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In 1870, the town of Wretched, Colorado, is protected from outlaws not by the bumbling sheriff, but by the sharpshooting women of the Hanks family.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1966
End date: Mar 1967
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CBS (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 26 eps
Genre(s): Comedy, Western
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 117 Sep 66A Crooked Line
2.1- 224 Sep 66No Sale
3.1- 3 1 Oct 66Bitter Blossom O'Brien
4.1- 4 8 Oct 66Sir Richard of Wretched
5.1- 515 Oct 66The Hanks and the Indian War
6.1- 622 Oct 66The Triangle
7.1- 729 Oct 66A Wagonload of Wives
8.1- 8 5 Nov 66The Ross Guttley Story
9.1- 912 Nov 66The Gun Runners
10.1-1019 Nov 66The Great Bank Robbery (AKA Lookout Point)
11.1-1126 Nov 66Quit Shootin' Folks, Grandma
12.1-12 3 Dec 66Shoot-out at O'Day Corral
13.1-1310 Dec 66Headmistress of the Wretched (AKA Grandma's Date)
14.1-1417 Dec 66The Great Gift (AKA Here Comes Trouble)
15.1-1524 Dec 66Willie the Kid
16.1-1631 Dec 66Wretched Beautiful
17.1-17 7 Jan 67Faint Heart Ne'er Won Grandpa
18.1-1814 Jan 67A Star Is Scalped (AKA The Stranger)
19.1-1921 Jan 67Little Bear (AKA Beware the Hangman)
20.1-2028 Jan 67A Man for Hank
21.1-21 4 Feb 67Petrified Wretched
22.1-2211 Feb 67The Golden Fleece
23.1-2318 Feb 67The Instant Indian (AKA Peace Offering)
24.1-2425 Feb 67The Taming of Sorry Water
25.1-25 4 Mar 67The Great Raid (AKA Colonel Comes to Town)
26.1-2611 Mar 67Harold's Double
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Episodes 02, 05, 09 and 11 were made into a movie called The Far Out West.