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1,1,1,"",9/Nov/59,"Jet Fuel Formula (Episode 1)",n
2,1,2,"",9/Nov/59,"Bullwinkle's Ride or Goodbye, Dollink",n
3,1,3,"",6/Nov/59,"Bullseye Bullwinkle or Destination Moose",n
4,1,4,"",6/Nov/59,"Squeeze Play or Invitation to the Trance",n
5,1,5,"",3/Dec/59,"The Scrooched Moose",n
6,1,6,"",3/Dec/59,"Monitored Moose or The Carbon Copy-Cats",n
7,1,7,"",0/Dec/59,"Rocky's Dilemma or A Squirrel in a Stew",n
8,1,8,"",0/Dec/59,"The Submarine Squirrel or 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea",n
9,1,9,"",7/Dec/59,"The Bars and Stripes Forever",n
10,1,10,"",7/Dec/59,"Hello Out There! or There's No Place Like Space",n
11,1,11,"",4/Dec/59,"A Creep in the Deep or Will Success Spoil Boris Badenov?",n
12,1,12,"",4/Dec/59,"Ace is Wild or The Flying Casket",n
13,1,13,"",1/Dec/59,"The Back-seat Divers or Mashed Landing",n
14,1,14,"",1/Dec/59,"Bullwinkle's Water Follies or Antlers Aweigh",n
15,1,15,"",7/Jan/60,"The Inspector-Detector or A Kick in the Plants",n
16,1,16,"",7/Jan/60,"Canoes Who? or Look Before You Leak",n
17,1,17,"",4/Jan/60,"Two for the Ripsaw... or Goodbye, Mr. Chips",n
18,1,18,"",4/Jan/60,"Farewell, My Ugly or Knots to You",n
19,1,19,"",1/Jan/60,"Cheerful Little Pierful or Bomb Voyage",n
20,1,20,"",1/Jan/60,"Summer Squash or He's Too Flat for Me",n
21,1,21,"",8/Jan/60,"The Earl & the Squirrel or The March of Crime",n
22,1,22,"",8/Jan/60,"Adrift in the Mist or Fog Groggy",n
23,1,23,"",4/Feb/60,"The Deep Six or The Old Moose and the Sea",n
24,1,24,"",4/Feb/60,"The Slippery Helm or Captain's Outrageous",n
25,1,25,"",1/Feb/60,"Bullwinkle Makes a Hit or I Get a Bang Out of You",n
26,1,26,"",1/Feb/60,"Three on an Island or Tell It to the Maroons",n
27,1,27,"",8/Feb/60,"Dancing on Air or The Pottsylvania Polka",n
28,1,28,"",8/Feb/60,"Axe Me Another or Heads You Lose!",n
29,1,29,"",5/Feb/60,"The Pen-Pals or Rock Hocky Rocky",n
30,1,30,"",5/Feb/60,"The Fright-Seeing Trip or Visit to a Small Panic",n
31,1,31,"",4/Mar/60,"Boris Burgles Again or Sinner Take All",n
32,1,32,"",4/Mar/60,"Danger Ahead or Watch Out for Falling Rockys",n
33,1,33,"",1/Mar/60,"Avalanche is Better Than None or Snows Your Old Man",n
34,1,34,"",1/Mar/60,"Below Zero Heroes or I Only Have Ice for You",n
35,1,35,"",8/Mar/60,"The Snowman Cometh or An Icicle Built for Two",n
36,1,36,"",8/Mar/60,"The Moonman is Blue or The Inside Story",n
37,1,37,"",5/Mar/60,"Fuels Rush In or The Star-Spangled Boner",n
38,1,38,"",5/Mar/60,"The Pottsylvania Permanent or I've Grown Accustomed to the Place",n
39,1,39,"",1/Apr/60,"The Boundary Bounders or Some Like It Shot",n
40,1,40,"",1/Apr/60,"The Washington Whirl or Rocky Off the Record",n
