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South Bend postponed until after September

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Here is the current listing of small one day comic shows in the midwest. At these one day events you can find a variety of comics and related collectibles (such as action figures, non sports cards, videos and other items you might find in Previews). These are not NASCAR, Beanie Baby, sports card shows which have one guy who has a box of over priced Image and Valiant comics from the 1990s. Admission is either FREE or a couple of dollars, and parking is always FREE. You can find things you can't find anywhere else.

Since it costs dealers a lot less to set up at these than it does at the big conventions you can often find some really good deals. Unlike buying things online you will get to see the comic before you buy it so you know what shape it is in. So you do not have to trust the sellers judgment or pay lots more than the comic is worth to have someone else tell you what condition it is in. Plus when you get a $5 comic for $3 on eBay and have to pay $4 to ship it is it really that good of a deal? When you come to the convention you can buy as much stuff as will fit in your car and not have to pay anything extra to get it back home! Albeit we can't promise you will find deal like these, but there are always good deals to be found. If you find an exceptionally good one let me know and I may list it here!

Even the head of one of America's largest comic stores, Mile High Comics' Chuck Rozanski, comes to 1 days shows to find stuff to resell. He talks about it in his monthly column and recommends that fans reading it find one to attend!

Although at any given point events in every city may not be on the schedule, I am currently running small cons in the following markets. Some markets cross state lines so they are being listed twice. If you are looking for an event in one of these areas and it is not currently listed check back, at some point it should be:

In the past conventions have been held in: Bloomington / Normal, IL, Chicago metro area (Bolingbrook, Arlington Heights & Portage, IN), Danville, IL, Decatur, IL, LaSalle / Peru, IL, Macomb, IL, Burlington, IA, Waterloo, IA, Terre Haute, IN, Lincoln, NE, Topeka, KS, Columbia, MO, Springfield, MO, Toledo, OH and Lansing, MI. At this point there are no plans to return to any of these cities. In most instances these cities did not have enough collectors willing to come out and support the con. In a few of them however there were problems fiding a good venue to hold the convention at a reasonable price.

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