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aired from: Sep 1995 to: Jul 1997 44 eps NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


Jonathan Eliot is the focal point of this ho-hum sitcom. Surrounded by his friends, all of them married during the first season, Jonathan searched for love (or at least companionship) in nearly every episode.

In its second season, already a Friends-style clone, The Single Guy dumped two of its married characters and added three new single ones, destroying the comparisons between single Jonathan and his married friends.

The Single Guy was a victim of NBC Studios homogenization. NBC-produced sitcoms (Conrad Bloom, Boston Common, Will & Grace) tend to look exactly the same. In the end, The Single Guy was nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the schedule. Critics brought up The Single Guy several times during the 1998 season. 'Where have you gone Jonathan Silverman?', one critic lamented, commenting on the deplorable new television season.

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    1st Season 1995

  1. "Pilot"
    gs: Olivia d'Abo [ Delilah ], Larry Miller [ The Cable Guy ], John F. O'Donohue [ Fireman ], Jim Lampley [ Himself ], Bob Miller [ Himself ]

    Jonathan endures a setup at Matt and Janeane's with a hideous girl, while missing the heavyweight fight on pay-per-view.

    b: 21 Sep 95 pc: 100101 w: Brad Hall d: Sam Weisman

    NOTE: Guest actress Olivia d'Abo joins the cast in a different role in the second season.
  2. "Tennis"
    gs: Cara Buono [ Christie ], Mitchell Ryan [ Mr. Bremley ], Chris Reed [ Derek ], Arthur Roberts [ Ambassador Grady ]

    Sam fixes Jonathan up with Christie, an expert at all sports. Jonathan's macho competitive streak risks a great relationship. Sam takes secret tennis lessons so he can beat Matt.

    b: 28 Sep 95 pc: 100102 w: Brad Hall d: Sam Weisman
  3. "Gift"
    gs: Megan Ward [ Monica ], John Kassir [ Maitre 'D ], Bruce Kirby [ Uncle Mike ], Peggy Rea [ Aunt Heidi ], Lauren Bowles [ Paula ], Zaid Farid [ Ticket Man ]

    Jonathan is forced to scramble when he promises to take his girlfriend to an exclusive French restaurant in a rare 1962 car wth reclusive author J.D. Salinger.

    b: 5 Oct 95 pc: 100104 w: Richard Doctorow d: Sam Weisman
  4. "Babysitting"
    gs: Mitchell Ryan [ Mr. Bremley ], Audie England [ Melissa ], Alecia Guzman [ Pretty Woman #1 ], Sarah Ann Morris [ Pretty Woman #2 ], LaReine Chabut [ Pretty Woman #3 ]

    Jonathan discovers that women are attracted to a man with a baby when he babysits Sebastian.

    b: 12 Oct 95 pc: 100106 w: John Masius d: Sam Weisman
  5. "Charity"
    gs: Alan Blumenfeld [ Vince ], Al Ruscio [ Bob ], Juanita Jennings [ Liz ], Michael Anthony Cardoza [ Timmy ]

    Jonathan is shocked when he learns that Matt does charity work. He wonders whether he's evil because he has no inclination to do likewise.

    b: 19 Oct 95 pc: 100103 w: Andrew Gottlieb & Jay Kogen & Steve Paymer d: Sam Weisman
  6. "Neighbors"
    gs: Mark Harelik [ Jeff ], Michael Winters [ Mike ], W. Earl Brown [ The Cabbie ], David Schwimmer [ Ross (uncredited) ]

    Jonathan stays with his homosexual neighbors when his apartment requires extensive repairs. He and Janeane's friend Ross go to the theater together, each worried the other is gay.

    b: 2 Nov 95 pc: 100105 w: David Kohan & Max Mutchnik d: Sam Weisman

    NOTE: David Schwimmer crosses over in his role from Friends, which aired immediately before The Single Guy. Schwimmer and Silverman attended school together at Beverly Hills High School (along with fellow studentNicolas Cage).
  7. "Mugging"
    gs: Julia Louis-Dreyfus [ Tina ], Mimi Kennedy [ The Realtor ], Eric Sharp [ The Mugger ]

    Jonathan dates 'Danger Girl', a woman who's only excited in dangerous situations. The gang is mugged, causing Janeane to consider moving to Connecticut.

    b: 9 Nov 95 pc: 100107 w: David Kohan & Max Mutchnik & Richard Doctorow d: Sam Weisman
  8. "Sister"
    gs: Ileana Douglas [ Martha ], Jack Black [ Randy ], Lauren Bowles [ Paula ]

