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The Slayers

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Apr 1995
End date: Sep 1997
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TV Tokyo (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 78 eps & movies
Genre(s): Animated, Comedy, Science Fiction
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 07 Apr 95Angry? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!
2.1-2 14 Apr 95Bad! Mummy Men Aren't My Type!
3.1-3 21 Apr 95Crash! Red and White and Suspicious All Over!
4.1-4 28 Apr 95Dash! Run for It! My Magic Doesn't Work?
5.1-5 05 May 95Escape! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish Man!
6.1-6 12 May 95Focus! Rezo's the Real Enemy?!
7.1-7 19 May 95Give Up! But, Just Before We Do, the Sure Kill Sword Appears!
8.1-8 26 May 95Help! Shabranigdo is Reborn!
9.1-9 02 Jun 95Impact! The Eve of the Great Life or Death Struggle!
10.1-1009 Jun 95Jackpot! The Great Life or Death Gamble!
11.1-1116 Jun 95Knock Out! The Seyruun Family Feud!
12.1-1223 Jun 95Lovely! Amelia's Magic Training!
13.1-1330 Jun 95Money! Knock Out Those Bounty Hunters!
14.1-1407 Jul 95Navigation! An Invitation to Sairaag!
15.1-1514 Jul 95Oh No! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?
16.1-1621 Jul 95Passion! Shall We Give Our Lives for the Stage?
17.1-1728 Jul 95Question? He's Proposing to THAT Girl?
18.1-1804 Aug 95Return! The Red Priest is Back!
19.1-1911 Aug 95Shock! Sairaag Falls!
20.1-2018 Aug 95Trouble! Rahanimu, the Furious Fish Man!
21.1-2125 Aug 95Upset! Gourry vs. Zangulus!
22.1-2201 Sep 95Vice! The One Who Was Left Behind!
23.1-2308 Sep 95Warning! Eris' Wrath!
24.1-2415 Sep 95X-DAY The Demon Beast is Reborn!
25.1-2522 Sep 95Yes! A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade!
26.1-2629 Sep 95Zap! Victory is Always Mine!
Season 2 Slayers Next
27.2-1 05 Apr 96The Sudden Pinch! The Terror of the Monstrous Zoamelgustar!
28.2-2 12 Apr 96The Roguish Priest! His Name is Xellos!
29.2-3 19 Apr 96A Wonderful Business! Being a Bodyguard Isn't Easy!
30.2-4 26 Apr 96An Ancient Pledge! One Who Seeks Immortality!
31.2-5 03 May 96Staying Behind for the Sake of Love!
32.2-6 10 May 96You Can't Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina!
33.2-7 17 May 96Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon!
34.2-8 24 May 96Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died?
35.2-9 31 May 96Hidden Ambitions! The Shocking Confession?
36.2-1007 Jun 96On a Journey with a Pack of Scoundrels?! Take Back That Magic Power!
37.2-1114 Jun 96Voices from the Darkness! Slash 'em to Bits, Ragna Blade!
38.2-1221 Jun 96The Unexpected End? The Shocking Truth!
39.2-1328 Jun 96Impending Fall! The Moment of Ambition's Defeat!
40.2-1405 Jul 96The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell?
41.2-1512 Jul 96A Big Crash? The Battle at Artemay Tower!
42.2-1619 Jul 96Bitter Curve Balls! Gutsy Fast Balls!
43.2-1702 Aug 96They're Talking About a Girl Named Zelgadis?
44.2-1809 Aug 96The Temple of the Sand! The Secret of the Giga Slave!
45.2-1911 Aug 96Disclosure at Last? Xellos's True Form!
46.2-2016 Aug 96No Other Choice! Set Course for Dragon Valley!
47.2-2123 Aug 96The Thousand Year Old Truth! The Traitorous Demon Dragon King!
48.2-2230 Aug 96The Stolen Sword of Light! The End of the Demon Dragon King!
49.2-2306 Sep 96The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!
50.2-2413 Sep 96Sinister Trap! The Mysterious City of Ghosts!
51.2-2520 Sep 96The Souls of the Dead! Lina's Final Decision!
52.2-2627 Sep 96Go to NEXT! And Then Again...
Season 3 Slayers Try
53.3-1 04 Apr 97Majestic? Hoist Sails for the Journey!
54.3-2 11 Apr 97Doubtful? A Letter from Home!
55.3-3 18 Apr 97Where'd That Arrogant Guy Go?
56.3-4 25 Apr 97On the Move! He's Out for Revenge?
57.3-5 02 May 97A Wild Rumor! You Can't Have Smoke Without Fire?
58.3-6 09 May 97Wandering Around? The Runaway Shrine Takes a Trip!
