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aired from: Sep 1987 to: Dec 1990 75 eps, 3 unaired CBS 60 min stereo ________________


  • Ken Wahl as Vinnie Terranova [ seasons 1 - 3 ]
  • Jonathan Banks as Frank McPike
  • Jim Byrnes as Lifeguard, Dan "Uncle Mike" Burroughs
  • Steven Bauer as Michael Santana [ season 4 only ]
  • Cecil Hoffman as Hilary Stein [ season 4 only ]
  • Martika as Dahlia Mendez [ season 4 only ]

    reccurring characters:

  • Gerald Anthony as Father Pete Terranova
  • Elsa Raven as Carlotta Terranova (Aiuppo)
  • Ken Jenkins as Paul Beckstead
  • Dwight Koss as Mark Cermak

    NOTE: This program is divided into story arcs of varying lengths, with new regulars appearing in each arc. Arcs and regulars in them are as follows (However, some episodes do stand alone and occur between arcs, this accounts for gaps in the numbering):

    The Sonny Steelgrave storyline [ episodes 1 - 10 ]:

  • Ray Sharkey as Sonny Steelgrave [ Also appears in Episode #34 ]
  • Dennis Lipscomb as Sid Royce/Elvis Prim [ also appears in episode #58 ]
  • Eric Christmas as Harry "The Hunch" Shanstra
  • Joe Dallesandro as Pat "The Cat" Patrice
  • Joe Shea as Mack "No Money" Mahoney [ also appears in episode #17 ], [ also appears in episode #50 as Fatty Picatto ]
  • Nathan Davis as Don "Joey Bags" Baglia
  • Robert Mangiardi as Aldo Baglia [ also appears in episode #17 ]

    The Mel Profitt / Isle Pavot storyline [ episodes 12 - 22 ]:

  • Joan Severance as Susan Profitt
  • Kevin Spacey as Mel Profitt
  • William Russ as Roger Lococco [ Also appears in episodes #62-63 ]
  • David Spielberg as Herb Ketcher
  • Melanie Chartoff as Lillah Warfield
  • Ben Halley, Jr. as Henri LaLonde
  • Clyde Kusatsu as Kenny Sasusha
  • Will Zahrn as Charles Shagrass

    The Knox Pooley storyline [ episodes 23 - 26 ]:

  • Tim Guinee as Richard T. (Ritchie) Stramm
  • John M. Jackson as Daryl Elias
  • Fred Dalton Thompson as Knox Pooley
  • Paul Guilfoyle as Calvin Hollis
  • Jack Orend as Stan Corker
  • Kerry Sandomirsky as Angela Terranova

    The Eli Sternberg storyline [ episodes 28 - 32 ]:

  • Jerry Lewis as Eli Sternberg
  • Ron Silver as David Sternberg
  • Stanley Tucci as Enrico "Ricky" Pinzolo
  • Anthony Denison as John Henry Raglin
  • Harry Goz as Phil
  • Patricia Charbonneau as Carole Goldman

    The Dead Dog Records storyline [ episodes 35 - 41 ]:

  • Tim Curry as Winston Newquay (Samuel Fishbine)
  • Patti D'Arbanville as Theresa "Amber" Twine [ episodes 36 - 47, 49 ], [ also appears in episode #50 as Theresa Demante ]
  • Glenn Frey as Robert "Bobby" Travis
  • Deidre Hall as Claudia Newquay
  • Deborah Harry as Diana Price
  • Paul McCrane as Johnny Medley
  • Pamela Seagall as Tanya Medley
  • Paul Winfield as Isaac Twine
  • Billy Wirth as Eddie Tempest
  • Ron Taylor as Monroe Blue

    The Don Aiuppo / Albert Cerrico storyline [ episodes 43 - 48 ]:

  • Robert Davi as Albert Cerrico
  • George O. Petrie as Raphael Gaitanio Aiuppo, Rudy Flowers, aka Don Aiuppo [ also appears in episode #27 ]
  • Tony Mike Romano as Poochy [ also appears in episode #27 ]
  • John Snyder as Joey Grosset
  • Michael Chiklis as Carlo Spoletta
  • Anne De Salvo as Gina Grosset
  • Chazz Palminteri as Peter Allatore [ also appears in episode #50 as Sam Roselli ]

    The Washington DC / General Masters storyline [ episodes 53 - 56 ]:

  • Norman Lloyd as General Leland Masters
  • Stephen Joyce as Admiral Walter Strichen
  • Kim Greist as Katherine (Kay) Gallagher
  • Robert Harper as Dewitt Clipton
  • Ray Stricklyn as Senator Pickering
  • Stan Shaw as Major Vernon Biggs
  • Georgann Johnson as Senator Janet Getzloff

    The Lynchboro / Steven Volchek storyline [ episodes 60 - 64 ]:

  • Steve Ryan as Steven Volchek
  • David Strathairn as Sheriff Matthew Stemkowsky
  • James Stacy as Edward Rogosheske
  • Darlanne Fluegel as Lacey Marseille
  • Neil Gray Giuntoli as Donny

    The Toxic Waste / Kousakis storyline [ episodes 63 - 66 ]:

  • Vincent Guastaferro as Kousakis
  • Eddie Bracken as Father Patrick
  • Bonnie Bartlett as Harriet Weiss

    The Guzman / Missing Vinnie storyline [ episodes 67 - 72 ]:

  • Maximillian Schell as Amado Guzman

    Ken Wahl did not return for the fourth season. Therefore, the overall structure of the series shifted with Steven Bauer playing a disbarred and dishonored US attorney in the Miami area who might be able to help McPike find the missing Vinnie Terranova.

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      1st Season 1987

    1. "Pilot (1)"
      gs: Gianni Russo [ Unknown ], Robert Miranda [ Unknown ], Jessica Steen [ Unknown ], John Wesley [ Unknown ], John Jackson [ Darryl Elias ], Jack Ging [ Unknown ], Mark Rolston [ Unknown ], Leon Pownall [ Unknown ], Adriana Baron [ Unknown ], Alar Aedma [ Unknown ], William Taylor [ Jones ], Alex Diakun [ Nick Desoto ], David Berner [ Bobby Borojay ], Tom Heaton [ Arnie Shane ], Peter Chapek [ Headwaiter ], Adam Yawrenko [ Dieter Haas ], Alex Bruhanski [ Cartwright ], Gary Chalk [ Fred ], Ralph Cole [ Archie ], Frank C. Turner [ Manager ], Sydney Filkow [ Winfield ], Dwight Koss [ Doctor ], Coleen Winton [ Sally ]

      rc: Sonny, Father Pete

      Vinnie is released from Newark State Penitentiary where he spent 18 months to lock in his cover. Vinnie's OCB mentor (Stan Demott) is killed by Dave Steelgrave. Vinnie convinces the OCB to allow him to work on the Steelgrave case. Vinnie gets a job at Sonny and Dave's favorite restaurant and intentionally spills soup on Sonny to get him worked up. Vinnie and Sonny end up meeting in a warehouse to fight, after which, Sonny offers Vinnie a job driving for him.

      b: 16 Sep 87 pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell & Frank Lupo d: Rod Holcomb

    2. "Pilot (2)"
      gs: Gianni Russo [ Unknown ], Robert Miranda [ Unknown ], Jessica Steen [ Unknown ], John Wesley [ Unknown ], Jack Ging [ Unknown ], Mark Rolston [ Unknown ], Leon Pownall [ Unknown ], Adriana Baron [ Unknown ], Alar Aedma [ Unknown ], William Taylor [ Jones ], Alex Diakun [ Nick Desoto ], David Berner [ Bobby Borojay ], Tom Heaton [ Arnie Shane ], Peter Chapek [ Headwaiter ], Adam Yawrenko [ Dieter Haas ], Alex Bruhanski [ Cartwright ], Gary Chalk [ Fred ], Ralph Cole [ Archie ], Frank C. Turner [ Manager ], Sydney Filkow [ Winfield ], Dwight Koss [ Doctor ], Coleen Winton [ Sally ]

      rc: Sonny

      Vinnie and Sonny's right hand man (Tony Grecco) have a run-in with the cops for which Vinnie is arrested. The Steelgraves find that guns are being exported illegally using their pier and decide to take possession of the guns and sell them back to the owner. The meeting goes down bad and ends with Dave Steelgraves death. Vinnie gets rid of Tony by setting him up and having him arrested. To prove his loyalty, Vinnie shoots a federal agent for Sonny (The fed was warned and wore a bullet proof vest and was then moved out of state).

      b: 16 Sep 87 pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell & Frank Lupo d: Rod Holcomb

    3. "New Blood"
      gs: Vic Polizos [ Unknown ], Kevin McNulty [ O'Brien ], Frank Ferrucci [ Angelo ], Morris Panych [ Randellino "Chuke" ], Fred Pleasure [ Tookie ], Craig Brunanski [ Veteran Cop ], Jano Frandsen [ Technician ], P. Lynn Johnson [ Receptionist ], Sam Kouth [ Kid ]

      rc: Sonny, Sid, Harry, Patrice, Mahoney

      Mob boss Patrice is worried about his investment in Steelgrave enterprises after Dave's death and Tony's arrest and gets Sonny to use his accountant (Sid Royce). Mob boss Mahoney gets wind of this and puts his own man in as well (Harry Shanstra). The new District Attorney decides he is going to make a name for himself by bringing down Sonny. Someone tries to murder the DA and frame Sonny, but Vinnie and Sonny stop the attempt.

