If you need copies of convention fliers and have access to Microsoft Word, 1998 version or later, you can download the latest versions of the fliers here and make as many copies as you think you will need. Collectors: you can give them to all your friends! Dealers: you can give them to other customers you see! If there is currently no event scheduled in a given city the flier will be for the last one, or not have that city listed if there is more than one city on the flier. Also in the week before a given convention the flier will have been updated to not have that weekend's date on the flier but rather only the ones occuring more than a week into the future.

Note: as some of you who have seen the fliers in the past may have suspected there are 2 fliers on each sheet of paper and I cut them in half (you can do the same)!

Central Illinois: Peoria, Springfield and Twin Cities (Urbana / Champaign)

Indiana: South Bend and Fort Wayne

Iowa: Quad Cities, Eastern Iowa (Coralville) and Des Moines


Omaha & Kansas City


St Louis area (both sides of River)

Wisconsin: Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay