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Last updated: Tue, 23 Jul 2024 -1:00
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Political commentary about the week's news events, the press, and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency. Video version of the podcast.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 2018
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): HBO (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 4 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 2018
1.2018-112 Oct 18Miami
2.2018-219 Oct 18Austin
3.2018-326 Oct 18Philadelphia
4.2018-402 Nov 18Irvine, Cal.
Season 2021
5.2021-104 Jan 21Sedition: Impossible.
6.2021-207 Jan 21Two Americas.
7.2021-311 Jan 21Tweets and Reconciliation
8.2021-414 Jan 212 Impeachment 2 Furious
9.2021-519 Jan 21Trump who?
10.2021-621 Jan 21Joe Biden is President.
11.2021-725 Jan 21There's no 'I' in 'Unity.
12.2021-828 Jan 21Go Big or Lose Small.
13.2021-901 Feb 21Katie Porter's stock tips.
14.2021-1004 Feb 21Party of Q.
15.2021-1108 Feb 21Impeaching the Big Lie.
16.2021-1211 Feb 21Impeachment, Lies, and Videotape.
17.2021-1316 Feb 21He did it. Not guilty.
18.2021-1418 Feb 21Flyin' Ted.
19.2021-1522 Feb 21Wehn they Cuomo, we go high.
20.2021-1625 Feb 21The Clown Prince of CPAC.
21.2021-1701 Mar 21Bienvenidos a Orlando (with Will Smith!)
22.2021-1804 Mar 21Basket of Neanderthals.
23.2021-1908 Mar 21The Era of Big Government is Back.
24.2021-2011 Mar 21Green Eggs ad Covid Relief Plan.
25.2021-2115 Mar 21Beat the Press.
26.2021-2218 Mar 21Democracy or the Filibuster. (with Alyssa Mastromonaco!)
27.2021-2322 Mar 21The voter suppression will continue until morale improves.
28.2021-2425 Mar 21Biden's chance to go big. (with Heather McGhee!)
29.2021-2529 Mar 21March Badness.
30.2021-2601 Apr 21Planes, Trains, and Matt Gaetz.
31.2021-2705 Apr 21A-holes in the Outfield
32.2021-2808 Apr 21Are we infrastructure?
33.2021-2912 Apr 21Mag-a-Lago.
34.2021-3015 Apr 21Daunte Wright should be alive today.
35.2021-3119 Apr 21The Tucker Carlson Caucus.
36.2021-3222 Apr 21Accountability today, justice tomorrow.
37.2021-3326 Apr 21Raise Caitlyn Jenner's taxes!
38.2021-3429 Apr 21A Very Lit Joint (Address) with Jen Psaki.
39.2021-3503 May 21Vax On, Mask Off.
40.2021-3606 May 21Republicans cancel a Cheney. (PLUS - Elizabeth Warren!)
41.2021-3710 May 21Horny for Bipartisanship. (with Beto O'Rourke!)
42.2021-3813 May 21Cheney Reaction.
43.2021-3917 May 21Dr. Fauci, Unmasked.
44.2021-4020 May 21Capitol-storming police-haters.
45.2021-4124 May 21The AP Bows to the Right-Wing Mob.
46.2021-4227 May 21Stop the 2024 Steal.
47.2021-4331 May 21Body temperature takes. (500th episode special!!)
48.2021-4403 Jun 21Cowboy up, Joe Manchin. (with Stacey Abrams and Ben Rhodes!)
49.2021-4507 Jun 21Trump's Fauci fetish.
50.2021-4610 Jun 21Does size matter? (with Pete Buttigieg!)
51.2021-4714 Jun 21Trump Leaks and Tax Cheats. (with Rep. Val Demings!)
52.2021-4817 Jun 21Juneteenth and the GOP's anti-anti-racism. (with Jelani Cobb!)
53.2021-4921 Jun 21That new Biden smell. (with Sen. Bernie Sanders!)
54.2021-5024 Jun 21Infrastructure 1, Democracy 0. (with Sen. Amy Klobuchar!)
55.2021-5128 Jun 21MAGA v. The Military. (with Sam Sanders!)
56.2021-5201 Jul 21Criminal Apprentice. (with Anat Shenker-Osorio!)
57.2021-5305 Jul 21Baby, you're a firework. (Fourth of July holiday pod!)
58.2021-5408 Jul 21Trump Mini-Me and Wannabe's.
