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aired from: Mar 1995 to: May 1999 97 eps NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


NewsRadio is set at WNYX, a New York all-news radio station.

The owner of WNYX, Jimmy James, is an eccentric billionaire who loves to meddle in the affairs of the staff. Dave Nelson, station manager for most of NewsRadio's run, is the calm focal point for the station. The rest of the staff is made up of: on-air reporters Catherine Duke, Bill McNeal and Max Louis; producer Lisa Miller; engineer Joe Garelli; secretary Beth; and the incompetent Matthew Brock, ostensibly a producer.

Series creator, Paul Simms gave the following reasons for the character names:

NewsRadio suffered from middling ratings throughout its entire run, yet still managed to last nearly 100 episodes. The show came into its own in the fourth season, turning in 22 episodes that this viewer considers classic.

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    1st Season Spring 1995

  1. "Pilot"
    gs: Kurt Fuller [ Ed Harlow ], Greg Lee [ Rick ], Wallace Langham [ Jeff ], Beau Billingslea [ The Security Guard ]

    Dave Nelson leaves his hometown of Wisconsin (see episode # 39) for New York and his new job as the news director of radio station WNYX. However before he can assume his duties he needs to fire the current news director.

    b: 21 Mar 95 pc: 100 w: Paul Simms d: James Burrows

    NOTE: Thanks to Eric Wilkerson for pointing out that Ella Joyce has only one line in this episode, her only NewsRadio appearance. Actor Greg Lee is better known as the host of PBS children's program Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?.
  2. "Inappropriate"
    gs: Kenny Johnston [ Danny ]

    Dave and Lisa try to keep their relationship secret. Matthew makes an on-air mispronunciation with severe repercussions. Bill pesters Catherine.

    b: 28 Mar 95 pc: 102 w: Paul Simms d: James Burrows
  3. "Smoking"
    gs: Monte Russell [ Paramedic ]

    Bill suffers when a new law is passed banning smoking in the workplace. To help Bill give up cigarettes, Dave volunteers to give up his addiction, coffee. Lisa worries that she and Dave were spotted by Joe during a date at the movies.

    b: 4 Apr 95 pc: 103 w: Josh Lieb & Brad Isaacs & Paul Simms d: James Burrows

    NOTE: Actor Monte Russell, who played the paramedic, has a recurring role on ER as a paramedic.
  4. "The Crisis"
    gs: Steeve Arlen [ Bob ], Mark Davenport [ Delivery Man ]

    Dave deals with his first challenge as news director when a subway train is derailed. Back in the office, Matthew's new desk causes friction among the staffers, whom all want new desks.

    b: 11 Apr 95 pc: 101 w: Josh Lieb d: James Burrows
  5. "Big Day"
    gs: Albie Selznick [ Copy Guy ], Joe Wein [ Delivery Guy ]

    Mr. James assigns Dave the task of doling out the annual bonuses. Each staffer gets the standard $400 bonus except for two, one of who receives a $3,000 'Big Bonus', the other gets 'The Shaft'. In the B-story, Bill complains to Dave about all the clutter that mysteriously finds its way to his desk.

    b: 18 Apr 95 pc: 105 w: Joe Furey & Brad Isaacs & Josh Lieb & Paul Simms d: Alan Myerson
  6. "Luncheon at the Waldorf"

    Bill invites Beth on a lunch date which she accepts despite Lisa's fear that Bill will take advantage of her. The tables are turned when Beth sticks her tongue down Bill's throat. Dave tries to get to the bottom of WNYX's severely bloated financial problems.

    b: 2 May 95 pc: 104 w: Brad Isaacs d: Peter Baldwin
  7. "Sweeps Week"
    gs: Janeane Garofalo [ Nancy ], Bill Geisslinger [ Tom P. Baxter ]

    Dave's old girlfriend Nancy visits, still under the impression that she and Dave are an item. Meanwhile, Jimmy insists Bill interview a 'financial visionary'

    b: 9 May 95 pc: 106 w: Joe Furey & Paul Simms d: Peter Bonerz

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    2nd Season 1995

  8. "No, This is Not Based Entirely on Julie's Life"
    gs: Kyle T. Heffner [ Counterman ], Neal Lerner [ Employee # 2 ], Chris Kattan [ Employee # 3 ], Steve Susskind [ Milos the Janitor Guy ], Stan Cahill [ Water Guy ]

    Beth takes erotic photographs or herself to energize her relationship with her boyfriend. Joe booby traps the refrigerator when someone coninually steals his daily gelato.

    b: 19 Sep 95 pc: 202 w: Paul Simms d: Alan Myerson
  9. "Goofy Ball"
    gs: Dennis Miller [ The Stalker ], Alison Brahe [ Sheila ], Wendy Hamilton [ Emily ], Elisabeth Sjoli [ Carol ]

    Jimmy gives Beth and Matthew a new product, a 'goofy ball', to test. Lisa decides its time to tell Mr. James about her fling with Dave. Bill buys a stun gun from Joe when he fears he's being stalked.

    b: 26 Sep 95 pc: 201 w: Paul Simms d: Alan Myerson
  10. "Rat Funeral"
    gs: Mike Starr [ Building Super ], Marcelo Tubert [ Delivery Guy ]

    The staff is overly sentimental when Dave catches 'Mike', the office rat.

    b: 10 Oct 95 pc: 205 w: Paul Simms & Lewis Morton d: Alan Myerson

    NOTE: The board on the wall in the hallway lists the names of several NewsRadio crew members, including set director Linda Cooper.
  11. "The Breakup"

    Dave and Lisa have a fight after Dave calls her the 'b-word'. Beth manipulates the two into 'coming out' in front of the whole staff. Catherine finds out Bill's real first name.

    b: 31 Oct 95 pc: 206 w: Paul Simms d: Peter Bonerz
  12. "The Shrink"
    gs: John Ritter [ Dr. Frank Westford ]

