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Rurouni Kenshin

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Jan 1996
End date: Sep 1998
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Fuji (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 95 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Drama, Science Fiction
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 10 Jan 96Handsome Swordsman of Legend
2.1-2 17 Jan 96The Bratty Samurai...Why Don't You Become My Student?
3.1-3 24 Jan 96The Swordsman in Sorrow. The Man That Cuts The Past
4.1-4 31 Jan 96One Word: Evil. The Fighter Sanosuke Appears
5.1-5 07 Feb 96Sakaba Sword vs. Zanba Sword. At the Battle's End!
6.1-6 14 Feb 96Visitor From The Darkness... The Kurogasa Appears
7.1-7 21 Feb 96Fight To The Death Under The Moon... Protect The Ones You Love!
8.1-8 28 Feb 96A New Battle! The Mysterious And Beautiful Woman Who Jumped In Suddenly
9.1-9 06 Mar 96The Ultimate Stealth Army... The Dreaded Oniwa Banshu!
10.1-1013 Mar 96Aoshi... The Man So Scary As To Seem Almost Beautiful
11.1-1124 Apr 96Farewell, The Ultimate Men! The Clash Of Light And Darkness
12.1-1201 May 96The Birth Of A Junior Samurai! First Disciple, Yahiko's Battle
13.1-1308 May 96You Can Do It! Toramaru's Dosukoi Journey
14.1-1415 May 96To Save A Small Life! Challenge! Doctor Megumi!
15.1-1522 May 96The Operation Starts! The Terrorist Group Jinpu Tai
16.1-1605 Jun 96Take a Pledge! The Hidden Sword Technique, Shiden No Tachi!
17.1-1712 Jun 96Blast To Your Dream. The Adventure Of Marimo The Flying Bullet
18.1-1819 Jun 96Run! Yahiko, Bring The Sakabatou Back!
19.1-1926 Jun 96Raijuuta's Desire. Vision Of A Forbidden Empire
20.1-2010 Jul 96Shinko Ryu's Revived! Show Of Evil, Ultimate Killing Technique!
21.1-2121 Jul 96The Nightmare Falls Apart! Raijuuta's Dream
22.1-2231 Jul 96First Time! Crazy, Insane Steam Engine Train Trip
23.1-2314 Aug 96Betrayed By Sanosuke?! Greetings Of Fate
24.1-2421 Aug 96Midnight Fight! Sansuke VS Kenshin Again!
25.1-2528 Aug 96Scarlet Pirate! Tear Up Kenshin And Kaoru
26.1-2604 Sep 96An Incarnation Of Thunder Storm! The Mysterious Nobility Of The Female Pirate Shura
27.1-2716 Oct 96Ferocious Fighting Island! Scarlet Pirate
28.1-2830 Oct 96Prelude To A New Threat. The Shadow Of The Wolf Is Drawing Near
Season 2
29.2-1 06 Nov 96The Ultimate Fatal Rival! The Waylay Of The Desperate Fangs
30.2-2 13 Nov 96Evil Monster Of Revenge... Shishio Makoto's Plot!
31.2-3 27 Nov 96Newer Reaching Feelings... Kenshin's Departure
32.2-4 04 Dec 96Changing Tears To Courage! The Path Chosen By Kamiya Kaoru
33.2-5 11 Dec 96Time To Be The Strongest Warrior! Aoshi's New Battle!
34.2-6 08 Jan 97The Little Thief... Makimachi Misao's Deceptive Looks!
35.2-7 15 Jan 97Occupied Village! Shishio's Evil Shadow, Ever Closer!
36.2-8 22 Jan 97After The End Of The Dynasty. First Meeting Of Kenshin And Shishio
37.2-9 29 Jan 97Shock! Sakabatou Broken... Soujirou "The Heavenly Sword" vs. Kenshin
38.2-1005 Feb 97Sanosuke, The Secret Of Patience... Challenge The Hakai Priest, Anji
39.2-1112 Feb 97The Man Who Makes Sakabatou... Arai Shatku's Masterpiece!
40.2-1219 Feb 97Cold Blooded Samurai! Battle With Juppon Gatana Chou!
41.2-1326 Feb 97A Hidden Technique Of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu! Reunion With Master Hiko Seijuro!
42.2-1405 Mar 97Alliance Agreed! The Day When Shishio And Aoshi Unite!
43.2-1512 Mar 97Between Life And Death! Succession Technique, Mastered. Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki
44.2-1619 Mar 97Battle Of Indignation, Gathering His Strongest, Juppon Gatana!
45.2-1716 Apr 97Blown Away! The Battleship Rengoku, Stop Its Sails!
46.2-1823 Apr 97Burning Rengoku! Shishio Makoto's Fortune
47.2-1930 Apr 97Crush! Futae No Kiwami. Pain Of Sanosuke's Fist!
48.2-2014 May 97The Focus Of His Gaze, Anji's New Reflection
49.2-2128 May 97A Wolf Sees The Shin Gan. Explosive Zero Gatotsu!
50.2-2204 Jun 97Time To Keep A Promise. Kenshin And Aoshi Battle Once Again!
