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Last updated: Fri, 7 Jul 2023 -1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 2002
End date: Apr 2017
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): BBC Four (UK)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 188 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 05 Oct 02The Grunwick Strike
2.1-2 12 Oct 02The Cannabis Years
3.1-3 19 Oct 02The Writer's Trade
4.1-4 09 Nov 02The Sailing Sixties
5.1-5 16 Nov 02Attenborough: The Controller Years
6.1-6 30 Nov 02The Rise and Fall of the Comedy Straight Man
7.1-7 03 Dec 02A Shadow Over Europe
8.1-8 11 Jan 03Whatever Happened to the Working Class?
9.1-9 18 Jan 03Notting Hill Riots
10.1-1016 Feb 03What Have the Germans Done for Us?
11.1-1123 Feb 03Greenham Common Changed My Life
12.1-1202 Mar 03Car Crazy
13.1-1316 Mar 03The Magic Roundabout Story
14.1-1424 Mar 03Malcolm Muggeridge: Swimming Against the Stream
15.1-1530 Mar 03Gurus
Season 2
16.2-1 05 May 03The British Seaside
17.2-2 15 May 03Children's News
18.2-3 01 Dec 03Watching You
19.2-4 05 Jun 03TV and Charity
20.2-5 12 Jun 03Tyneside
21.2-6 15 Jun 03Political Thrillers: Plays of State
22.2-7 19 Jun 03High Rise Dreams
23.2-8 03 Jul 03Vicars: Dearly Beloved?
24.2-9 21 Sep 03Footballers' Lives
25.2-1021 Sep 03Six Days to Saturday
26.2-1115 Oct 03The Kneale Tapes
27.2-1209 Feb 04Hard Drive Heaven
Season 3
28.3-1 01 Oct 03Cold War Kids
29.3-2 15 Oct 03The Kneale Tapes
30.3-3 22 Oct 03James Cameron: A Pain in the Neck
31.3-4 29 Oct 03Apocalypse Now… and Then
32.3-5 05 Nov 03The Lie of the Land
33.3-6 19 Nov 03Child Prodigies
34.3-7 26 Nov 03Raj to Rhondda: How Indian Doctors Saved the NHS
35.3-8 17 Dec 03The Jet Set
36.3-9 29 Dec 03Missing Believed Wiped
37.3-1019 Jan 04Prog Rock
38.3-1109 Feb 04Hard Drive Heaven: The History of the Home Computer
39.3-1202 Mar 04Whistleblowers
40.3-1304 Mar 04Charles Wheeler: Edge of Frame
Season 4
41.4-1 19 Jun 04Art School
42.4-2 26 Jun 04Fantasy Sixties
43.4-3 18 Jul 04Rosenthal
44.4-4 28 Aug 04The Carnival Years
45.4-5 07 Oct 04Time Gentlemen, Please: History of the British Pub
46.4-6 14 Oct 04Live on the Night
47.4-7 21 Oct 04New Age Travellers
48.4-8 28 Oct 04Drugs in Sport
49.4-9 04 Nov 04Hey Mr. DJ: The Rise and Rise of the Disc Jockey
50.4-1016 Nov 04British Space Race
51.4-1120 Jan 05Pile It High, Sell It Cheap
52.4-1202 Feb 05Red Robbo
53.4-1303 Feb 05Gambling Britain
54.4-1410 Feb 05The Story of Circus
55.4-1522 Feb 05Pop Svengalis
56.4-1601 Mar 05Conchies: Questions of Conscience
57.4-1702 Mar 05Kenneth Tynan
58.4-1815 Mar 05Jewish Entertainers
59.4-1926 Mar 05Alan Plater: Hearing the Music
60.4-2004 Apr 05Speak No Evil: The Story of the Broadcast Ban
61.4-2111 Apr 05Russel T. Davis: Unscripted
Season 5
62.5-1 19 May 05MP's on the Box
63.5-2 31 May 05Je T'Aime… How We Learned to Love Europe
64.5-3 31 May 05England Away
65.5-4 16 Jul 05Court on Camera
66.5-5 17 Jul 05Apes in Hollywood
67.5-6 06 Aug 05Star Men
68.5-7 08 Aug 05Black and White Minstrels Revisited
69.5-8 09 Sep 05Too Much, Too Young
70.5-9 01 Oct 05The Jitterbug Years
71.5-1004 Oct 05Play It Again
72.5-1120 Oct 05The Battle for the Ashes
73.5-1225 Oct 05The Lost Pictures of Eugene Smith
74.5-1325 Oct 05The Third Progamme: High Culture for All in Postwar Britain
75.5-1430 Oct 05Lost Road: Overland to Singapore
76.5-1524 Dec 05A Study in Sherlock
77.5-1626 Dec 05Baker Street Babylon: The Bizarre Afterlife of Sherlock Holmes