    Jimmy brings in a psychiatrist when the staff is stressed out.

    b: 7 Nov 95 pc: 208 w: Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn d: Michael Lembeck
  13. "Friends"
    gs: Bebe Neuwirth [ Sandi Angelini ], Tone Loc [ Security Guard ], Toby Huss [ Guard #2 ]

    Beth and her copycat friend fight for Matthew. Bill is plagued by security guards who refuse to let him enter the building without his ID.

    b: 14 Nov 95 pc: 209 w: Brian Kelley & Josh Lieb d: Michael Lembeck
  14. "Bill's Autobiography"

    Bill is approached with a book deal to write his autobiography.

    b: 21 Nov 95 pc: 207 w: Joe Furey d: Michael Lembeck
  15. "Negotiation"
    gs: Natalija Nogulich [ Melanie Sanders ], Frank Bello [ Himself ], Scott Ian [ Himself ], John Robert Bush [ Himself ]

    Dave gives Matthew a in-name-only promotion to coordinating producer. Lisa looks for a temporary job as an MTV news anchor. Jimmy announces he's getting married and asks for help finding a wife.

    b: 28 Nov 95 pc: 210 w: Dawn DeKeyser d: Leonard R. Garner, Jr.

    NOTE: Musicians Bello, Ian & Bush are the musical band 'Anthrax'. A phrase in this episode, 'Super Karate Monkey Death Car' resurfaces as the title of episode # 57.
  16. "The Cane"
    gs: Jane Lynch [ Carol ], Danny Passer [ Lost Guy ]

    Bill's new cane, which he carries for no particular reason, annoys Dave. After it's stolen, Dave is the target of Bill's wrath. Jimmy's all-night office brainstorms stokes Dave and Lisa's competitive fires. Matthew and Joe get on each other's nerves.

    b: 12 Dec 95 pc: 204 w: Brad Isaacs d: Alan Myerson
  17. "Xmas Story"
    gs: David Anthony Higgins [ Santa ], Tone Loc [ Lorenzo ], Toby Huss [ Junior ]

    Matthew is upset when he realizes Mr. James gave everyone except him a new convertible for Christmas. Meanwhile Bill is stalked by a homicidal Santa Claus.

    b: 19 Dec 95 pc: 212 w: Lewis Morton d: Leonard R. Garner, Jr.

    NOTE: This episode's plot factors somewhat into episode # 69.

    In response to a rumor that Lew Morton is not a real person, Paul Simms responded with:

    "No, Lew Morton is a real writer, but often the episodes on which he gets a "Written By" credit aren't very good ones. It's probably just a coincidence."

  18. "Station Sale"
    gs: Maureen Mueller [ Jane ]

    Jimmy negotiates with a media conglomerate to sell the station so he can meet with their attractive representative. Matthew handcuffs himself to a chair to protest a sale, while the rest of the staff schemes up ways to keep their jobs.

    b: 7 Jan 96 pc: 211 w: Leslie Caveny & Brian Kelley & Lewis Morton s: Joe Furey & Josh Lieb & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  19. "Bitch Session"

    Dave accidentally overhears the entire staff mocking and insulting him. Jimmy tries to lift Dave's spirits.

    b: 14 Jan 96 pc: 213 w: Brian Kelley d: James Burrows
  20. "In Through the Out Door"
    gs: Steve Susskind [ Milos ]

    Dave introduces Bill at a Broadcasting Society event after taking speaking lessons from Bill. Matthew learns about gambling from Joe, falling $20,000 into debt.

    b: 4 Feb 96 pc: 217 w: Leslie Caveny & Joe Furey & Alan J. Higgins s: Josh Lieb & Drake Sather & Paul Simms d: Patrick Maloney
  21. "The Song Remains the Same"
    gs: John Posey [ Scott Barker ], Tom W. Chick [ Employee ], Gerry Gibson [ Brian ]

    Mr. James disrupts the office with his early April Fools' Day practical jokes. Bill is interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter. Lisa and Matthew compete for the right to cover the New Hampshire primary.

    b: 18 Feb 96 pc: 218 w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil s: Joe Furey & Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones
  22. "Zoso"
    gs: George Hamilton [ Don Green ], Lynnda Ferguson [ Linda ], Herschel Sparber [ Bodyguard ]

    Bill enlists Joe and Matthew's support to try to convince his girlfriend that he's British. Beth tries to sell 'Fat Albert'-style hats to a department store. Lisa uses Mr. James negotiating tips to ask Dave for a raise.

    b: 25 Feb 96 pc: 214 w: Josh Lieb & Lewis Morton s: Joe Furey & Paul Simms d: James Burrows
  23. "Houses of the Holy"
    gs: David Cross [ Theo ]

    Joe does an admirable job filling in for an ill Catherine, much to Bill's dismay. Beth dates Mr. James' magician nephew.

    b: 10 Mar 96 pc: 215 w: Dawn DeKeyser & Brian Kelley s: Joe Furey & Paul Simms d: Gregg Heschong
  24. "Physical Graffiti"
    gs: Wallace Langham [ Stewart ], John Apicella [ Washroom Attendant ]

    Dave is jealous when Lisa constantly talks to her ex-boyfriend. Joe is the facilitator in a practical joke war between Catherine & Bill.

    b: 24 Mar 96 pc: 216 w: Josh Lieb s: Josh Lieb & Paul Simms d: Patrick Maloney
  25. "Led Zeppelin"

    Dave and Lisa announce they're breaking up. Lisa insists any further communication be done in memorandum format. Dave tries to keep his 24-page memo private. Mr. James continues his wife search.