59.2021-5512 Jul 21CPAC: The Fascist & The Furious (with Katie Porter & Dr. Vivek Murthy)
60.2021-5615 Jul 21deja coup.
61.2021-5719 Jul 21Is Facebook killing people? (with Sen. Brian Schatz)
62.2021-5822 Jul 21Both Sides-ing the Insurrection. (with Medhi Hasan)
63.2021-5926 Jul 21Panic! At the Delta.
64.2021-6029 Jul 211/6 Truth and 1/6 Truthers.
65.2021-6102 Aug 21The Fear Olympics.
66.2021-6205 Aug 21Biden v. Florida Man.
67.2021-6309 Aug 21No Climate, No Deal.
68.2021-6412 Aug 21Fire sale on Cuomo books.
69.2021-6516 Aug 21The Taliban takes Afghanistan.
70.2021-6619 Aug 21Third shot's the charm.
71.2021-6723 Aug 21The Media's Afghanistan Amnesia.
72.2021-6826 Aug 21Problems not solved.
73.2021-6930 Aug 21Resignation Dogs.
74.2021-7009 Sep 21Elder Abuse.
75.2021-7113 Sep 21Sick of vaxxing nicely.
76.2021-7216 Sep 21You win some, you Newsom.
77.2021-7320 Sep 21Joe vs. the Fall-cano.
78.2021-7423 Sep 21Humane immigration and salad vaccination.
79.2021-7527 Sep 21Cyber Ninjas Stop the Steal.
80.2021-7630 Sep 21The fun part.
81.2021-7704 Oct 21Civility down the toilet.
82.2021-7807 Oct 21Not my default.
83.2021-7911 Oct 21Trump's running again, again.
84.2021-8014 Oct 21Two Truths & the Big Lie. (with Jen Psaki!)
85.2021-8118 Oct 21Terry vs. Trump.
86.2021-8221 Oct 21Darkest before a deal.
87.2021-8326 Oct 21How Mark Zucked America.
88.2021-8428 Oct 21Build Back Meta.
89.2021-8502 Nov 21Can Youngkin escape Trump's taint?
90.2021-8604 Nov 21The midterms start now.
91.2021-8709 Nov 21Josh Hawley's Masculinity Press Tour.
92.2021-8811 Nov 21Republicans not quite in array.
93.2021-8916 Nov 21Free Steve Bannon!
94.2021-9018 Nov 21Gaslighting gas prices (with Elizabeth Warren!)
95.2021-9123 Nov 21Kyle Rittenhouse, Right-Wing Hero.
96.2021-9225 Nov 21Thanksgiving Mailbag!
97.2021-9330 Nov 21Darkest before the Omicron.
98.2021-9402 Dec 21America's Next Top MAGA.
99.2021-9507 Dec 21Trump's Covid World Tour.
100.2021-9609 Dec 21The War on Christmas Trees.
101.2021-9714 Dec 21Mark Meadows' Fascist PowerPoint.
102.2021-9816 Dec 21Fox's Insurrection Group Chat.
103.2021-9921 Dec 21What A Year! (LIVE from LA)
104.2021-10028 Dec 21PSA Presents: The Pundies.
Season 2022
105.2022-104 Jan 22Happy Birthday to Coup
106.2022-206 Jan 22Biden takes on the Big Lie
107.2022-311 Jan 22Joe and the Giant Speech
108.2022-413 Jan 22Democracy in Disarray
109.2022-518 Jan 22Spar-a-lago: Ron v. Don
110.2022-620 Jan 22New Year, New Biden
111.2022-725 Jan 22Cold War, Hot Mic.
112.2022-827 Jan 22Rebreyerment
113.2022-901 Feb 22Pardon the Insurrection
114.2022-1003 Feb 22The Masked Fascist. with Stacey Abrams!
115.2022-1108 Feb 22Fine, we'll talk about Joe Rogan
116.2022-1210 Feb 22Hangin' with Mike Pence
117.2022-1315 Feb 22Fox Trucks Canada
118.2022-1417 Feb 22How To Win A Culture War
119.2022-1520 Feb 22Offline: Ezra Klein on the Democrat's Echo Chamber
120.2022-1622 Feb 22Putin Finds His Pretext.
121.2022-1724 Feb 22Putin Chooses War in Ukraine.
122.2022-1801 Mar 22The World Rallies Behind Ukraine.
