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Zatch Bell!

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 3:00
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Show Details:
Start date: Apr 2003
End date: Mar 2006
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Fuji (JP)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 150 eps
Genre(s): Animated, Children, Drama, Fantasy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 06 Apr 03The Lightning Boy from Another World!
2.1-2 13 Apr 03A Freezing Spell
3.1-3 20 Apr 03The Second Spell!
4.1-4 27 Apr 03The Great Mamodo Battle
5.1-5 04 May 03The Dark Mamodo
6.1-6 11 May 03The Mystery of the Missing Red Book
7.1-7 25 May 03Botanical Madness
8.1-8 25 May 03A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu
9.1-9 01 Jun 03The Third Spell
10.1-1008 Jun 03The Elite Mamodo
11.1-1115 Jun 03The Invincible Folgore
12.1-1222 Jun 03Sherry's Rhapsody of Life
13.1-1313 Jul 03The Rematch: Gash and Hyde Meet Again
14.1-1413 Jul 03The Tomboy and the Pop Star
15.1-1520 Jul 03A New Pledge Between Zatch and Tia
16.1-1627 Jul 03The Invulnerable Robnos
17.1-1703 Aug 03Kiyo's Curry Camping Trip
18.1-1810 Aug 03London Calling
19.1-1917 Aug 03The Dark Lord of the Cursed Castle
20.1-2024 Aug 03The Flowers of Evil
21.1-2131 Aug 03Another Zatch
22.1-2207 Sep 03The Dancing Mamodo
23.1-2314 Sep 03Go for It, Umagon!
24.1-2421 Sep 03Apollo, the Free Traveler
25.1-2528 Sep 03Apollo, the Free Traveler, Part 2
26.1-2605 Oct 03A Day with Gash
27.1-2712 Oct 03Danny Boy
28.1-2819 Oct 03Tia and Megumi's Excellent Adventure
29.1-2926 Oct 03Amusement Park Battle
30.1-3002 Nov 03Gash and Tia: A Fierce Combination
31.1-3109 Nov 03The Cute Transfer Student
32.1-3216 Nov 03Shion's Secret
33.1-3323 Nov 03The Joining of the Three
34.1-3430 Nov 03Sunset Soaked in Tears
35.1-3507 Dec 03The Final Mirror Battle
36.1-3614 Dec 03Collision: Gash vs. Naomi
37.1-3721 Dec 03Battle in Hong Kong
38.1-3828 Dec 03Battle in Hong Kong, Part 2
39.1-3911 Jan 04The Invisible Hunter
40.1-4018 Jan 04Big Brother Kanchome
41.1-4125 Jan 04Invincible Kanchome
42.1-4201 Feb 04Coldhearted Foes
43.1-4308 Feb 04Praying Mantis Joe: The Hero of Justice
44.1-4415 Feb 04Invitation to a Duel
45.1-4522 Feb 04Gash vs. Bari
46.1-4629 Feb 04Umagon's Close Call
47.1-4707 Mar 04Rumble in the Snow
48.1-4814 Mar 04The Mystery of the Stone Tablets
49.1-4921 Mar 04Dr. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve
50.1-5028 Mar 04The Sixth Spell
Season 2
51.2-1 04 Apr 04The Masked Mamodo
52.2-2 11 Apr 04My Beloved Gash
53.2-3 18 Apr 04So Giaku, The Water Dragon of Rage!
54.2-4 25 Apr 04Battle at the Park! Gash vs. KIYO!?
55.2-5 02 May 04Penny's Revenge! Assassins on the Loose!
56.2-6 09 May 04The Light of Hope, Saifogeo!
57.2-7 16 May 04Battle on the Sands: Brago vs. The Silent Rulers!
58.2-8 23 May 04Defeat Milordo-Z! Each Person's Resolve!
59.2-9 30 May 04Charge Into the Ruins! Kanchom√©'s Strategy!
60.2-1006 Jun 04The Labyrinth's Angry Torrent
61.2-1113 Jun 04Spell of Sorrow
62.2-1220 Jun 04Impact of the V! Very Melon!
63.2-1327 Jun 04Burrah! Victoream's Anger!