    b: 31 Mar 96 pc: 221 w: Leslie Caveny d: Patrick Maloney
  26. "Presence"
    gs: John F. O'Donohue [ Stan ], Tina Arning [ Cassandra ], Kathleen McClellan [ Valerie ], Nick Mize [ Delivery Man #1 ], Blake Boyd [ Buff Guy ], Joe Furey [ Guy in Office ]

    Jimmy loses Bill in a poker game. Lisa competes in Jimmy's place to win him back. Joe uses a hidden camera inside a Boba Fett action figure to keep up with the action.

    b: 14 Apr 96 pc: 219 w: Alan J. Higgins & Josh Lieb d: Lee Shallat Chemel

    NOTE: In response to a question regarding the Boba Fett figure, creator Paul Simms answered thusly:
    "Many of the writers, myself included, are big Star Wars fans. Josh Lieb, the co-executive producer who is watching me type this, wants me to point out that he is not a Star Wars fan, because he is stupid. Anyway, that's why we wanted to use Boba Fett, and we were actually shocked that the LucasFilm people allowed us to do it."

  27. "Coda"
    gs: Jeremiah Morris [ Editor ], Steve Susskind [ Milos ], Phillip McNiven [ Eddie ]

    Matthew tries to convince everyone to rent a summer home in the Hamptons. Lisa helps Joe study for an electrician's exam. Mr. James, Dave, Bill, & Guy the editor spend all day editing a baseball promo.

    b: 21 Apr 96 pc: 220 w: Brian Kelley & Lewis Morton s: Josh Lieb & Paul Simms d: Lee Shallat Chemel
  28. "Led Zeppelin II"
    gs: Jordan Baker [ Ruth ], Vic Wilson [ Fireman ]

    A fire in the building sets everyone's nerves on edge. Bill tries to escape. Dave and Lisa get back together. Mr. James continues his wife search.

    b: 28 Apr 96 pc: 222 w: Drake Sather d: James Burrows

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    3rd Season 1996

  29. "President"
    gs: Albert L. Roker [ Guy ]

    Mr. James announces his candidacy for the presidency. Lisa tries to bring him down. Meanwhile, Matthew grows a hideous moustache.

    b: 18 Sep 96 pc: _________ w: Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  30. "Review"
    gs: Scott Adams [ Guy in Line Behind Dave and Joe in First Scene ], Michael Adler [ Guy at End Pretending to be Scott Adams ], Mark Fite [ Counterman ]

    Matthew quits when his Dilbert obsession interferes with his work. A poor magazine review of the station grates the entire staff.

    b: 25 Sep 96 pc: _________ w: Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Scott Adams, Dilbert cartoonist, guest stars.
  31. "Massage Chair"

    Bill leads a revolution when Mr. James eliminates free snacks in the break room. Joe gives Catherine a variety of electronic gadgets to ingratiate himself with her. Bill buys a massage chair.

    b: 2 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Lewis Morton d: Drake Sather
  32. "Arcade"
    gs: Wesley Jonathan [ Kid #1 ], Orion Courtin [ Kid #2 ], Leelee Sobieski [ Girl ], Roger Hewlett [ Vending Man ], Eugene Jarvis, Creator of Defender, Stargate Defender, and Robotron 2084 [ Delivery Guy #3 ]

    Dave worries that the past will repeat itself when an arcade game, Stargate Defender, is installed in the hallway. Lisa and Dave take the SATs to prove they're not getting dumber. Bill is obsessed with the stale, plastic, leathery sandwiches from a vending machine.

    b: 23 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Brian Kelley d: Tom Cherones
  33. "Halloween"
    gs: Nancy Fish [ Psychic ], Patience Cleveland [ Dorothy (older) ], Suzanne Turner [ Dorothy (younger) ], James Healey, Jr. [ Snake Guy ], Tony DeCarlo [ Juggler ]

    Mr. James requests that the reticent staffers wear costumes to his Halloween party. Lisa convinces everyone to dress up by promising that Dave will wear the most outlandish costume ever. A psychic tells Bill the exact date of his death..36 years in the future.

    b: 30 Oct 96 pc: _________ w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil d: Tom Cherones
  34. "Awards Show"
    gs: Bob Costas [ Himself ], Steven Gilborn [ Marty Jackson ], Kev O'Neil [ Bartender ], Johnny Crear [ Elderly Gentleman ]

    Dave believes WNYX will overcome its jinx and finally win the local broadcasting awards. Matthew believes the office is infested with ants.

    b: 6 Nov 96 pc: _________ w: Drake Sather d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Costume Supervisor Luellyn Harper was nominated for an Emmy award for this episode.
  35. "Daydream"
    gs: Lance E. Nichols [ George ], Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. [ Howie ], Rebecca Chambers [ Jeanette ], Mike James [ Mohammed ], Cheryl Murphy [ Shaniqua ]

    Daydreams plague staffers on an unbelievably hot day. Among others, Beth fantasizes that she's being stalked by Matthew, who's taking on horror movie guises; and Joe dreams he turned each of the staffers into androids.

    b: 13 Nov 96 pc: _________ w: Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  36. "Movie Star"
    gs: James Caan [ Himself ], Allan Murray [ Salesman ]

    James Caan visits WNYX to study Bill and prepare for an upcoming film role, but gets distracted and ultimately enthralled by a nervous Matthew. Dave decides to buy a television for Lisa, revealing his passion for Green Acres. Jimmy takes Beth and Catherine to a Knicks game.

    b: 20 Nov 96 pc: _________ w: Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones
  37. "Stocks"

    Matthew returns from a Japanese vacation bearing gifts, including a katana for Dave. Mr. James teaches Beth the intricacies of the stock market.

    b: 11 Dec 96 pc: _________ w: Alan J. Higgins d: Tom Cherones
  38. "Christmas"
    gs: Duke Moosekian [ Steve ], Terry Rhoads [ Roger ]