123.2022-1903 Mar 22'Ridin' for Biden vs Rootin' for Putin.
124.2022-2008 Mar 22Too Cruel for School
125.2022-2110 Mar 22Putin's Price Hike. (with Elizabeth Warren!)
126.2022-2215 Mar 22Putting the Mess in Messaging.
127.2022-2317 Mar 22Zelensky's Plea.
128.2022-2422 Mar 22Jackasses v Jackson.
129.2022-2524 Mar 22Attack of the Racist Babies.
130.2022-2629 Mar 22Keep My Wife's Name Out Your Evidence.
131.2022-2731 Mar 22Grand Orgy Party
132.2022-2805 Apr 22Is Palin Running? Alaska!.
133.2022-2907 Apr 22OK, Groomer.
134.2022-3012 Apr 22Mitch McConnell does lines.
135.2022-3115 Apr 22America's Next Top Press Secretary. (Live from D.C.!)
136.2022-3217 Apr 22Am I The Masshole? (Live from Boston)
137.2022-3319 Apr 22Midterm Madness with Elizabeth Warren.
138.2022-3421 Apr 22DeSantis Cancels Disney
139.2022-3526 Apr 22New Phone, Coup Dis? (with Stacey Abrams!)
140.2022-3628 Apr 22Drop Debt Gorgeous.
141.2022-3703 May 22Trump's Missed Vance.
142.2022-3806 May 22Ginni Leaked It! (Live from The Chicago Theatre!)
143.2022-3909 May 22Running the Ultra MAGAthon. (Live from St. Louis!)
144.2022-4012 May 22We Don't Chalk About Susan.
145.2022-4117 May 22Stoking Hate in Primetime.
146.2022-4219 May 22The Most Dangerous Candidate of 2022?
147.2022-4324 May 22Trump Loses Georgia Again?
148.2022-4426 May 22Why We Can't Give Up.
149.2022-4530 May 22Memorial Day Mailbag.
150.2022-4603 Jun 22Trump's Crimetime Preview. (Live from The Beacon Theatre!)
151.2022-4707 Jun 22Live from DC, it's January 6!
152.2022-4810 Jun 22This Season On Insurrection. (Live from LA!)
153.2022-4914 Jun 22It's Coup O'Clock Somewhere.
154.2022-5016 Jun 22Too Much Crime On Their Hands.
155.2022-5120 Jun 22Get The Pardon Started. (Live from Oakland!
156.2022-5223 Jun 2250 Shades of MAGA.
157.2022-5328 Jun 22Fighting Back Post-Roe.
158.2022-5430 Jun 22A Very Special Episode of Insurrection.
159.2022-5507 Jul 22Will Trump '24 Come Too Soon?
160.2022-5612 Jul 22Bannon Assumes the Deposition.
161.2022-5714 Jul 22Trump's Tamper Tantrum.
162.2022-5819 Jul 22Why Republicans Can't Get Over The Trump.
163.2022-5922 Jul 22Insurrection: Season Finale. (Live from Seattle!)
164.2022-6025 Jul 22Arizona Gets Double Teamed. (Live from Portland!)
165.2022-6128 Jul 22We always loved Joe Manchin!
166.2022-6202 Aug 22Climate Change of Heart.
167.2022-6304 Aug 22A Kansas of Whoop-Ass.
168.2022-6409 Aug 22Everything's Coming Up Brandon.
169.2022-6513 Aug 22Nukes of Hazzard. (Live from Nashville!)
170.2022-6615 Aug 22Raiders of the Lost Docs. (Live from Atlanta!)
171.2022-6718 Aug 22Let Them eat crudité.
172.2022-6823 Aug 22Will Trump Cost Mitch the Senate?
173.2022-6925 Aug 22Biden cancels student debt!
174.2022-7030 Aug 22Redactions Speak Louder.
175.2022-7101 Sep 22A Picture Says a Thousand Crimes.
176.2022-7208 Sep 22Of MAGA and Midterms (with John Fetterman!)
177.2022-7313 Sep 22Mitch Better Have Their Money.
178.2022-7415 Sep 22The GOP's One-Man Ban.
179.2022-7520 Sep 22Trump's Pre-surrection Rally.
180.2022-7622 Sep 22The Special Master Baits Trump.
181.2022-7727 Sep 22Impeaching to the Choir.
182.2022-7829 Sep 22Mitch McConnell, Welcome to the Resistance. (with John Legend and Senator Warren!)
