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Storefront Lawyers

(aka Men at Law)
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Three young attorneys set aside their personal ambitions and set up a pro-bono law practice for the impoverished.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1970
End date: Apr 1971
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CBS (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 23 eps
Genre(s): Crime/Mystery, Drama
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 16 Sep 70A Man's Castle
2.1-2 23 Sep 70The Law Can't Touch Him
3.1-3 30 Sep 70Murph Collins Versus Tomorrow
4.1-4 07 Oct 70The Electric Kid
5.1-5 14 Oct 70The Emancipation of Bessie Gray
6.1-6 21 Oct 70Survivors Will Be Prosecuted
7.1-7 28 Oct 70Easy to Be Hard
8.1-8 04 Nov 70Where Are You At?
9.1-9 11 Nov 70Shadows of Doubt
10.1-1018 Nov 70This Is Jerry, See Jerry Run? Run Jerry, Run, Run, Run
11.1-1125 Nov 70The Pastures of Hell
12.1-1209 Dec 70Where Were We, Waldo?
13.1-1313 Jan 71First We Get Rid of the Principal
14.1-1403 Feb 71The Climate of Doubt
15.1-1510 Feb 71Marathon
16.1-1617 Feb 71The Dark World of Harry Andres
17.1-1724 Feb 71Hostage
18.1-1803 Mar 71The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Anything Else That Works
19.1-1917 Mar 71Let the Dier Beware
20.1-2024 Mar 71The View From the Top
21.1-2131 Mar 71Yesterday Is But a Dream
22.1-2207 Apr 71This Money Kills Dreams
23.1-2314 Apr 71One American
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