    Dave ends up covering for the staffers on Christmas Eve when they want to leave early, despite the risk of missing a flight with Lisa to Wisconsin. Matthew uses an uncanny ability to select the perfect present for people on Mr. James' Christmas list.

    b: 18 Dec 96 pc: _________ w: Drake Sather d: Patrick Maloney
  39. "The Trainer"
    gs: Ben Stiller [ Vic ], Eric Allan Kramer [ Eddie Chambers ], Patton Oswalt [ Guy ]

    All of WNYX is up in arms when they discover Dave is actually a Canadian, not a mid-westerner. Bill joins a health club. Dave tries to teach Jimmy table manners for his upcoming dinner with the president.

    b: 19 Dec 96 pc: _________ w: Joe Furey d: Gregg Heschong
  40. "Rap"
    gs: Chuck D [ Himself ], Vince Ricotta [ Photographer ], Susan Leslie [ Assistant ]

    Bill is outraged when he discovers that rap music has lyrics...offensive lyrics; Lisa is voted 'Cutest Reporter in New York' and attends a photo shoot with Catherine and Beth.

    b: 8 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Alan J. Higgins & Brian Kelley s: Drake Sather & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  41. "Led Zeppelin Boxed Set"
    gs: Lawrence B. Adisa [ Three Card Monte Dealer ], David Basulto [ Henchman ]

    Matthew, in his own mind, becomes the 'King of the Office' when he loses his temper and punches Bill. Matthew's reign of terror, including ordering various staffers to fetch his lunch, alienates the entire office. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to best a Three Card Monte dealer at his own game.

    b: 15 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Lewis Morton & Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil s: Joe Furey & Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones
  42. "Complaint Box"
    gs: Bill Stevenson [ Brian ], David St. James [ Lawyer ], Jon Simmons [ Dave's Lawyer ]

    A newly installed complaint box makes Dave's life miserable. Mr. James goes fishing, but thanks to Joe's invention, the Garelli 5000, stays in contact with the office via satellite hookup.

    b: 29 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Brian Kelley & Lewis Morton s: Joe Furey & Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones
  43. "Rose Bowl"
    gs: David Clennon [ Judge ], Glenn Walker Harris, Jr. [ Kyle ], George Lindsey [ Himself ]

    WNYX staffers evaluate their co-workers, leading to problems based on Matthew's belief that Bill is a God. Jimmy buys fake movie memorabilia, unaware that the sled from Citizen Kane was named 'Rosebud' not 'Rose Bowl'. Joe represents Jimmy in a lawsuit against the man who sold the items.

    b: 5 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Alan J. Higgins & Josh Lieb s: Lewis Morton & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  44. "Kids"
    gs: Stephanie Erb [ Teacher ], Sydney Berry [ Beth's Kid ], Curtis Blanck [ Dave's Kid ], Cory Buck [ Matthew's Kid ], Meghan Harris [ Lisa's Kid ], Colton James [ Bill's Kid ], Kyle Sullivan [ Jimmy's Kid ], Gregory Wheeler [ Joe's Kid ], Katherine Zane [ Catherine's Kid ]

    Jimmy implements a program allowing kids into the station to learn about radio, but ditches the students to hit on their teacher. Dave searches for a stash of dirty magazines.

    b: 12 Feb 97 pc: ________ w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil s: Joe Furey & Drake Sather d: Tom Cherones
  45. "Airport"
    gs: Jim Fyfe [ Person ], Daniel Hagen [ Airline Representative ], Michael James McDonald [ Lee ], Stoney Westmoreland [ Pilot ]

    With Bill and Dave stuck in a St. Louis airport, Lisa takes command of the office. Her first task: stop Joe and Catherine from going to a movie. Beth and Matthew go to Bill's 'pleasure palace' of an apartment to water his plants. Back in St. Louis, Dave teaches Bill that being polite has its rewards.

    b: 19 Feb 97 pc: _________ w: Drake Sather d: Tom Cherones
  46. "Twins"
    gs: Jon Stewart [ Andrew ], Steven R. Barnett [ Robert ]

    Matthew's 'identical' twin brother visits. Most of WNYX's furniture is repossessed when the budget is drastically slashed to accommodate a staffer's secret raise.

    b: 12 Mar 97 pc: _________ w: Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Maura Tierney wasn't in this episode. She was in Delaware filming the movie The Broadway Brawler.
  47. "Office Feud"
    gs: Taylor Nichols [ Glenn ], Jack Patterson [ Carl Jackson ], Cory Buck [ Boy #2 ], Dion C. Overstreet, Jr. [ Kid ], Sara Paxton [ Sara ], Christopher Riccio [ Boy #1 ]

    Joe engages in office warfare with the new noisy environmentalists upstairs. Catherine takes offense at Bill's newest sponsor, Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor. Lisa covers a White House Easter Egg hunt.

    b: 19 Mar 97 pc: _________ w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil d: Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
  48. "Our Fiftieth Episode"
    gs: Jon Lovitz [ Fred ], Doug Ballard [ Dr. Mandel ], Richard Harris [ Orderly ], Susan Leslie [ Hairstylist ]

    Bill is committed to an asylum when he's judged mentally incompetent. Lisa is forced to do the 'McNeal Perspective' with Joe in Bill's absence.

    b: 2 Apr 97 pc: _________ w: Joe Furey & Paul Simms s: Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: This episode aired with pop-up bubbles a la VH-1's 'Pop-Up Videos' on 1 Apr 98. Every few seconds, a 'bubble' would pop onto the screen with background information on the series as a whole, or the particular scene being shown. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch also aired a 'bubble episode' in 1998. Among the more interesting tidbits; producers wanted to digitally remove an extra from the scene with Dave & Catherine in the doctor's office because they felt he was too distracting; the on-air wedding proposal was a response to NBC executives who wanted NewsRadio to stage a wedding for a ratings boost; Khandi Alexander wrote the exit-line when she and Dave leave the mental hospital; Many actors have turned down guest roles on NewsRadio because they've never heard of the show, including Charlton Heston. Watch the Monopoly board for a continuity error with a stack of paper.
  49. "Sleeping"
    gs: Scott N. Stevens [ Dr. Mandel ]

