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An officer of the international Science Patrol in Tokyo is given the power to transform into a giant super-hero to battle alien monsters threatening the Earth.
Show Details:
Start date: Jul 1966
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): TBS (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: eps
Genre(s): Drama, Science Fiction
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1 Ultra Q
1.1-1 02 Jan 66Defeat Gomess!
2.1-2 09 Jan 66Goro and Goroh
3.1-3 16 Jan 66The Gift from Space
4.1-4 23 Jan 66Mammoth Flower
5.1-5 30 Jan 66Peguila is Here!
6.1-6 06 Feb 66Grow Up! Little Turtle
7.1-7 13 Feb 66S.O.S. Mount Fuji
8.1-8 20 Feb 66Terror of the Sweet Honey
9.1-9 27 Feb 66Baron Spider
10.1-1006 Mar 66The Underground Super Express Goes West
11.1-1113 Mar 66Balloonga
12.1-1220 Mar 66I Saw a Bird
13.1-1327 Mar 66Garadama
14.1-1403 Apr 66Tokyo Ice Age
15.1-1510 Apr 66Kanegon's Cocoon
16.1-1617 Apr 66Garamon Strikes Back
17.1-1724 Apr 66The 1/8 Project
18.1-1801 May 66The Rainbow's Egg
19.1-1908 May 66Challenge from the Year 2020
20.1-2015 May 66The Undersea Humanoid Ragon
21.1-2122 May 66Space Directive M774
22.1-2229 May 66Metamorphosis
23.1-2305 Jun 66Fury of the South Sea
24.1-2412 Jun 66The Idol of Goga
25.1-2519 Jun 66The Devil Child
26.1-2626 Jun 66Blazing Glory
27.1-2703 Jul 66The Disappearance of Flight 206
28.1-2810 Jul 66Open Up!
Season 2 Ultraman
29.2-1 17 Jul 66Ultra Operation #1
30.2-2 24 Jul 66Shoot the Invader
31.2-3 31 Jul 66Charge Forth, Science Patrol
32.2-4 07 Aug 66Five Seconds Before the Explosion
33.2-5 14 Aug 66Treasure of the Miloganda
34.2-6 21 Aug 66The Coast Guard Command
35.2-7 28 Aug 66The Blue Stone of Baradhi
36.2-8 04 Sep 66Monster Lawless Zone
37.2-9 11 Sep 66Lightning Speed Operation
38.2-1018 Sep 66The Mysterious Dinosaur Base
39.2-1125 Sep 66The Rambunctious One from Space
40.2-1202 Oct 66Cry of the Mummy
41.2-1309 Oct 66Oil SOS
42.2-1416 Oct 66Pearl Oyster Defense Order
43.2-1523 Oct 66The Terrifying Cosmic Rays
44.2-1630 Oct 66Science Patrol to Space
45.2-1706 Nov 66Passport to Infinity
46.2-1811 Nov 66The Brother from Another Planet
47.2-1920 Nov 66The Demons Once More
48.2-2027 Nov 66Terror on Route 87
49.2-2104 Dec 66Break Through the Smoke
50.2-2211 Dec 66Underground Destruction Work
51.2-2318 Dec 66My Home is Earth
52.2-2425 Dec 66The Underwater Science Base
53.2-2501 Jan 67Mystery Comet Tsuiphon
54.2-2608 Jan 67The Monster Prince - Part 1
55.2-2715 Jan 67The Monster Prince - Part 2
56.2-2822 Jan 67Human Specimens 5 & 6
57.2-2929 Jan 67Challenge of the Underworld
58.2-3005 Feb 67The Phantom Snow Mountain
59.2-3112 Feb 67Who Has Arrived?
60.2-3219 Feb 67The Endless Counterattack
61.2-3326 Feb 67The Forbidden World
62.2-3405 Mar 67Present from the Sky
63.2-3512 Mar 67The Monster Graveyard
64.2-3619 Mar 67Don't Shoot, Arashi!
65.2-3726 Mar 67The Small Hero
66.2-3802 Apr 67Spaceship Rescue Order
67.2-3909 Apr 67Farewell, Ultraman!
Season 3 Ultraseven
68.3-1 01 Oct 67Enter Dan Moroboshi
69.3-2 08 Oct 67The Green Terror
70.3-3 15 Oct 67The Secret of the Lake
71.3-4 22 Oct 67Respond, Max
72.3-5 29 Oct 67The Erased Time
73.3-6 05 Nov 67Dark Zone
74.3-7 12 Nov 67Space Prisoner 303
75.3-8 19 Nov 67Smokers on the Rampage
76.3-9 26 Nov 67Toys in Crisis
77.3-1003 Dec 67The Man Next Door
78.3-1110 Dec 67Captured in Living Color
79.3-1217 Dec 67Crystallized Corpuscles
80.3-1324 Dec 67Space Ace Reunion
81.3-1407 Jan 68Planets in Conflict - Part 1
82.3-1514 Jan 68Planets in Conflict - Part 2
83.3-1621 Jan 68The Eyes Have Had It
84.3-1728 Jan 68Cave-In
85.3-1804 Feb 68The Bells Are Ringing
86.3-1911 Feb 68Wayne, Lord of the Universe
87.3-2018 Feb 68The Quakemakers
88.3-2125 Feb 68The Nissan's Return Engagement
89.3-2203 Mar 68The Chromosome Eaters
90.3-2310 Mar 68The Fugitive Fortune Teller
91.3-2417 Mar 68Mother Knows Best
92.3-2524 Mar 68Ultra 7 Exposed
93.3-2631 Mar 68The 8,000 Megaton Mistake
94.3-2707 Apr 68Temporary Traitor
95.3-2814 Apr 68Death on Wheels
96.3-2921 Apr 68The Apprentice Alien
97.3-3028 Apr 68Trial by War
98.3-3105 May 68Blood Thirst
99.3-3212 May 68Island in the Sky
100.3-3319 May 68The Dead Invaders
101.3-3426 May 68Urban Removal
102.3-3502 Jun 68Moon-Struck
103.3-3609 Jun 68Sharpshooter Showdown
104.3-3716 Jun 68The Devil's Angel
105.3-3823 Jun 68The Brave One
106.3-3930 Jun 68Ultra 7 Tastes Defeat
107.3-4007 Jul 68Ultra 7 Execution at Dawn
108.3-4114 Jul 68Killer Lake
109.3-4221 Jul 68The Boy on the Beach
110.3-4328 Jul 68Tyranny by Design
111.3-4404 Aug 68Simian Says: Surrender!
112.3-4511 Aug 68The Stargazer
113.3-4618 Aug 68Dan and the Ultra 7 Challenge
114.3-4725 Aug 68Home Sweet Home
115.3-4801 Sep 68Exit Ultra 7 - Part 1
116.3-4908 Sep 68Exit Ultra 7 - Part 2
Season 4 Return of Ultraman
117.4-1 02 Apr 71All Monsters Attack
118.4-2 09 Apr 71Takkong's Big Counterattack
119.4-3 16 Apr 71Evil Monster Realm of Terror
120.4-4 23 Apr 71Definite Kill! Comet Kick
121.4-5 30 Apr 71Two Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
122.4-6 07 May 71Battle! Monsters vs. Mat
123.4-7 14 May 71Operation Rainbow Monster!
124.4-8 21 May 71Monster Time Bomb
125.4-9 28 May 71Monster Island S.O.S
126.4-1004 Jun 71Dinosaur Explosion Directive
127.4-1118 Jun 71Poison Gas Monster Appears
128.4-1225 Jun 71Revenge of the Monster Shugaron
129.4-1302 Jul 71Terror of the Tsunami Monsters, Tokyo's Big Pinch
130.4-1409 Jul 71Terror of the Tsunami Monsters, Tokyo's Dalong Reel
131.4-1615 Jul 71Mystery of the Big Bird Monster Terochilus
132.4-1723 Jul 71Monster Bird Terochilus- Tokyo's Big Aireal Bombing
133.4-1913 Aug 71The Giant Invisible Monster That Came from Space
134.4-2020 Aug 71The Monster is a Giant Shooting Star in Space
135.4-2127 Aug 71Monster Channel
136.4-2203 Sep 71I'll Kill This Monster!
137.4-2310 Sep 71Dark Monster Spit Out the Stars!
