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Last updated: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 -1:00
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Show Details:
Start date: Apr 1992
End date: Dec 1998
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Fox (US) / Syfy (US) / syndicated (US)
Run time: 30 min/60 min
Episodes: 105 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 17 Apr 92Near Death Experience
2.1-2 24 Apr 92Psychic Experience (1)
3.1-3 24 Apr 92Psychic Experience (2)
4.1-4 01 May 92Psychic Healing
5.1-5 08 May 92Mysteries of the Earth
6.1-6 15 May 92UFO Contact
7.1-7 12 Jun 92Legendary Monsters
8.1-8 26 Jun 92Vampires, Visions of Death, Bermuda Triangle
9.1-9 10 Jul 92Vision of Murder, Men In Black, Awakening
10.1-1017 Jul 92Curses, Past Lives, Ghosts
11.1-1131 Jul 92Hauntings, Physical Effects, Superstitions
12.1-1214 Aug 92Evidence From Beyond, Gateway To Oblivion, Soul Exchange
13.1-1321 Aug 92Back From The Dead, Hauntings, Millboro
Season 2
14.2-1 11 Sep 92Alcatraz, Mass Sightings, U.F.O. Update
15.2-2 18 Sep 92Werewolf, Paranormal Photography, Ghost Update
16.2-3 25 Sep 92Encounter In Space, Marfa Lights, Ghost Update
17.2-4 02 Oct 92Lizzie Borden, Deliverance, S.E.T.I. Update
18.2-5 09 Oct 92The Uninvited, Haunted Family, The Curse Of Christopher Columbus
19.2-6 16 Oct 92Aliens Among Us, Top Secret UFO, Ghost Investigation
20.2-7 30 Oct 92Halloween Special: Scotland's House Of Horror, Vampires, Witchcraft
21.2-8 06 Nov 92Epidemic of Evil, Garden Grove Ghost
22.2-9 13 Nov 92Crop Circles, Royal Curse, Lake Champlain Monster
23.2-1020 Nov 92Russian U.F.O. Investigation, Ghost Of Whitechapel, Iceman Update
24.2-1104 Dec 92Deadly Abduction, Lake Champlain Monster, Royal Curse Update
25.2-1211 Dec 92Hell's Gate, Angels, Astrology Update
26.2-1308 Jan 93Astrological Predictions, Close Encounters, Spy House Investigation
27.2-1415 Jan 93Russian Psychics, Voodoo, Black Hole Update
28.2-1505 Feb 93Ghost Writer
29.2-1612 Feb 93Searching The Skies, Ouija, Phobos II Update
30.2-1719 Feb 93Cults, Super Humans, Mind Control, Ghost Writer Update
31.2-1826 Feb 93UFO over Scranton PA, entity in Baltimore home, Alien Abduction
32.2-1912 Mar 93Mass Abductions, Seizure Alert Dogs, Prophecies
33.2-2009 Apr 93Countdown To Doomsday, Russian Top Gun, Ghost Molester Update
34.2-2130 Apr 93Psychic Detectives Special: Murder in Paradise, Psychic Detective, Who Killed Sandra?, Missing Mom
35.2-2207 May 93UFO Cover-Up, Missing Link, Wisconsin UFOs
36.2-2314 May 93Ghost Special: Manressa Castle, Viewer Phone Calls, Anatomy Of A Haunting
37.2-2421 May 93U.F.O. Special: UFO Hot Spots, Hoaxing, Cattle Mutilation, Space Growth
Season 3
38.3-1 11 Sep 94Paranormal phenomena; poltergeist; UFOs; psychic sculptor; black holes
39.3-2 18 Sep 94Haunted house update; UFO abductions; angel intervention; cattle mutilations; new species
40.3-3 25 Sep 94Area 51 & alien technology; pet interpreter; ice circles; psychic detective; UFO abductees; Mars mission
41.3-4 02 Oct 94Bigfoot research project; near-death experience alters teen's attitude
42.3-5 09 Oct 94In Siberia: turn-of-the-century cosmic fireball; spontaneous human combustion; hauntings
43.3-6 16 Oct 94Psychic detective; earthquake prediction; dreams and environment; UFO hoax; power of prayer; SETI stopped
