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1,1,1,"",4/Sep/61,"An Adventure in Color/Mathmagic Land",n
2,1,2,"",1/Oct/61,"The Horsemasters: Follow Your Heart",n
3,1,3,"",8/Oct/61,"The Horsemasters: Tally Ho!",n
4,1,4,"",5/Oct/61,"Chico, the Mismatched Coyote",n
5,1,5,"",2/Oct/61,"The Hunting Instinct",n
6,1,6,"",5/Nov/61,"Inside Donald Duck",n
7,1,7,"",2/Nov/61,"The Light in the Forest (1) [1958]",n
8,1,8,"",9/Nov/61,"The Light in the Forest (2) [1958]",n
9,1,9,"",6/Nov/61,"Holiday for Henpecked Husbands",n
10,1,10,"",3/Dec/61,"A Fire Called Jeremiah",n
11,1,11,"",0/Dec/61,"Kids is Kids",n
12,1,12,"",7/Dec/61,"Backstage Party",n
13,1,13,"",7/Jan/62,"The Silver Skates (1)",n
14,1,14,"",4/Jan/62,"The Silver Skates (2)",n
15,1,15,"",1/Jan/62,"Sancho, the Homing Steer: Sancho on the Rancho...and Elsewhere",n
16,1,16,"",8/Jan/62,"Sancho, the Homing Steer: The Perils of a Homesick Steer",n
17,1,17,"",4/Feb/62,"Fantasy on Skis",n
18,1,18,"",8/Feb/62,"Tonka (1) [1958]",n
19,1,19,"",5/Feb/62,"Tonka (2) [1958]",n
20,1,20,"",4/Mar/62,"Carnival Time",n
21,1,21,"",1/Mar/62,"The Prince and the Pauper: The Pauper King",n
22,1,22,"",8/Mar/62,"The Prince and the Pauper: The Merciful Law of the King",n
23,1,23,"",5/Mar/62,"The Prince and the Pauper: Long Live the Rightful King",n
24,1,24,"",1/Apr/62,"Spy in the Sky",n
25,1,25,"",8/Apr/62,"Von Drake in Spain",n
26,1,26,"",5/Apr/62,"Disneyland After Dark",n

27,2,1,"",3/Sep/62,"The Golden Horseshoe Revue",n
28,2,2,"",0/Sep/62,"Escapade in Florence (1)",n
29,2,3,"",7/Oct/62,"Escapade in Florence (2)",n
30,2,4,"",4/Oct/62,"The Silver Fox and Sam Davenport",n
31,2,5,"",1/Oct/62,"Man is His Own Worst Enemy",n
32,2,6,"",8/Oct/62,"Sammy, the Way-Out Seal (1)",n
33,2,7,"",4/Nov/62,"Sammy, the Way-Out Seal (2)",n
34,2,8,"",8/Nov/62,"The Magnificent Rebel (1)",n
35,2,9,"",5/Nov/62,"The Magnificent Rebel (2)",n
36,2,10,"",2/Dec/62,"The Mooncussers: Graveyard of Ships",n
37,2,11,"",9/Dec/62,"The Mooncussers: Wake of Disaster",n
38,2,12,"",6/Dec/62,"Hurricane Hannah",n
39,2,13,"",3/Dec/62,"Holiday Time at Disneyland",n
40,2,14,"",6/Jan/63,"Three Tall Tales",n
41,2,15,"",3/Jan/63,"Little Dog Lost",n
42,2,16,"",0/Jan/63,"Johnny Shiloh (1)",n
43,2,17,"",7/Jan/63,"Johnny Shiloh (2)",n
44,2,18,"",3/Feb/63,"Greta, the Misfit Greyhound",n
45,2,19,"",0/Feb/63,"Inside Outer Space",n
46,2,20,"",7/Feb/63,"Banner in the Sky: To Conquer the Mountain",n
47,2,21,"",4/Feb/63,"Banner in the Sky: The Killer Mountain",n
48,2,22,"",3/Mar/63,"A Square Peg in a Round Hole",n
49,2,23,"",0/Mar/63,"The Horse with the Flying Tail [1960]",n
50,2,24,"",7/Mar/63,"Kidnapped (1)",n
51,2,25,"",4/Mar/63,"Kidnapped (2)",n