138.4-2417 Sep 71Horror! Mansion Monster's Birth
139.4-2524 Sep 71Leaving My Home Planet Earth
140.4-2601 Oct 71Mystery Homicide Beetle Incident
141.4-2708 Oct 71Go to Hell with This One Blow!
142.4-2815 Oct 71Ultra Special Attack
143.4-2922 Oct 71Jiro-Kun Rides a Monster
144.4-3029 Oct 71The Curse of the Bone God Oxter
145.4-3105 Nov 71In Between a Devil & Angel
146.4-3212 Nov 71Decisive Battle Under the Setting Sun
147.4-3319 Nov 71The Monster User and the Boy
148.4-3426 Nov 71The Life That Can't Be Forgiven
149.4-3503 Dec 71Cruel! Light Monster Pris-Ma
150.4-3610 Dec 71The Chirase Kicks the Night
151.4-3717 Dec 71Ultraman Dies at Sunset
152.4-3824 Dec 71When the Ultra Star Shines
153.4-3907 Jan 72Winter of Horror Series - The 20th Century Abominable Snowman
154.4-4014 Jan 72Winter of Horror Series - Phantom Snow Woman
155.4-4121 Jan 72The Revenge of Alien Baltan Jr.
156.4-4228 Jan 72The Monster That Stands on Mt. Fuji
157.4-4304 Feb 72Demon God Barks on the Moon
158.4-4411 Feb 72To the Starry Sky with Love
159.4-4518 Feb 72Assasinate Hideki Go!
160.4-4625 Feb 72This One Blow Filled with Anger
161.4-4703 Mar 72The Targeted Woman
162.4-4810 Mar 72I'm Taking the Earth
163.4-4917 Mar 72Space Warriors-Your Name is MAT
164.4-5024 Mar 72Invitation from Hell
165.4-5131 Mar 72The 5 Ultra Pledges
Season 5 Ultraman Ace
166.5-1 07 Apr 72Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers
167.5-2 14 Apr 72Surpass the Chouju
168.5-3 21 Apr 72Burn! Chouju Hell
169.5-4 28 Apr 7230,000 Year Chouju Appears
170.5-5 05 May 72Giant Ant Chouju vs. Ultra Brothers
171.5-6 12 May 72Pursue the Mystery of the Transformation Chouju
172.5-7 19 May 72Kaiju vs. Chouju vs. Seijin
173.5-8 26 May 72Life of the Sun, Life of Ace
174.5-9 02 Jun 7210,000 Chouju! Surprise Attack Plan
175.5-1009 Jun 72Battle! Ace vs. Goh Hideki
176.5-1116 Jun 72The Chouju is Ten Women?
177.5-1223 Jun 72The Red Flower of Cactus Hell
178.5-1330 Jun 72Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers
179.5-1407 Jul 72The Five Stars That Scattered Throughout the Galaxy
180.5-1514 Jul 72Curse of the Black Crab
181.5-1621 Jul 72Monster Story: Cow God Man
182.5-1728 Jul 72Monster Story: The She-Devil of Firefly Field
183.5-1804 Aug 72Lend Me the Pigeon
184.5-1911 Aug 72Mystery of the Kappa's Residence
185.5-2018 Aug 72The Star of Youth - The Star of a Couple
186.5-2125 Aug 72I Saw the Phantom of a Heavenly Woman
187.5-2201 Sep 72Yapool, Demon of Revenge
188.5-2308 Sep 72Comeback! Zoffy Now Arrives
189.5-2415 Sep 72Look! A Giant Transformation in the Middle of the Night
190.5-2522 Sep 72The Pyramid is a Chouju's Nest!
191.5-2629 Sep 72Total Annihilation! The Five Ultra Brothers
192.5-2706 Oct 72Miracle! The Ultra Father
193.5-2813 Oct 72Farewell Yoko, Sister of the Moon
194.5-2920 Oct 72The Sixth Ultra Brother
195.5-3027 Oct 72The Ultra Star That Even You Can See
196.5-3103 Nov 72From Seven to the Hand of Ace
197.5-3210 Nov 72With a Prayer Upon the Ultra Star
198.5-3317 Nov 72Shoot That Hot-Air Balloon
199.5-3424 Nov 72A Chouju Dances on an Open Rainbow
200.5-3501 Dec 72A Gift from Zoffy
201.5-3608 Dec 72This Chouju's 10,000 Phones
202.5-3715 Dec 72The Star of Friendship Forever
203.5-3822 Dec 72Resurrection! The Ultra Father
204.5-3929 Dec 72The Life of Seven! The Life of Ace!
205.5-4005 Jan 73Give Back the Panda!
206.5-4112 Jan 73Ghost Story! Lion Drum
207.5-4219 Jan 73Mystery! The Resurrection of the Monster Woo
208.5-4326 Jan 73Ghost Story! Cry of the Yeti
209.5-4402 Feb 73Setsubun Ghost Story! The Shining Bean
210.5-4509 Feb 73Big Pinch! Save Ace!
211.5-4616 Feb 73Ride Beyond The Time Machine
212.5-4723 Feb 73Curse of the Salamander
213.5-4802 Mar 73Revenge of Velokron
214.5-4909 Mar 73The Flying Jellyfish
215.5-5016 Mar 73Mass Chaos in Tokyo! Traffic Signals Gone Haywire
216.5-5123 Mar 73Life-Sucking Sound
217.5-5230 Mar 73Tomorrow's Ace to You!
Season 6 Ultraman Taro
218.6-1 06 Apr 73Like the Sun, Mother of Ultra
219.6-2 13 Apr 73The Mother of Ultra Always
220.6-3 20 Apr 73Mother of Ultra Forever
221.6-4 27 Apr 73Big Sea Turtle Monsters Attack Tokyo!
222.6-5 04 May 73Parent Star, Child Star, First Star
223.6-6 11 May 73Jewel's Are the Monster's Fodder
224.6-7 18 May 73Heaven and Hell Have Moved!
225.6-8 25 May 73Dead Spirits of the Man-Eating Marsh
226.6-9 01 Jun 73The Day That Tokyo Crumbles
227.6-1008 Jun 73The Fang Cross is a Monster's Grave!
228.6-1115 Jun 73The Blood-Sucking Flower is Young Girl's Spirit
229.6-1222 Jun 73Monster's Solo Journey
230.6-1329 Jun 73Monster's Cavity Hurts!
231.6-1406 Jul 73Taro's Head Got Chopped Off!
232.6-1513 Jul 73Young Girl of the Blue Will-o-the-Wisp
233.6-1620 Jul 73The Monster's Flute Sounds
234.6-1727 Jul 73Two Big Monsters Close in on Taro!
235.6-1803 Aug 73Taro Died! Zoffy Died Too!
236.6-1910 Aug 73The Ultra Mother Miracle of Love
237.6-2017 Aug 73A Monster Came Raining Down
238.6-2124 Aug 73Tokyo Newtown Sinking
239.6-2231 Aug 73The Wrath of a Child-Carrying Monster!
240.6-2307 Sep 73Gentle Daddy Monster!
241.6-2414 Sep 73This is the Land of Ultra!
242.6-2521 Sep 73Burn On! The Six Ultra Brothers
243.6-2628 Sep 73I Can Conquer Monsters Too!
244.6-2705 Oct 73He's Out!-It's Mephiras-Seijin!
245.6-2812 Oct 73Monster Eleking Barks at the Full Moon!
246.6-2919 Oct 73Bemstar Resurrected! Taro Absolutely Expires!
247.6-3026 Oct 73Counterattack!
248.6-3102 Nov 73Danger! Lying Poison Mushroom
249.6-3209 Nov 73A Nipping Wind Monster!
250.6-3316 Nov 73Five Seconds Before the Great Explosion of the Land of Ultra!
251.6-3423 Nov 73The Last Day of the Six Ultra Brothers!
252.6-3530 Nov 73Certain Kill! Taro's One Blow of Rage!
253.6-3607 Dec 73Coward! The Breed Cried
254.6-3714 Dec 73Monster, Return to Your Homeland!
255.6-3821 Dec 73The Ultra Christmas Tree
256.6-3928 Dec 73Ultra Father and Son Big Mochi-Making Strategy
257.6-4004 Jan 74Go Beyond the Ultra Brothers!
258.6-4111 Jan 74Mother's Wish-A Mid-Winter Cherry Blossom Blizzard
259.6-4218 Jan 74The Phantom Mother is a Monster User!