      b: 24 Sep 87 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke d: Lyndon Chubbuck

    4. "The Loose Cannon"
      gs: David Marciano [ Lorenzo Steelgrave ], Yvette Heyden [ Unknown ], Raymon Forchion [ Unknown ], Blu Mankuma [ Jack Jackson ], Beverly Hendry [ Sally ], Venus Terzo [ Heidi Kesselman ]

      rc: Sonny, Father Pete, Sid, Patrice

      Sonny's nephew Lorenzo (he turns out to be a fake) comes over from Italy. Sonny and Vinnie meet with Cecil Demont but it turns out to be a setup to kill Sonny that fails and causes Sonny and Cecil to go to war. Lorenzo kills Cecil and teams up with Cecil's right hand man to steal from Sonny. Lorenzo goes after Vinnies girlfriend (Gina) and Vinnie ends up killing him.

      b: 1 Oct 87 pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell d: Larry Shaw

    5. "The Birthday Surprise"
      gs: Aharon Ipale' [ Unknown ], Nestor Serrano [ Unknown ], Sal Lopez [ Unknown ], Richard Lion [ Unknown ], Eddie Ross Pagliaro [ Unknown ], Kerry Sandomirsky [ Angela Tessio ], Jerry Wasserman [ Burt ], William Nunn [ Dominic Tessio ], Michael Naxos [ Dr. Arthur Gurdjeff ], Deryl Hayes [ Detective Dines ], Mike Winlaw [ Max Dowd ]

      rc: Sonny, Harry, Father Pete, Sid

      Slimy businessman Kiki Vanno sets up a meeting for Sonny and major drug dealers Georgios and Minos Zhoratso. Vinnie's cousin Danny is murdered but it is made to look like a drug overdose. Frank shakes down an addict boxer that witnessed the murder and gets him to give up the murderer, Kiki Vanno. Sonny sets up a deal with the Zhoratso's that goes bad resulting in both the Zhorotso's being killed. Sonny kills Kiki for Vinnie.

      b: 8 Oct 87 pc: _________ w: Eric Blakeney s: Eric Blakeney & Gene Miller d: Robert Iscove

    6. "One on One"
      gs: Annette Bening [ Karen Leally (undercover) / Karen Maloy (cop) ], James Handy [ Unknown ], William Bronder [ Unknown ], Elaine Church [ Allison Royce ], Dan Muldoon [ Cop ], Pat Bermel [ Burglar ], Tom McBeath [ Kidnapper #1 ], Jon Pallone [ Kidnapper #2 ], Edward Greenhalch [ Electrician ]

      rc: Sonny, Harry, Sid

      Sonny suspects one of his key people are leaking info to the Police after several deals are busted. Sonny suspects Vinnie and has him checked out. Frank finds out the local Police have a plant inside as well and he wants to pull Vinnie out before it's too late. Sid has Frank kidnapped and tortured to try to get the name of any undercover operatives in Sonny's operation. Vinnie and Karen rescue Frank.

      b: 15 Oct 87 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish d: Reynaldo Villalobos

    7. "Prodigal Son"
      gs: John Jackson [ Darryl Elias ], Eddie Zammit [ Unknown ], Michael Benyaer [ Dino ], Rhonda Bukowski [ Contortionist ], Babs Chula [ Dr. Stein ], Stefania Ciccone [ Aunt Sophia ], Bernie Coulson [ Johnny ], Bruno Gerussi [ Uncle Carlo ], Umberto Menghi [ Joe Mazzola ], Sean Morgan [ Andrew Wolf ]

      rc: Sonny, Father Pete, Carlotta

      Vinnie's mom is mugged and ends up in the hospital. Vinnie's presence makes it worse since she thinks he is a criminal. Sonny tries to give her the red carpet treatment in the hospital but she refuses. Vinnie stumbles onto a drug ring in his old neighborhood that leads back to Sonny. Vinnie tells Frank that he is going to tell his Mom he is a Fed to which Frank strongly objects. Frank has Lifeguard bug the hospital room. Vinnie does tell his Mom but Lifeguard changes the recording and Frank goes along with it so when it is played for their boss it looks as if Vinnie didn't tell her.

      b: 22 Oct 87 pc: _________ w: Carol Mendelsohn d: Charles Correll

    8. "A Deal's a Deal"
      gs: Billy Vera [ Unknown ], Dan Lauria [ Unknown ], Steve Vinovich [ Unknown ], Martina Finch [ Theresa Baglia ], Ken Camroux [ Marvin Ketchell ], Ernie Prentice [ Capuzzi ], Todd Shaffer [ Billy Keen ]

      rc: Sonny, Patrice, Mahoney, Don Baglia

      One of Sonny's entertainers (Joey) has a chance to hit it big but Sonny won't let him out of his contract. 2 crooked cops rough up Joey for Sonny but end up crushing his voice box. The cops take photos of Frank and Vinnie meeting after Frank questions the Police reports on the beating. The cops try to sell the photos to Sonny but Frank intercepts.

      b: 29 Oct 87 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish d: Charles Correll

    9. "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
      gs: Martina Finch [ Theresa Baglia ], Alex Bruhanski [ Sal Boca ], George Catalano [ Scullisi ], Peter Yunker [ Mickey Logan ]

      rc: Sonny, Harry, Sid, Carlotta, Patrice, Mahoney, Don Baglia, Aldo Baglia

      Sonny decides he wants to marry Theresa Baglia who is the daughter of veteran mob boss Don "Joey Bags" Baglia. Sonny stages a small spat with Vinnie to get Patrice to try to recruit Vinnie. Patrice tells Vinnie he is going to hit Sonny the morning of his wedding and Vinnie is responsible for smuggling in the hardware to do the hit. Frank has a video camera installed at the location of the bachelor party. At the party, Sonny kills Patrice and then later confronts Vinnie to find out why he didn't tell him about the hit. Frank is scheduled to break up the party in the morning.

      b: 5 Nov 87 pc: _________ w: Eric Blakeney d: Zale Dalen

    10. "No One Gets Out of Here Alive"
      gs: John Jackson [ Unknown ], Martina Finch [ Theresa Baglia ], Richard Donat [ Sheriff ], Ric Reid [ Agent Two ], Allan Lysell [ Agent One ], Keith Martin Gordey [ Agent Three ]

      rc: Sonny, Harry, Sid, Mahoney, Don Baglia, Aldo Baglia

      While Aldo is leaving with Patrice's body, he sees the Feds coming and calls Sonny to warn him. Sonny deduces that Vinnie is a cop and takes off. Vinnie chases him to a closed movie theater where they are locked in. They fight, talk, and then wait to be found. Frank busts the bachelor party the morning after and arrests everyone. When Frank sees Vinnie and Sonny leaving on the videotape, he starts a mass manhunt. When they find Vinnie and Sonny, Sonny electrocutes himself.

      b: 12 Nov 87 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke d: Robert Iscove

    11. _"Last Rites for Lucci"
      gs: James Andronica [ Unknown ], Matt Landers [ Unknown ], Richar Gutierrez [ Unknown ], John Slade [ Unknown ], Michele Goodger [ Carol ], Jackson Davies [ Philly Weinstein ], Lee Taylor [ Frank Donovan ], Dwight McFee [ Lou ] rc: Father Pete

      Vinnie is having trouble dealing with his betrayal of Sonny so Frank sends him to group therapy. Pete finds out in confession that there is a contract out on a friend (Nick Lucci) and is torn between his vows and doing something to help. Vinnie prevents the hit on Nick and the subsequent attempt on Father Pete's life as well.

      b: 19 Nov 87 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish d: Bill Corcoran

    12. _"Independent Operator"
      gs: Terry Bozeman [ Unknown ], Bernadette Leonard [ Val ], Antony Holland [ Dr. Ackerman ], Garwin Sanford [ Chris Zimmerman ], Frank Ferrucci [ Marcos Romanos ], Sean O'Byrne [ Pruett ]

      rc: Roger, Susan, Kenny, Charles

      Vinnie travels to California where he tries to hook up with hitman Roger Lococco. Roger takes Vinnie along on a hit that goes bad but Vinnie and the OCB set things up so it looks like Vinnie cleaned up the mess. This is enough to impress Roger and his employers, Mel and Susan Profitt.

      b: 4 Jan 88 pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell d: Aaron Lipstadt

    13. _"Fascination for the Flame"
      gs: Franklyn Seales [ Unknown ], Rene LeVant [ Unknown ], Frank Ferrucci [ Marcos Romanos ], Leroy Schulz [ Honest Bob ], Alvin Lee Saunders [ Monty ], Herbert Lewis [ Priest ]

      rc: Roger, Mel, Susan, Kenny, Charles

      Mel disrupts the wedding of a business associate (Paco Bazos) because he wants the bride checked out. Vinnie continues to get 'closer' to Susan. Paco has Susan kidnapped to avenge the wedding disruption and to take over some of Mel's action. Vinnie and Roger rescue Susan and in the process Paco's wife is killed who turns out to be an undercover Fed.

      b: 11 Jan 88 pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell d: William A. Fraker