52,3,1,"",9/Sep/63,"The Horse Without a Head: The 100,000,000 Franc Train Robbery",n
53,3,2,"",6/Oct/63,"The Horse Without a Head: The Key to the Cache",n
54,3,3,"",3/Oct/63,"Fly with Von Drake",n
55,3,4,"",0/Oct/63,"The Wahoo Bobcat",n
56,3,5,"",7/Oct/63,"The Waltz King (1)",n
57,3,6,"",3/Nov/63,"The Waltz King (2)",n
58,3,7,"",7/Nov/63,"The Truth About Mother Goose",n
59,3,8,"",1/Dec/63,"Pollyanna (1) [1960]",n
60,3,9,"",8/Dec/63,"Pollyanna (2) [1960]",n
61,3,10,"",5/Dec/63,"Pollyanna (3) [1960]",n
62,3,11,"",5/Jan/64,"The Ballad of Hector the Stowaway Dog: Where the Heck is Hector?",n
63,3,12,"",2/Jan/64,"The Ballad of Hector the Stowaway Dog: Who the Heck is Hector?",n
64,3,13,"",9/Jan/64,"Mediterranean Cruise",n
65,3,14,"",6/Jan/64,"Bristle Face (1)",n
66,3,15,"",2/Feb/64,"Bristle Face (2)",n
67,3,16,"",9/Feb/64,"The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (1)",n
68,3,17,"",6/Feb/64,"The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (2)",n
69,3,18,"",3/Feb/64,"The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (3)",n
70,3,19,"",1/Mar/64,"The Legend of Two Gypsy Dogs",n
71,3,20,"",8/Mar/64,"For the Love of Willadeen: A Taste of Melon",n
72,3,21,"",5/Mar/64,"For the Love of Willadeen: Treasure in the Haunted House",n
73,3,22,"",2/Mar/64,"In Shape with Von Drake",n
74,3,23,"",9/Mar/64,"Greyfriars Bobby (1) [1961]",n
75,3,24,"",5/Apr/64,"Greyfriars Bobby (2) [1961]",n
76,3,25,"",2/Apr/64,"Jungle Cat",n
77,3,26,"",7/May/64,"Disneyland Goes to the World's Fair",n

78,4,1,"",0/Sep/64,"The Hound That Thought He Was a Raccoon [1960]",n
79,4,2,"",7/Sep/64,"Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (1) [1961]",n
80,4,3,"",4/Oct/64,"Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (2) [1961]",n
81,4,4,"",1/Oct/64,"A Rag, a Bone, a Box of Junk",n
82,4,5,"",8/Oct/64,"The Tenderfoot (1)",n
83,4,6,"",5/Oct/64,"The Tenderfoot (2)",n
84,4,7,"",1/Nov/64,"The Tenderfoot (3)",n
85,4,8,"",8/Nov/64,"One Day at Teton Marsh",n
86,4,9,"",5/Nov/64,"Ben and Me/Peter and the Wolf",n
87,4,10,"",2/Nov/64,"Toby Tyler (1) [1960]",n
88,4,11,"",9/Nov/64,"Toby Tyler (2) [1960]",n
89,4,12,"",6/Dec/64,"Big Red (1) [1962]",n
90,4,13,"",3/Dec/64,"Big Red (2) [1962]",n
91,4,14,"",3/Jan/65,"Disneyland 10th Anniversary",n
92,4,15,"",0/Jan/65,"Ida, the Offbeat Eagle",n
93,4,16,"",4/Jan/65,"The Adventures of Gallegher (1)",n
94,4,17,"",1/Jan/65,"The Adventures of Gallegher (2)",n
95,4,18,"",7/Feb/65,"The Adventures of Gallegher (3)",n
96,4,19,"",1/Feb/65,"An Otter in the Family",n
97,4,20,"",8/Feb/65,"Almost Angels (1) [1962]",n
98,4,21,"",7/Mar/65,"Almost Angels (2) [1962]",n
99,4,22,"",4/Mar/65,"Kilroy (1)",n
100,4,23,"",1/Mar/65,"Kilroy (2)",n
101,4,24,"",8/Mar/65,"Kilroy (3)",n
102,4,25,"",4/Apr/65,"Kilroy (4)",n

