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True Colors

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1990
End date: Feb 1992
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Fox (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 39 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
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Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 0
0.0- 1a target="ank" href="http://www.tv.com/shows/true-colors/yo-mammas-house-part-2-322389/">Yo Mamma's House (part 2)
Season 1
1.1- 2 2 Sep 90Pilot (a.k.a.) A Vist from Ray
2.1- 37T01 9 Sep 90A Pair of Cranks
3.1- 47T0416 Sep 90One of the Girls
4.1- 57T0323 Sep 90A Dog's Life
5.1- 67T0530 Sep 90Step Lightly
6.1- 77T06 7 Oct 90Life With Fathers
7.1- 87T0721 Oct 90What's Wrong With That Boy?
8.1- 97T0828 Oct 90Tooth and Consequences
9.1-107T09 4 Nov 90Soft Shell
10.1-117T1011 Nov 90Young At Heart
11.1-127T1118 Nov 90Occasional Wife
12.1-137T1225 Nov 90High Anxiety
13.1-147T1316 Dec 90Puppet Regime
14.1-157T1423 Dec 90Christmas Show '90
15.1-167T1513 Jan 91Moment of Ruth
16.1-177T16 3 Feb 91A Real Pain
17.1-187T1710 Feb 91The Tender Trap
18.1-197T1817 Feb 91Opposites Attract
19.1-207T19 3 Mar 91Homies Alone
20.1-217T2024 Mar 91Daughter Dearest
21.1-227T2114 Apr 91A Matter of Principal
22.1-237T2321 Apr 91Superman, Superego
23.1-247T2428 Apr 91Prisoners of Love
24.1-257T2212 May 91Favorite Son
Season 2
25.2- 18T0122 Aug 91Lester X
26.2- 28T0512 Sep 91Strange Bedfellows
27.2- 38T0415 Sep 91Splendor in the Basement
28.2- 48T0622 Sep 91Yo' House Mama (1)
29.2- 58T0729 Sep 91Yo' House Mama (2)
30.2- 68T08 6 Oct 91Presumed Guilty
31.2- 78T0920 Oct 91Not My Sister, Brother
32.2- 88T10 3 Nov 91Brotherly Love
33.2- 98T1110 Nov 91Three For All
34.2-108T03 8 Dec 91Seems Like Old Times
35.2-118T1215 Dec 91Broken Home (1)
36.2-128T1322 Dec 91Broken Home (2)
37.2-138T1429 Dec 91Readin', 'Ritin' and Runnin'
38.2-148T15 5 Jan 92Photo Opportunity
39.2-158T1612 Jan 92Art Attack
40.2-168T17 2 Feb 92The Beat Goes On
41.2-178T18 9 Feb 92Half A Man
42.2-188T2016 Feb 92In a Flash
43.2-198T21 1 Mar 92Affirmative Reaction
44.2-208T2222 Mar 92Feeling Up!
45.2-218T1912 Apr 92Word to the Mother
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