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Queens of Mystery

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 0:00
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A detective's 3 crime-writing aunts use their extensive knowledge of crime to help her solve murders in a picturesque English village.
Show Details:
Start date: Apr 2019
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): Acorn (US)
Run time: 45 min
Episodes: 12+ eps
Genre(s): (blank), Action/Adventure, Children, Comedy, Crime/Mystery, Drama, Espionage, Fantasy, Food, Game/Quiz, Historical, Horror, Mature, Medical, Miscellaneous, Music, News, Reality, Science Fiction, Sports, Talk, Travel, Western
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 08 Apr 19Murder in the Dark: First Chapter
2.1-2 08 Apr 19Murder in the Dark: Final Chapter
3.1-3 15 Apr 19Death by Vinyl: First Chapter
4.1-4 15 Apr 19Death by Vinyl: Final Chapter
5.1-5 22 Apr 19Smoke and Mirrors: First Chapter
6.1-6 22 Apr 19Smoke and Mirrors: Final Chapter
Season 2
7.2-1 29 Nov 21Sparring with Death: First Chapter
8.2-2 29 Nov 21Sparring with Death: Final Chapter
9.2-3 06 Dec 21The Modern Art of Murder: First Chapter
10.2-4 06 Dec 21The Modern Art of Murder: Final Chapter
11.2-5 13 Dec 21The Raven: First Chapter
12.2-6 13 Dec 21The Raven: Final Chapter
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