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Cast Photo
aired from: Oct 1983 to: Jun 1984 18 eps CBS 60 min mono ________________


  • Max Gail as Llewelyn "Lew" Farley Jr.
  • Matthew Laborteaux as Richie Adler
  • Todd Porter as Hamilton Parker
  • Andrea Elson as Alice Tyler
  • Jeffrey Jacquet as Jeremy Saldino
  • Melanie Gaffin as Cheryl Adler
  • Dan O'Herlihy as Carson Marsh

    recurring characters:

  • Madelyn Cain as Mrs. Irene Adler
  • A Martinez as Lt. Neal Quinn

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      1st Season 1983

    1. _"Programmed For Murder"
      gs: Douglas Dirkson [ Osgood ], Jonathan Banks [ Unknown ], James Whitmore Jr. [ Unknown ]

      Richie and his friends discover a skeleton on property coveted by a development corporation.

      b: 5 Oct 83 pc: 83497 w: Philip DeGuere & Bob Shayne d: Corey Allen
    2. _"Fatal Error"
      gs: David Ackroyd [ David Kerris ], Mabel King [ Velma Sherry ], Joanna Kerns [ Cassie ], Luke Andreas [ Macklin ]

      Richie learns that the computer game he has been play testing has a very different application for the convict who invented it, and who has $12,000 hidden away on the outside.

      b: 19 Oct 83 pc: 58009 w: Tom Sawyer d: Corey Allen
    3. _"Deadly Access"
      gs: Gary Frank [ Carl Fletcher ], Tricia O'Neil [ Kathy Fairgate ],Jameson Parker [ A.J. Simon ], Greg Mullavey [ Irwin Sanders ], Richard Anderson [ Ted Reichert ]

      Richie uncovers a secret water project while testing the security of a chemical company for its security chief, who disappears after getting Richie's report.

      b: 26 Oct 83 pc: 58008 w: James Crocker d: Corey Allen

      NOTE: Jameson Parker brought the character of "A.J. Simon" over from DeGuere's other series, Simon & Simon. Matthew Laborteaux returned the favor by playing "Richie Adler" in the Simon & Simon episode "Fly the Alibi Skies."
    4. _"Candidate for Murder"
      gs: Michael Young [ Boyd ], James Luisi [ Hicks ], Vonetta McGee [ Caroline ], Tom Simcox [ Loring ], Robert Clotworthy [ Arbus ]

      Lew can't understand why a Gazette photographer was assaulted after covering a gubernatorial candidate until Richie uses Ralf to enhance the pictures he took and finds a fugitive embezzler.

      b: 2 Nov 83 pc: 58005 w: Bob Shayne d: Bernard Kowalski
    5. _"A Chip Off the Old Block"
      gs: Robbie Rist [ Chip ], Daryl Anderson [ Harvey ], Darryl Hickman [ Unknown ], Jackie Earle Haley [ Harlan ], Jed Mills [ Carl ]

      A fellow student of Richie's is caught using the school computer to embezzle bank funds, but the fellow who catches him decides to use the kid's idea for himself.

      b: 9 Nov 83 pc: 58007 w: Philip DeGuere d: Vincent McEveety
    6. _"Airwave Anarchy"
      gs: Guy Stockwell [ Digby ], April Clough [ Polly ], Allan Miller [ Captain Huntley ], Anthony James [ Brasnik ], Barbara Cason [ Unknown ], Jody St. Michael [ Dan ], Jim Staskel [ Pete ]

      A criminal taps into the police computers and sabotages them so that they cannot properly respond when his accomplices commit a crime.

      b: 16 Nov 83 pc: 58011 w: Joe Gannon d: James Sheldon
    7. _"Return of the Big Rocker"
      gs: Marjoe Gortner [ Bobby Lee Janz ], Sal Viscuso [ Julius ], Richard Minchenberg [ North ], Jourdain Fremin [ Brenda Maguire ]

      Farley learns that a rock star long presumed dead is really alive, but not responsible for the glut of "unknown" new songs his old record company is releasing.

      b: 23 Nov 83 pc: 58012 w: Paul Magistretti d: Barry Crane
    8. _"The Wrong Mr. Wright"
      gs: Warwicks Sims [ Dennis ], Scott Stevenson [ Humphrey ], Anthony Charnota [ Baxter ]

      Farley investigates a computer dating service unaware that Richie has secretly signed up his mother for the same service.

      b: 30 Nov 83 pc: 58010 w: Phil Combest s: Arthur Weingarten and Bob Shayne d: Michael Hamilton
    9. _"Red Star Rising"
      gs: Christopher Stone [ Mark Travers ], Jeannie Wilson [ Jean Phillips ], John Pleshette [ Richard Chapman ], William Hootkins [ Gregor ]

