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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1991
End date: Dec 1995
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): PBS (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 295 eps
Genre(s): Children
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 30 Sep 91The Taking of the Shrew
2.1-2 01 Oct 91The Case of the Cribbed Crater
3.1-3 02 Oct 91It's the Pits
4.1-4 03 Oct 91The Big Ness Mess
5.1-5 04 Oct 91Seizing the Sea
6.1-6 07 Oct 91The Gateway Getaway
7.1-7 08 Oct 91Ripping Off the Rock
8.1-8 09 Oct 91The Case of the False False-Teeth
9.1-9 10 Oct 91The Lincoln Conspiracy
10.1-1011 Oct 91The Canal Caper
11.1-1114 Oct 91The Great Wall Haul
12.1-1215 Oct 91The Case of the Burgled Bugatti
13.1-1316 Oct 91The Square Scam
14.1-1417 Oct 91The Case of the Purloined Pen
15.1-1518 Oct 91The Great Liberty Lift
16.1-1621 Oct 91The SAT Score Scam
17.1-1722 Oct 91Torch Song
18.1-1823 Oct 91The Hammering Hank Heist
19.1-1924 Oct 91Big Ben Bagged
20.1-2025 Oct 91Diamonds Are a Crook's Best Friend
21.1-2128 Oct 91The Bridge Bust
22.1-2229 Oct 91The Fall Collection Caper
23.1-2330 Oct 91Minnehaha: The Filching of the Falls
24.1-2431 Oct 91The Radioscope Ripoff
25.1-2501 Nov 91Who Pinched Pisa?
26.1-2604 Nov 91The Checkmate Checkout
27.1-2705 Nov 91The Forbidden City Snatch
28.1-2806 Nov 91The Case of the Missing Queen
29.1-2907 Nov 91Raceway Ripoff
30.1-3008 Nov 91Brandonburglary
31.1-3111 Nov 91The Case of the Reef Thief
32.1-3212 Nov 91The Library Lift
33.1-3313 Nov 91The Great Head Heist
34.1-3414 Nov 91The Nose Knows
35.1-3515 Nov 91The Troubled Triangle
36.1-3618 Nov 91The Chunnel Channel Caper
37.1-3719 Nov 91The Taking of the Tower
38.1-3820 Nov 91The Case of the Purloined Pipeline
39.1-3921 Nov 91Monumental Malfeasance
40.1-4022 Nov 91The Case of the Lifted Lines
41.1-4125 Nov 91Stomping at the Stock Exchange
42.1-4226 Nov 91The Rosetta Ripoff
43.1-4327 Nov 91The Time Bandit
44.1-4428 Nov 91Who Stole the Hole?
45.1-4529 Nov 91The Fat Lady Sings No More
46.1-4602 Dec 91What Goes Up
47.1-4703 Dec 91The Taking of the Towers
48.1-4804 Dec 91The Case of the Roamin' Roman Rule
49.1-4905 Dec 91The Hot Potato
50.1-5006 Dec 91The Case of the Pilfered Palace
51.1-5109 Dec 91The Case of the Purloined Pole
52.1-5210 Dec 91The Case of the Missing Mountain
53.1-5311 Dec 91The Case of the Creep in the Concorde
54.1-5412 Dec 91The Disappearing Declaration
55.1-5513 Dec 91The Return of Dracula's Castle
56.1-5616 Dec 91Who Stole the Bowl?
57.1-5717 Dec 91The Case of the Pinched Paws
58.1-5818 Dec 91The Purloined Pooch
59.1-5919 Dec 91End of the Trail
60.1-6020 Dec 91The White Gator Caper
61.1-6123 Dec 91The Spot Lifter
62.1-6224 Dec 91The Disoriented Express
63.1-6325 Dec 91Island Copping
64.1-6426 Dec 91The Case of the Glommed Geyser
65.1-6527 Dec 91The Costume Caper
Season 2
66.2-1 08 Sep 92Disturbing the Heavenly Peace
67.2-2 28 Sep 92The Immigration Station Perpetration
68.2-3 29 Sep 92The Blarney Burglary
69.2-4 30 Sep 92What's What with Watts?
70.2-5 01 Oct 92A Carmen for Carmen
71.2-6 02 Oct 92No Brainer
72.2-7 05 Oct 92The Autobahn Con
73.2-8 06 Oct 92The Cave Art Caper
74.2-9 07 Oct 92Trouble on Tanganyika
75.2-1008 Oct 92Bad Day on Broadway
76.2-1109 Oct 92The Boll Weevil Retrieval
77.2-1213 Oct 92Greasy Getaway
78.2-1314 Oct 92Tango Mysterioso
79.2-1415 Oct 92The Statue Steal (a.k.a.) Togo to Go
80.2-1516 Oct 92The Amazing Boomerang Effect
81.2-1619 Oct 92School's Out (a.k.a.) What Happenda U?