    Jonathan takes up with Janeane's sister Paula who's visiting for Thanksgiving. Despite their mutual dislike of each other, they can't stay away.

    b: 16 Nov 95 pc: 100108 w: Steve Paymer d: Sam Weisman
  9. "Attraction"
    gs: Brooke Langton [ Amanda ], Viveka Davis [ Bonnie ], O'Neal Compton [ Ty ], Jack Black [ Randy ], David Pressman [ Engineer ], Suzanne Lanza [ Gorgeous Woman # 1 ], Caitlin Keats [ Gorgeous Woman # 2 ], Rob Mulley [ The Waiter ]

    Jonathan meets the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, she works for his current girlfriend. A greatful client gives Garth Brooks' lucky cowboy hat to Sam, giving him confidence he never knew he had.

    b: 7 Dec 95 pc: 100109 w: Jay Kogen d: Sam Weisman
  10. "Midnight"
    gs: Brooke Langton [ Amanda ], Wendy Gazelle [ Ginger ], John Kassir [ Maitre'D ], Steve Paymer [ Dr. Mesner ], Steve Hytner [ Jamie Barron ]

    Jonathan pines for Amanda on New Years Eve, after he spies her out with Broadway actor Jamie Barron.

    b: 14 Dec 95 pc: 100110 w: Jay Kogen d: Sam Weisman
  11. "Communication"
    gs: Lydie Deneir [ Monique ], Willie Garson [ Ted ], Eric Poppick [ Mr. Bringle ], John Kassir [ Maitre'D ]

    Jonathan falls for a TV commercial actress, the 'Butter Girl'. He gets an opportunity to meet her, only to find she only speaks French. Oddly enough she goes home with Jonathan, even though they don't understand a word the other says. Trudy throws Sam out when he tells a deeply embarrassing story about her.

    b: 4 Jan 96 pc: 100112 w: Richard Doctorow d: Sam Weisman
  12. "Nineteen"
    gs: Cassidy Rae [ Nikki ], Rick Overton [ Carl Gannon ], Marshall Bell [ Mr. Gottlieb ], Jim Metzler [ Nikki's Father ], Dustin Rae [ Nikkie at 10 ], Ashtynn Afenir [ Nikki at 6 ], Tim Haldeman [ Waiter ], Brian Klugman [ Teenager # 1 ], Rhonda Bennett [ Teenager # 2 ], Antwon Tanner [ Teenager # 3 ], Erl [ Erl ], Robert Borowicz [ Tattooed Man ]

    Jonathan dates a fabulous girl only to discover she's only 19-years-old. Janeane ventures to a tattoo parlor to prove she's still hip and 'with it'. Sam and Trudy house an 'artist' who steals objects and calls it art.

    b: 11 Jan 96 pc: 100113 w: Jim McCoulf d: Sam Weisman
  13. "Distance"
    gs: Ileana Douglas [ Martha ], Michael Spound [ Andy Felner ], Don Murray [ Chip Bremley ]

    Jonathan dates Janeane's sister Martha and revels in their no-strings-attached, NY/Washington D.C. relationship. Sam and Janeane decide they're perfect together so try a little matchmaking.

    b: 18 Jan 96 pc: 100111 w: Steve Paymer d: Sam Weisman
  14. "Rival"
    gs: Conan O'Brien [ Cameron Duncan ], Kevin Tighe [ Jack Blake ], George Plimpton [ Himself ], Jimmy Breslin [ Himself ], Louis Guss [ Rosie Flowers ]

    Jonathan competes with an old college rival to get a famous author's quote on the jacket of his new book.

    b: 1 Feb 96 pc: 100114 w: Richard Doctorow d: Sam Weisman
  15. "Pudding"
    gs: Renee Taylor [ Zelda ], Michael Winters [ Mike ], David Wohl [ Bobby Driscoll ], Marie Osmond [ Herself ], Kevin Weisman [ Lyle ], Andre Nemec [ Eric ], Charles Chun [ The Cop ], Rush Pearson [ The Fan ]

    Manny is fired when the tenant association votes to install a security system. Meanwhile Janeane and Matt's building fires their doorman for sloppy work. Sam borrows money from a fraternity to invest in a 'trapezoid scheme'.