      Ralf mysteriously malfunctions and Richie becomes convinced that it is because of unusual electrical interference from a neighbor's satellite dish.

      b: 21 Dec 83 pc: 58004 w: Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg and Joe Gannon s: Andy Guerdat & Steve Kreinberg d: John Newland
    10. _"The Network"
      gs: Joe Hacker [ Garrett Kelly ], Jim McMullan [ Don Adler ], John Carter [ Carstairs ], Mayf Nutter [ Unknown ], Michael Boyle [ Dave Tyler ], Raymond Lynch [ Barkly ]

      The FBI arrests Richie after trying to solve a challenge from a renowned hacker.

      b: 7 Jan 84 pc: 58024 w: Philip DeGuere & James Crocker d: Hollingsworth Morse
    11. _"Watch Out!"
      gs: Gerrit Graham [ Jerry Singer ], Belinda J. Montgomery [ Judy Hubbard ], David Groh [ Devon Sinclair ], Eddie Barth [ Gregg ], Jeff Corey [ Martin Beal ]

      Richie uses the TV-ratings meter at Ham's house to investigate how the system works and discovers proof that a consumer advocate's program has been sabotaged in the ratings.

      b: 14 Jan 84 pc: 58022 w: James Crocker d: Dennis Donnelly
    12. _"Amen to Amen-Re"
      gs: Kay Lenz [ Helen Langton ], William Boyett [ Mel Sanders ], Frank McCarthy [ Unknown ], Zelda Rubinstein [ Madame Zerleena ], David Hooks [ Waltonadale ], Eugene Robert Glazer [ Kaster ]

      Richie solves a hieroglyphic inscription on a tomb, but it seems to be causing uncharacteristic behavior in all those who read it aloud.

      b: 28 Jan 84 pc: 58023 w: Paul Magistretti d: Alf Kjellin
    13. _"Maid in the USA"
      gs: June Lockhart [ Mrs. Butterfield ], Alma Martinez [ Isabel ], Reid Shelton [ Unknown ], Victor Mohica [ Carranza ]

      Mrs. Adler's new maid leaves bugs around the house just before a visit from Mr. Adler, who is supposed to be in town on government business.

      b: 4 Feb 84 pc: 58027 w: James Crocker d: Max Gail
    14. _"The Lollypop Gang Strikes Back"
      gs: Sylvia Sidney [ Dolly ], Elisha Cook [ Sid ], Whitman Mayo [ Teddy ], Lee de Broux [ Unknown ], Kenneth Mars [ Elwood Sellers ]

      Richie looks into why the Social Security system has declared Carson Marsh dead while Lew follows a gang of elderly heisters.

      b: 25 Feb 84 pc: 58031 w: Lynn Barker d: Dennis Donnelly
    15. _"The Sufi Project"
      gs: Pamela Susan Shoop [ Marcie ], Keene Curtis [ Skyler ], Gerald Hiken [ Harrington ], M.C. Gainey [ Flicker ]

      Lew asks for Richie's help in investigating the disappearance of a marine biologist who was using computers to communicate with dolphins.

      b: 17 Mar 84 pc: 58026 w: Don Boudry s: Philip DeGuere & James Crocker d: George Fenady
    16. _"Father's Day"
      gs: John Reilly [ Kirsh ], Brad Savage [ Lyle ], Peter Brown [ Androv ], Sharon Acker [ Miriam ], Jim McKrell [ Ben ]

      A KGB agent is pursuing Alice's new boyfriend.

      b: 21 Apr 84 pc: 58032 w: Craig Buck d: Hollingsworth Morse
    17. _"Altaira"
      gs: Tammy Taylor [ Laura Calhane ], Scott Brady [ Keller ], Alex Kubik [ Woodman ], Robert Sampson [ Unknown ], Frank McCarthy [ Unknown ]

      Richie and Farley quarrel when Farley suggests that Richie's new girl friend set him up when information about a prototype tank proves false.

      b: 28 Apr 84 pc: 58029 w: Lynn Barker s: Jill Gordon d: Georg Fenady
    18. _"May I Take Your Order Please?"
      gs: Charles Napier [ Douglas Blackthorne ], Bart Braverman [ Achmed ], Madison Arnold [ Lasko ], Larry Gelman [ Unknown ], Jourdain Fremin [ Brenda Maguire ], Sandy Helberg [ Unknown ], Linda Scruggs [ Ms. Vance ]

      Alice overhears two men planning an order while working at a fast food place, but no one believes her, so she sets out to do something about it herself.

      b: 2 Jun 84 pc: 58002 w: Tim Maschler d: Lawrence Levy

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