    14. _"Smokey Mountain Requiem"
      gs: Mark Pillow [ Unknown ], Rance Howard [ Unknown ], Lou Hancock [ Unknown ], Fred Asparagus [ Unknown ], Anthony Harrison [ Lyle ], Kathie Howe [ Hotel Employee ], Dennis Blouin [ Henri ]

      rc: Roger, Mel, Susan, Charles

      Vinnie tell Mel he's leaving. Mel convinces Vinnie to take Roger to Tennessee and save the drug business that Mel and Susan built their empire on. Vinnie and Roger find that it is too late. The business has been taken over. The farm that the business is being run from is owned by an older couple who's son Mel set up 4 years ago and was sent to prison. Mel has been blackmailing them into letting him run the business from there. Vinnie informs Frank of this, and Frank has him released from prison. Mel orders Vinnie and Roger to kill everyone and destroy all evidence, but Vinnie and Roger don't obey. Vinnie tell Frank he wants to meet Lifeguard.

      b: 18 Jan 88 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke s: David J. Burke & Hans Tobeason d: Neill Fearnley

    15. _"Player to be Named Now"
      gs: Jane Brucker [ Jacqueline ], Jon Polito [ Eddie Van Platt ], Helena Yea [ Preet ], Marc Bourrel [ Tailor ], Marilyn Chin [ Girl ]

      rc: Roger, Mel, Susan, Kenny

      Mel is growing more and more jealous of Susan and Vinnie. Mel decides he wants to buy a baseball team from an old enemy/business associate of Mel's (Eddie Van Platt). Mel sets Eddie up and forces him to sell the team. The league rejects Mel's bid to buy the team.

      b: 25 Jan 88 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish d: Ron Rapiel
    16. _"The Merchant of Death"
      gs: Paul Verdier [ Unknown ], Michael Ensign [ Unknown ], Bill Ontiveros [ General Battista ], William Davis [ Curant ], Andrew Rhodes [ Meers ], Nathen Vanering [ Ari ]

      rc: Roger, Mel, Susan

      Susan invites Vinnie to a party under false pretenses and sets him up to look like a thief. Mel blackmails a French diplomat to obtain missiles to sell to a third world revolutionary. Vinnie succumbs to Susan's advances. Vinnie saves the missile deal, but Mel's jealousy is getting worse.

      b: 1 Feb 88 pc: _________ w: Carol Mendelsohn d: William A. Fraker

    17. _"Not For Nothing"
      gs: Patrick McKenna [ Barry Berlin ], Tim Henry [ Plainclothes #1 ], Jay Brazeau [ Gino ], Andrea Mann [ Streetwalker ]

      rc: Roger, Mel, Susan, Herb Ketcher, Lillah, Aldo Baglia, Mahoney

      Aldo Baglia shoots Vinnie in resentment for getting off after the Steelgrave incident. McPike finds out his wife left him and succumbs to Lillah's advances. Lifeguard comes and sees Vinnie in the hospital. Roger and the Feds seperately figure out it was Aldo that shot Vinnie. Roger finds Aldo first and attempts to interrogate him, but Aldo slips and falls off a building.

      b: 8 Feb 88 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Don Kurt d: Bill Corcoran
    18. _"Squeeze"
      gs: George O. Petrie [ Rudy (Don) Aiuppo ], Vito D'Ambrosio [ Unknown ], Clayton Corzatte [ Henry Halpert ], Peter Yunker [ Michael Brod ], Terry Arrowsmith [ Young Executive ]

      rc: Roger, Mel, Susan, Herb Ketcher, Lillah, Carlotta

      Ketcher sabotages several of Mel's munitions deals to prep him for the Isle Pavot takeover. Mel tells Vinnie to setup a meeting with the mob so he can use the drug business to get back on his feet. Ketcher finds out Vinnie is a Fed and tells Roger to take him out. Mel meets with Aiuppo and they decide to do business. Ketcher blows the deal for Mel and one of Don's men goes after Vinnie's Mom.

      b: 15 Feb 88 pc: _________ w: Gina Wendkos d: Bill Corcoran

    19. _"Blood Dance"
      gs: Richard Portnow [ Unknown ], Charlaine Woodard [ Unknown ], Mabel King [ Unknown ]

      rc: Roger, Mel, Susan, Herb Ketcher

      Roger sets up a meeting with Met and Louis Cabra to convince Mel to fund an overthrow of Isle Pavot. Mel suspects Cabra is involved in a Voodoo cult and doesn't want to do business with him. Mel's crystal he wears around his neck is stolen which spins him off into a deep depression. Vinnie learns from Cabra that Roger is with the CIA. Roger smashes Mel's crystal right in front of him. Susan kills Mel at his request by giving him a drug overdose and then gives him a Viking funeral.

      b: 22 Feb 88 pc: _________ w: Eric Blakeney d: Kim Manners

    20. _"Phantom Pain"
      gs: Ron Dean [ Unknown ], Terry Moore [ Dr. Leitner ], Rob Roy [ Sanitarium Official ], Sean O'Byrne [ Bodyguard ]

      rc: Roger, Susan, Herb Ketcher, Lillah, Henri LaLonde

      Susan is arrested for the murder of Mel. Ketcher decides to accelerate the Isle Pavot takeover. Roger steals a half million from the Profitt organization to begin to finance the military coo. Susan tells Vinnie she's pregnant with his baby. Vinnie is arrested when he is caught tampering with the suspected murder weapon to try to protect Susan. Roger is screwing with Susan's mind by trying to convince her that Mel is still alive. Roger uses Susan's instability to get her to authorize 100 million dollars in withdrawals. Vinnie proposes to Susan to trick her into getting a blood test. Vinnie finds out Susan isn't pregnant, she's just convinced she is. McPike tails Roger and sees him meet with Ketcher. Vinnie sees that Susan is over the edge and has her admitted to a mental institution.

      b: 14 Mar 88 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish d: Dennis Dugan

    21. _"Dirty Little Wars"
      gs: Denis Arndt [ Unknown ], Frank Megna [ Unknown ], Christopher Thomas [ Unknown ], Richard Sargent [ Arthur Franklin ], Andy Rhodes [ Bobby Karl ], Garry Chalk [ Bartender ], Helena Yea [ Preet ]

      rc: Roger, Herb Ketcher, Henri LaLonde

      Vinnie wants to confront Roger 'Agent to Agent'. Vinnie convinces his superiors that the case isn't over yet. Vinnie and McPike go to find Roger, but Roger has McPike kidnapped. Vinnie, Roger, and McPike end up teaming up to stop Ketcher and the Isle Pavot invasion.

      b: 21 Mar 88 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke d: Robert Iscove

    22. _"Date With an Angel"
      gs: Robin Gammell [ Unknown ], Stephen Joyce [ Admiral Walter Strichen ], Georgann Johnson [ Unknown ], Ray Stricklyn [ Senator Pickering ], Traci Lords [ Monique ], Jerry Wasserman [ Unknown ], Tom Hammond [ Unknown ], Cecilia Warren [ Reporter ], Dana Still [ Lawyer ], Ty Haller [ Sullivan ], Max Reimer [ Agent ]

      rc: Roger, Herb Ketcher, Henri LaLonde

      Roger and Vinnie are subpoenaed to testify at the Senate investigative hearing regarding the Isle Pavot incident. The OCB wants Vinnie to testify as a hood, but Vinnie wants to testify as an agent for more credibility. The CIA is trying to dump everything on Ketcher. After testifying, Roger fakes his own death to avoid being on the run forever. Vinnie testifies as an agent but does so behind closed doors so his cover isn't blown. Ketcher is approached by the Soviet Union and is offered political asylum. Ketcher can't deal with all of this and commits suicide. Vinnie gives Frank his resignation.

      b: 28 Mar 88 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish d: Les Sheldon

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      2nd Season 1988

    23. _"Going Home"
      gs: Jesse Doran [ Unknown ], Marshall Bell [ Warren Pike ], Walter Marsh [ Monsignor ], Don S. Williams [ McDonald ], Moira Walley [ Beautiful Woman ], P. Lynn Johnson [ Reporter ], Deejay Jackson [ Cabbie ]

      rc: Father Pete, Carlotta, Ritchie, Stan Corker, Angela, Daryl Elias, Mark

      Vinnie goes home afer resigning. Paul's boss leaves the OCB and Paul is promoted. Frank is promoted to Paul's job. Paul tells Frank to get Vinnie back or have him debriefed. Vinnie gets a job as a mechanic at a neighborhood garage. Some friends of Vinnie's get involved in a white supremacy group (Pilgrims of Promise) Father Pete is run down and killed by a member of the group. Vinnie agrees to return to the OCB on his own terms.

      b: 26 Oct 88 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke d: Les Sheldon

    24. _"School of Hard Knox"
      gs: Marshall Bell [ Unknown ], Connie Marie Brazelton [ Unknown ], Walter Marsh [ Monsignor ], Meridith Woodward [ Mrs. Stramm ], Ric Reid [ Agent ]

      rc: Carlotta, Ritchie, Stan Corker, Angela, Daryl Elias, Calvin, Pooley, Mark

      Vinnie returns to the OCB provided he can work the Knox Pooley case. Ritchie gets more deeply involved and is taken along on an armored car heist in which they use Vinnie's car and kill an off duty cop. Vinnie sets up a weapons deal with Calvin that the OCB was going to bust but Vinnie lets Calvin get away with the weapons because he brought Ritchie along. In an effort to reach Ritchie, Vinnie tells him he's with the OCB and asks him to help him bring down the Pilgrims of Promise.