78.5-1715 Jan 06Stephen Poliakoff: A Brief History of Now
79.5-1806 Feb 06The British Way of Death
80.5-1908 Feb 06Left of Frame: The Rise and Fall of Radical TV Drama
81.5-2013 Feb 06Rude Britannia
82.5-2106 Mar 06The Sun and the Moon
83.5-2230 Mar 06Pay Attention Britain! Public Information Films
84.5-2323 Feb 05Pop Svengalis
Season 6
85.6-1 01 Apr 06Switch Off Something
86.6-2 02 Apr 06Creating Life on Mars
87.6-3 01 May 06The Da Vinci Code: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
88.6-4 10 May 06Carry On Campus
89.6-5 13 May 06Machine Men
90.6-6 01 Aug 06Oz and Them
91.6-7 29 Aug 06Spy Stories: British Espionage in Fact and Fiction
92.6-8 11 Sep 06Planet Ping Pong
93.6-9 28 Nov 06Parallel Worlds: A User's Guide
94.6-1028 Dec 06Transylvania Babylon
95.6-1104 Mar 07The New Middle Classes
96.6-1220 Mar 07Rover: The Long Goodbye
97.6-1324 Mar 07First Rites: From the Cradle to the Prom
98.6-1425 Mar 07Wedding Rites: In Sickness and in Health
99.6-1526 May 07Goodbye Children Everywhere
100.6-1822 May 06The British Space Race
Season 7
101.7-1 18 Apr 07The Edwardian Larder
102.7-2 22 Sep 07How to Be a Good Prime Minister
103.7-3 01 Oct 07Gagging for It: TV's Hunger for Radio Comedy
104.7-4 05 Oct 07Whatever Happened to Radio 2?
105.7-5 12 Oct 07Emmylou Harris's Ten Commandments of Country
106.7-6 12 Oct 07Emmylou Harris at the BBC
107.7-7 21 Oct 07Archaeology: Digging the Past
108.7-8 21 Oct 07Sir Mortimer Wheeler: A Life in Ruins
109.7-9 21 Nov 07Watching the Russians
110.7-1010 Dec 07Never Had It So Good?
111.7-1113 Dec 07A Game of Two Eras: 1957 v 2007
112.7-1223 Dec 07Stuffed: The Great British Christmas Dinner
113.7-1309 Mar 08The Rise and Fall of the Ad Man
114.7-1409 Jun 07Time Gentlemen, Please: History of the British Pub
Season 8
115.8-1 14 Sep 08How to Be a Good President
116.8-2 09 Oct 08Between the Lines: Railways in Fiction and Film
117.8-3 16 Oct 08The Last Days of Steam
118.8-4 02 Nov 08How to Write a Mills and Boon
119.8-5 10 Nov 08How to Solve a Cryptic Crossword
120.8-6 22 Dec 08The Comic Songbook
121.8-7 22 Jan 09Fashion Versus the BBC
122.8-8 09 Apr 09The North-South Divide
Season 9
123.9-1 30 Apr 09Farm to Pharma: The Rise and Rise of Food Science
124.9-2 22 Oct 09The Golden Age of Liners
125.9-3 29 Oct 09The Men Who Built the Liners
126.9-4 03 Nov 09The Last Days of the Liners
127.9-5 21 Dec 09How to Win at Chess
128.9-6 22 Dec 09Oliver Postgate: A Life in Small Films
129.9-7 22 Dec 09Clement Freud: In His Own Words
130.9-8 24 Mar 10Bread: A Loaf Affair
131.9-9 29 Jun 10Disappearing Dad
Season 10
132.10-108 Sep 10The North on a Plate
133.10-214 Sep 101960: The Year of the North
134.10-305 Oct 10When Britain Went Wild
135.10-420 Dec 10Nordic Noir: The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction
136.10-527 Dec 10Italian Noir: The Story of Italian Crime Fiction
137.10-605 Jan 11The Golden Age of Coach Travel
138.10-712 Jan 11The Modern Age of the Coach
139.10-804 Apr 11The Story of Corporal Punishment
140.10-905 Apr 11The Story of Capital Punishment
Season 11
141.11-103 Apr 11Retrial by TV: The Rise and Fall of Rough Justice
142.11-229 Jun 11Hotel Deluxe
143.11-302 Aug 11All the Fun of the Fair
144.11-408 Sep 11When the Circus Comes to Town
145.11-515 Sep 11The Picture Postcard World of Nigel Walmsley
146.11-629 Sep 11Dear Censor
147.11-703 Nov 11Antarctica: Of Ice and Men
148.11-805 Dec 11The Golden Age of Trams: A Streetcar Named Desire
149.11-924 Dec 11Epic: A Cast of Thousands!