59.3-7 16 May 97A Peace Conference? This is the Dragon Shrine?
60.3-8 23 May 97Be Careful! The Plan Has Begun!
61.3-9 30 May 97Continuous Fire! The Wind-Swept Shore of Battle!
62.3-1006 Jun 97Ready for Exile! Isn't Two People's Love Eternal?
63.3-1113 Jun 97The Hurdle's Cleared? Jiras' Hidden Power!
64.3-1220 Jun 97Selfless and Senseless! Pursuit Through the Labyrinth!
65.3-1327 Jun 97An Explosive Situation! The One Who Holds the Key!
66.3-1404 Jul 97Striding and Swaggering! Lamentation Without End!
67.3-1511 Jul 97Disaster and Danger? This Place is a Wonder Island!
68.3-1618 Jul 97Pandemonium! Terror of the Cursed Jar!
69.3-1725 Jul 97Immediate Results? Love is in the Tiny Differences!
70.3-1808 Aug 97The Right Person in the Right Place! Amelia in the Village of Justice!
71.3-1901 Aug 97Three People, Three Ways! Where the Light Leads!
72.3-2015 Aug 97A Hero's Advent? To Whom Does the Young Girl Pray?
73.3-2122 Aug 97Savage and Unexplored! History Sealed Away!
74.3-2229 Aug 97Eternal Death, Final Farewells! A Cry to the Fallen!
75.3-2305 Sep 97No Time for Arguing! Head for the Showdown!
76.3-2412 Sep 97No Way to Guess! The Forbidden Gateway is Opened!
77.3-2519 Sep 97He Who Emerges from the Dark Star!
78.3-2626 Sep 97TRY Again! When All Returns to White!
Season 4 Slayers Revolution
79.4-1 02 Jul 08AMAZING Astonishing Dragon Slave!?
80.4-2 09 Jul 08Because - You're Lina Inverse, That's Why!
81.4-3 16 Jul 08CHASE Never Ending Pursuit
82.4-4 23 Jul 08DRIFTER Chasing or Being Chased
83.4-5 30 Jul 08ETERNAL The Forest That Has Slept from the Ancient Time
84.4-6 06 Aug 08FALL ON Peculiar Festival! Unusual Festival? Lift That Ball Up!
85.4-7 13 Aug 08GORGEOUS The Luxury Yacht is the Target!?
86.4-8 20 Aug 08HURRY UP Interfere! What, Don't Interfere?
87.4-9 27 Aug 08INSIDER He Who Knows the Real Truth!
88.4-1003 Sep 08JUDGEMENT The Silver One Resurrects!
89.4-1110 Sep 08KEEP OUT The Approaching Demon!
90.4-1217 Sep 08LEGACY The Decisive Battle for Seyruun!
91.4-1324 Sep 08MISTY The Downward Swinging Sword!
Season 5 Slayers Evolution-R
92.5-1 12 Jan 09NEW COMER? A New Voyage!
93.5-2 19 Jan 09OH MY HEAD! Where Did It Go?
94.5-3 26 Jan 09PARTNER! They're Sharing a Body?
95.5-4 02 Feb 09QUALITY TIME? A Loving Life?
96.5-5 09 Feb 09RAIDER! A Voice from the Darkness!
97.5-6 16 Feb 09SEEK! Who is the Target?
98.5-7 23 Feb 09TOWN SCAPE Because It's a Thing Made by the People
99.5-8 02 Mar 09UNCOVER! The Darkness Unvielded!
100.5-9 09 Mar 09VOICE! What's Inside the Jar?
101.5-1016 Mar 09WISDOM Pursuing the Irrevocable Time!
102.5-1123 Mar 09XENO Compensation for Resurrection
103.5-1230 Mar 09YESTERDAYS MEMORY Regained Days
104.5-1306 Apr 09ZERO HOUR The One Being Ruined!
S01.1-0 05 Aug 95Slayers The Motion Picture (62 min)
S02.2-0 03 Aug 96Slayers Return (61 min)
S03.3-0 25 May 97Slayers Special: The Scary Chimera Plan (30 min)
S03.3-0 25 May 97Slayers Special: Jeffrey's Knighthood (30 min)
S03.3-0 25 May 97Slayers Special: Mirror, Mirror (30 min)
S03.3-0 02 Aug 97Slayers Great (64 min)
S03.3-0 01 Aug 98Slayers Gorgeous (64 min)
S03.3-0 25 Mar 99Slayers Excellent: Labyrinth (30 min)
S03.3-0 25 Mar 99Slayers Excellent: A Frightening Future (30 min)
S03.3-0 25 Mar 99Slayers Excellent: Lina-chan's Lovely Makeover Operation (30 min)
S03.3-0 22 Dec 01Slayers Premium (30 min)
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