260.6-4325 Jan 74Pickle the Monster with Salt!
261.6-4401 Feb 74Oh! Taro is Being Eaten!
262.6-4508 Feb 74She Was Wearing Red Shoes...
263.6-4615 Feb 74The White Rabbit is a Bad Guy!
264.6-4722 Feb 74The Monster Master
265.6-4801 Mar 74Monster Girl's Festival
266.6-4908 Mar 74Sing! Monster Big Match
267.6-5015 Mar 74The Monster Sign is V
268.6-5122 Mar 74The Father of Ultra and the Bride Have Come
269.6-5229 Mar 74Steal the Ultra Life!
270.6-5305 Apr 74Farewell Taro! The Ultra Mother!
Season 7 Ultraman Leo
271.7-1 12 Apr 74The Death of Seven! Tokyo is Sinking!
272.7-2 19 Apr 74The Great Sinking! Twilight of the Japanese Archipelago
273.7-3 26 Apr 74Farewell to Tears...
274.7-4 03 May 74An Oath Between Men
275.7-5 10 May 74Don't Cry! You're a Man
276.7-6 17 May 74You're a Man! Get Fired Up!
277.7-7 24 May 74A Beautiful Man's Will
278.7-8 31 May 74Deadly! The Monster Mastermind!
279.7-9 07 Jun 74The Bridge of Friendship in Space
280.7-1014 Jun 74The Monster That Wanders in Sorrow
281.7-1121 Jun 74A Man Covered in Mud
282.7-1228 Jun 74The Adventure Nut Arrives!
283.7-1305 Jul 74Massive Explosion! Two Desperate Aliens
284.7-1412 Jul 74Deadly Fists! The Boy Who Calls Forth a Storm
285.7-1519 Jul 74Deadly Designs in Darkness! Attacking with Fighting Spirit
286.7-1626 Jul 74The Woman Who Faded Into the Night
287.7-1702 Aug 74The Werewolf's Bride
288.7-1809 Aug 74Vampire! Bat Girl
289.7-1916 Aug 74The Revived Mermaid
290.7-2023 Aug 74The Strange Little Dipper Boy
291.7-2130 Aug 74I Saw a Goddess in the Far North!
292.7-2206 Sep 74The Leo Brothers vs. The Monster Brothers
293.7-2313 Sep 74A Mischievous Alien That Fell from His Bed
294.7-2420 Sep 74The Beautiful Virgo Maiden
295.7-2527 Sep 74The Rhinoceros Beetle is an Alien Invader!
296.7-2604 Oct 74Ultraman King vs. The Wizard
297.7-2711 Oct 74Mighty! Momotaro!
298.7-2818 Oct 74The Return of the Captain with the Mustache!
299.7-2925 Oct 74Fated Reunion! Dan and Anne
300.7-3001 Nov 74The Monster's Favor
301.7-3108 Nov 74The White Flower That Protects the Earth
302.7-3215 Nov 74Farewell, Princess Kaguya
303.7-3322 Nov 74The Leo Brothers vs. The Space Demon Alien
304.7-3429 Nov 74The Ultra Brothers' Eternal Vow
305.7-3506 Dec 74I'm the Monster Boss
306.7-3613 Dec 74Fly! The Leo Brothers Save the Space Base
307.7-3720 Dec 74Haunted! The Devil in the Mirror
308.7-3827 Dec 74Showdown! The Leo Brothers vs. The Ultra Brothers
309.7-3903 Jan 75The Leo Brothers, The Ultra Brothers, The Moment of Victory
310.7-4010 Jan 75MAC Annihilated! Those UFOs Are Alive!
311.7-4117 Jan 75The Saucer Creature from the Evil Planet is Here!
312.7-4224 Jan 75Leo is in Trouble! The Assassin is a Saucer Creature
313.7-4331 Jan 75A Challenge! The Terror of the Blood Sucking UFO
314.7-4407 Feb 75The Shooting Star from Hell!
315.7-4514 Feb 75The Ghost Girl
316.7-4621 Feb 75The Leo Brothers Fight! The End of the Saucer Creature!
317.7-4728 Feb 75The Girl Who Collects the Stardust of Demons
318.7-4807 Mar 75The Great Bird Saucer Attacks the Japanese Islands!
319.7-4914 Mar 75The Red Assassin Brings Death!
320.7-5021 Mar 75Leo's Life! The King's Miracle!
321.7-5128 Mar 75Farewell, Leo! Setting Off for the Sun
Season 8 The☆Ultraman
322.8-1 04 Apr 79Birth of a New Hero
323.8-2 11 Apr 79The Secret of the Shining Pendant
324.8-3 18 Apr 79When the Weed Whistle Blows in the Evening
325.8-4 25 Apr 79Chase of the Mysterious Red Cloud
326.8-5 02 May 79The Passenger! Break Through the Underground
327.8-6 09 May 79Challenge to the Burning Deep Sea
328.8-7 16 May 79Order to Attack! The Objective is Pig!
329.8-8 23 May 79Officer Hikari's Secret Has Been Stolen!?
330.8-9 30 May 79Terror of the Awakened Ancient Creature
331.8-1006 Jun 79I Saw It! The Illusion of a Monster...
332.8-1113 Jun 79The Science Garrison's Challenge!
333.8-1220 Jun 79The Curious Conversation Between a Monster and Pig
334.8-1327 Jun 79The Sad Legend of the Revived Lake
335.8-1404 Jul 79The Star's Devil Has Come!
336.8-1511 Jul 79You Are Ultraman
337.8-1618 Jul 79The Living Phantom Bird
338.8-1725 Jul 79Beetamii Has Disappeared!
339.8-1801 Aug 79The Mysterious Monster Island
340.8-1908 Aug 79This is the Ultra Star! - Part 1
341.8-2015 Aug 79This is the Ultra Star! - Part 2
342.8-2122 Aug 79This is the Ultra Star! - Part 3
343.8-2229 Aug 79The South Sea's Suspicious Space
344.8-2305 Sep 79The Supersonic Confrontation
345.8-2412 Sep 79Two Officer Mutsumi's
346.8-2519 Sep 79The Devil's Garden
347.8-2626 Sep 79Earth's Greatest Crisis!
348.8-2703 Oct 79The Flying Monster Island!
349.8-2810 Oct 79The New Cap Has Arrived!
350.8-2917 Oct 79The Devil's UFO's Large Invasion
351.8-3024 Oct 79The Enormous Fossil Has Come to Life
352.8-3131 Oct 79The Female Ultra Warrior
353.8-3207 Nov 79Object X from Space
354.8-3314 Nov 79Go! Magma's Desperate Sphere
355.8-3421 Nov 79The Monster Accommodation Star Has Been Stolen (Prequel)
356.8-3528 Nov 79The Monster Accommodation Star Has Been Stolen (Sequel)
357.8-3605 Dec 79The Snow Woman Has Come from Space
358.8-3712 Dec 79Ultra Star U40's Crisis! Ultria's Mystery?
359.8-3819 Dec 79Giant Ultra War! Huge Warship Ultria's Sortie
360.8-3926 Dec 79Aim at Huge Warship Ultria
361.8-4002 Jan 80The Boy Who Took a Monster
362.8-4109 Jan 80The Boy Who Took a Monster
363.8-4216 Jan 80Ultraman's Strategy to Living
364.8-4323 Jan 80The Monkey That Became a Monster?!
365.8-4430 Jan 80Ultria Was Broken in Two?!
