number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Aug 68,"It Comes to Us All",""
2,1,2,22 Aug 68,"Lead Me to the Altar",""
3,1,3,29 Aug 68,"The Danger List",""
4,1,4,05 Sep 68,"Take a Letter",""
5,1,5,12 Sep 68,"You Make Me Feel So Young",""
6,1,6,19 Sep 68,"The Wrong Side of the Sheets",""
7,2,1,08 Jul 69,"A Breach of the Peace",""
8,2,2,15 Jul 69,"Wish You Were Here",""
9,2,3,22 Jul 69,"The Demon Drink",""
10,2,4,29 Jul 69,"All You Wish Yourself",""
11,2,5,05 Aug 69,"Now is the Hour",""
12,3,1,09 Oct 69,"What Seems to Be the Trouble?",""
13,3,2,16 Oct 69,"The Birds and the Bees",""
14,3,3,23 Oct 69,"Get Up Them Stairs",""
15,3,4,30 Oct 69,"The Power Behind the Throne",""
16,3,5,06 Nov 69,"Getting to Know You",""
17,3,6,13 Nov 69,"Two Pennies to Rub Together",""
18,3,7,26 Dec 69,"The Ghost of Picklers Past",""
19,4,1,14 May 70,"A Price on Your Head",""
20,4,2,21 May 70,"A Young Man's Fancy",""
21,4,3,28 May 70,"When You've Got to Go",""
22,4,4,04 Jun 70,"When Love Walks In",""
23,4,5,11 Jun 70,"An Open-and-Shut Case",""
24,5,1,17 Dec 70,"Make Yourself at Home",""
25,5,2,24 Dec 70,"Compliments of the Season",""
26,5,3,14 Jan 71,"Barefaced in the Park",""
27,5,4,21 Jan 71,"A Man and a Woman",""
28,5,5,28 Jan 71,"Bottoms Up",""
29,5,6,11 Feb 71,"X Marks the Spot",""
30,5,7,18 Feb 71,"Something in the Night",""
31,5,8,25 Feb 71,"Lucky for Some",""
32,6,1,01 Jun 72,"For Better, for Worse",""
33,6,2,08 Jun 72,"A Place in the Sun",""
34,6,3,15 Jun 72,"The Female of the Species",""
35,6,4,29 Jun 72,"Worker's Playtime",""
36,6,5,06 Jul 72,"The Right Spirit",""
37,6,6,13 Jul 72,"A Question of Taste",""
38,6,7,20 Jul 72,"A Pair of Bloomers",""
39,6,8,25 Dec 72,"All Star Comedy Carnival",""
40,7,1,21 Dec 72,"Cindernellie",""
41,7,2,28 Dec 72,"Good Time Girl",""
42,7,3,11 Jan 73,"The French Disconnection",""
43,7,4,18 Jan 73,"Get Out of That",""
44,7,5,24 Jan 73,"The One That Got Away",""
45,7,6,31 Jan 73,"The Visit",""
46,7,7,07 Feb 73,"Far from the Madding Pong",""