      b: 02 Nov 88 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish d: Robert Iscove
    25. _"Revenge of the Mud People"
      gs: J.J. Johnston [ Unknown ], James DiStefano [ Unknown ], William Taylor [ Unknown ], Janet Wright [ Millicent ], Terry Barclay [ Pritchard ], Lindsay Bourne [ Minski ], Raimund Stamm [ Bartender ], Alexander Boynton [ Cop ]

      rc: Ritchie, Stan Corker, Angela, Daryl Elias, Calvin, Pooley

      Vinnie is arrested for the murder of Emmit Hicks (The cop killed during the armored car heist). The officers beat him up pretty bad and stall Frank's attempts to get him out. Vinnie goes to a rally and find the truck that ran down his brother. Frank and the local police tail Vinnie to a gun deal where the Pilgrims of Promise plan to kill Vinnie. The cops arrest the attendees including Pete's killer who dies in his cell.

      b: 09 Nov 88 pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell d: Bill Corcoran

    26. _"Last of the True Believers"
      gs: Alan Burke [ Unknown ], Richard Lawson [ Unknown ], Charles Siegel [ Himowitz ], Dwight C. McFee [ Tucker ], Mark Acheson [ Frederickson ], Meredith Woodward [ Mrs. Stramm ], Catherine Pope [ Reporter ]

      rc: Ritchie, Calvin, Pooley, Paul

      Calvin kills a talk show host that threw Pooley off a show. Pooley gets mad an disowns Calvin when he finds out he's been buying guns and killing people. Ritchie steals the trophy Calvin beat the talk show host with and gives it to McPike. Calvin goes after one of the other talk show guests that attacked Pooley by holding him hostage in his own house. Calvin clears Pooley by admitting on tape that Pooley never told him to kill anyone. Calvin is killed in a fire. Ritchie is sentenced to 18 months in a minimum security prison. Pooley goes free and ends up with a job selling condos.

      b: 16 Nov 88 pc: _________ w: John Schulian d: Robert Iscove

    27. _"Aria for Don Aiuppo"
      gs: Karen Kondazian [ Unknown ], James Costy [ Unknown ], Paula Shaw [ Rose ], John Destrey [ Cumerford ]

      rc: Carlotta, Angela, Paul, Mark, Poochy

      Vinnie and McPike are called to Washington where Vinnie is told his mother is dating Aiuppo. Vinnie tries to convince Aiuppo and his mother to stop seeing each other. Aiuppo and Carlotta get engaged, and Vinnie gives his blessing. Aiuppo is arrested for being in the country illegally. Carlotta and Aiuppo get married and plan to move to Sicily. Aiuppo's brother Tito whom he hasn't talked to for 40 years switches places with him so Aiuppo can stay.

      b: 07 Dec 88 pc: _________ w: Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. d: Jan Eliasberg

    28. _"7th Avenue Freeze Out"
      gs: John Santucci [ Unknown ], Jack Wohl [ Unknown ], Blu Mankuma [ Unknown ], Lovena Fox [ Verana ], Pedro Salvin [ Fashid ], Jennifer Griffin [ Bonnie ], Pamela Hart [ Catherine ], Paul Beckett [ News Dealer ]

      rc: David, Eli, Pinzolo, Carole, Phil, Mark

      David Sternberg, son of garment manufacturer Eli Sternberg, comes to the OCB for help when his father's dealing with gangster Ricky Pinzolo threatens the business. Vinnie is assigned to the case. David is the only one who knows Vinnie's true identity. David hires Vinnie for Elrose Fashions as a security specialist. Eli send Vinnie to Johnny (Cokebottles) Pakula to bounce him around a bit but Johnny uses a stun gun on Vinnie and then hits him in the leg with a baseball bat. Pinzolo comes to see Vinnie and gives him a beeper so he can get in touch with him. Vinnie gets his revenge on Johnny by pushing him around a little and having him arrested by McPike. Vinnie get McPike to have customs release some of Elrose's merchandise which makes him look good with Eli. McPike keeps Johnny in custody and tries to get him to turn on Pinzolo but Johnny decides to jump out a window. Vinnie takes credit for Johnny's death to get in good with Pinzolo.

      b: 14 Dec 88 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish d: Robert Iscove

    29. _"Next of Kin"
      gs: John Nesci [ Unknown ], Alex Bruhanski [ Unknown ]

      rc: David, Eli, Pinzolo, Carole, Raglin

      Raglin is sent in to take Vinnie's place after Vinnie is hit by a cab and ends up in the hospital. Eli is worried about David when the hotel he was staying at in Sri Lanka is bombed by terrorists.

      b: 21 Dec 88 pc: _________ w: Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & John Schulian d: Bill Corcoran

    30. _"All or Nothing"
      gs: Joan Chen [ Maxine Tzu ], Frederick Neumann [ Unknown ], Salem Ludwig [ Unknown ], Gillian Barber [ Vivian Schneer ], Janet Wright [ Mabel ], Jennifer Griffin [ Bonnie ]

      rc: David, Eli, Pinzolo, Carole, Raglin, Phil, Mark

      David lands a big deal for Elrose (secretly courtesy of Carole and Pinzolo). Maxine leads the factory workers in a strike which will ruin the Elrose deal. Raglin is told to 'set her straight' but when he meets her they end up getting intimate. Raglin sees Pinzola with Carole who are scheming to ruin Eli and make a fortune through the stock market. Maxine agrees to end the strike with some improvements to the working conditions.

      b: 11 Jan 89 pc: _________ w: Suzanne Oshry d: Gus Trikonis

    31. _"Where's the Money"
      gs: Tony Ganios [ Mike "Mooch" Cacciatore ], M. Jennifer Evans [ Unknown ], Ken Camroux [ Agent ], Karin Konoval [ Gloria ], Peter Blackwood [ Doctor ]

      rc: David, Eli, Pinzolo, Carole, Raglin, Phil, Mark, Paul

      Raglin finds that the fabric for the Elrose deal was tampered with and is not flame retardent. Raglin is convinced that Carole has the most to gain by ruining Elrose and having Eli prosecuted. A store display catches fire setting Carole's and Pinzolo's plan into action. Eli is subpoenaed Raglin tells David that Carole was responsible and he confronts her. The OCB claims they can get Pinzolo on insider trading but Raglin is not satisfied. David holds Pinzolo at gunpoint and demands 10 million dollars for ruining his fathers business. David takes him to the bank at gunpoint and ends up shot by a security guard.

      b: 18 Jan 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. d: Robert Iscove

    32. _"Postcard From Morocco"
      gs: Tony Ganios [ Mike "Mooch" Cacciatore ]

      rc: Eli, Pinzolo, Carole, Raglin, Phil

      Raglin convinces Carole to testify against Pinzolo. Eli tries to hire Raglin to kill Pinzolo. Raglin gets a letter that David wrote detailing a murder that Pinzolo committed 20 years ago. Carole gets Pinzolo to admit to ordering a hit (on tape), but Pinzolo kills her. Eli goes after Pinzolo with a gun but McPike stops him. Raglin learns that Pinzolo is fleeing the country and shoots him before he gets on the plane. Raglin and McPike tell Internal Affairs they thought Pinzolo had a gun. Raglin quits the OCB.

      b: 25 Jan 89 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish & John Schulian d: Roy Campanella II

    33. _"Stairway to Heaven"
      gs: Jessica Harper [ Jenny McPike ], David Wilson [ Unknown ], Don S. Davis [ Dr. Morris ], Marc Reid [ Drake ]

      rc: Paul, Mark

      McPike shows up at Vinnie's late one night after he finds out his wife is dying. There is a chance a liver transplant would help buy it's too expensive and not considered a worthwhile applicant since she's an alcoholic. Vinnie won't accept not getting her a transplant and searches for a loophole. He attempts to anonymously give Frank 1.25 million dollars that Roger gave him after the Profitt case. Frank wants to turn in the money. Vinnie convinces Frank to use the money to get Jenny on the list of recipients. She gets the operation and it works. Frank and Vinnie turn themselves in for misuse of government funds, but Paul covers for them claiming the money can't exist because the case is closed. Jenny tells Frank she had a 'vision' during the surgery and she want's a divorce. Frank shows up a Vinnie's house with bags in hand.

      b: 01 Feb 89 pc: _________ w: Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. d: James Contner

    34. _"White Noise"
      gs: David Schramm [ Dr. Hasburg ], Garwin Sanford [ Taylor ], John Novak [ Patrick ], Dana Still [ Orthopedic Doctor ], Ruby Montgomery [ Admitting Nurse ], Jessica VanderVeen [ Nurse ], Mike Winlaw [ Internist ], Saffron Henderson [ Exotic Dancer ], Kristine Rumming [ Dream Girl ], Brook Davies [ Young Vinnie ]

      rc: Sonny, Father Pete, Paul, Daryl

      McPike shows up at Vinnie's since his wife threw him out after her surgery. Vinnie's injuries are not healing as they should and Vinnie seems addicted to pain pills. Paul forces Vinnie to go in for his long overdue OCB physical. Daryl (Vinnie's ex-OCB boss) is getting mental treatment at the same hospital and changes Vinnie's file so he is considered violent and requires 48 hour observation in the mental unit. While in the unit and heavily sedated, Vinnie confronts Sonny about the betrayal in his mind. A fellow patient (Taylor) finally calls Vinnie's 'Uncle Mike' and McPike gets Vinnie out.

      b: 15 Feb 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. s: Ken Wahl d: James Whitmore, Jr.