64.2-1404 Jul 04The Fierce Attack of Dalmos! The Battle on Top of the Sand!
65.2-1511 Jul 04Umagon's Lightning Speed!
66.2-1618 Jul 04The Red Spell Book of Promise!
67.2-1701 Aug 04The Wonderful Majestic Twelve Return
68.2-1808 Aug 04Tia's Plan to Confess!
69.2-1915 Aug 04Zofis' Evil Desires
70.2-2022 Aug 04The Four Supreme Mamodo!
71.2-2129 Aug 04The Roar of Rao Diboren!
72.2-2205 Sep 04Sing for Your Lives! The Terrible Belgim E.O.
73.2-2312 Sep 04Dr. Riddles, You'll Always Be My King!
74.2-2419 Sep 04Pamoon, the Celestial Warrior
75.2-2526 Sep 04Free Yourself from a Thousand Years of Pain!
76.2-2603 Oct 04No Escape! The Wicked Zofis Returns!
77.2-2710 Oct 04The Return of Sherry and Brago!
78.2-2817 Oct 04I Won't Go Back! Laila's Dark Solitude
79.2-2924 Oct 04The Last of the Supreme Mamodo
80.2-3031 Oct 04The Crazed Warrior: Berzerker!
81.2-3107 Nov 04Victory at Any Cost!
82.2-3214 Nov 04Selfish Penny's Goodbye
83.2-3321 Nov 04Zagurzem, the 7th Spell!
84.2-3428 Nov 04The Final Battle with Demolt!
85.2-3505 Dec 04Sherry and Koko: The Bond That Can't Be Broken!
86.2-3612 Dec 04Zofis Strikes Back: The Final Showdown of Friendship!
87.2-3719 Dec 04Save Koko! Sherry's Dioga Gravidon!
88.2-3826 Dec 04A New Departure!
89.2-3909 Jan 05A New Year's Special: The Magnificent Victoream Returns!
90.2-4016 Jan 05The Hurricane Test Battle!
91.2-4123 Jan 05Naomi's Evil Plot
92.2-4230 Jan 05Dr. Riddles' Renewed Vow
93.2-4306 Feb 05A Voice from Another World!
94.2-4413 Feb 05The Door to a Different World! Brago vs. Gash
95.2-4520 Feb 05Attack of the Iron Army!
96.2-4627 Feb 05The Battle with Brago - Without Sherry!
97.2-4706 Mar 05Maestro's Revenge on the Mamodo World!
98.2-4813 Mar 05The Decisive Battle in the In-Between World!
99.2-4920 Mar 05Miss Wriggle's Class is Now in Session
100.2-5027 Mar 05The Bagpipes of Sadness!
Season 3
101.3-1 03 Apr 05A New Menace: The Boy That Speaks to the Wind!
102.3-2 10 Apr 05Moonlit Night's Disturbance. Fist of Friendship. Earth's One-Hit Certain Kill!
103.3-3 17 Apr 05Ted's Blues. The Girl in the Wind. Fate's Reunion
104.3-4 24 Apr 05Her Rival is an Idol. A Spark of Love. Suzume's Victory??
105.3-5 01 May 05Q Attack! Q Ultimate Transformation? My Name is Coral Q
106.3-6 08 May 05Put Into a Pinch. Q's Counterattack! The Suppression of Every Spell!?
107.3-7 15 May 05Electric Chain! Ultimate Evolution!? Renewed Baou!!
108.3-8 22 May 05Homesick!? Hana and Mother. Wanderlust Gash
109.3-9 29 May 05Duel in the Northern Country. Fated Rival. Umagon Frozen!!
110.3-1005 Jun 05Karudio's Fierce Attack! Fighters Who Burn Up the Snow Field. Umagon's New Flame
111.3-1112 Jun 05Dance! Burst Open! Swing! Huge Airport
112.3-1219 Jun 05Spin! Spin! Fall! Fall! Explosive Ice Skating!!