41,1,41,"",8/Apr/60,"Box Top Robbery",n
42,1,42,"",8/Apr/60,"A Fault in the Vault or Banks a Million",n
43,1,43,"",5/Apr/60,"Calaboose Moose or The Crime of Your Life",n
44,1,44,"",5/Apr/60,"When a Felon Needs a Friend or Pantomime Quisling",n
45,1,45,"",5/Apr/60,"Give 'Em the Works or Rocky Around the Clock",n
46,1,46,"",5/Apr/60,"Crime on My Hands or Hickory Dickory Drop",n
47,1,47,"",2/Apr/60,"Down to Earth or the Bullwinkle Bounce",n
48,1,48,"",2/Apr/60,"Fall Story or Adrift in the Lift",n
49,1,49,"",9/Apr/60,"The Ground Floor or That's Me All Over!",n
50,1,50,"",9/Apr/60,"Fools Afloat or All the Drips at Sea",n
51,1,51,"",6/May/60,"Water on the Brain or the Deep Six and 7/8",n
52,1,52,"",6/May/60,"Bullwinkle Goes to Press or All the Moose That's Fit to Print",n

54,2,2,"",5/Sep/60,"Big Bomb at Frostbite Falls or The Exploding Metropolis",n
55,2,3,"",2/Oct/60,"The Road to Ruin or Mine over Matter",n
56,2,4,"",2/Oct/60,"Two Flying Ghosts or High Spirits",n
57,2,5,"",9/Oct/60,"Crash Drive or Oedipus Wrecks",n
58,2,6,"",9/Oct/60,"Fender Benders or the Asphalt Bungle",n
59,2,7,"",6/Oct/60,"Burning Sands or the Big Hot Foot",n
60,2,8,"",6/Oct/60,"Death in the Desert or A Place in the Sun",n
61,2,9,"",3/Oct/60,"The Boy Bounders or Plane Punchy",n
62,2,10,"",3/Oct/60,"A Peek at the Peak or Your Climb is My Climb",n
63,2,11,"",0/Oct/60,"You've Got a Secret or Out of Sight, Out of Mind",n
64,2,12,"",0/Oct/60,"Boris and the Blade or Sheik, Rattle and Roll",n
65,2,13,"",6/Nov/60,"Sourdough Squirrel or Hardrock Rocky",n
66,2,14,"",6/Nov/60,"A Creep at the Switch or Sudden Pacific",n
67,2,15,"",3/Nov/60,"The Train on the Plain or The Overland Express",n
68,2,16,"",3/Nov/60,"Danger in the Desert or Max Attacks",n
69,2,17,"",0/Nov/60,"The Missing Mountain or Peek-a-Boo Peak",n
70,2,18,"",0/Nov/60,"Go Down Mooses or The Fall Guy",n
71,2,19,"",7/Nov/60,"Rocky and the Rock or Braver and Boulder",n
72,2,20,"",7/Nov/60,"Mountain Mover or Boris Sneaks a Peak",n
73,2,21,"",4/Dec/60,"Bullwinkle's Rise or This Goon for Higher",n
74,2,22,"",4/Dec/60,"Boris Bites Back or A Rebel Without a Pause",n
75,2,23,"",1/Dec/60,"Bullwinkle at the Bottom or Mish-Mash Moose!",n
76,2,24,"",1/Dec/60,"Double Trouble or The Moose Hangs High",n
77,2,25,"",8/Dec/60,"Jet Jockey Rocky or The One Point Landing",n
78,2,26,"",8/Dec/60,"Plots and Plans or Too Many Crooks",n
79,2,27,"",5/Dec/60,"The Cliff Hanger or Taken for Granite",n
80,2,28,"",5/Dec/60,"Supersonic Boom or The Old Mount's A-Moverin'",n
81,2,29,"",1/Jan/61,"The Big Blast or A Many Splintered Thing",n
82,2,30,"",1/Jan/61,"The Steal Hour or A Snitch in Time",n