366.8-4506 Feb 80Pig Was Holding a Bomb
367.8-4613 Feb 80Revive Mutsumi
368.8-4720 Feb 80To the Ultra Star! Part 1: The Female Warrior's Information
369.8-4827 Feb 80To the Ultra Star! Part 2: The Frontline Base's Destruction
370.8-4905 Mar 80To the Ultra Star! Part 3: U (Ultra) Fleet's Large Fierce Battle
371.8-5012 Mar 80To the Ultra Star! Conclusion: Towards Peace and Victory
Season 9 Ultraman 80
372.9-1 02 Apr 80Teacher Ultraman
373.9-2 09 Apr 80The Teacher's Secret
374.9-3 16 Apr 80First-Love Monster
375.9-4 23 Apr 80For the Love of the Sky
376.9-5 30 Apr 80Streets of Illusion
377.9-6 07 May 80Boy from the Stars
378.9-7 14 May 80Operation Silent Tokyo
379.9-8 21 May 80Revival of a Legend
380.9-9 28 May 80Airport Emergency
381.9-1004 Jun 80The Visitor from Space
382.9-1111 Jun 80Gas Panic Horror
383.9-1218 Jun 80The Beautiful Transfer Student
384.9-1325 Jun 80Formation Yamato
385.9-1402 Jul 80Teleportation! The Man from Paris
386.9-1509 Jul 80The Laboratory of Doctor Demon
387.9-1616 Jul 80The Mysterious Snow Art from Space
388.9-1723 Jul 80Flight to the Eerie Monster Island - Part 1
389.9-1830 Jul 80Flight to the Eerie Monster Island - Part 2
390.9-1906 Aug 80Directive: Destroy the Planet
391.9-2013 Aug 80The Army of Bloodsucking Balls
392.9-2120 Aug 80Shine for Eternity! Space GMan 85
393.9-2227 Aug 80When the Planets Make a Line
394.9-2303 Sep 80SOS! Invasion of the Space Amoeba
395.9-2410 Sep 80Star of the Traitorous Android
396.9-2517 Sep 80Beautiful Challenger
397.9-2624 Sep 80Shadow Warriors in the Time Tunnel
398.9-2701 Oct 80White Demon of Fear
399.9-2808 Oct 80Lullaby of the Migrating Monster
400.9-2915 Oct 80Wrath of the Emperor
401.9-3022 Oct 80Lost Friend in the Desert
402.9-3129 Oct 80Flying Seed of a Monster
403.9-3205 Nov 80Ship on the Sea of Darkness
404.9-3312 Nov 80The Boy-Made Monster
405.9-3419 Nov 80I Caught a Strange Fish
406.9-3503 Dec 80The 99th Year Dragon Festival
407.9-3610 Dec 80Let's Go! Stag Beetle Wintering Team
408.9-3717 Dec 80Alien Baltan's Fearful Zoo Operation
409.9-3824 Dec 80The Voice of the Father of Ultra
410.9-3907 Jan 81I Am the Monster
411.9-4014 Jan 81The Mountain Sumo Boy
412.9-4121 Jan 81Did You See the Zero Monster Bird
413.9-4228 Jan 81The Kannon is Strongest
414.9-4304 Feb 81The Female Warrior of Ultra
415.9-4411 Feb 81Duel! 80 vs. Seven
416.9-4518 Feb 81The Never-Ending Challenge of the Baltan
417.9-4625 Feb 81The Unforseen Revival of Red King
418.9-4704 Mar 81The Evil Glove. Be Careful What You Throw Out!
419.9-4811 Mar 81The Speed Runner from Death Mountain
420.9-4918 Mar 8180's Greatest Peril! Transform! Lady Ultraman
421.9-5025 Mar 81Ah! The Giraffes and Elephants Turned to Ice!!
Season 10 Ultraman: Towards the Future
422.10-104 Jan 92Signs of Life
423.10-211 Jan 92The Hibernator
424.10-318 Jan 92The Child's Dream
425.10-425 Jan 92The Storm Hunter
426.10-501 Feb 92Blast from the Past
427.10-608 Feb 92The Showdown
428.10-715 Feb 92The Forest Guardian
429.10-822 Feb 92Bitter Harvest
430.10-929 Feb 92The Biospherians
431.10-1007 Mar 92Tourists from the Stars
432.10-1114 Mar 92The Survivalists
433.10-1221 Mar 92The Age of Plagues
434.10-1328 Mar 92Nemesis
Season 11 Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero
435.11-108 Apr 95On a Mission from M78
436.11-215 Apr 95Attack Kemular from Behind
437.11-322 Apr 95A Quartet of Creatures
438.11-429 Apr 95The Dark Past
439.11-506 May 95Monstrous Meltdown
440.11-613 May 95The Dada Effect
441.11-720 May 95Devils from the Crypts
442.11-827 May 95A Father's Love
443.11-903 Jun 95The Fires Beneath
444.11-1010 Jun 95Deadly Starfish
445.11-1117 Jun 95Dino Might
446.11-1224 Jun 95Falling Stars Spell Trouble
447.11-1301 Jul 95The Final Showdown?
Season 12 Ultraman Tiga
448.12-107 Sep 96The One Who Inherits the Light
449.12-214 Sep 96Stone of Legends
450.12-321 Sep 96The Devil's Prophecy
451.12-428 Sep 96Sa-yo-na-ra Earth
452.12-505 Oct 96The Day the Monster Came Out
453.12-612 Oct 96Second Contact
454.12-719 Oct 96The Man Who Came Down to Earth
455.12-826 Oct 96On Halloween Night
456.12-902 Nov 96The Girl Who Waits for a Monster
457.12-1009 Nov 96The Closed Amusement Park
458.12-1116 Nov 96Requiem to the Darkness
459.12-1223 Nov 96S.O.S from the Deep Sea
460.12-1330 Nov 96Human Collecting
461.12-1407 Dec 96The Released Target
462.12-1514 Dec 96The Phantom Dash
463.12-1621 Dec 96Resurrected Fiend
464.12-1728 Dec 96Red and Blue's Battle
465.12-1804 Jan 97Golza's Counterattack
466.12-1911 Jan 97GUTS to the Sky - Part 1
467.12-2018 Jan 97GUTS to the Sky - Part 2
468.12-2125 Jan 97Deban's Turn
469.12-2201 Feb 97A Fog's Coming
470.12-2308 Feb 97Dinosaurs' Star
471.12-2415 Feb 97Go! Monster Expedition Team
472.12-2522 Feb 97The Devil's Judgement
473.12-2601 Mar 97Evil Monster Realm of the Rainbow
474.12-2708 Mar 97I Saw Obico!
475.12-2815 Mar 97Fragile...
476.12-2922 Mar 97Blue Night's Memory
477.12-3029 Mar 97Monster Zoo
478.12-3105 Apr 97The Attacked GUTS Base
479.12-3212 Apr 97Zelda Point's Defenses
480.12-3319 Apr 97Vampire City
481.12-3426 Apr 97To the Southern Limit
482.12-3503 May 97The Sleeping Maiden
483.12-3610 May 97The Time-Transcending Smile
484.12-3717 May 97Flower
485.12-3824 May 97The Mirage Monster
486.12-3931 May 97Dear Mr. Ultraman
487.12-4007 Jun 97Dream
488.12-4114 Jun 97Friend from Space
489.12-4221 Jun 97Town Where the Girl Disappeared
490.12-4328 Jun 97Land Shark
491.12-4405 Jul 97The One Who Inherits the Shadows
492.12-4512 Jul 97Eternal Life
493.12-4619 Jul 97Let's Go to Kamakura!
494.12-4726 Jul 97Goodbye to Darkness
495.12-4802 Aug 97Fugitive from the Moon
496.12-4909 Aug 97The Ultra Star
497.12-5016 Aug 97Take Me Higher!