44.3-7 23 Oct 94Haunted castle; UFOs in pop culture; ghost hunting; Santeria; full-moon madness; dowsers
45.3-8 30 Oct 94UFO dogfight over Iran; psychic detective seeks serial killer; heartland ghost reported
46.3-9 06 Nov 94Heartland ghost stakeout; UFO crash site in Siberia; dolphins and therapy; Loch Ness monster
47.3-1013 Nov 94UFO over Mansfield, OH; haunted movie location; Armageddon or enlightenment; murder dream; healer Henry Rucker
48.3-1120 Nov 94Apocalypse; woman reunites children from previous life; UFO over Montreal; Japanese monster; psychic detective
49.3-1227 Nov 94Haunted lodge; boy genius credits past lives; UFOs over Florida; psychic detective; science fiction and prophecy
50.3-1304 Dec 94English paranormal activity; evolution and aliens; psychic sculptor; mine disaster site; child's death premonition
51.3-1415 Jan 95Federal government misinformation; Russian psychics; crop circles; Oregon Trail ghosts; guided imagery
52.3-1522 Jan 95Haunted highway; psychosomatics; UFOs; psychic detective; synesthesia
53.3-1629 Jan 95Heartland ghost exorcism; voodoo and Orson Welles; Earth's energy patterns; Gaia theory; alien abduction
54.3-1705 Feb 95Close encounter on Navy vessel; twins search for siblings; past-life memories; time travel; dream murder
55.3-1812 Feb 95UFO sighting and P-51 crash; spontaneous combustion; psychic evidence; Denver airport
56.3-1919 Feb 95UFOs over Mexico; psychic bond between twins; CIA and LSD; cloning; lost animals
57.3-2026 Feb 95UFOs in Pacific Northwest; coma healer; system to improve luck; psychic detective; haunted Hollywood hotel
58.3-2116 Apr 95Government UFO studies; Roswell; dog senses owner's coming heart attack; psychic detective; haunted cemetery
59.3-2223 Apr 95Alien abduction of twins; artificial intelligence; haunted mansion; intervention by angels
60.3-2330 Apr 95Reporter's past-life regression; heartland ghost; extraterrestrials and nuclear arms; snake handlers
61.3-2407 May 95UFOs in Holy Land; child's near-death experience; search for Bigfoot; Gettysburg; pollution; UFO defense manual
62.3-2514 May 95UFOs and Air Force hangar 18; psychic detective; alien abduction; luck; life on Mars
63.3-2621 May 95UFO technology; head trauma and psychic ability; soul exchange; Bahamian rites; UFOs in Mexico; healing and intuition
Season 4
64.4-1 10 Sep 95Secret UFO tape; psychic seeks girl missing for 25 years; alien autopsy; Bigfoot
65.4-2 17 Sep 95Psychic policeman; ghosts on the Queen Mary
66.4-3 24 Sep 95Spirits at a former farm; UFOs over Israel; plane-crash premonition
67.4-4 01 Oct 95Life on Mars; soldier's wish; Colorado haunted house; UFOs over Iran
68.4-5 08 Oct 95Three generations of alien contact; echolocation and blindness; Bigfoot museum; faith healer; Peruvian spirits
69.4-6 15 Oct 95Savannah, GA., UFO incident; psychic constable; dreams; haunting
70.4-7 22 Oct 95Oregon ghost train; alien-autopsy footage; inventor Nikola Tesla
71.4-8 29 Oct 95Commercial jet UFO encounter; Nostradamus
72.4-9 05 Nov 95UFO in backyard; haunted ghost town; miraculous healing; Hale/Bopp comet
73.4-1012 Nov 95UFOs; angel rescue; haunted homeless; Hawaiian highway; alien autopsy
74.4-1119 Nov 95Haunting in Black Forest, CO; unborn soul; underwater UFO
75.4-1214 Jan 96UFOs over Washington, DC; author Whitley Strieber; Japanese exorcism
