Streit [ Servant ]

    rc: Kemal

    Robin and his men rob a gambling house, and make a mortal enemy of its owner, Simon Asher. Robin is overpowered and captured by a quartet of aristocratic huntsmen: Master Chu, Lord Henry, Lord Spire and Mr. Fox. They offer Robin a chance of survival by playing a game of hunting, with Robin as the prey. To ensure his cooperation, they are holding Friar Tuck hostage.

    b: 9 Aug 97 pc: 10019 w: David Sloan & Cornelia Gink d: Joe Coppoletta

  18. "Bombs Away"
    gs: Gail Downey [ Miss Claire Bostitch ], Sidney Liufau [ Master Ika ], Greg Porretta [ Sir Guy of Gisborne ], Dan Speaker [ Capt Barlett ], Kristoforas Akromas [ Peter ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ Jonah ], Harry Brookes [ Old man ], Jessica Lee Maider [ Maid ], Larry Marmorstein [ Doctor ], Andrea Griffin [ Nurse ]

    rc: Kemal

    Master Ika returns, and sets a bomb trap for Robin and his band. Sir Guy of Gisborne has returned from the crusades purporting to be a changed man, and saves Marion from being injured in a fight: he still loves her, and persues her again. But it was Sir Guy who hired the Japanese assassin to set the trap for Robin. Sir Guy leaves a note for Robin to find, which will lead him into another deadly explosive trap. Marion declares to Guy that she loves Robin, not him, and goes off to follow Robin. Sir Guy realizes that Marion is now going to fall into the trap intended for Robin. So both Guy and Robin have to work together to save her.

    b: 23 Aug 97 pc: 10021 w: David Sloan d: Joe Coppoletta

  19. "The Road to Royston"
    gs: Charlotte Avery [ Gwynedd ], Norman Eschley [ Baron Royston ], Wolf Christian [ Captain Drugo ], Chloe Buswell [ Bernadette ], Natalie Morse [ Ingrid Little ], Phyllis Franklin [ Mrs. Turnbull ], Eric Gerleman [ Luther ], McKerrin Kelly [ Villager ]

    rc: Kemal, Barkley

    Robin saves a beautiful young woman, Gwynedd, disguised as a nun, on the road to the town of Royston. She has been searching for him to enlist his help in saving her sister, Bernadette, who is to be hanged if she does not allow herself to be married against her wishes to Drugo, the henchman of the evil Baron Royston. Together they plan to defeat the evil villains who run the town. Meanwhile, Little John's sister Ingrid wants to go to Royston to try to find herself a husband, but Little John thinks it is too dangerous and locks her up to prevent her going. Of course, this doesn't stop her for long, and she ends up in Royston in the middle of the raid to rescue Gwynedd.

    b: 30 Aug 97 pc: 10018 w: Mike Ashworth d: Terry Bedford

  20. "The Mystery of Druid's Grove"
    gs: Patrick Gordon [ Brand ], Sabra Williams [ Princess Kadija ], Patrick Adamson [ Cruel Lord ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ Thad ], Eric Gerleman [ Omar ], McKerrin Kelly [ Herbalist ], Christopher O'Brien [ Lord Cadbury ]

    rc: Kemal

    The slavetrader Brand kidnaps Robin's friend Kemal and his bride, Princess Kadija, and plans to auction them. Marion also has a score to settle with him, from her distant past. Robin and his band pretend to be rich bidders, as part of the scheme to free the two prisoners and get Marion's revenge. But Brand escapes with Kadija into the Forbidden Zone, where Robin and his band are forced to follow and battle him.

    b: 6 Sep 97 pc: 10015 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Harley Cokeliss

  21. "The Legend of the Amazons"
    gs: Angela Spangler [ Selia ], Eve Barker [ Alia ], Anthony Etherton [ Devlin ], Tusse Silberg [ Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine ], Ben Thomas [ Salim ], McKerrin Kelly [ Sorceress ], Dan Speaker [ Innkeeper ], Larry Marmorstein [ Soldier ]

    rc: Kemal

    Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine has traveled with some of her Amazon warriors from Jerusalem where they found a fabled map. This map will help her to find the staff of Moses, which according to legend lies in a cave in England. But the sultan Salim is also seeking it, in order to possess its special powers, and he sends his henchmen with Devlin, an antique collector, to follow her. Before Robin and Marion can reach her, the queen is taken captive. They and the Amazons have to rescue the queen from the cave with the staff of Moses, where she is being held by the Sultan's men.