    Jimmy suffers a heart attack. His lawyer insists Jimmy stay in the break room while recovering from his coma. Lisa realizes she hasn't completed all her goals in life, and decides to have a baby.

    b: 7 May 97 pc: _________ w: Brian Kelley s: Alan J. Higgins & Paul Simms d: Judi Elterman
  50. "The Real Deal"
    gs: Jerry Seinfeld [ Himself ], Bobbie Brown [ Irene ], Gregg Daniel [ Kevin Sparks ], Mark Fite [ Waiter ]

    When Bill and producer Lisa's new show 'The Real Deal' is on the verge of cancellation, they do everything in their power to recruit Jerry Seinfeld to appear. Matthew reveals that he's never gone 'all the way' before.

    b: 7 May 97 pc: _________ w: Joe Furey & Paul Simms s: Josh Lieb & Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones
  51. "Mistake"
    gs: French Stewart [ Brent ], Robert M. Koch [ Waiter ]

    Matthew is no longer the weirdest person in the office, when a strange temp comes in. Dave is featured in a national magazine where he inexplicably insults each staff member...and reveals his passion for tap dancing.

    b: 14 May 97 pc: _________ w: Josh Lieb & Drake Sather s: Joe Furey & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  52. "Space"
    gs: Bobbie Brown [ Irene ]

    NewsRadio in Outer Space. The year is 2228, humankind is nearly extinct and those who remain are constantly on the run from killer robots. Matthew dates an android. Dave and Lisa discuss moving in together after 93 years dating. Joe, after living in suspended animation for 83 years, tries to fix the life support system.

    b: 21 May 97 pc: _________ w: Joe Furey & Josh Lieb & Paul Simms s: Brian Kelley & Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: According to creator Paul Simms, this was originally scheduled to be the second to last episode of the season, but the network insisted it be the last one of the season, which made NewsRadio execs nervous about NBC's intentions, considering that all the characters do die in the end of the episode. This episode was dedicated 'In Loving Memory of Ida Dick', most likely Andy Dick's mother.
  53. "Injury"
    gs: Norm MacDonald [ Roger ], Bob Odenkirk [ Dr. Smith ], Wayne Wilderson [ OSHA Guy ]

    Matthew faces a large medical bill when he's injured while goofing off around the office. A sympathetic Dave claims it was a work related mishap, earning Matthew Workman's comp. Mr. James and his lawyer, Roger, search for the truth. Meanwhile, Bill takes offense at a rival stations' use of the word 'penis' and air several McNeal reports using the same word.

    b: 5 Jun 97 pc: _________ w: Paul Simms d: Rick Beren

    NOTE: This episode was originally slated to air 17 Mar 96, but was postponed because of Bill's use of the word 'penis'. According to a NY Times article on 20 Mar 96, the NewsRadio staff was cleaning it up for air. After being scheduled and pulled yet again, the episode finally aired, reportedly edited.

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    4th Season 1997

  54. "Jumper"
    gs: Jon Lovitz [ Mike Johnson ], Ivan Allen [ Newsman ]

    Bill tries to get an exclusive on-air story when a suicidal man is perched outside Dave's window.

    b: 23 Sep 97 pc: 401 w: Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Jon Lovitz makes the second of his two guest appearances, prior to becoming a regular in season 5.

    Dave Foley wears a wig for the first three or so episodes of this season. Foley's hair was cut short for the Tom Hanks miniseries From the Earth to the Moon. In the interest of continuity, the producers had a special wig made for him.

  55. "Planbee"
    gs: Lauren Graham [ Andrea ], Scott Valentine [ Producer ], Charlotte Booker [ Makeup Artist ], Reno [ Producer # 2 ], Michael Kostroff [ Carl ], John Vosler [ Painter ]

    Jimmy hires Andrea, an efficiency expert, when the station needs to cut funds. The staffers rally around an inept Matthew to try to preserve his job. Bill auditions for a television job.

    b: 30 Sep 97 pc: 402 w: Brian Kelley d: Tom Cherones
  56. "The Public Domain"
    gs: Lauren Graham [ Andrea ], Paul Gleason [ Steve Johnson ], Peter Spellos [ Camera Guy ], Cheryl Kirby [ Passenger ]

    Dave tries to get Matthew rehired amidst chaos. Andrea hires a man to share Dave's Job, Jimmy brings a camera crew into the office to film a documentary, and Bill prepares for a new career as a singing political satirist a la Mark Russell.

    b: 28 Oct 97 pc: 404 w: Joe Furey d: Tom Cherones
  57. "Super Karate Monkey Death Car"
    gs: Lauren Graham [ Andrea ], Brian Posehn [ Fan ], Dave Allen [ Lackey ], Mark Conley [ Pilot ], Zuhair Haddad [ Maitre d' ], Michael Raysses [ Technician ]

    Andrea forces the staff to take lie detector tests. Lisa fears she will not pass the test due to her extensive criminal past. Jimmy has his book, which failed in the U.S., translated into Japanese then back into English.

    b: 4 Nov 97 pc: 403 w: Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones
  58. "French Diplomacy"
    gs: Lauren Graham [ Andrea ], Nancy Bell [ Brandi ], Edith Barnes [ Mrs. Barnes ]

    Dave and Lisa breakup. Bill gets himself into trouble when he advocates the beating of foreign diplomats. Matthew opens his own dentistry practice.

    b: 11 Nov 97 pc: 405 w: Drake Sather d: Tom Cherones
  59. "Pure Evil"
    gs: George Dobesh [ Senator ], Grace Morley [ Cindy ]