82.2-1720 Oct 92Rockin' Rio Ripoff
83.2-1821 Oct 92Where'd the Alamo Go?
84.2-1922 Oct 92The Case of the Little Boy Lost
85.2-2023 Oct 92Superscam
86.2-2126 Oct 92Chumps D'Elysees (a.k.a) Arch Criminal
87.2-2227 Oct 92Baaad News in New Zealand
88.2-2328 Oct 92Boosting the Belt (a.k.a.) Radiation Ripoff
89.2-2429 Oct 92The Ta-ta Kenyatta Cantata
90.2-2530 Oct 92WSK Gone
91.2-2602 Nov 92The Brazen Bean Bamboozlement
92.2-2703 Nov 92Wondering Where the Water Went
93.2-2804 Nov 92Gorgeous George (a.k.a.) Losing Face
94.2-2905 Nov 92Big Bad Lug Bags Big Egg
95.2-3006 Nov 92Crook Nicks Kid Pix
96.2-3109 Nov 92Big Bank Bingo
97.2-3210 Nov 92The Lip Stick Up
98.2-3311 Nov 92Who Copped Khufu?
99.2-3412 Nov 92Who Bagged the Bull?
100.2-3513 Nov 92My Cup Runneth Away
101.2-3616 Nov 92Tsealing the Tsar Bell
102.2-3717 Nov 92Beach Blanket Bye-Bye
103.2-3818 Nov 92Where's Dave? (a.k.a.) Statue of Limitations
104.2-3919 Nov 92The Perilous Penguin Pilferage
105.2-4020 Nov 92The Churchill Downer
106.2-4123 Nov 92The Dog Race Rat Case
107.2-4224 Nov 92Topkaipi Turban Topper
108.2-4325 Nov 92The Oranges of Wrath
109.2-4426 Nov 92Boosting the Bounty
110.2-4527 Nov 92The Nefarious Nobel Napper
111.2-4630 Nov 92The Machu Picchu Pinch
112.2-4701 Dec 92Twinkle Twinkle Little Rat
113.2-4802 Dec 92Fortress Felony (a.k.a.) Citadelinquency
114.2-4903 Dec 92In the Rat Bird Seat
115.2-5004 Dec 92Mountainous Mayhem
116.2-5107 Dec 92The Merlion Mystery
117.2-5208 Dec 92The Artificial Army Abduction
118.2-5309 Dec 92VIII is Enough (a.ka.a) Hanky Panky
119.2-5410 Dec 92The Henious Hockey Heist
120.2-5511 Dec 92Tomfoolery in Thailand
121.2-5614 Dec 92She Took the Notes Right Out of My Mouth
122.2-5715 Dec 92The Great Train Slobbery
123.2-5816 Dec 92The Case of the Filched Freedom Fighter
124.2-5917 Dec 92I Lost Lucy
125.2-6018 Dec 92Stoneheist
126.2-6121 Dec 92Curr Cribs Curves
127.2-6222 Dec 92The Perfidius Party Poach
128.2-6323 Dec 92Swiping the Supremes
129.2-6424 Dec 92The Waltz Whammy
130.2-6525 Dec 92Gotta Get a Yeti
Season 3
131.3-1 27 Sep 93Bathing Booty
132.3-2 28 Sep 93Robot Robotnapper
133.3-3 29 Sep 93Little Dog Gone
134.3-4 30 Sep 93Tricky Trickle Trapper
135.3-5 01 Oct 93Might Takes Wright
136.3-6 04 Oct 93Wreckless Felons of Fenway
137.3-7 05 Oct 93Where'd the Wandering Wildebeests Went?