    b: 27 Sep 97 pc: 10022 w: Cornelia Gink & Sandra Weintraub d: Michèle Ohayon

  22. "Outlaw Express"
    gs: Richard Norton [ unknown ], Judy Green [ unknown ], Dan Speaker [ unknown ], David Bailie [ Mills ], Simon Fogg [ Talbot ], Graham Fox [ Friar Philip ], Andrea Griffin [ unknown ], Bryan Marshall [ Bryce ], Tomas Ereminas [ Burly prisoner ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ Guard #1 ], Mary Walsh [ Police guard #1 ], Adrian Carr [ Preacher ], Matthew Porretta [ Jacobi ], Richard Ashton [ Sheriff Bickerton ], Martyn Ellis [ Lawrence ]

    While on his way to the wedding celebrations of his friend Talbot, Robin meets his double, the wicked Jacobi, who has just broken out of a prison transport with five others. After overcoming him, Robin dons his clothes to fool the other escapees to try to put them behind bars again.

    b: 4 Oct 97 pc: 10025 w: David Sloan d: Adrian Carr

  23. "The Sceptre"
    gs: Amanda Walker [ Mortiana ], Forbes Collins [ Malenoch ], Emily Reymond [ Lady Elizabeth ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ Priest ], Patrick Adamson [ Old man ], Andrea Griffin [ Woman #1 ], Vaidotas Korsokas [ Church boy ], Jessica Lee Maider [ Maiden #1 ], James Panozzo [ Villager #1 ]

    rc: Prince John, Olwyn, Kemal, Barkley

    Robin is warned by a young boy that Merlin's sceptre is in the hands of the wicked magician Malenoch, who has returned from the dead and decided to take over the kingdom of England using an army of soldiers he has also brought back from the dead. As students who trained under Merlin, Olwyn and Prince John's sorceress Mortiana must team up to destroy the evil tyrant first. Olwyn requests the help of Robin Hood and his band, and they are even assisted by Prince John's men, in the quest to wrest the sceptre from Malenoch's control.

    b: 11 Oct 97 pc: 10020 w: Sandra Weintraub & Chip Graham d: Terry Bedford

  24. "Justice for All"
    gs: Montel Williams [ Gerard Degas ], McKerrin Kelly [ Druid priestess ], Jessica Lee Maider [ Deirdre ], Joel Marshall [ William ], Chris McCullough [ Father Dutton ], Georgina Sutcliffe [ unknown ], Dan Speaker [ Templar #1 ], Eric Streit [ Shop owner ], Anna Barthelme [ Injured man's wife ], George Brookes [ Younger Christian man ], Andrea Griffin [ Celtic woman #1 ], Larry Marmorstein [ Guard #1 ]

    rc: Kemal

    The fanatical Father Dutton has sworn to end the old Celtic beliefs in England. He imprisons the druid priests of his village. But some of the villagers don't agree with this and help them. Dutton attacks the helpers, and one of the wounded survivors slips away to seek Robin's help. When he hears what Dutton is doing, he decides to put an end to the priest's plans.

    b: 25 Oct 97 pc: 10023 w: David Sloan & Sandra Weintraub d: Joe Coppoletta

  25. "Percy's Ghost"
    gs: David Poynter [ Percy ], Francis Anthony Montana [ Count Valentin ], John Colella [ Assassin ], Victoria Morsell [ Gillian ], Zachary Bogatz [ Messenger ], Michael Clifford [ Lord Hazelmere ], Jennifer Daranyl [ Yolanda ], Kestas Drazdaukas [ Captain ], Larry Marmorstein [ Earl of Whitecliffe ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Lord Stanhope ], Maxine Morris [ Proprietor ], Junis Olmscheid [ Madame ], Dan Speaker [ Earl of Brompton ]

    Robin's friend Lord Hazelmere requests his help to forge an alliance of nobles to put an end to Prince John's tyranny once and for all. The time and place of the meeting must remain secret, but Prince John has eyes and ears everywhere. Marion, Little John & Friar Tuck have various adventures bringing the other three participants to the meeting. But their efforts are not enough to keep the secret from Prince John.

    b: 1 Nov 97 pc: 10026 w: Leslie Woody d: Vicangelo Bulluck

  26. "Your Land Is My Land"
    gs: Paudge Behan [ Gregory ], Thomas Gamburg [ Joshua ], Larry Marmorstein [ Marcus of Branwyn ], Anna Barthelme [ Renata ], Stephen Gray [ unknown ], Gareth Hunt [ Lord Rupert ], Jon Paul Beauregard [ William Little ], Anne Jennings [ Sarah ], Daina Kaziauskas [ Farmer's wife ], Roger Murray [ Young villager ], Christopher O'Brien [ Hudson ], Dan Speaker [ Captain ]