103,5,1,"",9/Sep/65,"The Yellowstone Cubs [1963]",n
104,5,2,"",6/Sep/65,"The Further Adventures of Gallegher: A Case of Murder",n
105,5,3,"",3/Oct/65,"The Further Adventures of Gallegher: The Big Swindle",n
106,5,4,"",0/Oct/65,"The Further Adventures of Gallegher: The Daily Press vs. City Hall",n
107,5,5,"",7/Oct/65,"Miracle of the White Stallions (1) [1963]",n
108,5,6,"",4/Oct/65,"Miracle of the White Stallions (2) [1963]",n
109,5,7,"",7/Nov/65,"Minado, the Wolverine",n
110,5,8,"",4/Nov/65,"The Three Lives of Thomasina (1) [1964]",n
111,5,9,"",1/Nov/65,"The Three Lives of Thomasina (2) [1964]",n
112,5,10,"",8/Nov/65,"The Three Lives of Thomasina (3) [1964]",n
113,5,11,"",5/Dec/65,"Summer Magic (1) [1963]",n
114,5,12,"",2/Dec/65,"Summer Magic (2) [1963]",n
115,5,13,"",9/Dec/65,"A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood",n
116,5,14,"",6/Jan/66,"Moon Pilot (1) [1962]",n
117,5,15,"",3/Jan/66,"Moon Pilot (2) [1962]",n
118,5,16,"",0/Jan/66,"Music for Everybody",n
119,5,17,"",3/Feb/66,"The Legend of Young Dick Turpin (1)",n
120,5,18,"",0/Feb/66,"The Legend of Young Dick Turpin (2)",n
121,5,19,"",7/Feb/66,"Ballerina (1)",n
122,5,20,"",6/Mar/66,"Ballerina (2)",n
123,5,21,"",3/Mar/66,"Run, Light Buck, Run",n
124,5,22,"",0/Mar/66,"A Tiger Walks (1) [1964]",n
125,5,23,"",7/Mar/66,"A Tiger Walks (2) [1964]",n
126,5,24,"",0/Apr/66,"Concho, the Coyote Who Wasn't",n

127,6,1,"",1/Sep/66,"Emil and the Detectives (1) [1964]",n
128,6,2,"",8/Sep/66,"Emil and the Detectives (2) [1964]",n
129,6,3,"",5/Sep/66,"The Legend of El Blanco",n
130,6,4,"",2/Oct/66,"Savage Sam (1) [1963]",n
131,6,5,"",9/Oct/66,"Savage Sam (2) [1963]",n
132,6,6,"",6/Oct/66,"The 101 Problems of Hercules",n
133,6,7,"",3/Oct/66,"Gallegher Goes West: Showdown with the Sundown Kid",n
134,6,8,"",0/Oct/66,"Gallegher Goes West: The Crusading Reporter",n
135,6,9,"",3/Nov/66,"A Ranger's Guide to Nature",n
136,6,10,"",0/Nov/66,"The Moon-Spinners (1)",n
137,6,11,"",7/Nov/66,"The Moon-Spinners (2)",n
138,6,12,"",4/Dec/66,"The Moon-Spinners (3)",n
139,6,13,"",1/Dec/66,"Joker, the Amiable Ocelot",n
140,6,14,"",8/Dec/66,"Disneyland Around the Seasons",n
141,6,15,"",8/Jan/67,"Willie and the Yank (1)",n
142,6,16,"",5/Jan/67,"Willie and the Yank (2)",n
143,6,17,"",2/Jan/67,"Willie and the Yank (3)",n
144,6,18,"",9/Jan/67,"Tragedy on the Trail",n
145,6,19,"",5/Feb/67,"Trial by Terror",n
146,6,20,"",9/Feb/67,"The Boy Who Flew with Condors",n
147,6,21,"",5/Mar/67,"Atta Girl, Kelly! (1)",n
148,6,22,"",2/Mar/67,"Atta Girl, Kelly! (2)",n
149,6,23,"",9/Mar/67,"Atta Girl, Kelly! (3)",n
150,6,24,"",6/Mar/67,"Man on Wheels",n
151,6,25,"",2/Apr/67,"A Salute to Alaska",n

152,7,1,"",0/Sep/67,"The Tattooed Police Horse",n
153,7,2,"",7/Sep/67,"The Not So Lonely Lighthouse Keeper",n
154,7,3,"",4/Sep/67,"How the West was Lost",n
155,7,4,"",1/Oct/67,"The Fighting Prince of Donegal (1)",n
156,7,5,"",8/Oct/67,"The Fighting Prince of Donegal (2)",n
157,7,6,"",5/Oct/67,"The Fighting Prince of Donegal (3)",n
158,7,7,"",2/Oct/67,"Run, Appaloosa, Run",n
159,7,8,"",9/Nov/67,"One Day at Beetle Rock",n
160,7,9,"",6/Nov/67,"The Monkey's Uncle (1) [1965]",n
161,7,10,"",3/Dec/67,"The Monkey's Uncle (2) [1965]",n
162,7,11,"",0/Dec/67,"A Boy Called Nuttin' (1)",n
163,7,12,"",7/Dec/67,"A Boy Called Nuttin' (2)",n
164,7,13,"",7/Jan/68,"Way Down Cellar (1)",n
165,7,14,"",4/Jan/68,"Way Down Cellar (2)",n
166,7,15,"",1/Jan/68,"Disneyland: From the Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow",n
167,7,16,"",8/Jan/68,"Pablo and the Dancing Chihuahua (1)",n
168,7,17,"",4/Feb/68,"Pablo and the Dancing Chihuahua (2)",n
169,7,18,"",1/Feb/68,"My Family is a Menagerie",n
170,7,19,"",5/Feb/68,"The Young Loner (1)",n
171,7,20,"",3/Mar/68,"The Young Loner (2)",n
172,7,21,"",0/Mar/68,"Wild Heart",n
173,7,22,"",7/Mar/68,"The Ranger of Brownstone",n
174,7,23,"",1/Mar/68,"The Mystery of Edward Simms (1)",n
175,7,24,"",7/Apr/68,"The Mystery of Edward Simms (2)",n
176,7,25,"",4/Apr/68,"Ten Who Dared",n
177,7,26,"",8/Apr/68,"Nature's Charter Tours",n

