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Space Patrol

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In the 30th century, officers of the United Planets Space Patrol monitor interplanetary traffic, settle disputes and stop criminals.
Show Details:
Start date: Dec 1950
End date: Feb 1955
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 210 eps
Genre(s): Children, Drama, Science Fiction
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 30 Dec 50Treachery of Mars
2.1-2 06 Jan 51The Lethal Lady
3.1-3 13 Jan 51Intrigue in the Cabinet
4.1-4 20 Jan 51The Agra Ray
5.1-5 27 Jan 51The Ivy of Death
6.1-6 03 Feb 51Trouble on Saturn's Third Moon
7.1-7 10 Feb 51Solo Flight to Jupiter
8.1-8 17 Feb 51Cosmic Dedris Waring
9.1-9 24 Feb 51The Planos Epidemic
10.1-1003 Mar 51Tunnel of Escape (aka: Tunnel of Death)
11.1-1110 Mar 51The Perilous Sleep
12.1-1217 Mar 51A Vacation at Lake Azure
13.1-1324 Mar 51Theft of the Zeta Ray
14.1-1431 Mar 51Blackmail on Saturn
15.1-1507 Apr 51The Man in the Radurium Glove
16.1-1614 Apr 51Under the Red Lake of Jupiter
17.1-1721 Apr 51The Counterfeit Commander
18.1-1828 Apr 51Mysterious Mission to Canali
19.1-1905 May 51The Major's Dilemma
20.1-2012 May 51Isolation in Space
21.1-2119 May 51The Tourist Trap
22.1-2226 May 51Dangerous Intrigue
23.1-2302 Jun 51The Secret Injection
24.1-2409 Jun 51The Treacherous Technicians
25.1-2516 Jun 51Beyond the Rim of Space
26.1-2623 Jun 51Race Against Death
27.1-2730 Jun 51The Lost City of the Carnacans
28.1-2807 Jul 51The Deadly Weapon
29.1-2914 Jul 51The Legend of Wild Man's Ridge
30.1-3021 Jul 51Way Station to the Stars
31.1-3128 Jul 51The Hidden Reflector
32.1-3204 Aug 51The Dangerous Discovery
33.1-3311 Aug 51Spaceship on the Edge of Forever
34.1-3418 Aug 51The Underwater Hideout
35.1-3525 Aug 51A Big Wheel Named Ferris
36.1-3601 Sep 51The Vindictive Brother
37.1-3708 Sep 51Photograph of a Traitor
38.1-3815 Sep 51The Couragous Coward
39.1-3922 Sep 51The Theft of the Scrambler
40.1-4029 Sep 51Prometheus Bound for Destruction
41.1-4106 Oct 51Immediate Disaster
42.1-4213 Oct 51Lunatics from the Future
43.1-4320 Oct 51The Space Patrol Code Belt
44.1-4427 Oct 51The Floating Image in Space
45.1-4503 Nov 51Secret Peril
46.1-4610 Nov 51The Parasite Disc
47.1-4717 Nov 51The Secret of Terra
48.1-4824 Nov 51Jungle of No Return
49.1-4901 Dec 51Prison of Deadly Gas
50.1-5008 Dec 51The Sacrifice
51.1-5115 Dec 51Flight of the Galaxy
52.1-5222 Dec 51Fair Exchange
53.1-5329 Dec 51The Counterfeit Puzzle
Season 2
54.2-1 05 Jan 52Flowers of Death
55.2-2 12 Jan 52Cosmic Smoke Guns
56.2-3 19 Jan 52Lost in the Snow Cap Region of Mars
57.2-4 26 Jan 52Explosion on Morehouse Five
58.2-5 02 Feb 52The Evil Guardian of Harpola
59.2-6 09 Feb 52Hit by a Meteorite
60.2-7 16 Feb 52Planetoid Plot
61.2-8 23 Feb 52Victim of Amnesia
62.2-9 01 Mar 52The Lieutenant's Revenge
63.2-1008 Mar 52The Mind Readers
64.2-1115 Mar 52Slaves of the Exonium Mine
65.2-1222 Mar 52Abandoned in Outer Space
66.2-1329 Mar 52The Great Bank Robbery
67.2-1405 Apr 52The Mysterious Moonquakes