    Dave hatches a scheme of 'pure evil' to get his job as news director back, including approving Bill's obscenity laced imaginary conversations with the president. Lisa tries hard to do a good job as news director. Matthew lives in the office.

    b: 18 Nov 97 pc: 407 w: Paul Simms s: Brian Kelley & Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones
  60. "Catherine Moves On"

    Each staffer offers up a very different version of events of the day Catherine announces she's leaving WNYX. Joe realizes that Catherine's always yearned for him.

    b: 25 Nov 97 pc: 408 w: Josh Lieb & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  61. "Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show"
    gs: Kevin Hamilton McDonald [ Throwdini ], Tom Parks [ Emcee ]

    Dave unveils a previously hidden talent to compete in a charity talent show. If a WNYX staff member wins, Mr. James will re-hire Matthew in this incredibly hilarious episode.

    b: 16 Dec 97 pc: 409 w: Alan J. Higgins d: Tom Cherones
  62. "The Secret of Management"
    gs: Ian Abercrombie [ Cadbury ], Mary Lynn Rajskub [ Waitress ]

    Bill hire's a gentleman's gentleman, Cadbury, to oversee his life. Mr. James teaches Lisa 'The Secret of Management'. Matthew feels left out when Bill doesn't congratulate him on being rehired.

    b: 1 Jan 98 pc: 406 w: Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones
  63. "Look Who's Talking"
    gs: Denise Dowse [ Adoption Agent ], Judy Geeson [ Auctioneer ], Lynn A. Henderson [ Mother #1 ], Clarinda Ross [ Mother #2 ], Patricia Place [ Rich Woman ], Logan Craig O'Brien [ Charlie ], Jim Hanna [ Husband ], Kate Gladfelter [ Wife ], Reed Rudy [ Rich Guy ]

    Bill announces plans to adopt a child. Beth and Joe attend a charity bachelor auction, with Beth impersonating a duchess and Joe playing her homosexual bachelor friend, to bid on Mr. James.

    b: 6 Jan 98 pc: 412 w: Joe Furey d: Tom Cherones
  64. "Chock"
    gs: Bob Odenkirk [ Bob ], David Cross [ David ], Brian Posehn [ Brian ]

    Dave finds it hard to say no when his old college acapella singing group 'Chock Full o' Notes' reunites for Dave's 32nd birthday, hoping to take the pop charts by storm. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to motivate Matthew without reducing him to tears. Joe has a beef with one of Dave's friends.

    b: 13 Jan 98 pc: 410 w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Thanks to many people for pointing out that Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have an HBO variety show titled Mr. Show with Bob and David. Brian Posehn is a writer (?) for the program. Dave Foley has also made a guest appearance on that show. Also Odenkirk was a performer and Cross a writer with Andy Dick on The Ben Stiller Show. Thanks to another Scott for bringing me up to speed on these facts.
  65. "Who's the Boss? (1)"

    After Bill pesters Lisa once again, Dave and Lisa hatch an evil plan to make Bill the boss to teach him a lesson. Bill's reign is eerily efficient. Joe goes on a sympathy strike to support another of Mr. James companies.

    b: 20 Jan 98 pc: 411 w: Josh Lieb d: Gregg Heschong
  66. "Who's the Boss? (2)"
    gs: Bryan Callen [ Russ ], Nick DiPaolo [ Jack ], Robert Hegyes [ Sal ], Michael Kostroff [ Carl ]

    Mr. James announces an election for station manager, which neither Dave nor Lisa want to win. Joe's dysfunctional brothers visit the station to plan a surprise party for their parents. Matthew runs for floor fire marshal.

    b: 3 Feb 98 pc: 413 w: Brian Kelley d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Michael Kostroff reprises the role of Carl from ep #55.
  67. "Security Door"

    Dave struggles vainly to get the staffers to properly use the recently installed security door. Bill enlists Lisa to do the negotiating when he's offered a job in a blue jean's commercial.

    b: 24 Feb 98 pc: 415 w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil s: Joe Furey & Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones
  68. "Big Brother"
    gs: Michael Buchman Silver [ Danny ], Mike Colt [ Guard ]

    Beth competes for Matthew's affection with his Big Brother. Bill and Mr. James obsess over Lisa's personal life.

    b: 3 Mar 98 pc: 414 w: Lewis Morton d: Judi Elterman
  69. "Beep, Beep"
    gs: Antoinette Valente [ Mary ]

    Mr. James gives Matthew a small toy car. Mr. James urges Dave and Lisa to get back together when a secret study reveals they're more productive when they're a couple.

    b: 18 Mar 98 pc: 416 w: Alan J. Higgins d: Tom Cherones
  70. "Balloon"
    gs: Dave Nemeth [ TV Anchor ]

    Jimmy tries to become the latest billionaire to make a round-the-world trip in a hot air balloon. Bill gives up cigarettes in favor of chaw.

    b: 25 Mar 98 pc: 417 w: Josh Lieb s: Joe Furey & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  71. "Copy Machine"
    gs: Tom Gallop [ Jack ], Christopher Randolph [ Paramedic ]

    The copy machine related death of a co-worker nobody seems to be able to remember is the focus of this episode. The employee's, Ted, college roommate visits, hoping to get good Ted stories. Matthew and Beth worry that Dave is taking the death too hard. Joe hangs up his toolbelt, fearful that Ted's death was caused by modifications he made to the copy machine.

    b: 8 Apr 98 pc: 418 w: Drake Sather d: Joe Furey
  72. "Monster Rancher"

    rc: Walt

    Matthew takes Lisa on a date. The office has trouble adapting to a new intern, Mr. James' nephew, Walt.

