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Skunk Fu!

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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An impulsive young apprentice in kung fu may be the forest animals' best hope to defeat Baboon and his ninja monkeys.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2007
End date: Sep 2008
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (AU)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 26 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Fantasy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 22 Sep 07The Art of Stickiness/The Art of Rivalry
2.1-2 29 Sep 07The Art of Leaving Them Laughing/The Art of Monkey Launching
3.1-3 06 Oct 07The Art of Attitude/The Art of Revenge
4.1-4 13 Oct 07The Art of Tunneling/The Art of Conkering
5.1-5 20 Oct 07The Art of Kung Fruit/The Art of No Mind
6.1-6 27 Oct 07The Art of Darkness/The Art of Dream Control
7.1-7 03 Nov 07The Art of Responsibility/The Art of Stealing
8.1-8 10 Nov 07The Art of Brain Washing/The Art of Turtle Watching
9.1-9 17 Nov 07The Art of Truffling/The Art of Patience
10.1-1024 Nov 07The Art of Being a Pebble/The Art of Passing the Buck
11.1-1101 Dec 07The Art of Giggling/The Art of Getting Stuck
12.1-1208 Dec 07The Art of the Touch/The Art of Hospitality
13.1-1315 Dec 07The Art of Luck/The Art of Endurance
14.1-1405 Jan 08The Art of Lightning/The Art of Double Cross
15.1-1512 Jan 08The Art of the Nose Blow/The Art of the Crush
16.1-1619 Jan 08The Art of Small Victories/The Art of Infuence
17.1-1726 Jan 08The Art of Kiting/The Art of Being Lazy
18.1-1802 Feb 08The Art of the Stink/The Art of the Fan Fan
19.1-1909 Feb 08The Art of the Dizzy Master/The Art of Dim Sum Fu
20.1-2016 Feb 08The Art of Strategy/The Art of Being Heavy
21.1-2123 Feb 08The Art of Wushu/The Art of the Tea Ceremony
22.1-2201 Mar 08The Art of Initiation/The Art of Art
23.1-2308 Mar 08The Art of Monkeying Around/The Art of Sneaking
24.1-2415 Mar 08The Art of Seeing Blind/The Art of Monkey Love
25.1-2522 Mar 08The Art of No Lung Fu/The Art of Destiny Swapping
26.1-2625 Sep 08The Art of Remembering: Part 1/The Art of Remembering: Part 2
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