68.2-1512 Apr 52The Phantom Fleet
69.2-1619 Apr 52Trouble on Titan
70.2-1726 Apr 52Sacrifice to the Moon God
71.2-1803 May 52Uncertain Death
72.2-1910 May 52The Alien Invasion
73.2-2017 May 52A Threat to the United Planets
74.2-2124 May 52The Threat of the Thormanoids
75.2-2231 May 52Jungle Jeopardy
76.2-2307 Jun 52The Scheming Sibling (aka: Escape from Terra)
77.2-2414 Jun 52Treachery Under the Kralic Mountains (aka: Danger on Mars)
78.2-2521 Jun 52Message to Mercury (aka: Mission to Mercury)
79.2-2628 Jun 52The Inter-Planetary Smugglers (aka: The Deadly Ray Gun)
80.2-2705 Jul 52The Stolen Barrier (aka: The Force Barrier)
81.2-2812 Jul 52The Black Gauntlet
82.2-2919 Jul 52The Derelict Space Station
83.2-3026 Jul 52The Mystery of Ancient Egypt (in the 30th Century)
84.2-3102 Aug 52The Flying Pirate Ship
85.2-3209 Aug 52Emergency Flight to Mercury
86.2-3316 Aug 52Blackmail at Lake Azure
87.2-3423 Aug 52The Hidden Map
88.2-3530 Aug 52The Green Mold of Mars
89.2-3606 Sep 52The Galaxtic War
90.2-3713 Sep 52The Energy Thief
91.2-3820 Sep 52Sabotage of the Jupiter Run
92.2-3927 Sep 52The Star Raiders
93.2-4004 Oct 52The Code Breakers
94.2-4111 Oct 52Errand of Mercy
95.2-4218 Oct 52Underwater Treachery
96.2-4325 Oct 52The Electronic Man
97.2-4401 Nov 52Treachery on Terra Five
98.2-4508 Nov 52Frontier Epidemic
99.2-4615 Nov 52Power Dive
100.2-4722 Nov 52Three Exiles
101.2-4829 Nov 52The Shakedown
102.2-4906 Dec 52The Human Trap
103.2-5013 Dec 52The Chase in Time
104.2-5120 Dec 52The Deadly Sunbeam
105.2-5227 Dec 52The Conspiracy
Season 3
106.3-1 03 Jan 53The Human Targets
107.3-2 19 Jan 53The Rifled Arsenal
108.3-3 17 Jan 53The Stolen Prisoner
109.3-4 24 Jan 53The Deadly Flower
110.3-5 31 Jan 53Runaway Planetoid
111.3-6 07 Feb 53Radioactive Cave
112.3-7 14 Feb 53Trip to Deimos
113.3-8 21 Feb 53Operation Rescue
114.3-9 28 Feb 53Survival in the Ice Desert
115.3-1007 Mar 53Space Fatigue
116.3-1114 Mar 53Threat to Terra
117.3-1221 Mar 53Jail Break
118.3-1328 Mar 53The Laughing Alien
119.3-1404 Apr 53The Space Doctor (aka: The Vital Factor)
120.3-1511 Apr 53Space Mail Robbery
121.3-1618 Apr 53The Space Wanderer
122.3-1725 Apr 53Big Impersonation
123.3-1802 May 53Electronic Space Storm
124.3-1909 May 53The Deadly Glacier
125.3-2016 May 53The Mutation Bomb
126.3-2123 May 53Phantom Space Ship
127.3-2230 May 53The Green Plague
128.3-2306 Jun 53The Fraud of Titan
129.3-2413 Jun 53The Man Who Stole a City
130.3-2520 Jun 53Gigantic Space Knife
131.3-2627 Jun 53Space Patrol Microscope
132.3-2704 Jul 53The Theft of the Terra Five
133.3-2811 Jul 53Mysterious Ocean in Space
134.3-2918 Jul 53The Stolen Evidence
135.3-3025 Jul 53Traitorous Triangle
136.3-3101 Aug 53Crash Landing
137.3-3208 Aug 53The Brain Machine (aka: Slaves of the Mind Pirate)
138.3-3315 Aug 53A Dangerous Smoke Cloud
139.3-3422 Aug 53The Black Falcon's Return
140.3-3529 Aug 53The Mystery of Planet X
141.3-3605 Sep 53The Trap of Planet X
142.3-3712 Sep 53The Primative Men of Planet X
143.3-3819 Sep 53The Hate Machine of Planet X
144.3-3926 Sep 53Black Falcon's Escape from Planet X
