number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,03 Aug 05,"Out & About",""
2,1,2,10 Aug 05,"Hot to Tot",""
3,1,3,17 Aug 05,"Adjusted Growth",""
4,1,4,24 Aug 05,"High Brow",""
5,1,5,31 Aug 05,"From A to D",""
6,1,6,07 Sep 05,"Magic Carpet Ride",""
7,2,1,06 Jun 06,"Going, Going, Gone",""
8,2,2,13 Jun 06,"Red State, Blue State",""
9,2,3,20 Jun 06,"Iraq",""
10,2,4,27 Jun 06,"Rocket Attack",""
11,2,5,11 Jul 06,"Puppy Chaos",""
12,2,6,18 Jul 06,"Vegas, Baby!",""
13,3,1,05 Jun 07,"Suddenly Single",""
14,3,2,12 Jun 07,"Dating for Publicity",""
15,3,3,19 Jun 07,"The Show Must Go On",""
16,3,4,26 Jun 07,"What I Won't Do for a Buck",""
17,3,5,10 Jul 07,"Prison + Porn = Fun for Everyone",""
18,3,6,17 Jul 07,"Kathy Goes to London",""
19,3,7,24 Jul 07,"Back to My Irish Roots, Literally",""
20,4,1,12 Jun 08,"And the Award Goes to...",""
21,4,2,19 Jun 08,"Home Is Where the Profit Is",""
22,4,3,26 Jun 08,"Fly the Super Gay Skies",""
23,4,4,03 Jul 08,"Otters, Cubs and Bears... Oh My!",""
24,4,5,10 Jul 08,"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace",""
25,4,6,17 Jul 08,"No Time for Siestas",""
26,4,7,24 Jul 08,"Busted in Bora Bora",""
27,4,8,31 Jul 08,"For Your (Grammy) Consideration",""
28,4,9,07 Aug 08,"Woz Love Got to Do with It?",""
29,4,10,14 Aug 08,"Red, White and Don't Be Blue",""
30,5,1,08 Jun 09,"Place Your Bette",""
31,5,2,15 Jun 09,"I Heart Lily Tomlin",""
32,5,3,22 Jun 09,"Grammy Shmammy",""
33,5,4,29 Jun 09,"Paris Is My New BFF",""
34,5,5,06 Jul 09,"Maggie's Bucket List",""
35,5,6,13 Jul 09,"Rosie and Gloria and Griffin... Oh My!",""
36,5,7,20 Jul 09,"Kathy at the Apollo",""
37,5,8,27 Jul 09,"Norma Gay",""
38,5,9,03 Aug 09,"Official Book Club Selection",""
39,5,10,10 Aug 09,"Kathy Is a Star...Kind Of",""
40,6,1,15 Jun 10,"Kathy with a Z",""
41,6,2,22 Jun 10,"Toddlers & Remodelers",""
42,6,3,29 Jun 10,"Freezing My A-List Off",""
43,6,4,06 Jul 10,"Moving the Merch",""
44,6,5,13 Jul 10,"Kathy Goes to Washington",""
45,6,6,20 Jul 10,"Kathy's Smear Campaign",""
46,6,7,27 Jul 10,"Getting My House in Order",""
47,6,8,03 Aug 10,"Maggie, the Musical",""