498.12-5123 Aug 97Master of Darkness
499.12-5230 Aug 97To the Shining Ones
Season 13 Ultraman Dyna
500.13-106 Sep 97A New Light - Part 1
501.13-213 Sep 97A New Light - Part 2
502.13-320 Sep 97Awaken Asuka
503.13-427 Sep 97Battle! Underground City
504.13-504 Oct 97Winning Shot
505.13-611 Oct 97The Land's Ultimate Monster
506.13-718 Oct 97Friend Inside the Box
507.13-825 Oct 97Bao-On from Afar
508.13-901 Nov 972000 Attacks
509.13-1008 Nov 97Forbidden Picture on the Ground
510.13-1115 Nov 97The Phantom Shooting Star
511.13-1222 Nov 97Mysterious Thief Himala
512.13-1329 Nov 97Monster Factory
513.13-1406 Dec 97The Supreme Ruler Who Sleeps on the Moon
514.13-1513 Dec 97The Kind-Hearted Target
515.13-1620 Dec 97Battle! Monster Island
516.13-1727 Dec 97The Ghost Space Ship
517.13-1803 Jan 98The Girls Who Calls Up the Darkness
518.13-1910 Jan 98Bird of the Phantom Dream
519.13-2017 Jan 98Alien Boy
520.13-2124 Jan 98The 3000 Degree Heat Radiating Monster
521.13-2231 Jan 98Soldier of Tsukuyo
522.13-2307 Feb 98Dream Fortress
523.13-2414 Feb 98Vampire of the Lake
524.13-2521 Feb 98The Kraakov Won't Surface! - Part 1
525.13-2628 Feb 98The Kraakov Won't Surface! - Part 2
526.13-2707 Mar 98Monster Game
527.13-2814 Mar 98Simian Forest
528.13-2921 Mar 98In the Light of Destiny
529.13-3028 Mar 98Scenario of Invasion
530.13-3104 Apr 98Fight! Dyna vs. Dyna
531.13-3211 Apr 98The Singing Investigation Robot
532.13-3318 Apr 98Star of Peace
533.13-3425 Apr 98The Time of Resolution
534.13-3502 May 98The Smile of Destruction - Part 1
535.13-3609 May 98The Smile of Destruction - Part 2
536.13-3716 May 98Yumenokatamari
537.13-3823 May 98Monster Drama
538.13-3930 May 98The Light and Shadow of the Youthful
539.13-4006 Jun 98The Tree of Jagira
540.13-4113 Jun 98I Want to See Our Earth
541.13-4220 Jun 98Ephemeral Dream
542.13-4327 Jun 98Captain Long-Legs
543.13-4404 Jul 98The Snow of Venus
544.13-4511 Jul 98Tear of Churasa
545.13-4618 Jul 98The Power of Thinking of You
546.13-4725 Jul 98Farewell Hanejiro
547.13-4801 Aug 98Ndamoshite X
548.13-4908 Aug 98Final Chapter I: A New Shadow
549.13-5015 Aug 98Final Chapter II: Solar System Annihilation
550.13-5122 Aug 98Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...
Season 14 Ultraman Gaia
551.14-105 Sep 98Seize the Light!
552.14-212 Sep 98A Hero Appears
553.14-319 Sep 98His Name is Gaia
554.14-426 Sep 98Gamu of the Sky
555.14-503 Oct 98Another Giant
556.14-610 Oct 98The Ridiculing Eye
557.14-717 Oct 98The Cleansing of the Earth
558.14-824 Oct 98The 4,600 Million Year-Old Ghosts
559.14-931 Oct 98Seagull Takes Off
560.14-1007 Nov 98Rock Fight
561.14-1114 Nov 98The Dragon's Capital
562.14-1221 Nov 98Monster Encircling Net
563.14-1328 Nov 98The Night of the Marionettes
564.14-1405 Dec 98The Challenge from the Anti-Space
565.14-1512 Dec 98When the Rain Stops
566.14-1619 Dec 98The Birth of Agul
567.14-1702 Jan 99Shadow of Space, Light of Earth
568.14-1809 Jan 99Agul vs. Gaia
569.14-1916 Jan 99Lilia's Maze
570.14-2023 Jan 99The Fossil of Ruin
571.14-2130 Jan 99The Sea of a Mysterious Light
572.14-2206 Feb 99The Wings of a Stone
573.14-2313 Feb 99Gamu Expelled!
574.14-2420 Feb 99The Determination of Agul
575.14-2527 Feb 99The Showdown for Tomorrow
576.14-2606 Mar 99The Final Resolution
577.14-2713 Mar 99A New Battle ~Version-up Fight!~
578.14-2820 Mar 99The Advent of the Heatwave
579.14-2927 Mar 99The Distant City: Uqbar
580.14-3003 Apr 99The Demon's Cocoon
581.14-3110 Apr 99The Accursed Eye
582.14-3217 Apr 99The Future Seen Before
583.14-3324 Apr 99Battling the Legend
584.14-3401 May 99Crash of Souls!
585.14-3508 May 99Ransom for a Monster
586.14-3615 May 99The Sky of Reunion
587.14-3722 May 99The Fourth Symphony of a Nightmare
588.14-3829 May 99Ground-Breaking Tusks
589.14-3905 Jun 99The Swamp of Sadness
590.14-4012 Jun 99I Want to See Gaia!
591.14-4119 Jun 99The Resurrection of Agul
592.14-4226 Jun 99Gamu vs. Gamu
593.14-4303 Jul 99The Silver Eyes of Izac
594.14-4410 Jul 99The Attack of the Space Monsters
595.14-4517 Jul 99The Living Planet
596.14-4624 Jul 99The Attack of the Forest
597.14-4731 Jul 99XIG Destroyed!?
598.14-4807 Aug 99The Revenge of the Death God
599.14-4914 Aug 99An Angel Descends
600.14-5021 Aug 99The Cry of the Earth
601.14-5128 Aug 99Earth is Ultraman's Star
Season 15 Ultraman Neos
602.15-122 Nov 00Enter Neos
603.15-229 Nov 00The Dark Matter Mystery
604.15-306 Dec 00S.O.S from the Sea
605.15-413 Dec 00The Red Giant Seven 21
606.15-520 Dec 00The Invisible Tide
607.15-627 Dec 00Revenge of Alien Zamu
608.15-703 Jan 01Lord of the Biosphere
609.15-810 Jan 01Revive Earth - H.E.A.R.T. to the South
610.15-917 Jan 01Our Dino-Coaster
611.15-1024 Jan 01Operation: Rescue the SX 3 Seconds Before the Explosion
612.15-1131 Jan 01The Assassin from Space
613.15-1207 Feb 01On to Glory, Warriors of Light
Season 16 Ultraman Cosmos
614.16-107 Jul 01Reunion with Light
615.16-214 Jul 01Chaos Header's Shadow
616.16-321 Jul 01Fly! Musashi
617.16-428 Jul 01The Fallen Robot
618.16-504 Aug 01Revenge of the Fireflies
619.16-611 Aug 01Monster Fishing
620.16-718 Aug 01Present from the Sky
621.16-825 Aug 01Sleeping Maiden
622.16-901 Sep 01Friends of the Forest
623.16-1008 Sep 01The Bronze Devil
624.16-1115 Sep 01Move! Monster
625.16-1222 Sep 01The Organism of Light
626.16-1329 Sep 01Daughter of Time - Part 1
627.16-1406 Oct 01Daughter of Time - Part 2
628.16-1513 Oct 01Deep Sea Fight
629.16-1620 Oct 01The Flying Whale
630.16-1727 Oct 01The Different Dimensional Trap
631.16-1803 Nov 01The Legend of Mt. Nibito
632.16-1910 Nov 01Star Lover
633.16-2017 Nov 01Musashi's Sky
634.16-2124 Nov 01The Battle with the TECCH Booster - Part 1
635.16-2201 Dec 01The Battle with the TECCH Booster - Part 2
636.16-2308 Dec 01Luna vs. Luna
637.16-2415 Dec 01Warm Memories
638.16-2522 Dec 01Alien Girl
639.16-2629 Dec 01The Power to Defeat the Chaos
640.16-2705 Jan 02The Earth-Born Space Monster
641.16-2812 Jan 02Strength and Power
642.16-2919 Jan 02Dreaming Courage
643.16-3026 Jan 02Eclipse
644.16-3102 Feb 02Rescue Gon
645.16-3209 Feb 02The Nightmare Experiment
646.16-3316 Feb 02Monster Hunter
647.16-3423 Feb 02Wrath of the Sea God
648.16-3502 Mar 02The Magic Stone
649.16-3609 Mar 02The Mountain of Yōkai
650.16-3716 Mar 02Fubuki Retires?!
651.16-3823 Mar 02Alien Old Man
652.16-3930 Mar 02Light of Evil
653.16-4006 Apr 02Giant of Evil
654.16-4113 Apr 02The Green Fugitive
655.16-4220 Apr 02Friend
656.16-4327 Apr 02Puppet Monster
657.16-4404 May 02Gigi vs. Gon
658.16-4511 May 02The Amusement Park Legend
659.16-4618 May 02The Miraculous Flower
660.16-4725 May 02Sorceress of the Sky
661.16-4801 Jun 02Waroga Counterattack
662.16-4908 Jun 02Snow of Space
663.16-5015 Jun 02Monster Smuggling!?
664.16-5122 Jun 02Enemy of Chaos
665.16-5229 Jun 02Transformation Impossible!?
