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Last updated: Mon, 8 Apr 2024 -1:00
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Show Details:
Start date: Nov 2004
End date: Nov 2004
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TLC (US)
Run time: 15 min
Episodes: 16 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 08 Nov 04Todd Builds a Fort
2.1-2 08 Nov 04Stella's Different Ears
3.1-3 09 Nov 04Toddtime
4.1-4 09 Nov 04Rock My World
5.1-5 10 Nov 04Prickly Partner
6.1-6 10 Nov 04Pickle's Smelly Socks
7.1-7 11 Nov 04It's OK to Lose Your Mittens
8.1-8 11 Nov 04Stella's Special Club
9.1-9 12 Nov 04Worm's Eye View
10.1-1012 Nov 04Pickle's Problem
11.1-1115 Nov 04Venus Ice Cream Trap
12.1-1215 Nov 04Platyroo
13.1-1322 Nov 04Come Over to My House
14.1-1422 Nov 04Sophie's Sinking Feeling
15.1-1529 Nov 04Who's Your Best Friend?
16.1-1629 Nov 04Pretend Friend
17.1-17Stella's Bad Dream
18.1-18Mommy Mitzi
19.1-19Bark in the Dark
20.1-20It's OK Not to Win
21.1-21It's OK to Have Wheels
22.1-22Princess Pirate
23.1-23Monkeying Around
24.1-24No Place Like Home
25.1-25Todd Takes a Stand
26.1-26Benny's Missing Chew Toy
27.1-27Colorful Friend
28.1-28It's OK to Say No to Bad Things
29.1-29Sophie's Big Invention
30.1-30Dog's Day
31.1-31Whole Lotta Limbo
32.1-32Shall We Dance
33.1-33Dirt Day
34.1-34Mr. Cuddle Wuddle
35.1-35It's OK to Do Your Own Thing
36.1-36Follow That Alligator
37.1-37Beach Day
38.1-38New Kid on the Block
39.1-39You Get What You Get
40.1-40Garden Variety Pickle
41.1-41Pizza on Earth
42.1-42Quill She or Won't She
43.1-43Flavor of the Month
44.1-44Bark Like a Cat
45.1-45Colorless Todd
46.1-46Underwear Everywhere
47.1-47It's OK to Talk with Your Hands
48.1-48Water U Thinking
49.1-49Peace is Reading All Different Kinds of Books
50.1-50A Roaring Success
51.1-5121 Dec 05Shoe In
52.1-5221 Dec 05Itchy Itch
Season 2
53.2-1 16 Apr 07Whatever Sways Your Swing
54.2-2 16 Apr 07A Trunkful of Trouble
55.2-3 For Yelling Out Loud
56.2-4 Crazy for Cookies
57.2-5 The Hoppy-Poppy Pokey
58.2-6 Stella's Star Day
59.2-7 New Baby in Town
60.2-8 Imagine That!
61.2-9 Bye Bye Benny
62.2-10Big Feet
63.2-11Benny and Sam
64.2-12A Big Messy Pickle
65.2-13Come Out of Your Shell
66.2-14The Big Picture
67.2-15Gifted Friends
68.2-16Finders Keepers
69.2-17Potluck Picnic
70.2-18The Art of Change
71.2-19Snack Happy
72.2-20Back on the Bike
73.2-21It's OK to Ask
74.2-22Bully for You
75.2-2309 Jun 08Moving
76.2-2409 Jun 08The Triple Treat Treasure Hunt Race
77.2-2510 Jun 08Super Sophie
78.2-2610 Jun 08Hair We Go
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