183.2022-7904 Oct 22Best Wishes > Death Wishes.
184.2022-8006 Oct 22The Herschel Walker Abortion Fund.
185.2022-8111 Oct 22Weed Is Tight (and so are the midterms)
186.2022-8213 Oct 22The Subpoena Finale.
187.2022-8315 Oct 22Obama's Advice For Democrats.
188.2022-8418 Oct 22All Your Midterm Questions Answered.
189.2022-8520 Oct 22Doompolling!
190.2022-8625 Oct 22It's Midnights In America (with AOC!)
191.2022-8727 Oct 22Fetterman vs The Phony Sociopath.
192.2022-8801 Nov 22Between Barack and A Hard Place.
193.2022-8903 Nov 22Last Call for Democracy.
194.2022-9007 Nov 22Nate Nate...Don't Tell Me!
195.2022-9109 Nov 22You Fetter Believe It!
196.2022-9215 Nov 222022 is dead. Long live 2024
197.2022-9317 Nov 22He's Running (from the law)
198.2022-9422 Nov 22Thanksgiving Mailbag
199.2022-9529 Nov 22Dine Kampf.
200.2022-9601 Dec 22Cleanup on Heil 12!
201.2022-9706 Dec 22Dicks Seek Pics.
202.2022-9808 Dec 2251 and Done.
203.2022-9913 Dec 22Kevin's Gavel In A Vice.
204.2022-10015 Dec 22Trump's Grift-mas Miracle.
205.2022-10120 Dec 22Holiday Mailbag!
206.2022-10222 Dec 22What a Year!
Season 2023
207.2023-103 Jan 23Kevin Can Wait
208.2023-205 Jan 23Kevin at the Gaetz of Hell
209.2023-310 Jan 23First Rule Package of Fight Club
210.2023-412 Jan 23The House that MAGA Built
211.2023-519 Jan 23Kook-ing With Gas
212.2023-624 Jan 23Biden's Lawless Raid on Biden
213.2023-726 Jan 23Monsters on the Hill
214.2023-831 Jan 23Donald vs. Ronald
215.2023-902 Feb 23McCarthy's Malarkey
216.2023-1007 Feb 23After Balloon Delight
217.2023-1109 Feb 23Evening Joe
218.2023-1214 Feb 23The 2024 Mess America Pageant
219.2023-1316 Feb 23The Age Old Question
220.2023-1418 Feb 23Bonus: Fox News Exposed
221.2023-1523 Feb 23Trump's Train Blame Game
222.2023-1628 Feb 23The 2024 Dry Ron
223.2023-1702 Mar 23Fox Knews
224.2023-1807 Mar 23The Old Man and the CPAC
225.2023-1909 Mar 23Tuck Around and Find Out
226.2023-2014 Mar 23Too Woke To Fail
227.2023-2116 Mar 23MAGA King v. RINO Loser
228.2023-2220 Mar 23Mugshots and Milk Shots (Live from Wisconsin!)
229.2023-2323 Mar 23Trump Without the Handcuffs
230.2023-2428 Mar 23Hasn't Waco Been Through Enough?
231.2023-2530 Mar 23We Got Him!(?)
232.2023-2604 Apr 23Trump Surrenders
233.2023-2706 Apr 23The Arrest Is History
234.2023-2806 Apr 23Karma is my Courthouse
235.2023-2911 Apr 23Clarence Thomas' Sügar Daddy
236.2023-3013 Apr 23He's Running (From Prison)
237.2023-3118 Apr 23Little Ronny Pudding Fingers
238.2023-3220 Apr 23Fox's $787 Million Lie
239.2023-3325 Apr 23Tucker? I Hardly Knew Her
240.2023-3427 Apr 23Dark Brandon: The Sequel
241.2023-3502 May 23DeSantis World Bore
242.2023-3604 May 23Trump and CNN Together Again
243.2023-3709 May 23Tucker's War With Fox
244.2023-3811 May 23Trump's CNN Clown Hall
245.2023-3916 May 23Trump's Surprise Q-chella Set
246.2023-4018 May 23Democrats Go Off In An Off Year
247.2023-4123 May 23Republican Frontrunner Tim Scott?
