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1,1,1,"",9/Aug/10,"Secrets of Your Mind -- Why We Do What We Do Part 1 of 4",n
2,1,2,"",6/Aug/10,"Secrets of Your Mind -- Why We Do What We Do Part 2 of 4",n
3,1,3,"",2/Sep/10,"Secrets of Your Mind -- Why We Do What We Do Part 3 of 4",n
4,1,4,"",7/Sep/10,"Secrets of Your Mind -- Why We Do What We Do Part 4 of 4",n

5,2,1,"",2/Jun/11,"BEYOND BELIEF: Twin-tuition",n
6,2,2,"",9/Jun/11,"BEYOND BELIEF: The Miracle Mysteries",n
7,2,3,"",6/Jul/11,"BEYOND BELIEF: Battle with the Devil",n
8,2,4,"",3/Jul/11,"BEYOND BELIEF: The Other Side",n
9,2,5,"",0/Jul/11,"BEYOND BELIEF: Psychic Power",n
10,2,6,"",7/Jul/11,"BEYOND BELIEF: Hollywood Moms",n
11,2,7,"",3/Aug/11,"CELEBRITY SECRETS: Famous and Underage",n
12,2,8,"",0/Aug/11,"The Casey Anthony Story",n
13,2,9,"",7/Aug/11,"Casey Anthony: Not Guilty",n
14,2,10,"",4/Aug/11,"MY (EXTRA) ORDINARY FAMILY: Really Big Family",n
15,2,11,"",1/Aug/11,"MY (EXTRA) ORDINARY FAMILY: My Kid is Transgender",n
16,2,12,"",7/Sep/11,"MY (EXTRA) ORDINARY FAMILY: Family Fat Fight",n
17,2,13,"",4/Sep/11,"Celebrity Secrets - A Model Life",n

18,3,1,"",9/May/13,"THE LOOKOUT: Self Help Fixes",n
19,3,2,"",5/Jun/13,"THE LOOKOUT: How to Stop Your House from Becoming a Money Pit",n
20,3,3,"",2/Jun/13,"THE LOOKOUT: Your Family Vacation",n
21,3,4,"",9/Jun/13,"The Lookout",n
22,3,5,"",6/Jun/13,"The Lookout",n
23,3,6,"",3/Jul/13,"The Lookout",n
24,3,7,"",0/Jul/13,"The Lookout",n
25,3,8,"",7/Jul/13,"The Lookout",n
26,3,9,"",4/Jul/13,"The Lookout",n
27,3,10,"",1/Jul/13,"The Lookout",n
28,3,11,"",7/Aug/13,"The Lookout",n
29,3,12,"",4/Aug/13,"The Lookout",n
30,3,13,"",1/Aug/13,"The Lookout",n
31,3,14,"",8/Aug/13,"The Lookout",n
32,3,15,"",4/Sep/13,"The Lookout",n

33,4,1,"",5/Mar/14,"Season 4, Episode 1",n
34,4,2,"",2/Mar/14,"Season 4, Episode 2",n
35,4,3,"",9/Mar/14,"Season 4, Episode 3",n
36,4,4,"",5/Apr/14,"Season 4, Episode 4",n
37,4,5,"",2/Apr/14,"Season 4, Episode 5",n
38,4,6,"",6/Apr/14,"Season 4, Episode 6",n
39,4,7,"",4/May/14,"Season 4, Episode 7",n
40,4,8,"",1/Jun/14,"Season 4, Episode 8",n
41,4,9,"",8/Jun/14,"Season 4, Episode 9",n
42,4,10,"",5/Jul/14,"Season 4, Episode 10",n
43,4,11,"",2/Jul/14,"Season 4, Episode 11",n
44,4,12,"",9/Jul/14,"Season 4, Episode 12",n
45,4,13,"",6/Jul/14,"Season 4, Episode 13",n