178,8,1,"",5/Sep/68,"The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle",n
179,8,2,"",2/Sep/68,"Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents (1)",n
180,8,3,"",9/Sep/68,"Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents (2)",n
181,8,4,"",6/Oct/68,"Pacifically Peeking",n
182,8,5,"",7/Oct/68,"Brimstone, the Amish Horse",n
183,8,6,"",3/Nov/68,"The Ugly Dachshund (1)",n
184,8,7,"",0/Nov/68,"The Ugly Dachshund (2)",n
185,8,8,"",4/Nov/68,"The Treasure of San Bosco Reef (1)",n
186,8,9,"",1/Dec/68,"The Treasure of San Bosco Reef (2)",n
187,8,10,"",5/Dec/68,"The Owl That Didn't Give a Hoot",n
188,8,11,"",2/Dec/68,"The Mickey Mouse Anniversary Show",n
189,8,12,"",5/Jan/69,"Solomon, the Sea Turtle",n
190,8,13,"",2/Jan/69,"Those Calloways (1)",n
191,8,14,"",9/Jan/69,"Those Calloways (2)",n
192,8,15,"",6/Jan/69,"Those Calloways (3)",n
193,8,16,"",2/Feb/69,"Pancho, the Fastest Paw in the West",n
194,8,17,"",9/Feb/69,"The Secret of Boyne Castle (1)",n
195,8,18,"",6/Feb/69,"The Secret of Boyne Castle (2)",n
196,8,19,"",3/Feb/69,"The Secret of Boyne Castle (3)",n
197,8,20,"",2/Mar/69,"Nature's Better Built Homes",n
198,8,21,"",6/Mar/69,"Ride a Northbound Horse (1)",n
199,8,22,"",3/Mar/69,"Ride a Northbound Horse (2)",n

200,9,1,"",4/Sep/69,"Wild Geese Calling",n
201,9,2,"",1/Sep/69,"My Dog, the Thief (1)",n
202,9,3,"",8/Sep/69,"My Dog, the Thief (2)",n
203,9,4,"",6/Oct/69,"The Feather Farm",n
204,9,5,"",2/Nov/69,"Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar (1)",n
205,9,6,"",9/Nov/69,"Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar (2)",n
206,9,7,"",6/Nov/69,"Varda, the Peregrine Falcon",n
207,9,8,"",3/Nov/69,"Secrets of the Pirate's Inn (1)",n
208,9,9,"",0/Nov/69,"Secrets of the Pirate's Inn (2)",n
209,9,10,"",7/Dec/69,"Inky, the Crow",n
210,9,11,"",1/Dec/69,"Babes in Toyland (1) [1961]",n
211,9,12,"",8/Dec/69,"Babes in Toyland (2) [1961]",n
212,9,13,"",1/Jan/70,"Bon Voyage (1)",n
213,9,14,"",8/Jan/70,"Bon Voyage (2)",n
214,9,15,"",5/Jan/70,"Bon Voyage (3)",n
215,9,16,"",1/Feb/70,"Smoke (1)",n
216,9,17,"",8/Feb/70,"Smoke (2)",n
217,9,18,"",1/Mar/70,"Menace on the Mountain (1)",n
218,9,19,"",8/Mar/70,"Menace on the Mountain (2)",n
219,9,20,"",2/Mar/70,"Disneyland Showtime",n
220,9,21,"",9/Mar/70,"Nature's Strangest Oddballs",n