    b: 8 Feb 96 pc: 100115 w: David Kohan & Max Mutchnik d: Sam Weisman

    NOTE: When Silverman appeared on The Donny and Marie Show, a talk show hosted by Donny and Marie Osmond in December 1998, they briefly chatted about this episode.
  16. "Affair"
    gs: Paula Abdul [ Herself ], Peter Spellos [ Custom Official #1 ], Morgan Hunter [ Custom Official #2 ]

    Jonathan worries that Sam is having an affair with Paula Abdul.

    b: 15 Feb 96 pc: 100116 w: Andrew Gottlieb d: Sam Weisman
  17. "Wedding"
    gs: Donal Logue [ Billy ], Amanda Peet [ Kathy ], Leah Lail [ Renee ], Sandra Taylor [ Belinda ], Michael Alaimo [ The Priest ], James Arone [ The Jury Foreman ], Rush Pearson [ Juror #1 ], Daniel Passer [ Charlie ], Russell Moore [ The Bartender ], Brandi Sherwood [ The Patron ]

    Jonathan attends the wedding of his college girlfriend. Manny sits on a jury.

    b: 22 Feb 96 pc: 100116 w: Brad Hall d: Sam Weisman
  18. "Poetry"
    gs: Jensen Daggett [ Charlie McCarthy ], Andrew Bilgore [ Gene ], Tony V [ Freaky Lou ], Charles Chun [ Cop ]

    Jonathan confronts a columnist after she writes a scathing review of his book. Sam and Trudy try to beat a Three Card Monte dealer, Freaky Lou. Matt tries to write a poem for Janeane for their fifth anniversary.

    b: 7 Mar 96 pc: 100117 w: Paul Barrose d: Craig Zisk
  19. "Lovenest"
    gs: Jensen Daggett [ Charlie McCarthy ], Donal Logue [ Billy ], Sandra Taylor [ Belinda ], Lauren Bowles [ Paula ]

    Jonathan pursues Charlie McCarthy, even following her to Seattle in the hopes of starting a relationship. Meanwhile, Sam, Trudy, Janeane, and Matt discover the sensuous powers of Jonathan's apartment.

    b: 14 Mar 96 pc: 100119 w: Brad Hall & Richard Doctorow d: Craig Zisk
  20. "Kids"
    gs: Jensen Daggett [ Charlie McCarthy ], David Wohl [ Bobby Driscoll ]

    Sam and Trudy watch Sebastian, Matt and Janeane's child, for a night to see if they're ready for parenthood. Sam and Trudy impulsively take Sebastian to Madison Square Garden to see a boxing match and pay the price for their recklessness when they're trapped on the subway.

    b: 2 May 96 pc: 100122 w: Andrew Gottlieb & John Masius d: Craig Zisk
  21. "Pop"
    gs: Peter Boyle [ Walter Eliot ], Jensen Daggett [ Charlie McCarthy ], Dana Wheeler-Nicholson [ Erika ]

    Jonathan discovers that his dad's new fiancée is one of his old lovers. Meanwhile Sam discovers an old recording that he thinks is by the Beatles.

    b: 9 May 96 pc: 100120 w: Andrew Gottlieb d: Craig Zisk
  22. "Moving"
    gs: Jensen Daggett [ Charlie McCarthy ], Michael Demay [ The Asbestos Worker ]

    Jonathan plays musical apartments when his building is temporarily closed for asbestos removal and he and Charlie can't bring themselves to move in together. Sam is down when he quits his job and finds out the $9,000 he invested with Matt has evaporated.

    b: 16 May 96 pc: 100121 w: Richard Doctorow & Jay Kogen d: David Owen Trainor

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    2nd Season 1996

  23. "Mounted Cop"
    gs: Mariska Hargitay [ Kate Conklin ], Brian Doyle-Murray [ Capt. Bill Conklin ], Carlos Oscar [ Cuban Guy ], Andy Buckley [ Mike Conklin ], Stan Cahill [ Terry Conklin ], Paul Cassell [ Edgar Conklin ], Ramon McLane [ Lawrence Conklin ], Reta Rose [ Mrs. Conklin ], Jack Shearer [ Repairman ]

    Jonathan fears he's the victim of a set-up when he breaks up with a woman with an overly protective family of cops. Trudy tries to buy an illegal Cuban bra.