51.2-2311 Jun 97Now Is The Time To Awaken... True And Perfect Solution
52.2-2418 Jun 97Miracle In The Making! The Battle At Aoiya Continues
53.2-2525 Jun 97A Giant Versus Superman! Saving Grace At The Edge Of Despair
54.2-2602 Jul 97Hiten Versus Shukuchi. Soujiro, God'd Gift To Nature
55.2-2709 Jul 97Tragedy In The Storm. Soujiro's Past
56.2-2816 Jul 97Fight To The Limit! Shun Ten Satsu Versus Ama Kakeru Ryuu No Hirameki
57.2-2906 Aug 97Two Men Betting Their Lives On The End Of The Dynasty. Shishio Versus Kenshin, Final Battle!
58.2-3013 Aug 97Will The Era Inherit Shishio? Kenshin's Most Critical Moment!
59.2-3120 Aug 97Luck Hasn't Run Out Yet! Warrior Spirit Revived Again
60.2-3203 Sep 97The One Who Permits Victory. Shishio versus Kenshin, Last Stage!
61.2-3310 Sep 97Remaining Juppon Gatana. Choice Of Life!
62.2-3417 Sep 97Kyoto... Engraved Memory. Starting With Fulfilled Feelings
Season 3
63.3-1 14 Oct 97Legend Of The Wishing Fireflies. The Girl Who Waits For Her Sword Master
64.3-2 28 Oct 97Prince Yahiko's Born? Debut On High Society
65.3-3 04 Nov 97Find Out Missing Treasure! Great Treasure Hunting Dog, Notaro
66.3-4 11 Nov 97Happy Kaoru! Kenshin's Proposal!
67.3-5 18 Nov 97Shining Legendary Sword! Mysterious Swordmaster, Amakusa Shougo
68.3-6 25 Nov 97A Medallion Of Destiny. Sanosuke And Sayo Meet
69.3-7 02 Dec 97The Place Of Battle. Shimabara! Judgement Day of Who Is The Chosen
70.3-8 09 Dec 97The Impact Of The Rai Ryu Sen. Kenshin Is Sentenced To The Dark!
71.3-9 16 Dec 97Kaioh's Conspiracy. Shougo's Trapped!
72.3-1006 Jan 98The Reminiscent Days... Shougo And Sayo's Painful Past
73.3-1113 Jan 98Evil With A Sneer! Shouzo, Karyu's Damaged In The Explosion
74.3-1220 Jan 98Sanosuke's Tears... Eternal Separation Between Them
75.3-1327 Jan 98Final Holy Battle... Crash Together Two Ama Kakeru Ryuu No Hirameki!
76.3-1403 Feb 98The Sea of Departure... Hope Will Surf Over the Sadness
77.3-1510 Feb 98Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki? Another Battousai Appears
78.3-1617 Feb 98The Girl Who Longs For Her Art Student... Love Shock In Hakone Hot Springs
79.3-1724 Feb 98Katsu Kaishu And Kenshin... Fated Survivors From the End Of The Edo Dynasty
80.3-1803 Mar 98The Never Ending Of Edo Dynasty... Kaishu's Mission Of Fate
81.3-1910 Mar 98Ben Aoi's Trap... Ghosts Of The Edo Dynasty Haunt Kaishu!
82.3-2014 Apr 98The Decision Of Katsu Kaishu. The Truth Beyond The Era
83.3-2121 Apr 98Yutaro Returns. The Ambitions Of The Black Knights Hide In The Shadows
84.3-2205 May 98Sanada Ninja And The Divine Medicine. Their Leader, Misanagi's Goal
85.3-2319 May 98A Puzzling Journey. The Trap Of Holy Crossing Has Been Laid!
86.3-2426 May 98Dancing Underground. Red Day Fly Cutthroat! Sanada Sasshin
87.3-2502 Jun 98Schneider's Bet. The Collapse Of The Black Knights
88.3-2609 Jun 98Two Other Directions. Yahiko And Yutaro's Eternal Promise
89.3-2716 Jun 98To My Angel Misao... Special Delivery From Kyoto
90.3-2823 Jun 98Fusui's Surprise Attack! The Mystery Of The Satanic Pentagram
91.3-2921 Jul 98Resist The Fusui's Magical Power. Next Target: The Kamiya Dojo!
92.3-3004 Aug 98Tokyo's Under Martial Law! Strike Of The Spiral Weapon, Ryu Myaku
93.3-3118 Aug 98The Enemy Awaits In Senjo Gahara! Searching For The Hisui Crest
94.3-3208 Sep 98The Elegy Of The Wind And The Water. Now They Make Desperate Efforts Here!
95.3-3315 Sep 98End of Wanderings
S03.3-0 20 Dec 97Samurai X: The Motion Picture
S03.3-0 03 Dec 01Reflections OAV: Act 1 - Beginnings
S03.3-0 03 Dec 01Reflections OAV: Act 2 - End
S03.3-0 17 Dec 11Shin Kyoto-Hen OAV: Act 1 - Cage of Flames
S03.3-0 23 Jun 12Shin Kyoto-Hen OAV: Act 2 The Chirps of Light
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