221,10,1,"",3/Sep/70,"Christobalito, the Calypso Colt",n
222,10,2,"",0/Sep/70,"The Boy Who Stole the Elephant (1)",n
223,10,3,"",7/Sep/70,"The Boy Who Stole the Elephant (2)",n
224,10,4,"",8/Oct/70,"The Wacky Zoo of Morgan City (1)",n
225,10,5,"",5/Oct/70,"The Wacky Zoo of Morgan City (2)",n
226,10,6,"",1/Nov/70,"Snow Bear (1)",n
227,10,7,"",8/Nov/70,"Snow Bear (2)",n
228,10,8,"",5/Nov/70,"Monkeys, Go Home! (1) [1967]",n
229,10,9,"",2/Nov/70,"Monkeys, Go Home! (2) [1967]",n
230,10,10,"",9/Nov/70,"Hang Your Hat on the Wind",n
231,10,11,"",3/Dec/70,"It's Tough to be a Bird",n
232,10,12,"",3/Jan/71,"Three Without Fear (1)",n
233,10,13,"",0/Jan/71,"Three Without Fear (2)",n
234,10,14,"",7/Jan/71,"The Adventures of Bullwhip Green (1)",n
235,10,15,"",4/Jan/71,"The Adventures of Bullwhip Green (2)",n
236,10,16,"",1/Jan/71,"The Adventures of Bullwhip Green (3)",n
237,10,17,"",7/Feb/71,"Bayou Boy (1)",n
238,10,18,"",4/Feb/71,"Bayou Boy (2)",n
239,10,19,"",7/Mar/71,"Hamad and the Pirates (1)",n
240,10,20,"",4/Mar/71,"Hamad and the Pirates (2)",n

241,11,1,"",9/Sep/71,"Charlie Crawfoot and the Coati Mundi",n
242,11,2,"",6/Sep/71,"Hacksaw (1)",n
243,11,3,"",3/Oct/71,"Hacksaw (2)",n
244,11,4,"",1/Oct/71,"The Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove (1)",n
245,11,5,"",7/Nov/71,"The Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove (2)",n
246,11,6,"",4/Nov/71,"The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit (1)",n
247,11,7,"",1/Nov/71,"The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit (2)",n
248,11,8,"",8/Nov/71,"Lefty, the Dingaling Lynx",n
249,11,9,"",9/Dec/71,"Disney on Parade",n
250,11,10,"",9/Jan/72,"Mountain Born",n
251,11,11,"",3/Jan/72,"The Family Band (1)",n
252,11,12,"",0/Jan/72,"The Family Band (2)",n
253,11,13,"",6/Feb/72,"Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1)",n
254,11,14,"",3/Feb/72,"Justin Morgan Had a Horse (2)",n
255,11,15,"",0/Feb/72,"The City Fox",n
256,11,16,"",9/Mar/72,"Change, Guardian of the Mayan Treasure",n
257,11,17,"",6/Mar/72,"Michael O'Hara the Fourth (1)",n
258,11,18,"",2/Apr/72,"Michael O'Hara the Fourth (2)",n
259,11,19,"",9/Apr/72,"Dad, Can I Borrow the Car?",n

260,12,1,"",7/Sep/72,"The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1) [1969]",n
261,12,2,"",4/Sep/72,"The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (2) [1969]",n
262,12,3,"",1/Oct/72,"The Nashville Coyote",n
263,12,4,"",2/Oct/72,"High Flying Spy (1)",n
264,12,5,"",9/Oct/72,"High Flying Spy (2)",n
265,12,6,"",5/Nov/72,"High Flying Spy (3)",n
266,12,7,"",9/Nov/72,"Nosey, the Sweetest Skunk in the West",n
267,12,8,"",6/Nov/72,"Chander, the Black Leopard of Ceylon (1)",n
268,12,9,"",3/Dec/72,"Chander, the Black Leopard of Ceylon (2)",n
269,12,10,"",7/Dec/72,"Salty, the Hijacked Harbor Sea",n
270,12,11,"",7/Jan/73,"The Mystery in Dracula's Castle (1)",n
271,12,12,"",4/Jan/73,"The Mystery of Dracula's Castle (2)",n
272,12,13,"",1/Jan/73,"Fifty Happy Years",n
273,12,14,"",1/Feb/73,"Rascal (1)",n
274,12,15,"",8/Feb/73,"Rascal (2)",n
275,12,16,"",4/Mar/73,"Chester, Yesterday's Horse",n
276,12,17,"",1/Mar/73,"The Little Shepard Dog of Catalina",n
277,12,18,"",8/Mar/73,"The Boy and the Bronc Buster (1)",n
278,12,19,"",5/Mar/73,"The Boy and the Bronc Buster (2)",n
279,12,20,"",1/Apr/73,"Call It Courage",n