138.3-8 06 Oct 93Withdrawl Symptoms
139.3-9 07 Oct 93Officers' Mess
140.3-1008 Oct 93Roaring Rodent Road Show
141.3-1111 Oct 93The Pied Pirates of Petra
142.3-1212 Oct 93The Gambian Gambit
143.3-1313 Oct 93The Persian Subversion (a.k.a.) The Grabbing of the Gulf
144.3-1414 Oct 93The Outback Soundtrack Hijak
145.3-1515 Oct 93Come Back with That Kibbutz, Toots
146.3-1618 Oct 93The Kazanluk Cologne Caper
147.3-1719 Oct 93The Glacier Erasure
148.3-1820 Oct 93Rio Rock Wranglers
149.3-1921 Oct 93The Grand Truck Punk
150.3-2022 Oct 93The Bee-Bird Burglary
151.3-2125 Oct 93Angkors Away
152.3-2226 Oct 93Haul the Hollerin' Home
153.3-2327 Oct 93Brazilian Lingo Sting
154.3-2428 Oct 93Now Museum, Now You Don't
155.3-2529 Oct 93Lowland Lowlife
156.3-2601 Nov 93Yosemite Calamity
157.3-2702 Nov 93The Hope Elopement
158.3-2803 Nov 93The Bollywood Shuffle
159.3-2904 Nov 93The Cheese Steak Brute Quake
160.3-3005 Nov 93Heavy Metal Meddler
161.3-3108 Nov 93Unfair Exchange
162.3-3209 Nov 93The Slick Ship Ripoff
163.3-3310 Nov 93Chip & Disk's Resue Ranger
164.3-3411 Nov 93Bad Woman Steals Goodman
165.3-3512 Nov 93Tattoo Snafu
166.3-3615 Nov 93The Deer Disappear
167.3-3716 Nov 93ABCee Ya Later
168.3-3817 Nov 93Rude Robot's Reckless Ridiculous Rocket Ripoff
169.3-3918 Nov 93Tivoli Misery
170.3-4019 Nov 93Playing for All the Marbles
171.3-4122 Nov 93The Timeline Crime
172.3-4223 Nov 93Signed, Stealed and Delivered
173.3-4324 Nov 93I Only Have Spice for You
174.3-4425 Nov 93Has Anybody Cinema Festival?
175.3-4526 Nov 93Patty Larceney's Pink Lake Pinch
176.3-4629 Nov 93Sonic Tectonic Catastrophe
177.3-4730 Nov 93Gobi Go Bye Bye (a.k.a.) Desert Desertion
178.3-4801 Dec 93The Burgled Bridge
179.3-4902 Dec 93Happy Happy Troy Troy (a.k.a.) They're Smarta in Sparta
180.3-5003 Dec 93Can't Help Falling in Lava
181.3-5106 Dec 93J. Edgar Hoover Maneuver
182.3-5207 Dec 93Where's That Humongous Fungus Among Us?
183.3-5308 Dec 93The Patty Pony Pinch
184.3-5409 Dec 93The Boom Bust
185.3-5510 Dec 93The Losin' the Blues Blues
186.3-5613 Dec 93Who Copped the Afro-Pop?
187.3-5714 Dec 93The Sleaze Who Stole the Subway
188.3-5815 Dec 93The Goon Who Stole the Moon
189.3-5916 Dec 93Museum Melodrama
190.3-6017 Dec 93The Malice in Malta
191.3-6120 Dec 93The Robozone Robbery
192.3-6221 Dec 93Gimme Back My Wig
193.3-6322 Dec 93The Big Bug Bug Out
194.3-6423 Dec 93The Williamsburglary
195.3-6524 Dec 93Rat and Mouse
Season 4
196.4-1 10 Oct 94About Face
197.4-2 11 Oct 94Space Place Chase
198.4-3 12 Oct 94Gum Clues for Gumshoes
199.4-4 13 Oct 94Patty's Plaster Picture Pinch
200.4-5 14 Oct 94Medieval Evil
201.4-6 17 Oct 94Kamehameha Mayhem
202.4-7 18 Oct 94Countdowner
203.4-8 19 Oct 94How to Get a Head in Crime
204.4-9 20 Oct 94The Dragony of Defeat
205.4-1021 Oct 94Frix the Grand Prix
206.4-1124 Oct 94You Ain't Nothin' But a House Thief
207.4-1225 Oct 94Fugone But Not Fugotten
208.4-1326 Oct 94Atomic Glomb
209.4-1427 Oct 94Big Buffoon Bags Big Balloons
210.4-1528 Oct 94Crook Snatches Natchez
211.4-1631 Oct 94Wanted for Armed Cobbery
212.4-1701 Nov 94Trunk and Disorderly
213.4-1802 Nov 94Mining Crime Station
214.4-1903 Nov 94Who Heisted the Humps?