    35. _"Dead Dog Lives"
      gs: Dale Wilson [ Unknown ], Richard Newman [ Clubowner ], Janet Judd [ Bettina ], Frank Penko [ Studio Engineer ]

      rc: Bobby, Diana, Johnny, Tanya

      In an exchange with the DEA, the OCB gets its hands on a record company to use to uncover corruption in the record industry. Vinnie is put in charge of the company (Dead Dog Records). Bobby convinces Vinnie to hire him since he knows the business. Vinnie decides to help Diana, a once popular singer whom the former owners cheated, make a come back.

      b: 01 Mar 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish d: Gus Trikonis

    36. _"And it Comes Out Here"
      gs: Mick Fleetwood [ James Eliot ], Fred Henderson [ Walter Sawyer ], Mitch Kosterman [ Security Man ], Ernie Prentice [ Herbert ], Andy Thoma [ Anatol Ulyanov ]

      rc: Winston, Amber, Bobby, Claudia, Diana, Johnny, Isaac, Paul Beckstead, Mark

      Vinnie and Mark convince Paul that this case is worth pursuing. Vinnie offers to sell Dead Dog to Isaac or Winston in an attempt to get closer to the big players. Vinnie, Bobby, and Diana crash Winston's party to get exposure for Diana. Vinnie makes Bobby president of Dead Dog to avoid having himself be in the spotlight. Vinnie sells Dead Dog to Isaac of Shakala Records.

      b: 08 Mar 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish d: Bill Corcoran

    37. _"The Rip-Off Stick"
      gs: Peter Yunker [ Tim Magrite ], Peter Williams [ Wingate ], Paul Jarrett [ Paulburt ], Janet Hodgkinson [ Receptionist ], Mitch Kosterman [ Bodyguard ], Ronnie Way [ Band Member #1 ], Rob Lee [ Band Member #2 ], Bruce Paistey [ Moss ]

      rc: Winston, Amber, Bobby, Claudia, Diana, Johnny, Tanya, Isaac, Eddie, Monroe, Paul Beckstead

      Monroe Blue (an artist ripped off by Winston) calls Vinnie to bail him out of jail. Johnny convinces Diana to record an entire album. Winston sees Diana's career taking off again and rekindles the old flames. Diana gets away to write songs for her upcoming album.

      b: 22 Mar 89 pc: _________ w: Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. & John Schulian d: Mario Azzopardi

    38. _"High Dollar Bop"

      rc: Winston, Amber, Bobby, Claudia, Johnny, Tanya, Isaac, Eddie, Monroe

      Vinnie tries to steal Eddie away from Winston. Eddie threatens to break his contract with Winston unless he get Johnny and Monroe to work with him. Winston has Johnny badly beaten up. Bobby discovers Isaac is distributing 'cleans' in foreign countries behind their back. When Vinnie confronts Isaac, Isaac gives him a bankbook he's been depositing the illegal profits into for him and Bobby. Isaac loses Shakala to Winston in a poker game. Isaac goes after a record store executive that ripped him off and ends up arrested. Vinnie and Bobby now work for Winston since their contract follows Dead Dog which follows Shakala.

      b: 05 Apr 89 pc: _________ w: Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. & John Schulian d: Douglas Jackson

    39. _"Hip Hop on the Gravy Train"
      gs: William L. Calhoun [ Unknown ], Paul Jarrett [ Paulburt ], Don Mackay [ Harvey Sticks ], Blu Mankuma [ Leon Shake ], Peter Chapek [ Secretary ], Merrilyn Gann [ Real Estate Agent ], Danny Wattley [ Pickpocket ]

      rc: Winston, Amber, Bobby, Claudia, Isaac, Eddie, Paul Beckstead, Mark

      Amber tries to convince Isaac to accept the immunity the Feds are offering if he helps them get Newquay. Mark, Vinnie, and McPike convince Paul to temporarily keep the operation going. Claudia starts taking a more active role in Radiance. Eddie announces that Vinnie is his new manager. Vinnie finds that Newquay has been stealing money from Eddie when a check Eddie writes to buy his Mom a house bounces. Newquay scrambles and gets the money into Eddie's account. Vinnie convinces Isaac to go for the immunity. Amber convinces Newquay to hire Isaac to run Shakala under the Radiance umbrella. Eddie goes to Claudia to tell her he is being ripped off by her husband. Claudia and Eddie are fooling around and fall through a skylight and are both killed.

      b: 12 Apr 89 pc: _________ w: Suzanne Oshry d: Helaine Head

    40. _"The One that Got Away"
      gs: Steven Williams [ Unknown ], Jeff Irvine [ Unknown ], Ken Budd [ Senator Trent ], Ron Chartier [ Lawyer ], Mitchell Kosterman [ Richard Bickel ], Paul McLean [ Aide ], Ted Harrison [ Agent ], Kelli Fox [ Waitress ]

      rc: Winston, Amber, Bobby, Isaac, Mark

      Newquay is taking Claudia's death harder than expected. Newquay has Bobby and Vinnie served with restraining orders, but Vinnie counters with a court order requiring him to show cause. Newquay gets one of his political contacts to do some research on Vinnie. Newquay demotes Vinnie and Bobby to mailboys. Bobby stumbles onto Vinnie's true identity while opening Radiance's mail. Bobby finds a tape of Eddie practicing that they use as bait to nail Newquay.

      b: 03 May 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. d: Jorge Montesi

    41. _"Living and Dying in 4/4 Time"
      gs: Anthony J. Schembri [ Unknown ], Stephen E. Miller [ Unknown ], Lee Taylor [ Peter ], Rod Menzies [ Robert ], Christina Zastrzembska [ Twine's Nurse ]

      rc: Winston, Amber, Bobby, Isaac, Paul Beckstead

      Isaac has a heartattack in the midst of all his celebrating. The case against Newquay is dropped when it is ruled to be entrapment. Bobby starts contacting Radiance's acts and letting them know that Newquay has been ripping them off, and even tells them how they can get out of their contract. Isaac dies when he has a second heartattack. Newquay takes Isaac's death pretty hard. Newquay collects on his bet with Isaac and dances on his grave. Newquay offers Vinnie a job but he refuses. Bobby gets Dead Dog Records, and Amber get Shakala.

      b: 10 May 89 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish & John Schulian d: James A. Contner

    42. _"Call it Casaba"
      gs: Lisa Waltz [ Lauren Burroughs ], Colette Wise [ Shirley ], Barry Greene [ Matt ], Peter Anderson [ John ], Carmelo Sortino [ Waiter ], Alexis Ioannidis [ Waitress ]

      rc: Amber

      Vinnie and Amber stay up all night, when he finally gets home, Lifeguard and McPike show up to go on their fishing trip that Vinnie forgot about. Lifeguard is having a tough time dealing with his daughters engagement. Lifeguards daughter shows up at the cabin. Lifeguard agrees to meet Lauren' fiancee. Vinnie and McPike high-tail it back home.

      b: 17 May 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Clifton Campbell & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. d: Gus Trikonis

    43. _"The Four-Letter Word (1)"
      gs: Patricia Harty [ Unknown ], Mimi Lieber [ Unknown ], Mike Starr [ Unknown ], Thomas Ian Griffith [ Unknown ], Alar Aedma [ Unknown ], Jerry Wasserman [ Unknown ], Todd Duckworth [ Lenny ], Tom Heaton [ Abe ], David Longworth [ Custodian ], Leroy Schulz [ Victor ], Vanessa Santos [ Tammy ], Maggie O'Hara [ Mary Jane ], Tony Dakota [ Al Merullo Jr. ], John Tierney [ Doorman ], Norma Matheson [ Process Server ], Cavan Cunningham [ Delivery Man ]

      rc: Amber, Carlotta, Aiuppo

      Amber falls under IRS scrutiny and her lawyer (Roger Totland) tries to convince her to sever her ties with Vinnie. Vinnie is served with a restraining order to stay off Shakala's premises and away from Amber. Roger drew up the papers without Amber's knowledge. Roger tries to convince Amber to sell Shakala. Vinnie finds out that Roger represents a company that has some unethical methods and tells Amber, causing her to cancel the deal. Vinnie and Amber start being more than friends. Carlotta rushes home from vacation to meet Vinnies girl.

      b: 24 May 89 pc: _________ w: John Schulian & Suzanne Oshry d: Frank E. Johnson

    44. _"Le Lacrime de Amore (2)"
      gs: Richard Sarafian [ Unknown ], Thomas Ian Griffith [ Unknown ], Mike Starr [ Unknown ], Patricia Harty [ Unknown ], Mimi Lieber [ Unknown ], Ray James [ Crawley ], David Hovan [ Palato ], John Destrey [ Callahan ], Aurelio Di Nunzio [ Doorman ]

      rc: Amber, Carlotta, Aiuppo, Grosset, Albert, Poochy

      Vinnie and Amber have dinner with his mother and Aiuppo. Aiuppo takes Vinnie to meet with the leaders of the mob. McPike gets excited now that Vinnie has an 'in'. Carlotta gives Vinnie her blessing if he decides to take his relationship further with Amber Vinnie tells Amber he is a federal agent and then proposes to her. Someone attempts to kill Aiuppo. He is shot several times and ends up in the hospital. Vinnie grabs one of the assailants, but one of the other assailants kills him while Vinnie has a hold of him.

      b: 24 May 89 pc: _________ w: Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbelld: Bill Corcoran