280,13,1,"",6/Sep/73,"The Barefoot Executive (1) [1971]",n
281,13,2,"",3/Sep/73,"The Barefoot Executive (2) [1971]",n
282,13,3,"",0/Sep/73,"Fire on Kelly Island",n
283,13,4,"",7/Oct/73,"Mustang (1)",n
284,13,5,"",1/Oct/73,"Mustang (2)",n
285,13,6,"",7/Oct/73,"King of the Grizzlies (1)",n
286,13,7,"",4/Nov/73,"King of the Grizzlies (2)",n
287,13,8,"",5/Nov/73,"Run, Cougar, Run (1)",n
288,13,9,"",2/Dec/73,"Run, Cougar, Run (2)",n
289,13,10,"",6/Dec/73,"The Proud Bird from Shanghai",n
290,13,11,"",6/Jan/74,"The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton (1)",n
291,13,12,"",3/Jan/74,"The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton (2)",n
292,13,13,"",0/Jan/74,"Hogwild (1)",n
293,13,14,"",7/Jan/74,"Hogwild (2)",n
294,13,15,"",3/Feb/74,"Carlo, the Sierra Coyote",n
295,13,16,"",3/Mar/74,"Ringo, the Refugee Raccoon",n
296,13,17,"",0/Mar/74,"Diamonds on Wheels (1)",n
297,13,18,"",7/Mar/74,"Diamonds on Wheels (2)",n
298,13,19,"",4/Mar/74,"Diamonds on Wheels (3)",n
299,13,20,"",1/Mar/74,"The Magic of Walt Disney World",n

300,14,1,"",5/Sep/74,"The Million Dollar Duck (1) [1971]",n
301,14,2,"",2/Sep/74,"The Million Dollar Duck (2) [1971]",n
302,14,3,"",9/Sep/74,"Shokee, the Everglades Panther",n
303,14,4,"",6/Oct/74,"Return of the Big Cat (1)",n
304,14,5,"",3/Oct/74,"Return of the Big Cat (2)",n
305,14,6,"",0/Oct/74,"Two Against the Arctic (1)",n
306,14,7,"",7/Oct/74,"Two Against the Arctic (2)",n
307,14,8,"",3/Nov/74,"Adventure in Satan's Canyon",n
308,14,9,"",1/Dec/74,"Runaway on the Rogue River",n
309,14,10,"",8/Dec/74,"Stub, the Best Cog Dog in the West",n
310,14,11,"",9/Jan/75,"The Sky's the Limit (1)",n
311,14,12,"",6/Jan/75,"The Sky's the Limit (2)",n
312,14,13,"",3/Feb/75,"Wild Country (1)",n
313,14,14,"",2/Mar/75,"Wild Country (2)",n
314,14,15,"",9/Mar/75,"The Footloose Goose",n
315,14,16,"",6/Mar/75,"Deacon, the High Noon Dog",n
316,14,17,"",3/Mar/75,"Welcome to the ""World""",n

317,15,1,"",4/Sep/75,"The Boy Who Talked to Badgers (1)",n
318,15,2,"",1/Sep/75,"The Boy Who Talked to Bagders (2)",n
319,15,3,"",8/Sep/75,"The Outlaw Cats of Colossal Cave",n
320,15,4,"",5/Oct/75,"The Secret of the Pond (1)",n
321,15,5,"",2/Oct/75,"The Secret of the Pond (2)",n
322,15,6,"",9/Oct/75,"Seems There Was This Moose",n
323,15,7,"",6/Oct/75,"Now You See Him, Now You Don't [1972] (120 min)",n
324,15,8,"",2/Nov/75,"Napoleon and Samantha (120 min)",n
325,15,9,"",4/Jan/76,"Twister, Bull From the Sky",n
326,15,10,"",1/Jan/76,"The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper (1)",n
327,15,11,"",8/Jan/76,"The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper (2)",n
328,15,12,"",1/Feb/76,"The Bears and I (1) [1974]",n
329,15,13,"",8/Feb/76,"The Bears and I (2) [1974]",n
330,15,14,"",5/Feb/76,"Superdad (120 min)",n
331,15,15,"",9/Feb/76,"The Survival of Sam the Pelican",n
332,15,16,"",4/Mar/76,"The Flight of the Grey Wolf (1)",n
333,15,17,"",1/Mar/76,"The Flight of the Grey Wolf (2)",n
334,15,18,"",6/May/76,"The Parent Trap [1961] (120 min)",n
335,15,19,"",5/Jul/76,"Superstar Goofy",n