666.16-5306 Jul 02Future Monster
667.16-5413 Jul 02Human Transporter
668.16-5520 Jul 02Final Test
669.16-5627 Jul 02Kappa Village
670.16-5703 Aug 02Door of Snow
671.16-5810 Aug 02The Sky of Revenge
672.16-5917 Aug 02Maximum Invasions
673.16-6024 Aug 02Chaos War
674.16-6131 Aug 02Forbidden Weapon
675.16-6207 Sep 02Cry of the Earth
676.16-6314 Sep 02Chaos's Violent Attack
677.16-6421 Sep 02Deathmatch on the Moon
678.16-6528 Sep 02True Hero
Season 17 Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy
679.17-107 Apr 04Dancing Garagon
680.17-214 Apr 04Graffiti
681.17-321 Apr 04Who Are You
682.17-428 Apr 04The Puzzle Woman
683.17-505 May 04The Slave of Hieronymus
684.17-612 May 04Bound for Paradise
685.17-719 May 04Kiara
686.17-826 May 04Unitoroda's Repayment
687.17-902 Jun 04Temptation at 2 AM
688.17-1009 Jun 04Ceremonial Bonfire
689.17-1116 Jun 04The Eyes of the Totem
690.17-1223 Jun 04The Dream Stone
691.17-1330 Jun 04The Invader of Shadows
692.17-1407 Jul 04Lily and Lili
693.17-1514 Jul 04The Shining Ship
694.17-1621 Jul 04Gara Q's Revenge
695.17-1728 Jul 04The Town Beauty
696.17-1804 Aug 04The Front of the Behind
697.17-1911 Aug 04Love Through a Lens
698.17-2018 Aug 04The Quiet End
699.17-2125 Aug 04The Night Fog, This Evening...
700.17-2201 Sep 04Kanegoneh's Shining Road
701.17-2308 Sep 04Alice in the 365 Degree World
702.17-2415 Sep 04Hitogata
703.17-2522 Sep 04Darkness
704.17-2629 Sep 04The Door to the Nothingness
Season 18 Ultraman Nexus
705.18-102 Oct 04Night Raid
706.18-209 Oct 04Space Beast
707.18-316 Oct 04Ultraman
708.18-423 Oct 04Meta Field
709.18-530 Oct 04Dunamist
710.18-606 Nov 04Relic
711.18-713 Nov 04Faust
712.18-820 Nov 04Memory Police
713.18-927 Nov 04Warning
714.18-1004 Dec 04Strike Formation
715.18-1111 Dec 04Marionette
716.18-1218 Dec 04Lost Soul
717.18-1325 Dec 04Illustrator
718.18-1401 Jan 05Mephisto
719.18-1508 Jan 05Nightmare
720.18-1615 Jan 05Labyrinth
721.18-1722 Jan 05Darkness
722.18-1829 Jan 05Apocalypse
723.18-1905 Feb 05Cross Phase Trap
724.18-2012 Feb 05Chrome Chester δ
725.18-2119 Feb 05Sacrifice
726.18-2226 Feb 05Cure
727.18-2305 Mar 05Satisfaction
728.18-2412 Mar 05Hero
729.18-2519 Mar 05Prophecy
730.18-2626 Mar 05The Third
731.18-2702 Apr 05Prayer
732.18-2809 Apr 05Reunion
733.18-2916 Apr 05Calling
734.18-3023 Apr 05Watcher
735.18-3130 Apr 05Bird
736.18-3207 May 05Unknown Hand
737.18-3314 May 05AD 2004
738.18-3421 May 05AD 2009
739.18-3528 May 05Revolt
740.18-3604 Jun 05Farewell
741.18-3711 Jun 05Nexus
Season 19 Ultraman Max
742.19-102 Jul 05Ultraman Max Arrives!
743.19-209 Jul 05The Girl Who Keeps a Monster
744.19-316 Jul 05Mark of a Hero
745.19-423 Jul 05Infinite Invaders
746.19-530 Jul 05Monster Island Appears!
747.19-606 Aug 055 Seconds to Bombing!
748.19-713 Aug 05Destroyer of Planets
749.19-820 Aug 05DASH Annihilated!?
750.19-927 Aug 05Dragon Lover
751.19-1003 Sep 05Young DASH
752.19-1110 Sep 05Prophecy of Baradhi
753.19-1217 Sep 05Pursuit at Supersonic Speed
754.19-1324 Sep 05Daughter of Zetton
755.19-1401 Oct 05King Joe in Love
756.19-1508 Oct 05Miracle of the Third Planet
757.19-1615 Oct 05Who Am I?
758.19-1722 Oct 05Ice Beauty
759.19-1829 Oct 05Bright World
760.19-1905 Nov 05The One from the Door
761.19-2012 Nov 05Drifting Monster
762.19-2119 Nov 05Challenge from Underground
763.19-2226 Nov 05Butterfly Dream
764.19-2303 Dec 05Youth Again
765.19-2410 Dec 05The Untargeted Town
766.19-2517 Dec 05A Distant Friend
767.19-2624 Dec 05Elly of Christmas
768.19-2731 Dec 05The Taken Max Spark
769.19-2807 Jan 06Attack of the Evil
770.19-2914 Jan 06Why Do Monsters Appear
771.19-3021 Jan 06Courage is from the Heart
772.19-3128 Jan 06Burn! Earth!!
773.19-3204 Feb 06Elly Destruction Directive
774.19-3311 Feb 06Welcome! to the Earth: Part 1 - The Science of the Planet Baltan
775.19-3418 Feb 06Welcome! to the Earth: Part 2 - Farewell! Alien Baltan
776.19-3525 Feb 06Adam and Eve of M32 Nebula
777.19-3604 Mar 06Alternate Dimension World
778.19-3711 Mar 06Constellation Thief
779.19-3818 Mar 06Prelude to Ground Annihilation
780.19-3925 Mar 06Take Hold of the Future!
Season 20 Ultraman Mebius
781.20-108 Apr 06A Fateful Encounter
782.20-215 Apr 06Our Wings
783.20-322 Apr 06Only One Life
784.20-429 Apr 06Broken Bonds
785.20-506 May 06Reverse Shot
786.20-613 May 06Two from the Deep Sea
787.20-720 May 06Fanton's Lost Item
788.20-827 May 06Terrible Predator
789.20-903 Jun 06Armor of Vengeance
790.20-1010 Jun 06Pride of GUYS
791.20-1117 Jun 06Mother's Miracle
792.20-1224 Jun 06The First Errand
793.20-1301 Jul 06Marina of the Wind
794.20-1408 Jul 06One Path
795.20-1515 Jul 06Phoenix Stronghold
796.20-1622 Jul 06A Sword Master from Space
797.20-1729 Jul 06Formation of Our Vow
798.20-1805 Aug 06Pressure on Ultraman
799.20-1912 Aug 06The Isolated Grandstand
800.20-2019 Aug 06Connecting Message
801.20-2126 Aug 06Cry from Space
802.20-2202 Sep 06Daily Future
803.20-2309 Sep 06Ocean Waves of Time
804.20-2416 Sep 06The Return of Yapool
805.20-2523 Sep 06The Poisonous Moth's Program
806.20-2630 Sep 06Flying to Tomorrow
807.20-2707 Oct 06Champion of the Fierce Fight
808.20-2814 Oct 06Konomi's Treasure
809.20-2921 Oct 06Day of Separation
810.20-3028 Oct 06The Flame of Promise
811.20-3104 Nov 06Thoughts of Friends
812.20-3211 Nov 06The Monster Master's Legacy
813.20-3318 Nov 06Lady of the Blue Fire
814.20-3425 Nov 06The Man Without a Home
815.20-3502 Dec 06Azure Waves of Light and Shadow
816.20-3609 Dec 06Mirai's Younger Sister
817.20-3716 Dec 06Father's Return
818.20-3823 Dec 06Isana of the Ocean
819.20-3930 Dec 06An Invincible Mother
820.20-4006 Jan 07Lonely Paradise
821.20-4113 Jan 07Teacher's Memories
822.20-4220 Jan 07An Old Friend's Visit
823.20-4327 Jan 07Threatening Mebius-Killer
824.20-4403 Feb 07Ace's Wish
825.20-4510 Feb 07Deathrem's Plot
826.20-4617 Feb 07The Immortal Grozam
827.20-4724 Feb 07Mephilas's Game
828.20-4803 Mar 07Final Trilogy I: Advent of the Emperor
829.20-4910 Mar 07Final Trilogy II: Dark Clouds of Despair
830.20-5017 Mar 07Final Trilogy III: Words from the Heart
Season 21 Ultraseven X
831.21-105 Oct 07Dream
832.21-212 Oct 07Code Name "R"
833.21-319 Oct 07Hopeless
834.21-426 Oct 07Diamond "S"
835.21-502 Nov 07Peace Maker
836.21-609 Nov 07Traveler
837.21-716 Nov 07Your Song
838.21-823 Nov 07Blood Message
839.21-930 Nov 07Red Moon
840.21-1007 Dec 07Memories
841.21-1114 Dec 07Aqua Project
842.21-1221 Dec 07New World
Season 22 Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
843.22-101 Dec 07The Lawless Monster Planet
844.22-208 Dec 07The Fifth Crewman
845.22-315 Dec 07The Transparent Monster Attacks!