248.2023-4225 May 23Ron's Boulevard of Broken Streams
249.2023-4301 Jun 23Dark Brandon Owns My Kevin
250.2023-4406 Jun 2312 Angry Hopefuls
251.2023-4508 Jun 23Indictment Eve
252.2023-4613 Jun 23Re-Indicted And It Feels So Good (with Hillary Clinton!)
253.2023-4715 Jun 23Trump Arraignment Syndrome
254.2023-4822 Jun 23Trump's Perfect Interview (plus Jake Tapper!)
255.2023-4927 Jun 23Roe vs Republicans
256.2023-5029 Jun 23Supreme Malarkey
257.2023-5106 Jul 23The Biden Bump (with AOC!)
258.2023-5211 Jul 23Biden Shifts Into Thigh Gear
259.2023-5313 Jul 23The GOP Culture War on the Troops
260.2023-5418 Jul 23DeSantis DeShakeUp
261.2023-5520 Jul 23Third Crime's The Charm
262.2023-5625 Jul 23Trump's Legal Eras Tour
263.2023-5727 Jul 23Indictment Excitement (with Chris Christie!)
264.2023-5801 Aug 23Mar-a-Lago's Funniest Home Videos
265.2023-5901 Aug 23BONUS: The Jan.6 Indictment Drops
266.2023-6003 Aug 23Trump's Triple Crown
267.2023-6108 Aug 23Judge May Shush Trump….in America??
268.2023-6210 Aug 23My Ohio, My Choice
269.2023-6315 Aug 23Indictment (Georgia's Version)
270.2023-6417 Aug 23Awkward Americans For DeSantis
271.2023-6522 Aug 23The JV Republican Debate (Preview)
272.2023-6624 Aug 23Who won the first Republican debate?
273.2023-6729 Aug 23Trump Mugshot-enfreude
274.2023-6831 Aug 23Are Republicans About To Impeach Biden?
275.2023-6907 Sep 23Age Against the Machine
276.2023-7012 Sep 23Is Trump Snoozing on Iowa?
277.2023-7114 Sep 23Republicans Strap On for Biden Impeachment
278.2023-7219 Sep 23Other Than That Ms. Boebert, How Was The Play?
279.2023-7321 Sep 23Trump's General Election Pivot
280.2023-7426 Sep 23Is Trump Really up 10?
281.2023-7528 Sep 23Trump Wins Another Debate
282.2023-7603 Oct 23Should Democrats Save Kevin McCarthy?
283.2023-7705 Oct 23Could Trump Become Speaker?
284.2023-7810 Oct 23Hamas Makes War, Republicans Play Politics
285.2023-7912 Oct 23Trump Mocks Israel, Speaker Race in Chaos
286.2023-8017 Oct 23Speaker Jim Jordan?
287.2023-8120 Oct 23John Fetterman and Symone Sanders-Townsend on House Chaos (Live from DC!)
288.2023-8224 Oct 23Rachel Maddow Talks Trump, Biden, and the Speaker-less House
289.2023-8326 Oct 23What's a Mike Johnson?
290.2023-8430 Oct 23BONUS: Bourbon & Biden (Live from Louisville!)
291.2023-8531 Oct 23Ohio's Big Choice (Live from Cleveland!)
292.2023-8602 Nov 23Is Trump Losing a Step?
293.2023-8707 Nov 23Barack Obama on Democracy, Gaza and 2024
294.2023-8809 Nov 23Major Win for Democrats, Minor Debate for Republicans
295.2023-8913 Nov 23BONUS: Could Trump Still Lose the Nomination? (Live from New Orleans!)
296.2023-9014 Nov 23Trump Vows to Root Out "Vermin"
297.2023-9116 Nov 23First Rule of Republican Fight Club
298.2023-9221 Nov 23More Democrats Call for a Ceasefire
299.2023-9328 Nov 23Biden Secures Temporary Ceasefire, Trump Threatens Obamacare
300.2023-9430 Nov 23Why This Democrat Thinks He Can Beat Joe Biden
301.2023-9505 Dec 23Is a Trump Dictatorship Inevitable?
302.2023-9608 Dec 23Chris Christie's Last Stand (Live from San Diego!)
303.2023-9712 Dec 23Can Trump Be Stopped in Iowa?
304.2023-9814 Dec 23No Evidence, No Problem: GOP Votes To Impeach (Live from San Jose!)
305.2023-9919 Dec 232023 Holiday Mail Bag!