336,16,1,"",6/Sep/76,"One Little Indian (1) [1973]",n
337,16,2,"",3/Oct/76,"One Little Indian (2) [1973]",n
338,16,3,"",0/Oct/76,"The Biscuit Eater (1)",n
339,16,4,"",7/Oct/76,"The Biscuit Eater (2)",n
340,16,5,"",4/Oct/76,"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (120 min)",n
341,16,6,"",1/Oct/76,"Secret of Old Glory Mine",n
342,16,7,"",4/Nov/76,"The Apple Dumpling Gang [1975] (120 min)",n
343,16,8,"",8/Nov/76,"Disney's Greatest Dog Stars",n
344,16,9,"",2/Jan/77,"The Golden Dog",n
345,16,10,"",9/Jan/77,"Kit Carson and the Mountain Men (1)",n
346,16,11,"",6/Jan/77,"Kit Carson and the Mountain Men (2)",n
347,16,12,"",0/Jan/77,"Barry of the Great St. Bernard (1)",n
348,16,13,"",6/Feb/77,"Barry of the Great St. Bernard (2)",n
349,16,14,"",0/Feb/77,"Go West, Young Dog",n
350,16,15,"",7/Feb/77,"The Strongest Man in the World",n
351,16,16,"",3/Mar/77,"The Ghost of Cypress Swamp",n
352,16,17,"",3/Apr/77,"The Track of the African Bongo (1)",n
353,16,18,"",0/Apr/77,"The Track of the African Bongo (2)",n
354,16,19,"",8/May/77,"The Castaway Cowboy (120 min)",n
355,16,20,"",5/May/77,"Disney's Greatest Villains",n
356,16,21,"",2/May/77,"Bluegrass Special",n

357,17,1,"",8/Sep/77,"Gus (120 min)",n
358,17,2,"",2/Oct/77,"The Treasure of Matecumbe (120 min)",n
359,17,3,"",6/Oct/77,"Charley for the Angel (120 min)",n
360,17,4,"",3/Oct/77,"The Incredible Journey [1963] (120 min)",n
361,17,5,"",0/Oct/77,"Halloween Hall O' Fame",n
362,17,6,"",0/Nov/77,"The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World",n
363,17,7,"",8/Jan/78,"Three on the Run",n
364,17,8,"",2/Jan/78,"Journey to the Valley of the Emu",n
365,17,9,"",9/Jan/78,"The Shaggy Dog [1959] (120 min)",n
366,17,10,"",5/Feb/78,"The Million Dollar Dixie Deliverance",n
367,17,11,"",5/Mar/78,"Race for Survival",n
368,17,12,"",2/Mar/78,"Trail of Danger (1)",n
369,17,13,"",9/Mar/78,"Trail of Danger (2)",n
370,17,14,"",6/Mar/78,"Mixed Nuts",n
371,17,15,"",4/May/78,"Child of Glass (120 min)",n
372,17,16,"",8/May/78,"The Young Runaways (120 min)",n
373,17,17,"",4/Jun/78,"A Tale of Two Critters",n

374,18,1,"",7/Sep/78,"NBC Salutes the 25th Anniversary of The Wonderful World of Disney",n
375,18,2,"",4/Sep/78,"The Shaggy D.A. [1976] (120 min)",n
376,18,3,"",1/Oct/78,"In Search of the Castaways (1)",n
377,18,4,"",8/Oct/78,"In Search of the Castaways (2)",n
378,18,5,"",9/Oct/78,"The Gnome-Mobile (1)",n
379,18,6,"",5/Nov/78,"The Gnome-Mobile (2)",n
380,18,7,"",2/Nov/78,"The Boatniks (120 min)",n
381,18,8,"",9/Nov/78,"Mickey's 50",n
382,18,9,"",0/Dec/78,"Christmas at Walt Disney World",n
383,18,10,"",7/Jan/79,"Donovan's Kid (1)",n
384,18,11,"",4/Jan/79,"Donovan's Kid (2)",n
385,18,12,"",8/Jan/79,"Shadow of Fear (1)",n
386,18,13,"",4/Feb/79,"Shadow of Fear (2)",n
387,18,14,"",1/Feb/79,"Ride a Wild Pony (1) [1975]",n
388,18,15,"",8/Feb/79,"Ride a Wild Pony (2) [1975]",n
389,18,16,"",4/Mar/79,"Never a Dull Moment (120 min)",n
390,18,17,"",8/Mar/79,"The Omega Connection (120 min)",n
391,18,18,"",5/Mar/79,"Born to Run (1)",n
392,18,19,"",1/Apr/79,"Born to Run (2)",n
393,18,20,"",3/May/79,"The Sky Trap (120 min)",n

