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Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Sat, 20 Jul 2024 -1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Apr 2022
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): TV Tokyo (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: xx eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 03 Apr 22We're the Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions Consultancy!
2.1-2 10 Apr 22The Organization for Monitoring Interstellar Kriminals
3.1-3 17 Apr 22Terror? The Blood-Sucking Alien
4.1-4 24 Apr 22The Chupacabra's Trap
5.1-5 01 May 22I'm Kawai Tell, and I'm Parched
6.1-6 08 May 22Whether You Believe It or Not Is Not My Problem
7.1-7 15 May 22Can You Name All the Monster Types?
8.1-8 22 May 22Good Manya-nya from the TV Kingdom
9.1-9 29 May 22Bochi of the Graveyard
10.1-1005 Jun 22Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan
11.1-1112 Jun 22Find Zwijo!
12.1-1219 Jun 22Earthdamar
13.1-1326 Jun 22Fictitious Requiem
14.1-1403 Jul 22The Client, London
15.1-1510 Jul 22The Devil Wears Jersey
16.1-1617 Jul 22Ghost of Dueling
17.1-1724 Jul 22Information, You Sky?
18.1-1831 Jul 22The Great Prophecy of Nomratdamas
19.1-1907 Aug 22The Power of Cuteness?
20.1-2014 Aug 22Goha Yuna
21.1-2121 Aug 22Intruders Breaking the Ru-ru-ru-ru-rules
22.1-2228 Aug 22The Queen of Badloon Castle
23.1-2304 Sep 22Hanako the Naruto
24.1-2411 Sep 22Be Revived, Yudias!
25.1-2518 Sep 22UTS Under Attack
26.1-2625 Sep 22Fly! Rush Duel
27.1-2702 Oct 22It's Tough Making an Anime
28.1-2809 Oct 22Fight! UTS Eight
29.1-2916 Oct 22Ishi-Dabba-Doo!
30.1-3023 Oct 22Festival Queen
31.1-3130 Oct 22Remote Rush Duel
32.1-3206 Nov 22Invasion! The Great King of Terror
33.1-3313 Nov 22Plastic World
34.1-3420 Nov 22The☆Nyandestar
35.1-3527 Nov 22London, Lies, and Cassette Tape
36.1-3604 Dec 22Feelings I Want to Convey, Yei!
37.1-3711 Dec 22Zuwijo the Dark
38.1-3818 Dec 22The☆Lugh! The☆Lugh!
39.1-3925 Dec 22That Guy from the Future
40.1-4008 Jan 23Chant Improvement Dojo
41.1-4115 Jan 23The Miracle of the Pawtner Planet
42.1-4222 Jan 23Shewbahha the Smuggler
43.1-4329 Jan 23Are You Fine with Me Whispering to You?
44.1-4405 Feb 23Break Through the Encirclement!
45.1-4512 Feb 23A Fateful Choice
46.1-4619 Feb 23They Came from Planet Earth
47.1-4726 Feb 23I'm Damamu!
48.1-4805 Mar 23The Velgear Planet in Imminent Danger
49.1-4912 Mar 23Yudias vs Zuwijo
50.1-5019 Mar 23Battleship Rush Duel
51.1-5126 Mar 23Karutumata
52.1-5202 Apr 23Yudias Returns!
53.1-5309 Apr 23The Life of Yuhi the Runaway
54.1-5416 Apr 23Yuna's Determination
55.1-5523 Apr 23Alien School 8
56.1-5630 Apr 23Yuhi's Road
57.1-5707 May 23The Operation to Take Back the Surface
58.1-5814 May 23The Commander Exposed
59.1-5921 May 23Phaser's Secret
60.1-6028 May 23Yuamu's Road
61.1-6104 Jun 23Cat's Duel
62.1-6211 Jun 23Reunion
63.1-6318 Jun 23The House Where Dragons Dwell
64.1-6425 Jun 23Those Who Are Born on the Star
65.1-6502 Jul 23What's in the Box? Pu-Puku-Pu
66.1-6609 Jul 23The Galaxy Cup Begins
67.1-6716 Jul 23The Sogetsu Connection
68.1-6823 Jul 23The First Rush Duel
69.1-6930 Jul 23Tremolo vs. Dinois
70.1-7006 Aug 23Attack of the Closet!
71.1-7113 Aug 23Zion's Dream Store
72.1-7220 Aug 23Vengeance is Mine
73.1-7327 Aug 23Invasion
74.1-7403 Sep 23My Road
75.1-7510 Sep 23Project Cartios
76.1-7617 Sep 23Proto-Velgear
77.1-7724 Sep 23The Creator
78.1-7801 Oct 23Idiot Moment No. 88
79.1-7908 Oct 23The Kuaidul Dimension
80.1-8015 Oct 23Providence's Luxury Space Furniture Shop
81.1-8122 Oct 23Storm Clouds Over Mutsuba Tower!
82.1-8229 Oct 23Ladybug Bakery
83.1-8305 Nov 23Hello, Baby!
84.1-8412 Nov 23Unemployed
85.1-8519 Nov 23Other Dimension Classroom
86.1-8626 Nov 23Kotatsu Rebellion
87.1-8703 Dec 23What Will You Do, Yudias?
88.1-8809 Dec 23The Giant of Light
89.1-8916 Dec 23Two Galaxies
90.1-9023 Dec 23One Galaxy
91.1-9130 Dec 23Death to Spies
92.1-9214 Jan 24Birth of an Animal Star
93.1-9321 Jan 24A Clockwork Zaion
94.1-9428 Jan 24The Princess Gene
95.1-9504 Feb 24Farewell, Tazaki
96.1-9611 Feb 24The Silent Rice Bowl
97.1-9718 Feb 24The Stolen Robot
98.1-9825 Feb 24Extinction
99.1-9903 Mar 24The Last Semi-Samurai
100.1-10010 Mar 24The Obstructor
101.1-10117 Mar 24Monster Reborn
102.1-10224 Mar 24A Universe with No Victor
103.1-10331 Mar 24A Currygeous Journey Begins
104.1-10407 Apr 24Sa, Darkman
105.1-10514 Apr 24Captain Epoch
106.1-10621 Apr 24Mama Nyandestar
107.1-10728 Apr 24Looming Darkness
108.1-10811 May 24Zone of Retreat
109.1-10919 May 24Dark Meister
110.1-11026 May 24It Is My Turn
111.1-11102 Jun 24Darkman Zuwijo
112.1-11209 Jun 24Damamu's Rights
113.1-11316 Jun 24Dark Matter Zone
114.1-11423 Jun 24Castle of Darkness
115.1-11530 Jun 24Those Who Walk in the Dark
116.1-11614 Jul 24That's What Pisses Me Off!
117.1-11721 Jul 24Mochi☆Pals
118.1-11828 Jul 24Towards the Earth...
119.1-11904 Aug 24DM Particles
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