306.2023-10021 Dec 23PSA Presents: The 2024 Pundies
Season 2024
307.2024-104 Jan 24Iowa Caucus Countdown with Steve Kornacki
308.2024-209 Jan 24Biden vs. Trump on January 6th
309.2024-310 Jan 24On the Ground in Iowa: The Inevitability Problem
310.2024-412 Jan 24On the Ground in Iowa: The Race for Second Place
311.2024-516 Jan 24Trump Wins, DeSantis Whines, Haley Withstands
312.2024-617 Jan 24Did Trump's Iowa win change anything?
313.2024-719 Jan 24Trump Goes Birther on Haley
314.2024-823 Jan 24More Like GONE DeSantis (w/Gavin Newsom!)
315.2024-924 Jan 24Trump Wins New Hampshire, Rages at Haley
316.2024-1026 Jan 24Liz Cheney on the Cult of Trump
317.2024-1130 Jan 24Biden and Haley Tag Team Trump
318.2024-1231 Jan 24Trumpworld Takes on Taylor Swift
319.2024-1302 Feb 24The Biden-Trump Polls are All Over the Place
320.2024-1406 Feb 24Trump Stokes Border Chaos
321.2024-1507 Feb 24Trump Loses Immunity, Johnson Loses Control
322.2024-1609 Feb 24Will the Supreme Court Upend 2024?
323.2024-1713 Feb 24How Biden Can Handle the Age Thing
324.2024-1814 Feb 24Will Chris Christie Back Biden?
325.2024-1916 Feb 24Trump's Get Out of Jail Free Campaign (w/ Gov. Tim Walz)
326.2024-2018 Feb 24Huge Verdict Against Trump (with Elizabeth Warren!)
327.2024-2121 Feb 24Debating Biden's Gaza Problem (with Mehdi Hasan)
328.2024-2223 Feb 24Trump's 2nd Term: Military in the Streets, Mike Johnson in the Sheets
329.2024-2327 Feb 24Will Trump Win Back Haley Voters?
330.2024-2428 Feb 24Pete Buttigieg on the Michigan Primary and Whether You Should Fly on a 737 Max (feat. Mehdi Hasan)
331.2024-2501 Mar 24Did the Supreme Court Just Save Trump?
332.2024-2605 Mar 24Supreme Court Refuses to Exonerate Trump for Jan. 6th
333.2024-2706 Mar 24The Biden-Trump Rematch Begins
334.2024-2808 Mar 24Biden's Fiery State of the Union
335.2024-2912 Mar 24Biden's in His Jacked-Up Era
336.2024-3013 Mar 24Trump's TikTok Dance
337.2024-3115 Mar 24Republicans' Work Till You Die Agenda
338.2024-3219 Mar 24Trump's Bloodbath? (feat. Katie Porter)
339.2024-3320 Mar 24A Guide to the 2024 Battleground States
340.2024-3422 Mar 24How Broke and Desperate is Donald Trump?
341.2024-3526 Mar 24Trump's Pump and Dump (feat. Sen. Raphael Warnock)
342.2024-3627 Mar 24Donald Trump: Bible Salesman
343.2024-3729 Mar 24A Tale of Two Campaigns
344.2024-3802 Apr 24Trump's Veepstakes Begin
345.2024-3903 Apr 24Has Optimism Become Cringe? (with Chris Hayes)
346.2024-4005 Apr 24Bernie Sanders on the War in Gaza and Beating Trump
347.2024-4109 Apr 24Trump "Proudly" Supports Abortion Bans
348.2024-4210 Apr 24Trump's Abortion Gambit Implodes
349.2024-4312 Apr 24The Trump-Mike Johnson-MTG Love Triangle
350.2024-4416 Apr 24The People vs Donald Trump
351.2024-4517 Apr 24Black Voters' Views on Biden
352.2024-4619 Apr 24So You Think You Can Be a Trump Juror?
353.2024-4722 Apr 24Law and Odor: Trump Trials
354.2024-4824 Apr 24Scranton Joe vs. Park Ave Trump
355.2024-4926 Apr 24Will the Supreme Court Grant Trump Immunity?
356.2024-5030 Apr 24Kissing Rings and Killing Puppies
357.2024-5101 May 24Trump Details His Dictatorial Plans
358.2024-5203 May 24A Front Row Seat to Trump's Trial
359.2024-5307 May 24Trump Holds VP Auditions
360.2024-5408 May 24Stormy's Steamy Testimony
361.2024-5510 May 24Did a Worm Really Eat RFK Jr.'s Brain?