394,19,1,"",9/Sep/79,"The Absent-Minded Professor (1) [1961]",n
395,19,2,"",6/Sep/79,"The Absent-Minded Professor (2) [1961]",n
396,19,3,"",3/Sep/79,"The Love Bug [1969] (120 min)",n
397,19,4,"",4/Oct/79,"Baseball Fever",n
398,19,5,"",6/Dec/79,"Major Effects",n
399,19,6,"",3/Jan/80,"That Darn Cat! [1965]",n
400,19,7,"",0/Jan/80,"Mickey's Greatest Adventures",n
401,19,8,"",0/Feb/80,"Donald's Valentine's Day Salute",n
402,19,9,"",7/Feb/80,"Escape to Witch Mountain [1975]",n
403,19,10,"",9/Mar/80,"The Kids Who Knew Too Much",n
404,19,11,"",6/Mar/80,"Son of Flubber [1963] (120 min)",n
405,19,12,"",3/Apr/80,"Disney's Oscar Winners",n
406,19,13,"",0/Apr/80,"The Sultan and the Rock Star",n
407,19,14,"",7/Apr/80,"Secret of Lost Valley (1)",n
408,19,15,"",4/May/80,"Secret of Lost Valley (2)",n
409,19,16,"",7/Jul/80,"The Misadventures of Chip N' Dale",n

410,20,1,"",4/Sep/80,"Disneyland's 25th Anniversary Show",n
411,20,2,"",9/Nov/80,"Old Yeller (1) [1957]",n
412,20,3,"",6/Nov/80,"Old Yeller (2) [1957]",n
413,20,4,"",3/Nov/80,"The Mouseketeer Reunion",n
414,20,5,"",1/Dec/80,"The Ghosts of Buxley Hall (1)",n
415,20,6,"",4/Jan/81,"The Ghosts of Buxley Hall (2)",n
417,20,8,"",6/Apr/81,"Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life",n
418,20,9,"",2/Aug/81,"Follow Me, Boys (1)",n
419,20,10,"",6/Aug/81,"Follow Me, Boys (2)",n

420,21,1,"",0/Oct/81,"Herbie Rides Again (1) [1974]",n
421,21,2,"",7/Oct/81,"Herbie Rides Again (2) [1974]",n
422,21,3,"",4/Oct/81,"A Disney Halloween",n
423,21,4,"",1/Oct/81,"The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (1)",n
424,21,5,"",7/Nov/81,"The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (2)",n
425,21,6,"",4/Nov/81,"A Disney Storybook (1)",n
426,21,7,"",1/Nov/81,"A Disney Storybook (2)",n
427,21,8,"",8/Nov/81,"The Cherokee Trail",n
428,21,9,"",5/Dec/81,"A Magical Disney Christmas",n
429,21,10,"",2/Dec/81,"Walt Disney...One Man's Dream",n
430,21,11,"",2/Jan/82,"Man's Hunting Instinct",n
431,21,12,"",6/Jan/82,"Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang",n
432,21,13,"",3/Jan/82,"Donald and Jose, Ole!",n
433,21,14,"",0/Jan/82,"The Cat from Outer Space (1) [1978]",n
434,21,15,"",6/Feb/82,"The Cat from Outer Space (2) [1978]",n
435,21,16,"",3/Feb/82,"A Disney Valentine",n
436,21,17,"",0/Feb/82,"Beyond Witch Mountain",n
436,21,18,"",7/Feb/82,"A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court (1)",n
438,21,19,"",6/Mar/82,"A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court (2)",n
439,21,20,"",0/Apr/82,"The Adventures of Pollyanna",n
440,21,21,"",1/May/82,"A Disney Vacation",n
441,21,22,"",1/Jul/82,"Pluto and His Friends",n

442,22,1,"",5/Sep/82,"The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1) [1979]",n
443,22,2,"",2/Oct/82,"The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (2) [1979]",n
444,22,3,"",9/Oct/82,"Freaky Friday (1) [1976]",n
445,22,4,"",6/Oct/82,"Freaky Friday (2) [1976]",n
446,22,5,"",3/Oct/82,"EPCOT Center: The Opening Celebration",n
447,22,6,"",0/Oct/82,"Disney's Halloween Treat",n
448,22,7,"",6/Nov/82,"No Deposit, No Return (1)",n
449,22,8,"",3/Nov/82,"No Deposit, No Return (2)",n
450,22,9,"",0/Nov/82,"Blackbeard's Ghost (1)",n
451,22,10,"",7/Nov/82,"Blackbeard's Ghost (2)",n
452,22,11,"",4/Dec/82,"A Disney Christmas Gift",n
453,22,12,"",1/Dec/82,"Winnie the Pooh and Friends",n
454,22,13,"",1/Jan/83,"Walt Disney's Mickey and Donald",n
455,22,14,"",4/Jan/83,"World's Greatest Athlete (1)",n
456,22,15,"",1/Jan/83,"World's Greatest Athlete (2)",n
457,22,16,"",8/Jan/83,"Ferdinand the Bull and Mickey",n
458,22,17,"",8/Feb/83,"A Valentine from Disney",n
459,22,18,"",3/May/83,"Mickey and Donald Kidding Around",n