    b: 19 Sep 96 pc: 100203 w: Rachel Sweet d: Craig Zisk
  24. "Best Man"
    gs: Arye Gross [ Tony ], Richard Riehle [ Mr. Van Wagner ], Catherine Lloyd Burns [ April ], John Kendall [ Lottery Winner ], Robin Pearson Rose [ News Reporter ], Eric Payno [ Goodwill Man ]

    Jonathan is coerced into being the best man at the wedding of a man he hardly knows. The bride confides in Jonathan that she doesn't want to get married and asks Jonathan to tell the groom. Trudy throws out Sam's lucky sneakers.

    b: 26 Sep 96 pc: 100201 w: Gayle Abrams d: Craig Zisk
  25. "Good God"
    gs: John Michael Higgins [ Rev. Fuller ], Lynn Clark [ Sara ], Mark Sivertsen [ Instructor ], Saul Stein [ Back Specialist ], Julia Montgomery Brown [ Sarah Fuller ]

    Jonathan discovers everything falling into place in his life when he writes the Sunday sermons for a dull preacher. Sam suffers from back pain which is alleviated when he attends church. Trudy spends all her time at a firing range.

    b: 3 Oct 96 pc: 100204 w: Michael Davidoff & Bill Rosenthal d: Craig Zisk
  26. "Kept Man"
    gs: Maureen McCormick [ Valerie ], Rodney Dangerfield [ Himself ], Mariska Hargitay [ Kate Conklin ], John Kassir [ Waiter ], Cameron Hall [ Suit Guy ], Kevin Contreras [ Jeans Guy ], Brant Cotton [ Shirtless Guy ], Joe Sabatino [ Buff Guy ]

    Jonathan is a 'kept man', running errands for his new girlfriend in exchange for presents and other perks. Sam obsesses when he finds out that Trudy makes more money than him.

    b: 10 Oct 96 pc: 100206 w: Gayle Abrams d: Craig Zisk
  27. "Strip Club"
    gs: Joe Liss [ Joe ], Fred Sanders [ Stock Broker ], Johnny Cocktails [ Strip Club Guy ]

    Jonathan and Marie look for employment at a temp agency. Sam hides the truth from Trudy when he visits a strip club.

    b: 17 Oct 96 pc: 100205 w: Andrew Gottlieb d: Craig Zisk
  28. "Love Train"
    gs: Tajana Patitz [ Cinderella ], Silas Weir Mitchell [ Floyd ], Julie Benz [ Cranberries Girl ], David Doty [ Conductor ], Bari Willerford [ Take-Out Customer ]

    While riding the subway on his way to a Halloween costume party, Jonathan meets the girl of his dreams dressed in a Cinderella costume. Jonathan places an ad in the newspaper and rides the subway to find her again. Russell studies for a law exam.

    b: 31 Oct 96 pc: 100207 w: Stephen Godchaux & Rachel Sweet d: Craig Zisk
  29. "The Virgin"
    gs: Rick Overton [ Carl Gannon ], Jeffrey Combs [ Klein ], Mariska Hargitay [ Kate Conklin ], Tracy Douglas [ Tina ], Spencer Beglarian [ Ivan ]

    Trudy hires Jonathan to deliver an art exhibit, The Virgin, by Carl Gannon (ep #12). It turns out 'the virgin' is a beautiful woman. Jonathan desperately tries to make the delivery without damaging the goods. Sam and Marie make special effects for a B-movie.

    b: 7 Nov 96 pc: 100208 w: Michael Davidoff & Bill Rosenthal d: Craig Zisk

    NOTE: There's nothing worse than an overbearing laugh track on a show with zero laughs..not even a smile.
  30. "Double Date"
    gs: Dana Ashbrook [ Keith ], Chao-Li Chi [ Mr. Pao ], Irene Tsu [ Mrs. Pao ], Anthony Ponzini [ Alfredo ], Eric Michael Zee [ Eric Chao ], David Valcin [ Antonio ]

    Jonathan takes Marie out on her wedding anniversary. Trudy's parents visit, giving Sam conniptions. Trudy has dinner with her first true love.

    b: 14 Nov 96 pc: 100209 w: Richard Doctorow d: Max Tash
  31. "Davy Jones"
    gs: Davy Jones [ Himself ], Robert Mailhouse [ Ricky ], Mark Harelik [ Jeff ], Michael Winters [ Mike ], Gerry Bamman [ Dr. Bradford ], John Vickery [ Seth ], Eric Saiet [ Ted ], Maury Sterling [ Mordecai ]