    The wicked Norman Lord Rupert uses his son Gregory to wage a campaign of terror to pressurise the Saxon farmers into handing over their land to him. The plan proceeds until he takes over some property of Little John's brother, when Robin and his band arrive and decide to intervene to organise some resistance. In the ensuing fight Robin captures Gregory, but Lord Rupert counters by capturing Joshua, the son of the local judge, Marcus of Brandwyn. So Robin now has to rescue Joshua from Lord Rupert's castle.

    b: 8 Nov 97 pc: 10024 w: Steve Barnett d: Andy Armstrong

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    3rd Season 1998 syndicated

  27. "First Love"
    gs: Nina Young [ Lady Olivia Beacon ], Shaun Curry [ Capt Hilts ], Christopher Villiers [ Lord Nicholas Beacon ], J.D. Roberto [ Hammond ], Jack Winch [ Dart man ], Jeffrey Escher [ Elite guard #1 ], Greg Fawcett [ Elite guard #2 ], Ted Brunetti [ Elite guard #3 ]

    Prince John is trying to make a fortress in the north of England, in case King Richard returns from the crusades. His Elite Guard and their commander Capt Hilts seize Lord Nicholas Beacon, the husband of Olivia, who was once engaged to be married to Robin. Robin and Marion must suppress their feelings and help her rescue her husband, and thwart Prince John's plans.

    b: 20 Sep 98 pc: 27 w: David Sloan d: Joe Coppoletta

  28. "The Haunted Castle"
    gs: Melanie Gutteridge [ Bathsheba Flanagan ], Ted Brunetti [ Statue ], Jack Winch [ Quinten ], Judy Green [ Lust ], Randi Pareira [ Gluttony ], J.D. Roberto [ Envy ], Zachary Bogatz [ Marion's husband ], Michael Clifford [ Robin's father, Earl of Huntingdon ], Jeffrey Escher [ Lord Fairfax ], Greg Fawcett [ Jesse Galt ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Tax collector ], Wendy Ann Paden [ J. J. Galt ]

    rc: Rowena

    Robin and his band visit the market in a small town where they have many friends, including the sorceresses Rowena and Bathsheba. They learn that a local man, Jesse Galt, is missing, and was last seen entering a strange castle. They go to the castle to find him, but when they enter, they are each confronted with their own secret fear: Marion with her giving up of a more normal life; Little John with his fear of creepy-crawlies; Friar Tuck with the seven deadly sins; and Robin with his decision to leave his father and hide when Locksley Castle was attacked. If they cannot overcome their fears and leave the castle before dawn, they will remain trapped there forever.

    b: 27 Sep 98 pc: 29 w: Sandra Weintraub & Cornelia Gink d: Joe Coppoletta

  29. "The Giant King"
    gs: Alison Armitage [ Ariel Glister ], Pat Roach [ Jarnsaxa ], Brian Glanney [ Ferris Glister ], Michael Redfern [ Lord Glister ], J.D. Roberto [ Kerry ], Ted Brunetti [ Doyle ], Therese McLaughlin [ Servant girl ], Ijah Serene Charlestein [ Polly ], Randi Pareira [ Genessa ], Toby Birney [ Miner #1 ], Jan Bryant [ Robin's woman ], Nero Campbell [ Servant ], Anne Jennings [ Townswoman ]

    Ferris, the son of Lord Glister, who is an old friend of Robin's, is mortally ill. They seek out Jarnsaxa, the last of Femorians, the giants of Ireland, whose breath has the power to heal him. When he is returned to health, he becomes a tyrant. Robin and Jarnsaxa decide to make good their error.

    b: 4 Oct 98 pc: 30 w: Paul Michael Kuhn d: Andy Armstrong

  30. "Sword of the Samurai"
    gs: Keith Cooke Hirabayashi [ Takashi ], Lee Doversola [ Noriko ], Timothy Bentinck [ Count Frederick ], Jonathan Pembroke [ Geldon ], Donal Beecher [ Osbourne ], Claire Oberman [ Endora ], Judy Green [ Marchesa di Lanza ], Joel Freeman [ Shogun ], Jeffrey Escher [ Rupert ], Giedrius Nagys [ Kyuzo ], Nero Campbell [ First guard ]

    The evil Count Frederick sends his mercenary soldier Geldon to Japan to steal an ancient magical samurai sword. He intends to use it to become King of England, but finds he cannot control its power. Robin joins forces with a young aspiring samurai, Takashi, to return the sword to its rightful owner, and thwart the plans of Count Frederick.

    b: 11 Oct 98 pc: 31 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Jim Goddard