846.22-422 Dec 07Bemstar Has Arrived!
847.22-529 Dec 07The Trap in Belargo City
848.22-605 Jan 08Another Monster Tamer
849.22-712 Jan 08The Stone Which Calls Monsters
850.22-819 Jan 08The Underwater King
851.22-926 Jan 08The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface!
852.22-1002 Feb 08Unexpected Reunion
853.22-1109 Feb 08Ultraman
854.22-1216 Feb 08Reiblood
855.22-1323 Feb 08Planet Escape
Season 23 Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey
856.23-120 Dec 08Reionics Hunter
857.23-227 Dec 08Reionyx Battle
858.23-303 Jan 09Great Frenzy! Reionic Burst
859.23-410 Jan 09Disturbing Reunion
860.23-517 Jan 09At the End of the Runway
861.23-624 Jan 09The Strongest Reionyx
862.23-731 Jan 09The Second Awakening
863.23-807 Feb 09Shoot the Infiltrator!
864.23-914 Feb 09Armour of Darkness
865.23-1021 Feb 09The New Horizon of War
866.23-1128 Feb 09A Warrior's Grave Marker
867.23-1207 Mar 09Grande's Challenge
868.23-1314 Mar 09Planet Destruction
Season 24 Neo Ultra Q
869.24-112 Jan 13Quo Vadis
870.24-219 Jan 13Laundry Day
871.24-326 Jan 13The Business Man Who Came from the Sky
872.24-402 Feb 13Pandora's Cave
873.24-509 Feb 13The Town That Doesn't Speak
874.24-616 Feb 13The Extremely Smelly Island
875.24-723 Feb 13The Iron Shell
876.24-802 Mar 13Memories Are Crossing the Planet
877.24-909 Mar 13The Tokyo Protocol
878.24-1016 Mar 13Falmagan and Michiru
879.24-1123 Mar 13Algoth Democracy
880.24-1230 Mar 13Hominis Dignitati
Season 25 Ultraman Ginga
881.25-110 Jul 13Town of Falling Stars
882.25-217 Jul 13Midsummer Night's Dream
883.25-324 Jul 13Two-Headed Flame Beast
884.25-431 Jul 13The Idol is Ragon
885.25-507 Aug 13The Dream Destroyers
886.25-614 Aug 13The Dream Battle
887.25-728 Nov 13The Closed World
888.25-805 Dec 13The Ginga Spark Stolen
889.25-912 Dec 13The Jet Black Ultra Brothers
890.25-1011 Dec 13Darkness and Light
891.25-1118 Dec 13Your Future
Season 26 Ultraman Ginga S
892.26-115 Jul 14The Opening Force
893.26-222 Jul 14Ginga vs. Victory
894.26-329 Jul 14A Lone Warrior
895.26-405 Aug 14The Meaning of Strength
896.26-512 Aug 14Friend & Demon
897.26-619 Aug 14Past that was Forgotten
898.26-726 Aug 14Magnetic Wave Operation
899.26-802 Sep 14Fight to the Death of the Morning Glow
900.26-904 Nov 14Life in the Resurrection
901.26-1011 Nov 14Holy Sword to the Future
902.26-1118 Nov 14Gan-Q's Tears
903.26-1225 Nov 14To Meet You
904.26-1302 Dec 14Split! UPG
905.26-1409 Dec 14Resurrection of Lugiel
906.26-1516 Dec 14Adventure Called Life
907.26-1623 Dec 14The Fight for Tomorrow
Season 27 Ultraman X
908.27-114 Jul 15Voice from the Starry Sky
909.27-221 Jul 15A Collection of Possibilities
910.27-328 Jul 15The Song That Calls the Night
911.27-404 Aug 15All for One
912.27-511 Aug 15When the Aegis Shines
913.27-618 Aug 15The Man with the Memories of a Planet
914.27-725 Aug 15An Oath Beyond Worlds
915.27-808 Sep 15X in Peril
916.27-915 Sep 15We Are Nebula!
917.27-1022 Sep 15The Monster Won't Move
918.27-1129 Sep 15An Unknown Friend
919.27-1206 Oct 15End of the Rainbow
920.27-1313 Oct 15The Sword of Victory
921.27-1420 Oct 15The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It
922.27-1503 Nov 15A Soldier's Back
923.27-1610 Nov 15Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio
924.27-1717 Nov 15My Friend's a Monster
925.27-1824 Nov 15Wataru's Romance
926.27-1901 Dec 15Living Together
927.27-2008 Dec 15Bond -Unite-
928.27-2115 Dec 15A Beautiful End
929.27-2222 Dec 15The Rainbow Land
Season 28 Ultraman Orb
930.28-109 Jul 16The Sunset Wanderer
931.28-216 Jul 16The King Demon Beast of Earth
932.28-323 Jul 16Monstrous Waters
933.28-430 Jul 16Beware of Fire in the Midsummer Sky
934.28-506 Aug 16A Heart That Won't Flee
935.28-613 Aug 16The Forbidden Forest
936.28-720 Aug 16A Future Shrouded in Fog
937.28-827 Aug 16The Urban Merman
938.28-903 Sep 16The Impostor Blues
939.28-1010 Sep 16Juggler Dies!
940.28-1117 Sep 16Trouble! Mama's Here!
941.28-1224 Sep 16The Dark King's Blessing
942.28-1301 Oct 16Cleanup of the Heart
943.28-1408 Oct 16Justice Out of Control
944.28-1515 Oct 16Never Say Never
945.28-1622 Oct 16An Unforgettable Place
946.28-1729 Oct 16The Holy Sword, Restored
947.28-1805 Nov 16Hard-Boiled Liver
948.28-1912 Nov 16The Demon Inside of Me
949.28-2019 Nov 16Revenge's Trigger
950.28-2126 Nov 16The Girl with the Blue Ribbon
951.28-2203 Dec 16The Unmarked Cafe
952.28-2310 Dec 16The Blade of Darkness
953.28-2417 Dec 16The Ultimate King Devil Beast Strikes Back
954.28-2524 Dec 16The Wandering Sun (25 min)
Season 29 Ultraman Geed
955.29-108 Jul 17Welcome to the Secret Base
956.29-215 Jul 17The Girl Who Cuts Monsters
957.29-322 Jul 17Salaryman Zero
958.29-429 Jul 17A Job Where You Investigate Aliens
959.29-505 Aug 17Partners
960.29-612 Aug 17So That I Can Be Me
961.29-719 Aug 17Sacrifice
962.29-826 Aug 17Going Beyond Fate
963.29-902 Sep 17The Sword of an Oath
964.29-1009 Sep 17I Read Minds
965.29-1116 Sep 17The Geed Identity
966.29-1223 Sep 17My Name
967.29-1330 Sep 17Restore Memories
968.29-1407 Oct 17Shadows of Shadows
969.29-1514 Oct 17Child of Battle
970.29-1621 Oct 17The First Day of the End of the World
971.29-1728 Oct 17The King's Miracle! Time to Change Fate!!
972.29-1804 Nov 17Inheritor of the Dream
973.29-1911 Nov 17Nebula House Invasion
974.29-2018 Nov 17The 10:00 AM Monster Bird
975.29-2125 Nov 17Pega Runs Away from Home
976.29-2202 Dec 17Repossession
977.29-2309 Dec 17The Sturm's Light
978.29-2416 Dec 17The Fragments of Hope
979.29-2523 Dec 17The Symbol of Geed
Season 30 Ultraman R/B
980.30-107 Jul 18Beginning of Ultraman
981.30-214 Jul 18The Bond of Siblings
982.30-321 Jul 18Welcome to Aizen Tech
983.30-428 Jul 18The Winning Ball of Light
984.30-504 Aug 18Farewell, Icarus
985.30-611 Aug 18Longtime Enemy! The Finisher Fist of Elder Sister
986.30-718 Aug 18Disqualified Hero
987.30-825 Aug 18The World is Waiting for Me
988.30-901 Sep 18In the Name of Ultraman
989.30-1008 Sep 18The Minato Family Holiday
990.30-1115 Sep 18Aizen's Frenzy
991.30-1222 Sep 18What We Should Protect
992.30-1329 Sep 18No More Secrets!