362.2024-5614 May 24Michael Cohen Incriminates Trump
363.2024-5715 May 24Trump Subverts Gag Order with Wannabe VPs
364.2024-5817 May 24Trump Trial: "Jail is on the Table"
365.2024-5921 May 24Why 2024 Should Be About the Supreme Court
366.2024-6022 May 24Trump Promises "A Unified Reich"
367.2024-6124 May 24Trump Heads to Tribal Council
368.2024-6229 May 24Trump Verdict Watch Begins
369.2024-6330 May 24TRUMP FOUND GUILTY!
370.2024-6404 Jun 24New Polling on Trump's Felony Conviction
371.2024-6505 Jun 24Biden Takes Action on the Border
372.2024-6607 Jun 24The MAGA Plot to Jail Democrats
373.2024-6711 Jun 24MTG: Jesus Was a Felon Too
374.2024-6812 Jun 24The GOP Meltdown Over Hunter's Conviction
375.2024-6914 Jun 24Trump Returns to the Scene of the Crime
376.2024-7018 Jun 24Biden Campaign Unloads on Trump's Conviction
377.2024-7119 Jun 24The Plan to Fight Trump's Second-Term Agenda
378.2024-7221 Jun 24Trump Loses It Over Fox News Poll
379.2024-7325 Jun 24This Is Your Debate on Drugs
380.2024-7427 Jun 24The First (and Last?) Debate
381.2024-7528 Jun 24A Brutally Honest Debate Recap
382.2024-7629 Jun 24Joe vs. The Unknown
383.2024-7702 Jul 24Democrats Debate Biden's Future
384.2024-7809 Jul 24Biden Digs In
385.2024-7910 Jul 24Is the Biden Dam Breaking?
386.2024-8012 Jul 24Was Biden's "Big Boy Presser" Enough?
387.2024-8116 Jul 24Trump's Shooting Upends 2024
388.2024-8217 Jul 24Fear and Unity in Milwaukee
389.2024-8317 Jul 24Vance Vance Revolution
390.2024-8419 Jul 24Trump Is So Beatable
391.2024-8520 Jul 24Bidin' His Time
392.2024-8622 Jul 24Biden Passes the Torch to Kamala
S20222022-002 Jan 22Offline: Jon and Emily Favreau Answer Your Questions
S20222022-009 Jan 22Offline: Alex Stamos on Leaving Facebook and Zuckerberg's Reign
S20222022-016 Jan 22Offline: Chimamanda Adichie on the Death of Good Faith
S20222022-023 Jan 22Offline: Jenny Odell on How to Do Nothing
S20222022-030 Jan 22Offline: Abbie Richards on Fighting Disinformation on TikTok
S20222022-006 Feb 22Offline: Roxane Gay on Why People Are So Awful Online
S20222022-013 Feb 22Offline: Hank Green on Inspiring Curiosity
S20222022-003 May 22What the SCOTUS leak could mean for abortion (Strict Scrutiny)
S20222022-024 Jun 22Roe Is Dead. Now What? (Strict Scrutiny Emergency Episode)
S20222022-005 Jul 22Introducing: Mother Country Radicals
S20222022-019 Sep 22Introducing The Wilderness Chapter 1: The Divide
S20222022-026 Sep 22The Wilderness Chapter 2: Party Switchers in Virginia
S20222022-003 Oct 22The Wilderness Chapter 3: Disconnected Democrats in Pittsburgh
S20222022-010 Oct 22The Wilderness Chapter 4: Gen-Z Voters in Orange County
S20222022-017 Oct 22The Wilderness Chapter 5: Working-Class Latinos in Las Vegas
S20222022-024 Oct 22The Wilderness Chapter 6: Young Black Voters in Atlanta
S20232023-030 May 23Terminally Online (Subscription Show Best-Of!)
S20232023-007 Jun 23Introducing Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto
S20232023-030 Jun 23Strict Scrutiny on the Supreme Court's Student Debt Relief and Gay Rights Decision
S20232023-004 Jul 23Governor Jon Favreau? (Subscription Show Preview)
S20232023-005 Sep 23A Very Online Summer (Friends of the Pod Preview)
S20232023-023 Nov 23Inside 2024 - Preview / Favreau + Tommy Talk Election Night
S20242024-020 Feb 24Build The Life You Want, Episode 1 with Oprah Winfrey
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