215.4-2004 Nov 94A 'Toon for the Misbegotten
216.4-2107 Nov 94Evil to the Core
217.4-2208 Nov 94E Pluribus Steal 'Em
218.4-2309 Nov 94Folla' That Koala
219.4-2410 Nov 94Nice Geysers Finish Last
220.4-2511 Nov 94Cheetahs Never Win
221.4-2614 Nov 94The Stoler Eclipse
222.4-2715 Nov 94Craven Raven Knavery
223.4-2816 Nov 94She Done Me Khlong
224.4-2917 Nov 94Get That Cactus Back t' Us
225.4-3018 Nov 94The Tortoise & the Snare
226.4-3121 Nov 94Snug As a Bug in a Rug
227.4-3222 Nov 94O Stole Mio
228.4-3323 Nov 94A Disaster Aria
229.4-3424 Nov 94Steel Felon Steals Steel Phantom
230.4-3525 Nov 94The Acropolis Topple Fuss
231.4-3628 Nov 94The Hot Ice Heist
232.4-3729 Nov 94Chagrin and Bear It
233.4-3830 Nov 94Alphabet Scoop
234.4-3901 Dec 9415 Minutes of Infamy
235.4-4002 Dec 94Et tu, Abu?
236.4-4112 Dec 94Get Those Gargoyle-Grabbing Geeks
237.4-4213 Dec 94The Brazilian Reptilian Ripoff
238.4-4314 Dec 94Phind That Phanatic
239.4-4415 Dec 94Thief Chisels Chief
240.4-4516 Dec 94He Stole the Whole Kit 'n' Caboodle
241.4-4619 Dec 94The Neuschwansteal
242.4-4720 Dec 94Constellation Consternation
243.4-4821 Dec 94To Bead or Not to Bead?
244.4-4922 Dec 94The Greenhouse Effect
245.4-5023 Dec 94Off-Course Norse Course
Season 5
246.5-1 09 Oct 95Cats Nipped
247.5-2 10 Oct 95A Sign of Trouble
248.5-3 11 Oct 95Jailhouse Rocked
249.5-4 12 Oct 95Minimum Security Prism
250.5-5 13 Oct 95What a Shell Lacking
251.5-6 16 Oct 95Time-X'd
252.5-7 17 Oct 95Learned Kneemoi
253.5-8 18 Oct 95A Shriek of Nature
254.5-9 19 Oct 95Wine Not
255.5-1020 Oct 95Danube-bee--doo--bee-duped
256.5-1123 Oct 95Stardust Buster
257.5-1224 Oct 95I've Been Burpin' on the Railroad
258.5-1325 Oct 95The Lion Sting
259.5-1426 Oct 95Stormy Two's Day
260.5-1527 Oct 95Wrestle Rustler
261.5-1630 Oct 95That Girl's Got Charcaters
262.5-1731 Oct 95I Know Why No Rhino
263.5-1801 Nov 95Scrolldies, But Goodies
264.5-1902 Nov 95The Cuba Missing Crisis
265.5-2003 Nov 95Take a Byte Out of Crime
266.5-2106 Nov 95A Frank Case of Theft
267.5-2207 Nov 95Summa Cum Rowdy
268.5-2308 Nov 95A Volcanic Corruption
269.5-2409 Nov 95Held for B-Ransom
270.5-2510 Nov 95Stop Your Blubbering
271.5-2613 Nov 95Wave Bye-Bye
272.5-2714 Nov 95Shoo, Trees
273.5-2815 Nov 95Stonecutter's Haul
274.5-2916 Nov 95White-out
275.5-3017 Nov 95Maternal Instinks
276.5-3120 Nov 95A Pinch of Salt
277.5-3221 Nov 95El Ca-Steel-O
278.5-3322 Nov 95Fall of the House of Ushers
279.5-3423 Nov 95Headache in the Temple
280.5-3524 Nov 95Se Habla Espa-ol
281.5-3627 Nov 95Someday My Prints Will Come
282.5-3728 Nov 95Haul That Jazz
283.5-3829 Nov 9520th Century Rat
284.5-3930 Nov 95The Persian Incursion
285.5-4001 Dec 95If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Filch It
286.5-4111 Dec 95Tyrannosaurus Wrecked
287.5-4212 Dec 95In Casa Emergancy
288.5-4313 Dec 95Tales You Lose
289.5-4414 Dec 95Haul of the Roamin' Empire
290.5-4515 Dec 95Racquet Racket
291.5-4618 Dec 95Latitude Adjustment
292.5-4719 Dec 95Ready, Willing and Cable
293.5-4820 Dec 95Art So Nice, They Stole It Twice
294.5-4921 Dec 95Totem Bites Back
295.5-5022 Dec 95A Rodent Ran Through It
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