    b: 15 Apr 98 pc: 419 w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil s: Brian Kelley & Lewis Morton d: Tom Cherones
  73. "4:20"
    gs: David Dunard [ Referee ]

    rc: Walt

    Joe fights Matthew in a no-holds-barred match at Mr. James' men's club smoker. Bill is extremely worried that Walt will ask Lisa on a date. We learn Dave's technique for getting rid of an unwanted visitor; act insane.

    b: 29 Apr 98 pc: 420 w: Paul Simms d: Judi Elterman
  74. "Jackass Junior High"
    gs: Mark Jonathan Davis [ Himself ], Jonell Kennedy [ Cheryl ], Michelle Benes [ Tour Woman ], Doug Gochman [ Tourist #1 ], Allan Murray [ Tourist #2 ], Grady Hutt [ Teenager ], Mathew Weiss [ Kid ]

    rc: Walt

    Lisa is treated like a male by office co-workers, who revert to their boorish selves when all other females are out sick.

    b: 6 May 98 pc: 421 w: Joe Furey & Alan J. Higgins s: Drake Sather & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones
  75. "Sinking Ship"
    gs: Emil Alexander [ Porter ]

    rc: Walt

    Bill tells the story of WNYX and its staffers as if they were on the Titanic. Dave warns the staff to keep an eye peeled for icebergs... to their amusement. Dave gives Lisa a priceless jeweled necklace.

    b: 12 May 98 pc: 422 w: Joe Furey & Brian Kelley & Josh Lieb & Sam Johnson s: Chris Marcil & Lew Morton & Drake Sather & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: NewsRadio won its only Emmy award for the costuming in this episode.

    Phil Hartman was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award, but lost to David Hyde Pierce in NewsRadio's only non-costuming nomination.

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    5th Season 1998

  76. "Bill Moves On"

    rc: Catherine

    The staff members mourn Bill's death due to a heart attack, except Matthew, who believes Bill to be alive and operating a small business in Katmandu. Catherine flies in from London for the funeral.

    b: 23 Sep 98 pc: _________ w: Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: This episode was dedicated to Phil Hartman who died on May 28th. After hearing news of his death, NBC execs first impulse was to cancel the program, but creator Paul Simms assured them he'd work something out. Reportedly, NBC only renewed NewsRadio for a fifth season after demanding, and receiving, a share of the program.
  77. "Meet the Max Louis"

    Dave hires a new newscaster, Max Louis, who among his many quirks has trouble remembering names and constantly worries he'll be fired.

    b: 7 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones
  78. "Lucky Burger"
    gs: David Anthony Higgins [ Manager ], Dan Martin [ Inspector Ron Jarek ]

    Matthew launches a vendetta against Max, in the process discovering that Max falsified his resume. Lisa pursues corruption at a fast food restaurant.

    b: 14 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Alan J. Higgins d: Tom Cherones
  79. "Noise"

    Dave and Mr. James become addicted to a white noise box. Matthew 'mothers' Max. Max and Lisa war over a news segment, 'This Day in History'.

    b: 21 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil d: Tom Cherones
  80. "Flowers for Matthew"

    Matthew becomes intelligent after drinking Joe's homemade 'smart drink'. The Max-Beth circus continues.

    b: 28 Oct 98 pc: _________ w: Mark O'Keefe & Ron Weiner d: Tom Cherones
  81. "Jail (1)"
    gs: Patrick Warburton [ Johnny Johnson ], Langon Bensing [ FBI Agent ], David Basulto [ Guard #1 ], Jeff Greenwald [ Security Guard ], Aaron Knight [ Guard #1 ]

    Jimmy is arrested, accused of being legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper. A panicked staff is calmed by Jimmy's temporary replacement, Johnny Johnson. Dave soon learns Johnny is out to overthrow Mr. James and usurp his corporate empire.

    b: 4 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Tom Saunders & Kell Cahoon d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: On 4 Nov 98, the NewsRadio cast appeared on The Donny and Marie Show, a daytime talk show. The cast discussed, among other subjects, the loss of Phil Hartman. Dave Foley told an interesting story about inheriting a pet fish. Andy Dick gave a brief behind the scenes tour of the NewsRadio set.
  82. "The Lam (2)"
    gs: Patrick Warburton [ Johnny Johnson ], Spencer Garrett [ G-Man ]

    Jimmy hides out at Dave's parents home while the Feds scour the country for him. Johnny proposes to Lisa, offering to give up his evilness for her hand in marriage.

    b: 11 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil d: Tom Cherones
  83. "Clash of the Titans (3)"
    gs: Patrick Warburton [ Johnny Johnson ], Casey Sander [ Prosecutor ], Julius Tennon [ Judge ], Adam West [ Himself ]

    Jimmy is exonerated when a remorseful Adam West confesses to the crime. Jimmy returns to WNYX only to find Johnny has been elected CEO. Jimmy tries to overthrow his evil successor.

    b: 24 Nov 98 pc: _________ w: Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones
  84. "Boston"
    gs: Don Perry [ Mr. Thornstrom ], Roger Fan [ Orderly ]

    Lisa regains her childhood Boston accent after a linguistics session with Max. Dave is continually thwarted in his attempts to tape an inspirational message for students at his former high school.

    b: 9 Dec 98 pc: _________ w: Alan J. Higgins d: Tom Cherones
  85. "Spooky Rapping Crypt"

    Mr. James tussles with Beth when she demands he implement an employee profit sharing plan. Matthew meets with a therapist/hypnotist and becomes convinced that Lisa is a Satanist.

    b: 15 Dec 98 pc: _________ w: Mark O'Keefe d: Tom Cherones
  86. "Stinkbutt"
    gs: Toby Huss [ Jack Frost ], Lee Chamberlin [ Building Supervisor ]

    Max insists that Mr. James' new security consultant is an imposter. Joe and Beth paint a ridiculous mural. Lisa is mortified when she and Matthew wear the same outfit to the office.