    Jonathan hosts a Thanksgiving party with special guest Davy Jones, who's considering Jonathan to co-write his biography. Marie tries to deal with surprise guest, ex-husband Ricky.

    b: 21 Nov 96 pc: 100210 w: Andrew Gottlieb d: Alan Myerson

    NOTE: Davy Jones was, of course, a member of the 60's musical group The Monkees.
  32. "Deepest Cut"
    gs: Suzanne Pleshette [ Sarah Eliot ], John Mendoza [ Nurse ], Linda Hawkins [ Sandy ], Ken Marino [ Big Tipper ]

    Jonathan accidentally stabs his mother with a kitchen knife, sending her to the hospital. Russell is obsessed with a big tipper.

    b: 12 Dec 96 pc: 100211 w: Stephen Godchaux d: Kim Friedman
  33. "New Year"
    gs: Jensen Daggett [ Charlie McCarthy ], Wendie Malick [ Dr. Cornick ], Al Roker [ Dr. Benjamin ], Albie Selznick [ Director ]

    Jonathan visits a therapist as part of his New Year's resolution. The therapist urges Jonathan to forsake women until he decides what he really wants with his life. Sam and Trudy agree to work on starting a family.

    b: 9 Jan 97 pc: 100212 w: Michael Davidoff & Bill Rosenthal d: Craig Zisk

    NOTE: The opening sequence reflected the characters New Year's resolutions. Jonathan sits on his bench, dressed as an old man, while the other characters walk past him: Russell graduates from law school; Marie is dressed as a diva; Manny jogs by;, Sam and Trudy walk past with a child. At the end of the sequence, Jonathan wakes up, as if from a nightmare.
  34. "Like Father..."
    gs: Peter Boyle [ Walter Eliot ], Suzanne Pleshette [ Sarah Eliot ], Dana Wheeler-Nicholson [ Erika ], Marianne Muellerleile [ Mrs. Fingerman ], Dion Anderson [ Harry ]

    Jonathan is shocked when his father completely changes his personality on the eve of his wedding. Sam fears he and Trudy won't be able to adopt due to an incident in his past.

    b: 16 Jan 97 pc: 100213 w: Stephen Godchaux & Rachel Sweet d: Max Tash
  35. "Starting Over"
    gs: Tom Gallop [ The New Yorker Interviewer ], Patricia Belcher [ Newsweek Interviewer ], Winifred Freedman [ Soap Opera Digest Interviewer ], Frankie Pesce [ Cabbie ], Andrea Robinson [ Cabbie ]

    rc: Dan

    Jonathan gets an advertising job. Jonathan goes along with new neighbor Dan on an all-night binge against his better judgment.

    b: 23 Jan 97 pc: 100214 w: John Masius s: Andrew Gottlieb & John Masius d: Craig Zisk
  36. "Just Friends?"
    gs: Jenna Elfman [ Jordan ], Keene Curtis [ Mr. Klug ], Michael Leydon Campbell [ Father ], Mara Holguin [ Mother ]

    rc: Dan

    Dan decides to be 'just friends' with Marie. Manny sprains his ankle and moves in with the Sloans, teaching them what a child will be like. Jonathan dates the boss's daughter and has to accept her stupid idea for an advertising campaign.

    b: 30 Jan 97 pc: 100215 w: Gayle Abrams d: Pam Fryman
  37. "Macho Men"
    gs: Molly Shannon [ Melody Pugh ], James Boyce [ Extreme Hoops Coordinator ], Walker Brandt [ Bambi ]

    rc: Dan

    Jonathan and Dan compete for the love of a woman, Bambi. Trudy forces Sam to throw out his junk.

    b: 6 Feb 97 pc: 100216 w: Richard Doctorow d: Craig Zisk
  38. "Mother Love"
    gs: Suzanne Pleshette [ Sarah Eliot ], Keene Curtis [ Mr. Klug ]

    rc: Dan

    Jonathan's mother dates his boss. Russell helps Marie rehearse for 'Romeo and Juliet', in the process discovering that they care for one another.

    b: 13 Feb 97 pc: 100217 w: Suzanne Myers & Cody Farley d: Andrew Tsao
  39. "Big Baby"
    gs: Don Rickles [ Dick Sloan ], Marianne Muellerleile [ Mrs. Fingerman ], Christopher Riccio [ Teddy ], Jonathan Lipnicki [ Rudy ]

    rc: Dan

    Trudy and Sam are disappointed when they find their adopted child isn't an infant. Sam's abrasive father visits.