  31. "Robinville"
    gs: James Hicks [ Lord Argot ], Terry O'Neil [ McTavish ], Paul Ryan [ Harry ], Betty Freeman [ Aunt Flora Fitzwalter ], Richard Ashton [ Sheriff Bickerton ], Bennett Jones [ Leon ], Ijah Serene Charlestein [ Dalia ], Nero Campbell [ Police #1 ], Jeffrey Escher [ Gate guard #1 ], Adam Karlen [ Mercenary #1 ], Giedrius Nagys [ Wang ], Shayne Anderson [ Mercenary #2 ]

    Robin and his band visit the annual Robin Hood Foundation awards in the village of Robinville, which was named after him after he freed it from the rule of the brutal Lord Argot. But Argot's son is still seeking revenge, and plans to blow sky high the old castle where the feast is taking place, together with Robin, his band and the villagers.

    b: 18 Oct 98 pc: 32 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Adrian Carr

  32. "Vanishing Act"
    gs: Neil Conrich [ Nelson the Magistrate ], Luke Hayden [ Baldwin the Tinker ], Natalie Morse [ Ingrid Little ], David Soul [ Clement the Hermit ], Charles Currier [ Blacksmith ], Zachary Bogatz [ Bellamy ], Jan Bryant [ Tara ], Therese McLaughlin [ Ava ], Earl Carroll [ Innkeeper ], Lori Kellner [ Tory ], Shayne Anderson [ Thief #1 ], Bennett Jones [ Guard ], Sharon Auerbach [ Bellamy's mother ]

    After a day's fishing with Robin, Marion gets a ride back to the village with a passing tinker, but on the journey he overpowers her and takes her to be held captive with several other women. Robin tries to track her down, but no-one in the local village will admit to having seen her. Back in the forest, he is eventually forced to ask the help of Clement the Hermit, whom everyone believes is mad. Meanwhile, Little John's sister Ingrid is about to get married to a boring farmer named Bellamy, when she suddenly disappears. Little John and Friar Tuck follow her trail to the same stronghold hidden in the forest that Clement has shown Robin. Their combined might is required to free Marion and the other captives.

    b: 25 Oct 98 pc: 34 w: Steve Barnett d: Adrian Carr

  33. "The Hunter"
    gs: Michael Hobbs [ Patrick, Earl of Glenbauer ], Nero Campbell [ Philip ], Betty Freeman [ Innkeeper ], J.D. Roberto [ Customer #1 ], Dan Speaker [ Thomas ], Ted Brunetti [ Brian ], Jeffrey Escher [ Bandit ], Greg Fawcett [ Thug ]

    rc: Rowena

    Robin and his band try to thwart the banditry of Patrick, Earl of Glenbauer, by protecting a village on his warpath. Rowena accidentally conjures up a monster, Cerradyn, who is a master huntsman. He needs to capture and sacrifice seven warriors to realise his full powers and become invincible. It is not until he has captured six that Tuck and Rowena discover what is happening, and learn that only Rowena can make him disappear. They track him to his lair in a race against time.

    b: 1 Nov 98 pc: 28 w: Steve Barnett d: Andy Armstrong

    NOTE: There is significant similarity between parts of this episode and the film "Predator".

  34. "A Date with Destiny"
    gs: Simon Donald [ Gil Feathergill / Luther ], Amanda Walker [ Mortiana ], Marissa Montgomery [ Samantha ], Earl Carroll [ Toby ], Richard Ashton [ Gowen ], Charles Currier [ Official ], Bennett Jones [ Villager ]

    rc: Rowena

    During an attack by Prince John's men on the village of Kingsgrove, Olwyn's acolyte Rowena accidentally sends Robin fifteen years back into the past, where he inadvertantly alters the course of history by rescuing a man who becomes a despotic king. Mortiana is working for him, and she has a magic duel with Rowena, from which Robin has to rescue Rowena before she is killed. The two of them have to work out how to undo Robin's act in the past.

    b: 8 Nov 98 pc: 35 w: Sandra Weintraub s: Harry Ackerman d: Petra Haffter

  35. "Orphans"
    gs: Hugh Dancy [ Kyle ], Richard Claxton [ Bert ], Lucy Punch [ Queen Stephanie ], Lydie Denier [ Emily, the maid ], Bennett Jones [ Sir Mortimer ], Jeffrey Paden [ Father Winchell ], Earl Carroll [ Donul ], Charles Currier [ Ronal ], Timothy Lawrence Paden [ Donny ], Noah Freeman [ Noah ]