150.11-1004 Jan 12The Smoking Years
151.11-1111 Jan 12The Rules of Drinking
Season 12
152.12-124 Sep 12Health Before the NHS: The Road to Recovery
153.12-201 Oct 12Health Before the NHS: A Medical Revolution
154.12-308 Oct 12Magnificent Machines - The Golden Age of the British Sports Car
155.12-414 Oct 12Klezmer
156.12-522 Oct 12The British Army of the Rhine
157.12-613 Dec 12When Wrestling Was Golden: Grapples, Grunts and Grannies
158.12-723 Jan 13The Joy of (Train) Sets - The Model Railway Story
159.12-830 Jan 13Eyes Down! The Story of Bingo
160.12-924 Feb 13Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting: The Rise of Martial Arts in Britain
161.12-1026 Mar 13How to Be a Lady: An Elegant History
Season 13
162.13-128 Oct 13Full Throttle: The Glory Days of British Motorbikes
163.13-204 Nov 13When Coal Was King
164.13-313 Nov 13Bouffants, Beehives and Bobs: The Hairstyles That Shaped Britain
165.13-420 Nov 13A Day at the Zoo
166.13-522 Dec 13The Ladybird Books Story: The Bugs That Got Britain Reading
167.13-608 Jan 14Hurricanes and Heatwaves: The Highs and Lows of British Weather
168.13-712 Jan 14How to Be Sherlock Holmes: The Many Faces of a Master Detective
Season 14
169.14-126 May 14Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem
170.14-228 Jul 14Killer Storms and Cruel Winters - The History of Extreme Weather
171.14-315 Dec 14Bullseyes and Beer: When Darts Hit Britain
172.14-426 Jan 15Battle for the Himalayas: The Fight to Film Everest
173.14-524 Feb 15The Nation's Railway: The Golden Age of British Rail
174.14-611 Mar 15Spicing Up Britain: How Eating Out Went Exotic
Season 15
175.15-102 Sep 15The Trains That Time Forgot: Britain's Lost Railway Journeys
176.15-209 Sep 15A Very British Map: The Ordnance Survey Story
177.15-323 Sep 15The Engine That Powers the World
178.15-420 Oct 15The People's Liners: Britain's Lost Pleasure Fleets
179.15-528 Oct 15Looking for Mr. Bond: 007 at the BBC
180.15-616 Nov 15How Britain Won the Space Race: The Story of Bernard Lovell and Jodrell Bank
Season 16
181.16-119 Oct 16Bridging the Gap: How the Severn Bridge Was Built
182.16-226 Oct 16Sailors, Ships & Stevedores: The Story of British Docks
183.16-314 Nov 16Penny Blacks and Twopenny Blues: How Britain Got Stuck on Stamps
184.16-419 Dec 16Booze, Beans & Bhajis: The Story of the Corner Shop
185.16-507 Feb 17Flights of Fancy: Pigeons and the British
Season 17
186.17-103 Apr 17Roof Racks and Hatchbacks: The Family Car
187.17-213 Apr 17Blazes and Brigades: The Story of the Fire Service
188.17-320 Apr 17Dial "B" for Britain: The Story of the Landline
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