    b: 20 Feb 97 pc: 100218 w: Rachel Sweet d: Andrew Tsao
  40. "Grandfather Clause"
    gs: Paula Marshall [ Isabela ], Ellen Travolta [ Mrs. Cordova ], Carlos LaCamara [ Esteban ], Shirley Pestia [ Saleslady ], David DeLuise [ Booth Guy ], Cristofer Borgnine [ Waiter ], Myriam Tubert [ Mama Cordova ], Harold Lopez [ The Padre ], Anthony Diaz-Perez [ Juan Uno ], Robert Arevalo [ Juan Dos ]

    rc: Dan

    Jonathan thinks it is fate when he keeps running into the same woman, until he discovers it's Manny's engaged granddaughter. Jonathan tries to weasel out of it when she calls off her wedding, apparently to marry Jonathan. Dan and Marie have a cross-dressing contest. No, it is not your imagination this is bad television.

    b: 26 Mar 97 pc: 100219 w: Will Gluck s: Barbara Hobart d: Craig Zisk

    NOTE: The opening sequence featured Silverman on a park bench sitting between David Schwimmer (Friends)and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), shaking hands with them, standing up, walking to a different park bench and sitting between Andy Dick (NewsRadio) and Amy Yasbeck (Wings), symbolizing The Single Guy's move from Thursday night to Wednesday.
  41. "Jonathan Hollywood"
    gs: Keene Curtis [ Mr. Klug ], Kristin Davis [ Leslie ], Eric Matheny [ Gary ], Pat Kilbane [ Leo ], Paul Bates [ Fish ], Ron Fassler [ Paul ], Nikki Tyler [ Paula ], Colton James [ Kid ]

    rc: Dan

    Jonathan is initially excited when a movie company that wants him to adapt his novel into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio approaches him; however, when it's converted to a movie starring Sinbad as identical twins; he's concerned about his artistic integrity. Sammy plays in a rock group, "Fantastic Sam and the Toads" and finds it difficult when Trudy intervenes.

    b: 2 Apr 97 pc: 100220 w: Rob Cornick & Cody Jachnuk d: Linda Day
  42. "Au Pair"
    gs: Tushka Bergen [ Ilsa ], Christopher Riccio [ Teddy ], Michael P. Byrne [ Judge ], Mary Pat Gleason [ Patton ], Jean Speegle Howard [ Old Woman ], Patrick Cranshaw [ Old Man ], Lindsey Swearngin [ Waitress ], Erl [ Bluto ], Michael Leopard [ Bailiff ]

    rc: Dan

    Sam and Trudy hire an au pair to watch Teddy. They do everything they can to sabotage her dream of being a professional singer when it means losing their immaculate apartment. Dan sues Manny when a water pipe in his apartment bursts.

    b: 9 Apr 97 pc: 100222 w: Peter Schneider & Ben Cardinale d: Michael Zinberg
  43. "Vegas Finale"
    gs: Ellen Travolta [ Mrs. Cordova ], Nicole Forester [ Emma ], Diane Delano [ Pit Boss ], Nancy Fish [ Betty ]

    rc: Dan

    The gang travels to Las Vegas to watch Marie portray Cher in a lounge act. Trudy loses thousands of dollars, and Jonathan wakes up from a drunken stupor holding a marriage certificate and wearing a wedding ring.

    b: 16 Apr 97 pc: 100221 w: Karen Russell d: Gail Mancuso

    NOTE: The opening sequence featured Silverman sitting on a park bench in the middle of a Vegas casino.

    This episode ends with Jonathan married to Emma. Is The Single Guy single no longer? We'll never know.

  44. "Pilot Redux"
    gs: Dan Butler [ Edward ], Jensen Daggett [ Charlie McCarthy ]

    Charlie leaves Jonathan for Dennis Rodman. TV commercial singer Marie moves into Jonathan's old apartment. Sam has problems with a consultant at the studio.

    b: __ ___ __ pc: 100202 w: Brad Hall d: Craig Zisk

    NOTE: Any information on the correct airdate? The Library of Congress claims it aired on 19 Sep, the same date as #23, but archived editions of the local newspaper only show one Single Guy airing on that date.

    Editor's NOTE: One source shows that this episode was scheduled to air on 5 Dec 96, but it was preempted. Another source notes that this episode may have aired on 3 Jul 97. If anyone has any insight, please contact the author of this guide, via the link below.

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