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Speed Racer X

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Adventures of the youthful driver of a gadget-equipped Grand Prix race car and his crew of family and friends.
Show Details:
Start date: Jan 1997
End date: Sep 1997
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TV Tokyo (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 34 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Drama, Science Fiction
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 09 Jan 97It's Name is Mach 5!!
2.1-2 16 Jan 97Race to the Finish
3.1-3 23 Jan 97Silver Phantom
4.1-4 30 Jan 97Rivals
5.1-5 06 Feb 97The Mysterious Racer X
6.1-6 13 Feb 97The Terminizer
7.1-7 20 Feb 97Crasher Kid
8.1-8 27 Feb 97Race Against X
9.1-9 06 Mar 97Good Sport
10.1-1013 Mar 97Terminal Velocity
11.1-1120 Mar 97The Jinx Of Racer X
12.1-1217 Apr 97Race to the Finals
13.1-1324 Apr 97Warp issue! An unusual love genius Professor
14.1-1401 May 97The devil and reckless driving! Awakening of the Gargoyle
15.1-1508 May 97Kazami dance assault report X anyone!
16.1-1615 May 97The shiver of the big city! Continuous bombings notice of revenge
17.1-1722 May 97Mach issue of shadows and albatross
18.1-1829 May 97The Amazon Grand Prix Story: Professor Akihabara's Trap
19.1-1905 Jun 97The Amazon Grand Prix Story: The Reposed Golden Statue
20.1-2012 Jun 97The Swift Animal Soldier, Cheetah King
21.1-2119 Jun 97Earth Grand Prix: The Desperate Mirage Shot
22.1-2202 Jul 97Mach 5: A New Journey
23.1-2309 Jul 97Scramble! The Mysterious Disc in the Old West
24.1-2416 Jul 97Dinosaur Paradise: Safeguard the Ancient Lives!
25.1-2523 Jul 97Fierce Fight in the Near Future: A Life-or-Death Battle Race
26.1-2630 Jul 97The Soul of Franke, the Medieval Knight
27.1-2706 Aug 97The Mysterious Sun God: Race to the Pyramid!
28.1-2813 Aug 97The Legend of the Ocean Floor, Atlantis
29.1-2920 Aug 97X Returns! Dash Handler's Aspirations
30.1-3027 Aug 97Crackdown Sun giant mammoth hidden behind the glacier!
31.1-3103 Sep 97Draw a message Mach issue to the heaven, Earth picture!
32.1-3210 Sep 97When temptation love from the nether world memories
33.1-3317 Sep 97Friendship buildup revives the strongest rival
34.1-3424 Sep 97Bet future battle collapse, Handler Castle
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