    b: 5 Jan 99 pc: _________ w: Drake Sather d: Tom Cherones
  87. "Apartment"
    gs: Alaina Reed Hall [ Landlady ], Meadow Williams [ Julie ]

    Dave and Lisa vie for a new apartment. Joe sets up a camera broadcasting the break room on the Internet.

    b: 12 Jan 99 pc: _________ w: Tom Saunders & Kell Cahoon s: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil d: Skip Collector
  88. "Towers"
    gs: Reginald Currelley [ Guard ]

    Mr. James plans to build twin gigantic J-shaped towers as his legacy. Matthew flips out on his 30th birthday, transforming himself into a British punk rocker.

    b: 2 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Alan J. Higgins s: Cliff Schoenberg d: Judi Elterman
  89. "Hair"
    gs: Dave (Gruber) Allen [ Eric Stark ], Zaid Farid [ Hippie #1 ], Larry Edwards [ Hippie #2 ], Jodi Bianca Wise [ Hippie #3 ]

    Joe uses hypnosis to cure Mr. James of his fear of hippies. Lisa's puppy is kidnapped by Beth who feeds it junk food.

    b: 9 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Josh Lieb d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Mr. James' hypnotic regression to the 60s fit in with NBC's miniseries airing the same week The 60s. To the best of my knowledge, NewsRadio was the only NBC program to adopt a 60s flavor.
  90. "Assistant"
    gs: Tiffani Amber-Thiessen [ Foxy Jackson ]

    Dave and Joe vie for the interest of Lisa's foxy new assistant. Beth tries to gain access to the newly refurbished men's room.

    b: 16 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Ron Weiner d: Tom Cherones
  91. "Wino (1)"
    gs: Patrick Warburton [ Johnny Johnson ], Alan Frazier [ Bum ]

    The formerly evil Johnny Johnson returns to the station, now a homeless wino, to claim Lisa's hand in marriage. Lisa finds it hard to resist Johnny... despite his noxious odor.

    b: 23 Feb 99 pc: _________ w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil d: Tom Cherones
  92. "Wedding (2)"
    gs: Patrick Warburton [ Johnny Johnson ], Alan Frazier [ Bum ], Paul F. Tompkins [ Justice of the Peace ], Jeb Barrows [ Man in Black ]

    Lisa is determined to marry Johnny despite Dave's strenuous objections.

    b: 2 Mar 99 pc: _________ w: Tom Saunders & Kell Cahoon d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: This was NBC's 'spotlight show of the week', an 'honor' usually bestowed on Friends, Frasier, or Just Shoot Me.
  93. "Ploy"

    Max pretends to quit to hopefully get Beth to beg him to stay. When the ploy fails, Dave has to swallow his pride to get Max back. Lisa's new hyphenated last name, Miller-Johnson, irks both Joe and Matthew.

    b: 9 Mar 99 pc: _________ w: Mark O'Keefe d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: NewsRadio was pre-empted for the remainder of March in favor of Lateline. Lateline lasted one week before being cancelled. NBC filled in the time slot for the remainder of the month with Frasier and Just Shoot Me reruns.

    Thanks to Eric Wilkerson for this report from the Museum of TV and Radio's Paley Festival where NewsRadio was honored:

    They actually showed two episodes.... "Daydream" from the third season, and "Apartment" from this season.

    The whole cast was there, as well as Paul Simms, Joe Furey, Josh Lieb, and Tom Cherones. It was a very relaxed feeling, and the cast was being their predictable unpredictable selves. Jon Lovitz was probably the most funny, followed closely by Andy Dick and Joe Rogan. The women were pretty quiet, as was Stephen Root. Dave Foley was just being "Dave Foley". There was a little bit of everything talked about from remembering Phil Hartman to jokes about Andy's sexuality.

    The cast was joking about not knowing whether the show would return next season. Apparently, in the season finale they just taped, Jimmy sells the station and buys a new one in some remote country town. He then persuades the staff to leave WNYX and follow him. Paul Simms said that if the show is renewed next season, it will change drastically to reflect this new idea. We'll see.

  94. "Padded Suit"

    Dave vents aggression on the staff, threatening to fire someone. Matthew wears a padded suit to learn Joe's karate-like martial art, Joe-jitsu. Mr. James leads a crusade against Mother's Day.

    b: 13 Apr 99 pc: _________ w: Ron Weiner s: Mike Preister d: Dave Foley
  95. "Freaky Friday"
    gs: Wayne Federman [ Randy Stark ], Judy Goldschmidt [ Linda ]

    Mr. James and Matthew switch places after Matthew denigrates Jimmy's occupation. Jimmy is incensed when Matthew loss his entire $7 billion fortune. Beth's history of cheating a CD club catches up with her. Dave bars Max from the break room.

    b: 20 Apr 99 pc: _________ w: Josh Lieb s: Brad Copeland d: Skip Collector
  96. "Retirement (1)"

    Mr. James announces that he's selling the station and retiring to New Hampshire. Dave believes it's a ploy. Lisa organizes a retirement party to convince Mr. James to stay.

    b: 27 Apr 99 pc: _________ w: Joe Furey & Brian Kelley s: Paul Simms d: Judi Elterman
  97. "New Hampshire (2)"

    Jimmy returns to WNYX hoping to convince Dave to relocate to New Hampshire. When Dave refuses, Mr. James sets his sights on the rest of the staff.

    b: 4 May 99 pc: _________ w: Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil s: Josh Lieb & Paul Simms d: Tom Cherones

    NOTE: Unfortunately this was the final NewsRadio episode. Though the show declined sharply from its 1997 form, it's still better than half the tripe NBC passes off as comedy. It was rumored that show creator Paul Simms had a pilot starring Joe Rogan being considered for Fall 1999 but apparently that didn't happen.

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