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      3rd Season 1989

    45. _"A Rightful Place"
      gs: Alex Bruhanski [ Alex Vechoff ], Mariangela Pino [ Unknown ]

      rc: Amber, Carlotta, Aiuppo, Grosset, Albert, Poochy, Carlo

      Poochy recognizes one of the guys (Lavinski) that shot Aiuppo and goes after they guy he thought he worked for (Albert Cerrico). Albert convinces him he wasn't involved. Albert learns that another mob boss (Ziffo) was also shot so he sends his family away and prepares for a mob war. Aiuppo needs blood but he has a rare blood type. It turns out the McPike has the same type so he donates. Albert picks up Vinnie at the hospital and they drive around all night to survive. The hitmen throw the gun in the water off of Albert's dock. Poochy finds out where the commission is meeting and tells Vinnie. Vinnie breaks into the commissions meeting and tells the commission he is taking his rightful seat at the head of the table in place of Aiuppo. Albert supports Vinnie's right at the table and the commission votes him in.

      b: 20 Sep 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke d: Robert Iscove

    46. _"Battle of the Barge"
      gs: George Kee Cheung [ Unknown ], Francois Chau [ Unknown ], Sam Malkin [ Palato ], Steve Harris [ Hoshi ], Claudio DeVictor [ Riotti ], Serge Houde [ ND Agent Two ], Melanie Nicholls-King [ Movie Attendant ], Guiseppe Abbruzzese [ Young Cerrico ], George Josef [ Polumbo ], Aurelio Di Nunzio [ ND Soldier ]

      rc: Amber, Carlotta, Aiuppo, Grosset, Albert, Gina, Poochy, Carlo

      Carlotta sees Vinnie with the mob bosses and blames Aiuppo. Aiuppo tells Vinnie to tell Albert he forgives him for the past. Albert is getting media attention due to one of his garbage barges being denied docking at every port it goes to. Vinnie and Amber use Albert's tickets to the opera, where Albert shows up anyway and an attempt is made on his life. Amber can't take the baggage that goes along with Vinnies job and breaks it off with him.

      b: 27 Sep 89 pc: _________ w: Clifton Campbell d: Robert Iscove

    47. _"Sins of the Father"
      gs: Walter Olkewicz [ Unknown ], Mariangela Pino [ Unknown ], Sean Christien Davi [ Albert Jr. ], Anthony Lee [ Alan Dickson ], Norman Browning [ Dan ], Jonathon Pallone [ Ralph ], Ron Sauve' [ Eddie ], Rick Poltaruk [ Bartender ], Jayme Knox [ Girl At Bar ], Mitchell Kosterman [ Mick ], Gary Jones [ Allatore's Shadow ], Babs Chula [ Media Advisor ], Katharine Banwell [ Reporter ], Ian Black [ Ferry Worker ]

      rc: Carlotta, Aiuppo, Grosset, Albert, Gina, Poochy, Carlo, Allatore

      An ambitious politician running for governor decides he is going to announce that Aiuppo is running the mob through his step-son Vincent Terranova. McPike finds out about the announcement and convinces him to wait and they will give him something else to announce. The feds try to setup Carlo to have something to give to Allatore but fail. Albert freaks out when his son is kicked out of private school because of Alberts mob involvement. Vinnie gets McPike to contact the school. Aiuppo sends for Allatore so he can see him and announce his name instead of Vinnies.

      b: 04 Oct 89 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish d: David J. Burke

    48. _"Heir to the Throne"
      gs: Alexander Bruhanski [ Alex Vechoff ], Norman Browning [ Dan ], Kevin McNulty [ Phil ], Gary Jones [ Shadow ], Serge Aoude [ Agent #1 ], Craig Bruhanski [ Agent #2 ]

      rc: Aiuppo, Grosset, Albert, Gina, Poochy, Carlo, Allatore

      Gina wants revenge for her fathers death. Albert wants to head the commission and asks for Aiuppo's backing, but Aiuppo refuses, still blaming Albert for the death of his son. Grosset also unsuccessfully asks for Aiuppo's backing. Aiuppo has the phone outside his room tapped so he can listen in. Aiuppo hears Grosset tell Carlo he wants to take out Aiuppo, Albert, and Vinnie. Albert smuggles a billion in drugs to NY on his garbage barge. Aiuppo tells Albert that Grosset is going to try to kill him. Aiuppo listens in on one of Vinnies conversations with Lifeguard. Albert sets up a meeting with Grosset and kills him. McPike is already at the scene and arrests Albert. Albert gets Gina to continue with the drug deal. She meets with the commission and offers them the drug deal. She kills Carlo in front of them for the murder of her father. They agree to the deal and since the building was tapped McPike's dream comes true and he takes down the whole commission. Vinnie realizes it was all too easy and suspects Aiuppo orchestrated the whole thing. He confronts Aiuppo and finds out he was right. Vinnie breaks his ties with Aiuppo.

      b: 11 Oct 89 pc: _________ w: Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. d: Bill Corcoran

    49. _"Sleepwalk"
      gs: Ebbe Roe Smith [ Unknown ], Pamela Dunlap [ Sheila Burroughs ], Kim Wilson [ Unknown ], Scott Harlan [ Unknown ], Karen Elizabeth [ Unknown ], David Marr [ Bandmember ], Kymberly Sheppard [ Joyce ], Arnie Walters [ Innkeeper ], Rosanne Hopkins [ Lady in poodle skirt ], Darcia Carnie [ Party-goer ]

      rc: Amber

      Vinnie, McPike, and Lifeguard have dinner at Lifeguards apartment. McPike and Lifeguard recommend to Vinnie that he hangs up field work. They also convince him to go see Amber. Vinnie shows up at Ambers during a party and they are intimate again. Amber and Vinnie to see a therapist who recommends they spend some time alone together without sex. They go to Lifeguards cabin in Vermont. Vinnie and Amber decide to continue with their independent careers and just be friends.

      b: 25 Oct 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Clifton Campbell d: Matthew Meshekoff

    50. _"How Will They Remember Me?"
      gs: Patti D'Arbanville [ Theresa Demante ], Chazz Palminteri [ Sam Roselli ], Joe Shea [ Fatty Picatto ], Robert Miranda [ Unknown ], Jesse Doran [ Unknown ], Rhoda Gemignani [ Unknown ], Walter Marsh [ Monsignor ], David Adams [ Paulie T. ], Tony Pantages [ Wiseguy #1 ], John Cassini [ Wiseguy #2 ], Vince Murdocco [ Wiseguy #3 ], Fred Diehl [ Calabria ], Ken Wahl [ John Terranova ]

      One of Pete's fellow Priests brings a box of Pete's personal belongings to Vinnie. Inside is a diary from his father confessing his mob involvement. As Vinnie reads it, the story is reenacted with Vinnie playing his father. His father is convinced to run numbers for a local mobster (Sam). But when John beats up Sam for slapping around Theresa, he fears for his life. Sam is killed by his boss (Fatty), and John decides to stay away from the mob.

      b: 01 Nov 89 pc: _________ w: Stephen Kronish & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. s: Ken Wahl & David J. Burke and Stephen Kronish & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. d: William Fraker

      NOTE: The flashback sequences with Vinnie portraying his father were shot in black and white.

    51. _"People Do it All the Time"
      gs: Lisa Waltz [ Lauren Burroughs ], John Philbin [ Unknown ], Pamela Dunlap [ Sheila Burroughs ], Dion Anderson [ Unknown ], Geoffrey Rivas [ Unknown ], Martin Garner [ Unknown ], Stephen E. Miller [ Unknown ], Marlane O'Brien [ The Doctor ], Roger Allford [ Inspector #1 ], William B. Davis [ Inspector #2 ], Pedro Salvin [ Emilio ], Oscar B. Ramos [ Chico ], Serge Houde [ The N.D. Agent ]

      Lifeguards daughter finds out she's pregnant. Lifeguard goes over to her apartment for dinner. Steven gets a job in construction, but its not legit. Lifeguard is not dealing well with the thought of being a grandfather. Lifeguard has the feds check out Stevens jobsite and they end up shutting it down. Steven suspects Lauren's involvement and leaves. Steven returns after thinking things through. Lifeguard informs McPike that he's kicking him out of the house he rents him so Lauren and Steven can move in.

      b: 08 Nov 89 pc: _________ w: Suzanne Oshry s: David Braden & David Curran d: Jonathan Sanger

    52. _"Reunion"
      gs: Cathy Moriarty [ Denise Denelle ], Tony Ganios [ Mike "Mooch" Cacciatore ], Lenny Termo [ Unknown ], Beverly Elliott [ Joyce ], Pat Bermel [ John Culliton ], Rod Crawford [ Matt Bozak ], Gwyneth Harvey [ Sister Marion ], Richard Hamilton [ Medic ], Bernard Blumer [ Bacchus ]

      Vinnie attends his 15 year high school reunion. He runs into two old friends, Denise (now a cop), and Mooch (now a lawyer). McPike tells Vinnie his house is bugged and he's under surveillance by the NYPD. Vinnie wants revenge. He and Mooch setup a plan to have a roller coaster stopped at the top of the hill with Vinnie and Denise inside so Vinnie can tell her how she messed up. But while at the top, she tries to get out and ends up barely hanging on to Vinnie. Mooch starts climbing up to get her, but she drops her gun on him and he falls. Vinnie pulls her up. Mooch finally tells Denise he loves her and they end up getting married.

      b: 15 Nov 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Alfonse Ruggiero, Jr. s: Don Kurt d: William Fraker

