number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,27 Jan 93,"What the Butler Saw",""
2,1,2,03 Feb 93,"Hostage",""
3,1,3,10 Feb 93,"Teed Off",""
4,1,4,17 Feb 93,"Acting Constables",""
5,1,5,24 Feb 93,"Studs",""
6,1,6,03 Mar 93,"Strangers in Paradise",""
7,2,1,02 Mar 94,"Collared",""
8,2,2,09 Mar 94,"Witness",""
9,2,3,16 Mar 94,"Never Without Protection",""
10,2,4,23 Mar 94,"Dutch Cops",""
11,2,5,30 Mar 94,"Sparring Partners",""
12,2,6,06 Apr 94,"Rear Window",""
13,3,1,09 Jan 95,"D.C. of Love",""
14,3,2,16 Jan 95,"Flash",""
15,3,3,23 Jan 95,"Art Attack",""
16,3,4,30 Jan 95,"On Thin Ice",""
17,3,5,06 Feb 95,"Between a Rock and a Hard Place",""
18,3,6,13 Feb 95,"Twitchers",""
19,4,1,15 Feb 96,"The Great Escaper",""
20,4,2,22 Feb 96,"Fur Coat, No Knickers",""
21,4,3,29 Feb 96,"Back to Class",""
22,4,4,07 Mar 96,"Sacked",""
23,4,5,14 Mar 96,"The Wembley Stadium Mystery",""
24,5,1,14 Jan 97,"Special Branch",""
25,5,2,21 Jan 97,"Cardiac Arrest",""
26,5,3,28 Jan 97,"The Beast of Hackney Marshes",""
27,5,4,04 Feb 97,"The Curse of the Comanches",""
28,5,5,11 Feb 97,"Best Man",""
29,5,6,18 Feb 97,"Mine's a Large One",""
S03,3,0,23 Dec 95,"Thicker Than Water",""
S05,5,0,28 Dec 97,"Go West, Old Man",""