76.4-1321 Jan 96Government declassifies Socorro, NM, sighting; shamanism
77.4-1428 Jan 96Pilot disappears after reporting UFO; doomsday machine
78.4-1504 Feb 96Alien abduction; house renovation triggers paranormal phenomena; star EGGS (Evaporating Gaseous Globules)
79.4-1611 Feb 96Civil War buffs and past lives; psychic espionage; UFO sighting in 1962
80.4-1718 Feb 96Pilot dies chasing UFO in 1948; psychic detectives; ghostly confrontation
81.4-1810 Mar 96Monks counsel violent teens; UFOs over Peru; UFOs and religion; psychic predicts murder; canals of Mars
82.4-1917 Mar 96Prayer and healing; sacred sites; feng shui exorcism; UFOs over Brazil; Bigfoot in Ohio
83.4-2014 Apr 96Angels chase ghosts; paranormal politics; spiritual guidance counselor; radio signals from Mars
84.4-2121 Apr 96Evil spirit haunts child; self-replicating UFO; psychic spy; blindness and near-death experiences
85.4-2228 Apr 96Psychic detective; alternate Area 51; alien universe; haunted hotel; faith healer; Atlantis
86.4-2305 May 96Hanged man's ghost; UFO sighting prompts investigation; brain-injury victim creates memories
87.4-2412 May 96Zimbabwe sightings; psychic healing; English exorcisms; simulating out-of-body experience; ghostly voyeur
Season 5
88.5-1 19 Sep 96Haunted house; UFOs filmed by videographer; psychics search for MIAs; alien abductions; labyrinths
89.5-2 26 Sep 96Government says UFOs not alien aircraft; psychics; sasquatch; UFOs in Mexico City; Highway 666 in New Mexico
90.5-3 03 Oct 96Florida man disappears; aliens in Brazil; moon colony; web sites; voice from beyond
91.5-4 10 Oct 96Haunted aircraft carrier; astronaut Edgar Mitchell; Roswell debris; psychic research; past lives; crop circles
92.5-5 17 Oct 96UFO causes air crash; Holocaust sculptor; haunted hacienda; Hawaiian prophecies; life on Mars
93.5-6 07 Nov 96Unidentified craft; UFO investigator Nick Pope; haunted hotel; biofeedback; Highway 3 in Hawaii
94.5-7 05 Dec 96Alien autopsy hoax; haunted English inn; cattle mutilations; Bigfoot website; psychic detective; the Dalai Lama
95.5-8 21 Jan 97UFOs in Gulf Breeze, FL; prenatal communication; Texas lights; alien life seeds; haunted castle; precognition
96.5-9 04 Feb 97Majestic 12; Sao Paolo haunting; life on Saturn; cloning the mammoth; psychic clues; the Sphinx; cattle mutilations
97.5-1025 Feb 97House of Plenty haunting; virtual Stonehenge; UFO abductees; 1947; healing harps; Holy Land UFOs
98.5-1104 Mar 97Argentine plane misses UFO; cancer-sniffing dog; Internet ghosts; anti-gravity; House of Plenty; UFO documentation
99.5-1211 Mar 97Heartland ghost; UFO disables missile; unusual odds; face on Mars; crop circles; music and healing; Nostradamus
100.5-1420 May 97Psychic finds victim's body; Angel of Death; Ouija board; sites of paranormal phenomena; haunted house; sasquatch
Season 6
101.6-1 17 Jan 98UFOs: The 100 Year Cover-Up
102.6-2 14 Mar 98Secrets of Alien Abduction
103.6-3 13 Jun 98Bioperfection: Building the New Human Race
104.6-4 25 Oct 98The Living Dead: Speaking From The Grave
105.6-5 23 Dec 98Fire in the Brain: Unleashing the Hidden Powers of the Mind
S01.1-0 18 Oct 91The U.F.O. Report (1)
S01.1-0 18 Oct 91The U.F.O. Report (2)
S06.6-0 28 Feb 92Ghosts (1)
S01.1-0 28 Feb 92Ghosts (2)
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