83,2,31,"",8/Jan/61,"Verse and Worse or Crime Without Rhyme",n
84,2,32,"",8/Jan/61,"Truckdrivers in the Sky or Follow the Fleet",n
85,2,33,"",5/Jan/61,"The Squirrel Next Door or High Neighbor",n
86,2,34,"",5/Jan/61,"The Spell Binders or Hex Marks the Spot",n
87,2,35,"",2/Jan/61,"Battle of the Giants or It Takes Two to Tangle",n
88,2,36,"",2/Jan/61,"Bye-Bye, Boris or Farewell, My Ugly",n
89,2,37,"",9/Sep/60,"Metal-Munching Mice",n
90,2,38,"",9/Sep/60,"Bullwinkle Bites Back or Nothing but the Tooth",n
91,2,39,"",6/Oct/60,"Knock on Wood or Bullwinkle Takes the Rap",n
92,2,40,"",6/Oct/60,"A Knock for the Rock or The Lamp is Low",n
93,2,41,"",3/Oct/60,"Window Pains or The Moosetrap",n
94,2,42,"",3/Oct/60,"Doorway to Danger or Doom in the Room",n
95,2,43,"",0/Oct/60,"Boris Makes His Move or The Miceman Cometh",n
96,2,44,"",0/Oct/60,"Big Cheese Boris or I'd Rather Be Rat",n
97,2,45,"",7/Oct/60,"The Space Rat or Of Mice and Menace",n
98,2,46,"",7/Oct/60,"The Shot Heard Round the World or The First National Bang",n
99,2,47,"",3/Nov/60,"The Rat Pack Attacks or Sharrup You Mouse",n
100,2,48,"",3/Nov/60,"Bucks for Boris or Rocky Pays the Piper",n
101,2,49,"",0/Nov/60,"Fright Flight or A Rocky to the Moon",n
102,2,50,"",0/Nov/60,"Bullwinkle Bellows Again or Moonin' Low",n
103,2,51,"",7/Nov/60,"Bongo Boris or The Hep Rat",n
104,2,52,"",7/Nov/60,"The Spies of Life or When a Fella Needs a Fiend",n
105,2,53,"",4/Nov/60,"Greenpernt Oogle",n
106,2,54,"",4/Nov/60,"The Mail Animal or Bullwinkle Stamps His Foot",n
107,2,55,"",1/Dec/60,"Burgled Bullwinkle or The Moose Nappers",n
108,2,56,"",1/Dec/60,"A Crown for Bullwinkle or Monarch Moose",n
109,2,57,"",8/Dec/60,"Squirrel in the Scope or Ring Around the Rocky",n
110,2,58,"",8/Dec/60,"Block Party or The Happy Headsman",n
111,2,59,"",5/Dec/60,"The Wizard Biz or Bullwinkle Lays an Egg",n
112,2,60,"",5/Dec/60,"Riptide Rocky or Drips Adrift",n
113,2,61,"",2/Dec/60,"Blood and Sand or Three for the Show",n
114,2,62,"",2/Dec/60,"Bullwinkle's Landing or Moosle Beach",n
115,2,63,"",9/Dec/60,"The Sand Blasters or Big Bang on the Beach",n
116,2,64,"",9/Dec/60,"The Brave and the Boulder or To Each His Stone",n
117,2,65,"",9/Jan/61,"Rue Britannia",n
118,2,66,"",9/Jan/61,"Earl and Water Don't Mix or Next Time, Take the Drain",n
119,2,67,"",5/Feb/61,"Moose Gets the Juice or Mourning Becomes Electra-cuted",n
120,2,68,"",5/Feb/61,"Episode 120 or 123",n
121,2,69,"",2/Feb/61,"Explosive Situation or Don't Make it Worse--It's Badenov",n
122,2,70,"",2/Feb/61,"You've Got Me in Stitches or Suture Self",n
123,2,71,"",9/Feb/61,"Fifty Cents Lost or Get That Half Back",n
124,2,72,"",9/Feb/61,"The Scheme Misfires or You Can Planet Better Than That",n