    Robin, Little John & Friar Tuck volunteer to escort a group of orphan boys to a new home in a town three days ride away. While underway, they discover that hiding amongst them is the young Queen Stephanie, on the run from Sir Mortimer, her cousin who wants to kill her. They are first attacked by a pair of criminals trying to recover some jewelry that one of the boys has stolen from them. Then they are waylaid by Sir Mortimer and his men trying to take Stephanie back, but they only manage to abduct Kyle, one of the boys who happens to be her childhood friend. Robin has to give chase to rescue Kyle, while the others keep the children safe.

    b: 15 Nov 98 pc: 37 w: Sandra Weintraub & Cornelia Gink d: Adrian Carr

  36. "The Assassin"
    gs: Tristan Sturrock [ Assassin ], Lydie Denier [ Countess DuMonde ], Christopher Reich [ Lord Edwin Cloughton ], Charles Death [ Count Lucerne ], Sebastian Abineri [ Count Rood ], Joel Freeman [ Count Rouget ], Jan Bryant [ Lady Cloughton ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Butler ], Kelly Birney [ Marie ], Dan Speakler [ Bar fighter ]

    rc: Barkley

    Lord Cloughton arranges a summit with three important Normans to conspire with the Saxons against King John. Each member of Robin's band undertakes to fetch one of the participants, protecting them from the men of Count Rood, who wants to prevent the meeting: Robin fetches the suspicious and reluctant Countess DuMonde, Marion fetches the agoraphobic young Count Lucerne, and Friar Tuck fetches Count Brouchard (who turns out to be Barkley), while Little John protects Lord Cloughton. Rood hires a mysterious assassin, who can morph into many different people and creatures, to help prevent the meeting.

    b: 22 Nov 98 pc: 38 w: David Sloan d: Colin Bucksey

  37. "Body and Soul"
    gs: Murray Head [ Ripley ], Jill Whelan [ Kyra Briggs ], Adam Bareham [ Capt Cann ], Shayne Anderson [ Becker ], Stas Adamickij [ Briggs ], Jeffrey L Weaver [ Man in black ], Sharon Auerbach [ Mother ], Kelley Birney [ Tessa ], Rick Nathanson [ Doctor Feelgood ], Bennett Jones [ Guard #1 ], Adam Karlen [ Older man ]

    rc: Rowena

    Robin plans a surprise birthday party for Marion, but is killed while defending her in a fight to capture some of Prince John's gold. Because he died too early, his soul is sent back to Earth, but has to find another body to inhabit, as his has already been cremated. Robin is helped by Ripley, an envoy from the realm of the dead, who enables Robin to temporarily take over the body of the man he has just killed, Briggs, and by Olwyn's apprentice, Rowena, who tries to get him his own body back.

    b: 29 Nov 98 pc: 33 w: David Sloan d: Petra Haffter

  38. "Assault on Castle Dundeen"
    gs: Richard Norton [ Lord Chilton ], Steven Houghton [ Capt Barker ], Bernard Kaye [ Father Gedding ], Christopher Kramer [ Josh ], Therese McLaughlin [ Melinda ], Slava Golovkin [ Colin, Lord Dundeen ], Charles Currier [ Dark warrior ], Shayne Anderson [ Warrior #1 ]

    Friar Tuck's help is requested from his former teacher, Father Gedding, to treat Colin, the new young Lord Dundeen, who has been wounded with a poisoned sword. On arrival at Castle Dundeen, Robin finds out that Colin's uncle, Lord Chilton, is responsible for the attack, and that he has also claimed the life of Colin's father, in order to inherit the castle and their wealth. Realising that he has not completely succeeded, Chilton lays siege to the castle and its few remaining inhabitants. Robin and his band must break the siege and put an end to Lord Chilton's designs.

    b: 6 Dec 98 pc: 36 w: David Sloan d: Martin Denning

  39. "The Auction"
    gs: Suki Webster [ Annie ], Chris Barnes [ Dark One ], Alan Barry [ Oscar ], Earl Carroll [ Side Kick ], Judy Green [ Bar sorceress ], Michael Clifford [ Robin's father, Earl of Huntingdon ], Kelley Birney [ Sister #1 ]

    rc: Olwyn

    At the Third Annual Widows and Orphans Charity Fair, Friar Tuck holds a charity auction, in which one of the lots is a date with Robin. When Robin learns that his father may still be alive, he goes off in search of his father, but it turns out to be an impersonation by a sorceress, and he has to battle her and another sorcerer before he can return to the auction. Meanwhile Friar Tuck has to hold off the women of the village, who are becoming impatient with Robin's absence.

    b: 13 Dec 98 pc: 39 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Joe Coppoletta

