number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,18 Sep 11,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,25 Sep 11,"Poker Night",""
3,1,3,02 Oct 11,"The Out of Pantsers",""
4,1,4,09 Oct 11,"Sid Our Savior",""
5,1,5,16 Oct 11,"Moose on the Loose",""
6,1,6,23 Oct 11,"The Big Picture",""
7,1,7,06 Nov 11,"The Tees That Bind",""
8,1,8,13 Nov 11,"Jake's First Kiss",""
9,1,9,20 Nov 11,"Hex Marks the Spot",""
10,1,10,27 Nov 11,"Ultimate Wedding Chicken",""
11,1,11,05 Feb 12,"Confidence Builder",""
12,1,12,12 Feb 12,"Vernon Loves Carol and Cake",""
13,1,13,19 Feb 12,"The Wrath of Vaughn",""
14,1,14,07 Sep 12,"Station WNDL",""
15,1,15,14 Sep 12,"For Norm the Sell Tolls",""
16,1,16,21 Sep 12,"Risky Monkey Business",""
17,1,17,28 Sep 12,"A Bun in the Canyon",""
18,1,18,05 Oct 12,"Heavyweight Vamp",""
19,2,1,13 Jan 13,"The Curse of the Monkey",""
20,2,2,20 Jan 13,"Mr. Crash Canyon",""
21,2,3,27 Jan 13,"Less Than 127 Hours aka For the Love of God Die Already",""
22,2,4,03 Feb 13,"Chillaxin' Chutney",""
23,2,5,10 Feb 13,"Sheila Could Use a Nap",""
24,2,6,17 Feb 13,"Over-flubbed",""
25,2,7,24 Feb 13,"He's The Mayor",""
26,2,8,03 Mar 13,"Trash Canyon",""