993.30-1406 Oct 18Who Are You?
994.30-1513 Oct 18Enshrined by Extremity
995.30-1620 Oct 18This Moment is a Bond
996.30-1727 Oct 18Everyone is Friends
997.30-1803 Nov 18A World Without Tomorrow
998.30-1910 Nov 18Good People and Bad People
999.30-2017 Nov 18Memory of Stardust
1000.30-2124 Nov 18Candies and Steamed Buns
1001.30-2201 Dec 18Extradimensional Mother
1002.30-2308 Dec 18The Crystal of Destruction
1003.30-2415 Dec 18I Am Happy
1004.30-2522 Dec 18Home of Sunrise
Season 31 Ultraman Taiga
1005.31-106 Jul 19Buddy Go!
1006.31-213 Jul 19Tregear
1007.31-320 Jul 19Avenger of the Star
1008.31-427 Jul 19Requiem of the Wolves
1009.31-503 Aug 19The Future You Decide
1010.31-610 Aug 19The Flying Saucer is Not Coming
1011.31-717 Aug 19To the Demon's Mountain!!
1012.31-824 Aug 19Defeat the Demon
1013.31-931 Aug 19The Present for Each
1014.31-1007 Sep 19Warriors in the Evening Glow
1015.31-1114 Sep 19One Afternoon When the Magic Was Lost from the Star
1016.31-1221 Sep 19Even Then the Universe Will Still Go on Dreaming
1017.31-1328 Sep 19E.G.I.S Major Confrontation
1018.31-1405 Oct 19The Power to Protect and the Power to Fight
1019.31-1512 Oct 19I Can't Hear Your Voice
1020.31-1619 Oct 19We Are One
1021.31-1726 Oct 19Guardian Angel
1022.31-1802 Nov 19For the New World
1023.31-1909 Nov 19Withstand the Lightning Strike!
1024.31-2016 Nov 19Sand Castle
1025.31-2123 Nov 19Earth's Friend
1026.31-2230 Nov 19What's Up with Takkong?
1027.31-2307 Dec 19Clash! Ultra Big Match!
1028.31-2414 Dec 19I Am Pirika
1029.31-2521 Dec 19Buddy, Steady, Go!
Season 32 Ultraman Z
1030.32-120 Jun 20Chant My Name!
1031.32-227 Jun 20A Warrior's Principle
1032.32-304 Jul 20Live Coverage! The Monster Transport Operation
1033.32-411 Jul 20Robot-2 Activation Plan
1034.32-518 Jul 20First Juggling
1035.32-625 Jul 20That Man Returns!
1036.32-701 Aug 20His Majesty's Medal
1037.32-808 Aug 20The Mystic Power
1038.32-915 Aug 20The Unidentified Object Convoy Order
1039.32-1022 Aug 20Here Comes the Space Pirate!
1040.32-1105 Sep 20What Must Be Defended
1041.32-1212 Sep 20The Cry of Life
1042.32-1319 Sep 20I'll Feast on Medals!
1043.32-1426 Sep 20Four-Dimensional Capriccio
1044.32-1503 Oct 20A Warrior's Duty
1045.32-1610 Oct 20The Lion's Cry
1046.32-1717 Oct 20Beliarok
1047.32-1824 Oct 20Rechallenge from the Year 2020
1048.32-1931 Oct 20The Last Hero
1049.32-2014 Nov 20To Care and What Lies Beyond
1050.32-2121 Nov 20D4
1051.32-2228 Nov 20Individual Tomorrows
1052.32-2305 Dec 20Prelude to a Nightmare
1053.32-2412 Dec 20The Game to Extinction
1054.32-2519 Dec 20Warriors Shining Beyond
Season 33 Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga
1055.33-110 Jul 21Connection of Light
1056.33-217 Jul 21Soaring to the Future
1057.33-324 Jul 21The Ultra-Ancient Light and Darkness
1058.33-431 Jul 21For Smiles
1059.33-521 Aug 21Akito's Promise
1060.33-628 Aug 21The One Hour Demon
1061.33-704 Sep 21Inter Universe
1062.33-811 Sep 21The Propagating Invasion
1063.33-918 Sep 21The Wings of That Day
1064.33-1025 Sep 21Wavering Heart
1065.33-1102 Oct 21The Encounter of Light and Darkness
1066.33-1209 Oct 21The 30-Million-Year Miracle
1067.33-1316 Oct 21The Marked Captain: Detective Marluru's Case File
1068.33-1423 Oct 21The Golden Threat
1069.33-1530 Oct 21Operation Dragon
1070.33-1606 Nov 21Sneering Destruction
1071.33-1713 Nov 21Raging Feast
1072.33-1820 Nov 21Smile Operation No. 1
1073.33-1927 Nov 21What Makes a Savior
1074.33-2011 Dec 21The Blue One Comes With the Lightning
1075.33-2118 Dec 21Demons Rampage Again
1076.33-2225 Dec 21Last Game
1077.33-2308 Jan 22My Friend
1078.33-2415 Jan 22The Ruler of Shadows
1079.33-2522 Jan 22To the Ones Who Believe in Smiles ~ Pull the Trigger ~
Season 34 Ultraman Decker
1080.34-109 Jul 22Day of the Attack
1081.34-216 Jul 22Kanata's Resolve
1082.34-323 Jul 22Move Out, GUTS-Select!
1083.34-430 Jul 22The Destructive Monster Awakens
1084.34-506 Aug 22Glutton of the Lake
1085.34-620 Aug 22Subterranean Monster Appears! And Appears!
1086.34-727 Aug 22The Light of Hope from the Red Planet
1087.34-803 Sep 22Light and Darkness, Again
1088.34-910 Sep 22Standing Tall for Someone Special
1089.34-1017 Sep 22Man and Monster
1090.34-1124 Sep 22Machine God Deployed
1091.34-1201 Oct 22Neomegas Strikes Back
1092.34-1308 Oct 22Jumble Rock
1093.34-1415 Oct 22Birth of a Dark God
1094.34-1522 Oct 22A Promise for Tomorrow
1095.34-1629 Oct 22Stay As You Are
1096.34-1705 Nov 22Investigation from the Past
1097.34-1819 Nov 22Invitation from Another Dimension
1098.34-1926 Nov 22Warriors on the Moon
1099.34-2003 Dec 22Lord Ragon
1100.34-2110 Dec 22The Price of Prosperity
1101.34-2217 Dec 22The Fall of Bazdo
1102.34-2324 Dec 22The Sky of Despair
1103.34-2414 Jan 23End of a Dream
1104.34-2521 Jan 23The Light Far Beyond
Season 35 Ultraman Blazer
1105.35-108 Jul 23First Wave
1106.35-215 Jul 23The Man Who Created SKaRD
1107.35-322 Jul 23The Name is Earth Garon
1108.35-429 Jul 23Thus Fight Emi
1109.35-505 Aug 23The Mountain Roars
1110.35-619 Aug 23The Invading Aurora
1111.35-726 Aug 23Rainbow Appears: Part 1
1112.35-802 Sep 23Rainbow Appears: Part 2
1113.35-909 Sep 23Planet of Music
1114.35-1016 Sep 23Parent and Child
1115.35-1123 Sep 23Escape
1116.35-1230 Sep 23Let's Go Blazar!
1117.35-1307 Oct 23SKaRD Nocturne
S31.31-028 Dec 19And Taiga is Here
S33.33-002 Jul 21Protect the Smiles, the Light of Hope
S33.33-006 Aug 21The Power to Protect Peace
S33.33-014 Aug 21Heroes Who Soar Through Space
S33.33-018 Mar 22Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z
S34.34-013 Aug 22Special Summary: The Return of Marluru
S34.34-012 Nov 22Special Summary 2: The Threat of the Terraphaser
S34.34-007 Jan 23Special Summary 3: Stand Up, Decker
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