    53. _"Day One"
      gs: Robin Gammell [ Unknown ], Ken Camroux [ Dr. Valenti ], Donna Carroll White [ C. Valenti ], Andrea Burchill [ M. Valenti ], Deryl Hayes [ Surveillance Man #1 ], Dana Still [ Detective ], Donna Lysell [ Grace ]

      rc: Masters, Kay, Strichen, Biggs, Dewitt, Getzloff, Mark

      Vinnie is called to Washington under the guise of a promotion. General Masters is looking for revenge over the Isle Pavot incident and tells Vinnie he wants him to investigate a plan to destroy the Japanese economy through counterfeiting. After concincing himself that the General is behind the plan, Vinnie accepts the job.

      b: 29 Nov 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell d: Mario Van Peebles

    54. _"Day Four"
      gs: Jeff Irvine [ Kevin Sherlock ], Ole Olson [ Retired General ], Max Reimer [ Naval Officer ], Gregory Bennett [ Surveillance Man ], Maurice Verkaar [ Bartender ], Lindsay Bourne [ Agent #1 ], Gene P. Heck [ Skycap ], Andrea Burchill [ M. Valenti ], Scott Atear [ Agent #2 ], Donna C. White [ C. Valenti ], Donna Lysell [ Grace ]

      rc: Masters, Kay, Strichen, Biggs, Dewitt, Getzloff, Mark, Pickering

      Vinnie lets Masters know he knows Valenti was assinated. McPike exercises a search warrant on Kay's firm. Vinnie tries to convince Kay that she is being setup. Vinnie and McPike try to convince Senator Pickering to hold up the trade bill Masters is pushing because they believe if it passes, it will trigger the release of the counterfeit Japanese currency. Strichen and Master direct Kay and Vinnie to Utah.

      b: 06 Dec 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell d: Reynaldo Villalobos

    55. _"Day Seven"
      gs: Ford Rainey [ Prescott Wilson ], Robin Gammell [ Unknown ], Jason Bernard [ Attorney General ]

      rc: Masters, Kay, Strichen, Biggs, Dewitt, Getzloff, Mark, Pickering

      Vinnie and Lifeguard go to Dawn Valley Utah and find the hangar where the money was made. Vinnie and Kay talk to recluse Prescott Wilson and find he knows nothing of the operation. Meanwhile, Biggs is photographing Kay and Vinnies movement. Pickering comes through and filabusters on the trade bill to give the OCB time to find and stop the C1-30 holding the currency. It turns out the plane was owned by Mel Profitt. McPike is ordered to arrest Vinnie.

      b: 13 Dec 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell d: William Fraker

    56. _"Day Nine"
      gs: Ford Rainey [ Prescott Wilson ], Jason Bernard [ Attorney General ]

      rc: Masters, Kay, Strichen, Biggs, Dewitt, Getzloff, Mark, Pickering

      Frank gives Vinnie the opportunity to disappear, but Vinnie decides to be detained and face the committee. Kay is detained as well and attempts to commit suicide. An informal Senate investigative hearing is conducted and Masters and Strichen try to hang Vinnie. McPike goes to Utah and talks to Wilson to try to convince him to testify on Vinnies behalf. The Attorney General puts Biggs in Vinnies room in hopes of finding the truth. Kay makes a statement in front of the committee that everything in her life went bad as soon as she met Vinnie. Vinnis is informally found guilty and relieved of his duties as a Fed. Wilson shows up unexpectedly and tells the committee what he knows. Masters gets fired up and starts blabbering. Biggs realizes he's been blindly following orders from a psycho and confesses what he knows. Masters shoots Strichen and McPike reinstates Vinnie.

      b: 20 Dec 89 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish and Alfonse Ruggiero Jr. & Clifton Campbell d: Les Sheldon

    57. _"Meet Mike McPike"
      gs: John Kellogg [ Mike McPike ], Elizabeth Ruscio [ Jenny McPike ], Matthew Faison [ Unknown ], Florence C. Paterson [ Adele Tilshaw ], John Innes [ Director of Budget ], Andre Mayers [ Carl ], Kim Kondrashoff [ Delivery Man ], Howard Krushke [ Wade ], Steve Adams [ Unknown ], Bob Morton [ Construction Worker ]

      McPike is called by his wife to go get his father from the nursing home where he is causing trouble. McPike is forced to take him home to stay with him. His father (Mike) says he won't leave Franks until he gets Jenny back. Frank asks Jenny to pretend to reconcile so Mike will leave. The reconciliation dinner is a fiasco. Frank discovers Mike is facing the early stages of Alzheimers. Frank finds a new home for his father.

      b: 10 Jan 90 pc: _________ w: Frank Megna d: Robert Woodruff

    58. _"To Die in Bettendorf"
      gs: Holland Taylor [ Allison Royce/Priscilla Prim ], Elizabeth Ruscio [ Jenny McPike ], David Myers [ Edwin Lucas ], Alec Burden [ Alex Lang ], Wayne Yorke [ Manager ], James Binkley [ Valet ], Dale Wilson [ Lonnie Wade ], Alexis Ioannidis [ Woman ], Michael Robinson [ Waiter ]

      rc: Sid

      Allison Royce/Priscilla Prim can't take the new life in Bettendorf, Iowa under the witness protection program and leaves Sid Royce/Elvis Prim. McPike and his wife are in the early stages of a reconciliation, but when they return from dinner, Sid is waiting for them and holds them hostage in revenge for ruining his life. Sid releases Frank, and Frank shoots Sid when he gets a clear shot.

      b: 17 Jan 90 pc: _________ w: Morgan Gendel d: Jorge Montesi

    59. _"Romp"
      gs: Jim Youngs [ Jimmy Vitale ], Tony Ganios [ Mike "Mooch" Cacciatore ], Xander Berkeley [ Unknown ], Mariska Hargitay [ Unknown ], Stephen Dimopoulos [ Tony Larocca ], Saffron Henderson [ Brunette ], Robin Mossley [ City Hall Clerk ], Aurelio DeNunzio [ Sammy Ruffino ], Patti Allen [ Gym Teacher ], Frank Ferucci [ Stag Party Animal ], Dam Muldoon [ Bartender ], Michael Gall [ Doorman ], Claudio DeVictor [ Craps Player ]

      Mooch shows up at Vinnies and invites him to an old friends (Jimmy Vitale) stag party. They ditch the party and go hang out. Vinnie finds out Jimmy is being threatened by a load shark and uses his connections to help him out. (It turns out Vinnie dreamed the whole thing......I hate when they do that)

      b: 07 Feb 90 pc: _________ w: Davey Lovejoy d: Ken Wahl

    60. _"A One Horse Town"
      gs: John Nesci [ Unknown ], Lochlyn Munro [ Bobby ], Jerry Wasserman [ Max ], Ric Reid [ Repo Man #3 ], Kim Gerbrandt [ Cherise ], Sheelah Megill [ Vivian ], Kate Pierpoint [ Switchboard Operator ], Roman Podhora [ Jeff ], Cavan Cunningham [ Red ], Blythe Wilson [ Girl of 20 ]

      rc: Volchek, Lacey, Stem, Rogo, Donny

      Vinnie poses as a trucker whos rig is repossessed in Lynchboro, Washington. When the Sheriff checks him out, hes told Vinnie is an ex-cop that deals with criminals the old fashioned way. Vinnie accepts a job as a Deputy. Vinnie prevents Volchek from being shot, and when he tells Vinnie to get rid of the boy that tried to kill him, Vinnie turns him over to Frank to keep him away and pretends he killed him.

      b: 14 Feb 90 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke d: Peter D. Marshall

    61. _"His Master's Voice"
      gs: Frank C. Turner [ Reverend Adams ], Jerry Wasserman [ Max ], Cavan Cunningham [ Red ], Roman Podhora [ Jeff ], Kim Gerbrandt [ Cherise ], John Bear Curtis [ Lumberjack #1 ], Mark Acheson [ Lumberjack #2 ], Brent Chapman [ Battered Guy ], Blythe Wilson [ Girl of 20 ], Richard Lautsch [ Concerned Man ], Dan Shea [ Guy in Group ], Joe Keithley [ Another Man ], Crystal Verge [ Deputy's Widow ]

      rc: Volchek, Lacey, Stem, Rogo, Donny

      Vinnie interferes with the Lynchboro traditional slugfest fearing the boy would be badly hurt. They find the 2 missing deputies dead in the river. Volchek puts Vinnie in charge of the investigation. Vinnie calls in Frank pretending he is a corrupt Federal investigator. The MO of the murders match that of murders of eight girls in a nearby area. Lifeguard notifies Frank that a large team of serial killer investigators is headed his way. Determined to solve the murders before the task force arrives, Volchek starts narrowing down suspects. Stem can't take the pressure, he admits to over 40 murders and then kills himself with a stun gun. Vinnie can't handle seeing another guy kill himself in front of him and takes off.

      b: 07 Mar 90 pc: _________ w: Robert Engels d: James A. Contner

    62. _"Hello Buckwheat"
      gs: Lora Zane [ Unknown ], Jeffrey Lyons [ Himself ], Michele Goodger [ Carol Epstein ], Peter Yunker [ Richard Childs ], Frank C. Turner [ Rev. Adams ], Roman Podhora [ Jeff ], Cavan Cunningham [ Red ], Karen Campbell [ Michelle ], Gerry Rousseau [ Desk Clerk ], Jill Gamley [ Motel Manager ]

      rc: Volchek, Lacey, Rogo, Donny, Paul, Mark, Roger Lococco

      Vinnie takes off and goes into hiding. Vinnie calls in his marker with Roger and has him go to Lynchboro to help Frank. Roger takes over as sheriff.