113.3-1326 Jun 05A Letter from a Friend. Burn the Book!! Rein's True Identity
114.3-1403 Jul 05Weakling Kyle. Papipurio's Mustache. Rodeux's Trap
115.3-1510 Jul 05Rodeux's Fierce Attack. Dying Rein. Awaken, Kyle
116.3-1617 Jul 05Ultimate Spell Explosion! Garubadosu Aborodio. Rein's Dream
117.3-1724 Jul 05Kung Fu of Passion. Wonlei's Tragedy. Last Chapter of a Love Song
118.3-1807 Aug 05Kidnapped Gash! Trap Over the Sea. Sinking Dartagnan
119.3-1914 Aug 05Tio's Spirit. The One and Only Partner. When Wounds Heal
120.3-2021 Aug 05It Was Seen? Oyoyo~ Prospering Momon. Tio's Gigantic Explosion!
121.3-2128 Aug 05Awaken, Jealousy. The Angered Goddess. Chaajiru Saifodon
122.3-2204 Sep 05Legend of Kaguya. Gash's Summer Festival. Girl Who Returned to the Moon
123.3-2311 Sep 05Roar of Pride. Bari vs. Ted. Which Will Dissapear?
124.3-2418 Sep 05Premonition of Separation. Suzume's Confession. Hiking of Love and Youth
125.3-2525 Sep 05Heartless Riou. The Cursed Demons. Now, to Faudo
126.3-2602 Oct 05Journey from Which You Cannot Return. Wavering Determination. Faudo's True Form!
127.3-2709 Oct 05Arrival at Faudo! Desperate Assault. Assassins That Awaited
128.3-2816 Oct 05Keys, Buzarai. Symphony of Death. Goodbye, Kanchome
129.3-2923 Oct 05Miraculous New Spell. Dima Buruku. I Am Not a Weakling!
130.3-3030 Oct 05Buzarai's Fierce Attack. Dioga vs. Baou. Reversal Chain
131.3-3106 Nov 05Determination of the King. Friends? The World? Gash's Decision
132.3-3213 Nov 05Test Within the Stomach. Break Through Difficult Questions. Tintin Chance
133.3-3320 Nov 05Cool-Headed Zaruchimu. The Truth of the Curse. Stand Up! Alishie
134.3-3427 Nov 05Fighting for Whom? Wonrei and Alishie. Decision of Suffering
135.3-3504 Dec 05Faudo: Deadly Zone. The Demon That Beats the Heart. Momon's Tears
136.3-3611 Dec 05Faudo's Revival Draws Near. Return Device Activated. Rivals Stand in the Way
137.3-3718 Dec 05The Curse's Time Limit. Crush the Seal! Reach, Gash's Feelings
138.3-3825 Dec 05Demonic Soldier Faudo. Light in the Middle of Despair. Kiyomaro's Secret Plan
139.3-3908 Jan 06Aim for the Brain! Roaring Faudo. Desperate Re-entry
140.3-4015 Jan 06Those Who Won't Become King. Do or Die! Wonrei. Final Fist
141.3-4122 Jan 06Burning Umagon. Freezing Karudio. Run to Victory!!
142.3-4229 Jan 06Sealed Room. Alishie's Fight. Destiny Once More
143.3-4305 Feb 06Burn Up Life. Warrior Alishie. The Conclusion! Zaruchimu
144.3-4412 Feb 06We Are Kings. Kyanchome and Momon. Defeat Keith!
145.3-4519 Feb 06Screams That Won't Reach. Ted vs. Cherish. Things More Important Than King
146.3-4626 Feb 06Faudo's Safeguards. From Arth to Gash. Trusted Future
147.3-4705 Mar 06Reversed Future. Thunder Emperor Zeon. Prelude to Ruin
148.3-4812 Mar 06Raging Zeon! Two Fates. Gash's Secret
149.3-4926 Mar 06The Inheritor of Baou. Gash vs. Zeon. Jigadirasu's Thunder
150.3-5026 Mar 06Decisive Battle Against Faudo! The Golden Radiance. The Kind King
S02.2-0 07 Aug 04Movie 1 - Unlisted Demon No. 101 (90 min)
S03.3-0 06 Aug 05Movie 2 - Attack of the Mechavulcan (90 min)
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