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    4th Season 1999 syndicated

  40. "Ringside Murder"
    gs: Alison Armitage [ Ariel, Lady Glister ], Raymond Trickitt [ Sheriff Theo ], Shend [ Ivan, "Gargantua" ], Martyn Waites [ Vincent ], Phil Curr [ Peddler ], Jeffrey Paden [ Lord Burnley ], Brian Douglas [ Announcer ], Roy Weskin [ Nerd #1 ], Fina Rees [ Nerd #2 ], Michael Libby [ Spectator #1 ], Dan Speaker [ Spectator #2 ], Brian Douglas [ Thug #1 ]

    Robin and his band go to a charity wrestling match, where they meet his old friend Theo, who is now the local sheriff. As Little John, "the Celtic Crusader", is winning his bout against "Gargantua", Lord Burnley a noble is assassinated by a crossbow bolt, and the culprit appears to be Friar Tuck, who has just been given a crossbow that he has accidentally shot. Robin must investigate what happened, and prove Tuck's innocence, by identifying the real culprit.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 45 w: Aaron Drown & Collin Pregent d: Stewart Raffill

  41. "Heroes"
    gs: Alison Armitage [ Ariel, Lady Glister ], John Bradley [ Morton Butterman & Portus ], Nicholas Clay [ Sheriff of Nottingham ], Laura Katz [ Valeria ], Rachel Shelley [ Boadicea ], Brian Douglas [ Gibbs ], Dan Speaker [ unknown ], Judy Green [ unknown ]

    The Sheriff of Nottingham arrests Morty Butterman, a confidence trickster, who happens to be Robin's double. The Sheriff lures Robin to a sporting event, and then replace him with Morty to discredit Robin's reputation. To get Robin out of the way, the Sheriff transports him back in time, to inhabit the body of an ancestor of Robin's, who betrayed a British queen. When Morty takes Robin's place he discovers what it is like to be a true hero. He disobeys the Sheriff and maintains Robin's character. Meanwhile, Robin rescues the queen and returns to his own time. Morty intercepts an arrow meant for Robin and dies a hero, saving his life.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 46 w: William Winkler d: Eric Summer

  42. "Godiva"
    gs: Rona Waddington [ Godiva ], Alison Armitage [ Ariel, Lady Glister ], Victor Tomasino [ Henry Greening ], Alec Bradley [ Elly ], Brian Douglas [ Eddy ], Linda Janello [ Village woman #1 ], Annette M Chavez [ Village woman #2 ], Alistair Maydon [ Village man ]

    rc: Rowena, Olwyn

    When Marion announces that she is engaged to be married, everyone is thrilled, except for Robin. Little John and Friar Tuck go to a nearby village to organise an engagement party, but become trapped by Godiva, a sorceress and former apprentice of Olwyn. She is seeking revenge on Robin, whom she loves, but who imprisoned her in a tree years previously. Godiva captures Robin, and tries to seize power in the land. It is up to the women to rescue Robin and defeat Godiva, since they are immune to her attractions.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 47 w: Sandra Weintraub d: Adrian Carr

  43. "Raven's Peak"
    gs: Daniel Kucan [ Tom ], Olivier Grunner [ Vashon ], Nicholas Calderbank [ Lord Holden ], Annette Michelle Chavez [ Matilda ], Fine Rees [ Eve ], Michael Libby [ Waiter ], Alistair Maydon [ Priest ], Victor Tomasino [ Gate guard ], Dan Speaker [ Dungeon guard ], Brian Douglas [ Guard ]

    Robin and his band are at a masquerade ball, when Robin's old friend Tom enters, terrified and beaten. He is being chased by Vashon, the captain of Lord Holden's guard. Vashon accuses Tom of murdering Holden and his family. Robin defends Tom, but Vashon will not listen. In the ensuing fight with Vashon, Robin and his gang escape, and learn that Lord Holden is still alive. Vashon is actually pursuing Tom because he holds the key to an invisible cloak with magical powers. With Lord Holden's help, Robin and his companions defeat Vashon and return the cloak to a cave where it will be forever beyond reach.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 48 w: Cornelia Gink d: Jamie Bruce