145.3-4003 Oct 53Resonance Impeller
146.3-4110 Oct 53The Ice Demon of Planet X
147.3-4217 Oct 53The Slaves of Planet X
148.3-4324 Oct 53The Giant of Planet X
149.3-4431 Oct 53The Iron Eaters of Planet X
150.3-4507 Nov 53The Falcon's Web of Planet X
151.3-4614 Nov 53Castle's Destruction on Planet X
152.3-4721 Nov 53Valley of Illusion
153.3-4828 Nov 53Doom of Planet X
154.3-4905 Dec 53Alien and the Robot
155.3-5012 Dec 53The Robot's Escape
156.3-5119 Dec 53The City of Living Statues
157.3-5226 Dec 53Mystery of the Missing Asteroids
Season 4
158.4-1 02 Jan 54The Phantom Space Pirate
159.4-2 09 Jan 54The Space Vault Robbery
160.4-3 16 Jan 54The Pirate's Escape
161.4-4 23 Jan 54The Amazon's of Cydonia
162.4-5 30 Jan 54The Monsoon Trap on Cydonia
163.4-6 06 Feb 54The Men-Slaves of Cydonia
164.4-7 13 Feb 54The Deadly Radiation Chamber
165.4-8 20 Feb 54The Plot in the Atomic Plant
166.4-9 27 Feb 54The Blazing Sun of Mercury
167.4-1006 Mar 54The Big Proteus Shingle
168.4-1113 Mar 54The Escape of Mr. Proteus
169.4-1220 Mar 54Mr. Proteus and the Poison Gas
170.4-1327 Mar 54The Revenge of Mr. Proteus
171.4-1403 Apr 54The Capture of Mr. Proteus
172.4-1510 Apr 54Baccarrati's Z-Ray
173.4-1617 Apr 54Marooned in the Past
174.4-1724 Apr 54Evil Spirits of Great Thunderbird
175.4-1830 Apr 54The Fall of the kingdom of Zarra
176.4-1907 May 54The Prisoners of the Giant Comet
177.4-2014 May 54The Demon Planet
178.4-2121 May 54Lost in Galactic Space
179.4-2228 May 54The Hidden Treasure of Mars
180.4-2304 Jun 54The Martian Totem Head
181.4-2411 Jun 54Trapped in the Pyramid
182.4-2518 Jun 54The Underwater Space Ship Graveyard
183.4-2625 Jun 54The Giant Marine Clam
184.4-2702 Jul 54Marooned on the Ocean Floor
185.4-2804 Sep 54(Mystery of) The Disappearing Space Patrolmen
186.4-2911 Sep 54The Space Patrol Periscope
187.4-3018 Sep 54The Space War
188.4-3125 Sep 54The Defeat of Manza
189.4-3202 Oct 54The Giants of Pluto #3
190.4-3309 Oct 54The Fiery Pit of Pluto #3
191.4-3416 Oct 54The Man-Hunt on Pluto #3
192.4-3523 Oct 54Mystery of the Stolen Rocket Ship (aka: The Theft of the Rocket Cockpit)
193.4-3630 Oct 54The Atom Bomb (aka: The Space Patrol, The Army & The Atom Bomb)
194.4-3706 Nov 54Danger: Radiation
195.4-3813 Nov 54The Exploding Stars
196.4-3920 Nov 54The Dwellers of the Prime Galaxy
197.4-4027 Nov 54Terra, The Doomed Planet
198.4-4104 Dec 54Revenge of the Black Falcon
199.4-4211 Dec 54The Sorcerers of Outer Space (aka: The Sorcerers from Outer Space)
200.4-4318 Dec 54The Defeat of Baccarratti (aka: Baccarratti and Black Magic)
201.4-4425 Dec 54A Christmas Party for Happy
Season 5
202.5-1 01 Jan 55Lair of the Space Spider
203.5-2 08 Jan 55The Web of Arachna
204.5-3 15 Jan 55Collapse of the Spider's Web
205.5-4 22 Jan 55The Androids of Algol
206.5-5 29 Jan 55Double Trouble
207.5-6 05 Feb 55The Android Invasion
208.5-7 12 Feb 55The Wild Men of Procyon
209.5-8 19 Feb 55Marooned on Procyon IV
210.5-9 26 Feb 55The Atomic Vault
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Began in March 1950 as daily "live" 15-minute episodes on local Los Angeles station KECA.