      b: 14 Mar 90 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Stephen Kronish d: Jonathan Sanger

    63. _"Let Them Eat Cake"
      gs: Lora Zane [ Unknown ], Jerry Wasserman [ Max ], French Tickner [ Helmut Zimbrick ], Peter Hanlon [ Loomis ], Cavan Cunningham [ Red ], Roman Podhora [ Jeff ], Karen Campbell [ Michelle ], Frank C. Turner [ Rev. Adams ], Stephen Makaj [ Agent ], Jim Smith [ Doc Putney ], Natasha Morley [ Third Grader ]

      rc: Volchek, Lacey, Rogo, Donny, Roger Lococco, Kousakis

      Vinnie gets a job removing hospital waste. Frank and Roger plan to nab Volchek when he pays off Zimbrick for the hospital permit. Roger has second thoughts about bringing down Volchek so he removes the money from the bag he was giving to Zimbrick. When the feds move in, they have nothing on Volchek so they can't arrest him.

      b: 21 Mar 90 pc: _________ w: Clifton Campbell & Robert Engels d: James A. Contner

    64. _"Meltdown"
      gs: Lora Zane [ Unknown ], Neil Gray Giuntoli [ Unknown ]

      Vinnie confronts his boss about dumping toxic waste, while in Lynchboro McPike, Lococco and Lacey try to free Volchek from the demons of his past.

      b: 28 Mar 90 pc: _________ w: Clifton Campbell & Stephen Kronish d: Frank E. Johnson

    65. _"Sanctuary"
      gs: Lora Zane [ Unknown ], Leo V. Gordon [ Unknown ]

      A suicidal Vinnie takes refuge in a wharfside church unaware of the fact that both McPike and a vengeful Kousakis are after him.

      b: 11 Apr 90 pc: _________ w: David J. Burke & Robert Engels d: William Fraker

    66. _"Brrump-Bump (a.k.a. For Whom the Bell Tolls)"
      gs: Lora Zane [ Unknown ], Leo V. Gordon [ Unknown ]

      As McPike lies near death due to being shot by Kousakis, Vinnie returns to the church unaware that Kousakis has also taken refuge there.

      b: 18 Apr 90 pc: _________ w: Robert Engels d: Peter D. Marshall

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      4th Season 1990

    67. _"Fruit of the Poisonous Tree (1)"
      gs: James Rebhorn [ Unknown ], George O. Petrie [ Unknown ], Stephen Markle [ Unknown ]

      rc: Paul, Carlotta

      Frank begins a rogue investigation into the disappearance of Vinnie Terranova. Rumors that Vinnie was kidnapped by a Salvadoran death squad lead him to Michael Santana, a disbarred US prosecutor in the Miami whose father has close ties to a Central American businessman with strong anti-Castro ties, and who was the last person to speak to Terranova.

      b: 10 Nov 90 pc: _________ w: Peter Lance s: Stephen J. Cannell & Peter Lance & Rafael Lima d: Jan Eliasberg
    68. _"Fruit of the Poisonous Tree (2)"
      gs: James Rebhorn [ Unknown ], George O. Petrie [ Unknown ], Stephen Markle [ Unknown ]

      rc: Paul, Carlotta

      Frank begins a rogue investigation into the disappearance of Vinnie Terranova. Rumors that Vinnie was kidnapped by a Salvadoran death squad lead him to Michael Santana, a disbarred US prosecutor in the Miami whose father has close ties to a Central American businessman with strong anti-Castro ties, and who was the last person to speak to Terranova.

      b: 10 Nov 90 pc: _________ w: Peter Lance s: Stephen J. Cannell & Peter Lance & Rafael Lima d: Jan Eliasberg
    69. _"Black Gold"
      gs: Badja Djola [ Unknown ], Carlos Gomez [ Unknown ]

      Santana begins his new job working for Guzman by helping a suspicious Hillary find a secluded warehouse for an important shipment, which in turn leads him and McPike to a illegal alien immigration scheme.

      b: 17 Nov 90 pc: _________ w: Bill Bludworth s: Stephen J. Cannell & Peter Lance d: Jorge Montesi
    70. _"The Gift"
      gs: Carlos Gomez [ Unknown ]

      Santana tangles with a pair of ambitious young hoodlums who have their eyes on Guzman's gold shipment.

      b: 24 Nov 90 pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell d: Jorge Montesi
    71. _"La Mina"
      gs: Rene Rokk [ Unknown ], Raul Santidrian [ Unknown ], Marc Macaulay [ Unknown ], James Rebhorn [ Unknown ], Alex Panas [ Martinez-Gacha ]

      Guzman shows Santana his money-laundering scheme, which gives McPike a golden opportunity to set him up.

      b: 01 Dec 90 pc: _________ w: Peter Lance d: Colin Bucksey
    72. _"Witness Protection for the Archangel Lucifer"
      gs: Fredric Lehne [ Unknown ], Marc Macaulay [ Unknown ], Rene Rokk [ Unknown ], Alex Panas [ Martinez-Gacha ]

      Guzman asks Santana to bring his American money to his Salvadoran hiding place, and Michael uses this invitation to bring him down for good.

      b: 08 Dec 90 pc: _________ w: Peter Lance and Rafael Lima s: Stephen J. Cannell & Peter Lance d: Jorge Montesi

      NOTE: The series was canceled although thirteen episodes had originally been ordered for this season, three additional episodes were produced and are shown in syndication.
    73. "Point of No Return"
      gs: Jim Youngs [ Unknown ], Ada Maris [ Unknown ], Art LaFleur [ Unknown ], Vanessa Marquez [ Unknown ], Tony Rosato [ Unknown ], Michael Learned [ Rachel ], Michael Rogers [ De Souza ], Andrew Johnston [ Maddox ], Paulo Ribeiro [ Cisco Kid ], Willy Aguilar [ Jesus ], Pedro Salvin [ Pablo ], Alex Panas [ Martinez-Gacha ], Samuel Khouth [ El Loco ], Hugo Pena [ Payaso ], Stephane Kirkland [ Mrs. De Souza ], Sandra Ferens [ Mrs. Maddox ], Rick Poltaruk [ Motel Clerk ]

      McPike offers Michael a job with the OCB. Michael refuses and goes to stay with his sister (Celia Burns) and brother-in-law (Officer Ritchie Burns). Michael, McPike, and Ritchie expose a group of cops on the take. Michael accepts the OCB job.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Brock Choy d: Colin Bucksey

    74. "Dead Right"
      gs: Fredric Lehne [ Unknown ], Stephen Root [ Unknown ], John Cothran Jr. [ Unknown ], Michele Goodger [ Unknown ], Michael Learned [ Rachel ], Karen Elizabeth Austin [ Judge Knox ], Brent Stait [ Axel Whitman ], P. Lynn Johnson [ Jennifer Osborne ], Claire Brown [ Beverly Stone ], Howard Storey [ Naval Investigator #1 ], French Tickner [ Bill Murphy ], Fred Henderson [ Mr. Cooper ], Mark G. Wilson [ CNN Anchor ], Dave "SQUATCH" Ward [ Chuck ], Roger Barnes [ Ted Fallon ], Peter Hanlon [ Rick Stoltz ], Michael Puttonen [ Naval Investigator #2 ], Jessica Jickels [ Girl ], Eric Talbot [ Boy ]

      rc: Paul

      Michaels first day in the OCB and Paul tells McPike and Michael that the OCB is being broken up and they are being transferred to New York to work with the Attorney General (Winston Chambers). Several wives of deceased military pilots ask Hillary to help them prove their husband's deaths were due to mechanical malfunction. Hillary, Michael, and McPike find the information for the Attorney General to prosecute the company making the substandard aircraft parts (Aeropoint, run by James A. "Jack" Bishop). Hillary accepts a job with the Attorney Generals office.

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: James Kearns d: Tucker Gates

    75. "Changing Houses"
      gs: Beverly Todd [ Unknown ], Oliver Platt [ Unknown ], Billy Dee Williams [ Jesse Hains ], Wayne Tippit [ Unknown ], Fredric Lehne [ Unknown ], Vanessa Marquez [ Unknown ], Ada Maris [ Unknown ], Jay Brazeau [ Sig Rosen ], Timothy Weber [ Fred McNight ], Roger Cross [ Smash Cut ], Christopher Racasa [ Angel ], Richard Leacock [ Leon Diggs ], Michael A. Jackson [ Tommy "Bus" Baker ], Alex Kiakun [ Arturo Diaz ], Ken Camroux [ Dr. Klein ], Jan D'arcy [ Susan Flynn ], Charles Siegel [ Howard Long ], Laara Ong [ Sandy Wong ], Peter Lacroix [ Agent Steve ], Marcy Goldberg [ Secretary ], Hubey Davis [ Jason ], Craig Wood [ Mr. Hart ], Fif Fernandes [ Nurse ], Tanyth Gadon [ Girl ], Peter Bryant [ Baby ]

      Michaels niece (Connie Burns) is shot after witnessing her principal (Art Diez) being killed. Jesse Hains is convinced to go back to being the principal at his old school, which is now out of hand. Michael searches for the people that shot his niece and together with Jesse, they convince a young witness to turn in the murderers. Michael agrees to help Jesse run for Mayor against the current sleazy Mayor (Mossy Flanagan).

      b: UNAIRED pc: _________ w: Stephen J. Cannell d: Gus Trikonis

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