  44. "Black Rose"
    gs: Linda Janello [ Queen Eleanor ], Sukie Smith [ Black Rose ], Christopher Snell [ Lord Philip ], Kim Turney [ Sabine ], Rita Nemaniene [ Christy ], Jan Bryant [ Sydney ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Hurley ], Victor Tomasino [ Andy ]

    rc: Rowena, Barkley

    Robin and Marion go to a charity event hosted by Queen Eleanor and the Amazons. An exiled Amazon called Black Rose arrives uninvited and kills the Amazons' leader. Rose threatens to kill Eleanor as well unless she proclaims Rose the Queen of the Amazons. Rose then disappears, so Robin searches for her while Marion protects Eleanor. Meanwhile, Little John and Andy find Barkley's laboratory empty except for a sketch of a device and a mysterious note: Rose has stolen Barkley's new explosive invention in order to assassinate Eleanor. She then captures Robin, who has to be rescued by Little John and Andy. Together, they all help Marion protect the Queen and put an end to Rose's plans.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 49 w: Cornelia Gink d: Christophe Salachas

  45. "The Running Bride"
    gs: Aimie Bracken [ Princess Margaret of Scotland ], Justin Allder [ Prince Harry Glossmore ], Paul Brightwell [ Duke of Wellington ], Hélène Cardona [ Marjorie ], Victor Tomasino [ Andy ], James Arden [ Edgar ], Christopher Snell [ Earl of Grimsby ], Nigel Hoyle [ King William of Scotland ], Phill Curr [ Oswald ], Victoria Vangelis [ Witch #2 ], Linda Janello [ Witch #3 ], Mark Jardine [ Chamberlain ], Andonis Anthony [ Knight ], Giedrus 'Gee' Nagys [ Bandit ]

    Robin escorts Princess Margaret of Scotland to England to marry the English Prince Harry Glossmore. But the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Grimsby want to stop the union, to further their own ends, so Robin has to protect her from their would-be assassins. Meanwhile, Marion, Little John and Andy discover the Duke is persuading Harry's younger brother to poison Harry so that he can accede to the throne. Robin safely brings the princess to Harry's castle and thwarts the plan.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 50 w: Joanne Marsh d: Jamie Bruce

  46. "The Prison"
    gs: Diane Youdale [ Billy Hobbes ], Nicholas Mead [ Maddox ], Doyne Byrd [ Radcliffe ], Jerry Di Giacomo [ Duke of Vortigern ], Richard Ashton [ Sheriff Bickerton ], Christopher Snell [ Lieutenant ], Mark Jardine [ Pierce ], James Arden [ Lead soldier ], Andonis Anthony [ Soldier ], Nigel Hoyle [ Gate guard ]

    Sheriff Bickerton invites Robin and Marion to tour his high-security Penishaw prison. Robin declines, but Marion decides to go. But the prison has been taken over by the inmates, and Marion and Bickerton are captured by them. Robin learns what has happened and comes to help. He finds out that Maddox, the leader of the revolt, has vials of a deadly plague, which he threatens to use to contaminate London's water supply, unless some of his men are released by the regional high lord, the Duke of Vortigern. Robin realizes that the only way to prevent catastrophe is to break into the prison and destroy the plague vials. His best chance of getting into the escape-proof facility is with the help of Billy, the only person to ever escape from it. Billy is a beautiful but tough woman, now incarcerated in Vortigern's castle. Reluctantly, Vortigern agrees to release her to help Robin enter Penishaw prison. Together, they find their way in, capture the plague vials and rescue Marion and Sheriff Bickerton.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 51 w: Jay Beatty d: Gérard Hameline

  47. "The Rebellion"
    gs: Frances Ruffelle [ Lady Olivia Beacon ], Nigel Hoyle [ Major William Tumble ], Mark Jardine [ Donny ], Peter Czajowski [ Lord Nicholas Beacon ], James Arden [ Moss ], Andonis Anthony [ Capt Packard ], Lauren Alexandre [ Psychic ], Dan Speaker [ Scout ], Victoria Vangelis [ Juliet ], Christopher Snell [ Guard #1 ], Richard Di Patri [ Guard #2 ]

    Robin and his band help a rebellion led by Olivia, a past love of his. Major Tumble and his followers bombard the castle of Olivia and her husband Nicholas. Tumble manages to kill Nicholas. Robin leads the fight back and defeats the attack. Some time later, Tumble leads another attack and captures Olivia. Robin sets out to rescue Olivia, but learns that she went with Tumble willingly. Tumble always loved Olivia, but she fell in love with his best friend, Nicholas. As her husband is now dead, Olivia agrees to marry Tumble if he will stop fighting the rebels. To show Olivia how evil Tumble really is, Robin surrenders to him, and he promptly orders Robin executed. Olivia is the only one who can prevent the execution, so she rejoins the rebellion and Tumble is defeated.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 52 w: David Sloan d: Zachary Weintraub

  48. "Return to Camelot"
    gs: Bryan Carney [ Young Arthur ], David Gant [ Merlin ], Maxens Nerman [ Morganna ], Phil Klipa [ Black Knight ], Roy Weskin [ Guard ], Laura Cerviakova [ Maiden ], Dale Savage [ Villager #1 ], Phil Curr [ Henchman #1 ], Rytis Skripka [ Boy #1 ], Darius Kaziukenas [ Young boy ]

    rc: Rowena

    Merlin, the mentor of King Arthur while he was still a youth, summons Rowena and Robin from the future, so that Robin can help train him in combat. Morganna, Merlin's archenemy, wants to kill Arthur, so that the Black Knight can win Excalibur and become king. Robin helps Arthur fulfill his destiny.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 40 w: Jaq Greenspon & Sandra Weintraub d: Colin Bucksey

  49. "The Hanged Man"
    gs: Nicholas Clay [ Sheriff of Nottingham ], Laura Blanc [ Wanda Birch ], Eric Naggar [ Dr. di Bruschia ], Laura Katz [ Valeria ], Phil Curr [ Captain of guards ], Roy Weskin [ Royal inspector ], Vidas Petrevicius [ Old man ], Almutis Raila [ Driver (merchant) ], Phil Klipa [ British guard ], Dale Savage [ Jailer ], Saulias Siparis [ Blacksmith ], Algirdas Tupe [ Wanda's father ]

    The Sheriff of Nottingham captures Marion, Little John & Friar Tuck, and imprisons them in his castle. He gets a Transylvanian scientist to brainwash one of them into wanting to kill Robin. Robin frees his friends, but in doing so unwittingly falls into the Sheriff's multi-layered trap.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 41 w: William Winkler d: Colin Bucksey

  50. "The Time Machine"
    gs: Brendon Brooks [ Elvis ], John Vernon [ Lord Rudolph ], Dan Speaker [ Aide-de-Camp ], Maxwell Meltzer [ Hurley ], Antanas Surgailis [ Man ], Phill Curr [ Guard mercenary ]

    rc: Rowena, Barkley, Olwyn

    Elvis, a descendant of Barkley's, appears from the future in a time machine, interrupting a battle between Robin's band and Lord Rudolph's band of marauders. The marauders steal the time machine, but it will explode with unimaginable destructive power if it is not returned to the time it came from within 24 hours. Rowena befriends Elvis, and they fly through the forest on magical skateboards to escape the marauders. Robin races to return Elvis to his own time before disaster.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 42 w: Louis J Zivot & Joël M. Barkow d: Petra Haffter

  51. "Day After Day"
    gs: Andrew Clover [ Richard, Lord Talbot ], Phil Klipa [ Mayor Gaines ], Laura Katz [ Amanda Gaines ], Dale Savage [ Assassin ], Roy Weskin [ Althorpe (or Whitsett?) ], Arvydas Dapsys [ Whitsett (or Althorpe?) ], Petras Zigmantavicius [ Feathered hat boy ], Tomas Vaikasas [ Black mask boy ], Dangis Chonnas [ Juggler ], Ignas Jonynas [ Althorpe son #1 ], Phill Curr [ Whitsett son #1 ]

    Robin and his band arrive in a small town at its annual festival to keep the peace between two feuding local families, the Whitsetts and the Althorpes. Richard, Lord Talbot, has designs on Amanda, the daughter of the town's mayor, and casts a spell that forces everyone to relive the same day repeatedly, until he manages to win her unwilling heart. Robin must break the spell in such a way as to leave everyone alive at the end of the day.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 43 w: Sandra Weintraub & David Sloan d: Stewart Raffill

    NOTE: There is significant similarity between parts of this episode and the film "Groundhog Day".
  52. "Return of the Giant"
    gs: Alison Armitage [ Ariel, Lady Glister ], Pat Roach [ Giant ], Matthew Radford [ Lord Teague (or Kevin?) ], David Taber [ Kevin (or Lord Teague?) ], Fine Rees [ Olivia ], Phil Curr [ Capt Mullens ], Laura Cerviakova [ Arial's maid ], Roy Weskin [ Local ], Indre Leikauskaite [ Girl ], Brian Douglas [ Soldier ]

    Robin attends a party at Glister Hall to celebrate the first anniversary of Ariel's accession to the title of Lady Glister. Lord Teague, a neighboring noble, whose proposal of marriage has been spurned by her, steals her father's notebooks, and uses them to conjure up the twin of the giant that Robin defeated before, to help him. The giant has to kill Ariel to stay alive. Robin battles the giant, with the help of Kevin, a local lad who wants to impress a girl, Olivia.

    b: __ ___ 99 pc: 44 w: Steve Barnett & Sandra Weintraub d: Petra Haffter

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